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COMM 470 Week 4 Team Assignment Communication Consultants Presentation Click Here to Buy the Tutorial For more course tutorials visit Tutorial Purchased: 3 Times, Rating: A 1.Communication Consultants Presentation  Read the following: You are a communication consulting company assigned with the task of helping an e-commerce corporation make their teams more efficient and effective. The current teams are working but have inefficiencies, and they are not as effective as they could be because of poor communication. The teams are usually given various deadlines and

projects, and each member must contribute equally. Problems arise because team members are often located in different geographically locations. The company president and executive team is aware that several competitors have been using new social media communication tools internally and seem to be producing high quality output in less time. The executives are interested in understanding how these communications technologies may improve their teams’ communication. Your job is to explain to them the different options and select the one(s) that you think will best improve internal company communication.  Create an 10 to 12 slide persuasive Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that explains how new communication systems provide more options for communication and improve operation at the e-commerce company. 

o The Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation includes information in Speaker Notes section of the slide. o Include at least three outside references in your presentation.  Explain how new communication systems will help improve efficiency in virtual teams.

Comm 470 week 4 team assignment communication consultants presentation  
Comm 470 week 4 team assignment communication consultants presentation  

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