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Mining 40' Quad Hoppers Sporting distinctive company paint schemes, these HO scale models replicating 40' quad hoppers feature a finely molded body with simulated rivets, a detailed coal load, and added weight for optimum tracking. 5¾" long. $ $

Reg: 29.95

A: Rock Island B: Norfolk & Western (#12986)

C: Pennsylvania D: Baltimore & Ohio




20% 23.95 each




#402865 #402863 #402864



The Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron & Steel Industry 1852-1902

These coal mine tokens were issued as an advance on wages for workers. Most tokens show the name of the mine on it, as well as the town it was issued. This 10piece set includes genuine tokens from West Virginia (and possibly nearby states), ranging in value from one cent to a dollar. Very good to uncirculated condition.




Ideal for nostalgic railfans, this vintage-style aluminum sign depicts a hotter-than-coal pin-up riding the Pennsy in a steamy pose. Made in the USA, it includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #405547 $29.95 HO SCALE



Ore Cars

SAVE 20%

These HO scale replicas of open-top ore cars feature realistic side ladders and a detailed underframe. 4" long.

From Mine to Mill, the Metal that Made America

Stoddard. Available only in small qualities until the mid-1800s, steel thereafter helped mold a young nation through its versatility, used to construct a myriad of influential structures including railroads, ships, skyscrapers, and bridges. This unique book explores the metal’s importance in America, as readers get inside the hemisphere’s largest blast furnace and read interviews with men who toiled next to blazing liquid steel. 304 pages, 122 color and B&W photos, 7½"x 9¼", hardcover. #402072 $34.95

These highly collectible and beautifully detailed stock certificates are a wonderful addition to any rail enthusiast’s collection. These less-than100-shares stock certificates feature vignettes of men mining and working in a steel processing plant, and include printed signatures of the company’s officers. 8½"x 12".

North Butte Mining Co. #406883 $14.95 United States Steel Corporation Stock Certificate #406044



Antique Mining Equipment and Collectibles D

23.95 each #402879 #402880 #402881 #402882 #402883



Reg: $29.95 $

A: Union Pacific B: Canadian Pacific C: Norfolk & Western D: Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range E: Pennsylvania

Perelman. A fascinating story of both tremendous wealth and crippling labor relations, the Gilded Age steel industry in Pittsburgh featured more than a few titans – including Andrew Carnegie and Ben Franklin Jones. This enthralling book examines how the trade’s strong-willed leaders both plotted against one another and joined forces to crush their pro-union, immigrant workforce. 192 pages, 20 B&W photos, 6"x 9", softcover. #402276 $21.95

Stock and Bond Certificates

Made in the USA.

“Hot as Coal” Pin-Up Metal Sign

The Pride of Jesse Hallam

Brilliant country-western musician Johnny Cash delivers a poignant and realistic portrayal of a hard-working rural miner trying his best to provide for his children against overwhelming odds in a harsh urban landscape. Prolific actor Eli Wallach shines in this compelling 1981 TV movie as the gruff boss who gives Hallam the break he needs. 1 hr. 37 min. #406771 $12.95

10-Piece Coal Mine Token Set

Coin set may vary from image shown.



Pearson, Bommarito. Mining’s dramatic and dangerous nature is reflected in the hundreds of specialized tools and artifacts shown in over 450 color photographs and discussed in this fascinating new book. An elevated appreciation is gained here of the men and women who spent part of their lives in mining with this equipment. Today, historians and collectors pay respect to those people as they preserve and interpret the equipment that remains. 160 pages, 8½"x 11", softcover. #406805 $29.95

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Historic Rail Spring 2019 Catalog  

With thousands of train and railroad-related products, Historic Rail is the #1 supplier for railfans and modelers.

Historic Rail Spring 2019 Catalog  

With thousands of train and railroad-related products, Historic Rail is the #1 supplier for railfans and modelers.