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Several thousand people responded to the public consultation on the North Herts Local Plan before the deadline at the end of November. The Council now has to go through the comments, removing duplicates (some people responded both by email and on the web site) and identifying to which policy each comment applies.

Conservative councillors vote themselves an 11% pay rise

Many will have commented on the plans to build 900 houses between Weston and Stevenage and more than 3000 around Baldock.

North Herts Conservative Councillors have voted themselves a pay increase of 11%. The Leader of the Council (a Conservative) will get an even larger rise with her pay going up by nearly 17%.

Herts County Council has said that the plan is “not sound” because it doesn’t make proper provision for secondary schools in Great Ashby and Baldock,

The rises, which will cost the Council £30,000 a year, come just weeks before the Council is expected to be asked to find substantial savings because of government cuts.

In March or April councillors will have to decide whether to send the plan to the Secretary of State. Despite what some of them are saying they can decide to think again at this stage.

Steve Jarvis to spend increase on local projects Steve Jarvis said “I have decided to take the extra money and spend it to support worthwhile causes across Weston and Sandon ward . The council has cut the money for grants to local organisations and invented many bureaucratic rules limiting who can receive the grant money that is still available. By spending the extra money that the council pays me in this way, I will be able to make an additional £500 available to local organisations without these restrictions.”

From Steve Jarvis and the Lib Dem team

Voters backing Liberal Democrats in best results since 1996! 2016 ended as a year of enormous growth for the Liberal Democrats, with fantastic by-election results, and tens of thousands of new members. People across the country are now voting to reject a politics of fear and division and instead voting for Liberal Democrat Councillors who represent the united, open and tolerant Britain we live in.

Lib Dem +28

Not since 1996 have the Liberal Democrats been getting better results. Then John Major was still the Prime Minister. Then, like now, there is an ever increasing sense that people feel taken for granted and ignored by Labour and the Conservatives. By-election results from across the country show that voters are now choosing to support the Liberal Democrats.

By-election results in 2016 UKIP -3





Voters are ditching the Conservatives and backing the Lib Dems

Pot hole crusade Despite the relatively mild winter are roads are still plagued with many pot holes due to the County Council’s poor road maintenance. Steve Jarvis has launched a personal pot hole crusade reporting every one he finds to the County Council - most of which they then fix. The score for January was 14 but there must be many more than that. If you know of more you can either report them at or email Steve Jarvis at

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