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Song of Myself by Ash Class Hither Green School November 2009

Introduction As part of a unit on autobiographical writing, Oak Class studied extracts from Walt Whitman’s 1855 classic book-length poem Leaves of Grass, in which Whitman describes all aspects of himself, his life and life itself. The children quickly understood the joyous, celebratory tone of Whitman’s poem, his ability to observe and listen closely to the world around him, and his belief that everyone and everything around him had an influence on the person he was. They were not daunted by the complexity of Whitman’s language. Indeed, many of the children have harnessed this style, and have written complex poems of their own. The poems are philosophical, surprising, and often moving. They demonstrate the children’s awareness of the world around them, and their growing understanding of how they might use language in interesting ways to communicate their understanding. Kate Ling November 2009

Song of Myself by Gajan Thanabalasingham 1. I am most wonderful. Did you know that? You can think about yourselves if you relax like me, Lying in this place, and hearing your favourite sound – a basketball bouncing! Pounce, pounce in the basketball court. Heart of my own body, relaxing, pumping blood to lungs to breathe. Scent of the wind swaying slowly, vibration of the court, making my spine shiver. Can your relaxing place do that? Summer sun scorching to make my sweat dry. Basketball beside me, warm as my heart. Have you wondered why we can’t make a city under the water? Do you know Mars better than the earth? Have you wondered how long you’re going to live? Come to my special place. Don’t hear the past people. I will share with you If you take a second to listen. 2. Did you ever relax? Hearing things make you relax. I can hear the cry of feet echoing where children walk …. The roar of the teachers, coming out of the door …. I hear the sound of screeching of phones. The whistle of the wind makes the leaves angry. I hear the words in books starting to talk, Talking and thinking, indeed. 3. Sister is going to nursery to learn, to get more knowledge. The German Shepherd is playing with the ball to have more fun. The person who was cleaning up the road is finishing his job to get some relaxation. Friends are learning and chatting instead of listening. Another friend is writing a poem called Song of Myself. Mrs. Robb is helping children with their learning, so they get better. Every good thing about me is part of you. Sharing things is good. That’s what I am.

Song of Myself by Daryl Redford 1. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen And inhale what I hear into myself and let the sounds Contribute towards my soul. These are the sounds that I can hear: I hear chairs banging off the floor; I hear the tapping of the stairs; I hear the zips of the coats; The wind brushing past my ear; And the peaceful tick tock of the clock; The sound of the teacher’s sadness; The writing coming onto the page; The gossip of the teachers; Teachers encouraging pupils with work; I hear pollution in the air This is the life – the life at Hither Green. As a Hither Green child, I am proud of it. 2. Jade is playing merrily with her friends. Mum is working as hard as an M.P. Dad is watching telly, desperately trying not to fall asleep. Bruce is my dog. He’s helping mum eat her lunch. Jordan is my best friend. He is enjoying school. Amy is my friend and is enjoying her lunch. Mrs Robb is helping children do their best in all work. They are all part of the world. So am I too.

Song of Myself by Adilah Gonbesh 1. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen I hear the sound of cats on the street I hear the sound of birds flying in the sky I hear the bells ring so bad 2. My dad is working My mum is cooking at home Nadim is learning at school and Naseem is learning at school My friend is Ragana Other people …. The old man – his work is to the water ….

Song of Myself by Nirojana Shanthakumar 1. I am wonderful at Maths, better than the best mathematician, And you can be the same. I am in this beautiful place known as the library full of peace. Pages turning, computers blaring, silent whispers you and I hear; Piles of books everywhere with the gleam of light through the air; The sniff of new books; old books here and there – Tattered books, rough books, sloppy books, torn books. A few echoes boom from space. The feeling of laughter and cries reflect from the books. Everything I see, you see. Have you ever wondered how many books there are in creation? Have you ever read all novels? Have you ever counted how many words there are in a book? Have you ever felt proud of reading the hardest book? Stay with me and you’ll figure it out. Stop everything you’re doing and listen to me. If you do, you can answer all questions. We shall fly through the night and the day. You shall listen to all sides and filter them for yourself.

2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen And open my ears and close my mouth …. And let sounds contribute to me. I hear the screeching of chairs being pulled in and out …. I hear children shouting and teachers talking, a sound very unpleasant …. The crying and the laughing filling the air …. The swooping of birds and trees through day and night …. I hear footsteps on the pavement which create the earth …. I can hear the breathing of exercise books during lunch …. I hear the writing …. This indeed is my sound. 3. The sizzling of sausages as father cooks. The clothes piling on each other as mother packs. The neighbour working and answering the phones. Leticia learning what I’m learning. Jasmine the rabbit nibbling her food in her cosy hutch. Luke, my friend, learning like me. Anojana, my caring sister, learning low key. I see them through day and night And such it is to be of these, more or less, I am.

Song of Myself by Elia Afriyie 1. I am brilliant. I celebrate myself Because I am the best footballer In the world. I rise up in the morning. Only wake up to see the sun …. The beating of my heart …. Everything I see becomes a part of me, Sitting down on San Francisco’s beach. The sun glittering on the wide open sea; The sound of children playing happily; The belching sound of my voice, And the soft, but yet small, grains of sand, Big chunks of sand, Slipping in my hands, Slipping through like liquid, But is yet called a solid, Food flowing in the air, Music flowing in my ear. Have you ever reckoned the earth? Have you ever reckoned the world’s apocalyptic end? Have you ever reckoned us living in water? Have you ever reckoned fish breathing our air? Come to me, Stay with me. I have all the wisdom in the world. If you have been asking these questions, Come to me. I can teach you anything. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen, Let the sounds contribute towards me. I hear the sound of the birds singing …. a sound that I love, I hear a whistle of the air in rush hour, I hear all sounds …. Sounds of teachers Teaching children and children not in school, but in the playground; The angry base of wife and husband …. shouting I hate you, and I hate you more. I hear the sound of a widow talking in her dreams.

3. My cousins …. more like friends …. family friends …. Cousin Delanyo in detention for not doing his homework …. Cousin Edem …. Delanyo’s older brother always annoying him …. but always getting away with it. Mum, how sad I am. I feel sorry to know that I am the one who made you catch my flu …. Uncle always working hard setting up the church …. Charlie, a really great friend …. left our school in Year 2 and came back in Year 6. I am connected to all of them …. Me and my cousin Edem, we love our PS3 …. Me and my cousin Delanyo love Aqworlds, a computer based game …. Me and my mum are connected because she made me, and when I get a cold or flu I give it to her and she gives it to me.

Song of Myself by Sarah Lock I enjoy myself – who I am, where I come from, who I know. You enjoy yourself, but you could enjoy yourself more. I am on the beach, grinding sand between my toes, dreaming all day. Laying here is so peaceful, on this glorious golden beach. Soft, powdery sand slips through my toes. It feels splendid. I can smell the fresh salty air and see small fluffy clouds floating through the sky, and hear waves crashing onto the shore, mixed with screeching seagulls. I feel like I am in heaven, with the sun beating down. I taste salt and bitterness, like a lemon has been squeezed into my mouth. Have you ever wondered about how humans were created? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly? Have you ever wondered what was the first thing said by man? Have you ever wondered what the first thing eaten by man was? I know all the answers, and if you come with me I will indulge you with my answers.

Song of Myself by Fabian Kraja 1. I am more brilliant at football than Messi doing his skills in a match. I am a more brilliant runner than Bolt running like lightning. I am a more fantastic reader than an author writing a book. I am daydreaming on the scorched sandy beach in Italy. I can see deep blue sea everywhere. Sniffing it smells like potato. I can hear music and children laughing cheerfully. Smell. I can smell a pizza burning, and a dog is whining. It feels like a massage, instead of lurking in a garage getting bored and bored. Will we act on CO2? Will crime stop? When will the world end? Will we stop cutting down trees for paper? Come with me. I know all the answers. Come with me And I will teach you what the answers are. 2. The slow march of children learning their maths To the whirr of the dryer. The whistle of the wind blowing away. I hear the angry base of the tapping away on the computer, The sound of a child walking up the stairs. I hear the screech of an aeroplane flying away, The sound of children saying please and thank you. I hear the sounds of cars rushing past, The food being splotted on a plate. I hear the chime of the church tower bell ringing and Ringing and ringing The sound of children crying …. 3. Mum is cleaning as always, getting bored and tired, feeling sleepy. Across the cold and wet world my dad is building houses. And into the warm school is my sister learning. My friend is learning as well, Musa, as silent as the wind. And my neighbour, John, is at football, unlike me, who doesn’t go to any clubs …. I want to please, but I prefer learning so I can have a good life.

Song of Myself by Alvaro Cevallos 1. I am wonderful, for I celebrate myself in this beautiful place in the sand of a hot beach. I will do nothing but listen. I can see the beautiful hot sun. I can hear waves of the water. I can smell the fresh air. I can touch the sand – yellow, extremely hot – I can feel happiness inside me. Have you wondered when the world is going to end? Have you ever thought about why humans cannot build a house under the water? Do you ever think to see the future? Can you ever consider if humans can fly? 2. As I walk along in a ruined building I hear people murmuring I hear the sound of the telephone ringing The cry of the man calling names I hear the pens The chairs being pulled out I hear the clock doing tick, tock, tick …. 3. My dad is working as an officer and I love his job because I get lots of things from it. My mother is looking after my brothers, Angel and Jimmy. My friends, Paco and Nick, are at school doing literacy. I hope they learn! My favourite shop man is opening his shop now (save me a chocolate bar!) More or less, I am part of them.

Song of Myself by Daniel Beard 1. I am wonderful. I am so good at boxing. I am the best boxer in the history of boxing. I am drifting across the channel in a gleaming white ferry. The relaxing white ferry drifts through the water like a sting ray, Skims through the ocean like a blue whale bathing in the sunlight. I hear the chilling music in the Jacuzzi; I smell the scrumptious smoked salmon In the sensational kitchen. I can already taste the stringy, sizzling spaghetti. I feel like it’s my first hour on earth, Like my future is right next to me. I see the sharp sunlight in front of me. Have you ever thought about stopping global warming? Have you ever thought about your future? Have you thought about Mars much? Have you thought what to do with your life? I know all the answers. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen To the boisterous noises that become a part of me. I hear the clock trying to talk to me. I hear the boisterous noise of the broken door screeching. I hear the deafening noise of teachers shouting in distress. I hear the clattering of knives and forks making my meals. I hear the door buzzer. It buzzes like a honey bee making honey. I hear the textbook reading to me. 3. Mum is in the middle of a meeting busily discussing the day’s work. Dad walks the dog across the cold wet leafy green. Ryan in waiting for his lunch in the cheerful, happy nursery. Beth is in school learning wonderful things she has not discovered. Charlie is writing the exact thing I am now. Nicky is studying for his tests. Who am I?

Song of Myself by Katie Webb 1. I am sitting on the golden sand of Margate and the bright blue sea is calmly swaying around me. As I’m lying here, with the smell of seafood wafting through the air, I daydream of colourful fish: swordfish, angelfish, even sharks …. I’m faster than all of them! All the seagulls are announcing my arrival as they chirp noisily, trying to find food. If I ruled the beach, it would have a beautiful underwater castle for everyone to share. Have you ever thought if we evolved, why didn’t we grow wings? Will we find the end of the universe? How will we make hovercars? Will there be another Ice Age? If you choose to know, then all come with me and I’ll teach you the song of the universe. If you try, you can learn about the world. 2. Instead of living my life, I think I will just let my life live me and listen to the chattering of the earth. I hear the broken-hearted sobs of a young girl, Endless screeching of slamming doors, the rustling of A starving ant. I hear the quiet whispers of the trees in the wind The faint caught of a fly The tick of a watch five miles away. 3. My mum chatting continuously on the tired phone; My cats purring as they lazily sleep all day; The teachers talking to the children; My little brother easily skimming through work; My dad working hard on the computer, creating new websites These are the things that make me me. This is who I am.

Song of Myself by Chloe Bagnall 1. I just know all the answers, so stay with me for a while. I am the most cheerful child who ever skipped on Westminster Bridge. I am in this beautiful place, laying on Westminster Bridge. I am wonderful at celebrating myself and good at belonging to myself. I am laying on Westminster Bridge. I can see the river; I can hear the water waving below me; I can smell the water underneath me; I can touch, nearly, the water underneath me; I can feel the heat from the sun above me. Have you ever considered when the world will end? Have you ever thought about the amount of trees we chop down for paper? Have you ever wondered about the dead?

2. I think I will do nothing for a while except listen and write all my ideas: I hear a child talking …. The sound of water going around the radiator …. I hear a child banging on tables …. The sound of adults going up and down the stairs …. The sound of a child’s footsteps walking for lunch …. I hear a child in the toilets drying her hands …. The sound of adults talking to each other …. I hear the sound of cars going past …. The sound of rustling trees …. I hear the sound of wind in mid air …. The sound of children saying please and thank you …. And I hear the sound of trays in the dinner hall The sound of the person’s heart beat next to me.

3. Amy is at school right now doing PE, playing volleyball. Amie is at school doing PSHE and just writing. Kaci Mai is probably at playschool right now playing with her friends. Alfie Welch is at school doing maths, dividing. Lauren is my sister’s friend and they go to the same school and are in the same year and classes so what they are doing is going to the library. Paul is a scaffolder, and that is what he is doing right now. Katie is my auntie and she is fixing her shower right now. Crow is a painter and she works seven days a week, six hours a day. Mum is probably cleaning at home. My dog, Winnie, is probably running around the house like mad. I am sure my brother is not well. I am loving to my brother. I am.

Song of Myself by Tymeckah Richards-McCalla 1. Sitting on a mountain Looking all the way down the distance is likened On earth to nearly meeting God: seeing the river slowly turning into Sparkling ice beneath my blue crystal Eyes; hearing my mum telling me to put the heater on Because it was too cold; Wishing I was the wind, ice scattering around my ear. I hear the wind moaning through my Toes and going down my shirt, causing cold bumps. I can almost smell my soul Reaching my arm to blow a few kisses. Have you ever Wondered if ice smells? Well, come with me, and I will answer all the Questions in the universe. 2. As I walk along an old Victorian building, I hear pens wiggling As if the wind is forcing them to write. I hear a teacher trying To figure out if she has got her sums right. I hear footsteps from a naughty child As if he’s telling himself that he wants His everlasting mother …. I hear the phone ringing. Is it the headteacher, Do you know? I hear adults talking and figuring Out how they can make the children in Their classes lives better …. I hear someone swinging Through the door, trying to catch up with Me …. I hear and I see the headteacher Coming towards me. What do you think she said? I hear the heartbeat of many children.

3. My mother cooking her delicious lunch; Rebeckah working in Asda, saying hello to people that Pop out of the blue to her; My bigger sister, Corrida, sleeping in her comfortable purple room, listening to the wind whistle; Fiona enjoying herself in a Bristol hotel on a university journey with her classmates; My big sister, Sharine, working with the most loving people in the world in the NHS; Josella having fun with her friends at Greenwich University; TT – she’s probably sleeping in her comfy dog bed; Shashan doing cheerleading at her school (hope you like it!). My chip shop man is maybe at this time opening his shop to customers. More or less am I part of them.

Song of Myself by Ndey Rohey 1. I am a better questioner Than you think. I’m really wonderful at questions Because I always ask a lot of questions. I’m sitting in my soft, cosy bed In a beautiful hotel in Hawaii. I can see the birds flying, gently and smooth. The sky is shining as bright as a Twinkling sky at night. Trees move quickly like a shooting star. My heart is full of joy. I hear nice music making my ears Want to jump. I’m hearing lots of beautiful voices. The coconut tree smells tasty. The taste can’t get out of me. It’s just locked in. Stay with me. I know the answers to all Your questions. Just stay with me. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen. I hear the sound of the footsteps Passing by, Teachers talking with their echoing voices, Children full of ideas trying to figure the answer. I hear the wind moving swiftly like Trees moving. The phone is ringing every minute. What shall I do with all of this confusion?

3. Mum at home as always, doing hard work, Dad working at work at the Westminster, getting paid, Yusafa, my beloved little brother, Home, bored, maybe, Maria maybe at home - either there or at college, Olimatou, my little sister, downstairs Doing work, trying her best to work hard, Aboboulie is at home just finished school, My auntie is home Cleaning everywhere, watching TV, The newsagent man is selling and Revising night and day, My mum’s friend is working at the hairdressers. I wish to have a kitten, mine only. I am connected to them and they are connected to me.

Song of Myself by Luca Filip 1. I am brilliant. I am the most fair player that ever lived in the Entire world. Would you like to be like me? I am good at football. I am brilliant. Would you like to be like me? You can be brilliant Just like me. I am sleeping in the enormous ferry. I can see the water making foam when it Touches the ferry and tickles my skin. The smell of the coffee is running through my Blood. As I touch the cup of sugar My soul is refreshed as a sunny winter’s morning. Have you ever considered who lived in Atlantis? Have you ever wondered if me and you can live under water? Have you thought what will happen if we stop eating fish? Have you wondered how the world would change if there was no water? Come with me on this amazing seabed. You shall possess all the answers, Be yourself And make your own decisions. 2. I am going to turn my thinking off and start to listen. I am going to allow the noises to filter through my soul. I hear an ominous bang down the corridor; I hear water bottle lids whisper a cracking secret; I hear the echo of loud steps in a small tiny hall; I hear a chair squeaking as a boy sits on it; The pencils clicking as a poster screams while it’s getting ripped up. This indeed is the choir of Hither Green.

3. The owners of the dogs in the park are Starting to go home but the dogs are willing to stay in the park, And the leaf man is collecting the last pile of leaves. My cousin is probably playing a video game. We are all united. I am all of them. I am I!

Song of Myself by Musa Khalil 1. I am good at football in the whole wide world. In Hawaii I was on the beach. I was leaning on the floor. The sand was like burnt steam. The beach was wet. I went to the water. It was nice and cold. On the beach I made a castle. On the beach I went to the water. I went to the beach. There was a dolphin. Would you love to live on the beach? Yes. Who made the poem? Walt Whitman. Would you live in a desert? No. Would I like to go to a castle? Yes.

Song of Myself by Ellie Kent 1. I am wonderful because I love to sing. I am brilliant and so are you. Everything I do, you do. I am on a city cruise, observing the River Thames And so are you. I can see the waves crashing up against the huge boat. I can hear the other boats going past, and the seagulls calling. I can smell the salt in the water and the junk in the Thames. I can almost touch the water, but I am scared I might fall in. I can feel my tummy turning and now I feel sick. Apart from that I feel happy, and excited to get to the other end. Have you ever wondered what it would be like without any humans? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we lived on Mars? Come with me and I’ll teach you how to sing with the birds. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen: I hear the children’s pencils scratching on the paper, The tapping of children’s brains. I hear the sound of teachers bellowing at the children, the sound I hate. I hear the cars rushing by, The joyful song of a bird. I hear the notebook talking to me. This indeed is Hither Green! 3. My dad is watching TV. My mum is shopping in Sainsbury’s. My brother is at work, fixing cars. My cousin Tia is learning at school. My Auntie Marie is tidying up the house.

My Uncle Paul is at work fixing people’s washing machines or painting people’s houses. Molly is at secondary school in her PHSE class. Rosie is doing PE which is basketball. Shaney’s at school having her lunch. Chayanne is at home with her new kitten. They are part of me .... And I am part of them.

Song of Myself by Leticia Ouattara 1. I am wonderful at swimming Better than my sister. I am in this beautiful place Sitting in the cloud Staring at a peaceful heaven. The thing I can see is The whistling sun on the sea. I can hear the echo of people talking. I smell the mint tree by my side. I can touch the fresh blue sea in my hands. I feel the soft sand coming out of my hands. Have you ever considered how the world will end? Have you thought how long are your poems? Have you felt like you will die, because there are millions of suns around us, like the desert? Come with me and I’ll bring you To peaceful heaven, and enjoy Your life. 2. I think the aeroplane is landing on the ground While I am looking at it. I can hear the echo of birds twittering by my side while I’m listening. I hear the teachers …. shouting, Then a tiny wince of pain. Taps ring. I think the city is sleeping. So is the country. My family is unfortunately awake Like Jarmine and Angel and me. The more that is connected, the more it affects our daily plans. I’m Still alive, like the living sleep their time …. My mum is the best friend you could possibly believe, so Is my whole family. Like Ann-Marie Amandine and Most my brother, Romarice, and me.

Song of Myself by Giuseppe Ruggiero 1. I am wonderful at writing, better than any copy-Shakespeare that ever existed. Fantastic. I am in this wonderful place. Only the mind and soul can connect you to this place. The sweet, beautiful meadow is full of adorable lush growing flowers, and the rainbow grows high. The fluttering bird singing quietly but hearable; the soft comfortable grass rubbing against my hand; the taste of the balmy scented flower melted in my mouth. I see the lovely meadow on the hill encroaching on my eyes. I feel the soul filling into myself, soul come back. I wonder, have you ever thought about where your ancestors were from? How our souls were made? Or how gravity is created? These answers only have theories on how we live, but I can tell you the answer. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen. The desire is potential to me. I hear the encroaching sound of the radiator about to erupt …. The children chanting outside happily …. The sturdy sound of children zipping their coats undeniably fast. I hear the teacher shouting impeccably loud …. The book banging heavily loud. There, I hear the final minute click of a pencil before the school’s screeching doorbell rings. 3. My colleague repeatedly helping me washing the cars …. Mum cleaning the dishes like a mad woman only trained for that …. The happy friends, the sad friends, still friends …. The cat busy catching mice outside …. Dad and my cousin contacting each other. The more connection, the more it affects our daily plans. It all comes into our Style, which is not Futile.

Song of Myself by Courteney Hunter 1. I see the butterflies flittering past and the lovely honeysuckle bush surrounding the garden and all the white daisies standing proud and confident. The delicate tone of my cat’s purr buzzes past my ear. Singing sweetly, the blue tits twitter away like two adults in an important conversation. You will experience this if you just let me give you wisdom and knowledge. The sniff of pollen and baking give you the feeling of health …… The feeling of having roller blades on your feet is just sensational. I shall wear them until the apocalypse arrives. How I love my skates and you should love your possessions as well. Have you ever wondered how many acres the earth is? Have you ever considered whether mermaids and sea monsters were real? Have you thought about writing novels about things no one would write about? You could stop this day and night with me and learn just as much as me. Stay with me for a while and you shall learn all. Even questions that haven’t been asked before. You shall be wise and follow me on my journey. 2. I shall let all sounds contribute to me, and listen. I hear the gossip of fridges …. And talkative fire; I hear the cry of babies …. Longing to be pushed; The eerie base of the sick; The slow whirr of machines; The slow faint drone of wasps. Listen even closer and you will hear more: Indoors or outdoors Sounds are like music. With me you shall dance to them, Beautiful people, Voices sharp as violins. I hear the pitter patter of flies bombarding the window. I hear the beat …. and the rhythm …. It is indeed music.

3. My parents love me and depend on me to keep this family going. Troy, my only full sister, she is sad when I’m gone. God bless her heart. Jade is my cousin for life. We are almost the same age and height and I love her. Kitty is really nice with her pet chickens that keep escaping. The man down the road doesn’t say much.

Song of Myself by Jasmine Boudissa 1. I am so wonderful at designing clothes, that I can even open my own place full of them. I am in this wonderful park where birds are singing peacefully. I am incredibly skilful, just like all of you! I hear people gossiping beside me, the sniff of the fresh air, the touch of the wet, green grass, the sight of the full moon and the tree losing its leaves. Have you ever considered when the world will end? Have you thought about when global warming will stop? Have you ever considered if you could be the best designer in the world? Come with me for a while and I’ll show you all you need to know about life and how to be truthful to yourself. 2. I think I would do nothing for a long time but listen, I would let sounds contribute towards me. I hear the whistle of the angry wind …. The gossip of flames, Cooking beside me …. The loud laugh of the thunder approaching. I hear the calm flames slowly fading away …. The dying Leaves, soggy and brown. I hear the sun rising …. Beautiful and bright …. This indeed is a new beginning. 3. My mum is the best friend I could possibly have …. I love her, and so she does back. She’s the brightest star in the universe. Sarah, there she is, Lying next to me, me lying next to her, like best Friends …. And such as it is to be of these, more or less I am.

Song of Myself by Tamieka Isaacs 1. The place I am in is my bed and it is cosy and it is the smell of fresh red roses. It feels like a million layers of cotton. The warmth is like a blaze of fire and steam. When you lie down in my bed just a little, it will make you lazy. My bed is big. My bed is a wonderful place to stay. On my bed I can see the white fluffy clouds made of cotton and the blue sky that is like a crystal. Have you ever wondered what the planets would look like without faces? Have you ever wondered how to make concrete? Have you ever tasted wine? Have you ever thought what seals eat? Come with me and I will teach you. 2. I hear the sounds of an echoey door hinge. I hear the sounds of birds and their crying love ‌. I hear the sound of gossip-flame egos. The sounds I hear are very boisterous. I can hear children shouting. I can hear two conversations. I hear nursery argue for a car. I hear a plane. Which one is near? I hear the door hinge echo. 3. Mum reads letters about work as she drinks her hot milky tea. Kanayle is talking to God and watching over me and wishing she was with me. Dad is painting a room in his house and having a relaxing time with the football. Raymond is working to stress and money to feed my two nieces. Nan is having a conversation about what to buy. Ray is maybe playing with other cats or causing trouble. Ronnie is writing in class time. Luke is concentrating on his work to persevere. Tymeckah is putting her finger in her mouth and writing her work. Carla is lying down and doing her work, and she might be thinking this is hard. Mrs Robb is helping children with their work.

The dry cleaners are laundering clothes and having a chat. The policeman is trying to catch a criminal and having a cup of hot coffee. The Chelsea football team is practising to win!

Song of Myself by Rithwan Ibrahim 1. I cherish my life. Everything I do belongs to me. I take my life easy. I am sitting on the beach at Margate. I touch the sea. It is so beautiful. The sun Is the perfect day of my life. I can hear people on the beach. I can see people on the beach. I can see people throwing balls and they are making Houses at the seaside. Confident. I am so happy this day, playing Around on the beach. My heart is so happy. Have you ever written a poem? Have you ever been to the beach? Have you ever been to another place? Have you ever noticed millions of suns? Every day and night come with me. I will teach you everything. 2. I hear the sound of the human ‌. A sound I love. The whisper coming me. The ugly smell like aroma. I hear something lonely. I can hear their friendship breaking up.

I can hear someone working. I can hear the ring falling down. I can hear the sound of crying satisfied. 3. Mum, she goes to college, comes back home at 2:00pm. Aunty, she’s got three children. She is home and cooks food. Her husband works. My sisters and brothers go to school. My mum’s sister has an animal, a sick cat. All my friends’ names are Mulki and Mahima, her sister, and Salma and Chloe, Courtney and Katie and Sarah And Alisha. They go to school, all of them. The funny man is cutting his grass always, And he works. My best teacher works at Hither Green School And her name is Mrs Robb.

Song of Myself by Matthew Bridger 1. I can do more stunts on a bike than the best bike rider in the world. I’m sun bathing on the hottest beach in the world. I was doing the most dangerous stunts on the hottest beach in England. I thought I was going to fall off my bike and really hurt myself. This beach is the hottest beach in England. It felt like I was in a cooker. It was roasting. I felt like I was going to turn into ashes. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen. I hear a photocopier printing learning, I hear the cars speeding by on the main road, I hear people moaning at each other, I hear lorries beeping down the street. The kids playing reminds me of when I was a kid. The whistle of a pedestrian walking past. I hear trees rushing side to side. I hear phones ringing all day long. 3. My mum is working as hard as she can, waiting until her break comes. My friend Kevin is working for his teachers My dog is sleeping on the sofa, doing nothing.

Song of Myself by Rangina Safi 1. I am more brilliant at my times tables than the most expensive calculator. All things that are part of me are part of you. I am relaxing in my rowing boat on the lovely river Baghaal in my Afghanistan. The water is as cold as snow, but I am happy inside. I am warm inside. You are fishing. Imagine the taste of big orange fish roasting on a fire. The water is making loud sounds as it hits the boat. The river moves in slow ripples. Flowers smell like your perfume – ahhh, so good! Have you ever wondered how many fish live in earth’s water? Have you considered how many people live in London? Have you practiced so long to learn a new language? How many people have died since time began? Stop now and listen to me. If you do you can find the answers and Learn to think for yourself. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen. These sounds I hear in my body. I hear the sound of a clock ticking, The whistle of a motor engine, I hear the angry base of the hand dryer blowing hot air, I hear the ring of a spoon mixing sugar in the cup, The cry of chairs moving. I hear a dictionary calling at me. The sounds indeed are the sounds of Hither Green.

3. The white cat with a black eye carefully walking along the wall …. Joy listening to her teacher’s story about a boy trapped in World War II …. Ms Ling skilfully teaching Ash Class how to write poetry …. My mum thoughtfully cleaning my house to make it beautiful …. My cousins eating their evening meal of eggs and milk with my uncle in Afghanistan …. Somaya doing her sums quietly in class …. Miss Alinda helping the children with their learning …. Adilah using her brain to complete her poem …. My dad making pizzas to sell in the shop …. And these are the things that are united to me These are the things I am.

Song of Myself by Luke Gray 1. I am the best of the best. I worship myself for my brilliance. What I do, you shall do. Every ice drop that’s mine is yours. I form a magnificent sketch…. You shall too …. A laughter of smiles shall come to you. Smoke of ice pitched fog, with flower beds coated in white sprinkles as if a gazing star. Scorching down freezing temperatures the rainbow is here. Northern lights of twinkle intone mellow peace and harmony. A tear here a tear there, relaxation gliding through my chill of ears … Floating in the air a touch of angels, feeling Warm heat wings snuggled. Will the ice ever stop floating away? Bears, will they survive? Is the murder going to stop? Can there ever be peace? Let’s stop global warming …. Help and come to be helpful …. Wash your hands get a new start …. Live happily and kindly …. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen: I hear young, enthusiastic children laugh, smile, learn …. A sound Of trees gliding through the cool air, A clock of time ticking, as if A slow march (I listen. Tick-tock). I hear a cry of one echo within a hall …. The sound of an angry base Of children clanging tray by tray. The sound of a whistle, tap, dangles the last pencil.

3. I think I will sing in the classroom. The friends of mine shall be learning In dull morning at 11:00am ‌. With my knowledge I Remember my mum and fantastic Uncle, sitting in the office In the dull morning of 11:00am. The other people I know will be Busy walking up, down, left & Right, getting active in the slightly Dull morning of 11:00am ‌. The colleagues I know will be doing all different Things this morning, some working, some Teaching at a brighter dull morning at 11:00am. I am Luke. It always intends to me to know.

Song of Myself by Mikaila Simms 1. I am wonderful at modelling. I know all the footsteps you will need. I am in this beautiful place in New York City on the beach where I follow every footstep right to left over, over. I take a break and sit on the sand. The rocks and the waves make a smashing sound like the autumn breeze hitting the trees. I felt a red crab passing by. It reminded me of my heart thumping inside. I look at the sun. It’s blazing hot. I’d better go. I’m grabbing my flip flops. I smell a burger. I’m almost starved. I have to get one. They’re really hot. Have people really stopped and thought if the earth had stopped would we be here? Is it confusing that God can disappear? Come with me and I’ll tell you lots. God controls you so what you do is him. 2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen …. I hear the gossip of the trees blowing in the wind, I hear the cry of a chatting child, I hear the slow march of children playing PE, I hear the angry base of a hand dryer, I hear the ring of an office phone, I hear the tap of the child’s footsteps going across the floor, I hear the bubbly of the staffroom kettle, I hear the screaming of kids running out for their lunch, I hear it all indeed. 3. Anglika is getting ready for her afternoon shift at school. Her mum will be helping her and they just have a 10 minute nap before coming out. My nan will be on the 363 by now, going to work in an office far, far away. Mum will be at home waiting for those people to come and fix the door at my house. My mum’s friend Janet will be at her shop down in Lewisham. The lollipop lady will just be getting ready to go home And come back again. Tyra, Tyra Banks. I wish I could meet her. She will just be doing some photoshoots for Seventeen magazine in America. We see each other almost every day, and we talk and smile At each other because I

Song of Myself by Ronnie Furse 1. I am wonderful. I am the funniest child who will become the greatest comedian. I am in this beautiful place …. lying on snowy grass in Lewisham Park. The things I can see, hear, smell touch and feel: kids playing, kids’ laughter, and the smell of the kids’ picnic, the touch of the grass and the feel of health. Have you ever wondered how Stonehenge was built? Come with me and I’ll show you. This beautiful place I’m at, it’s like heaven, the sight of kids’ joy is wonderful, the dogs running up and down, the cats up the trees, the smell of flowers. Have you ever considered how the world will end? Have you ever thought about how the world actually began? Have you ever thought why we can’t see? Have you ever wondered why Usain Bolt is so fast? I know everything. Come with me and I’ll teach you all the answers. 2. I think I’ll sit on a bench and listen And the sounds I hear will combine with me And let us become one. I hear the angry base of a motorbike revving …. I hear the gossip of leaves dancing …. I hear the slow march of footsteps …. The whirr of an air vent …. The tinker of a pencil falling to the ground …. The here-e-yo of crying …. The encroaching bang of a door slamming …. I hear the whistle of a squeaky floor …. I hear the slow march of a book falling to the floor …. I hear the king of laptops crying …. I can hear the thesaurus improving my work for me. 3. Blink sleeping lazily on his bed Dion having fun, playing in the nursery -

Mum tiredly doing housework Dad doing something (but I’m not sure what) Ramone putting scaffolding over a house Daniel confidently writing Tamieka writing as well Luke sharpening his pencil The man in the off licence selling things to customers The man in the barbers cutting hair We are all united and they are all linked to me. I am.

Song of Myself by Charlie Payne 1. I’m a better footballer than Rooney feeling rampaged. I am more romantic than the film Titanic. I’m a better boxer than Mike Tyson. I’m sitting on London Bridge. I’m laying on Dover Pier. I’m standing on the Eiffel Tower. I’m fast. What else? I’m sometimes Lazy. Not. I am the Best. I’m the best. No one Can beat me. I’m the Best at sport including football, Basketball, boxing, swimming. No one can beat me. Sitting on the Eiffel Tower I smell The pizza down one hundred feet, The wind blowing like a tornado. The smell of the pizza is making My stomach rattle. It’s Pepperoni. I can hear the echo Of the cars beeping. Beep! Beep! It echoes through my sweltering Ears. I sniff the cheese of the Pizza. Emm. Pizza. Have you ever wondered What it’s like on the Eiffel Tower? Is it scary up on there? Are you scared of heights? Did that pizza smell delicious? I know all the answers. Come to me. I will give You the key of eternity.

2. I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen: The sound of the toilet door Rattling off its hinges rattle rattle rattle!!! The sound of the toilet flushing chsssss!!! I hear the echo of the dinner ladies Saying SIT DOWN!!! I hear the staff stirring tea. 3. All I see is football All I smell is dog fur All I smell is fresh goals All I want to play is my Xbox 360 All I can hear is Martin screaming I can hear Erikson shouting shoot shoot!!! I can hear my dad saying turn the music down. I can hear my brother crying over a flick on his hand. I am feeling sad.

Song of Myself by Ash Class  

Responses to Walt Whitman's Song of Myself by Year 6 at Hither Green Primary School, Lewisham. November 2009.

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