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Time Coded Interview Transcript Website: Accurate Transcripts, Time Coding and Outsourcing Services Available. Time-coding interview transcripts are usually provided with a difference of approximate (+/-3 seconds). Facilities with high quality time coding equipments, experienced staff and service for full continuities can offer accurate time coding transcription services.

Unstructured video clippings, footage, interview recordings, video recordings of day to day activities like reality TV show, Live Show, Events mark every 30 second interval. Transcription software and coding tools are available with advance features to merge video recording, clips with text. Which are proving to be a great help for professional time code transcription providers. Audio and Video transcribing service providers are now using customized software to embed time-coding markers into transcripts they provide to their clients. Time Coding Transcription Requirement:

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DVDs or digital video files Audio files with audible SMPTE time code Digital Files Customize Software to embed time coding Secure media file upload and download options

Time coded interview transcripts are used by professionals, business and production industry to save time, cost, resources and off course money. Time Coded Transcription Services are available for: • • •

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Documentary film interviews transcription One-on-one interview transcription Audio hours of video interview to be transcribed and time coded Interview between a Journalist and an artist Interviews for a Masters thesis Interview between two people, time stamp each time the respondent begins speaking One on one interview for PhD research Qualitative research interviews Interviews recorded digitally transcripts

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Telephonic interviews to be transcribed for academic purposes Interviews on psychology/forgiveness Oral history and interview audio files MSc interview transcription Transcribe magazine writing interviews from digital MP3 files Radio interview on mp3 file transcription Documentary footage Speeches and lectures Focus groups Undercover investigations Depositions YouTube and embedded video Consumer audio / video projects and more

Time Coding Transcription Services Prices: Generally transcription services prices is increased by $0.25 per/ minute to $0.45 per/minute depending upon the complexity involved and platform used. But negotiating for best price is always an option if you are outsourcing transcription and time-coding projects to professionals or offshore transcription companies.

Time Coded Transcription Services are outsourced around the world to India, including United States, UK, Canada, Egypt, Sweden, India, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and other European countries. Lesley Dehn, Author and professional at Hi-Tech Transcription Services, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17 years. Get exceptional results by outsourcing to experts, Feel free to contact with queries and questions on

Time Coded Interview Transcript  

Accurate Transcripts, Time Coding and Outsourcing Services Available. Time coded interview transcripts are used by professionals, business...

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