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How BIM Helps Estimate Construction Costs And Save Money? By: Nikunj Patel - Hi-Tech Engineering Services Visualization is a powerful tool, that helps understand even the most complex and critical problems easily. BIM (Building Information Modeling) leverages the power of visualization, it enables architects, engineers and developers visualize detailed construction cost estimates at every stage and hence take informed decisions in order to manage budgeting constrains while successfully executing construction projects.


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Detailed cost estimation (BIM 5D modeling) for a construction project includes identification of items and their interrelationships and calculating the quantity requirements based on dimensions and design specifications. BIM can be used to generate accurate quantity take offs and cost estimates across the project lifecycle. It provides a virtual construction model that contains an accurate visual database of building components and generates automated quantity requirements. Any modifications in designs will be immediately reflected in a BIM model and hence the estimated costs will also change. Therefore, at any given point of time, project coordinators and managers can keep a tab on expenditures and ensure that the project does not go over budget. BIM Construction Services can hence be effectively used to keep costs and expenditures under control and hence save money. Construction companies are realizing the benefits of BIM and implementing the technology right through the design stages of a project.

Building Information Modeling Advantage for Cost Estimation:


BIM services help developers accurately quantify the material requirements and hence allow them take informed and firm decisions.

Each construction process is visually represented within a BIM model. Key members involved in construction project can see how costs are accrued with each schedule and where the project is going overboard. This information helps them understand where exactly cost cutting is required and is possible.

Such speedy and detailed evaluation and analysis of the costs involved in a project is not possible without BIM. BIM not only improves and refines but also speeds up project planning process by multiple folds.

Besides, easy estimation and visual information allows architects to experiment more with designs and materials and simultaneously estimate their costs and feasibility. Thus decision making becomes fast and easy.

Architects, structural/civil engineers, construction project managers, contractors, sub contractors and real estate developers are increasingly outsourcing their requirements to offshore BIM service providers. BIM experts work on software like Revit BIM in order to provide the best, highly accurate and pivotal construction project information via BIM models. It is however important to scout for providers who can provide an intelligent virtual 3D model that ensures a streamlined construction process with accurate cost estimations.

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How bim helps estimate construction costs and save money?  

BIM offers an improved coordination, quantity take offs, scheduling and cost estimation for construction projects. Architects consider inves...

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