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Tutorial Purchased: 2 Times, Rating:B+ Question 1 The demand for lumber decreased in August. Supply of lumber has remained constant and five months

later there still has been no change in lumber prices. This is an example of Question 2 A group of Senators introduce legislation that would subsidize employers' hiring of recent high school graduates. This legislation is designed to stimulate the economy. This legislation is in line with Question 3 Fine tuning refers to Correct: The government's part in controlling rising cost of living as well as joblessness. Question 4 The percentage of the labor force that is unemployed is the Question 5

The diagram that shows the income received and payments made by each sector of the economy is the Question 6 The demanders in the goods-and -services market are: Question 7 Aggregate supply is the total amount Question 8 According to Keynes, the level of employment is determined by wages and prices.

Eco 561 chapter 5 quiz  

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