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Hitched Spring 2012

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11 Inspiration station 12 Get in my mailbox: invitation info 14 Five ways to use mason jars 15 Etiquette: when to punch your guests 16 Party planning advice from a pro 18 Anatomy of a bouquet: what

2 Spring 2012

22 Best of Etsy: alternative rings

25 Our couple of the season


30 Should you wear glasses on your wedding day?


31 Savour your supper: fail proof food 34 The sweet life of a pastry chef

36 Confessions of a serial bridesmaid 39 Being bridezilla: was it worth it?

62 Match, set: playing matchmaker 63 Wow at your vows


64 Liquid courage: signature drinks

43 Get your dress on: six fabulous frocks 50 Whip it: ideas for hairstyles 54 Pin it: fascinators


58 Sip it: how to taste scotch 60 Getting knotty: a guide to tying ties



67 Song choices for the


68 Budget tear-out 70 Calendar tear-out


72 The honeymoon



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Hey girl,

dy for colour to burst out Are you ready for spring? Rea to refreshing April of the ground, snow to turn mth of the sun on your showers, and to feel the war . am I ws cheeks again? God kno season is watching this ut abo st mo What I love out of the woodwork with brides and grooms emerge e advantage of everything photographers in tow to tak spring has to offer. again, like the couple It is time to frolick and play 25). Hot toddies are (pg e in our real wedding this issu eshment. What will refr l, urfu colo tossed aside for cold, ding? Are you a fan of fruity you serve at your spring wed kick? Find out on pg 64. or bubbly or a drink with a and Hitched decided nge cha Spring is a time for h mason jars (pg 14), to experiment this issue wit e a risk too. Be fearless: songs (pg 67). Guys can tak nt knots all by yourself (pg learn how to tie four differe 60). most about spring Think about what inspires you r wedding. you into it ting ora and consider incorp lls. sme textures, Flowers, colours, patterns, creativity. So r you rk spa Remember: we’re here to

Nina Cherry, Editor-in-Chief

4 Spring 2012

Welcome to Hitched

skinnygrande w a k e

u p

t o

i t



in our team’s wedding emergency kits? Lindsey Ward, Managing Editor

* Rosebud strawberry lip balm so my lips will taste great during the kiss. * A needle with white, black, and beige thread. * Tide-to-go stick. * Cinnamon gum for passion (and bad breath). * Bobby pins. * Antihistamines: it will be a miracle if I am not allergic to something at my wedding. * Tampons should the worst possible scenario occur. * Tequila to be consumed if I need to use tampons.

* Whiskey, along with a sweet, * Lip gloss that’s not too sticky. * Cupcake band aids. * Black and white thread, and a needle. * Perfume: Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. * Mini-mirror: I’ll be obsessing over my makeup all day. * A paper bag for the inevitable hyperventilating. * My vows and a pen. I’ll be editing all day.

Photos by Nina Cherry and Emily MacKinnon

6 Spring 2012

Nina Cherry, Editor-in-Chief

Emily MacKinnon, Photo Director

Mallory Comeau, Copy Editor

Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, Art Director

* Bobby pins. A lot of them. They will be needed. * Mini can of hairspray for the

* Tide-to-go, you know, for the inevitable pre-snacking spills. * Lipstick. * My own camera. I want to be able to capture moments from my point of view.

* Scotch: Lagavulin 16 yr. if at all

Photos by Nina Cherry and Emily MacKinnon

* Clear nail polish to stop runs polish. I’m legitimately addicted to the silky smoothness. * Safety pins just in case. * Too Faced pressed powder foundation for the last-minute touch-up.

* Vintage clutch. dance party. * The Beat Burberry perfume. * Trident gum to stay fresh. * Hairspray.

* Coffee (not necessarily to be had with the scotch). * Big woolly socks for any cold feet! * Yup, more tissues. * On that note, Dior’s waterproof Iconic mascara. ceremony would be ideal. * A good friend to tell me to chill. Spring 2012


Hitched Editor-in-Chief Nina Cherry Managing Editor Lindsey Ward Art Director Leilani Graham-Laidlaw Photo Editor Emily MacKinnon Copy Editor Mallory Comeau Contributors Nina Cherry Lindsey Ward Leilani Graham-Laidlaw Emily MacKinnon Mallory Comeau Connor Simpson Adam Scotti Special thanks to Elaine Acker at Winchester’s Bridal Salon, Bianca Boudreau, Kim Bursey Chiasson, Marie Foote, Joanna Goddard of, Amanda Gurney, Kirsten Hansen, Corey Hendrickson, Liam Hennessey at Applehead Studio, Lisa Lefkowitz, Morgan MacDonald, Alex Maus, Tim McNabb, Sebrina Parker Schultz, Karen Spurr, Emilie Squires, Gordon Tarpley, Michael Travis of, Gier Simensen at Scanway, the staff of the Loose Cannon, Jamie Mullett at the Delta Barrington, Kick Ass Shoes. Etsy shops: Sebrina of Mismikado, Julie of Wexford Jewelers, Tom of Deaf Cat Studios, Gregory of Gregory Hall Jewelry, Madelynn of One Garnet Girl, Demi of Street Bauble, Petra of Beautiful Petra, Dawanna of Peaces of Indigo, Doron of Doron Merav, Mirela of Studio Wed by Mirela, Bobbi of Poppy and Pearl Co., Treasure Again.

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8 Spring 2012


Inspiration Station By Nina Cherry

You’re engaged, and you’ve never been happier. As you sit there glowing, you’re suddenly reminded of what’s to come: the wedding. Dresses, venues, colours, themes, and everything else. Step one: don’t panic. Step two: open your eyes. There is inspiration for your wedding all around. Take a peek at some of the things that inspired us in this issue of Hitched. Bracelet, Sweet Pea Boutique, $34.00

Photos by Nina Cherry

Mannequin at Sweet Pea Boutique

Muti pillow turqoise, Attica, $32.95

Window decor, Sweet Pea Boutique

Dutch zinc crates, The Hen House, $92.50

Painting, The Hen House, $45.00 Spring 2012



Get in my mailbox

Have fun with your wedding invitations By Mallory Comeau



to the theme of your wedding

12 Spring 2012









Gordon Tarpley Photography

Ways to use mason jars in your wedding By Nina Cherry


Poppy & Pearl Co.

1. Centrepieces: Fill your mason jars with water and

2. Drinks: No need to worry about spills with these mason jar tumblers from Poppy and Pearl Co. F i l l t h e m w i t h h o m e made lemonade and decorate them according to your colour palette.


Treasure Again

3. Having a night time ceremony outdoors? Light the venue with this mason jar chandelier from Treasure Again and feel your heart melt under its romantic glow. 4. Forget lining the aisle with doilies. Grab your grandma’s


Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

wedding favours? Try homemade bubbles in a mason jar. Use skeleton keys for the wand and let your guests embrace their inner child.


14 Spring 2012

Corey Hendrickson Photography

ribbon to chairs or string with wire along pews or benches.

When to punch out your wedding guests By Leilani Graham-Laidlaw


Photo by Leilani Graham-Laidlaw

arning: while this applies best to those who have some experience punching things (in this case, a brown belt in taekwondo) it’s more about just spices things up. It’s not something I’d normally recommend as classy behaviour, and it’s not necessarily what Emily Post would have you do. But there are certain instances in which a bride needs to know when to stand up for herself. Never in public; just in the privacy of the bathroom in which the offending party has taken refuge. The question is this: how does one respond to a toast that feels more like a roast? This particular bride had a picture-perfect summer wedding. Most guests had no idea what was going on in the background. There was one tactless tirade brought on by too much alcohol,

but that was all. The offending friend had a warped sense of which embarrassing anecdotes dear Aunt Ethel and the in-laws were going to be amused by. Few were amused.

Spoiler! the offending party was not the groom. Least of all the bride. After a seemly amount of time (once the awkward had washed away), the bride marched into the bathroom where the offender had been him that his behaviour had not

been appropriate. Her face, and the punch that followed, told that story. While talking it out might have been more ladylike, you can’t help but admire her guts. Punching the guy out, although a little physical, was still better than breaking down and yelling in front of the entire reception hall. Continuing gracefully with the general merrymaking is much classier than causing a scene. Your wedding should not be dominated by your own bad behaviour. Nor should any guests’ drama be drawn out by

your conduct. The whole day is about you loving the person next to you. If your bruised ego is worth more than all that, don’t bother with the gown and the ceremony. Having it out then and there at your wedding like a drunk Paris Hilton is not ladylike. Having it out in private with a good swift punch and then continuing the aforementioned merrymaking? That’s simply kick-ass, for lack of a more awesome phrase.

15 Spring 2012


Planning your reception By Mallory Comeau

Karen Spurr has been planning wedding receptions for 11 years.

16 Spring 2012

Photo by Karen Spurr

She knows all about the stress brides can go through when they take on all the responsibilities of planning their wedding. She’s shared three of her most important tips to help you plan the perfect reception.

Don’t exhaust yourself. You still have to walk down the aisle: DIY brides take on a lot of responsibility when it comes to planning their wedding receptions. The most important thing to remember is time management. If you’re opting for an indoor reception

when you can get into the space room three times in a day, they will. That means you might only have two hours before you say ‘I do’ to set up the reception. “You don’t want to arrive at your wedding ceremony exhausted,” says Spurr. “The hotel industry is all about getting as many event bookings as possible, in as short a time frame as possible.”

Photos by Karen Spurr

The Fix? Try and book a private club if possible. They tend to be much more lenient when it comes to lead time before the wedding for you to set up. This will get rid of the stress of having to set up in between hair and make-up. If you are dealing with a reception in a hotel, make sure events taking place on the same day, and if so the exact times that you can begin to set up or, the time in which you have to disassemble your decor.

Communication is key. Always be prepared for the worst: When brides are

dealing with all kinds of different vendors, certain details can get lost in translation. Even up to 24 hours before the wedding, things can change; especially when it comes to guests. There are always those few distant family members who forget to RSVP, but walk into the reception expecting a meal anyway. “There’s nothing worse than having people just arrive and they see they obviously haven’t been factored into the head count,” says Spurr.

The Fix? Make sure you’re prepared and thinking ahead when it comes to what you might need as ‘extras’. Think of it as your in-law survival kit. Spurr always arrives at events with enough to set up at least one extra table. She suggests extra chairs, centrepieces and tablecloths in particular. Remember spills, too. With bottles of wine everywhere one or two glasses may topple over. Tide-to-Go is a lifesaver for spot cleaning.

Choose your decor carefully. Your opinion can always change:

When you’re picking out centrepieces and decor for your reception, make sure you look at it in all possible levels of store to pick out centrepieces they might look bright and cheery in the well-lit room, but if your reception hall is going to have dim light, bright yellow


Another tip: don’t break the bank. Glass candle holders from a dollar store can work just as well and can easily be dressed up to match the rest of your decor. As for the candles themselves, tealights might be cheaper but you’ll have to buy twice as many to last the entire night. Instead opt for tall candles, you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

“Brides don’t understand that if they choose something in daylight and it looks beautiful to their eye then,” it might not look as good in other lights, says Karen. “It doesn’t even occur to them that they want to make sure that they like those elements just as much when they see them photographed in the varying light levels.”

The Fix? Make sure you see what your entire decor will look like in the lighting for the reception. Karen also advises to not make any rash decisions. Whether you’re buying or making your own decor, take your time. Work on it and step back. Sometimes what you like can change from day to day. Karen Spurr owns her own company in Halifax, N.S. called Grand Beginnings Decor. She plans weddings, private and corporate functions and Christmas parties. Spring 2012



Anatomy of a bouquet Floral inspirations and meanings By Emily MacKinnon

Photos by Lindsey Ward

18 Spring 2012

Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath, roses by Lindsey Ward, daisies and daffodils by Emily MacKinnon, calla lilies and orchids by Alex Maus (with permission)

Meaning: The delicate white clusters symbolize purity, innocence and everlasting love. Use: bouquets, or on their own in also make great bridesmaids bouquets. Fragrance: None. Available: Cost: Very inexpensive. Around $1 per stalk.


Meaning: These bright spring new beginnings. (Make sure you use a bunch: single daffodils are said to foretell misfortune.) Use: Daffodil bouquets add a pop of colour, but don’t go nuts. Fragrance: None. Available: Early spring. Cost: Moderately expensive (in

Calla lilies

Meaning: White lilies mean chastity, virtue, wealth and prosperity. They’re also said to bring peace and harmony. Use: Since they’re so unique, Fragrance: Available: Summer, but easily Cost: A bit more expensive.


Meaning: Love, affection, and enduring passion. They are come in dozens of colours. Use: Rose bouquets can be a bit much, so use them as accents in bigger bouquets. Fragrance: Depends on the some will clear your sinuses. Available: Cost:


Meaning: A symbol of childhood innocence; simplicity and modesty. All good things. Use: a whimsical feel to any wed ding. Add them to colourful bouquets to balance them out. Fragrance: None. Available: Cost: per stalk.


Meaning: Pure affection, charm and beauty. They can also represent luxury, wealth and strength. Use: Beautiful in cascading bouquets. Orchids stand alone. Fragrance: None. Available: Cost: An arm, a leg, and your $10 per stalk. Spring 2012



the longest lasting lipstick . ever .



Best of Etsy:

Alternative Rocks By Leilani Graham-Laidlaw

They may be veering into cocktail-ring territory, but these beautiful pink sapphire, green peridot or yellow citrine stones make great alternative rings. From Deaf Cat Studios, $119.87, $180.82 and $147.30 each. This biobased design mimics a cell membrane. From Doron Merav, $233.64

Here are two different takes on bands from Peaces of Indigo with rubies and sapphires. If those are your partner’s birthstones, you’re in luck. $649.13 and $261.07 each.

22 Spring 2012

Paint it black—why not? This black diamond on a gold band is an elegant twist on a classic ring. From Gregory Hall Jewelry, $386.02

Chic and cheap, this gold “oui” ring is way below most budgets. From Street Bauble, $45.71

OK, so it’s a bit of a splurge, but you’ve gotta love the beauty of this over-the-top rose, made of diamonds and white gold. From Beautiful Petra, $4,571.31

One Garnet Girl has two clever takes on wedding bands for two different price ranges. Stacked bands, above: $1,082.13, Rock fetish band, right: $91.43 Spring 2012




& Justin Take a peek inside their personalized wedding By Nina Cherry


The proposal Holding Justin’s hand, all Meaghan could think was, “Why is he wearing so much clothing?” The couple were at Meaghan’s parents’ cottage for the long weekend in May 2010. It was gorgeous and sunny. Sitting on the dock in a bathing suit, Meaghan was surprised when Justin joined her in a crisp button down shirt and linen pants. Her suspicions grew as Justin began to profess his love. This is so weird. Why is he being so nice? Is he going to propose? Oh my God, he’s going to propose. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

The wedding


The Facts

Venue: Pier 21, Halifax, N.S. Cocktails in Welcome Pavilion, dinner & reception in the Kenneth Rowe Heritage Hall Dress: Maggie Sottero “Hunter” from Tatum’s Bridal, Windsor, N.S. Suit: Hugo Boss, purchased in Las Vegas Flowers: Iris Flowers, Halifax, N.S. Cake: CityGirl Cakes, Dartmouth, N.S. Caterer: RCR Hospitality, Halifax, N.S. Photographer: Liam Hennessy, Applehead Studio, Halifax, N.S. Number of guests: 192 Bridal party: 12 (plus Meaghan and Justin) Wedding invitations: Duly Noted, Halifax, N.S. Wedding planner: Michelle Bohaychuk at Events by Design, Halifax, N.S. Decorator: Susan Carrigan at Simple Touch, Halifax, N.S. Total cost: $25,000 “We had help from family, saved some, borrowed some, and bargain shopped like mo’fos.”

26 Spring 2012

After a year of planning Meaghan, 29, and Justin, 28, were hitched on a sunshine Andrew’s Church in Dartmouth, N.S. The bridal party then hopped into a sleek black limo bus, popped champagne and toasted the newlyweds on the drive to Pier 21. An incredibly dedicated Montréal Canadiens fan, Justin gave each groomsmen red Canadiens jerseys, while Meaghan joined in the fun by purchasing a Habs garter from Etsy. Now that is love. Hints of red showed up again in T-shirt ment, a special favourite of Meaghan’s dad, Robert. Other personal touches included a seating plan designed by Meaghan and created by her father (president of Mattatall Signs Limited) and wedding programs which Meaghan also made. Instead of wedding favours, Meaghan and Justin made a donation to the palliative centre at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax, where Meaghan’s grandmother was a patient. Spring 2012

All photos courtesy Liam Hennessy, Applehead Studio


Gold Lion

Dandelion is a rich source of vitamins a, B complex, C, and D, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc. Dandelion roots & leaves were used to treat liver problems, kidney disease, swelling, skin problems, heartburn, and stomach upset, digestive disorders, appendicitis, fever, eye problems, diabetes, and diarrhea. But all we care about is that it makes you look and feel fantastic.

Gold Lion Gold Lion Photos: brandon christoPher warren & Mubina h


Eye do? By Leilani Graham-Laidlaw




ith apologies to Dorothy Parker, boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses. Sometimes they even marry them. But do you want to be wearing glasses in your wedding photos, forever and ever? Little girl dreams of walking down the aisle tend

girls? Unfortunately the answer’s in Ms. Parker’s

No matter how hard you rock your specs now, kids are

silly old paradigms about women being all about their bodies, while not being allowed to have bodily

assured tween, you’re going to grow up with some glasses related image issues. glasses. To be fair, they were horrid. They were light purple and made of what felt like the heaviest plastic around and found a decent pair. My father and I have the and I kind of love them. But do I love them enough to wear them on my wedding day? Maybe not. Coming across one rare photo of a bride wearing glasses on the vast Internet made me realize how

sans frames. It’s hard to reconcile the image of ourselves in our everyday glasses with the perfect self we see walking down the aisle. It’s not quite the same for guys. There are plenty of photos of grooms with chic eyewear. Writer Joanna Goddard, of the blog a Cup of Jo, remembered being exactly a shrinking violet in the awesome eye wear department. Her husband Alex wore his usual frames, If guys can wear glasses and look adorable, why can’t

30 Spring 2012

feminine, or any of the other ideals we females tend to

There’s no better showcase for all of these old fantasies about ideal womanhood than a wedding. We may not hang out sheets to prove the bride’s virginity anymore, but many traditions still involve the father giving away his daughter, or some variation on the theme. Brides are still supposed to be blushing. Somehow, wearing glasses challenges those notions. It says you can still be pretty, and I am a big fan of anything pretty, but you’d be adding a layer onto the image that screams smart, sexy, and wholly yourself. marrying is going after the everyday, bespectacled you, she’s kind of bland. You and your glasses are much more interesting.

Makeup tips for gals in glasses


EAT ME Executive chef Jamie Mullett, of the Delta Barrington in Halifax, NS shares his three fool-proof wedding dishes Photos and words by Nina Cherry


It is easily recognizable and people like what they are comfortable with. This dish is light, summery, and fresh.

Pesto crusted Atlantic salmon served over buttermilk mashed potatoes next to carrots, asparagus, baby Served with an herb sour cream and garnished with beet shoots. Spring 2012


* perfect. It also works because it is everything is better with bacon.

oka and pancetta. Served with buttermilk mashed potatoes, carrots, tomatoes. Topped with a mustard


32 Spring 2012


With weddings it is best to keep it simple, stupid. Meat and potatoes are fool proof. Choose a stiploin or tenderloin for maximum tenderness and serve it medium. This dish will please the masses.

Grilled beef striploin served and buttermilk mashed potatoes, choy, and cherry tomatoes. Garnished with beet shoots. Spring 2012



The sweet life G

Welcome to Geir Simensen’s kitchen By Lindsey Ward

eir Simensen, a pastry chef at Scanway Catering in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has mastered the art of architecture: he builds cakes to survive even the most outrageous situations.

storefront makes the job even more daunting. Shouts

Simensen needs to be able to create any kind of cake for any kind of event, completely from scratch. Every cake needs to reach his own personal standard: “It has to

Wedding cakes are usually the most trying, mostly because of unreasonable expectations.Simensen has had several ladies come through his doors yeilding magazine

lot of time, a dash of artistic skill and a generous helping of focus. Simensen remembers one particularly elaborate cake he created for a Lebanese wedding that included

the picture she brought in. After hearing that number, she promptly lost her mind. Simensen found the magazine she used later that day; the original listed price

and had to be placed on the cake using nothing but static electricity. It took more than 80 hours to create and assemble. It measured well over 1.5 metres, and the bride and groom literally sliced through it with a sword. Standard reached. Simensen started baking when he was just 13. His mother owned Scanway and he helped her out in the kitchen after school and on weekends. If it sounds wholesome, it wasn’t. Not entirely, anyway: “that was my

scurrying back to the kitchen.

Sometimes, Simensen is vicariously part of wedding

made of Styrofoam. When the groomsmen presented


cake has to be swordworthy”

groom broke the silence with laughter, the room heaved brought out a few minutes later, and the guests marvelled at how realistic the fake cake had looked before it ended

both Scanway Catering and Saege Bistro. The bakery and ingredients and excelling at presentation and service. Over the past three years, Simensen has noticed his customers have developped a more pronounced appreciation for the art of pastry. People aren’t just asking for grand wedding cakes any more. They want themed desserts and sweets like the ones on TLC’s Cake Boss. Some want relatively simple cupcake tiers, but

Simensen is currently preparing his bakery for the usual summer surge of business, but until then he’s happy to watch customers admire his elaborate cakes and Florentine cookies.

can be frustrating, but Simensen says he doesn’t blame them. “It’s hard not to be excited about cakes when you

chefs, it’s no small feat to pump out 10 cakes beautifully and on time. Sometimes, the drama of family feuds in Scanway’s

34 Spring 2012

Photo by Scanway Catering

and even crazier deadlines. During the summer months, Scanway bakes, decorates and sends out about 10

Photo by Lindsey Ward Spring 2012



Confessions of a bridesmaid The stories Hollywood won’t tell you By Mallory Comeau


atherine Heigl showed us the true meaning of ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride’ in the romantic comedy, 27 Dresses, where she played a woman who had been a bridesmaid

raised me and as the oldest female grandchild, I’ve been With that comes many, many weddings and the honour

Newfoundland, notoriously known for raising people family and large group of friends, attending weddings has

She has also experienced nearly every aspect of the wedding process, not only as a bridesmaid, but maid of

Stay away from roasting anyone in your speech and dress you’re wearing reminds you of what you see in a party, stay away from imitations like The Hangover. Wait, didn’t we learn that from the movie anyway?

The Speech In one particular wedding the best man took the liberty

The Party The Hangover and Bridesmaids give us an ex treme glimpse into what is commonly known as a bride

Above: Marie as a bridesmaid (far right) at her friend’s wedding with two other bridesmaids (L-R; Heather Maclean, Leslie Cheesman and Marie)

thrown some parties that, for lack of a better word, “ap

cucumbers into penis’ and then using them for garnish

however, totally up for watching our friend squirm as a impressed that the bride once drank herself to the emergency room or made out with that ‘guy’ whose name

36 Spring 2012

Photo courtesy of Marie Foote

Her take on strippers? “Let’s be honest, as women, we aren’t overly excited

The Dress

demands of the bride. And she’s had to endure some weird requests.

her face for the photos. She still has all of them, but has never worn a second time. The worst one she says can be best described as “poop brown” in colour. Not ideal, but Marie admits it matched the bride’s décor so, like so many times before, she wore it anyway. She says in her early bridesmaid days, she wasn’t

bridesmaid’s would go into the tanning booth according to how she wanted her pictures to turn out. She also made sure their manicures and pedicures were identical. When it came to the dresses, the bride kindly picked up the bill but felt it appropriate to comment on the weight loss and gain of each woman. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a woman more than a bridesmaid’s dress. “They’re all awful, no matter they how they try to sell you on them. They always say you can wear them again, but you just won’t.” Marie feels lucky though. She hasn’t attended any crazy themed weddings and the majority of her dresses have been bearable enough for her to keep a smile on

“I was that terrible person that would go to the bridal store and had a totally bad attitude with my girlfriend and every dress that she picked out. I was like ‘Oh no this is shit, this is awful’.” It wasn’t until a close friend expressed her disappointment in Marie’s attitude that she realized she had acted like the bridesmaid she hoped she would never be. It hasn’t happened since. As old hat as the wedding routine may be, Marie still enjoys taking part in the big day. “It’s quite an honour just to be invited to weddings, but it’s an even bigger honour when they want you to be part of that day.”

Photo courtesy of Marie Foote

After taking part in nine weddings Marie has accepted that when given the position of a bridesmaid, you also

Above: Marie at her own wedding (far left) with her large bridal party (L-R; Marie, Leslie Cheeseman, Annette Walsh, Wendy Foote, Pam Cooper, Sherry Hull, Erin Foote & Carolyn McCormack) Spring 2012




BRIDEZILLA Photo by Emily MacKinnon

One bride shares her tale of being a stomping, ranting, raging, impossible-to-please princess By Emily MacKinnon Spring 2012



t’s my wedding and I’m going to get what I fucking want.” The year is 2011, the month is July and the bride is

“I can fully admit I was a bridezilla. Absolutely. But it was my wedding!”

candles. She got sparkly silver. Heads are about to roll. “It’s not what I fucking ordered and it’s not what I fucking want,” she raged. “Silver doesn’t match anything. Do you see silver anywhere in this wedding? No. Didn’t think so. Find me white candles. Use tea lights or

“I can fully admit I was a bridezilla,” Rachel said. “Absolutely. But it was my wedding! Of course I was

to me.” England. She wed her high school boyfriend, Mitchell Scotia. Mitchell had no idea his pretty blonde bride had

You’ve heard of them; they even have their own reality show: bridezillas. Turns out that demanding, stories from the front line,” he said. “It sounded bloody.” the mark. Sometimes, the stress of getting hitched

become, well, completely insane. Urban Dictionary describes the bridezilla as “one ridiculous spoiled bitch that thinks she’s the centre of the universe. Everyone else in the world has to drop mind.” While Rachel doesn’t necessarily agree with the “spoiled bitch” part, she concedes weddings can make brides a little crazy.

40 Spring 2012

he would rather redo boot camp than deal with a de manding Rachel on her wedding day. “I’m glad I just got to see the pretty, happy side of her that day.” Rachel called one of her bridesmaids fat. She threw her shoe at a wall. She cried over candles. “It just completely consumes you,” she said. “I could sort of see myself and thought, ‘gee, I really am being a cow,’ but I just couldn’t stop. By the time I calmed down about one thing, something else ‘catastrophic’ happened.”


3 1 Like getting silver candles instead of white ones. Talk about an emergency! Bridesmaid Vanessa Arsenault was sent to the nearest DollarStore to pick up seven bags of plain white tea lights one hour before the ceremony. When she asked what in the hell for, she was simply told “Rachel wants them,” and she asked no further questions. “I understood it was her wedding day, but I’ve never seen

crossed her mind. “Looking back on it now, obviously I feel silly,” she said. “But at the time, no one had steamed

links, and actually thanked someone for handing her the bouquet. “It just seemed like everything had been leading

The day after her wedding, Rachel felt like sending apology cards to her bridesmaids instead of thank you notes. “I felt like such a cow, but thankfully I have amazing friends and they easily forgave me,” she said. “Honestly, I can’t even remember half the shit I made a stink about, but I’m sure it was all pointless and silly.” Rachel’s mum, Janice, said her daughter didn’t get the bridezilla streak from her. “I think it was just a stressful day for her and she wanted it to be absolutely perfect,”

was just calm,” Rachel said. “It was the eye of the storm,” said Vanessa.

to slap some sense into her.” So, was being the demanding, stomping, raging,

the bride too much, and the priest announced Mr. and

“100 per cent,” Rachel said with a laugh. “I hurt some feelings, but ultimately, I got the wedding I wanted and no one was permanently damaged.” Not every girl could be the troll bride Rachel was and still have friends

When it came time to physically walk down the aisle, Rachel was every part the blushing bride. She cooed over

Fast forward two hours and Rachel’s furious. Again. How, how, did someone forget to steam her reception dress? “You all must want me to look awful,” she stormed at her bridal party. Eyes were rolled, but the dress was eventually donned. “You couldn’t even tell,” Vanessa said. “It was a kind of crinkly material anyway. It probably would’ve looked weird steamed.” Rachel said that thought never even

it through the wedding mill. “Yeah, she was a total bitch, but that just means I’ll have leverage on my wedding day,” Vanessa said. “She’ll

Opposite page: Rachel with her bridesmaids (L-R) Gould and Vanessa Arsenault. This page (clockwise from left): 1. Rachel in full Bridezilla form Mitchell. 2. A bridesmaid’s job is to make the bride look good: Rachel’s dress from touching dirt. big day and seal it with a kiss.

my big day.” Spring 2012



Get your dress on

Sashay, swish and swoon in these six dresses from Winchesters Bridal Salon, in Halifax, N.S. Photos and words by Nina Cherry Spring 2012


44 Spring 2012

Stand out in a crowd

On this page: Dress: Signature by Justin Alexander, ivory silk, $2,067 Fascinator: Bridal Classic, $80 On previous page: Justin Alexander, white lace, $ 1,422 Spring 2012


Somewhere in Wonderland, Alice is very jealous 46 Spring 2012

On this page: Alfred Angelo , $500 Opposite page: Private Label, ivory lace, $1,630

Glitter and glow in rhinestones and lace Spring 2012


48 Spring 2012

Treating yourself in tulle

Giggles and gowns: a girl’s best friend New on this page: Dress (far right): Maggie Sottero “Bethani” - $1,382. Veil (far right): Jade Daniels, $125. Opposite page: Moira Lee, $1848. Headband Jade Daniels, $165 Spring 2012



TAME YOUR MANE Four styles for your wedding

Photos, words and hairstyling by Mallory Comeau

Twist bun This low twist bun works really well with open back dresses. It’s high enough that your hair will be out of back of your dress. To add some height, tease the top part of your hair.

50 Spring 2012

Sleek and pulled back Great for a bride wearing a strapless gown. It will really jewellery. This style is ideal for brides who don’t want to Spring 2012


Casual chic bride who doesn’t want to commit time to styling. The pop of color from headbands or other hair clips is also a great way to make up for less jewellery.

52 Spring 2012

Braided up-do Braids on braids on braids... Whether it’s a single, double, french or waterfall, braids are the perfect combination lengthy locks. It’s an easy way to control your tresses for the ceremony and reception. Spring 2012




Fascinators: what they are and how to wear them By Lindsey Ward

You have the dress, the makeup, the shoes, something new and something blue. Now you need a showstopper: a fascinator. Fascinators are a delicate headpiece and the happy medium between a hat and a veil. They’re usually worn to the side of the head and over the brow. Some are attached with a clip while is pinned into your hair. Your fascinator can be as simple as white feathers with a small sheet of lace draped over your eye, or as complex as loops of ribbon tied around fresh roses and braided into your hair.

You can easily buy these at local boutiques or online on Or you can always do it yourself. Other fascinators can be made to order from local be made of everything from won’t last forever, but can make a big impact when you walk down the aisle. When the day is over and save your fascinator. Press the petals between the pages of a book and tuck the feathers and headband away.

Photo by StudioWedbyMirela

54 Spring 2012

Most fascinators are made to

How to wear it 1

Placement: Wear the fascinator over to the side of your head, just above your brow and pressed back against your hair. If there is lace or mesh, move the fascinator further over your brow to let the fabric drape.


Less is more: For a classic look play with colours like black, white and cream. If you decide to go with colour, be subtle. Pair blue feathers with a mesh frame over the eye. Or use white lace with silk roses tucked into your loose hair.


Fascinators work with long and short hair. For super short locks you may have to use a clip or headband rather than a comb. For long hair, backbrush ing may be necessary depending on your styling.


Photo by Louphotography

Practice! Before the wedding wear the fascinator. How does it look? Is the styling right? Walk around, have lunch and dance your heart out. If it stays in place you have a winner. If you feel the comb or clip start to come loose you may need to rethink your hairstyle. For extra hold, add a little more spray and a few pins to help keep it in place. Spring 2012




Photo by Nina Cherry

Guy friendly tricks of the trade



Sip it

Scotch tasting By Lindsey Ward & Leilani Graham-Laidlaw

Hitched your

Braveheart Photo by Lindsey Ward

58 Spring 2012


How to taste scotch:

Photo by Leliani Graham-Laidlaw

1. Check colour. Colour can be an indication of age. It can also indicate that the company has added a caramel dye. 2. Swirl to release the aroma & check the ‘legs’ — how the scotch drips down the side of the glass also indicates age. 3. Cover the glass with your hand to trap the aroma. 4. Nose it (sniff it). 5. Sip it slowly. Enjoy. Spring 2012




Asymmetrical knot, simplest to tie. 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Getting knotty By Emily MacKinnon

The Full Windsor knot: Wide triangular knot, and a complicated S.O.B.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

60 Spring 2012

Diagrams courtesy of Michael Travis,


“Inside out” look. (Narrow end faces up, which can look messy if you don’t hide it).

The Pratt knot:

1. Start with the wide end on your right, the inside should be facing up. Cross the narrow end over the 2. Bring the wide end up toward your chin and down through the loop, pull it to the left. 3. 4. Bring the wide end back over the narrow end and up toward your chin. 5. Pass the wide end straight down through the loop. 6.

It’s your wedding day and you’ve got a bit of a dilemma: your dad tied your one and only tie two years ago and you slip it over your head when you wear it instead of retying it.

The Bowtie: Ok, deep breath. Bowties. You can do it. (Head’s Up: the longer the tie, the larger the bow. Adjust accordingly.) 1. Start with the long end of the bowtie on your right. Cross the long end over the short end. 2. Bring the long end up underneath the short end 3. Fold the short end in horizontally. 4. Bring the long end straight back down over the short end. 5. Fold the long end horizontally. 6. Pass the folded long end through the loop at the back of the short end. 7. Spring 2012




Introducing your best man to her best friend By Connor Simpson

they end up dancing in the bushes after the reception: 1. There is, of course, the standard introduction while the two wedding parties are meeting before the nuptials. Butter her up before hand: obviously he’s handsome, but tell her how successful he is, how charming he is. Make him seem interesting. She’s falling in love with his adventurous side already. 2. At the reception, if they’ve managed to avoid each other this long, the drink and dash always works.

the bridesmaid’s table. Be up front. You think they’d get along marvellously. They’d have beautiful babies and your kids could play baseball together. Lay it on thick. Stay just long enough to be polite, then scram. 3. Get them to run an errand for you. “John, can you grab Steph and get the boxes upstairs in the guest room for me?” Two bodies are more productive. See, you’re But it put them together for a small amount of time. The further they have to go, the more time alone they have together. If their destination was a bedroom, well, you didn’t need those boxes anyway.

Let’s get this out of the way now:

Besides the bride and groom, there’s 50 to 100 other people at any given wedding that are just as important. The wedding party in particular. Loyal friends and family members have dealt with your crap all week, so

little disheveled, a little dangerous. You’re the golden boy, all your knots tied. He has to look like James Dean in a tux. Loosen his tie before you take him into the jungle.

wife’s best friend, so of course she’s a knock out. You know from talking to his last girlfriend that he’s hung like Jon Hamm and a lover like Antonio Banderas.

Your best man is likely your best friend, and now

collection of other women’s underwear in his apartment. She’s got bad luck. What matters is they’re both single now. There’s love in the air and they’ve had six drinks each. You can make this happen.

62 Spring 2012

get lost after “going out for a smoke” turns into fooling around in the bushes. Your wife and her girlfriends will be pleased that think they’re the Pink Ladies, but they each think they’re with a great girl. Everyone wins. And you get all the credit. Brownie points will come in handy in your new household. Start saving now.

Photo by Nina Cherry

Making both happy can be impossible. On your wedding night there’s one way you can win both wars: introduce your best man to your wife’s perpetually single best friend. She just broke up with her long distance boyfriend.


Tips to help you say ‘I do’ By Mallory Comeau

Let’s be honest. The past year has been a whirlwind of grandmothers garden to shame. But after all the planning on deck. It’s time to write your vows. Don’t worry, we know you slept through your creative writing class in university, so we’ve got some ideas to help you get inspired. Cut the cheese She’s already agreed to marry you because she loves who you are. Your vows aren’t the time to try and swoon As hard as it might be for you to open up, this is your wedding. Take the plunge. Keep it light you met or maybe how you felt when you knew you we’re going to propose. Your vows shouldn’t be a depressing

not a sensitive guy as long as what you’re saying comes from the heart. Focus on the bride Women love to be treated like they’re the only one in the entire room. Think about that when you’re writing your vows. Don’t try to impress your guests with all your charm and wit. The day is about you and her. Write them as if she is the only one there.

A GUY’S P.O.V. married for 7 1/2 years. We think he must have said something right. Here’s his advice to grooms having a hard time trying “The best thing a groom can do when writing vows is to stick to the traditional but update the language. The word “obey” doesn’t go over to well today so talking about respecting, including, being there for each other,

Photos by Mallory Comeau

opportunity to tell your new wife why it is you are marrying her. If it’s for the money or just her boobs, then lie.”


The earliest evidence of marriage vows can be traced back to 1549 from the Book of Common Prayer. In many traditional vows at this time the groom would agree to ‘love, cherish and worship’, while the bride would agree to ‘love, cherish and obey’. It wasn’t until the late 1900’s that the ‘obey’ was dropped, and since then ‘love, honour, and cherish’ has replaced many traditional vows. Spring 2012


Liquid courage Photos and words by Emily MacKinnon

Champagne Punch

64 Spring 2012


Signature drinks are the perfect opportunity to be creative and express personality at your wedding. These are some of our favourite recipes; try them out and make them your own.

The Riviera

The Schmuckcake

The Gemstone

Sweet and fruity with a kick.

A bag of bricks in a glass.

Sweet twist on a Cosmopolitan.

For the hard-as-nails, nononsense bride. This drink tastes like a cupcake, but will lay you down after two or three rounds. Sailor Jerry’s works best because

For the girly bride who wishes she lived in Manhattan. This sweet drink is perfect for anyone who dislikes the taste of alcohol, but likes its affects. You could add a splash of pineapple.

Recipe: 1 oz vodka 1/2 oz coconut rum 1/2 oz banana liquer Pineapple juice

Recipe: 2 oz Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum (or Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, depending on your preference.) Brisk iced tea

Recipe: 1 oz vodka 1/2 oz coconut (or spiced) rum 1/2 oz Disaronno Cranberry juice

Method: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon or lime on the rim of the glass.

Method: Combine both ingredients in a martini glass with ice. Garnish with a lemon or lime on the rim of the glass. Kiss sobriety goodbye.

Method: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with a lemon or lime on the rim of the glass.

This refreshing yellow drink brings a taste of the Caribbean. mix well with the tangy pineapple juice. Spring 2012



Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on / I wanna dance with my baby By Leilani Graham-Laidlaw

* 1. Any fool can fall in love, Jill Barber Old-fashioned in the best way. Particularly good if you’re serving old-fashioneds, or if more than one wedding guest is rocking a bouffant ‘do.


2. Close to you, Carpenters Oh, the California of the 70s. Skip the shag and surfboard rash, just play this.

3. Sadie In The Kitchen, Rose Cousins This one’s for the romantics who know what a kitchen party really is. Maritimers, represent.

4. You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly, Lorretta Lynn & Conway Twitty OK, so this might not be the sense of humor and a thing for country twang. If so, go for it. 5. Tu es la soleil de ma vie, Brigitte Bardot Bardot was a sexpot, but this song is pure sunshine: the 60s chanteuse requires no warning labels here. 6. Les amours dévouées, Coeur de Pirate Yes, another French song. Parce

9. Quelqu’un m’a dit, Carla Bruni And yet another French song. It’s like those striped shirts hanging in your wardrobe: classy and quintessentially French, thus inherently romantic and annoyingly perfect.

que le Français c’est la langue de l’amour, non? This one’s a little more modern and translates as “the devoted lovers.” Aw. 7. We move lightly, Dustin O’Halloran Who needs words? This shimmering waltz says plenty without them.

10. Too marvellous for words, Billie Holiday Sweeping and sentimental. Perfection.

8. Our love is here to stay, Ella Fitzgerald For the gritty, jazzy couple not afraid of a little sass. Also good for swing dancing. We checked.


Alternatives to ‘The First Dance’

1. Have a children’s dance 2. Mixdown: have both sets of parents’ dances, and then yours



Budget Use this tear out sheet instead of stained napkins to keep track of your cash and your sanity

Budget Amount Reception Venue Rentals Food, drinks, service Cake Lighting

Clothing Dress Headpiece/veil Accessories/shoes Hair and makeup Grooms tuxedo/suit

Flowers and decorations Ceremony arrangements Bouquets Boutineers Corsages Receptions arrangements

Music Musicians DJ Equipment rental

Photographs and Video Photography Videography Prints and albums

68 Spring 2012

Vendor Estimate

Amount Spent

Budget Amount

Vendor Estimate

Amount Spent

Favours and Gifts Favours Bridesmaids’ gifts Groomsmens’ gifts

Ceremony Venue rental or fee

Stationary Save-the-date cards Invitations Programs Seating and place cards Menu cards Thank-you notes Postage

Rings Bride’s ring Groom’s ring

Transportation Rental for bride and groom Rental for bridal party/ groomsmen Rental for family

Miscellaneous Spring 2012



Wedding Countdown 1



until the



MONTHS to go


MONTHS to go

MONTHS to go





MONTH to go



WEEK to go

DAY to go

of the wedding



70 Spring 2012

f 2

MONTHS to go

* Mail invitations. * Start writing your vows. This isn’t something you want to rush, so take your time and come back to it whenever you have a moment. * Book a hair and make-up stylist—or if one of your bridesmaids has a knack for up-do’s, save some cash and get her to help you out. * Purchase gifts for parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and you’re chooing to do that.

Use this mini-calendar to stay up-to-date with the deadlines in our countdown. Customize with your own dates and check them off when you’re done!



1 year to go date:_________

8 months to go date:_________

6 months to go date:_________

4 months to go date:_________

2 months to go date:_________


the wedding

* Return any rentals used for the wedding. * Make thank you cards for everyone who gave you a gift and those who helped in the wedding party. * Bask in the praise for hosting a wonderful wedding. * Enjoy your honeymoon!

1 month to go date:_________

1 week to go date: _________ Spring 2012



Ireland By Lindsey Ward

Patrick Ward and Katie Holt are getting married on July 7, 2012. The next day, they’re going to try their luck on an Irish honeymoon. Katie has been planning this honeymoon for over a year and Patrick has been looking forward to seeing the Emerald Isle since he was 13. “My whole family is Irish and I proposed on St. Patrick’s Day. It seemed natural we start our life there.” to the Blarney Stone to share a smooch, then on to the Guinness Brewery to toast their future. Muckross Abbey in Killarney National Park, Ireland

Ireland photo by Leilani Graham-Laidlaw, couple’s photo by Lindsey Ward




Tours co.

After A morning of hAnging from the hAlliArds of A 28-foot cAtAmArAn, An Afternoon diving into the depths of the myrAn corAl reef, And A meAl cooked over open flAme, heAd to the greAt rocks to tAke in the serene simplicity of the BlAck WAter coAst. At AnchorAge tours co., We cAll it tuesdAy. you’ll cAll it the Best dAy of your life.

Photo: DAniel FArrell it’s not about fashion - it’s about style

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