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How CFD Analysis Aids Mechanical Engineers In Problem Identification And Mitigation? By: Mehul Patel – HiTech CFD

Popularity of using Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD for problem identification and mitigation has increased. The analysis technique is now used as a part of the standard design testing methodology for all types of mechanical designs. CFD analysis services can be used for accurate error detections and suitable rectifications for improved product performance. Problem identification and mitigation is one of the key factors contributing to a successful and high performance mechanical design. However, it is very important that problems are identified during the early stages of design by conducting detailed CFD simulation and analysis before the design is prototyped. This can be done using CFD analysis, often combined with finite element analysis –FEA solutions.

CFD experts conduct the following analysis on a product in order to identify and rectify design flaws and performance issues.

Aerodynamic analysis

Species Transport

Combustion analysis

Multi-Phase Flow Analysis

Heat Transfer Analysis

Experts use CFD analysis as a part of their mechanical design development process. Precise simulations and accurate problem identification can be achieved by using highly advanced CFD tools like ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Design Modeler/ Meshing, OpenFOAM, HyperMesh, etc in order to solve complex design challenges associated with fluid mechanics. Based on CFD simulation and analysis, problems are identified. Further mechanical engineers find the right solutions by: •

Analyzing parameters that cause problem

Gather and review the related information

Consider possible solutions

Analyze the possible implications of a proposed solution

Make the requisite changes to the CFD model and observe the response

Identify if the issue is resolved, if not find another solution and repeat the process

CFD holds the power to influence almost any mechanical product design, which relies on heat transfer and fluid flow phenomena. CFD service providers, help mechanical engineers in optimizing product designs for a smaller footprint, higher efficiency, better durability and sustainability. By using CFD simulations, modeling related pre-processing tools and CFD solvers, design flaws can be easily identified. Further, the means to mitigate these flaws can also be devised. The process continues until a suitable solution evolves, this means that before prototyping, all the possible errors are detected and mitigated. This reduces the need for repeated design iterations, prototyping and testing, thus helping mechanical engineers save related costs. HiTech CFD, is the trusted choice of clients globally. Their CFD analysis specialization involves CFD modeling, flow simulations, problem identification and virtual design iterations. Delivering the best services for over a decade, they have garnered goodwill and earned the appreciation of their clients. For further information visit

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How cfd analysis aids mechanical engineers in problem identification and mitigation  

Popularity of using Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD for problem identification and mitigation has increased. The analysis technique is no...

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