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Best Messages for Ramazan 2014

Ramazan is the holy month for every Muslim and I am sure you would be looking for some inspirational messages for Ramazan, to share with everyone, to express the happiness and love for the Ramazan month.

Ramazan is also known as Ramadan in many Muslim countries. Start of Ramazan depends on the sighting of the new crescent moon, the estimated start date for the holy month is 28th June and end on 27th June, but the actual date may wary on sighting of the new crescent moon.

To share your joy and delight we have gathered few inspirational messages for for you, so you can send it to your friends and family, during the month of Ramazan.

Best Quotes for Ramazan. Ramazan is the month of fasting, offering prayers, read Quran and charty, asking for forgiveness and in return receive blessings from Allah

During the month of Ramazan, the gates of the hell are closed and gates for Heaven are opened.

It was the month of Ramadan 2014 dates, when the Quran was revealed to the Muhamad, which has the key to success and guidance for living happy life. Happy Ramazan.

May the festival of lights bring peace and prosperity on you and your family, Happy Ramazan.

As we celebrate the festival of lights, may Allah shower his rich blessings on you and your family, Happy Ramazan.

As you read the Quran, during the month of Ramazan, May Allah guide you to prosperity and do things that showers Allah’s blessings on you. Ramazan Mubarak

As you read the Quran during the Ramazan month, I pray that it helps you to draw more close to Allah and receive his kindness. Ramazan Mubarak.

These are few suggested inspirational messages for Muslim quotes, you can send to your dear and near ones.

Ramazan month is the month of unity; it teaches us many important values of life. May this holy Ramazan month brings success and prosperity to everyone.

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Best messages for ramazan 2014