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Biography of Hitchcock • Hitchcock was inspired by his older cousins Moskinnyo, Sub G, Rah Grizzly, and Ekim aka the Immortal EMS, founders of the group The Medicine Kabinet. • Hitch performed a song which he’d written for his mother as an anecdote of her relationship with his abusive stepfather.  After moving back to Jersey City and building on his local success as an emerging MC, Hitchcock quickly built a following as a highly sought-after commodity, contributing to projects for Dream Team Productions, DJ Rhude, DJ Kool Kid and others.

Hitchcock - The Survivor 

Hitchcock has hit the streets recently with his new mixtape (well, you might as well call it an album, with original productions!) H20 Chapter 1 Enbalming Fluid and it is dope stuff all right!

Rumours about some upcoming H20 Global Warming are making rounds with his next single ‘Crookz’ off the H20 chapter. He also featured on EddMaster’s ‘Round and Round’ remix with Rah Eazy and Hov Dibiasi.

With SkyHigh music as its producer and the group Money Gang, we are eagerly waiting for next hits out of the box!

Hitchcock’s New Album H2O ch.1 (Embalming Fluid) Hitchcock has just released his 1st solo album H2O ch.1 (Embalming Fluid) ,is set to release a collaboration album with producers SkyHigh Music and his new group Money Gang and is working on his next (still untitled) solo release.

More Information‌ Hitchcock is a great songwriter and a rapper but his early A Team - NJ’s first monster rap duo - could not become America’s biggest rap duo due to management changes at Def Jam records, even though the two completed an impressive never-released 13-track set in one week and got association with wildly successful Desert Storm label. After the break up of A Team, Hitchcock is now all set to make fresh beginnings. Hitchcock has taken in everything he experienced and is looking to establish himself not only as a good rapper but as a great songwriter, charasmatic performer and acute entrepeneur. Lets drop some love on his page for the fighter, the survivor!

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Hitchcock - The Survivor