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REA / Railyard 1942 Ford Railway Express Truck Kit

Vintage Railway Express Agency Metal Sign

Made of aluminum with mounting holes. 12"x 12". #R60415 $19.95

Made in the USA.

1/48 SCALE

50' Steel Reefer

REA Express Step Vans

Make sure your deliveries are on time with our delivery vans! These 1/48 scale models are the perfect addition to your layout to keep things moving and fresh. Each van features realistic B logos, see-through windows, side mirrors, and detailed paint. 5½" long.

A: Wrigleys Gum #404593 B: Benjamin Moore Paints #404594

Set up in 1917 as America entered World War I, the Railway Express Agency was a governmentsponsored parcel delivery service utilizing the expansive national railway system to ensure HO SCALE the safe transportation of goods during wartime. Miraculously, it remained operational until 1975 when it was permanently shut down. This HO scale kit of a Ford delivery truck features a clear windshield, realistic side and rear doors, colorful decals, and treaded tires. Assembly required. 2½" long. #401753 $22.95

“REA Express” markings adorn the side of this HO scale model replicating a 50' refrigerated reefer HO SCALE which also comes with a finely cast body, an authentic color scheme, a realistic side door, roof-walk and ladders, a realistic underframe, and added weight for smooth operation. 7" long. #401326 $26.95



27.95 each


C: REA Express Silver Bullet


Smooth Ride Pin-up Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

Promising “precision mounting,” this lovely attendant knows how to grind your wheels for a smooth ride. This 24gauge steel sign resembles the look and feel of aged metal and paint, measures 12"x 18", and includes mounting holes. #R69096 $19.95

Grand Avenue Yard Office Kit

Resembling a typical support building found in yards throughout North America, this HO scale, laser-cut wood kit features glazed windows; cast resin parts, including tie stacks, a wood crate, trash barrel, and smokejack, full-color signs, and more. Designed for easy, taband-slot assembly, it measures 2" tall with a 3½"x 2½" footprint. #R66328 $19.95

Motorized Turntables

Designed for easy installation on new or existing layouts, these premiumquality, HO scale turntables feature a built-in decoder with a programmable address for easy programming and operation directly from most DCC throttles; a control box to operate it on DC-powered layouts; programmable indexing for up to 60 different positions; a motorized gear drive; a sturdy, one-piece, pre-weathered plastic pit; a detailed, $ plastic arch bridge; a mounting template; and instructions. 349 each 90' Turntable – Pit diameter is 13¾". #R00586 130' Turntable – Pit diameter is 19". #R00587





Railroad Workers Each set includes six plastic figures that are finely detailed and painted by hand.


A: Engineers B: Train Mechanics C: Track Workers D: Rail Workers

HO Scale – ¾" tall

#R88281 $19.95 #R88290 $19.95 #R88284 $19.95 #R88286 $19.95

N Scale – ½" tall

#R88282 #R88291 #R88285 #R88287

17.95 $ 17.95 $ 17.95 $ 17.95 $

O Scale – 1½" tall

#R88283 #R88292 #R88289 #R88288

27.95 $ 26.95 $ 27.95 $ 29.95 $


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Includes a hand cart!

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Historic Rail Spring 2019 Catalog  

With thousands of train and railroad-related products, Historic Rail is the #1 supplier for railfans and modelers.

Historic Rail Spring 2019 Catalog  

With thousands of train and railroad-related products, Historic Rail is the #1 supplier for railfans and modelers.