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Resume Boeing Lattice Knoxville, TN

(Fall 2017)

Governors Chair Studio


Living Tower Hartsville, TN (Summer 2017) Off-Campus Studio


Ijams Market Knoxville, TN

(Spring 2017)






I am an ambitious architecture student committed to creating seamless, versatile spaces through an analytical and creative design process.


University of Tennessee at Knoxville Knoxville, TN

August 2014 - Current

GPA 3.55 / 4.0

Completed eight architecture studio design courses including one Governor’s Chair Studio

Study Abroad, University of Arkansas Rome Center Rome, Italy

Off-Campus Study, Nashville Civic Design Center

Server and Bartender, Four Points Sheraton Knoxville, TN

June 2016 - December 2017

Working as a server in a fast pace environment while enrolled in college full time, I further developed my understanding of time management.

Draftsman, Steve Ciochetty Knoxville, TN

Photoshop InDesign Illustrator

June - July 2017

Urban Architecture Summer Studio



May 2016

Architecture History + Theory Summer Program

Nashville, TN


July 2017

For a Knoxville condo renovation, I was tasked with taking site measurements, drafting the existing floor plan, existing electrical plan, proposed floor plan, and proposed electrical plan.

Rhino SketchUp Microsoft Office Skilled in both computer and hand-drafting. Took 4 years of draftsman classes before college.

Cashier and Key Holder, Great American Cookie Co. Chattanooga, TN

September 2011 - May 2014

As the youngest key holder the store had ever trusted, I demonstrated responsibility and developed the ability to coordinate members of a team.


Deans List Cum Laude Achievement : Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017

Third Place, Max Min Competition Spring 2017 A UTK annual competition which pairs architecture students with architecture students of all years. These groups then work together in three days to present a design solution to actual campus proposals.

Skilled in a variety of art mediums: watercolor, acrylic, pastels, pencil, and charcoal


BOEING LATTICE Design Partners: James Halliwell + Bryan Pickle

Instructor: Professor James Rose, AIA

Year: Fall 2017 (4th year) Boeing recently developed a micro-lattice structure that is the inspiration of the design of this materials research lab at Cherokee Farms in Knoxville, TN. This lattice is reflected in the contemporary space frame structure and facade system. By having an interstitial floor for mechanical space and the structural space frame, the company’s lab spaces are completely open floor plans. The structure allows Boeing’s program to be raised off the street level and the ground level to be public with a large courtyard accessed by the underbelly of Boeing’s mass.

West Elevati Elevation

South So th Ele Elevation ation


boeing lattice

Site Aerial


DeďŹ ning Edges Plaza Edge Street Edge

Separating Program Boeing Program Other Tenant Program

Elevating Boeing Placing hierarchy on Boeing Program

Opening Courtyard DeďŹ ning edge while keeping public access


boeing lattice

Ground Plan

Boeing Office jobs fer Me en cha ce n Sp ical Te ac Te na Eg es na nt n r Me t Sp ess ac ch e an ica l

Co n

[L ev el

Lo Te b T Eg by na ena nt re nt ss Me S ch pac e an ic Ca al fe

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[L ev el 01 ]

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en O Ad ffic eS m i Pr iva nist pac te rati e Offi on Eg ces re ss


[L ev el

La La bor b iva St ator te ora y Offi ge Te T na ena Eg ces nt n r Me t Sp ess ch ac an e ica l Pr

[L ev el


Room for Company Growth

6,125 sqft

164319 sqft

62 jobs

165 jobs


.The only spaces for Boeing that are entirely accessible to the public are the lobby and gift shop. This space allows the company to display their most recent projects to the public while inspiring the community to be innovative and creative.

Ground Plan


12’ Acoustic Tile

15’ Steel Decking

25’ Gypsum Board

10’ Acoustic Tile

10’ Acoustic Tile

10’ Acoustic Tile

12’ Steel Decking

12’ Steel Decking

Return Vent Supply Vent Sprinkler Head Recessed-Can Light Suspended Box Light Return Vent Supply Vent

25’ Acoustic Tile


boeing lattice

re tu c ru St

ram g a Di

Interstitial Floor The Boeing Lattice program needed to have flexible floor plates that allowed for both company growth and large machinery. By creating an interstial floor, the labratory spaces are able to expand and contain minimal structural members. Within the interstial floor, the HVAC units are contained as well as a space frame structure. This floor regulates the heating and air for the entire Boeing mass as well as houses the electrical equipment for the second, third, and fourth levels.

Level 3 Plan


The main mode of circulation through the building is a suspended staircase that is supported fully by steel tension cables. This staircase is used by all of the tenants and helps divide the program while keeping the tenants in conversation with each other.


boeing lattice





LIVING TOWER Instructor: Professor Thomas K. Davis, FAIA

Year: Summer 2017 ( 3rd year ) An abandoned nuclear facility, the site offered a variety of existing concrete structures. A ten percent complete cooling tower is used as the foundation of a residential complex. The form allows for the center of the tower to be hollow therefore creating a 500 foot open-air atrium. The circular oor plates allow for both views into the proposed nuclear heritage park and into the center atrium.


living tower


Dimensions and Occupancies Height ..................................................................525 feet Floors ................................................................. 43 levels Condominiums ......................................640 units Hotel Rooms .......................................... 640 units


living tower


Ijams Market Instructor: Michael Davis , Sanders Pace

Year: Spring 2017 ( 3rd year )

The Ijams Market creates an agritourism hub for Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness and Ijams Nature Center. The main purpose of this design is to further the communities knowledge about their environment and expand the usage of the existing site. The form is derived from the existing trails on site. The market creates a large public space for community festivals and extends the current hours of use on the site.

Roof Plan


ijams market


Daylighting - Shading

Top Lighting : Saw-tooth skylights both let in sun from high angles as well as reect light across the space.

Anti-Glare Lighting : Louvers block summer light while allowing winter light and still allows views outward.

Ventilation - Passive Cooling

Building Mechanical Strategies : Daylighting : Top lighting and reected light provided by skylights Exterior Shading : Horizontal louvers at along long glass curtain walls Ventilation : Operable clerestories along glass curtain walls, operable skylights where the most interior heat exists Thermal Mass : Large massing wall holds heat during the winter months

Operable Ventilation : Saw-tooth Skylights


ijams market

Overlook of Quarry

Thin, hi half-height h lf h i h enclosures l

I Insulated l t d Gl Glass C Curtain t i W Walls ll

Wooden Wo n Lou o ve er Wa Walllls

Sttone S one Ma on Mass ssiin ng Wa W ll lls

Sttee S eel Co Colu umn mn Grriid

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Katie Hitchcock Architecture Portfolio

Architecture Portfolio  

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