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While watching TV last night I switched onto a program about American police. The way police in America treat people is how it should be in this country. We have way too many health and safety rules that go way over the top. When you see a police office you should be polite and answer any questions they ask you. Don’t be a loud mouth just talk to them and show them the respect they deserve. If they feel threatened or feel you are not helping them then yes violence should be used on you. At the end of the day if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide. Back my campaign to smack the sense into dumb people. From The Editor Err not sure this is a reflection of the managements opinions, However please let me or Adi know if you too are supporting a bullying police force or think we have already given them too much power‌. Ed.

Don Broco Friday 23.10.09 Club 85

Excellent band, reminiscent of The Jam I thought and in places a little bit Scar My Eyes, but by no means as heavy. This kind of music is always popular, they describe it as rock/pop/alternative and I guess that would be right, because they have something for more or less everyone. We have Rob, doing an excellent job on vocals, Luke on bass/vocal, Simon on guitar/vocal and Matt on very excellent drums/vocal. The guys have just finished a strenuous two month tour of the UK and we are very pleased to have them back on the circuit. They have also supported bands such as Enter Shikari, so you know they are good. They hail from the Bedford area and play gigs all over the region. They have an excellent My Space page where you can check out their gig dates and have a look at their tour pics and vids. Their tunes are varied, well composed and performed really well. The lead guitar is probably the star of the band for me. Simon is talented and imaginative and makes all the difference with his persistent riffs and original solo sections. That’s not to say the others are not great too, they are, the drum and bass backing on all their tunes is superb. A great show and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Kate Is The Decoy Friday 23.10.09 Club 85

I had seen these guys last week at The My Passion gig and was not impressed. I had resolved to put it down to them having had a bad day and looked forward to seeing them tonight. I can report no change, although they had assured me that they would be better in Club 85 as they were more confident playing here. They perform pop/punk music and there are some good tunes there, but their stage performance lacks any sign of serious rehearsal or indeed attention to musical detail. Their style comes across as lazy and undisciplined and if they intend to succeed they need to address this sooner rather than later. There’s no doubt they have a lot of support from the crowd, they have a good support network of friends who come to see them and they are being helped to produce an album. They have in the past supported Enter Shikari, so at some point they must have shown promise. However, I think they are on danger of squandering these opportunities. At one point tonight the intro to one of the tunes was fluffed up by one member and the rest of the band simply carried on playing regardless. This is sloppy and bands cannot get away with this type of neglect for ever, not even with their friends. I hate to be down on these guys, because they are actually a very nice bunch of young people and I enjoyed talking to them, but the fact is they need to get down to some serious rehearsal and iron out the kinks in their act.

Gun Crime Friday 23.10.09 Club 85

Well, well, what a difference a couple of months makes ! Gun Crime have really raised their game, I was blown away by this performance. As you may remember, Gun Crime is two guys, Ty on guitar/vocal and Luke on drums/vocal. I had not been too impressed the last time I saw them, but they have tightened up their whole performance. It is more confident, cheekier, slicker, they have developed into a band to be reckoned with. Well done to them ! The guitar was much more disciplined, although in some of the faster more difficult sections, Ty did wobble once or twice, but nothing terrible. The drums are now played with open arms and energy, a million miles from the previous more stilted style. Ty and Luke are matched really well in their vocals and their tunes are clever and varied. They seemed really at home on the stage, interacting with the crowd more, making jokes and generally looking relaxed and happy. Congratulations boys, all your hard work paid off !

Lights Go Blue Friday 23.10.09 Club 85

A pop/rock duo, whose style and stage performance are brilliant. The sound took me back to the eighties, boppy cheery tunes, but with a kick. They use a synthesiser to great effect throughout their set, giving the sound depth and fullness. The guitar is great, picking out the tunes, strumming the rhythm to great effect and all backed by open armed enthusiastic drumming. They have some very novel choruses and breaks, which ensure you remember them long after they have finished. They draw the crowd close to the stage, seemingly with no effort at all and within minutes everyone is dancing around, clapping their hands in the air and having a fun time. My only criticism might be that their tunes tended to be a tad samey, but no matter, they were good anyway ! A very talented focussed pair of young men, who I have no doubt we will see a lot more of in the days to come. These boys are proof positive that two men can make as much good sound as bands of many members. They have a My Space for you to check them out.

Fluff Luff With Holly Fun fact this week: fluff doesn't grow on trees! fluffy likes: Animals that talk fluffy dislikes: Animals that don't talk Hello and welcome to issue 2 of the fluffy fluffy FLUFF LUFF!!! and what a fluffy fortnight its been so far! This week has been fluffy mad!! I've been travelling the world (Herts, Beds and Cambridgeshire lol) for a fluffy new friend the kind with four legs and says 'woof woof I started my search at wood green animal shelter in Godmanchester, looking for a teeny weenie puppy dog and nearly came home with a horse!.....then i realised that a horse probably wont fit in the dog bed i bought I took a little break from puppy searching and went paintball-ing with my fluffy friend Lee the meerkat which was so much fun! and then to the Disney store in Luton. FUN!!! then it was back to the fluffy search! We ended up in Enfield at a unique pet shop. they had everything in there! that's when i fell in love with a teeny tiny Chihuahua....he was absolutely gorgeous! only problem is though....i didn’t have £1000 on me LOL But i got to hold a cockatoo.....for those who don't know, thats a parrot like bird! he was magical! was so loving too...but then he got a bit too close to my ears for my liking so i decided to hand him back to the owner....leaving my ears where they belong

so its been such a fluffy week so far, lots of driving around seeing lots of cool sights! and keeping in the Halloween festive spirit, we visited the spookiness of the Clophill old church that place really did give me the heeeeeby geeeebies, even in daylight....what a wimp Only 1 gig this fortnight! Went to the arena tavern and saw Angels standing by and red dollar (Both reviewed last fortnight in Hitchin gigs and gadgets) Here’s hoping that next fortnight is as fluffy and luffy as this issue!!!!

The Sunrunner has long been one of my favourite venues in town however also one than tends to get a little over looked. This Fortnight I visited it twice to see two great performances

At some point we will go a whole two weeks without running into these guys. But The Scallywags are as prolific as they are likeable. Full of fun and with a real gift to entertain in a loud all inclusive manner that makes you feel part of the show, rather than a bystander. If I was a landlord looking to book a band who will make my till ring then these guys are top of the list. I have yet to see a night where they play that the venue is not packed to the rafters, nor one where the atmosphere has been anything but joyous. Essentially a cover band they may not scratch the itch that many of us crave when seeing live music, however, it’s a case of horses for courses, and in this standing these guys are thoroughbreds. We will be seeing them again in December for Arcfest at Bar 85 acoustic stage, make sure you come along for a great, fun, and entertaining night.

Andy Skelton and his acoustic set was a real work of a professional artist knowing his trade and showcasing his experience and talent. A mix of traditional blues, and some clever arrangements of more contemporary songs, he showed without doubt why he has been performing in this , and other towns for so long and why he will undoubtedly continue to be in demand. Unfortunately not the best attended gig this week, and even in the Sunrunner’s intimate surroundings people seemed miles away from each other and an atmosphere was difficult to build. Those that were there, though enjoyed Andy’s music in equal measure to their enjoyment of the venues fine real ales. Of the people that did go, there were several who I’m sure would be very unlikely to visit Remix or Club 85 in pursuit of their musical fix, and as such I am pleased that The Sunrunner adds another piece to the fantastic pastiche that is Hitchin’s Music Scene. Long may it Continue

A Problem Shared Living With Violence Dear Sexy Nanna,

Dear Sexy Nanna,

I hope you don’t think I am a wimp. I am a twenty five year old man, living with my girlfriend, who I love, but she is very violent towards me, especially when she has had a drink. I don’t know what to do about it, but I just don’t see how I can carry on with her, as I write I have cuts and bruises which she gave me last night. I always just take it, I never hit back, but I am at my wits end, what shall I do.

I am thirty years old and I suffer from depression. I have started to self harm and I feel so ashamed afterwards, what am I doing this for at my age, this is a teenage illness surely ? It is getting harder to hide the injuries from everyone, but I can’t stop. You cannot believe how good it makes me feel at the time, I know I’m sick, but I can’t help it. Help me, please. Name Supplied

Name Supplied

Dear Sir,

Dear Madam,

I think you are asking me to confirm what you already know. No-one has the right to inflict violence on any other person and I certainly don’t think you are a wimp, I am impressed that you have not hit back, that sort of control under pressure is not easy. However, you know on your heart that you must end this, before she really hurts you, or before you snap and really hurt her. If you really love her, maybe you would want to get her some help, she obviously has issues. Is there not a close friend or family member who will help and support you through this ? In any event, you must move out as soon as possible and stay away from this woman. You must put yourself first here.

How terrible for you to be in this situation, but there is no need for you to feel isolated or alone. You must immediately go to your Doctor and explain what you are doing to yourself. I assume that as you suffer from depression, you are already under the care of a Doctor and if not, you certainly should be. Act now, there is professional help out there for you, but you must make the first move to seek it out.

Your Future In The Stars With Gypsy Rose Lee Aries You are living a life of pretence and that is of no benefit to anyone, least of all you. It’s OK to hide behind a façade sometimes, but it should not become your way of life.

Leo Stick to what you know for a while, this is not a good time for new ventures or risky projects. Keep your feet on the ground and your eye on the ball. Look out for surprises.

Sagittarius More haste, less speed, that’s you at the moment. You know you are not achieving anything, but you insist on charging ahead anyway. If you don’t slow down and assess your situation, you may regret it.

Taurus You are finding it very difficult to cope with life at the moment. You feel that all your friends have deserted you. It’s not true you are just feeling sorry for yourself. Pick up your chin, get on with life.

Virgo You are indulging in a little deception and it is eating away at your conscience. Quite rightly, you are not a dishonest person and you need to wash your hands of whatever this situation is.

Capricorn Look at the world from someone else’s Perspective for just a moment and you will see how wrong you are being to someone close to you. Good friends are hard to come by, don’t lose one.

Gemini Be careful what you Promise at the moment, you may not be able to deliver. Also be careful what you wish for, you may not really want it. It’s a time for caution, be sure you don’t get caught out.

Libra Today is the first day of the rest of your life, but you cannot let go of the past. Why ? Either try to embrace it or rid yourself of it forever. Make the decision and move on, you are only wasting time.

Aquarius You are throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a project that is really not yours. Step back and stop hogging the limelight. You are throwing shadows over those who really deserve the acclaim.

Cancer You are run off your feet and no-one will assist you with even the most simple request. Stop everything, take a deep breath and relax. It will all still be there tomorrow, no need to kill yourself today.

Scorpio Something is moving and motivating you, but where is your usual passion for new ventures. This is not the time to be half Hearted, it’s time to do it or don’t do it. It’s in your hands.

Pisces Despite all your efforts, you still feel unable to succeed at anything. Have no fear, all is about to change. All your good work will pay off very soon and you will know real happiness again.

ing to g n a r r after a old, when d e r e year murd 6 s 1 a a w l e ir ung g tended to b . o y a p e of y k e 2 t r e 3 s p e i s h This w eone who fact he wa afe from t in som ple s o e p meet young ster? p e e k mon n we a c w Ho

The internet and in particular social networking sites were supposed to be the great liberator of our time, however we seem to be on the edge of an abyss, squeezed from both ends, between a Rock and a Hard Place. On one side we have the horrific and tragic murder of a young girl who fell fowl of a predator on facebook. Having duped her into believing he was of school age, a Contemporary rather than the inadequate and evil middle aged man that he was, he convinced her to meet.

This however was to be a fatal mistake. Stories like this, I’m sure, make you just as angry as me. So it’s hardly surprising that in the week this news hit the press, two other internet related news got swept to pages deeper in the paper. Firstly, that GCHQ, the governments secret spy HQ based in the south east is now paying telecom companies, like O2 and Vodaphone a combined amount of £75 million per year. This is to cover the cost of them recording details of not only every e-mail you send and receive, but every text message as well.

Personally, I’m in two minds about this, as Adi stated on page 3 , ‘If you have nothing to Hide, there’s no need to Worry’ and if it helps deter or prevent the type disastrous meeting described earlier then I’m all for it. But no, they tell us that the content of e-mails and texts aren't recorded, just the forensic details, i.e who sent it who.. when… where from etc. Surely then this is just a way snoop on who is talking to who? This is not going to help in the prevention of predatory attacks, but will provide the government with a great idea of who associates with their biggest critics. As with much of the post 9/11 legislation brought in to combat the threat of terrorism, we are surely being subject to an intrusion of privacy the like we have never seen.

Lord Peter Mandleson, announced this week that he is backing and bringing into force the act which will force your Broadband Supplier to disconnect you if you are caught downloading Illegal Music, Software or Video. I don’t believe that piracy is a practice that should be condoned, however I have never known any other Offence to be committed by a person which would then legally require a company to cease doing business. If the government believe this is an issue worth following up, then it should be dealt with in the courts and through proper channels to allow the accused a right to reply. The manner Lord Mandleson suggests once again flies in the face of our Justice system. But then again, from the government who removed your right to silence, choice of trial by Jury and removal of our equivalent to the double jeopardy rights, this is perhaps small fry.

Molly Malone’s House Band 31st October 2009

The alcove on the right as you enter Molly Mallone’s is often home to a Drummer and Guitarist or two, however, this newly recombined band of seven squeezed in to a space that could be described only as tight. Two Saxophonists, a Keyboard Player, a Drummer, Two Guitarists and a Vocals made little complaint of their meagre surroundings and wowed this Halloween crowd. Treating the sizeable crowd with a range of tunes, of Blues Soul, they helped dispel any feeling of gloom brought about by the ghoulish costumes some of the customers were wearing. I’m fairly sure I heard the whole Commitments sound track this evening and well performed it was too. I look forward to seeing them again soon However next up7th November Shakey Jake...well worth a visit.

The Radcliffe Arms Invites you to join them for fine dining and wine over the Christmas period. Large Groups Catered For, a special evening for your celebrations

The Anchor Under New Management For Godd Food and Music

Come and Join Us for your Christmas party Good Food and Friendly Atmosphere

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Count The Days Sunday 25.10.09 Club 85 Playing a low slung lead guitar and looking every inch the rock star, the vocal of this band is one of the most accomplished we have heard. His voice is clear and true and immediately he draws you to him. This is pop/punk/rock done with class and style. Their tunes are great, boppy and catchy and they really have a good commercial edge. The band are very big on intros and overall they reminded me of bands such as Ash. The guitars mesh together beautifully, but most importantly the whole performance is synchronised, well rehearsed and very professionally put together. Count The Days are young, fresh in their approach and they certainly look the part. I have no doubt they will do very well. I regret I did not get to speak to them at the gig to find out more information for you. They have no My Space yet, so I will be looking out for their next gig and I will let you know. They opened what was one of the best nights I have seen for a while at 85 and they got us off to a kicking start.

Indie and The Vegas Sunday 25.10.09 Club 85 Formerly Solar Drone, we saw this band a few weeks ago, when they were just starting their career together. A much harder, more mature performance from the band tonight. Still the best hard rock band around in my view, but I was almost sad that they had worked off their naivety and before us now were the men, the boys had gone. Anyhoo, although the style has grown, it is still good old fashioned rock, brought bang up to date by Andy on lead guitar and vocal, Matt on bass and Joe an drums. All three have improved their capabilities and now play as though they have been performing together for years. The tunes are so well composed and throughout the set each player gets to shine in his own right, almost every number is peppered with solo opportunities. My only complaint would be that in places the vocal was too low and drowned out by the drums, but the fact is this band are brilliant, they play with verve and enthusiasm. They are writing at the moment, so we should see an album soon. In the meantime, I request they put up a My Space page, so I can hear them more often.

The Ultimate Girly Weekend in Londo.n

The Aztec Hotel and Spa, Bristol

The Aztec have loads of offers on at Sizzling nightlife, fabulous shopping, the moment, here are two of them. state of the art spas and gorgeous, gorgeous people everywhere, London Short Breaks is Sex in the City. From £72.50 per person per night. If you love nightlife, why not enjoy some designer sushi at Roka with the With great spa facilities, free childarlings of the design world before dren’s rooms at weekends and school striking a pose and dancing until holidays and informal dining options. dawn at super-trendy Pacha. Included in the short breaks, You don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy all London has to offer. En suite bathrooms Direct Dial Telephone There's loads of high-quality budget Complimentary Tea and Coffee Tray accommodation available in some Colour TV with Sky Channels very upmarket locations. Whatever Trouser Press you want, there is no reason why a Hair Dryer tight budget should be an issue. Twenty Four Hour Room Service Free Wi Fi Passionate about theatre ? Mad Free Newspaper about musicals ? Come to London – Lots of Options For Breakfast it's your natural habitat. The area around Shaftesbury Avenue is the heart of London's theatre The Aztec Girls Night In district and is close to bookshops, theatrical pubs and restaurants and, £70 per person per night. of course, those star-studded stage doors. The ideal break for over stressed girlies, who just want to spend some Whatever you choose, be prepared to time together. be entertained. They have loads more, simply Google Aztec Hotel and Spa Bristol, to see For more informayion on prices etc, more. go to

Chocolate to worship that's deliciously fantastic! What makes a girl feel fab? High heels, glossy lipstick, a designer handbag and delicious chocolate. This melt in your mouth handmade (in Bath) set of Belgian chocolates perfectly blends every girl's favourite things, so why not treat yourself to this, it is nearly Christmas after all !

It is extremely hard to find proper upmarket crackers - these are hand made in Dorset and full of gifts that you actually want to keep. Boxed in six: 3 green and 3 red. All include a snap, hat, motto, and upmarket present.

For chocolate lovers, for princesses, and for pretty much every girl we know these chocs will go down a treat.

Superior 14" Christmas Crackers (Box of 8): Handbell Choir

65 grammes (net weight) of white Belgian chocolate divided into three chunks, each adorned with a girly 3-D icon. Presented in a gift box with clear lid. Handmade in Bath, England. All chocolate, all edible ! Have a look at all the great chocolate they have on

A box of eight traditional Christmas Crackers with a musical twist! Each cracker contains a different musical handbell. Within the box you will also find a set of numbered badges, a baton and a sheet of music. Nominate a conductor, and watch your party explode into a cacophony of beautiful music!

Inmate 274 Sunday 25.10.09 Club 85

Wow ! With an almighty crash of guitars and drums, they launch into a frenzy of punk/rock and we are immediately blown away ! There are girls screaming at the stage ! We have fabulous drum solos, followed by fabulous guitar solos, from lead. rhythm and bass and truly they are all as accomplished as each other. The crowd are waving and dancing, I haven’t seen this much open enthusiasm for any band on the local scene, other than My Passion. The power of their music is truly amazing. Inmate 274 have everything by the shed load, they are rehearsed to the max and as tight as you like ! They simply never miss a beat. The band played and Tom sang a ballad, something I have not seen at a live local gig for a very long time. It is one of the most difficult things for any band to do, but these guys carried it off like the young pros they are. I was so impressed, but then so was everyone there and there was actually a pretty substantial crowd for this gig. Visually too, they are very different, all the action coming from the guitars, while Tom on vocal, simply stands at the front of the stage and sings. He looks shy and vulnerable, but when the singing gets going you realise this is just his style and a nice change it makes from the usual leaping front men. We have Josh, Michael and Alex on guitars, Lawrence on drums and Tom on vocal. Lawrence, leaps straight into my top ten favourite drummers, but I don’t want to detract from the others, who were equally fabulous. It is most important you see these guys at your earliest opportunity, they are set for a great future. They have a My Space to get more details of their gigs etc.

RECRUITMENT PAGES To Apply for any of The Jobs Below Contact Letchworth Job Centre Quoting The Job Number

3.5 TONNE DRIVER Job No: LEN/38422






£6.50 - £7 PER HOUR


£6.50 PER HOUR

















CLEANER Job No: LEN/39110






£5.80 PER HOUR










Duration Permanent

Date posted 02 November 2009





Date posted

Date posted

03 November 2009

04 November 2009

Closing date 30 November 2009

Closing date 17 November 2009

Pension details No details held

Customer feedback has prompted the makers of BlackBerry phones to launch a smaller handset. The BlackBerry Bold 9700, which goes on sale, is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Bold 9000, but promises all the same features. "The feedback was that it's a phenomenal device but can you make it a bit smaller to fit in your pocket or handbag," said Phil Lander, commercial director of Research in Motion (RIM) which makes BlackBerry. "It's the slimmest, sleekest smart phone from BlackBerry to date." RIM has reduced the length by 5mm and the width by 6mm to create the Bold 9700, which measures 109mm by 60mm. The Bold 9700 is also almost 1mm slimmer than its predecessor and 14g lighter, weighing just 122g.

A touch-sensitive Trackpad replaces the Trackball of the Bold 9000 and the camera is improved from 2MP to 3.2MP. Battery life has also improved, increasing talk time from four hours to up to six and standby time from 10 days to as much as 19 days.

Mr Lander said the Bold 9700 is just as fast as its predecessor and said he believes it will be "the device of choice" for business and personal use, allowing users to check up to 10 email accounts while on the move. Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments can be viewed, edited and sent using the Bold 9700 and users can stay organised using a built-in calendar, memo pad and task list.

A car-cum-scooter "green" concept vehicle has been unveiled in London by car giant Peugeot. Known as the BB1, the electric vehicle can seat up to four adults in a space of just 8.2ft (2.5m). Giving off zero emissions and aimed at urban motorists, the BB1 is easy to park and has a range of 75 miles (120km). It is fitted with two electric motors mounted in the rear wheels and has two lithium-ion battery packs which supply energy to the motors. The passenger compartment ventilation keeps operating in daylight thanks to solar panels on the roof of the vehicle. Peugeot's UK managing director Jon Goodman said: "Peugeot is constantly pooling its expertise and creativity to design particularly innovative and original projects. The BB1 is the brainchild of this successful collaboration. "The BB1 concept pushes back the boundaries, creating an inventive, fun, expressive and stylish vehicle. "This electric vehicle is a logical addition to a vehicle line up that incorporates Peugeot bicycles, scooters, cars and light commercial vehicles. It aims to explore new ground with regards to urban mobility, with the environment close at heart."

A robot powered by a ground-based laser beam climbed a long cable dangling from a helicopter to qualify for prize money in a two million dollars competition to test the potential reality of the science fiction concept of space elevators. The highly technical contest brought teams from Missouri, Alaska and Seattle to Rogers Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert, most familiar to the public as a space shuttle landing site. The contest requires their machines to climb 2,953 feet (nearly 1 kilometre) up a cable slung beneath a helicopter hovering nearly a mile high. LaserMotive's vehicle zipped up to the top in just over four minutes and immediately repeated the feat, qualifying for at least a 900,000 dollars second-place prize. LaserMotive's two principals, Jordin Kare and Thomas Nugent, said they were relieved after two years of work. They said their real goal is to develop a business based on the idea of beaming power, not the futuristic idea of accessing space via an elevator climbing a cable. "We both are pretty sceptical of its near-term prospects," Mr Kare said of an elevator. The day's competition began late after hours of testing the cable system, refuelling the helicopter and waits for specific time windows in which the lasers can be fired without harming satellites passing overhead. The Kansas City Space Pirates went first with a machine that initially balked but eventually began climbing. Its speed was too slow to qualify for any prizes but it got within about 160 feet (48 metres) of the top before the laser had to be shut down for satellite protection. Ben Shelef, CEO of the contestsponsoring Spaceward Foundation, said the Pirates had a minor laser tracking problem but the real problem appeared to be in the mechanical system.

ArcFest The Final Line Up – We Hope ! 3rd Law

9 Yards Up

Angels Standing By

Scar Cuty

Arms and The Man


Burn My Enemies

In Remission

There Were Bears

Sterile Profit

Shakey Jake


Red Dollar

Rogue Radio

The Van Cleef

Gun Crime

Eighteen Hours



The Billy Hunts

The October Game

The Rock Factor

This Empire

Monaco Bears

Agile Beast


New Town Centres

Wooden Casino

Tonight We’re Electric

The Rhythm & Blues Band


Tinker Jack

Andy Neaves

Jihnny Hotwheels/ Stardust Thompson

Rich Sexton

Club 85

Friday November 6th The October Game Stuart O’Conner There Were Bears Bloom

The Venue

Friday 6th November Dry mouth

Club 85

Saturday 7th November

Glen Matlock Chron Gen

Molly Mallones

Saturday 7th November

Shakey Jake

Bar 85

Saturday 7th November

DJ Fee-Line

Club 85

Sunday 8th November

The Mavis Krank

Red Hart

Thursday 12th November

Open Mic Night

Club 85

Friday 13th November

Good Shoes Le Shark

Sir John Barleycorn

Friday 13th November

Live Music Short Measures

Club 85

Saturday 14th November

Ghost In Mirrors Self Inflicted Glass Artery

Sir John Barleycorn

Friday 20th November

Cathy Hart

The Circus came to Town, and I have never been to a Circus, but with two children available to borrow I had the perfect cover to visit what I believed would be some Innocent fun from a bygone era. I was therefore a bit surprised to find half a dozen or so protesters at the site. As I had children who were promised the spectacle we went in regardless, however returned the following day to speak to some of the protestors.

The protestors had certainly made their presence felt, although to my mind they had not been rude or jeering, but a gentle offering of literature outlining their cause was available. Once in side the confines of the Circus Arena, people were muttering about the People outside, and I’m sure several of the security people were less than amused with them. For me whatever you think about any cause, this is the perfect expression of our freedom to speech and well done to the small group of protesters for exercising it. With two excited children, now heavily under the influence of Glucose following my dismal collapse in refusing to purchase Candy Floss, those on the outside were soon forgotten. We saw a range of acts of differing skills and levels of professionalism, but what became clear very quickly was that Without the animals this show would not fly. ( please note this a critique of the show, not a statement of morality) The human acts consisted of an impressive Juggler, who having dropped one baton , continued to juggle with fire, a reasonable Lady foot Juggler with impressive thighs and good enough touch that Mr Capello may want to have a look.

An average balancing act, a desperately poor Clown, and some sort of Mr Bean type Skit that wouldn’t make the cut in a school play, completed the non animal events. Luckily we were spared the agony of seeing them in one sitting as the more impressive and entertaining animal events separated the dirge. I’m no vet , but the animals I saw looked in good condition, and the impressive nature of Horses and Ponies , working in To create a spectacular display made me applaud. From Horses showing great agility and control, to a troop of tiny ponies almost skipping round the ring, those inside the Big Top certainly seemed to enjoy it. Dogs riding horses, is always funny, and two dogs taking it in turn to mount and dismount a horse ids doubly, so. My favourite must have been the impressive Flamenco rider who on a stunning black horse strutted up and down the ring.

At half Time Anne the Elephant was brought out for photographs, and plenty of people took up the offer, the second half started, and more dreary clowns sent the Children we were with into a state of restlessness, so we called it a day and made our way out On leaving the Circus all but two of the protesters had gone home and they were in conversation with Police, so I resolved to return to speak to them another time. On Saturday afternoon I did, though slightly paranoid, possibly due to real perceived threats from The Circus’ Security they were happy to discuss the issues but little hesitant to give any personal details. Eventually some relented, however I’ll err on the side of caution and keep that to myself. Their point, and I believe they are genuine about it, is that no animals should be made to perform, however accepting that they will, they question whether the facilities provided for the animals on a ten month tour are adequate, citing cramped conditions and long journeys. More info can be found at

The Holloways Saturday 24.10.09 Remix

The Holloways are Alfie, Bryn, Ed and Mike and I had forgotten all about these guys until I heard them again. They were successful a few years ago, having moderate chart success with such tunes as Dance Floor, Generator and Two Left Feet. They have that London beat sound going on, similar to Jam in the early days. In places they reminded me of Bare Naked Ladies, sometimes a bit like Blink 102, but much more English. It was a good show, performed by a band who are obviously well used to performing live and getting the crowd enthused, such as it was. To me it all seemed a bit dated and rather than moving on from their previous line up, they maintained the same style of vocal and guitar of previous tunes. It is a good live gig sound, they are a great live band, but they were only OK on the night, I know they are very busy at the moment and perhaps that had something to do with it. I was disappointed , frankly, as I had imagined they would produce something more original. I have never heard them live before this, but I felt they could have produced something more spectacular. They obviously have great experience and talent, but time to move up a notch I feel.

Rebellion of Genarro Saturday 24.10.09 Remix

The last gig for Rebellion of Gennaro, as this line up anyway. One of their members is leaving and they are reforming under a new name, to be announced, or so we hear. I have reviewed this bands music before, their latest CD, although I had never seen them live. I had heard good things about them on the circuit, but was not impressed by their recorded stuff. The quality was poor in all respects. I have to say that I was not impressed with the live performance either. I can see what they are trying to achieve, it is trying to be in the same ball park as Kooks, or Arctic Monkeys, but it’s well short of the mark. Twangy, irritating guitars, disorganised vocals in the harmonies, juvenile writing and composition, nothing original here. It probably will be best for them in the long run to reform and get some new ideas into the mix, because as they are it’s not as good as they promise to be. After a few tunes it seems to be just noise, punctuated by the odd scream. Hopefully, we will see them in their reformed state soon and it will make for a better band and a better review. Sorry guys, but we wish you luck for the future.

In Recognition of Ciara’s instigation as Bar 85’s Resident Saturday Night DJ we have decided to re run our review from issue 7. For those of you who have not yet been fortunate enough to sample DJ Fee-line’s talented set then your opportunity awaits. Every Saturday night in the Downstairs Bar of 85 you’ll be treated to a variety of eclectic tunes masterfully melded into a Seamless evening of musical fun. Wherever you start your Saturday night, make sure you finish it at Bar 85, where the tunes go on ‘til 1 am

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City Kings Saturday 24.10.09 Remix Some more of that good old London beat sound, but this time with loads of joie de vivre, attitude, a smattering of ska and superb musical ability. For my money, the best band of the evening, bar none. They really make you want to get up and do something. The vocal, excellent, with harmonies that actually match, hurrah ! A young band, who clearly love what they are doing and don’t mind sharing it with us. They have a great My Space for you to listen to them, but you must use The City Kings to find them.

A great line up, Joff on guitar and vocals, Keiran, guitar and vocals, Jack on bass and vocal and Danny on drums and vocal. They really do all sing ! and the effect is great. Their tunes are of a genre we have definitely heard before, although I would not compare them to anyone, they have a style and delivery which is all their own. They list The Clash and The Cure amongst their influences and I guess that comes through a little, but I was very impressed to find something different in this band. Look forward to seeing them again soon.

Vaults Saturday 24.10.09 Remix The last time I saw this band, I was not really impressed with their performance, but tonight they impressed me very much. A much fuller, tighter performance from the guys who are, Joey on guitar/vocal, Adam on drums, David on lead and Tom on bass. The are new wave/pop/rock and in places I thought they sounded like Psychedelic Furs, but posher, which is a great compliment in my view. A sterling performance by a nice looking, creative and talented band, who really give it everything they have. The sound bounces along and the crowd are animated by the beat to the point where some are actually attempting to dance ! The songs are easy listening, nothing too harsh, but gripping in their many guitar riff variations and drum beat backings, so that you find your self humming along in the choruses. This is a great indication of the commercial viability of a band, if you remember the tunes after the act is done. The vocal is strong and defined, but maintains a rock quality to give character to the tunes. The gig list on their My Space shows that they are supporting The Holloways on lots of their UK gigs, so it will be a great opportunity for you to see both bands in action. Vaults really made my night, I was not expecting such an improvement, well done to them, long may it continue.

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