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Hitachi ID Password Manager

The Challenge Supporting over 7500 employees and 5 major corporate applications, Cessna’s IT help desk was inundated with password reset calls. To address this, a password management system was required - to reduce problem frequency and push problem resolution to a self-service model. Background Cessna Aircraft Company manufactures the most complete line of aircraft in the world. From Citation business jets, to freightand passenger-hauling utility Caravans, to personal and smallbusiness Single Engine Pistons. They’ve got an aircraft that fits your flight plan.

The Solution Cessna licensed Hitachi ID Password Manager from Hitachi ID (formerly MTech) to address its password problems. The Hitachi ID Password Manager deployment team had a concrete mandate: deploy Hitachi ID Password Manager and enroll as many users as possible, in just 2 months. Not all users had accounts on all systems. To sign into Hitachi ID Password Manager, Cessna users needed at least a Windows domain login. Moreover, although most users had e-mail, some did not, so non-traditional communication channels were needed to educate users about the new solution. Following the purchase of Hitachi ID Password Manager, Cessna deployed the solution and commenced an accelerated user enrollment program. Users were invited to complete their profiles using e-mails and popup web browser windows launched from login scripts. Cessna enrolled 100% of the 7500 users in 2 months. On average, 230 new team members signed up daily. Invitations were sent to users in groups, organized by department. “It was key to roll-out to the communications department first, as they were integral in communicating the benefits of Hitachi ID Password Manager to the rest of the organization,” says Terri Root, Cessna’s project leader. The Corporate Communications Department at Cessna assisted in creating employee buy-in and gaining user adoption by posting messages on the company Intranet, placing advertisements in the bi-weekly company news brief and sending a series of e-mails about the benefits of Hitachi ID Password Manager. Performance advisors in the HR Department assisted in training employees in using Hitachi ID Password Manager.

To maximize user adoption, Cessna developed Q&A profiles and sent out follow-up e-mails to users who forgot to enroll for transparent synchronization. “Transparent password synchronization was the feature that really helped our user adoption process,” says Terri Root, Cessna’s project leader. Transparent synchronization eases the migration of users from old systems to new infrastructure. With no requirement for client software or agents on existing servers, Cessna was able to perform the entire implementation and roll-out internally. Cessna selected Hitachi ID Password Manager for two main reasons. • Ease of Use • Rapid deployment Because of its ease of use, users are empowered to solve their own password problems. Rapid deployment, using features such as auto-discovery, expedites deployment and enables early ROI.

Key Business Results Using Hitachi ID Password Manager as their total password management solution, Cessna IT improved customer satisfaction. Employees had fewer passwords to remember, and the number of password reset calls to the help desk declined. Cessna was able to complete user enrollment in just 2 months. A postdeployment analysis led Cessna project leaders to conclude that they could have actually completed enrollment in less time.

With the successful user adoption of Hitachi ID Password Manager, Cessna’s parent company, Textron Enterprises, decided to roll-out the Hitachi ID Password Manager solution in all other divisions. Bell Helicopters, for example, used the same user enrollment strategy as Cessna. “Understanding the environment and working closely with corporate communications is key,” says Root. Currently there are 21,030 Textron Enterprise employees using Hitachi ID Password Manager, and more will be added.

“Transparent password synchronization was the feature that really helped our user adoption process.” Terri Root, Project Leader, Cessna

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Case Study Cessna  

Supporting over 7,500 employees and 5 major corporate applications, Cessna's IT help desk was inundated with password reset calls. To addres...

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