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A. YELLOWGLASSMOROCCANLANTERN V i s i o n so f a n e x o t i cm a r k e a t r eb r o u g htto m i n dw i t h t h i se n t r a n c i ncga n d l el a n t e r nM . a y b e h u n go r p l a c e d . a n d l en o t o n a t a b l e t o po r f l o o r . M e t a la n dg l a s sC i n c l u d e d5 r / ax" 5 ' x 1 0 "h i g h . 3 7 4 3 7 $ 2 1 . 0 0 B . AMBERGLASSMOROCCANLANTERN Create a moodof mysteryand romanceanywherewith this e n c h a n t r ncgu t w o r kl a n t e r nA. m b e rg l a s sd i f fu s e sa c a n d i e 'gs l o wt o f i l ly o u rs u r r o u n d i n gwsi t h d a n c i n g l i g h ta n dc o l o rC . o m b i n es e v e r aflo r a t r u l ym a g i c a l d i s p l a yM l e t a la n dg 1 a s sC. a n de n o t i n cu d e d . 4Ya'diameterx 101/+' high. 33145 $15.00 C . COTTAGELANTERN Candlelight shinesthrough a multitudeof cutoutsin this lovelycottagelamp. Weatheredf inishand graceful laceworkadd a lookof g e n t e ecl h a r m .M e t a. T e a l r g hc ta n d l en o t r n c i u d e d 1 O %x" S Y qx' 1 2 % 'h i g h 3 8 5 6 0 $ 2 5 . 0 0 D . WHITESCROLLWORK CANDLELANTERN I n t r i c a tfei o r a fl i l i g r e en b r g h t w h i t ea d d st r e s h a p p e atlo t h i sb i r d c a g lea n t e r nJl u b i l a npt o i n t so f l i g l r t f r o mw i t h n b r i n ga n y s p a c ct o l i f e !M e t a l .C a n d l en o t rncluded.4d %i 'a n r e t ex r1 0 % ' h i o h .3 8 3 3 2 $ 1 4 . 0 0




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E . COLONIALCANDLELAMP Cutoutsand glass in this windowsgleamwith reflectedcandlelight metalcandlelamp.Brightburnished colonial-style finishand a wire hangingloop.Candlenot included. Metalwith glasswindows.5" diameterx 9%"high. 31132 $14.00 F. BLUE GLASS MOROCCANLANTERN The cobalthuesof this exoticmetalcandlelanternbring to mind imagesof mysteriousMorocco!Metaland glass.Candlenot included.4/2"x33/q" x 10%"high 37438 $14.00 G . WHITE FANCYCANDLELANTERNWITH STAND A tealight'sglow is mademore romantrc by the charminglatticepatternof this lovelylamp. Hangon the accompanying standfor heightened effect! lvetaland glass.Candlenot included. Lantern:4" x 4" x 8/r" high.Stand:5/2"diameterx 13"high 37439 $21.00 H . WHITE MOROCCANLANTERN Candlelight shinesfrom the cutoutdesignof this lovelylantern. hurricane Hexagonal shapeand etchedpanels combinefor a trulystunningeffect! Metaland glass.Candlenot included.6" x 5" x 12Y2" high. 38465 $21.00


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A. NEW! PARENTSPRAYERCANDLE Surpriseyour belovedparentswith a poetic prayercreatedjust for them ! Delightful pressed{loral candlebrings a sweet reminderof springtimeto mind;a relaxingvanillascent bestowsa heartwarming aurato the flickeringflame's goldenglow.The faceof this candlebears a sentimentalversewhich upliftsthe spirit and givesa uniquelytouchingexpression of everlasting loveandfaith! Paraffinwax. 3" x23/e"x 5" high. 39405 $24.00 B . NEW! MOM PRAYERCANDLE Honoryour mother with a poetic prayer createdjust for herl Delightfulpressedfloralcandlebrrngsa sweet reminderof springtimeto mind;a relaxingrosescent bestows a heartwarmingaurato the flickeringflame'sgoldenglow.The face of this candlebearsa sentimentalverse which upliftsthe spiritand givesa uniquely touchingexpressionof everlastinglove and faith! Paraffinwax.3"x 23/e" x5" hioh. 39403 $24.00 C . NEW! BIRTHDAYCAKE SCENT CANDLE Highlyscentedjar candlebears the mouth-wateringfragranceof freshbakedfrosted cake,takingyou back in time to the magicalbirthdaycelebrations of your childhood. Soy blendwax with glassIiddedjar.2/t" diameterx 3lzz"high. 39634 $18,00 D . NEWI APPLEPIESCENTCANDLE Warm up your surroundings with the all-Americanaromaof oven-freshaoole pie.Scrumptious fragranceinvokeshappy thoughtsof picnics,socials,and family suppers!Soy blendwax with glasslidded jar.2t/t"diameterx 3%"high. 39639 $18.00 BABY BLESSINGCANDLES Bestow a heartfeltblessingon your treasuredlittle one! Soothethe nurseryair with a calming vanillaaroma;soft colors,fancifulimages and a tiny prayerpoem brighteneach side of these perfectlypretty column candles. A thoughtfulshower or new babygift that any mother is sure to appreciate!Choose from bluefor boy or pinkfor girl.Paraffin w a x .3 " x 2 % " x 5 " h i g h . E.39408 BABY BOY BLESSING CANDLE $24.00 F.39409 BABY GIRLBLESSING CANDLE $24.00


G . SISTERCANDLE Let your sister know how muchyou carewith this stirringand poeticcandlelight tribute 60% palm oil;40o/oparaffinwax. Lead-free wick. 3%"diameterx 5%"hish. 35755 $21.00



H . BLESSTHIS HOME CANDLE pressedflowersand a Featuring stirringpoem,this candlebringsa hint of applecinnamonscentinto your home. 100% palmoil. Lead{ree wick,3%"diameterx 5/r" high. 34040 $21.00 I . MARRIAGEPRAYERCANDLE The marriageprayergracesthis candledecoratedin presseddaisies and baby'sbreath,Vanillascent. wick. 100% palmoil. Lead-free 3%"diameterx 5/+"high. 33080 S21.00 J . BABY CANDLE A delicatewreath of realpressedflowersand a charming heartspoken verseadd a sweet expression of sentimentto a sagegreenpillarcandle.Gentlyscented with soothingvanillafragrance. A uniquegift that'swarmlywelcomed by any proudnew parent!Paraffin wax.33/s" diameterx 5/+"high. 38886 $21.00

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K. FRIENDSHIP CANDLE A touchingpoem aboutfriendship is surroundedby colorful, genuine driedflowerson this vanillascented candle. 100% palmoil. Lead-free wick.3/2"diameterx 5%"high. 33079 $21.00

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K L. HAPPYBIRTHDAYCANDLE Makesomeone'sbirthdayextrapillarcandle special!This king-sized casts a cheeryglow and sweetens the air with a yummy vanillascent. Adornedwith a festlvecollection of colorfulpressedflowersand verse,this is a a heartwarming way to express sweetlysentimental your affection!Paraffinwax. 3%"diameterx 5ll+"high. 38887 $21.00

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A. SCHOOLDAYSFRAME Rulers framethis cute strolldown memory lane,with enoughspacesfor a 172" x 2" photofrom everyyearof your child'sschooldays.Wood. 15s/a" x/2" x 12%"hish. 36437 $18.00

C. GRADUATIONBEARTREASURE BOX A littlebearbeamsproudly from beneaththe lid of this charming littlebox. Fromthe looksof his mortarboard and goldendiploma,he's just completedhis commencement with honorslAny graduateis sureto B. DIPLOMAFRAME Remember appreciate this touchingexpression your graduate's proudaccomplishment of congratulations! Glassornament; by puttingtheirpictureinsidethis polyesterbox 23/c" x2/2" x2/2" high. pewterfinishedframe.Holdsa 38579 $14.00 4"x 6"photo5 . / 2 "x % " x 7 % " h t g h . 30249 $17.00


D. SCHOOLHOUSEFRAME Rememberyour child'sschooldays with this pewterfinishedpicture frameshapedlrkea schoolhouse. Enoughwalletsizedspacesfor gradesK-'1 2. 123/q" x3,6" x7/2" high. 32243 $35.00 E . SNOWBERRYCUTIES GRADUATEORNAMENT Honor your scholarwith a placeon yourtree, with this adorableSnowberryCutie graduatein cap and gown. 21l+" high. Resin. 37219 $5.00



ffi,' f;:" F. MY GRANDDAUGHTERPHOTOFRAME A beloved granddaughter's portraitcertainlydeservesthe finestframe,and this elaborateand whimsicalpewter frame is exactlythat! Holds4" x 6" photo.Glasscover.Sl/q" x /z"thickx 7" high. 37454 $21.00 G . MY GRANDSONPHOTOFRAME Pewter-finish 5"x T"photo framefor "My Grandson"is embellished with itemsfrom a boy's life: football,airplane,computer,etc. Glasscover.6/+"x /z" x 8" high. 33862 $21.00 H . NORMAL FAMILYPHOTOFRAME Framevour funniestfamilv picturein this hilarious framethat showseveryonethat you'reanything but normal!Holdsone 4" x 6" photo.Polyresin and glasscover. 8%"x%" x 6%"high. 36282 $18.00

| . BABY'S FIRSTYEAR FRAME Cleverframe holds one largecenter photo,with 12 surrounding spacesfor monthlypicturesof baby'sfirst year.Polyresinand plasticcover.10Y2" x3/q"x 12/2"high. 34147 $31.00


A. NEW! WORLD'S GREATEST MOM MUG RemindMom that she's the greatestwith this marvelousi 1 oz. mug;a guaranteedday-brightener!An idealtoken for Mother's Day, birthdays,or just because. Stoneware.Microwaveand dishwashersaIe.41,6" x3Yz"x 3/z" high. 39755 $7.00 A


B. "I LOVEYOU MOM" IIGHTED CUBE An LED base lights up this clearacryliccube to set the words "l Love You Mom" aglow at its center.ThreeAAA batteriesnot included.2/2" square x 4" high. 36371 $18.00

ONLY $7qa


C . SEA SPA BATH SET The greentea and peppermintscent of this lotion,gel and bubblebath set cleansesyour spiritand leaves you as refreshedas a day at the beach.9 fl oz. each.B%"x 6" x 1%"high. 36394 Set $21.00


D . TROPICALPLEASURES BATH SET An engaginggift basketcontainsexotically scentedbath productsdesigned to sweep you away on warm islandbreezes.Includes5.7 Il oz. gel and lotion;7 fl oz. bodyscrub; 3.5 oz. soap.7Yz"x 23/c" x 7/q" hioh. 36396 Set $28.00 E . SMALL TEALIGHTPILLAR FOUNTAIN Celebratethe harmonyof earth, fire and water with this exquisitely designedfountain. Its compactdesign makes it the perfect tranquiladditionto any spacelFor indoor use only.Polyresin. Two AA batteriesnot included.Tealight candlesnot included. 4/2" squarex 6%" high. 38354 $28.00

F . FLORAL FROG SALT & PEPPER SET A smilingpairof amphibian twins croucheson a broadgreenlilyleaf,eagerly awaitingthe chanceto add a dashof flavorto your next meal.lncludes two shakersand coordinating tray. Dolomite.Handwash. 7 " x 5 % "x 4 % " h i g h . 39167 Set of 3 $24.00 A

G . FROSTEDGLASS ROSE Bestow a rose of spectaculareverlasting beautyuponyour belovedas a symbolof your eternalaffection! Gossamerpetalsof frostedglasscapturea long-stemmed bloom's delicateblushfor a keepsaketo treasureforever.Glass.2/2"diameterx 8t/c"long. 37929 $18.00 H . GLAMOUR GAL BATH GIFT SET The perfectgift for any bon vivant!Sophisticated roseand lavenderscentedcollectionincludes 6 fl oz. showergel and 2.5 fl oz. bodyscrubenticinglypackagedin a cool polkadot ceramicmugl 4/+"diameterx 102+"high. 38057 Set $15.00 A | . ROSEDESIGNMUGS Perfectlyladylike,just the thing for afternoon tea with friends! Accentyour next partywith gardengrace;each lovely mug featuresa wraparoundroseprintin a differentjewel-inspired hue peridot,amethyst for a charmingpresentation. One each:ruby,sapphire, Eachholds11 oz. Porcelain. Microwaveand dishwashersafe. 3%"diameterx 4" high. 37086 Set of 4 $21.00 A


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J . GLASS PHOTOCOASTERSET Super-coolset featuresfour colorful glassphotoholders;add a treasured2" x 3" imageto eachto createa funky,fun drink-coaster-and-photo-frame all in onel Rubberized feet on storagerackand eachcoasterpreventscratching. Wood holder;glass coasters.Storagerackincluded.4" x2/2" x 4" high. 38719 $21.00

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A' PORTABLE OFFICEPACK Thisdeluxetoliois the pertectway to stayon top of office worf evenwhen you'renot in the office.Includes:expandable tile folder,multi-sized s t o r a g e s l e e v e s l i n e d n o t c p a d , c a l c u l a t o r a n d m1 e0 m% op . "x13/2"high. " xa1d% 36428 $28.00 B . Nt:W! WORLD'S GBEATEST DAD MUG Remind Dad who your real hero is with this a w e s o r n e n r a c h or r a n m u g ! C o l o r f u lc e r a m i cd r i n k w a r eh o l d s a h e a l t h y 1 1 o z . h e l p i n go f h i s t a v o r i t e r n o r n i n g b r e w . S t o n e w a r e . M i c r o w a v e a n d d i s h w a s h e r s a f e . 4 3 / qx" 3 " x 3 % " h i g h . 39754 $7.00 C . F O L D I N G T O O L K I T A c o n v e n r e n tt o l d i n g s t o r a g e t o t e m a k e s i t e a s y t o t a k e t h i s h a n d yt o o l s e t a n y w l r c r e l 2 7 p i e c e s .T o t e .6 " x 1 r / qx' S Y z "h i g h . 3 3 3 1 6 S e t $ 1 8 . 0 0


D . MONEYCLIP Slimand stylishmen'smoneyclipfeaturesa flip-style magneticclipto securelyholdbrllsin placeand clearstoragepockettor 3' x 1" x 4%"high 36465 $14.00 creditcardsor lD PVCand polyester.

G . FULLRATCHETSET Replaceall of your old screwdrivers, sockets 13O-piece ratchetset! and specialtytoolswith this handy,all-in-one Includesa customstoragecase.Temperedsteelbits,plasticcase. 10"x2Tz x 10%"high. 36424 $24.OO

E . "l LOVEYOU DAD" LIGHTEDCUBE RemindDadhow muchyou H . GOLFCLUB PENSET The rollinghillsof yourfavoritecourseare carewith this clearacryliccubethat says"l LoveYouDad" in glowing multi-color when the LED lightedbaseis turnedon. ThreeAAA batteries neverfar awaywhen you placethis playfulset atopyour desk! Clever golf bag nolderkeepsa trio of amusinggolf clubpenscloseat hand. not included.2/2"squarex 4" high. 36370 $18.00 B l u ei n k P l a s t i w c i t h m e t a l .H o l d e irs 1 % "x 2 " x 3 / z ' h i g h ;e a c hp e n i s l " d i a m e r exr 7 ' l o n g . 3 8 1 8 4 S e t $ 1 1 . 0 0 F . HEATEDCAR MUG Sturdystainlesssteelmug keepscoffeeor 'l souphot on longjourneysusinga 2-voltcaradapter.No-spilllid! Holds14 fl oz. 5' x 3Vz"x6%" hioh. 36445 $21.00

GreatGifts ThatWill PleaseEveryone!

A. COCONUTTREECANDLEHOLDERS These distinctive candleholders, with theirtropicaltheme and classicgildedstyling,are infusedwith the feelingof relaxedluxury.Candlesnot included.Polyresin. 3%"x x5%" high. 36006 Pair $28.00 3s/a" B . NEW! BARN BIRDHOUSE WINDCHIME Doubleduty decoration addsan enchanting hint of the countryto youryard! ltty-bittybarnprovidesmerrymusic,as well as a darlinghomefor one luckyfamilyof birds.Wood with metalchimes.4"diameterx 18"hioh. 39561 $17.00 C . NEW! GOURMETCAT SALT & PEPPERSET Who can resistthis roly-polypalrof felinechefs? Thesegourmetkittieslendmerrimentto most any meal,while keepinga generoushelpingof saltand pepperwithin readyreach.Ceramic.Handwash only. Eachis 2%"diameterx 5" hiqh. 39653 Set $24.00

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B . WALL MOUNTED PAPERTOWEL HOLDER CTaftedin white distressed{inish metal,this shabbyelegancepaper towel rackfeaturesa handystorageshel| l4%" x53/c"x 131l+' hiqh. 34130 $25.00

F o l d sf o r EasyStorage 'lhis A . PICK-UPAND REACHINGTOOL arlazingtool hasa thousand rternor quicklypickup objectsat uses! Grabthat high.up,hard-to-reach your feet, withouthavingto stretchor stoop Extendsyourreachby nearly idealfor thosewith linritednrobility!Alunrinumand 3 feet; especrally plastic.Liftsup to approxirnately 5 lbs 6' x 33' long 38458 $18.00



C . POURABLESTORAGESET Durablenestingfood storageset hashighqualitypourablelidswith sealing,slidingopeningsto ensureyourfood stays fresh longer.Plastic.Handwash.6"x 4"x 8"high. 36442 Set of 4 $21.00


D . PROFESSIONAL collection CUTLERYSET Value-oacked containsevery knifeyou need to preparea marvelousFar East feastl Inspiredby the cutting-edge cutleryusedby Asiansushr professional-quality chefs,these razor-sharp implementsmake '/3/c" gourmetcookinga joyl Set includesone each: breadknife, paringknife;4lla"cheese knife;kitchen 672"Santokuknife;43/a" shears;vegetablepeeler.Metal-blade instruments.Boxis-/Yz"x 1/2"x 14' high 38721 Set $18.00

E .5-lN-1 TOOL Futuristicray-gunisn't made for shootingaliens;it's actuallydesignedto help you with your householdrepairslA twist of the baseopens up five little portalsalongthe banel,eachwith a differentscrewdrivertip. Simplyinserta tip into the end of the gun, and its ratchetingactionquicklyputs loosefastenersin theirproper place! Plasticand metal. 6%"x 13/e" x 312s" high. 38946 $18.00 G . FLEXIBLEHANDS-FREE FLASHLIGHTNo more f rustration- this fantastic f l e x i b l ef l a s h l i g hptl a c e s lightrightwhere super-bright you needitl Sturdymagnetlc baseis ideaifor handsjree use;bendthe twistableneck t o s h i n et h e b e a ma n y w h e r e you please.Perfectfor autosb , o a t sh , o u s e h o ladn d s o m u c hm o r e !P l a s t i cT. w o C b a t t e r i ens o t i n c l u d e d . 2/z diameter x BYz'high; nenlr




F . N E W !W I R E L E S S LIGHTBULBPut lightright w h e r ey o u n e e di t - n o w i r i n g r e q u i r eIdO u i c kB u l b ' sp e e l - a n d stickbaseinstantlyfastensto most surfacesin home,closet, garage,RV,boatand more, i n s t a n t lpy r o v i d i nag h a n d yl i g h t r i g h ta t y o u rf i n g e r t i p sA.l l t h e convenience of an extralight fixturewithoutthe trouble a n de x p e n s eo f i n s t a l l i nag switch! Mountinghardwareand extrabulbincludedFourAAA b a t t e r i ens o t i n c l u d e dP. l a s t i c . 33/q" x3" x 5%"high 39586 $14.00

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H . WORLDTIME TRAVEL CALCULATORThis sleek l i t t l eg a d g e it s a n i n d i s p e n s r b l e aid for any traveller, boasting a w o r l dt i m e a l a r mc l o c k , c a l e n d acr ,a l c u l a t oarn d m o r e l T w oA Gl 3 B a t t e r i e rsn c l u d e d . 3/2" squarex 3/q"high. 342"t2 511.00


38256 $22.00

I . MAGNETICSOCKET SCREWDRIVER M a g n e t i cs h a f t , tolocnnnin



a n da b u i l t - i w n orkspace lightmakethis soft-grip screwdriverincredibly e a s yt o u s e ! I n c l u d e s 1 0 i n t e r c h a n g e a bbliet s t o h a n d l em o s tt a s k s . Metal.Two AAA batteries 'l not included. /2 x 9 Z s ' h i g h .3 6 4 2 5 $ 1 1 . 0 0

Telescopic Retrieval Rod

J . NEW! 4-lN-1TAPEMEASURE Clevermulti-function tool is a t o o l n o h o u s e h o lsdh o u l db e w i t h o u t !P u t sa l 6 j e e t t a p em e a s u r e , calculator, note padand super-bright LED lightrightin the palmof y o u rh a n d .M e t a la n dp l a s t i c3 % "x 2 ' x 2 3 / q ' h i g h .3 9 6 7 5 $ 2 4 . 0 0


l'rlli:, .. ii



A. SAFARIPOTS Finedecoupagescenesfrom a safariareon eachof these tin pots for an excitingadditionto your home's decor.S/2"x5/2" x 5"high. 35629 Setof3 $21.00

B . PLAYFULBABY ELEPHANT Some elephantshaveall the fun! Who knows,maybeallthat safaripatchworktickles!Porcelain. 5%"x 5%"x t%"hish. 28305 $21.00

C . SPANISHMISSION CANDLEHOLDERSLovely,lacyscrollsof ironworkrecallthe timelesseleganceof a Spanishmission.Candlesnot included.5"diameterx 8" high. 28234 Pair $24.00

D . IVORYROSETOPIARYRomanceis in bloomlThis beautiful bouquetof ivoryrosesbringsthe beautyof springto your home yearround! Fabricroseswith terra-cottapot. Pot 3%" diameterx 1l1r'z" high. 32074 $18.00



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F. PEONIES TEALIGHTHOLDER Adornedwith glisteningbudsand leaves,a slender peonyplantholds higha pairof petaled +6ali^h+ ^r rnc

Cast-glassflowers in gorgeoustwotonedpeachturn ordinarycandlelight into an enchanting haloof sunset color.Candlesnot included.Metalwith glassand acrylic accents.6/+"x x 11"high. 43/q" 3895r $28.00


mr! iir{iil' , ti 1

E . SCROLLWORKCANDLESCONCES Wrought-ironwall sconcesfeature . a n d l en s o t i n c l u d e dE. a c hi s 7 " x 5 " x 1 3 " h i g h . a h y p n o t i c" t w i r l "d e s i g nC 32402 Pair $28.00

G . ZEN ROCKGARDEN MiniatureZengardenis a coffeetable piecethat bringspeaceof mind.Includessquaredish, conversation white sand,three stones,mini pagodaand a rake.7%"x7%" x 13lc" high 34638 Set $11.00

H . MOD-ARTCANDLESCONCEDUO Add a chic, modernistic lookto any roomwith this strikingpairof candlesconces!Matte blackfinishlendsdramato slendercurvedmetalwall plaques; eachsupportinga clearglassvotivecup.Why not add your display?lron favoritebrightly-colored candlesfor an ultra-artistic x 4%"x B"high with glasscups.Candlesnot included.Eachis 23/e" 39066 Pair $18.00 ZJ

Pricesand items are periodicallysubjectto change.We reservethe right to correcttypographical,descriptiveand photographicerrors. Orders basedon incorrectinformationare subjectto cancellation. Copyright@2009TownSquareS09.All RightsReserved. 70318

A. NEW!HUMMINGBIRD BEACHTOWEL Drape yourselfin cloud-softcomfort with this big,thick,ultrasoft beachtowell Delicate graphic hummingbird brightensany day with a splashof springtimecolor. 1007oCotton.Machinewash cold;tumbledry low.30"x 60"long. 39452 $22.00 B. NEW! SOARINGEAGLE BEACHTOWEL Drape yourselfin cloud-softcomfort with this big,thick,ultrasoft beachtowel! Big,bold graphicdisplaysa mighty eaglepoisedin mid-descent, his talonsreadyto capture prey.The his unsuspecting perfect towel to show off besidethe poolor seashore! 100% Cotton.Machinewash cold;tumbledry low. 30" x 60"long. 39454 $22.00



i* iilh, IF D . NEW! FLOWERSHOP BIRDHOUSElt's a luckvbird indeedwho makes his nest insidethis artfullittleflowershop!Charmingall-woodbirdhouseis lovinglycraftedto resemblea nostalgicvillagecurioshop,completewith fauxdoubleentrydoors.Wood. brightfabricfloraltrim and enchanting 5/2" diameterx 67+"high. 39476 $21.00

F. NEW! HUGGABLE TEDDYBEAR Children, parentsand collectors alike simplywon't be ableto resist this lovable,huggablelittlebear! Ultra-softolush fur and a sweet expression makethis friendly fellowa delightto hug and hold;with his handsome demeanorand bow-tie '""91 trim, he'sreadyto snuggle your his way into heart. Polyester.Ages 3 and up 5" x 5" x 8" high. 39622 $14.00



G . MOROCCAN TABLETOPLANTERN Moroccan Inspiredby the hauntingbeautyof traditional metalworklamps,this free-standing miniatureversioncasts danceof light and shadowwhereverit is an ever-changing placed.Adds an enticingdashof Far Eastmysteryto any tabletopor shelf! Metaland glass. Candlenot included. 5%"diameterx 13"hioh. 38566 $21.00

E. NEWI EVERLASTING BONSAI TREE Turnanv tabletopinto a tiny Zen oasis with this gracefulminiature Bonsaitree! The easyway to graceany Inooorspace with lifelikenatural beauty,Nylonfabric foliage;rockpowder base.6/2"x 5 / 2 " x7 " h i g h . 39677 $8.00

B. FROLICKINGFROGSHANGING DECORATIONA gigglingtrio of amphibiousacrobatsenjoysa merry momentof mirth,playfullytumblingdown the lengthof a free-swingingrope.An utterlyirresistible hangingsculpturethat bringsloadsof loveand laughterto your garden! Powderstone/polyresin blend. 3%" x3" x 30)z+" high. 38813 $28.00

A. SWINGINGGNOMES DECORATIONThree little gnomesenjoya playfulgame of "seeno, speakno, hearno evil"as they cheerfullyswing in the afternoonbreeze.An adorabledecoration that brings motionand merrimentto your gardenor porch;guaranteedto inspiremanya grin! Polyresin with rope.5" x23/c" x 19)zr" high. 39266 $28.00

C . DANGLINGMlNl POTS Straightfrom the kitchenof a Santa Fe gourmet,this darlingdecorationrecallsthe fabledcooking pots treasuredfor generationsin the Southwest.Fourgraceful earthtonevesselswith jute hangingIoopare readyto brightenany corner! Ceramic.3%"diameterx 23" hioh. 37733 $28.00








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'W )

D. NEW! TEMPLEBELLSWINDCHIMECaEcading metalbells drifton the gentlestbreeze,castingtheirhauntingsongintothe air.ThisZen treasureis a delightforboththe eyesand ears! Woodand metal.5%"diameterx 30" long. 39715 $28.00 E . CLASSICWINDCHIMESimpleyet elegant!The slightest breezestartsa gentlesymphony.Wood andaluminum. 3/2"diameterx23/2"lonq. 28191 $21.00

F . NEW! COLOR-CHANGEBUTTERFLYCHIME Day or night,this glimmeringchimeis a sure-firedelight!Uniquecolor-change LED lightinJuses the crystalcenter ornamentwith a changingrainbowof color.Metal and acrylic.3 AAA batteriesnot included.4"diameterx 27" long. 39/44 $18.00 G . LIGHT-UPHUMMINGBIRDWINDCHIME A bevy of colorful hummingbirds bobsagainsta springtimesky,sunlightsparklingfrom every crystallinefacet.Battery-poweredbasesets the color changingshimmering light in motion on even the calmestday. Acrylicwith metal chimes. ThreeAAA batteriesnot included.4" x3/2" x26%" lono. 38432 $18.00

A. NEW! PEEK-A-BOO FROGTREEDECORTuckthis little f roggyfellowalongsidea tree trunk,gate post,or patiopillarfor an adorablefairy-tale decorationlAdds interestto any dullcornerof your garden.Polyresin. 3/2"x 2%"x 6/s"high. 39698 $15.00

B . NEWI GRANDPAGNOMETREEDECOR Pipein hand,an elderlygnomeperchescomfortably on a weatheredbrancha the end of a longday'stoil. Hangthis quaintdecoration on any tree, postor cornerfor an amusingstorybooktouch! Polyresin.5/c" x x'7Ya" high. 39701 $18.00 33/c"


C . NEW! MERRYGNOME TREEDECORA plump,perkygarden gnomeplayspeek-a-boo beneathhis well-worncap,chucklingwith glee.Hangthis whimsicalwall sculpturewhereyou needa light hearteddoseof merrlment.Polyresin. 6/2"x 4/2"x 3/2"high. 39700 $15.00

D . BLUEPARROTBIRDFEEDER Perkyparrotcupshis tailfeathers, forminga scoopto offer his blrdlebuddiesa tastytropicaltreatl paintedand wonderfullydetailed,this {abulousf igural Beautifully birdfeeder doublesas both gorgeousdecoration and functionalgarden accessorylPolvresin. B/2"x5%" x11%" htqh. 38679 $28.00

E . GARDENFROGKEY HIDER Cute littlef rog has a clever secret.When tuckedin the gardenbesideyourentryway, he concealsa sparekey within his chubbybelly!A charming and smartway to holdan emergencyhouse-key close at handbut awayfrom prying eyes.lron.4/2"x3%" x 13l"high. 39055 $14.00 F . BUTTERFLYSTEPPINGSTONE A pair of vividbutterfliesf rolicsamongstlushfoliage, enlivening a bas-relief steppingstonewith glowingcolorsand romanticsentiment. . Sureto be the crowningjewel of your ..-{1$i,L garden.Cement l l" diameterx , ., \St 1"thick 38805 $r4.oo G . JAUNTY ROOSTER STEPPINGSTONE A plump, pluckyroosterproudlysurveys r\;i''i h i sd o m a i nr, e a d yt o b e g i n ,.'rtbi anotherbusybarnyardday.Ouaint stepprngstonehasthe weathered appearance and earthycolorsof hand-carved stone,readyto grace your gardenwith a touchof down-home c h a r mI C e m e n t .11 ' d i a m e t exr 1 "t h i c k 38806 $14.00

H . FROGSWIMMER STATUE Froggy preparesfor a refreshing dip on a warm summer'sday.With his goggles,trunksand flamingo-shaped innertube,he'salldeckedout to floatthe afternoonaway!Thiscaptivating statueis a charmingyear-round reminderof s u m m e rf u n a n ds u n .P o l y r e s i n 7 ./ 2 "x B % "x 12/2"htgh 38043 $28.00

I . N E W !F R O G MINI GARDENFENCE A freckle-facedfrog peeksshylyover the edge of this fanciful miniaturefence decoration,keeping a close eye on your gardenactivity. Polyresinand metal. 7/q"x 13/6" x 5%' high. 39703 $21.00


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|'|ffi fr W *.



''' tl'r,,,b &-'t

M A .

B . J A C K P O T C I T Y B I R D H O U S E C L t t el r t te c l t s i r r op r o v d c s a f r e a v e l l yl o t r n c l cl r

SAPPHIRETWIST HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER A t t s t i c s t i l f r e d g a s s s a p p h i t c: : 1 tr fr . ; r o c r n i r r r en t c l o e l ;r i o L t lct

a n y l L r t ; hl yr q l r r o l i n q I y c r : ; !W l n r l ; i r ; r lry o L r t l i l l c twl l l r o l a s s i cr o ; r c ] l r c t Ll r si ner r r r i n c t : ; ,

c l u t y ,b r i n g i n g : rb l a z eo i c o l o r t o y o r r rg a r d c n w l t l e l t e : l p r r r r r l h L r n g r hy u n t r r i n g b i r d sM. e t a l a n c Jq l a s s .i 3 [ ' r l i a r r c l e rx

c l i r ; ec, l r i p : ; r, ' o r€. r) l l cw h c c l a n c lr ; l r r c l : ; l t c v i l n r o l s o L t li r r c d c i t r l t e fw e l t ; o n t c l W o o r . l w r l l r l r o l y r c s rtnr i n r . 9 % x 7 % ' r l 0 l r i q l r 3 8 2 7 7 $ 2 8 . 0 0

17 h r g h 3 9 6 3 2 $ 2 1 . 0 0


$,F #" \ h




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,,rr,{ r l{fli



# ,4.

# C . r ' : , : i C O U N T R Y D I N E R B I R D H O U S E M o r n i n g ,n o o n a n d n i g h t t h i s a d o r a b l el i t t l e " r e s t a u r a n t "i s s u r e t o b e t h e c e n t e r o f y o u r g a r d e n ' s

D . " W A G O N W H E E L R E S T A U R A N T " B I R D H O U S E T h i sw i r l r s r c a l " W a g o n W l r e e l B e s l a u r a n l "b t r c l h o u s eb t : c I o n s b r r d st o s t o p r n t o r a

s o c a l a c t i v i t y lE n c h a n t i n ga l l w o o d s h e l t e ri s f i t t e d w i t h a n a s s o r t n r e l r t o f a m u s i n g a c c e s s o r i e st o g v e i t t h e l o o k o f a n o l d f a s h i o n e dr o a d sd e

32187 $28.00

d i n e r ; r o o m y e n o u g h f o r a w h o l e f a m l y o f y o u r f a v o r i t ef l y e r s .l l a n c t i n g l o o p a t t o p . W o o d 5 % ' d i a n r e t e r x 6 7 + 'h i g h o

39477 $21.00

b t e a n d r e s t t h e i f w e a r y w r g s l o r t f t e n g i r t .W o o d 9 r 7 " r 9 y ' s l r i g l r

i'l' ri' ,;.ii/ "iilr


\i;, E . NEWI BARNYARDBIRDHOUSECleverall-woodbirdhouseis a countrycraftcollector's delight!Thisbarnyarddecoration makesa fine and fittinghomefor a fortunatefamilyof birds.Wood and natural materials. 9"x 5"x 9" high. 39554 $21.00

F . NEW! SURFSHACKBIRDHOUSEThe surf'salwaysup at this happylittleshacklCaptivatingly cute birdhousebringsthe beachto you and providesa cozyshelterfor a crew of birdybeachcombers.Wood and naturalmaterials. 9" x 4/2"x 9" hiqh. 39556 $21.00

G . GONEFISHIN'BIRDHOUSECutelittlecabinawaitsits residents' r e t u r na. f t e ra d a yo f " g o i n ' f i s h i n"' Wood. 17t6" xl" x Blza" high. 29313 $24.00

H . BEACHHANGOUTBIRDHOUSEBeachcombing birdieswill bellyup to this adorablewood snackshack!Just likea favoriteseasidehangout, completewith straw roof,signsand "barstool"perches.Wood.B%"x BVq" x73/q" high. 3a715 $25.00


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