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Table of Contents Dear Fellow Military Enthusiast, New & Noteworthy.................................2-3

Pre-WWI Revolutionary War.....................................4-6 Civil War.......................................................7-9 18th-19th Century Flags...............................10 18th-19th Century Currency........................11 Wild West.................................................12-13

WWI Germany / Armor..........................................14 America / Russia...........................................15

On the cover of this catalog, and also right here on page 2, is a print depicting American Expeditionary Force troops returning from the Western Front at the tail end of the Great War in 1918. The title, “Remember Me,” invites the viewer to remember those that perished during World War I, and also reflect on all those that have served in any capacity during Americaninvolved conflicts, with their heroism and sacrifice paving the way for our freedom. Below you'll find a book and collectibles that pay tribute to the Great War. For more recent

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On the Cover:

“Remember Me”

WWII Between the Wars.......................................16 Overview / Nazis..........................................17 German Soldiers / Weapons...............18-20 North Africa / Anti-Tank.............................21 Pearl Harbor / Homefront..........................22 Britain / Patton.............................................23 Allied Armor / Weapons.......................24-27 Europe Air / Italy..........................................28 Europe Naval / Eastern Front....................29 Rangers / Gliders.........................................30 Paratroopers / Fall of Berlin.......................31 Pacific Theater........................................32-35

Larry Selman. This solemn, limited edition print depicts American Expeditionary Force troops returning from the Western Front late in the Great War, during the Meuse-Argonne offensive, the largest in U.S. military history, involving 1.2 million American soldiers. It beautifully captures modern warfare next to old world values and ways of life. Print comes signed by the artist. Image size: 23"x 11". #111635 $75

America at War

Cold War Korean War...................................................36 Vietnam War...........................................37-41 Cold War / Modern...............................42-43

The PX Ancient Greece / Napoleon.......................44 Rome / Asian Warriors................................45 Israel / English Civil War.............................46 2nd Amendment / Weapons......................47 Sniper / Camo / Tactical.......................48-49 Presidential / Patriotic..........................50-51 Branch of Service..................................52-53 Legends of Warfare / Arcadia.............54-55

Just 4 Fun Just for Fun.............................................56-60 Hollywood Films.........................................61 Guns / Hand Weapons...............................62 New & Noteworthy............................63-64

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events, we have items celebrating the newest service branch, Space Force, on page 53. On page 63 you’ll find a huge “Memphis Belle” kit. We also have plenty of currency collectibles, most notably on the order form.

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World War One Through the Tabloids


WWI 100 th Anniversary Collection



Rospond, ed. This title presents the First World War as seen at home and abroad through gazettes and newspapers. Containing more than 250 photos and drawings, this volume examines the early months of the U.S. entry into the Great War, what was shown in the U.S. and among the allies around the world. 250 pages, 250+ images, 8"x 10", softcover.




Great War Tanks Building Block Sets

This collection celebrates the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. You get WWI: The War to End All Wars, a 10-part series filled with combat footage and interviews, Warbirds Over the Trenches, which examines the world’s first air battles, and The Great War, a journey through the war, year-byyear. B&W and color, 22 hrs. 48 min. on six DVDs. #V9930 Reg: $29.95 $


1918 VDB Lincoln Penny

For the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth in 1909, the U.S. Mint chose Victor David Genuine Artifact! Brenner to redesign the one-cent piece with Lincoln’s image. The coin met with much fanfare, though some complained that the artist’s initials, VDB, were too prominent, causing the U.S. Mint to remove the initials. In 1918, the last year of World War I, the initials were returned to the Lincoln cent, though placed more discretely under Lincoln’s shoulder.

These building block sets replicate a pair of foreign tanks that were used in A World War I, the French light tank Renault FT-17, and the German tank Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. They feature moving tracks and wheels, gun barrels, and opening hatches, realistic markings, and include a soldier figure with accessories. A: Renault FT-17 – 375 pieces. 7" long. #110895 $34.95 B: NEW! Sturmpanzerwagen A7V – 575 pieces. 10½" long.








A note about our products... Military Issue is proud to bring you the finest quality products documenting the United States’ military history. To provide a comprehensive context for America’s armed forces, we carry products that represent enemy combatants such as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It is not our intent to glorify those entities but to offer you the most complete selection of historically accurate militaria available, lest we forget. A final reminder: the models, figures and other collectibles in this catalog are not toys but rather are intended for collectors ages 14 and above.

New & Noteworthy ¼-Ton 4 x 4 Truck with M2 Machine Gun Kit

1/6 Scale – Nearly 2-Feet Long!

This giant 1/6 scale plastic kit replicates a U.S. military WWII ¼-ton 4x4 truck with an M2 machine gun. It features detailed parts molded in olive drab, realistic locks for windshield and hood, windshield can be displayed up or folded down and has movable wipers, engine cover can be opened or closed, excellent interior detail including a realistically textured driver seat, detailed steering and transmission system, detachable Jerrycan, and authentic decals. Assembly required, L-22"x W-10¼"x H-12". #111638 $299.95

Native American Warrior Figures


In the midst of battle with the British Army, one Native warrior points out the enemy stronghold while another stops to examine a British Grenadier mitre cap, officially A worn from 1749-68. Perfect for your 1/30 early Indian Wars scenes, these SCALE 1/30 scale metal figures replicate 18th century Native American warriors. Carved with exquisite era-appropriate detail, they are hand$ painted for life-like appearance. 2½" tall. 39.95 each

A: Warrior Pointing #111647

B: Warrior with Souvenir Cap #111646

See Page 27 for More Jeep Items!

Factory-Original Wartime Jeeps Originality Guide to Willys MB and Ford GPW Jeeps

Taylor. The wartime Jeep continues to fascinate enthusiasts around the world, nearly eight decades after the first prototypes were built. Not only were Jeeps built by both Willys and Ford, but the supposedly standardized design continued to evolve during production. As a result, there are multiple differences of specification – some major, some tiny – among the models. This title attempts to identify and illustrate those differences for the benefit of both military and civilian enthusiasts. 112 pages, 220+ photos, 10"x 10", hardcover. #111639 $54.95

B-29 Superfortress with Swivel Stand Kit

See Page 35 for More Pacific Air War Items!

This 1/120 scale plastic kit replicates the most powerful long-range bomber of World War II, the B-29 Superfortress. Features include a clear cockpit, rotating propellers, 3 cockpit crew figures, collectible packaging, decals for 3 versions, and 2 display stand options including swivel base. Assembly required, skill level 1, 14" wingspan. #706842 $19.95

German Tropical Helmet with Goggles

This is just a sampling of the new items in this edition of Military Issue. Find more throughout the catalog!

First Amendment $ 2 Bill

Celebrate your freedom of speech with this commemorative $2 note! Genuine legal tender, it is overlaid with a special colorization process and comes with a certificate of authenticity and a twoSee Page 49 for sided display folio.




More Camo Items!

Camo BDU Jacket

Modeled after military BDU, this 100% cotton, ripstop jacket features 4 large pockets with $ flaps and buttons, adjustable M, L, XL: 37.95 $ 2XL: 39.95 cuffs, hidden button facing, and reinforced elbows. #111653

C-130H Hercules Model

Featuring U.S. Coast Guard markings, this 1/130 scale plastic model of a C-130H Hercules includes realistic surface details, rotating propellers, and a display stand. 10" wingspan. #706718 $16.95

1/130 SCALE

See Pages 52-53 for More Branch Items! A


White Military Caps

Perfect for WWII See Page 21 for More enthusiasts and reenactors, this full-size helmet replicates North Africa Items! those worn by German Africa Korps troops in WWII. It features insignias for the German bald eagle and Africa Korps, and also included are a pair of storm goggles. #111648 $59.95



Keep the sun out of your eyes and support the troops with one of these handsome white caps. Featuring 3D high-definition embroidery on the crown, the branch name is also embroidered on the top A: Coast Guard #111649 of the bill, on the bill tip, and along the back B: Air Force #111650 hook and loop closure, with the branch name C: Marines #111651 or insignia also on the side. D: Navy #111652 $ One size fits most. 18.95 each

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Revolutionary War: Overview / Gadsden Flag

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse

Gadsden Flag Collectibles

A Most Desperate Engagement

Maass. Around the North Carolina village of Guilford in the late winter of 1781, two weary armies clashed on a cold, wet afternoon. American forces under Nathanael Greene engaged Lord Cornwallis’s British army in a bitter two-hour battle of the Revolutionary War. The frightful contest at Guilford was a severe conflict in which troops made repeated use of their flintlock muskets, steel bayonets, and dragoon swords in hand-to-hand fighting that killed and wounded about 800 men. 224 pages, 91 images, 6"x 9", softcover.


Designed during the first year of the American revolution, the Gadsden Flag is a towering A symbol of national pride and independence, featuring the coiled and ready-tostrike snake with the iconic words, “Don’t Tread On Me.”



Guilford Courthouse Flag

This high-quality flag includes brass grommets, reinforced edging, and premium polyester construction. 5'x 3'.




American Independence Set 2 Bill and Quarter

In 1976, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Treasury Department issued redesigns of the quarter and $2 bill. The Bicentennial quarter features a colonial drummer on the reverse, inspired by Archibald Willard’s classic painting, “Spirit of ’76.” The $2 bill was issued with a new reverse image depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The set comes in a 2-sided display folio with a certificate of authenticity. #111481 $19.95




Original 13 Colonies $ 2 Note Set


Show off your spirit of independence with this patriotic tee! Featuring a distressed Back Gadsden Flag design on wood on the back, it $ M, L, XL: Reg: $23.95 has the coiled $ snake on the left 2XL: Reg: $25.95 crest and is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #111504



17.95 19.95

“Don’t Tread On Me” Caps

Let everyone know what they’re getting into messing with you! These Gadsden-inspired caps feature sharp embroidery on the crown, and are adjustable with a back closure. One size fits most. $18.95 each


D: Snake Face “Don’t Tread On Me” #109774 E: “Liberty or Death” Gadsden E Flag #103667

Don’t Tread On Me Eagle Snake Plasma Metal Sign


#110023 Reg: $220 $


B: Gadsden Flag with Real Snake License Plate – 12"x 6". #111285 $12.95 C: Distressed “Don’t Tread On Me” T-Shirt


The Declaration of Independence declared that the 13 American colonies were officially separate from Great Britain. Commemorate America’s independence with this bill set of the original 13 colonies. These $2 bills are genuine legal tender of the U.S., and they include a certificate of authenticity and a display folio.

A: Gadsden Flag with Real Snake

This update on the original flag is a B patriotic salute to freedom. It’s made of durable polyester and comes ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111284 $18.95

Made in the USA.

A fierce bald eagle extends his talons on this steel sign, a reminder of America’s patriotic spirit with the Revolutionary words, “Don’t Tread on Me.” Includes mounting holes. 11"x 17". Made in the USA. #702647 $29.95

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Revolutionary War: George Washington / Betsy Ross



Continental Army Figures

1/30 SCALE

Pre-WWI Betsy Ross Flag with Washington Arms Quote


“A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” – George Washington. Well said, George! This durable polyester flag comes ready for display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #110775 $18.95


These Continental A: General Washington #111512 Army soldiers B: Continental Line Reloading #111513 square off against C: Continental Line Kneeling Firing #111514 the Red Coats as D: Continental Line Regiment NCO #111515 commander-inchief Gen. George Washington surveys the battlefield while formulating his next move. Add to your American Revolution scenes with these 1/30 scale metal figures replicating Continental Army soldiers and Gen. George Washington! Complete with real period uniforms and weaponry, these figures are hand-painted for life-like detail and come $ ready to display. 2½" tall. 39.95 each

America’s Heritage Right to Bear Arms Metal Sign

Celebrate the Second Amendment real old school with this colorful metal sign! Proudly made in the USA of highgauge steel, it includes mounting Made in holes for easy hanging. the USA. 14" diameter. #111516 $29.95

First Ten Years of Washington Silver Quarters

Washington Arms Quote License Plate – 12"x 6".




Betsy Ross Skull Flag Cap

This Betsy Ross-inspired cap features a skull designed with the American flag. It includes a mesh back and an adjustable strap. #110180 $19.95

Betsy Ross Flag T-Shirt

Featuring faded screen-printing saluting the earliest days of our nation, this 100% cotton t-shirt celebrates America with the Betsy Ross flag on the front. #107397



The Washington Quarter was $ M, L, XL: Reg: $21.95 first issued in $ 1932 in honor 2XL, 3XL: Reg: $23.95 of the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. This collection offers the silver Washington Quarter Rack not in its first 10 mint years, included. 1932-1942 (no quarters were minted in 1933 because Authetic Artifacts! of the Great Depression). The Washington Quarter was struck from 90% silver from 1932 until 1964, when silver was replaced with cheaper metals. Silver coins are always treasured by collectors, especially early-year mintage. This collection is presented in a custom wallet that preserves the coins’ condition, and also includes a narrative about the coin’s design and history. #111517 $249.95

16.95 18.95 “Betsy Ross” Flag Woven Blanket

Ideal for cool nights on the porch or for staying warm on the couch, this woven cotton blanket resembles the “Betsy Ross” flag – 13 stars in a circle – and measures 72"x 48".

#M650978 Reg: $49.95 $



With intriguing historical ties to the Templar knights, presidents, and kings, the Masons are one of the oldest and most secretive of societies. Masonic Sword This Masonic with Scabbard sword reproduction comes complete with a genuine logo and features a high-quality stainless steel blade, an intricate handle with a gold finish, and a black and gold scabbard. 33" overall. #108544 $69.95


Betsy Ross $2 Bill

Show off your unwavering patriotic spirit with this colorized $ 2 bill, a celebration of the Revolutionary-era 13-star Betsy Ross flag! Includes a certificate of authenticity and blue display folio. Genuine legal tender. #108146 $16.95

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Revolutionary War: Equipment / Weapons






Includes a Bayonet!

Revolutionary War-Era Firearms

These non-firing models replicate a pair of firearms used during the American Revolution. They feature polished wood stocks, working flintlock mechanisms and triggers, and both $ have the same heft and feel of the originals. 199 each

A: Kentucky Long Rifle – 59" long. #M651798

18th Century Longhunter Pullover Shirt

This replicates the classic shirt worn by 18th century Eastern Longhunters, the colonial hunters and explorers who would venture into the wild for expeditions lasting up to six months. As with the originals, these kneelength shirts are designed to be worn over one or more undershirts and run larger than a regular shirt. Made from period-correct cotton/ Available Sizes: linen blend. M, L, XL, and 2XL




18th Century Brass Kettle

B: French Charleville Musket – Includes a

Used from the mid-1600s through the 19th century, this brass kettle was quite popular, especially with the Indian trade. An accurate replica of the original, this kettle is constructed of solid brass with folded and riveted brass ears and an iron bail. Featuring a tin-lining for food safety, it works as a water bucket or for cookware. 7½"x 4½".

bayonet. 55" long. (72" with bayonet).

#M600234 Reg: $229

Early Military Rifles 1740-1850

Németh. During the 18th century both Austria and Prussia fielded troops armed with rifled firearms, while conflicts in North America involved the long rifle and the Ferguson breech-loader. Rifled weapons saw greater use and innovation after 1815, and in 1849, the French Minié rifle was the first successful conical ball rifle concept to be issued to regular troops in large numbers. 80 pages, illustrations throughout, 7½"x 9¾", softcover.







18th Century Engraved Flintlock Pistol

Featuring incredibly ornate engraving details, this flintlock pistol – replicating a handgun used by American and British soldiers in the late 1700s – comes with a simulated antique brass patina, a working trigger and hammer, and simulated ivory grips. 7½" long. #107892 $39.95

Flintlock Knife Display

Intricately designed, this knife – fashioned to look like a flintlock pistol – features a flint striking ignition mechanism and a display stand. 15" long. #110159 $29.95

18th Century Kentucky Rifleman’s Knife

This rifleman’s knife replicates the type of knife that would have been carried during the American Revolution and by 18th century settlers. It features an 8½" clip-point blade, genuine bone handle, and comes with a leather belt sheath. 12½" overall length. #111509 $59.95


Accessories not included.

Bennington 76 Flag

Featuring 13 stars and 13 stripes, this polyester reproduction of the Bennington flag – which, taking its name from the Revolutionary War's Battle of Bennington, recalls the year 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was signed – includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #65363 $18.95

“Live Free or Die” Sweatshirt

In 1809, poor health kept Gen. John Stark from attending an anniversary reunion for the Battle of Bennington, a decisive American victory in the Revolutionary War which was led by Gen. Stark. In his stead he sent this message: “Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.” This soft and comfortable fleece sweatshirt honors his revolutionary spirit of independence. Made of a preshrunk cotton/polyester blend. #111511

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M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL: $29.95


Pre-Civil War / Civil War: Overview Emperor

In 1859, Shields “Emperor” Greene, descendant of African kings, is a slave in South Carolina. When he ends up on a new plantation run by a cruel overseer, Shields kills the overseer and flees with his son for freedom. With a bounty hunter at their heels, Shields pays an abolitionist for his son’s freedom. In Maryland, Shields comes across John Brown and Frederick Douglass before Brown’s historic raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Douglass declares the mission suicide, and won’t participate. Shields, knowing what is at stake, follows Brown into Harpers Ferry and history. 1 hr. 39 min. #111473 $24.95

Images of America

Harpers Ferry

Nasby. Without the influence of John Brown and his raiders, Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame, and Thomas Jefferson, Harpers Ferry might have remained a sleepy little village. Instead, it became a frequently contested location for troops during the Civil War, and changed hands eight times. Many of the current shops and restaurants are housed in the restored original buildings, built in the 1800s. A visit to Harpers Ferry is like stepping back in time to the year 1859, because the town has been restored to that period. 128 pages, 200 photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. #111474 $21.95

Mitchell’s New General Atlas 1860

Lindberg. A unique look at the geographic and political borders of the Civil War era, this atlas is a reproduction of one produced in 1860 by Augustus Mitchell Jr. – one of the most accurate and artistic mapmakers of the time. See the incredible craftsmanship that went into these vintage images that were carved into steel plates and hand-colored by patient artisans. 128 pages, 102 color maps and charts, 12"x 14", hardcover. #101977 $59.95

Echoes of the Blue and Gray This collection of rare archival newsreels allows you to see and hear Union and Confederate veterans of the Civil War for the first time! Enjoy footage of the 1913 and 1938 Gettysburg reunions, the 1917 Vicksburg reunion, famous generals such as Daniel Sickles and Joe Wheeler, and more. 1 hr. 50 min. #MV52550 $24.95

These lightweight, woolblend reproductions of kepis worn by the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War feature brass side buttons, a leather brow band with a brass adjustment buckle, and a $ vinyl visor. 19.95 each

Confederacy Gray. #M404274


Blue. #M404273

A fun addition to your Civil War collection, these laminated ID cards give some basic information about three Civil War figures: Gen. Robert E. Lee, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln. Same size as a driver’s license. 3½"x 2¼". #111478 $14.95

Civil War Generals Framed Print with Authentic Bullet





Featuring the two most Authentic recognizable Civil War participants Bullet of the Civil Included! War, Union General A Ulysses S. Grant and Confederate General A: Ulysses S. Grant #111500 Robert E. Lee, each framed and matted B: Robert E. Lee #111501 print includes an authentic Civil War bullet with a certificate of authenticity. A stately addition to any Civil War collection! 13½"x 16½". Reg: $89.95 $ each


VintageInspired Legal Tender!

1886 $ 5 Silver Certificate Banknote

The 1886 $5 Silver Certificate is commonly called a “Morgan Back,” a nickname coming from the five Morgan Silver Dollars pictured on the reserve side of the bill. Ulysses S. Grant is featured on this collector's edition certificate, a genuine $5 bill made using a highdefinition colorization process. Includes a certificate of authenticity and arrives in a blue two-sided display folio. #404689 $29.95

Civil War Veterans on DVD

Civil War Kepis

Civil War Laminated IDs 3-Card Set

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.


Civil War-Era Handgun Replicas



These museum-quality, non-firing handguns replicate sidearms used during the Civil War. They feature polished wooden grips, working trigger and hammer, and rotating cylinders. A: 1860 Colt .44-Caliber Revolver – 13½" long.

B: M1849 Pocket Pistol – 7¾" long. C: Pepperbox Pistol – 8½" long.

#M600239 #100641 #101319

99.95 59.95 $ 69.95 $


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Civil War: Union / Naval Illinois State Flag




Illinois contributed 250,000 soldiers to the Union Army and produced several prominent figures in the Civil War, including President Lincoln. This flag is made of durable polyester and comes ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111502 $18.95

Over 2-Feet Long!

The Shenandoah was built for the Confederacy during the Civil War to smuggle ammunition bought from the British in Bermuda. This 1/50 scale wood kit replicates the smuggler vessel and features double plank-on-bulkhead construction, laser-cut beech and walnut wood pieces, brass fittings, pre-sewn sails, and easy-to-follow instructions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 28" long.

Lincoln’s Funeral Train The Epic Journey from Washington to Springfield

Reed. The days and weeks following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln were filled with sadness as a nation wept for its fallen leader. Featuring rarely seen photographs and copies of Lincoln-handled documents, this volume examines the President's final journey from Washington to Springfield, Illinois – a funeral procession that traveled 1,700 miles and was witnessed by over 7 million people. 160 pages, 131 photographs and illustrations, 7"x 10", hardcover. #R10387 $39.95

Abraham Lincoln 2009 Stamp/ Envelope Set

One of the most unique Lincoln collectibles available anywhere, this set includes four specially-printed color envelopes with images of our 16th President – each one featuring a genuine 2009 stamp celebrating Honest Abe’s 200th birthday! #107946 $24.95

Shenandoah Confederate Smuggler Kit


#111499 Reg: $337.99 $

The Confederate Steam Navy

Canney. This illustrated volume examines the entire history of the Confederate Navy during the Civil War, including the design, construction, combat, and contemporary descriptions of the Southern vessels. Featuring rare vintage photos, it takes readers through every ironclad, blockade runner, gunboat, commerce raider, and more, used by the Rebels. 192 pages, 152 B&W images, 9"x 8", hardcover. Back


Naval Medal

Awarded to regular or volunteer navy servicemen who took part in the War Between the States, this intricate medal offers a premium embossed metal design on both sides, along with an included ribbon and pinback.


1st Regiment Irish Brigade Flag

The Union's Irish Brigade, an infantry brigade founded in September 1861, was known for their fearlessness on the battlefield. The Irish phrase on their flag translates to, "Who never retreated from the clash of spears." This flag is made of durable polyester and comes ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #109563 $18.95

The Irish Brigade – A Pictorial

History of the Famed Civil War Fighters

Pritchard, Jr. Here is the gripping true story, with stunning full-color illustrations, of all Irish regiments from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York serving under the direction of the Brigade’s most famous commander, General Thomas Francis Meagher. 96 pages, 50 B&W photos with color illustrations throughout, 8½"x 12", hardcover. #111484 $19.95










Monitor vs. Virginia Copper Coin

This unique copper coin celebrates the historic Civil War naval clash between the Monitor and Virginia in 1862! #108672 $12.95

Naval Hand Bells

These handcrafted naval bells feature lustrously polished metal bells, stained hardwood handles, and a full rich tone when rung. 8" tall.

A: Chrome #111479

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Reg: $39.99 $ B: Antique Copper #111480

Civil War: Confederacy Confederate Replica 5-Coin Display Set

Confederate Snake Rebel Flag

During the Civil War, the Confederacy had three coin mints – located in New Orleans, Charlotte, and Dahlonega – that closed in 1861 due to issues with bullion and equipment. This replica collection features coin designs that would have been struck throughout the year had the mints remained open, including a half dollar, a five dollar, a 20 dollar, and a one cent piece, as well as a commemorative medal. The collection comes in matted display packaging. 7½"x 7½".



Fly this rebel flag that features the Confederate flag, skulls, swords, a snake, and a calvary hat. Made of polyester, it includes 2 brass grommets for flying. 5'x 3'. #110124 $18.95

Rebels in Repose



Confederate Commanders After the War

Povall. From Robert E. Lee to James Longstreet, this post-war portrait of Confederate commanders examines what happened to these loyal Rebels in the years following their battlefield defeat. See Lee’s attempt to reconcile with the North, while more unreconstructed soldiers such as Jubal A. Early – known as the “Bad Old Man” to General Lee – emigrated out of the country, settling in Canada. 256 pages, 21 B&W photos, 6"x 9", softcover.




Rebel Belt Buckles

A Show off your southern pride with these colorful metal belt buckles! 3"x 1½".


14.95 each



Confederate State 2 Bills 11-Note Set




Celebrate your Southern pride with this collection of notes representing the states that made up Confederacy! These notes are genuine $2 bills overlaid with a special colorization process featuring a scene associated with that state. States include Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. All bills come in a blue 2-sided display folio with a certificate of authenticity. #111485 Reg: $186.45 $


General George Pickett Figure

A Confederate general during the Civil War, George Pickett is best remembered for the ill-fated Southern attack during the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg that bears his name: Pickett’s $ Charge. An articulating reproduction of Pickett, this 1/6 scale figure features two sets of hands, a pistol (with holster), a sword (with scabbard), a Confederate greatcoat, a blue vest and pants, a white shirt, a kepi cap, a pair of boots, and more! 12" tall.



#101936 Reg: $209 $


A: NEW! Waving Rebel Flag #111487 B: "Dixie" Belt Buckle #106710


Civil War Flag 3-Piece Bumper Sticker Set

Display a significant event in American history on the back of your vehicle with our eye-catching Civil War-era bumper stickers! This 3-piece set includes both the CSA First and Second National flags as well as a Rebel flag. Each one measures 7½"x 3¾". #106230 $12.95


Distressed Rebel Flag T-Shirt


Stand out in the crowd with this purposely distressed Rebel t-shirt that pays homage to the Civil War era. 100% cotton.


20.95 22.95


M, L, XL: Reg: $24.95 $ 2XL, 3XL: Reg: $26.95

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Historical U.S. Flags

Flown from the Revolution through the Civil War, these durable polyester flags offer a glimpse of early America. They come ready-to-display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.





A: NEW! Louisiana Confederate – Flown solely during the Civil War, it’s based on the U.S. flag with its 13 stripes, with the alternating red/white/blue colors paying homage to the French flag. #111311


B: NEW! Tennessee Confederate – Tennessee was a

divided state in the Civil War, and the last state to ratify B secession. This design was a proposed flag in the lead up to the war, and became the de facto state flag. #111315

C: NEW! Betsy Ross Flag with Washington Portrait


This stylized U.S. flag is a loving callback to the efforts of one of the great American founding fathers and our first president, George Washington. #110777

D: NEW! South Carolina – Based on the Moultrie Flag with the crescent in the canton, the palmetto was added in the lead up to the Civil War, a reference to Moultrie’s defense of Sullivan Island in the Revolutionary War. #109487


E: Philadelphia Light Horse – Still in service with the


Pennsylvania National Guard, the Philadelphia Light Horse Troop traces its roots back to 1774 when it defended the colonies by order of the Continental Congress. #108766

F: Fort Mercer – Similar to the flag that would ultimately D come to represent an entire nation, the Fort Mercer design was first hoisted in 1777 when the base was constructed on the Delaware River in New Jersey. #108765 G: First Navy Jack – Featuring 13 stripes, a rattlesnake


(a symbol of resistance to the British in Colonial America) and the phrase, “Don’t Tread On Me,” this is also the current jack authorized by the U.S. Navy. #M650596

H: Culpeper (Black) – Featuring a coiled rattlesnake along

with the phrases “Liberty or Death” and “Don’t Tread on Me,” this flag was carried by Virginia’s Culpeper Minutemen militia group in 1775. #M601639 L

I: Great Star 20 – When the United States expanded from

16 to 20 states in 1818, Old Glory was returned to 13 stripes from the previous 15, but how the 20 stars were to be E arranged remained an unresolved issue. Thus, this 20-star U.S. flag was only one of a handful of popular designs flown in 1818-19. #M601649

J: 20th Maine Regiment – Known for its defense of Little

Round Top at Gettysburg, the 20th Maine Regiment served the Union from August 1862 through the end of the Civil War. #108294

K: Choctaw Braves – Featuring a blue design and red

weapon-celebrating center, this flag replicates one flown by the Choctaw Braves during their service with the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War. #106286



L: Union 34-Star – The official U.S. flag flown from July 4,

1861, to July 3, 1863, features one star for every state, including those of the Confederacy. #M650948

M: Pine Tree “An Appeal to Heaven” – The Revolutionary War “Pine Tree” flag was used by the Continental Navy and the state of Massachusetts. #M601640 N: First National Flag of the Confederacy – The first

official flag of the Confederacy (the seven-star “Stars and Bars” was adopted later on in 1861). #M601632



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18th-19th Currency Collection

Authentic Artifacts! 1790s £5 Connecticut Payment Note

1864-65 2-Cent Coin

Own a piece of early American history! These authentic £5 promissory notes were issued in the 1790s from the State of Connecticut Comptroller’s Office, signed by State Comptroller Ralph Pomeroy. Pomeroy served in the Continental Army as a First Lieutenant before becoming the military paymaster for the State of Connecticut during the Revolutionary War. During the war and afterward, he maintained correspondence with many of the founding fathers, most notably George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton. The hole in the middle of the note signifies its payment. Approximately 7"x 4". #110368 $149.95

1880s Indian Head Penny 3-Coin Set


An incredible artifact from the Civil War era, this 2-cent coin – dated 1864 or 1865 – is historic for another reason: it was the first American currency to feature the words “In God We Trust” (though, due to its textured design, many have the “we” rubbed clean off ). This coveted coin, minted for only a decade, still features its striking shield imagery! 95% copper. Circulated condition. 23mm diameter. #104765 $69.95

1899 $1 “Black Eagle” Silver Certificate

Known as the “Black Eagle,” despite Lincoln and Grant also appearing next to the noble bird, the 1899 $1 silver certificate is an exciting collectible among numismatic enthusiasts! Revered as a “horse blanket note” for its large size, it was first available just before the turn of the 20th century. Circulated. 7½"x 3¼". #102681 $225.95

The Indian Head penny, struck from 1859 to 1909, was among America's most popular small-change coins. This 3-piece set includes an 1880, 1881, and 1882 release – an era of quick and exciting Wild West expansion! Circulated condition. $



1864 $30 Confederate Bond

Issued in 1864, this authentic $30 Confederate bond coupon – which originally came as a sheet of 60, sold for $1,000, and was returned within six months for $1,800 – features the sign-ature of the Register of the Treasury, Robert Tyler (son of President John Tyler). This certificate miraculously survived the end of the war, as most of its kind were destroyed after the fall of the South. 3"x1½". #101352 $14.95

Redemption dates vary.

1772-1820s 1 Reale Portrait “Bit”

Among the most commonly exchanged currency of its era, the 1 reale coin equaled approximately 12½ cents. It arrives in lightly circulated condition and displays the classic banner-draped pillar design, a precursor to the U.S. dollar symbol. 1½" diameter. #105173 $79.95

1874 50-Cent Fractional Note

Part of the very last series of fractional notes ever released by the United States, this genuine 50cent artifact – issued just after the Civil War, in 1874 – features a portrait image of former Treasury Secretary, William Crawford. 4¼"x 2". Circulated condition.


1862 Niagara Falls 5-Cent Note




An obsolete banknote from the Civil War, this genuine 1862 5-cent artifact was issued by the J.D. Hamlin’s Banking House in Niagara Falls – located, of course, in New York, which sent more Union troops into battle than any other state. This rare currency item comes in circulated condition, signed by a banking representative of the era. 6"x 2½". #108224 $59.95

Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin

Sailing from London to the East Indies in a treacherous 1809 storm, the Admiral Gardner – carrying 46 tons of copper coins – shipwrecked just 80 miles off the British coast. It sat untouched until 1984, when a team of salvagers recovered a small portion of the buried “treasure coins.” Own a piece of classic nautical history with this scarce 10-cash coin from the reclaimed hoard which still displays its ornate details after more than 170 years under the sea! 25mm diameter. #102359 $79.95

1726-1794 Dutch “New York Penny” Coin

One of the oldest coins to exchange hands during the colonial and revolutionary years of America, this one-duit coin – nicknamed the "New York Penny" – was used as currency when New Amsterdam became New York. Arrives in a handsome, 11"x 7½" display folder with a certificate of authenticity. 19mm diameter. #M652300 $19.95

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Wild West

Western Cowboy Hat

Fires Caps!

Giddy-up! While you’re on the trail, keep the sun out of your eyes in style with this black felt hat, featuring a shaped brim, a pinched peak, and a decora- Available Sizes: tive hatband. #111535 $29.95 S/M or L/XL

Draw! This highly detailed cap gun is one of the most popular pistols we offer and commemorates the exciting Wild West. Travel back in time with this Colt M1873, featuring realistic working action, hammer, trigger, revolving cylinder, nickel-finish, and ivory finger-grooved grips. 4¾" barrel, 10½" length.

Western Outlaws Laminated IDs 3Card Set

192 Caps #M651813



Dummy Shells – 6 dummy shells and 24 caps.


6-Pack .45 Cal. Revolver Dummy Ammunition – Includes a box of 6 non-

firing metal bullets with a copper finish. #105966 $12.95

Walk confidently down any street with this Billy the Kid gun-handle cane! Featuring Billy the Kid’s image on the faux-ivory grip, the replica revolver features a spinning cylinder and working hammer and trigger. The cane is stainless steel with a rubber foot to avoid slips. 37½" long.

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

Stagecoach Shotgun

The famous stagecoach shotgun – a practical response to lawless bandits violently ravaging vulnerable stagecoaches – was initially developed in 1881 and became a staple of travelers in the late 19th century. This non-firing replica, which is the authentic size and weight of the original, features a hard wood stock, an antiqued metal barrel, working action that fires caps, and a realistic break-open design revealing the lead-splitting double barrels. 35" long. #M652601 $189.95

The American West Made in the USA.

Handmade using heavy-gauge American steel, this daring metal sign will make quite the statement. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 15". #110107 $29.95





Billy the Kid GunHandle Walking Cane

“Wanted” Nude Metal Sign



Bandits and lawmen alike wanted to look sharp on the dusty trails of the Old West, often wearing handsome gun holsters like this one – complete with a dual-tone leather look, brass hardware, and an adjustable belt strap complete with 24 replica bullets! Fits 32" to $ 40" waist. #108239 Reg: $112

Celebrate a little lawlessness with this Jesse James collection! The folding knife features a 3" stainless steel blade and a fauxivory handle with Jesse James’ image. The knife and bottle opener come in a collector’s box with historical information on Jesse James. Unfolded knife length: 7¾". Collector’s box: 6¼"x 4¼". #111492 $14.95




Western Holster with Bullets

Jesse James Knife/Bottle Opener Collector’s Set



Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

Get in touch with your inner-outlaw with these laminated ID cards! They feature a picture and basic info for three notorious outlaws: “Billy the Kid” William Bonney, Robert LeRoy “Butch” Cassidy, and Jesse James. They’re the same size as a driver’s license, just don’t show them to a cop if you get pulled over. 3½"x 2¼". #111491 $14.95


Colt M1873 Quick-Draw Revolver

An exciting 8-episode series from executive producer Robert Redford, this 3-disc set explores the wild and lawless American expansion from the years 1865 to 1890. Learn intimate and little-known tales about Old West legends such as Jesse James, Billy the Kit, and Crazy Horse, while also enjoying exclusive interviews with Western film stars including James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Kiefer Sutherland, and more! 5 hrs. 44 min. #110926 $24.95

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Wild West


1870s Gold Foil Notes


A These gold foil notes replicate a pair of notes from the 1870s. Featuring intricate designs, they will make a great addition to any early American or Wild West $ collection! 14.95 each

A: 1872 $1 First National Bank Note

This note features four beautiful vignettes, with figures shaking hands on the obverse, and three scenes on the reverse: a boar, a bald eagle, and a ship’s departure.


B: 1875 “Lazy Deuce” $2 Note – Considered by collectors to be one of the more unusual designs, nicknamed the “Lazy Deuce” for the large sideways “2” on the front. #108670


These Hollywood heroes created their own legends almost as large as the Wild West. Celebrate their careers with one of these fun collectibles!

James Dean – Cowboy with Horse Figure

This 1/6 scale, fully articulating figure replicates the Hollywood rebel in his final role. Features include 3 pair of interchangeable hands, cowboy hat, cowboy shirt and LIMITED EDITION vest, blue jeans, leather boots with spurs, glasses, shotgun, lariat, and a display stand. The horse, also 1/6 scale, comes with bridle, reins, and a saddle with stirrups. Figure 12" tall. Horse 11" tall. #409156 $279.95

These authentic Buffalo nickels have been plated in precious metals to highlight the original design. They come plated in black ruthenium, 24K gold, and 24K rose gold, and include a certificate of authenticity. #111538 $16.95

John Wayne American Flag T-Shirt

Doesn’t get much more American than the Duke in M, L, XL: front of Old Glory. $19.95 Made of soft pre2XL, 3XL: shrunk cotton. $


Bobblehead – Bearing a lighthearted resemblance to the Duke, this bobblehead – made of premium resin – resembles a rifle-equipped Wayne. Arrives in a collectible box. 9½" tall. #M601948 $29.95


Own these unforgettable Hollywood Western blockbusters! 1/6 SCALE

This officially licensed colorized half dollar features the timeless goodlooks of James Dean in his final film, Giant. This coin is an authentic JFK Giant half dollar overlaid with a special colorization process, and comes in a protective acrylic coin capsule and includes a certificate of authenticity. #111532 $9.95

Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean, in his final role. Wealthy Texas Rancher Bick Benedict (Hudson) returns home from a trip to the East Coast with a beautiful new wife (Taylor). She catches the eye of the ambitious Jett Rink (Dean). Bick and Jett form a tense rivalry that continues to surface as the years pass and fortunes change in this epic drama. 3 hrs. 21 min. #111537 $21.95

Black Ruthenium, Rose Gold, & Gold


James Dean “Timeless Legend – Giant Movie” Half Dollar


Buffalo Nickel 3-Coin Set

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid



Paul Newman and Robert Redford star in this historical biopic. Much to the dismay of the outlaw duo, the West is becoming increasingly civilized and regulated. When they undertake one too many train robberies, they're forced to flee the law and take their antics south, to Bolivia! 1 hr. 50 min. #404278

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Clint Eastwood

plays the Man with No Name, who returns to the screen for the third time in this Western masterpiece. Featuring one of the most memorable soundtracks in cinematic history, three men hunt for a grave of buried treasure in the American Southwest during the Civil War. 3 hours. #111482

The Magnificent Seven – This update of the classic Western stars Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke as members of the titular group. When a greedy industrialist looking for gold seizes control of Rose Creek, the desperate residents turn to a bounty hunter for help. He recruits an eclectic group of gunslingers to help protect the town. 2 hrs. 8 min. #111483

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Germany / Armor Prussian War Flag

At one time, Prussia had been the leading state of the German Empire in the early 1800s with this war Limited Quantities! flag – flown until 1918. Made of durable polyester, it includes a canvas header, four rows of stitching on the fly end, and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #106000 $18.95

The Kaiser’s U-Boat Assault on America Germany’s Great War Gamble in the First World War

Koerver. This heavily researched title details the use of U-boats in the First World War, focusing on both diplomatic and economic aspects as well as the tactical and strategic use of the U-boats. It also examines the role played by President Woodrow Wilson, whose hand was forced into declaring war on Germany after U-boats sunk American shipping vessels. 360 pages, 80 color and B&W photos, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #111353 $29.95

1/30 SCALE

Kaiser Wilhelm II Bronze Statue

The last German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II was in power from 1888 through the end of World War I. This 1/30 scale metal figure is a bronze-colored reproduction of the Prussian King mounted on horseback and wearing his signature Pickelhaube. He arrives ready to display with incredible textured details. 4" tall. #101607 $49

German 1914 20 Mark Note

Issued in February 1914, just months before the outbreak of the Great War, this 20 mark note circulated in Germany throughout the conflict. It features ornate printing, the date, and the recognizable German eagle all printed on the front with a large, centered “20” on the reverse. Circulated condition. 5½"x 3½". #106868 $14.95 1/48 SCALE


Pickelhaube Helmet with Eagle Emblem

An accurate reproduction of the helmets worn by German forces during WWI, this steel helmet features a quality liner, a chinstrap, and detailed markings. Size 7½" with liner.

#105504 Reg: $119.95 Rudolf Berthold, one of Germany’s first Fokker flying aces, tallied a D.VII total of 44 victories Model from 1916-18 – the last 16 of which, after suffering a paralyzing injury to his right hand, were achieved while flying only with his left. Featuring his D.VII’s bright colors, this 1/48 scale, die cast replica of Berthold’s last aircraft also includes realistic wing bracing, a pilot figure, Jasta 15 markings, and a display stand. 7" wingspan. #705977 $74.95

"Order of the Red Eagle" Medals

The Order of the Red Eagle was an order of chivalry of the Kingdom of Prussia, awarded to royalty, military personA B nel, and civilians, to recognize valor in combat, faithful service to the kingdom, and other achievements through Reverse 1918. The Grand Cross was the highest of six classes of Order of the Red Eagle awarded, and swords were added for distinction in wartime. Some noteworthy recipients include Otto von Bismarck and Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin. Celebrate Prussian history with these die cast enameled reproductions! 2" diameter medal, with 12" ribbon.

A: Order of the Red Eagle 3rd Class B: Order of the Red Eagle 2nd Class


#111417 $24.95 #111418 $29.95

SAVE $20



The Five of Hearts

Mark Karvon. An FT-17 tank built by the French in 1917, the "Five of Hearts" was operated by the Americans upon their entrance into the war. The rugged machine – which now sits on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Army – was issued to the 344th Tank Battalion, of which a young George S. Patton was a colonel. This limited edition print captures the tank during one of its open warfare engagements, approaching a trench with its signature playing card symbol on the side. Signed by the artist! 24"x 16". #105090 $79.95

British Tank Mk. IV R/C Kit

Limited Quantities!

The Mk.IV saw a mass deployment of around 400 at the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917. Featuring three marking options, this 1/35 R/C plastic kit recreates the Mk.IV Male and features tracks wrapped around the rhomboid hull; two preassembled gearboxes installed in the hull rear, while the battery case is stowed in the center section; transmitter with four function buttons; 6-pounder guns; Lewis machine guns; fuel tank box; exhausts; tow rope; unditching log; and assembly tracks. Assembly required. Skill level 5. 100+ pieces. Measures 9" long. #110154 $249.95

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America / Russia Pershing’s Paths of Glory

1918 Gold Foil Notes

Inspired by Pershing's numerous civil and military accomplishments, a group of American cadets decide to uncover how his leadership still influences our society today. From the trenches of war to the introduction of the cadets to the costumed reenactors, the film includes scenes that depict WWI battlefields Pershing commanded. Using archival footage and photography combined with new contemporary segments of the cadets throughout their journey, this film details the commanding General's historical military strategies, his influence during the wars he fought, and his impact on the generations that have followed. 43 min.



These gold foil notes replicate U.S. currency from the last year of the Great War. $14.95 each A: 1918 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note – Featuring a portrait of Salmon P. Chase, Treasury Secretary under Lincoln, this bill was created for transactions between Federal Reserve Banks. #110372

B: 1918 $2 Battleship Note – Replicating a Federal Reserve Bank

Note, it features Thomas Jefferson and a Federal Reserve Bank location on its obverse, and a Great War battleship on the reverse, the USS New York. #108298


1918 Federal Reserve $1 Note

Pay tribute to armistice day, the end of World War I, with this genuine federal reserve banknote – nicknamed “Flying Eagle” for its reverse image – issued in 1918: a $1 bill featuring a left-side portrait of George Washington, the reserve city in the center, and a blue seal on the right. Less than 1% of these artifacts (which are noticeably larger than modern-day notes) still exist today! Circulated condition. 7½"x 3¼". #108170



Pershing’s Lieutenants American Military Leadership in World War I


Zabecki & Mastriano, ed.. The Great War was the first truly “modern” war, and American military forces had to enter the modern age virtually overnight. This book reveals the history of the key leaders working for and with General John J. Pershing, including George S. Patton (tank commander), Douglas MacArthur (42nd Division commander), and Harry S. Truman (artillery battery commander). 368 pages, 16 pages of photos, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #111241 $34.95



Authentic Artifact!

1913 Buffalo Nickel Tribute $50 Coin Replica


These coins replicate a 2017 $50 coin designed to resemble the 1913 Buffalo Nickel, a coin that would have been in the pockets of American soldiers during World War I. They come in a protective acrylic coin capsule.

A: 24K gold-plated #111351 $14.95 B: Black Ruthenium clad – With 24K gold-plated buffalo and Native American head. #111352

Imperial Russian Flag

Featuring its eye-catching yellow color, this polyester flag replicates the Imperial Russian design flown at various times through the fall of the Czarist regime in 1917. Includes brass grommets and reinforced edging. 5'x 3'. #104973 $18.95

Joseph Stalin Coin & Stamp Album

Before becoming the blood-thirsty despot, Stalin worked tirelessly for the People’s Revolution in Russia that removed the Royal Family from power in 1917. From 1912 through 1917, Stalin was the editor of the Bolshevik newspaper Pravda (“Truth”), and he worked closely with Lenin before his death. This album includes a 1924-1931 20 kopek silver coin (the last silver coin issued by the Soviets), a 3 kopek coin from WWII era, and a postage stamp featuring his portrait. #111347 $39.95



1/30 SCALE




Great War Russian Army Figures

Fill out your World War I scenes with these 1/30 scale metal figures! Czar Nicholas II, dressed as Colonel-In-Chief of his regiment, and his son, the Czarevich, Alexei, dressed as a junior subaltern of his regiment, address the troops before they march off to fight the Germans. These figures are hand-painted for life-like detail and come ready to display.

A: Czar Nicholas II and Son Alexei Set – 2½" tall. B: Russian Soldier Honoring the Icon – 2½" tall. C: Russian Soldier with Czar’s Standard – 4" tall.

#111346 $89 #110441 $45 #110442 $59

Russian Adrian Helmet

During the First World War, the French supplied their Russian allies with the Adrian helmet – also called Soviet M28. They were then repainted, as well as rebadged in the traditional hammer and sickle emblem after the Revolution in 1917. Hand-painted to resemble the look worn on the Russian Front, this replica is constructed of durable steel and includes an adjustable liner. #107074 $119.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or www.MilitaryIssue.com



Between the Wars / Gangsters 1930 Indian Motorcycle

This 1/12 scale, die cast model of a 1930 Indian Motorcycle features realistic, spoked wheels; a detailed exterior; authentic decals; and an engine. 7½" long.

B-18 Bolo Kit

Replicating a Douglas B-18 Bolo – an American medium bomber which served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during the late 1930s and early 1940s – this 1/72 scale plastic kit features finely molded and photoetched pieces, intricate cockpit and surface details, detailed landing gear, optionally armed turrets, and accurate decals with a choice of four markings. Assembly required, skill level 4, 14" wingspan. #706742 $79.95

1/12 SCALE




Indian Chief Cutout Metal Sign

Featuring an Art Deco style, this cutout metal sign is handmade in the USA from heavygauge steel. Includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 18"x 12".

Made in the USA.




Army Air Corps T-Shirt

The Air Corps star logo, dating back to 1916, has gone through many iterations as America’s aerial forces evolved over the years. Made of a cotM, L, XL: $ ton/polyester blend, this 14.95 handsomely faded t-shirt fea2XL: tures the classic star with its $ 16.95 postwar red stripe. #40056

1923 Series $1 Silver Certificate Note


25% 1923 Lincoln Porthole $ 5 Silver Certificate Modern Note

Own an authentic piece of currency from America's Roaring Twenties! This genuine, $1 silver certificate note was issued in 1923 and arrives in fairly circulated condition. 6"x 2½". #M652202


Reg: 79.95 $ $

A modern reproduction of a historic American Modern Reproduction banknote, this $5 bill – full legal tender – Genuine Tender! – features imagery originally found on a 1923 $5 silver certificate, the first of its kind to feature Abraham Lincoln! A terrific, affordable reproduction, it's available at a fraction of the price of its prototype and features full-color imagery. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a handsome blue folio. #105526 $24.95

1928 $500 McKinley Gold Foil Note

Featuring William McKinley – the 25th president of the United States – this $500 gold foil collectible replicates a note from 1928, in a no-longer produced denomination. #110014 $14.95



Once the most feared bootlegger in Chicago, Al Capone (played by Tom Hardy) is sentenced to 11 years in federal penitentiary for tax evasion. Released from prison at the age of 40 because of his declining health from untreated syphilis, he retires to Florida with his family. Forced to sell off most of his belongings to pay old debts and support himself, he remembers that he stashed away $10 million, but cannot remember where. With his memory nearly gone, his last few years are haunted by the monstrous violence he committed during his life of crime. 1 hr. 44 min. #111469 $12.95

Gangster Metal Signs


Offering a couple of gangster signs you can’t refuse! Handmade in the USA from Made in the USA. high-gauge steel, they include A: NEW! Skull Gangster mounting 14" diameter. holes for easy #111468 $24.95 hanging. B: Gangster for Life – 12"x 18".

M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun





Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

The Thompson Model 1928 submachine gun – the “Chicago Typewriter”– was used by law enforcement and criminals alike during the Prohibition and Depression eras. This museum-quality, non-firing, metal replica of the legendary M1928 has an authentic look and a hefty feel, just like the original! Featuring a working bolt action and trigger, a removable 50-round drum, and a pistol foregrip, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece to your classic firearms display. 34" long. #M600231 $299

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Overview / Rise of the Nazis The Historical Atlas of World War II

Swanston & Swanston. Containing 170 highly detailed maps, this book brings to life all the information of each battle, including strategic 400 Pages! plans, troop formations, strikes and counter strikes, and troop strength. Using a bird’s-eye-view of combat, the reader is able to piece together the big picture of the war and analyze tactics and strategies at play. A great visual resource for WWII fans! 400 pages, 170 maps and colorful illustrations throughout, 8¼"x 10½", softcover. #111546 $19.95

World War II Flag

This flag honors those who sacrificed for our freedom during WWII. Made of durable polyester, it comes ready for display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.


B: European Theater –

This plaque features sand from operations Torch, Husky, Avalanche, Shingle, Overlord, and Dragoon. #107332



World War II 75 Anniversary $2 Bills





B Commemorating D-Day with sand from all five Normandy landing beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. #107331



These highly detailed, laser-engraved red alder wood plaques commemorate landing sites of U.S. military operations in World War II and contain authentic sand samples from the landing beaches! 12¾"x 9". $119.95 each

Limited Quantity!

A: Operation Overlord

A Grateful Nation Remembers: 1941-1945


Landing Beaches Plaques with Sand


Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, these authentic $ 2 bills are genuine U.S. legal tender and capture the beginning and end of America's involvement. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a $ blue display folio. 16.95 each

A: D-Day B: Battle of the Bulge C: D-Day Normandy D: End of War E: Iwo Jima F: Pearl Harbor

#107276 #109111 #105732 #110245 #110246 #110243

Buy Both Plaques – Save $40! #111801 $199.90

1920 Austrian Anti-Semitic 3-Note Set

These 10, 20, and 50 Heller notes were issued by the Amstetten District German-Austrian Anti-Semite League. The front of these notes show the burning of seven Authentic Artifacts! Jewish Newspapers, and the backs have a different anti-Semitic propaganda message, with the 50 Heller having a swastika on the back, one of the earliest uses of the symbol by the still-emerging Nazi party. #111419 $99.95

Hitler’s Munich

The Capital of the Nazi Movement

Hall. The immediate aftermath of the Great War and the Versailles Treaty created a perfect storm of economic, social, political, and cultural factors which sped the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. The breeding ground for this world-changing evolution was the city of Munich. 320 pages, 32 B&W photos, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #111549


Munich Flag with Coat of Arms


The German name for Munich translates to “of monks.” This durable polyester flag comes ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.


Order Today at 800-989-1945 or www.MilitaryIssue.com





Nazi Regime / German Ground Weapons

A Note About These Products: Products covering Nazi Germany are offered as items of importance for historians and collectors. Military Issue condemns the philosophies, ideals and practices of Nazism.

A band of SA trumpeters and Nazi Parade drummers, led by Figures a bellowing drum major, head the A procession featuring Hitler and his staff in the Führer’s Mercedes W31 staff car. These 1/30 scale metal figures are hand-painted for life-like detail 1/30 SCALE and come ready to display.

1948 Berlin 50 Deutsche Mark Note Authentic

This beautiful, authentic bank Artifact! note hails from Berlin circa 1948 − a tumultuous postwar period for Germany, split between east and west. This uncirculated 50 Deutsche Mark note was issued just before the infamous division of the country and the international crisis that was the Berlin Blockade. 6½"x 3½". #107695 $16.95

Authentic Artifacts!

Minted by Nazi Germany from 1940 to 1945, the Reichspfennig coin – a zinc metal replacement of the previous bronze version – was an emergency issue type distributed during WWII. Genuine artifacts of the Third Reich, each coin showcases a Nazi eagle with swastika on the obverse and a denomination on the reverse. Circulated condition. ½"- ¾" diameter.

A: NEW! 7-Figure SA Drum and Trumpet Section With drum major, three drummers, and three trumpeters. 2½" tall.

#111553 $299 B: Führer’s W31 Mercedes Benz W31 Staff Car

1940s German Reichspfennig Coins


Polystone. Includes 6 figures: Hitler, SS diver, Josef Dietrich, Karl Wolff, and two SS bodyguards. 7¾" long.


1: #106781 5: #106782 10: #106783


9.95 12.95 $ 14.95 $


Nazi Party Visor Cap

Adolf Hitler: Pure Evil

Was Adolf Hitler, as occultists claim, possessed by a hateful ancient god? This gripping new look at the Führer examines his unquestionable evil from a different perspective, suggesting that, more than just a maniacal tyrant, he was given the power of spellbinding oratory and rhetoric to fulfill the destiny of human destruction. 1 hr. 10 min. $



Replicating a green visor cap worn by the Führer himself, this conversationstarting collectible includes many of the original's recognizable features – including “A.H.” embossed on the leather sweat shield, gold bullion accents, a wool top, and a realistic lined interior. #106403 $89.95

Buy All Three – Save 35%! #106784 $24.95 Available Sizes: 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 73/8, 7 1/2

Tank Warfare – 1939-1945

Forty & Forty. On the battlefields of Europe and North Africa during the Second World War, tanks played a key role, and the intense pressure of combat drove forward tank design and tactics at an extraordinary rate. In a few years, on all sides, tank warfare was transformed. This title shows how the harsh experience of the German blitzkrieg campaigns in Poland, France, and the Soviet Union compelled the Western Allies to reconsider their equipment, organization and tactics – and how the Germans responded to the Allied challenge. 216 pages, 200 B&W photos, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #111566 $29.95

Tank 3D Color Lamps with Remote


Perfect for any tank enthusiast, these 3D color lamps feature a pair of German WWII tanks, the Tiger and the Panther. They have 8 color modes and come with a touchbutton remote. $

8 Changeable Color Modes!

49.95 each

A: Tiger I #111561


B: Panther #111562

German 28cm K5(E) “Leopold” Railway Gun Kit B

This 1/144 scale plastic kit replicates the devastating K5 railway gun “Leopold” used by the Germans in Italy to counter the American landing in Anzio in February 1944. Kit includes a section of track for the gun to rest on, six crew figures to operate the gun, and features decals and instructions for two different paint schemes, panzer gray and dark yellow camo. Assembly required, 48 pieces, skill level 4, 7½" long. #111565 $24.95

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Dressed smartly in his Luftwaffe uniform, Captain “Willi” is ready to command his airmen during the Second World War! This 1/6 scale articulated figure arrives with a host of realistic equipment including interchangeable hands, a helmet and visor cap, breeches, an officer tunic, two belts, gloves, leather jackboots, a sword (with scabbard), a P38 pistol (with leather holster), a champagne bottle with glass, and realistic insignia. 12" tall.



This 1/18 scale Me 262A-1a Fighter Kit plastic kit replicates the Messerschmitt Me 262, the first operational jet fighter in the world and one of the most advanced aircraft of its time. This model features rolling rubber tires, a glazed canopy, opening fuselage panels, engraved panel lines, realistic engines and ordnance loads, and authentic decals. Assembly required, 230+ pieces, skill level 5, 26¾" wingspan.




Over 2-Foot Wingspan!



Bf 109E-4 Model


German Luftwaffe Captain Figure


Wearing 58 victory tallies on its tail, this 1/48 scale, die cast model – a centerpiece collectible from Hobby Master – recreates a Bf 109E-4 as it appeared in late 1940 piloted by 1/48 SCALE Adolf Galland, one of the most accomplished aces in combat history. It also features an opening canopy, a pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, JG 26 markings, and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #981244 $92.95

I Flew for the Fuhrer

The Memoirs of a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot

Knoke. Joining the Luftwaffe on the eve of World War II, Heinz Knoke fought for Germany throughout the conflict, eventually commanding a fighter wing. In over 400 missions, he shot down 52 Allied aircraft, including 19 American four-engined heavy bombers. Towards the end of the war, he was shot down and badly injured, but ultimately earned Germany's highest award for gallantry, the Knight's Cross. A fascinating counterbalance to the numerous accounts written by Allied pilots. 208 pages, 32 B&W photos, 6"x 9¼", softcover. #706895 $19.95


German WWII Fighter PhotoEtch Kits


These 1/72 scale photo-etched metal kits replicate a pair of WWII-era German fighters: the Ho 229 and the Bf 109. The Bf 109 served as the backbone of the Luftwaffe’s fighter B force, and the Ho 229, developed in the later years of the war, was the first flying wing aircraft to be powered by jet engines. These kits feature remarkable detail, and create a 3D skeletal model when completed. Assembly required, skill level 5. A: Ho 229 – Includes a display stand. 128 pieces, 9" wingspan.

#706893 $99.95 B: Bf 109 – 63 pieces, 5¼" wingspan. #706894 $69.95

Luftwaffe Field Division Tunic

M, L, XL:



This reproduction Luftwaffe 2XL: splinter camo combat tunic $ 199.95 features a button-front closure with a strap around the collar, two patch pockets and straight edged button-down flaps, stitched eyelets for the belt support hooks, opening ventilation armpits, and snap-closure cuffs.


Luftwaffe Paratrooper Knife

This fantasy collectible of a World War II Luftwaffe paratrooper knife features a A Sliding Metal stainless steel blade inside a sliding metal Frame Exposes the Blade! frame, authentic Nazi insignia, and correct manufacturer markings. 8" long when open. #M650647 $16.95

Nazi Top Brass

1/30 SCALE

Replicating two of the most abominable personages of the 20th century – Hitler’s A Luftwaffe commander Reichsmarschal Hermann Göring and Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels – these 1/30 scale metal figures are hand-painted for lifelike detail, and come ready to display. 2½" tall.

A: Hermann Göring #101933 $49 B: Josef Goebbels – Includes podium. #102128

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German Equipment / Weapons

German Army Uniforms of World War II A Photographic Guide to Clothing, Insignia, and Kit

Bull. In place of the wide variety of uniforms and insignia worn by the Imperial German Army in World War I, a standardized approach was instituted with the rise of the Nazi Party. The outbreak of war in 1939 prompted more adaptations and simplifications. Specialist troops were issued distinctive uniforms and kit, and the ever-expanding variety of fronts the German Army fought on required clothing for different climates and conditions. As the war dragged on, material shortages played a large part in supplying troops. 256 pages, photos throughout, 7½"x 9½", hardcover. #111531 $39.95

Genuine Issue!

Genuine WWII German Dust Goggles

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a genuine WWII artifact with these dust goggles, originally issued to motorcyclists and North African-stationed (DAK) soldiers of the Wehrmacht!




$ Tinted lenses, worn condition. #109060 Reg: 29.95 $

German M41 Rucksack

The M41 Rucksack can be carried using the A-Frame or by using two carry straps like a backpack. It is designed with an olive green cotton/linen canvas and includes two outer pockets and a main compartment with an interior pocket. The dish buttons are gray-painted steel, the grommets are nickel-plated steel, and the leather is 100% cowhide. #109548 $99.95

Splinter camouflage was commonly worn by German forces during the Second World War, and this modern reimagining features geometric shapes with a rainlike overprint. 100% cotton.

M, L, XL: $17.95 $ #110270 2XL: 19.95



M44 Pea Camo Field Cap

Cut to the original's specifications, this quality reproduction of a German military-issued cap is made of 100% cotton.


#M652457 Reg: $24.95 $

Available Sizes: 7 1/4, 73/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8

German P38 BlankFiring Pistol

Designed in the late 1930s to replace the more costly Luger, the Walther P38 is a semiautomatic pistol that served as the primary ser- Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details. vice handgun of the Wehrmacht during World War II. It remains in service and more than a million have been manufactured. A blank-firing replica of the iconic weapon, this black pistol features a removable clip, composite-lined grips, and a working safety. 8½" long. #101012 $129.95 more “rounds” with this 50-pack of blank ammunition! #M651822 $24.95

Hitler “Loyalty” Pocket Knife

These Y-Strap Suspenders were the standard combat suspenders used by German troops during the mid/late stages of World War II. They feature steel hardware, a buckle auxiliary strap, quality leather, and RBNr markings.

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

Splinter Night Camo T-Shirt

50-Pack 8mm Pistol Blanks – Fire off a few

German World War II Y-Strap Suspenders


A Note About These Products: Products covering Nazi Germany are offered as items of importance for historians and collectors. Military Issue condemns the philosophies, ideals and practices of Nazism.



Designed with the Führer on one side and a swastika on the other, this pocket knife features the words “My Honor is Loyalty” in German on the blade. Brass handle, stainless steel blade. Measures 6¼" long open. #109943 $19.95

German Rockets 28 cm/32 /32 cm Kit

Embellish your World War II scenes with these model German rockets! This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates German 28cm WK SPR and 32cm WK Flamm rockets and their wooden housing crates. The kit includes pieces to make 24 rockets (12 of each kind) and 24 crates. They feature incredible detail, replicating different surfaces, and include authentic decals. The crates can be painted three different colors. Illustrated instructions included. Assembly required, skill level 3, 1½" long. #111554 $24.95

Karabiner 98 Rifle with Sling

This museum-quality, non-firing replica of the Karabiner 98 – a bolt-action rifle that was standard-issue to Wehrmacht soldiers during WWII – has an authentic look and hefty feel, just like the original! Made with a hardwood stock and functioning metal parts (including a moving rear tangent sight), this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece in your WWII memorabilia display. 43½" long; includes a sling. #M651815 $269.95


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North Africa / Anti-Tank Panzer III Ausf. N Tunisia Kit

This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates a Panzer III Ausf.N, the final variant in the Panzer III family, operated in Tunisia with the German Afrika Korps in 1942-43. It features easy-toassemble tracks, finely detailed interior and exterior, authentic decals, and easy to follow instructions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 6½" long. #111551 $99.95

German Afrika Korps Kübelwagen Building Block Set

German M38 Fallschirjager Helmet – Afrika Korps

This full-size steel helmet replicates a Nazi paratrooper helmet with the camo scheme of the Afrika Korps. Given an aged look, it features a leather liner, adjustable leather chin strap, a wire band, and the Third Reich eagle and swastika. #111555 $149.95

Allies vs. The Afrika Korps

The Kübelwagen Type 82 was the most common passenger car for German troops in the North African Campaign. Add an interactive model to your North African Theater scenes with this fun building block set! It features rolling wheels, opening doors and trunk, and includes a German soldier figure with an MP 40 submachine gun. 195 pieces and one soldier figure. 5" long. #111470 $24.95

In November 1942, the Allies launched "Operation Torch," the invasion of French North Africa with the purpose of repelling the invading German forces. Examine the entire campaign, and its many historical leaders such as George Patton, Dwight Eisenhower, and Erwin Rommel, with this fascinating six-film program featuring rare vintage footage and celebratory British newsreels. B&W. 1 hr. 47 min. #MV52943 $19.95

1943 British Military Authority 1 Shilling Note

Issued in 1943, this genuine 1 shilling note was created by the British Military Authority for usage by its soldiers stationed in North Africa, fighting against Rommel’s tenacious Afrika Korps. A terrific artifact saluting those who served, it features an image of a lion sitting atop a crown. Circulated condition. 4½"x 2½". #109006 $59.95

Rommel’s Rod Kit

In 1969, famous hot rod artist Tom Daniel designed this Rommel’s Rod caricature kit as a follow-up to the wildly popular Red Baron kit. This re-issued edition of that famous, 1/24 scale plastic kit features a Mercedes front and a half-track rear, a swivel-mounted machine gun, vinyl tires, skeleton driver and Rommel figures, and more. 71 pieces, assembly required. 9" long.





Erwin Rommel Resin Bust

Erwin Rommel – a German general, commonly referred to as “Desert Fox,” who served as field marshal in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany during WWII – is reproduced in this bronzed resin bust. 5¾" tall. #110358 $29.95

Panzer Marches

Digitally remastered from original Third Reich recordings, this CD features 28 songs and marches that inspired German tank crews during WWII. Songs include Heil, Motoren-standarte; Landser und Panzer; Ade, Polenland; Panzer Rollen in Afrika vor; Heia, Safari!; Unser Rommel; and more! 1 hr. 17 min. #MA10103 $19.95

Hitler’s Anti-Tank Weapons 1939-15

Seidler. Using many rare unpublished images, this title covers the full Nazi anti-armor capability from the 3.7cm Pak 35, 5cm Pak 38, and 7.5cm Pak 40, to the versatile 8.8cm Flak feared by the Allies. Later hand-held anti-tank weapons came into service and the Panzerfaust became the first disposable anti-tank weapon in history. This comprehensive book shows the German range of weapons in action from Poland in 1939 to the final collapse in 1945. 128 pages, #111545 $19.95 250 B&W photos, 7½"x 9½", softcover. This 1/30 scale metal model scene replicates the ferocious 88mm Flak 36 gun with gunner crew. The 88mm Flak gun was one of the most recognizable German weapons of World War II. Designed as an antiaircraft gun, its complex mounting allowed it to service as an anti-tank gun for armored ground targets. This incredibly detailed set comes with 14 pieces, each one hand-painted for an authentic look. Crew figures 2½" tall, Flak gun 7½" tall. #103549 $375.95

88mm Flak 36 Dual Purpose Gun and 3-Figure Crew Set

1/30 SCALE

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Pearl Harbor / Homefront Hawaii State Flag

The beautiful state of Hawaii is represented in this highquality flag. Made from durable polyester, this flag is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and features brass grommets to ensure easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #108991 $18.95

Bankrupting the Enemy

Distressed Metal Signs

Add some flair to your garage or man cave with one of these automotive metal signs. Purposely distressed for a A vintage look, they include mounting holes for easy hanging. 12"x 18". $29.95 each

A: NEW! Muscle Up America #111570 B: Grumpy Old Ford Owner #105540

The U.S. Financial Siege of Japan Before Pearl Harbor

Miller. Washington experts predicted that the war with China would bankrupt Japan, not knowing that the Japanese government had hidden a huge amount of dollars in New York. When discovered, Japan scrambled to extract the money. But in July 1941, President Roosevelt froze Japan’s dollars and forbid them from selling its hoard of gold to the U.S. Treasury, the only open market after 1939. 368 pages, 6"x 9", hardcover. #111568 $14.95

1940 Ford Coupe Model

1935 series $1 Silver Certificate “Hawaii” SAVE Currency Note


Own one of the only emergency notes ever created by the United States of America! This genuine, $1 Hawaiian silver certificate note – with the Genuine WWII Artifact! treasury seal and serial numbers printed in brown ink and “HAWAII” printed on the front and back – was issued in 1942 as special currency restricted to the Hawaiian Islands to ensure that U.S. money could be quickly demonetized should the islands fall to the enemy. Circulated condition. 6"x 2½". $ $


#M651030 Reg: 119.95


1/18 SCALE

This detailed, 1/18 scale, die cast model features a fully outfitted interior with #R77313 $39.95 a working steering wheel and glazed windows, a hood that opens to reveal an intricate engine, opening trunk and doors, plenty of simulated chrome, a spare tire in the trunk, and free-rolling wheels with whitewall tires. 10½" long; includes a display base.

Women of World War II Figures

A great addition to your homefront scenes, these 1/30 scale metal figures replicate a pair of women who did their patriotic duty during WWII. With period-appropriate attire, these figures are hand-painted for life-like detail. $ 2½" tall. 39.95 each

A: Rosie the Riveter #111571 B: USMC Women’s Reservist #111572


Vintage-Inspired Legal Tender!



1/30 SCALE

Rosie the Riveter Plush Doll

Perfect for kids and adults, this plush Rosie the Riveter doll is here to lend her “CanDo” attitude! 11" tall. #111573 $24.95

Hawaii Overprint $1 Note

Hawaii overprint notes were issued during WWII as emergency currency after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This stunning reproduction is genuine legal tender and is an affordable rendition of the popular note! A handsome, two-side folio for display and certificate of authenticity are also included. #107395 $16.95

World War II Posters

Pollack. While soldiers risked their lives on the WWII battlefields, an equally vigorous propaganda campaign was fought on the home front. This pictorial history, which features more than 500 vintage images, examines the posters – including those focused on recruiting, conservation, and fundraising – distributed to help convince civilians at home to support the war effort. 351 pages, 548 color and B&W photos, 9"x12", hardcover. #102142 $49.95



WWII Recruitment Facemasks

These patriotic B masks feature two of the most recognizable recruitment images of World War II. They’re made A: “Keep ‘Em Flying” of soft, breathable polyester and include Rosie the Riveter #706816 adjustable straps for a close, $ B: comfortable fit. 12.95 each NEW! Uncle Sam #111574

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Britain / Patton


Gen. George S. Patton Among America's most iconic generals, George Patton – an early advocate of tank warfare – helped finish off the Germans at the helm of the legendary Third Army.

Edward VIII: Nazi King of England Album

Serving as the King of England for less than a year in 1936, Edward VIII’s brief tenure – cut short by abdication in order to marry an American divorcée Authentic Artifacts! – was nonetheless controversial for its Nazi sympathies, leaving Hitler distraught at his departure. This album commemorates this unusual relationship. It includes a medallion with Edward VIII’s portrait, a silver 2 Reichsmark from Nazi Germany featuring the eagle and swastika, a half-penny from British West Africa, and a certificate of authenticity. 11"x 7". #111576 $59.95

Patton “We Lead People” T-Shirt

24.95 Inspire your troops with sagely advice from General Patton! 2XL, 3XL: $ Featuring sharp screen-printed 26.95 graphics given a weathered look, this shirt is made of a soft pre-shrunk cotton/polyester blend. #111486 Made in the USA.

American/ British Flag

Celebrate the long-term friendship between these two great Allies with this singlesided polyester flag! Featuring equal parts of both the British and U.S. design, it includes a canvas header and brass grommets for hanging. 5'x 3'. #107109 $18.95

Countering Hitler’s Spies

British Military Intelligence, 1940-1945

Wynn. The Double Cross system, operated by MI5, involved capturing German spies who had been sent to the United Kingdom and offering them the opportunity to become double agents and spy for the British against the Germans. Most agreed, although the alternative wasn’t that pleasant: refusing to become a spy would have almost certainly resulted in death. One double agent was so good at what he did that Germany awarded him the Iron Cross, while Britain made him a Member of the British Empire (MBE). 192 pages, 32 B&W photos, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #111577 $29.95

M, L, XL:


Patton “Grease Our Tanks” Metal Sign

Featuring an iconic quote from George S. Patton, a U.S. Army General after whom many battle tanks are named, this metal sign includes mounting holes. 18"x 12".




Patton’s Way

A Radical Theory of War

Morningstar. Perhaps no figure in the history of the U.S. military is as enigmatic as George Patton, a man who is as often criticized for his independent thinking as he was praised for the battlefield successes to which they led. This new portrait of the general attempts to reconcile these contradictions and intimately dissects his unique strategic perspective. 404 pages, B&W and color photos, 6"x 9½", hardcover. #102766 $34.95 1/30 SCALE

Patton Figure

Holding a pair of binoculars, this 1/30 scale metal figure recreates the prickly general complete with a steel helmet and leather bomber jacket. 2½" tall. #M512001 $29.95

Lee-Enfield SMLE Rifle

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

This museum-quality, non-firing replica of the iconic Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) rifle – various marks of the Lee-Enfield were the British Army's standard bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle from 1895 until 1956 – has an authentic look and hefty feel, just like the original! Made with a hardwood stock and functioning metal parts such as a working bolt action, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece in your World War I or II memorabilia display. 45" long. #M600225 $299.95

British Enfield Rifle Sling

Lee-Enfield Rifle Case

A perfect fit for your Lee-Enfield rifle, this expertly crafted canvas case features an exterior pocket, two sling swivels, and “JT&L London 1940” markings. 46" long, 10" wide at the top. #105088 $34.95

This olive drab rifle sling replicates the specs of a Lee-Enfield rifle sling used by the British military in WWII. It’s marked with “J. & A. H. 1944” and features brass fixtures with aged patina. 42½"long.




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Allied Soldiers / Weapons M1 Garand Rifle Replica

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.


This museum-quality, non-firing replica of the legendary and dependable M1 Garand rifle – which made a name for itself in the hands of U.S. soldiers and Marines across the globe during World War II – has an authentic look and hefty feel, just like the original! Made with a hardwood stock and functioning metal parts such as a working slide and trigger, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece in your World War II memorabilia display. 43" long. #M600216 $299.95

M1938 M1 Garand Leather Scabbard – This handsome, saddle leather scabbard – designed to house your firearm while traveling at high speeds in Jeeps, motorcycles, etc. – is a perfect fit for the M1 Garand and other similarly sized rifles, and features brass hardware, copper rivets, a shoulder strap, tightening loops, and hand stitching. 26" long. #102593 $79.95 Updated Edition!

7"x 10", softcover.

Finding Your Father's War

Gawne. Here is an easily accessible handbook for anyone seeking greater knowledge of their relatives' experience in WWII, or anyone seeking a better understanding of the U.S. Army during the war. With photos throughout, charts, and an engaging narrative with rare insights into wartime service, this book is an invaluable tool for understanding our "citizen soldiers," who once rose as a generation to fight the greatest war in American history. 352 pages, 470+ photos,




M1911 Field Strip Pistol

An exact reproduction of the U.S. Army sidearm, this M1911 pistol offers a unique fieldShipping restrictions apply. Call for details. stripping design for safe training and great practice! This non-firing model features an easy break down and reassemble construction, along with handsome dark wood grips, and a high-quality black finish. 9½" long. #105790 $139.95

Miniature M1911 Model Pistol

Female Soldier with M1 Rifle Metal Sign

This seductive metal sign pays tribute to the D-Day invasion and the M1 rifle. Comes with mounting holes for easy hanging. 12"x 18". #107681 $29.95

WWII .45 DoubleMag Pouch

This black leather magazine pouch is handcrafted to replicate the WWII U.S.-issued .45 double-mag pouch. It holds two standard USGI magazines and features a brass clasp with artificially aged patina and era-appropriate markings, “G.MC. JEFF. 1942 H.E.K.” 5"x 5½". #107318 $26.95

Thompson 3-Cell Mag Pouches

These mag pouches replicate the 3-cell, 30-round magazine A pouches used by U.S. troops during World War II. Handcrafted from durable canvas, they feature brass snap-closures, and feature era-appropriate markings. 7"x 10½".


19.95 each


This miniature die cast version of the M1911 has incredible features, such as realistic moving parts, a locking slide that moves back, a double safety mechanism, a trigger, a closed barrel, and a display stand. 4" long.


Bullets not included.



Canvas M3 Shoulder Holster with Shell Loops

This olive drab holster replicates the World War II-era U.S. issued M3 Victory holster. It comes complete with shell loops on its adjustable shoulder strap, a securing-strap, metal hardware, and JT&L markings. #111543 $34.95


A: Dark Olive Drab #106463 B: Khaki #100529

American Submachine Guns 1919-1950

Guillou. A pictorial guide to America’s most influential submachine guns (SMGs), this edition covers the legendary Thompson SMG, M3 “Grease Gun,” and much more! In addition to details on each weapon’s design, it addresses their construction and testing, along with use by prohibition-era gangsters. Also included are accessories, uniforms, and other equipment. 80 pages, 450 color and B&W photos, 9"x 12", hardcover. #106638 $24.95

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Allied Soldiers / Equipment Genuine Issue U.S. M1945 Cargo Bag

Genuine Issue! – Limited Quantity.

U.S. M41 Field Jacket

Made of cotton, this authentic reproduction of an M41 field jacket – the primary G.I. jacket of American forces during the Second World War – features a mustard wool lining, a button front with a zipper, two slash pockets, epaulets, and button tabs to adjust the cuffs and waist.

This authentic-issue M1945 cargo bag is made of heavy-duty cotton canvas with four closure straps, allmetal hardware, and a rugged cotton-web handle. Used but in good condition. 19"x 12"x 9". #111461 $59.95



World War II Rescue Squad Figures

Recreate a World War II cinematic battle scene with these 1/12 scale articulated figures of rescue squad soldiers featuring an accurate head LIMITED EDITION 1/12 sculpt, 3 pairs of hands, a shirt, a field SCALE jacket and pants, military boots and helmet, grenades, water jug, combat LIMITED EDITION belt, tri-fold shovel, accurate armament, and figure stand. $ 6" tall. 99.95 each A: Sniper – Includes an M1903A4 rifle with two scopes and an M1911A1 pistol with holster. #109910 Reg: $109.95 B: Paratrooper – Includes an M1 Garand rifle. #109911 Reg: $109.95

Buy Both Figures – Save $20!




The Fighting 30th Division They Called Them Roosevelt’s SS

King, Hilborn, & Collins. Recruited mainly from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee, the 30th Infantry Division was one of the hardest-fighting units the U.S. ever fielded in Europe. Their U.S. Army nickname was the “Old Hickory” Division. But after encountering them on the battlefield, the Germans themselves came to call them “Roosevelt’s SS.” This work follows their story from Normandy to the final victory in Germany, packed with previously untold accounts from the survivors. 360 pages, 16 pages of photos, 6"x 9", softcover. #111542 $19.95

M1910 Canteen with Cup

Equip yourself like a World War II soldier! This replica WWII canteen is made of aluminum and features a screw-on cap with connected chain, and comes with an aluminum cup. #M652451 $19.95

M1910 Canteen Cover – Light Olive Drab Replicating the M1910 covers used in WWII, it fits an M1910 canteen. Made of cotton canvas and includes belt attachment.








Available Sizes: 40, 44, 46, 48, 50

U.S. WWII M1938 Leggings

Along with the M1 helmet and rifle, the M1938 legging was one of the icons of WWII U.S. GIs. These leggings, made of 100% Available cotton canvas, replicate the iconic Sizes: articles. Great for enthusiasts 15"-16" calf and reenactors! 17"-18" calf




U.S. Army Engineers Flag

During WWII, the U.S. Army Engineers undertook countless missions from homefront facility assembly to clearing underwater obstacles at Normandy. This red flag features their famous castle-style logo. 100% polyester, includes brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #109308 $18.95

U.S. Army Engineers Metal Sign

Pay tribute to the heroic efforts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with this nostalgic metal sign! Artificially aged for a vintage look, it includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 12"x 18". #111519 $29.95

A Combat Engineer with Patton’s Army

The Fight Across Europe with the 80th “Blue Ridge” Division in World War II

Lembo & Reed. This is the untold story of Frank Lembo, one of Patton’s engineers who helped move the American command in the battle of Argentan in the Normandy Campaign, in the high-speed pursuit of the German Wehrmacht eastward across France, in the brutal battles waged during the Battle of the Bulge, and during the final combat along the borders of the collapsing Reich. Through letters to his wife, you’ll experience a unique eyewitness view of life of a combat engineer under wartime conditions. 288 pages, 75 photos and 50 maps, 6"x 9", hardcover. #111518 $34.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or www.MilitaryIssue.com



Allied Ground Power U.S. Army 8" Howitzer Gun Kit

World War II U.S. Army Vehicles Kit

This 1/144 scale plastic kit replicates three WWII U.S. Army vehicles: M4 Sherman tank, M8 Greyhound Armored Recon vehicle, and CCKW 353 truck. There are parts for two of each vehicle, six total in the kit. They feature realistic surface details and authentic decals. Assembly required, 62 pieces, skill level 3, 1¼"-2" long. #111533 $14.95

Recreating an 8-inch howitzer with its own movable cart, this 1/48 scale plastic kit features highlydetailed parts, accurate markings, soldier figures, treaded tires, and more! Assembly required, skill level 2. 8" long, 90+ pieces. #109092 $19.95

U.S. Army Star Flag

Allied Armour, 1939-1945 – British and American Tanks at War

Featuring the classic Army star from the 1940s, this polyester flag includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'.

Tucker-Jones. During the first years of World War II, Allied forces endured a series of terrible defeats at the hands of the Germans, Italians, and Japanese. But the advent of new tank designs and variants, especially those from the United States, turned the tables. Although German armor was arguably still superior at the end of the war, the competence of Allied designs and the sheer scale of their production gave them a decisive advantage on the armored battlefield. 248 pages, 70 B&W photos, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #111595 $29.95




M4A3 Sherman Model

1/50 SCALE

Recreated in expert detail, this fabulous 1/50 scale, die cast model replicates the M4A3 tank as seen in Luxemburg in 1944 with the U.S. Army. Features include engraved panel lines, an accurate paint scheme and insignias, a movable metal turret, a main gun, realistic tracks, authentic pad-printed markings, and more! 4½" long.

18.95 each


1 Armored Division 2nd Armored Division 3rd Armored Division

#111609 #111610 #111611


Buy All Three – Save 30% #111612 $39.95

1st Armored Division Metal Sign

Featuring the 1st Armored Division’s insignia along with its nickname, “Old Ironsides,” this wall decoration is perfect for your office or den. 24-gauge steel; includes mounting holes. 16"x 16".






M, L, XL: $14.95

2XL, 3XL: $16.95

“Army” is stylishly faded on the front of this olive drab t-shirt, made of a 60% cotton/40% polyester blend. #101942

Arm patch will vary.

WWII U.S. Tanker Jacket

U.S. Army Armored Divisions Caps

These khaki caps are a salute to the U.S. Army’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armored Divisions. “Tanks” for defending our freedom! Adjustable with hook and loop closure, one size fits most.

Vintage Army Shirt



Based on the U.S. tank crewmen's jackets during WWII, this reproduction has a 100% cotton shell with a 100% wool lining, a full-zip front, a knit collar, waist, and cuffs, two front pockets, and an armored division shoulder patch.

Available sizes: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52




Armored Divisions of WWII

This multi-program DVD offers insight on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Divisions as well as the liberation of France, the role played by tanks in the Battle of the Bulge, and a sneak peek at the newest late-war weapon: the M26 Pershing. 1 hr. 54 min. #107242 $19.95

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Allied Support Vehicles The Jeep – Second World War

Cole. Born in the heat of battle, the versatile and rugged Jeep emerged a hero to thousands of Allied soldiers around the world. The equally heroic civilian Jeeps of the 1940s firmly established the brand as the undisputed leader in 4x4 technology. A selection of archived images details the history of this important vehicle, providing a wonderful reference to enthusiasts and modelers alike. 64 pages, 9½"x 11½", softcover. #108078 $19.95 A


U.S. Military Vehicles Metal Signs

These metal signs pay tribute to the dependable vehicles that kept our troops protected in armed combat. Made in the USA, they come with mounting holes for easy hanging. Made in the USA.

A: Military Jeep – 18"x 12". #400356 $29.95

B: “Jeep Since 1941” – 14" diameter. #109898 $29.95 C: “Deuce and a Half” 14"x 8. #105678 $19.95

Military JeepStyle Knit Sweater

This acrylic knit sweater, inspired by military jeep sweaters, is warm and rugged enough $ for fall and win$ M, L, XL: Reg: 52.95 ter outdoor exp$ 2XL: Reg: $54.95 editions, but classy enough for fancydress functions. It features soft, durable suede velvet accents at OVER the collar and patches at the elbows. #111567

42.95 44.95


U.S. Military WWII Vehicle Kits

These 1/35 scale and 1/48 scale plastic kits replicate U.S. military vehicles used in World War II. They feature authentic decals and realistic surface details. Assembly required.

MP ¼-ton Jeep with Trailer and Figure – This newly tooled,

1/35 scale plastic kit of an MP Jeep features an accompanying open-top trailer, a rotating machine gun, a military police officer figure, treaded free-rolling tires, and four sets of authentic decals. skill level 3, 9" long with trailer. #108233 $49.95

M3A1 Scout Car – This 1/35 scale, plastic kit includes a finely molded hull with bolt, rivet, and panel details, well-equipped driver's and fighting compartments, a detailed engine, a rotating winch, optional-position doors and engine hood panels, machine guns, photo-etched brass detail parts, and decals for three versions. 297 pieces, skill level 4, 6¼" long. #M800541 $49.95 U.S. 2½-Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

This 1/48 scale plastic kit features a die cast chassis with metal screws for easy truck body assembly, a removable cab top with realistic canvas texture, a fully outfitted cab with a driver figure, an optional-position tailgate, and a choice of two markings. 80+ pieces, skill level 2, 5¼" long. #M800252 $39.95

250 Gallon Tank & M101 Cargo Trailer Set

This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates two military trailers and features textured surfaces, realistically treaded tires, and authentic markings. 54 pieces, skill level 2, 4" long. #M807217 $19.95



G.I. Jeep Caps

Made in

These G.I. jeep caps are a the USA. quality reproduction of those worn by soldiers during WWII, featuring the hat's signature brim. $ 100% wool. 12.95 each

Olive Drab #100524

Black #100525

GMC Bofors 40mm Gun Cargo Truck

This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates a GMC truck equipped with the Bofors 40mm gun and features finely molded olive drab pieces, a realistic chassis, a glazed windshield, a well-equipped cab and rear gunner station, treaded tires, numerous photo-etched parts, realistic accessories, and authentic decals. 380+ pieces, skill level 5, 8½" long. #100995 $44.95

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European Air War / Italy

B-17G Flying Fortress Model

World War II U.S. Gunships

1/72 SCALE

This 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates a B-17G with markings for USAAF 327th BS, 92nd BG, “Snake Hips,” as it would have appeared flying from Pondington, England, on August 24, 1944. This replica features rotating propellers, engraved panel lines, a “glass” bombardier nose, opening bomb bay doors, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, rotatable turret, LIMITED EDITION crew figures, and a display stand. 17¼" wingspan.

#706644 Reg: $224.95





B-25J Mitchell "Glass Nose" Over MTO Kit

Designed to honor the memory of General Billy Mitchell, the B-25 was one of the most famous twin-engine U.S. bombers of WWII. This 1/32 scale plastic kit replicates the B-25J variant, featuring a Over 2-Foot Wingspan! detailed cockpit interior, accurate engines, a detailed underside, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 5. Measures 20" long with a 25" wingspan. #706027 $249.95

B-24D Liberator Model

1/72 SCALE

On August 1, 1943, a strategic bombing campaign against Nazi oil refineries in Romania was attempted by 176 B-24 Liberators – a disaster for the USAAF with the loss of more than 650 crewmen. An Air Force 1 replica of “Wongo Wongo” – a B-24D lost during the mission, along with her crew of ten – this 1/72 scale, die cast model features open or closed bomb bays, optional-position landing gear, authentic 512th BS markings, and a display stand. 18¼" wingspan. #703750 $124.95

Wolf. Lacking adequate escort fighters early in the war, the USAAF conceived of a plan to outfit B-17 and B-24 bombers with enough firepower to serve as intimidating convoys. This illustrated volume offers insight on the XB-41 and XB-40 “destroyer escort planes” that, even before the ultimate introduction of the P-51 Mustang, never successfully materialized due to their heft and lack of nimble maneuverability. 80 pages, 7½"x 10", softcover. #706780 $21.95



Make a bold statement with these patriotic facemasks! Made of 100% polyester, with adjustable straps. Machine washable, and these colors don’t run, either! B

$12.95 each

A: P-38 Lightning #706815 B: B-25 Mitchell #706812 LIMITED EDITION

Those Nagging Mosquitoes

Stan Stokes. One of the first squadrons to be equipped with the de Havilland Signed by Sqn. Ldr. Mosquito was George Parry! the RAF No. 105, which, in September of 1942, executed a daring sortie targeting Gestapo Headquarters in Norway. This limited edition print depicts Squadron Leader George Parry and the mission’s two surviving Mosquitos returning to base after a successful completion of duties. 16"x 11½". Signature Edition – Signed by the artist and Parry! #700721 $69.95 Standard Edition – Save 50%! Signed by the artist.

#7766 Reg: $39.95 Now: $19.95

Limited Quantities!

The War In Italy

Over 20" Long!


Italian Heavy Cruiser Fiume Kit

Fiume saw extensive service during WWII, having participated in several sorties to catch British convoys in the Mediterranean. This 1/350 scale plastic kit features a full weapons suite, anchor chain, ships crane, life rafts and ships boats, photo-etched parts (railings, ladders, mast, antenna, and additional fine accents), authentic decals, 3-view color painting guide, and includes a nameplate and display stand. Assembly required, 420+ pieces, skill level 5, 20½" long. #111579 $149.95


Grehan & Mace. This unique collection of original documents will prove to be an invaluable resource for historians, students, and all those interested in what was one of the most significant periods in British military history. Despatches in this volume include that on the Conquest of Sicily from July 10, 1942, to August 17, 1943; the despatch on the invasion of Sicily in July 1943; despatch on naval operations in connection with the landings in the Gulf of Salerno in September 1943; and more. 292 pages, 16 B&W photos, 6½"x 9¼", hardcover. #104423 Reg: $39.95




1941 1 Drachma Note Italian-Occupied Ionian Islands

Own an authentic piece of World War II history! During WWII, Greece was captured by Axis powers in June 1941, with Italy occupying 2/3 of the country, including the Heptanese, or Ionian Islands. This 1 Drachma note was issued by the Italian government to the Ionian Island inhabitants, the only Greek territory where the occupying nation printed currency. A great collectible for World War II fans and currency collectors! #111588 $49.95

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European Naval War / Eastern Front Sighted Sub, Sank Same

The United States Navy’s Air Campaign Against the U-Boat

Carey. Throughout the war, Germany lost 783 U-Boats while trying to deny food and munitions coming into Europe from North America. Of the 159 U-Boats sunk by American aircraft, 83 were sunk by naval air units. This richly illustrated title uses personal interviews, correspondence, and after-action reports to weave a fascinating history of the U.S. naval air campaign in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Theaters during World War II. 240 pages, 200+ B&W photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #110377 $29.95

German U-Boat Type IX C Kit

This 1/700 scale plastic kit replicates the Kriegsmarine long-range U-Boat type IX C. Features optional full or waterline hull, 2-piece hull, detailed deck with machine gun, and includes a display stand with nameplate. Assembly required, 14 pieces, skill level 1, 4¼" long. #111608 $12.95

The Grey Wolves

A Definitive Guide to the German U-Boats of World War II



The German U-Boat successes in the North Atlantic almost brought Britain to its knees. Through archival footage, this 3-DVD program examines the battle between the hunter and the hunted, from the initial U-Boat attacks on merchant shipping through America’s entry into the war, the development of the one-man Biber sub, and the arrest of Adm. Karl Dönitz. $ B&W and color, 3 hours. #MV50792 Reg: $29.95

Stalingrad Siege 1942 Kit

The battle of Stalingrad is one of the most well-known conflicts in history, and it was a turning point in WWII. This 1/72 scale plastic diorama kit recreates the battle and includes a Stalingrad tractor plant; German Infantry figures; tanks, such as the T-34/76 and Pz. Kpfw IV Ausf. F; a PAK 40 AT Gun; and urban accessories. Assembly required. Skill level 4. Footprint measures 12"x 20". #110351 $149.95

1938 Soviet “Russian Flyer” 5 Rouble Note

Issued just prior to WWII, this 1938 5 rouble note – the first series to be called simply “roubles” as opposed to its “gold rouble” predecessors – features an image of Valery Chkalov: a Soviet pilot and national hero who was planning the world’s first nonstop global flight before dying that year testing the I-180 fighter. Circulated condition.

Russian Naval Infantry




1/30 SCALE



German Bismarck Battleship Kit

When entering service in August of 1940, the Bismarck was the largest battleship in the world at that time. This 1/350 scale plastic kit replicates the famous battleship. It features a 2-piece hull and deck, with finely detailed deck wood pattern, authentic decals, Over 2-Feet Long! aircraft and catapult, full weapons array, ship boats and ship crane, a metal anchor chain, photoetched detail parts, and includes a display stand with nameplate. Assembly required, 1,200+ pieces, skill level 5, 28" long. #111607 $299.95




A Design and Operational History


The History of Toy Soldiers




#111596 $45 A Naval petty A: NEW! Kneeling Firing B: NEW! Advancing Rifleman #111597 $45 officer urges C: NEW! Light Machine Gunner #111598 $45 the Russian Naval Infantry D: NEW! Charging w/PPSh-41 #111599 $45 troops forward to re- E: NEW! Standing Firing PPSh-41 #111600 $45 pel the Nazi invaders F: Petty Officer #110748 $45 as a self-propelled G: SU-122 Self-Propelled Howitzer #106860 howitzer covers the charge. These 1/30 scale metal figures replicate WWII Russian Naval Infantry troops. They feature era-appropriate uniforms and weaponry, and are hand-painted for life-like detail. 2½" tall.

Battleship Bismarck

Garzke, Dulin, and Jurens. The culmination of decades of work, this in-depth analysis on the Bismarck examines more than simply its combat record and infamous demise, also investigating one of the more profound questions about the battleship: who sank it, the Germans or British? Readers will be treated to insight by some of the foremost authorities on the topic – including naval experts, Kriegsmarine sailors, and modern-day salvagers. 624 pages, 9½"x 12", hardcover.






Toiati. Since the world’s first warriors took to the battlefield, their likenesses have been recreated for both tribute and recreation. This incredible illustrated title, featuring more than 600 color images and written by an avid toy soldier collector and producer, is more than just an encyclopedia – it tracks the timeline of these military figures, including their evolution over different time periods and countries. 640 pages, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #108207 Reg: $59.95


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U.S. Army Rangers / Gliders U.S. Army Ranger Herald Metal Sign

U.S. Army Ranger Flag

Featuring the U.S. Army Ranger Tab, a skull with crossed M16 assault rifles and the slogan, "Mess with the Best, Die Like the Rest," this screened polyester black flag has reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #M650597 $18.95

Rangers Led the Way WWII Army Rangers in Their Own Words

Ketcherside & Despotis. This title is a collection of interviews from 20 Rangers who fought in Europe during WWII. Within a year after the fateful attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the U.S. military understood the need for Special Forces and began training with the British Commandos to create the force that would become the famous U.S. Rangers. Although U.S. Ranger history emanates from before the Revolutionary War, Ranger training and missions substantially changed greatly during WWII, leading to a new generation of Rangers. 336 pages, 180 B&W photos, 7"x 10", hardcover. #111585 $34.95

327th Infantry Regiment Bastogne Bulldogs Flag

This durable polyester flag pays tribute to the 327th Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the “Bastogne Bulldogs” after the regiment’s successful WWII defense of Bastogne, despite being almost comically outnumbered. Comes ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111589 $18.95




Featuring the bold name of the U.S. Rangers, this Made in the USA. 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look and feel of aged metal and paint. 17" wide. Includes mounting holes.


#M601736 Reg: $24.95 $

Army Ranger T-Shirt

Honoring America’s Army Rangers, this athletic-cut t-shirt features the classic Ranger badge in faded graphics for a vintage look. Made of a soft, pre-shrunk cotton/ polyester blend, it’s tagless for additional comfort. #111584

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL: $21.95

AS.51 Horsa Mk. I Kit

Set up your own paratrooper display with this 1/72 scale kit, a reproduction of an AS.51 glider – a British aircraft first flown in September 1941, and used to transport both soldiers and equipment silently into enemy territory. It features a see-through canopy, authentic markings from D-Day’s Operation Tonga, and thirteen paratrooper figures. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 14¾" wingspan. #100947


Gliders and Sailplanes

327th Glider Infantry Regiment T-Shirt

This black cotton t-shirt salutes the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment’s participation at the D-Day landings. Featuring bright screen-printed graphics and white stitching at the arms, neck, and hem. #111582 M, L, XL: $37.95


2XL, 3XL: $39.95

Gliders and sailplanes are aerodynamic and streamlined in order to gain altitude when flown in rising air. Seven films further explain these unique aircraft roles and archived footage on fascinating events that feature one of the versions in flight. In addition, you'll learn about the U.S. Air Force glider training program, as well as newsreels covering their civilian uses. 1 hr. 30 min. #703668 $19.95

WACO CG-4A Glider

U.S. Army Airborne Command, plus the Horsa Glider

As told through vintage newsreels and classic, rarely-before-seen footage, this collection retells the important historical influence of glider aircraft, including the famous WACO CG-4A. 1 hr. 50 mins.

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D-Day Signed Photograph with M1 Garand Bullet

Now, you can own an authentic piece of World War II history! This 9½"x 6" photograph of U.S. infantrymen landing on Omaha Beach while under heavy Nazi machine gun fire during the June 6, 1944, D-Day invasion of France is signed by Herbert E. Moore, who was part of the first wave of the invasion. Accompanied by an inert M1 Garand .30 caliber bullet, this unique set is encased in a handsome 16¾"x 13¾" wood frame and includes a certificate of authenticity. #71466 Reg: $169 $


Paratrooper United States Army Flag

1/30 SCALE

This black flag, made of rugged polyester, features the recognizable U.S. Army Paratrooper symbol. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #109864 $18.95

Paratroopers / Fall of Berlin


Army USA Airborne T-Shirt

This olive drab t-shirt features a transport plane dropping a U.S. paratrooper onto the battlefield. 100% cotton.


M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95 Available Sizes: 9, 10, and 11

U.S. Paratrooper Leather Gloves

These leather gloves reproduce the kind worn by U.S. paratroopers in World War II. Made of soft leather, they are adjustable on the wrist with a leather band. #111591 $39.95

101st Airborne Figures

Members of the 101st Airborne advance on the enemy in snowy A conditions while the radio operator confirms objectives with headquarC ters. These 1/30 scale metal figures, replicating members of the 101st Airborne, are hand-painted for A: Firing M-1 Garand #111592 exquisite detail and will make B: Kneeling w/ Radio #111594 a great addition to your WWII C: Officer Directing Movement #111593 European Theater scenes! $ 2½" tall. 39.95 each B

WWII U.S. Airborne Soldiers 3-Figure Set

Add an interactive element to your WWII scenes with these fun Airborne soldier figures! Set comes with 3 figures and accessories, including a Thompson machine gun, an M1 Carbine, and an M3 grease gun. #111590 $12.95

Berlin 1945: The Reichstag Conquest Kit

The Battle of Berlin, April 16 – May 2, 1945, heralded the end of WWII in the European Theater. The Reichstag building, seat of the Reich parliament, was the stage for the last combat in Europe. This 1/72 scale MDF (medium density fiberboard) kit with plastic accessories reproduces that last dramatic battle. It features an MDF laser-cut Reichstag building, an 88mm Flak 37 gun with 7 German gun crew figures, a Russian T-34/85 tank, 32 German infantry figures, 32 Russian infantry figures, and authentic decals. Assembly required, skill level 3, model building – 26"x 12". #111422 $139.95

6-Figure German Attack Force Set – Add some

more man-power to your World War II scenes with these 1/72 scale plastic German soldier $ figures! 1" tall. #M902358 Reg: $17.95


SAVE 45%

Images of War

The Fall of Berlin

Baxter. By March 1945, the Red Army had closed in on Berlin. Marshal Zhukov, equipped with almost a million soldiers and 20,000 tanks and guns, launched his assault of the Seelow Heights, and it brought the Russian Army to the gates of the capital. On April 20, Soviet artillery began a massive bombardment on the doomed city. Heavily illustrated, this fine book examines the Russian attack and Nazi last-ditch defense of Hitler's capital during the final days of the Third Reich. 144 pages, 250 B&W photos, 7½"x 9½", softcover. #109593 $19.95

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Pacific: MacArthur / Midway / Iwo Jima Battle of Iwo Jima

MacArthur’s Papa New Guinea Offensive

As the U.S. pressed toward victory in 1945, one of their final Pacific campaigns came at Iwo Jima in February and March – an island they captured, despite featuring some of the theater’s fiercest combat.


Diamond. The Japanese seizure of Rabaul on New Britain in January 1942 directly threatened Northern Australia and, as a result, General Douglas MacArthur took command of the Southwest Pacific Area. The Allied offensive opened on November 16, 1942, with Australian infantrymen and light tanks alongside the U.S. 32nd Infantry Division, and overcoming the inhospitable terrain proved the toughest of challenges. 240 pages, 250 B&W photos, 7½"x 9½", softcover.




Authentic Artifacts!

Iwo Jima Flag



MacArthur Commemorative Medals

A: NEW! Bronze #111602

Struck shortly after his death in 1964, these genuine B: Silver #108100 medals honor the exemplary leadership of General MacArthur. They feature engravings of MacArthur on the obverse and $ two of his most memorable quotes on the reverse. 1½" diameter. 14.95 each

“Old Soldiers Never Die” Metal Sign

This steel sign features General MacArthur's famous quote: “Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.” Includes mounting holes. 20"x 5". #106116 $16.95 Made in the USA.

Great Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century

Hallas. Perhaps the U.S. Marines’ most memorable battle, the fighting at Iwo Jima in March 1945 saw a staggering casualty rate of 39 percent; it was also, however, the most highly decorated engagement in USMC history. This historical volume focuses on the 27 Americans who received the Medal of Honor for courageous service, while also paying tribute to those lost during combat. 424 pages, B&W photos, 6¼"x 9¼", hardcover.



USN Story – The Battle of Midway

This feature is a collection of six previously released short films, anthologized here for the first time. They include “The Battle of Midway,” directed by John Ford, “Technical Story of Midway,” a U.S. Navy film, “Squadron 8,” a tribute to the squad that was decimated during the first attack on the Japanese fleet, and others. A great historical journey and a must see for any WWII, Navy, or aviation enthusiast! 1 hr. 42 min.




One of the biggest blockbusters of 2019, Midway is an edgeof-year-seat thriller recreating the historic Pacific Theater battle during the early days of the war. Follow the courageous Navy pilots as they storm the Japanese carriers and exact vengeance for the horrific Pearl Harbor attack and tally America’s first real victory against the Imperial war machine. 2 hrs. 18 min. #109863 Reg: $29.95 $





Uncommon War on Iwo Jima


Delittle & Baiguera. This title is a graphic novel-type retelling of three of the most devastating and consequential naval battles of the 20th century: the battles of Tsushima, Jutland, and Midway. Dramatic illustrations capture the might and majesty of warships in combat. The ships are drawn in painstaking detail with beautiful and vibrant colors, and excellent narration fuels the story from many angles. 176 pages, illustrated throughout, 8"x 10½", softcover. #111536 $24.95


Honor the brave soldiers that valiantly battled and won Iwo Jima for the Allied forces! Made from durable polyester, this eyecatching flag can be used indoors or outdoors, and includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #108994 $18.95

Marines “Courage” Iwo Jima T-Shirt

Front Crest

Featuring the iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising photo, this t-shirt honors the heroic men and women of the Marine Corps, past and present. Made of soft, 100% M, L, XL: $19.95 pre-shrunk cotton. $ #111583 2XL, 3XL: 21.95 On February 23, 1945, during the Battle of Iwo Jima, Marines waved the U.S. flag at the summit of Mount Suribachi. This cold-cast bronze statue captures this historic event. 11"x 15".




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Iwo Jima FlagRaising Statue

Japanese Forces We Killed Yamamoto

The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan

Wynn. Under Emperor Meiji’s rule, Imperial Japan began a period of rapid industrialization and militarization, leading to its emergence as a world power and the establishment of a colonial empire. During the empire’s existence, Japan was involved in some sixteen conflicts, resulting in the occupation of numerous countries and islands throughout Asia and the Pacific regions. Thousands were under the emperor’s control, not all of whom were treated as they should have been. 160 pages, B&W photos, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #111420 $29.95

Postwar 1940s Japanese 50 Sen Note

At the close of World Authentic Artifact! War II, Japan had a brass surplus that they used to create 50 sen coins – and, when the metal dried up in 1948, the country issued a brand new “B Series” of 50 sen notes. This genuine artifact from the 1940s comes in circulated condition. #111189 $9.95 1/30 SCALE


The Long-Range P-38 Assassination of the Man Behind Pearl Harbor, Bougainville 1943

Sheppard. Learn every aspect of Operation Vengeance, including the role of intelligence work in determining the time and location of Yamamoto's flight, the chain of command at the highest level of the U.S. political and military establishment who called for the attack, and the technical constrains in planning and executing the raid. 80 pages, 9¾"x 9¾", softcover. #706435 $21.95

Yamamoto’s Last Flight



Stan Stokes. On April 18, 1943, the 339th Fighter Squadron, flying P-38 Lightnings, made a longLIMITED EDITION distance flight to intercept the G4M “Betty” bomber carrying Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the mastermind behind the attack on Pearl Harbor. 16"x 11½". Signed by the artist! #7448 Reg: $39.95 $


Japanese Navy Ensign


Made of polyester, this flag replicates the ensign flown by the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII. It includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.





Japanese soldiers inch forward on their raid, waiting for relief from a Type 95 “Ha-Go” tank, while a Military Policeman holds a British soldier at gunpoint. Each handpainted, 1/30 scale metal figure stands 2½" tall.

A: 2-Piece Captor & Captured Set #110307 $79 B: 3-Piece Japanese Banzai! Set #110305 $129 C: Japanese Anti-Tank Bomber #110308 $45 D: 2-Piece Japanese Mortar Set #110306 $85

E: Type 95 “Ha-Go” Light Tank

Polystone. 6" long.




USMC M4A2 Sherman vs Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go The Central Pacific 1943-44

Cansiere and Gilbert. While America prioritized the infantry-support role of tanks during the Second World War, developing the diesel-powered M4A2 used in the Pacific, the Japanese deemphasized these vehicles – and paid the price. This title, drawing on testimonials and official reports, features many never-before-published images examining these armored clashes which began at Tarawa in November 1943 before ending at Peleliu in September 1944. 80 pages, illustrated, 7¼"x 9¾", softcover. #111541 $19.95


Japanese 3-Ship Set Kit



A unique trio of Imperial destroyers, this 1/700 scale plastic kit includes reproductions of the Asagumo, Kazagumo, and Yugumo – each one as they appeared during the Japanese evacuation of Kiska Island in July 1943. They feature a striking attention to detail for their size including a realistic deck, lifeboats, and weaponry. Assembly required. Skill level 2. Each ship: 6½" long. #111606 $69.95 LIMITED EDITION

Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” Model

A striking replica of a B5N2 “Kate” torpedo bomber flying with the 931st Naval Flying Group during the last year of the war, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica features an opening canopy, crew figures, realistic armament, optional-position landing gear, historic markings, and a display stand. #981001 $79.95

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1/72 SCALE



Pacific: U.S. Navy

Limited This full-size metal replica of a Navy Cross – Quantity!

U.S. Navy Cross

the second highest military decoration of the U.S. Navy, awarded to Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel for combat heroism at the risk of life – measures 1½"x 1½" and includes a blue and white ribbon. Established in 1919.





#M600376 Reg: $59.95 $

The U.S. Navy Against the Axis Surface Combat, 1941-1945

USS California BB-44 Kit (1945)

The USS California was struck and sunk during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, but was salvaged and reconstructed, eventually serving in the Pacific Theater. A stunning replica of the historic ship, this 1/700 scale plastic kit includes an option to build full hull or waterline versions and features a finely rendered deck, a detailed superstructure, full weapons suite, ship cranes, lifeboats, deck fittings, aircraft, authentic 1945 markings, and a display stand. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 10½" long. #100299 $59.95

O’Hara. This riveting book reexamines the role of shipto-ship combat in WWII, suggesting – in the face of conventional wisdom – that America’s surface fleet, not rendered obsolete by aviation and submarines, played a vital role in victory. Of particular concern to the author’s approach is its relevance to today, a reminder that each generation needs to learn the lessons of yesterday. 400 pages, illustrated, 6"x 9", softcover. #102758 $24.95

The Battleship USS California

Koszela. Commissioned in 1921, the USS California was one of the most powerful battleships of the U.S. Navy in the interwar period. During the war, despite its age, the ship was still modern and heavily armed. This title includes historical description, technical data, and professional drawings showing the ship in 1944-45, as well as drawings of superstructures and armaments. 24 pages, artwork throughout, 8½"x 11", softcover. #111604 $19.95

USS Lexington “Blue Ghost” Kit

USS Essex (CV-9) Framed Wooden Model

This glass-encased framed model replicates the decorated World War II Navy aircraft carrier USS Essex (CV-9). Based on photographs and original blueprints, it’s hand-crafted from 6 layers of laser-cut wood and features the straight flight deck and profile of the ship. Exceptionally detailed, and it never needs dusting. Frame size: 24"x 12". #111494 $229.95

Crash Boat

Rescue and Peril in the Pacific During World War II

McCandlish & Jepson. This title chronicles the crew of the crash boat P-399, nicknamed the “Seahorse,” whose duties were to stand by to rescue downed pilots from the Solomon Islands to the Philippines in 1944 and 1945. The vessel and her crew were credited with over 30 rescues, fought a fierce gun battle with enemy forces, experienced life from another age in isolated native villages, and played a supporting role in America’s return to the Philippines. 248 pages, 6"x 9", hardcover. #111534 $24.95

This 1/525 scale plastic kit replicating the “Blue Ghost” – the USS Lexington, lost in May 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea – features removable deck elevators, 20mm guns, 5" guns, twin 5" turrets, quad 40mm guns, aircraft models, and a display stand. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 20" long. #102225 $49.95

WWII Naval Ship Prints

Mark Karvon. These limited edition prints, by renowned artist Mark Karvon, feature breathtaking views of U.S. Navy ships at sea during World War II. Both LIMITED EDITION are signed by the artist. A

A: Lucky Liberty: SS Jerimiah O’Brien

PT-305 3D Color Lamp with Remote

SS Jerimiah O’Brien participated in the invasion at Normandy, and is one of four surviving Liberty Ships. 24"x 16".

Perfect for any WWII or Naval enthusiast, this lamp offers 8 interchangeable color modes and comes with a remote. #111530 $49.95

8 Changeable Color Modes!





B: The Finest Hour: USS Johnston (DD 557) – The Fletcher-Class destroyer USS Johnston engages with the enemy. 30"x 20". #108827

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Pacific: U.S. Air Power

U.S. Pacific Theater Aircraft Models These die cast models replicate U.S. aircraft used in the Pacific Theater in World War II. They feature engraved panel lines, rotating propellers, glazed canopies, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand.

All Models Include a Display Stand!




Limited Quantity! 1/48 SCALE

P-38J Lightning

1/48 SCALE 1/48 scale. Air Force 1. “Pudgy IV,” Maj. Thomas McGuire, USAAF 431st FS, 475th FG, October 24, 1944. 13" wingspan. #702183 $107.95

F4U-1A Corsair

1/48 scale. Hobby Master. “Midnight Cocktail,” USMC, VMF(N)-532, Saipan, April 1944. 10¼" wingspan. #981177 $95.95 1/48 SCALE






1/48 SCALE

1/72 SCALE

P-47D Thunderbolt

A-20G Havoc

1/48 scale. Hobby Master. “Bonnie,” William Dunham, USAAF 348th FG, 460th FS, Philippines, 1945. 10¼" wingspan. #981187 $95.95

1/72 scale. Hobby Master. “Little Joe,” USAAF 312th BG, 389th BS, 1945. 10¼" wingspan. #981174 $92.95

Pappy Boyington Figure

This 1/30 scale metal figure replicates the celebrated VMF-214 “Black Sheep” leader and one-time Flying Tiger, Pappy Boyington, in his flight uniform and parachute, ready for trouble with his hand reaching for his pistol. Hand painted. 2½" tall.




1/30 SCALE

These 1/30 scale, hand-painted metal figures replicate two U.S. Marines tasked with defending an airstrip during the war. 2½" tall.


Legends of Warfare

From the Legends of Warfare series, these informative titles illustrate the extensive history and evolution of military aircraft. 128 pages, 200+ color and B&W photos, $ 9"x 9", hardcover. 19.95 each

A: B-29 Superfortress, Vol. 1

Doyle. Considered the largest and most advanced U.S. aircraft of WWII, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress and its history is chronicled in this volume, including its design, development, and combat role in war. #706537

B: B-29/B-50 Superfortress, Vol. 2



Doyle. The Boeing B-29 and B-50 Superfortress are examined in this volume, tracing their evolution, as well as the B-50’s role as an early nuclear deterrent. Learn all about the production of these aircraft, and the host of adaptations, from mother ship and X-planes to weather and refueling aircraft. #706538

F4F-4 Wildcat – 1/48 scale. Hobby Master. USN VC-12, USS Core, 1944. 9½" wingspan.


#980908 Reg: $89.95 $

Signed by VMF-214 Pilot Robert McClurg!

Black Sheep Over Rabaul

2-Piece Airstrip Leathernecks Figure Set

1/30 SCALE


Stan Stokes. This limited edition print captures Pappy Boyington’s Corsair in the forefront, with wingman Robert McClurg and his LIMITED EDITION warbird in close formation, as they approach enemy territory over Rabaul. Signed by the artist and McClurg – an ace who finished the war with 7 aerial victories! 22"x 18". #701768 $119.95

B-29 Superfortress Model

1/144 SCALE

A replica of “Bockscar” – the B-29 Superfortress that dropped the “Fat Man” atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan – this 1/144 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model features the aircraft's signature nose art, rotating propellers, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand with a 1/72 scale reproduction of the “Fat Man” bomb. 11¾" wingspan.

The Bomb




Limited Quantity!

Presidents, Generals, and the Secret History of Nuclear War


Kaplan.. This title examines how America’s presidents and generals have thought about, threatened, and just barely avoided nuclear war from the dawn of the atomic age until today. Discussing theories that have dominated nightmare scenarios from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the reader is walked through the unthinkable in terms of mass destruction and how the nuclear war reality will not go away, regardless of the dire consequences. 384 pages, 5½"x 8", softcover. #111603 $16.95

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Cold War

Korean War

High Tide in the Korean War

How an Outnumbered American Regiment Defeated the Chinese at the Battle of Chipyong-ni

Barron. By early 1951, American forces and their U.N. allies had been driven more than 100 miles down the Korean peninsula by the Chinese. The situation was bleak when Gen. Matthew Ridgway ordered a last stand at the Now in village of Chipyong-ni. There, a single regiment (the 23rd paperback! Infantry) of fewer than 5,000 U.S. soldiers defeated a Chinese division of 25,000 men in what has been called the Gettysburg of the Korean War. 336 pages, 6"x 9", softcover. #111334 $19.95

Korea KIA Flag

Made from durable polyester, this flag honors the soldiers that died in combat during the Korean War. Remember their sacrifice with this handsome memorial! Ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111344 $18.95

Canvas Equipment Bags

A follow-up to their popular WC series used during World War II, the Dodge M37 was a ¾-ton truck used by the U.S. Army during the Korean War. This 1/35 scale plastic kit features a well-equipped interior, textured surfaces, authentic markings, realistic tires, and tools and equipment, and includes a removable cargo cover. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 5½" long.




M*A*S*H AWOL T-Shirt

Made of soft pre-shrunk cotton, this shirt will make the perfect gift for any fan of the show, or anyone requiring some much needed leave! #111345 M, L, XL: $19.95

Perfect for transporting equipment, these canvas bags pull style influences from our popular canvas flight backpacks to a convenient shoulder bag. They include an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, web carry A handles, and 1953 markings. $ 19"x 9½". 19.95 each

A: NEW! Olive Drab #111335 B: Black #110162

U.S. Dodge M37 ¾-Ton Cargo Truck Kit

2XL, 3XL: $21.95

M7 Shoulder Holster

Designed specifically for use with the M1911 pistol, the M7 shoulder holster was a favorite among paratroopers. This fully outfitted, black leather replica features a padded shoulder strap, a wrap-around strap with metal hooks on each end, and U.S. markings. Righthanded. #100684 $44.95



Breakfast and Cereal Commercials of the 50s and 60s

Take a nostalgic trip back to simpler times with these fondlyremembered breakfast cereal commercials from the 1950s and ‘60s. They'll take you back to those bygone Saturday mornings when you filled up a bowl with your favorite cereal and sat in front of the television set. There might even be a few celebrities on hand. These uncut commercials have been lovingly compiled from original broadcasts that aired decades ago. 1 hr. 10 min. 1/18 SCALE

1953 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck



2 United States Notes


Considered one of America's favorite pickups, the Ford F-100 is a classic. This 1/18 scale, die cast model recreates a 1953 Ford F-100 Pickup Truck, and includes a wellequipped interior, chrome accents, realistic tires, an opening hood that reveals a detailed engine, and opening doors and trunk. 10" long. #408887 $59.95



1953 was the last year of the Korean War and first issue of the redesignA ed $2 bill. By 1963, the year JFK was assassinated, U.S. Notes were on their way out, slowly being replaced by Federal Reserve Notes. Own these forgotten pieces of B American history with their distinctive red seals. $

Authentic Artifacts!

24.95 each

A: 1953 $2 U.S. Note #111196

B: 1963 $2 U.S. Note #111197

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Vietnam War: Overview Vietnam – 50 Years Remembered

With a half century’s distance and wisdom, this 7-part documentary series thoroughly details American involvement in the Vietnam War. This 2-DVD set covers not only the politics and military strategy of the war, but also first-person narratives from actual veterans. Re-examine the conflict that forever changed the American political and social landscape. 5 hrs. 59 min. #V6208 $12.95

Ia Drang 1965

The Struggle for Vietnam's Pleiku Province

Harris. Bursting with period photos and detailed maps, this volume on the historical clash examines the First Cavalry’s precarious landing zones (X-Ray and Albany) and their new style of warfare – helicopter fleets – along with insight on Special Force operations. 96 pages, 50+ B&W photos and maps, 7"x 9¼", softcover. #109872 $24.95

Vietnam War Building Block Sets

Create your own interactive Vietnam diorama with these fun building block sets! They feature accurate markings, realistic weaponry, and articulating figures.


A: M151 A1 MUTT Truck

Includes 91 pieces and 1 U.S. soldier figure.

#111453 $19.95 B: 3-Figure Vietnam Battle Scene – Includes 26 pieces, 2 U.S. soldier figures and 1 Vietnam soldier figure.





A: NEW! 1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Edition 11" long.

#409208 $49.95 B: 1955 Willys Jeep Station Wagon – 10" long. #402693 $69.95

These Marines get 1/30 SCALE ready to attack Viet Cong troops during A the Battle of Huế as a cameraman from Stars and Stripes Stars and B films the action! Stripes Create your own Tet Offensive scene with these 1/30 scale metal A: NEW! Animal Mother #111456 figures! They are handB: U.S. Marine Shouting NCO #111007 painted for life-like detail and come ready to display. C: NEW! Stars 'n Stripes Combat 2½" tall. Cameraman #111455


49 45





Cameras, Combat and Courage

The Vietnam War by the Military’s Own Photographers

Brookes. A perspective from the men who lived it, some juggled cameras with rifles and grenade launchers as they fought to survive while carrying out their assignments to record the war. Using their photographs and firsthand accounts, this title places the reader alongside the men as they struggle to document the war and stay alive while doing it. 208 pages, 360 color and B&W photos, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #111465 $29.95

Series 681 50-Cent MPC Note

Increasingly difficult to find, the Series 681 MPC notes – circulated in Vietnam in 1969-70 – were, like all issues of its kind, used by American soldiers as their own form of currency in a foreign land. This 50-cent denomination arrives lightly circulated, still displaying the fine detail after nearly 50 years – including its astronaut and submarine imagery. 4¼"x 2". #106337 $69.95

Pontiac V8 Metal Sign

‘50s & ‘60s Vehicle Models These 1/18 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of classic American autos. Draped in eye-catching paint schemes, they feaA ture opening hoods revealing detailed engines, opening doors and trunk, detailed interiors, simulated chrome accents, steerable front wheels, and treaded rolling rubber tires.

Cold War

In the 1950s, Pontiac introduced its V8 engine, with the intention to move the brand into the upscale, mid-range market segment and compete with Oldsmobile. Advertising the Pontiac's V8 alongside the brand's "Indian" motif, this tin sign has a weathered, vintage look. Includes mounting holes. 16"x 12½". #R65088 $19.95

1/18 SCALE B

1960s-2000s Proof Half Dollar 5-Coin Set

These Proof Kennedy Half Dollars were minted in San Francisco, which only started minting Proofs in 1968. Each coin in the set represents a different decade – 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The 1960s coin was struck in .400 silver. All five coins come in a protective acrylic coin capsule, and the set is displayed in a custom case, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. #111424 $59.95

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Cold War

Vietnam War: Uniforms / M16

Uniforms and Equipment of U.S. Army Infantry, LRRPs, and Rangers in Vietnam 1965-1971

Miraldi. This is a comprehensive guide to the history, development, wear, and use of uniforms and equipment during the Vietnam War. For the first time, see the easily recognizable dating system used by the U.S. government supply clerks to date the items on the manufacturer’s tag, so you’ll know if your purchased gear is authentic issue. 208 pages, 600+ color and B&W photos, 9"x 12", hardcover. #111435 $69.95

Adjustable Boonie Hats A

Over 600 Photos!

Vintage M-65 Field Jacket

This M-65 field jacket is a throw-back design with modern upgrades! Includes a concealed hood, four large pockets, and a removable chest patch. 100% cotton. #105575

M, L, XL:

Reg: $117.99 $


2XL, 3XL: This tactical soft-shell M65 Reg: $130.99 field jacket has a polyester waterproof shell and fea$ tures a 3-layer construction including an inner fleece lining, a zippered and snap front closure, a concealed hood with drawstring, and four large front pockets. #111460


A: Black Camo


B: NEW! Olive Drab

M16A-1 Rifle


16.95 each




restrictions apply. The M16A-1 was the Call for details. standard military rifle from the early 1960s through the mid-80s. A beautiful centerpiece to your Vietnam-era memorabilia collection, this full-size, non-firing replica of that assault rifle is made of metal and features a working trigger and bolt and a removable magazine. (Dust cover is molded in place, so it does not move.) 38" long. #M651796 $225

M, L, XL: $94.95 2XL, 3XL: $99.95

Tactical Soft-Shell M65 Field Jacket

Inspired by the classic boonie hats that were used by the military, these hats are made of a cotton/polyester blend and feature an adjustable elastic cord, an adjustable chin strap, 4 screened vents to cool your head, and inner pocket for a map. One size fits most.

M16 Rifle Copper Coin



This M16 rifle copper coin is sure to become a new favorite for experienced collectors and novices alike. Featuring an amazing amount of detail, this uncirculated coin arrives ready for display in a plastic sleeve. 1½" diameter.




Vietnam Veteran M16 Rifle Cap With the Vietnam service ribbon on the front and back, this patriotic cap also features the ubiquitous M16. Includes an adjustable back. #109986 $18.95

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Vietnam Tiger Stripe T-Shirt

M, L, XL: $47.95 2XL, 3XL: $49.95

This premium-quality, Vietnam “Tiger Stripe” camouflage t-shirt features a full-cut body, a double-needle sport collar to prevent neck sagging, and 50% cotton/50% polyester colorfast fabric for durability and fade resistance. #40038


Vietnam Era Fatigue Pants Tiger Stripe

Made of 100% pre-washed cotton ripstop material, these soft and durable pants feature a zipper fly, six pockets, and drawstring bottoms. #M404255

M, L, XL: $16.95 2XL, 3XL: $18.95

M16 Hollywood T-Shirt

What do you need when things go Hollywood? An M16 rifle, of course! This olive t-shirt features the lethal weapon and military-style yellow printing. #107093

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Vietnam War: Vietnamese Forces / 1st Cavalry Communist Figures

Cold War

1ST CAVALRY DIVISION Year of the Horse: Vietnam

Fill out the other side of your Vietnam War scenes with these Viet Cong/NVA figures! Hand-painted for life-like detail, these 1/30 scale metal figures come ready to display. 2½" tall.

1st Air Cavalry in the Highlands 1965-1967



Mertel. This title gives the day-by-day story of the Jumping Mustangs – 1st Battalion, Airborne, 8th Cavalry, of the 1st Air Cavalry Division. After rigorous stateside training, the 1st Air Cavalry was shipped across the world to test the effectiveness of their new techniques in combat situations. The Jumping Mustangs were later honored at the White House, receiving the Presidential Unit Citation. 384 pages, 59 color photos and 9 maps, 6"x 9", hardcover. #706890 $34.95

1/30 SCALE

A: 2-Figure NVA/VC Assault Team Set #110230 $85 C B: 2-Figure NVA/VC RPG Team Set C: 2-Figure NVA/VC Machine Gun Team Set D: NEW! Viet Cong Prisoner


#110231 $85 #110232 $85 #111463 $45

U.S. Air Cavalry Trooper vs North Vietnamese Soldier

Pith Helmet

Made of a waterproof polyethylene material, this olive drab pith helmet – a replica of ones used by soldiers in tropical climates to protect their head and face from the sun – features front and side venting holes and an adjustable hook-and-loop strap on the inside of the helmet. One size fits most. #101057 $29.95

Made in the USA.

This genuine military-issue Viet Cong bandolier, made from durable cotton canvas, has 10 pockets for grenades or ammo. It includes an adjustable neck strap, back ties, and belt loops. Used, but in good condition. Dates and markings will vary. #110912 $39.95

McNab. The Vietnam War was the first U.S. conflict that modern air assault was widely employed, with established airmobile battalions, brigades, and divisions, including the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). However, the communist troops adjusted their own tactics to handle airmobile assaults. This title analyzes both sides, including training, logistics, weaponry, and organization. 80 pages, 7"x 9½", softcover. #111462 $14.95

1st Cavalry Division Flag

Genuine Viet Cong Bandolier

Featuring the famous 1st Cavalry Division horse head insignia, this screened polyester flag includes reinforced edging and brass lugs. 5'x 3'.

Genuine Issue – Dates Will Vary!




1st Cavalry Division Cap

9-Note Set: 1960s Laos Banknotes

Laos’s mountainous jungle terrain was a rich smuggling route for weapons coming into South Vietnam to be used by the Viet Cong forces. These Laotian notes are from the Vietnam War years when they were allied with the communist North Vietnamese. The bills come in uncirculated condition and range from a 1 Kip note up through a 1,000 Kip note. 7½"x 4". #111466 $49.95

South Vietnamese Army M113A1 Model

1/72 SCALE

This 1/72 scale, molded plastic model replicates a M113A1 in service with the South Vietnamese Army. It features rolling tracks and realistic panel lines and surface details. 2¾" long.

Support the troops and show off your admiration for "America’s First Team!" This cap features sharp embroidered script on the crown, bill, and back, and proudly displays the 1st Cavalry Division insignia. One size fits most. #111454 $18.95

First Cavalry Division T-Shirt

Front Crest The words “First Team” are screenprinted on the back of this 100% cotton t-shirt, a salute to the legendary U.S. First Cavalry Division.





M, L, XL:



2XL: $21.95

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Cold War

Vietnam: Air Power / Helicopters

Genuine Vietnam War G.I. Parachutist’s Pack


Genuine Issue!

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a genuine American military accessory – a Vietnam-era parachutist’s pack! Made of durable cotton canvas with a felt liner, it was used by airborne soldiers to throw their weapons and equipment down in front of their jump. Includes straps and buckles. 24"x 20" when closed.



1/72 SCALE

1/48 SCALE

Designed strictly as a gunship, the Huey “C” variant began production after its predecessor proved inadequately powered to carry weapons and ammunition while keeping up with transport choppers. A centerpiece reproduction of a UH-1C, this 1/48 scale, metal and plastic model features glazed cockpit and cabin windows, a well-equipped interior, and free-spinning rotors. 11½" long. #701639 $34.95

UH-1N Twin Huey Kit

#110765 Reg: $59.95 $

F-100D Super Sabre Models

UH-1C Huey Model


A member of the Huey family, the UH-1N flew extensively during the Vietnam War, as well as many other service missions throughout the last few decades. This 1/48 scale plastic kit recreates the UH-1N, and features 3 pilot figures, a detailed main rotor head with blades, countermeasure dispensers, airframe cable cutters, and markings for six separate versions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 298 parts. 15¾" long. #705742 $79.95

UH-1D Helicopters in Vietnam 1966 with Relic


Limited Quantities!

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate a pair of F-100D Super Sabres that flew in Vietnam in 1965. Features include engraved panel lines, an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit with pilot figure, realistic ordnance loads, retractable landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. $ 7¾" long. 84.95 each

This striking action print, matted in a handsome black frame, captures a Huey as it extracts members of the 14th Infantry Division during Operation Wahiawa in 1966. Most excitingly, it comes with an actual piece of a UH-1 chopper taken from a restoration project at the G.I. museum in Mississippi. 14"x 10." #706168 $89.95

UH-1 Huey T-Shirt


Made of 100% preshrunk cotton, this high-quality, black t-shirt features screenprinted images of the UH-1 Huey on both front and back. #65456

A: 56-3285 “Pretty Penny” – Flown by Lt. Jerry Sloane, 481st TFS, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Vietnam, 1965. #981176 B: 55-2894 “MiG-17 Killer” – Flown by Capt. Donald Kilgus, 416th TFS, Da Nang AB, Vietnam, 1965. #981010

F-104 Starfighter A/C Kit

The F-104 Starfighter was a supersonic interceptor aircraft that began service in the late 1950s with the U.S. Air Force. This 1/32 scale plastic kit of an F-104 A or C variant features recessed panel lines, a detailed engine, a well-equipped cockpit, a gun bay with an M61 gun, and open or closed air brakes. Assembly required. Skill level 5. 300+ pieces. 20" long. #706300 $149.95


M, L, XL: $24.95

2XL, 3XL: $26.95

CH-34 U.S. Army Rescue Helicopter Kit

The CH-34 served mostly as a medium transport helicopter, able to carry 12 to 16 troops, or eight stretchers if used in the MedEvac role. This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the transport helicopter and features incredibly detailed molded pieces, photo-etched pieces, glazed windshields, and authentic decals. Assembly required, 320+ pieces, skill level 5, 11¾" long. #111438 $64.95

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Cold War

Vietnam: Veterans / POW/MIA Vietnam Veteran Service Ribbon T-Shirt


A great gift for that special vet, or a great way to show off your sacrifice! Featuring sharp digital graphics and made of soft 100% preshrunk cotton. #111412 M, L, XL: $14.95


The classic POW/MIA image honoring those who sacrificed a little more. Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #111539 M, L, XL: $14.95

2XL: $16.95 A

2XL: $16.95 C


Vietnam Veteran 3-Patch Set

Show off your service and sacrifice with these large veteran patches. Large enough to stand alone on your #111416 favorite coat or vest, these patches $ 29.95 have heat-sealed backing for easy iron-on application, and feature durable embroidery that won’t fade or fray. Vietnam Vet – 4"x 1". Never Forgotten – 5"x 5". Proud Vet – 10"x 7". A


Make a patriotic statement with one of these POW/MIA caps. Featuring finely embroidered designs, and adjustable. One size fits most. $18.95 each

POW/MIA Caps A: NEW! "Send Us Back" B: Never Forgotten C: Digital Camo

POW/MIA Mug with Flag


This ceramic mug, a tribute to POW/MIA soldiers, also comes with a 18"x 12" polyester flag with the same historic design!

Belt Buckles

A great gift for that Vietnam vet in your life, or a great way to show off your service, these metal belt buckles feature sharp designs in full color. $ 3½"x 2". 19.95 each

A: Eagle B: NEW! Rifles C: Service Bar

#103041 #111544 #103042

Vietnam Memorial Pocket Watch

A loving tribute to the heroic men and women who sacrificed for our freedom, this brasscased pocket watch features a full color scene on the front of the casing, the Vietnam flag across the watch face, and comes in a collectable display box. #111540 $19.95

In Memory Of Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

This black metal sign is a unique way to pay tribute to the veterans of Vietnam, featuring the words "In Memory: 1959 to 1975" and commemorating the 58,479 soldiers lost during the war. Includes mounting holes. 18"x 12". #101086 $19.95

#110768 #100845 #108731




Born Free Eagle POW Headwrap Remember the forgotten with this durable headwrap. Offering protection from the sun, it is perfect for keeping hair out of your face and can be worn on its own or under a helmet. 100% cotton, one size fits most.





Keep the memories of the veterans with you by collecting this beautiful 3-piece set of pins. #109198 $12.95

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Cold War

Iranian Hostage Crisis / Communist Forces

Iranian Hostage Crisis and Failed Rescue In 1979, the Iranian Revolution resulted in student militants rushing the U.S. Embassy and taking its 52 American inhabitants hostage. In the spring of 1980, after months of failed diplomacy, President Carter set into motion Operation Eagle Claw, a rescue mission, which ended in tragedy.

Desert One

This film explores the failed rescue operation for the Iranian hostages and the events that led up to it. Desert One was the code name for the supposedly vacant piece of desert which was to act as a base of operation for Operation Eagle Claw. Instead of being the base where the hostages depart from, it would be where eight American soldiers would tragically meet their end. Features interviews with survivors and also Jimmy Carter. 1 hr. 47 min. #111324 $19.95


AK-47 Kalashnikov

Young tank commander Mikhail Kalashnikov is seriously wounded on the Eastern Front in 1941. Unable to work, and with no prospect of returning to the front, yet eager to continue to help his country, he begins developing designs for a more robust, effective, and reliable assault rifle. With help from a few train welders, Kalashnikov’s prototype – the AK-47 – catches the interest of a high-ranking military official. Subtitled. 1 hr. 45 min. #111329 $29.95

AK-47 3D Color Lamp with Remote

1979 Iranian 20 Rials Coin

After coming into power in 1979, the Islamic government of Iran issued this 20 Rials coin commemorating the 1400th anniversary (based on the Muslim lunar calendar) of the Prophet Mohammad’s flight from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra. Own this unusual piece of Middle East history! Circulated condition.


Let the world’s most popular rifle light up your den! Perfect for any firearm enthusiast, this lamp 8 Changeable offers 8 interchangeable Color Modes! color modes and comes with a remote. #111330 $49.95



Jimmy Carter $2 Bill

This note honors Jimmy Carter, the American president during the tumultuous late 1970s. Between the gas crisis and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, he had cut out for him. This genuine $2 bill, overlaid with special colorization, comes in crisp uncirculated condition. It is showcased in a blue two-sided display folio and comes with a certificate of authenticity. #111326 $16.95

Operation Eagle Claw 1980

Iron Curtain Currency Boxed Set

Own these authentic pieces of Cold War history! This boxed set includes eight coins circulated during the Cold War from countries under Soviet control, including East Germany, Romania, and Hungary, among others. Each coin comes in a protective acrylic coin capsule, and the set comes in a handsome cherry-stained, felt-lined display box. Box approximately 8"x 5".


The Disastrous Bid to End the Iran Hostage Crisis

Williamson. When diplomacy failed, President Carter ordered the newly formed Delta Force to conduct a raid into Iran to free the hostages. The U.S. forces flew C-130s into the Iranian desert to a desolate patch that was to be the base of operations, Desert One. But Desert One proved not to be deserted, and between the man-made chaos and the unforgiving desert sandstorms, disaster was close at hand. This true-life event reads like thrilling fiction. 80 pages, 7½"x 9¾", softcover. #111325 $19.95

C130-H Hercules Transport Kit


SAVE 50%


This 1/72 scale, die cast model from Hobby Master recreates the MIG-23MLD as flown in the Soviet Air Force in 1990. Features include realistic panel lines and surface details, opening canopies, intricate interiors, interchangeable landing gear, authentic markings, $ and a display stand. 9¼" long. #981019 Reg: $105.95


22" wingspan! This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates the C130-H, the same transport model used in Operation Eagle Claw, and includes a host of features like scribed surface details, detailed flight deck and cargo area, movable crew entry and paratroop doors, refueling boom, detailed main wheel wells and weighted wheels, 15 engine nacelles with compressor faces inside intake ducts, and three crew figures. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 22" wingspan. #706714 $99.95


LiaoNing Aircraft Carrier

1/700 SCALE

This 1/700 scale, die cast model of the chinese carrier as appeared in 2016 features a realistic deck and superstructure, aircraft models (including jets and helicopters with mini in-flight display arms), and two different display bases (including a nameplate wooden base and a waterline base). 17¼" long. #705715 $99.95

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Modern Flight H-34A Pirate/ UH-34D Helicopter Kit

Developed to perform a tactical transportation role, the UH-34D was widely used from 1957 by the U.S. Marine Corps. This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the helicopter and features a realistic cockpit and cabin, finely detailed surface and landing gear, and comes with authentic decals for five different versions. Assembly required, skill level 4, 14" long.. #706808 $59.95

Cold War

Classic A-2 Leather Flight Jacket

Constructed of soft genuine Nappa leather, this classic A-2 flight jacket reflects vintage military fighter pilot style! Complete with a removable polyester liner, it features two front patch and slash pockets, a fold-down collar with M, L, XL: $279.95 snaps, and ribbed cuffs and waist-band. #704261 2XL: $299.95



H-21C Flying Banana Gunship Kit

MA-1 Flight Jacket

This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the unique H-21 Shawnee and features photo-etched parts, detailed cockpit and cargo, realistic landing gear, authentic decals for 5 versions, and color instructions. Assembly required, skill level 4, 13" long. #706859 $69.95

M, L, XL: Reg: $79.95 2XL, 3XL: Reg: $89.95

54.95 59.95



Modern U.S. Air Power

Designed to keep pilots warm in temperatures down to 14 degrees, the MA-1 flight jacket – first seen in the mid-1950s – became a popular civilian item in the 1970s. Featuring a coyote-colored outer shell (made of 100% nylon), this quality reproduction also comes with a prototypical orange liner, four front slash pockets, and a zippered utility pocket. #702866

1/72 SCALE

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models feature engraved panel lines, retracting landing gear, realistic surface details and ordnance loads, well-equipped cockpit with glazed canopies, authentic markings, and include a display stand.

F-16C Fighting Falcon

F-4B Phantom II

USN VF-111 “Sundowners,” USS Coral Sea, 1970s. 6¼" wingspan.


USAF Demo Team, #90-0047 “Venom,” 2020. 5¼" wingspan.










USAF 412th TW, “Spirit of America,” Edwards AFB, CA, 1997. Loaded configuration. 7½" wingspan. #981282 $119.95

AV-8B Harrier II

USMC VMA-231 “Ace of Spades,” King Abdul Aziz AB, Saudi Arabia, Operation Desert Storm, February 1991. 5" wingspan. #981298 $89.95


F-117A Nighthawk

USAF 49th FW/OG, 9th FS “Flying Knights,” Holloman AFB, NM, 2006. 7¼" wingspan. #981299 $114.95


S-3B Viking

USN VX-30 “Bloodhounds,” “100 Years of Naval Aviation” paint scheme, 2011. 11½" wingspan.




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The PX

Greek / Napoleonic Wars Ancient Battle Formations

Swanton This thoroughly researched title focuses on Swanton. massed infantry that reigned supreme in the ancient world, including the heavily armored Greek hoplite phalanx that was immune to the weaponry of its non-Greek opponents. Also examined is the Macedonian pike phalanx that was unbeatable against frontal attacks so long as it kept order, as well as the Roman triplex acies. 320 pages, 147 B&W illustrations, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #111429 $39.95

Alexander the Great Coin Album

Authentic Artifact!

An incredible artifact from more than two thousand years ago, this drachma coin was struck in Macedonia during the reign of Alexander the Great! The crude silver piece still displays its textured detail including a reverse-side image of Zeus holding an eagle. It arrives displayed in a handsome album with an image of Alexander the Great, a story card, and a certificate of authenticity. #108555 $199.95


Molon Labe Warrior Helmet T-Shirt


Show your warrior pride by declaring “Come and take them” with this comfortable t-shirt! Made of 100% preshrunk cotton.




Molon Labe Shadow Cap

Featuring a unique shadow embroidery of a Greek helmet on the side – as well as “Molon Labe” on the visor – this handsome black cap dares your enemies to “come and take it!” #106369 $14.95

Leonidas Bronze Statue

One of the most legendary Greek warriors, King Leonidas bravely led his Spartans in the Second Persian War where he perished at the Battle of Thermopylae. Finely sculpted and impressively detailed, this cold cast bronze statue depicts Leonidas bracing for combat with his spear and shield. 11½" tall. #M519123 $59.95


Stage your own Napoleonic War scenes with these British and French troops! These 1/30 scale metal figures are hand-painted for lifelike detail. Standing figures 2½" tall.


edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111426 $18.95


Lavery. Horatio Nelson was the British naval commander during the wars with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France. His inspirational leadership, grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics made the British fleet the most imposing in the world. This title covers seemingly every topic relating to seamanship, from organizing the entire navy, running a sick bay, construction costs, down to explaining the purposes of the uniform, and more. An entertaining and enlightening read, a must-have for any fan of naval history! 336 pages, illustrated, 10"x 11¾", hardcover. #111451 $59.95

1/30 SCALE

“Molon Labe” translates to “Come and take them,” so let everyone know where you stand with this durable polyester flag! Comes ready to display with reinforced

M, L, XL:

The Ships, Men, and Organisation 1793-1815

Napoleonic War Figures

Molon Labe Helmet Flag


Nelson’s Navy

A: Admiral Lord Nelson #111428 $49 B: Gordon Highlanders Mounted Major – 4" tall. #111427 $119



1/30 SCALE


Napoleon’s Army






A: 2-piece French Guards Set #109814 #109810 #109813 #109809 #109812 #109811

Create a stunning B: Musket Left Arm #1 Napoleonic War diorama with these C: Musket Left Arm #2 D: Musket Slung 1/30 scale figures of French guards. E: Musket Right Arm They include F: Tambour Drummer accurate details and equipment. Buy the 7-Piece Set – Save $27! 2½" tall.

Guillotine: King Louis XVI Coin Box

$95 $49 $49 $49 $49 $55

#109815 $319 Authentic Artifact!

King Louis XVI of France dealt with rising debt from financing a number of battles, which led to a financial crisis in the country. While he enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, the commoners suffered, and as a result, the people started to revolt, the beginnings of the French Revolution. This stunning copper 2 soles coin from the late 1700s features a portrait of King Louis XVI and includes a story certificate and a wooden box. 4½"x 4½". #110574 $99.95

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Roman / Asian Warriors Imperial Legion Female Warrior Figure

Like the vertical flag flown over the Roman Christian Senate, this polyester flag features the SPQR eagle and a pair of crosses. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 3'x 5'. #109230 $18.95

Leading the Roman Army




Christian Roman Empire Vertical Flag


Enhance your sword and sandals scene with this beautiful Imperial Legion Warrior! This 1/6 scale, seamless posable figure comes with a battle outfit and metal helmet, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, shield, metal armor, metal sword, spiked balland-chain bola, and a Roman Coliseuminspired display stand. 11" tall.

Soldiers and Emperors, 31 BC235 AD





Roman Centurion Helmet

A carbon steel replica of the military head armor worn by centurions dating back to the reign of Julius Caesar, this weathered helmet features brass accents, movable cheek plates, and a decorative red headdress. 11½"x 10½". #101495 Reg: $159 $



The PX

Eaton. This Eaton title analyzes the means by which emperors controlled their soldiers and sustained their allegiance, from the battle of Actium in 31 BC, to the demise of the Severan dynasty in AD 235. The emperor needed to ensure the loyalty of his officers by building mutually beneficial relationships with them. This was of particular relevance for the imperial army which was mainly dispersed along the frontiers of the empire, effectively in a series of separate armies. 216 pages, 20 illustrations, 6"x 9¼”, hardcover. #111434 $29.95

1/30 SCALE

Samurai Sword A C


This beautiful Samurai sword features the kanji word for “battle” carved into the scabbard, as well as a pre-sharpened stainless steel blade and a display stand. 40" long. #107363 $59.95


White Ninja Figure

Imperial China Figures Emperor Qian Long discusses strategies with one of his prominent generals as a pair of gun teams fire at the approaching enemy forces, while a marching flagbearer bravely displays the Imperial Banner. These 1/30 scale metal figures replicate members of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Army. They E are hand-painted for life-like detail and come ready to display. 2½" tall.

A: 2-Piece Imperial General and Map Board – SOLD OUT! B: NEW! Emperor Qian Long #111432 $69 C: NEW! 2-Figure Imperial Gun Team Set #1 #111430 $89 D: NEW! 2-Figure Imperial Gun Team Set #2 #111431 $89 E: Imperial Marching Flagbearer – 2½" tall. #106297 $69 Authentic Artifact!

Limited Quantity!

Well-equipped for covert operations and deception attacks, a deadly ninja is captured in a 1/6 scale articulated figure, and features a sculpted head, hands and feet, white ninja clothes set, straw shoes, two swords, ninja artillery, darts, armor, and fishscale gloves. 12" tall.






Wu Zhu Coin 118 BC-618 AD

Wu Zhu is a type of Chinese cash coin first produced during the Han Dynasty in 118 BC, replacing the Ban Liang cash coins. Wu Zhu literally means “five zhu,” which was a measure of weight equal to 100 grains of millet, or about 4 grams. These coins were made up until the Tang Dynasty took hold in 618 AD, meaning they had a minting period of 736 years, the longest for any coin in world history. Worn, circulated condition. #111450 $19.95

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The PX

Israel / English Civil War Israel National Flag

Adopted on October 28, 1948, the flag of Israel is a symbol of the Jewish people and of Judaism. Made of screened polyester, it features reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.



Moshe Dayan Figure


Decisive Battles of the English Civil War

Wanklyn. This title examines the major battles between the Royalists and the Parlimentarians that resulted in the trial and beheading of King Charles I, the first time an English king had been executed. The battles of Edgehill, Newbury I, Cheriton, Marston Moor, Newbury II, Naseby, and Preston are vividly retold here to understand how the outcomes affected other campaigns, and ultimately changed English history. 240 pages, 20 illustrations, 6"x 9", softcover. #111401 $24.95

Brother Against Brother – The English Civil War

A leading proponent in the mid-20th century for the new state of Israel, Moshe Dayan was the IDF’s Chief of Staff during much of the 1950s. This figure comes with Dayan’s signature eye patch, an officer's cap, a khaki uniform with insignia, a 9mm pistol, a Webley .38 revolver, an SAR carbine, and more! 12" tall.

After seven years of battle, even the execution of King Charles I could not bring peace. This informative program features realistic battle re-enactments and reconstructions, dramatized eyewitness accounts, and period imagery to chronicle the major events, personalities, and battles to bring to life England’s most turbulent and tragic chapter. 50 min. #111402 $16.95

English Civil War

#980426 Reg: $129.95 $




1/30 SCALE

SAVE $54





1/30 SCALE




Israeli Defense Force

Stage your own Six-Day or Yom Kippur War scene with these 1/30 scale metal Israel Defense Force figures! They come in a variety of action-ready poses for realistic scenes and are hand-painted for life-like detail. 2½" tall.

A: NEW! Israeli Reservist B: NEW! 3-Piece Israeli Patrol C: NEW! Israeli Rifleman D: 3-Piece Israeli Recon Team E: Israeli M28 Jeep w/106mm Recoilless Rifle Polystone. 6" long.

F: Israeli Female Soldier “Looking for Trouble”

T-34/D-30 122mm Syrian SP Howitzer Kit

This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates a Syrian Self-Propelled Howitzer, as would have been used by the Syrian military during the Six-Day War with Israel. This kit features realistic surface details, rolling tracks, a posable Howitzer barrel, and decals for two color schemes. Assembly required, skill level 4, 9¾" long. #111411 $69.95


#111408 #111409 #111410 #110158

$45 $129 $45 $129

#105881 #105884

$249 $49


These Royalist troops, fighting for King Charles I, are getting ready to blast that snooty Oliver Cromwell and his “Roundheads” into the great hereafter! Stage your own English Civil War with these 1/30 scale metal figures! They are hand-painted for life-like detail and come ready to display.

A A: NEW! The King’s Lifeguard Standard Bearer – 5" tall. #111407 $65 B: NEW! English Civil War Cannon – Polystone. 7" long. C: NEW! 2-Figure Royalist Gunner Set #1 – 4" tall. D: NEW! 2-Figure Royalist Gunner Set #2 – 4" tall.

#111403 $55 #111404 $99 #111405 $99

Buy All Three – Save $54! English Civil War Cannon and Figure Set

Set includes Royalist Gunner Sets #1 and #2 and English Civil War Cannon. 4" tall. #111406 Reg: $253 $


Scotland Royal Lion Flag

The royal banner of Scotland, with a yellow backdrop and roaring red lion, was adopted in the 13th century. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging and reinforced edging for durability. 5'x 3'. #107855 $18.95

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The PX

General War / Weaponry Strike Force Train Set

Paying tribute to those who’ve served, this HO (1/87) scale train set features a camouflage paint scheme, a GP40 diesel locomotive with operating headlight, a center-depressed flat car with a missile, a caboose, a 47"x 38" oval of E-Z Track, and a power pack/speed controller.




#406006 $ Reg: $299.95

47"x 38" Oval



Miniature Guns


Collect these highly detailed, miniature guns that feature realistic moving parts and a stand. Perfect for any military fan.


This 1/3 scale, die cast model features 3 adjustable stock positions, a charging handle, an ejection port that opens and closes, a metal mag with functioning release, 3 non-firing dummy rounds, a trigger, and a selector switch. 11" long. #109642 $39.95


Vintage Railroad Metal Signs


These artificially aged railroad signs harken back to a simpler age when motorized carriages had nothing on the locomotive for fast, luxurious cross-country travel. Handmade in the USA from high-gauge steel, they include mounting holes for easy hanging.

A: Cursing Prohibited 18"x 12". #R77147



B: Danger Look Out 17½"x 20". #405291

Firearm-Loving Caps


Hero Dogs

18.95 each

Secret Missions and Selfless Service

A: Gadsden Snake Defend the 2A #111272 B: Liquor, Guns, & Ammo #111273

Skull & Crossbones U.S. Flag

Show the neighbors what freedom means to you! This eye-catching flag is made of durable polyester and comes ready to display with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.


M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95





Advertise your marksmanship with this stark skull t-shirt! Made of soft 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #111271



Let these caps tell the world what’s important to you! Both caps come in the trucker-style with breathable mesh side and back panels and are adjustable with a snap closure. One size fits most.

Skull Bullet Holes T-Shirt

Includes a scope and a carry handle. 13" long.



Bacon. From World War I on, dogs have served alongside soldiers in history's most decisive battles. Today’s specially trained war dogs are a breed apart, assisting their human friends in everything from landmine and tunnel detection to locating improvised explosive devices. Filled with hundreds of dramatic never-before-seen photos, and information about the animals’ history and training, this title features inspiring tales of selfless battlefield service related by the war dogs' handlers and fellow soldiers. 172 pages, photos throughout, 8¼"x 10¾", hardcover.




German Shepherd T-Shirt

Known for their intelligence, strength, and obedience, German Shepherds have been helping out their human companions for generations. Show off your love of the valuable breed with this M, L, XL: $22.95 soft, 100% pre-shrunk 2XL, 3XL: $24.95 cotton t-shirt. #111320

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The PX

Snipers / Army Camo SAVE OVER

Army Combat Uniform Shirt Prepare yourself for battle with this combat uniform shirt, complete with a modern digital camo print! It also comes with a number of rugged features including dual slash chest pockets, shoulder pockets, numerous loop fields for name/rank/ insignia patches, and a comfortably pleated back. Cotton/polyester rip-stop fabric. #111520

Guns of Special Forces 2001-2015

Neville. Bursting with hundreds of dramatic images, this pictorial profile on the Special Forces examines the ever more impressive weaponry fielded by these modern soldiers. Get a rare look at not only these weapons – which include piston-driven carbines and programmable grenade launchers – but also the forces’ training, methods, and vehicles. 320 pages, color and B&W photos, 7"x 10", hardcover. #111270 $34.95

M, L, XL: Reg: $59.99

Sniper: Assassin’s End

When Special Ops sniper Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) is framed for the murder of a foreign dignitary, he narrowly evades death and reaches out to the only person he can trust: his father, legendary sniper Sergeant Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger). With father and son on the lamb from the CIA and Russian mercenaries, they must put their marksmanship to the test as the fight to stay alive. 1 hr. 35 min.




2XL, 3XL: Reg: 65.99 $

15% Accessories not included.

49.95 54.95



Fatigue Caps


Made of a 55% cotton/45% polyester blend, these battle dress uniform (BDU) caps feature your choice of two different camo patterns. $

14.95 each

A: Woodland #M404325 B: ACU Digital #M404323

Assault Rifle Folding Knife Keychain

Available Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL B

Digital Camo Army Gloves

Designed with a razor sharp blade, this assault rifle knife makes for a great keychain. It is springassisted and comes with a chain. 3" long (closed). #110506 $9.95

These two-tone Army gloves, complete with an adjustable welt for optimum fit, also feature an upholstered camoprint back. Made of 70% nylon and 30% elastane, with polyurethane enforcements. #111528 $14.95 Available Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL

“Better Start Running” Sniper T-Shirt

This sniper-themed t-shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk jersey knit cotton and features a logo on Front Crest the right sleeve and tearaway labels. #110185 M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95

U.S. Army CamoLined Hoodie

The U.S. Army star is front and center on this patriotic hoodie which also features a camouflage lining for extra warmth and style. Includes a drawstring hood and hand-warming pocket. Made of a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend.


M, L, XL: $57.95 2XL: $59.95

Patriotic Face Masks

A Stay healthy and salute America with these camo face masks featuring the U.S. Army star or Gadsden snake. They include a meshlayer pocket for added filter (not included). 100% polyester. Washable. $

12.95 each



A: NEW! U.S. Army #111522 B: Don’t Tread on Me #110468

U.S. Army Folding Knife

This U.S. Army folding knife offers lettering on a stainless steel blade and an official military emblem on the handle. 4½" folded length. #107195 $12.95

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Limited Quantities!



Heavy-Duty QuarterZip Work Shirt

Perfect attire for even the toughest jobs, this quarter-zip work shirt is multi-functional with its two pen slits, a utility chest pocket, two front hand-warming pockets, reinforced elbows, $ and a comfortable M, L, XL: Reg: $49.99 fleece lining. Made $ 2XL, 3XL: Reg: $54.99 of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Camo / Tactical M-51 Fishtail Parka

Inspired by the 1951 U.S. Army issue, this woodland camo parka – made of 100% cotton – will serve and protect you from the cold with its brass zip-up front with a storm flap and two pockets; hood and drawstring; epaulettes; adjustable cuffs with buttons; drawstrings at the waist and bottom; and snap-up back flap. #104361 M, L, XL: $89.95 2XL: $94.95

39.95 42.95

N-3B Snorkel Parka


Tactical Combat Long-Sleeve Shirt

Featuring a handsome dual design, this tactical combat shirt – with desert camo sleeves – features a lightweight breathable fabric, a mock turtleneck, and zippered upperarm pockets. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. #111575



Perfect for the cold-weather months, this high-quality N-3B snorkel parka consists of a nylon shell, a water-repellent lining with a drawstring hood, synthetic fur trim, $ a heavy-duty brass zipper, tough M, L, XL: Reg: $107.99 polyester lining, and deep pockets. $ 2XL, 3XL: Reg: $117.99 #108833

94.95 99.95

Excursion Shoulder Bag

M, L, XL: $37.95 2XL, 3XL: $39.95

Tactical BDU Pants

Designed to withstand any and all wear and tear, these camouflage BDU pants feature double-stitched seams, a classic military button fly, M, L, XL: $39.95 drawstring ankle ties, six versatile pockets, adjustable 2XL, 3XL: $41.95 waist tabs, and a tough cotton/ polyester blend material. #111578

The PX

Easy to carry and loaded with compartments, this excursion bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, two main zippered areas (with another interior zippered pocket), a pen pocket, a front flapclosed pocket, and black metal hardware. Made of cotton canvas. 6½"x 6¼".



Messenger Bag

Made of heavyweight cotton canvas. Includes a large main compartment, an inside zipper pouch, two outside pockets, and an adjustable shoulder strap. 15"x 11"x 6".




Flecktarn "Kerr" Figure Limited Quantities!

Urban Utility Jacket

Perfect for any outdoor activity, this high-quality M, L, XL: $54.95 utility jacket is 2XL, 3XL: $59.95 built to last. A 100% polyester lining and shell ensures maximum warmth and comfort, while deep pockets and strong aluminum zippers promise to keep your personal items safe and secure. #108699


Order Today at 800-989-1945 or www.MilitaryIssue.com

This fearsome female soldier is ready for anything! This highly articulated 1/6 scale figure features a seamless joint body and rooted hair. She is dressed in real fabric clothing and includes a wide selection of accessories, such as a tactical bulletproof vest, a Glock-17 pistol with magazines, a holster and thigh plate, an AR-15 rifle, and much more! 12" tall.





The PX

Presidential Presidential Seal Flag

Used to mark correspondence to Congress, and also a symbol of the presidency itself, the U.S. Presidential Seal – centered on this polyester flag reproduction – originated with Rutherford B. Hayes who first used the coat of arms in 1877. It features a canvas header with brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #106168 $18.95


Red/Blue Nation Caps

Red Nation #111318 Blue Nation #111319

Display your patriotism with one of these red or blue nation flag caps! Featuring a bright embroidered patch on the crown, these caps come with trucker-style mesh panels and an adjustable snap closure. $ One size fits most. 18.95 each

Portraits of the Presidents

America’s Presidents: Volumes I & II

Blum et al.. Offering a detailed account of the origins and development of the American Presidency, this two-volume set presents historical facts, along with stunning portraits and photos. Volume 1 examines the history of the office and shares what life has been for those who have held it. Volume 2 offers a timeline of the U.S. Presidents in chronological order. 456 pages, illustrated, 8¼"x11", hardcover. 1/87 SCALE


#110730 Reg: $109.95 $

SAVE $70 GM Bus Coach Model

Boston “Kennedy for President”

This 1/87 (HO) scale model of a GM PD4104 Bus Coach with JFK on the side features realistic wheels, a detailed interior and exterior, and accurate markings. 4¾" long. #409055 $49.95


Made in the USA.

Presidential Jigsaw Puzzles

Show off your patriotic pride with these detailed jigsaw puzzles! Made in the $ USA with recyclable materials. 550 pieces. 24"x 15". 14.95 each

A: Republican Club #406872

B: Democrat Club #406873

USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) Kit

Named after the 35th President of the United States, the USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) is the only ship of her class and the last conventionally powered carrier built for the U.S. Navy. After 40 years of service, she was decommissioned in 2007. This 1/700 scale plastic kit recreates the mighty vessel, and features 610+ detailed parts, a single-piece full hull, full weapons suite, life rafts and ship boats, decals with various markings, and aircraft for the flight deck. Assembly required, skill level 4. 18¼" long. #108718 $129.95

Trump Mt. Rushmore $ 2 Bill


Popular U.S. B Presidents 5-Quarter Sets

Celebrate your favorite U.S. president with these presidential quarter sets! These genuine 2009 District of Columbia state quarters feature the colorized likenesses of five popular presidents, Republican and Democrat. Each coin comes in a clear acrylic protective capsule, and the set comes in a felt-lined collector’s display box, along with a certificate of authenticity. $29.95 each

A: Democrats – Includes Jefferson, FDR, Truman, JFK, and Obama. #111302 B: Republicans – Includes Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, and Trump. #111303


You know President Trump belongs among America’s greatest presidents, and now he’s been added to Mount Rushmore on this commemorative note! This genuine $2 bill, overlaid with special colorization, comes in crisp uncirculated condition. It is showcased in a blue two-sided display folio and comes with a certificate of authenticity. #111283 $16.95


Similar to the one worn by President Trump during his campaign, this high-quality cap boldly displays “Make America Great Again” in premium embroidery. Includes an adjustable strap for a custom-like fit. #106646 $16.95

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The PX

Patriotic 1976 Bicentennial 3Quarter Gold-Plated Set


Here is your chance to own a set of three spectacular and original 1976 Bicentennial Quarters. You’ll receive three of this famous coin, lavished in 24Kt gold highlights. Certificate of authenticity and acrylic coin capsules included. #108378 $14.95


Founding Fathers $2 Bill

A celebration of our Founding Fathers and full legal tender, this colorized $2 bill features an obverse image of seven towering Americans from the Revolutionary Era: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington. This crisp and uncirculated bill arrives in a handsome blue folder with a certificate of authenticity. #102381 $16.95

Camo U.S. Flag T-Shirt

A great way to show off your patriotism, this camo distressed U.S. flag t-shirt comes with an athletic fit and is made of a M, L, XL: soft, durable cotton blend. $ 14.95 Perfect for workouts or every day wear! 2XL, 3XL:


Patriotic Facemasks

Make a bold statement with these A: “These Colors Don’t Run” patriotic facemasks! Made of 100% Includes mesh pocket for added polyester, with adjustable straps. filter (filter not included). #110464 Machine washable, and these colors B: NEW! Stars and Stripes #706817 $ don’t run, either! 12.95 each

Patriotic Caps



Let your patriotism soar with one of these eyecatching caps! Adjustable, one size fits most.

14.95 each


A: NEW! United States Stars #111205 B: Tom Cat #110706 Reg: $26.95 C: Eagle Talon Flag #110707 Reg: $26.95


40% C


The State of Jefferson is a proposed U.S. state that would span the mostly rural area of southern Oregon and northern California. When President Jefferson sent the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Northwest, he envisioned the establishment of an independent nation in the west that he called the “Republic of the Pacific,” hence using his name for the proposed state.



Images of America: The State of Jefferson – Tickner & Fiorini-Jenner. The

“United We Stand” Flag Hoodies

These patriotic pullover fleece hoodies are made of a soft cotton/polyester blend and come with a kangaroo pocket and an adjustable drawstring.


border counties of Oregon and California have long dreamt of a State of Jefferson. The movement received national attention and held a boisterous election of county officials in 1941 before being derailed by the U.S.’s entry to WWII. Today, highway signs, businesses, and even public radio stations proudly display the State of Jefferson name and flag. 128 pages, Only 240 200 photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. #111255 $21.95

Worldwide! State of Jefferson Silver Coin – A private mint in Oregon

issued this sterling silver coin, equal to “20 Jefferson Dollars.” Only 240 coins were produced. Own this rare and unusual piece of American history! #111248 $69.95

A: Charcoal Gray / Color Flag #111322 B: Black #111323 B

M, L, XL: $37.95 each 2XL: $39.95 each

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or www.MilitaryIssue.com

State of Jefferson Flag – Depicting a

gold mining pan with two Xs known as the “Double Cross,” this flag is made of durable polyester fabric and features reinforced edging, with brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'.





The PX


Military Branch Camo Face Masks

Digital Clip Watches Marines Navy Army Air Force

#111445 #111446 #111447 #111448

Stay safe while you support the troops with your favorite military branch face mask! Made of soft 100% polyester, they come with adjustable elastic straps for a close, comfortable fit, and include an inner pocket for an added filter (filter not included). Marines mask does not include pocket. $12.95 each

Military Branch Fleece Sweatpants

Represent your favorite branch of service while you work out or lounge around! These comfortable gray fleece sweatpants are made of M, L, XL: 50% cotton/50% polyester blend and include $ 29.95 an elastic waist-band with drawstring and 2XL: side seam pockets.

Navy Army

#111358 #111359

Marines #111360 Air Force #111361



Don’t keep your squadron wait- Navy #111371 ing! These stainless steel digital Air Force #111372 watches, available with the inCoast Guard #111373 signia from any of the five mili- Marines #111369 tary branches, are 50M waterresistant and feature 12- and 24-hour display, day and date, stopwatch, alarm, dual time, an illuminating $ light, and come with a carabiner clip. 29.95 each

Chrome-Case Frontier Watches

These stunning watches depict the various military branches and are #109695 water-resistant. They Coast Guard Marines #109691 feature a leather strap, luminous Army #109692 hands, and a chrome Navy #109693 metal case.



$29.95 each

Air Force


Cuffed Beanies

Keep your head warm this winter with these high-quality cuffed beanies! Made from 100% acrylic, they proudly display an embroidered military branch logo and name. One size $ fits most. 16.95 each

U.S. Branch Seal Mugs with Flag

Army Air Force Navy Marines

#108792 #108793 #108794 #108795

Made from durable ceramic, these 12 oz. mugs feature a stately image of the U.S. branch seal of your choice. Also included, you’ll receive a high-quality 12"x 18" polyester flag displaying the same image! Fade-resistant and durable, the flag arrives with brass grommets to ensure easy hanging. $19.95 each

Marines #108493 Navy #108495

Army #108494 Air Force #108496 Coast Guard #108497

M, L, XL: $37.95 2XL: $39.95


#111354 #111355 #111356

Flag-Lettered Military Branch Hoodies

These patriotic pullover hoodies feature sharp screenprinted graphics, soft and thick 50% cotton/50% polyester fleece material, a large front pouch, and a double-lined hood with drawstrings.


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The PX

While tracing its early proposals to the beginning of the Cold War, the United States Space Force (USSF) became an official armed forces branch on December 20, 2019. Their motto is, Semper Supra, “Always above.”

Eagle Head Military T-Shirts

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Army Marines Air Force Navy

#111505 Featuring sharp #111506 graphics and the branch slogan, these patriotic tees are #111507 a great salute to our armed forces. Made of 100% pre#111508 shrunk cotton.

18.95 each


Air Force

The sky is no longer the limit. Featuring the brand new logo of the U.S. Space Force, this cap is made of 100% brushed cotton twill. Adjustable with a hook and loop closure, one size fits most. #111350 $18.95

Space Force Combat Stars Head Wrap

Let people know you don’t mind having your head in the stars with this biker-style "Danbanna"! Featuring the U.S. Space Force logo on the crown and back, one size fits most.

Defending Freedom Caps

Show off your pride of service with one of these service branch caps! They feature detailed embroidery of a shrewd-eyed eagle ready to strike and the branch insignia on the bill. Adjustable with a hook and loop closure, Navy Army one size fits most.

Space Force Logo Cap




#109849 #109850 #109851

Made in the USA.

Space Force Shuttle Parking Metal Sign

You might want to put this in front of a double-wide parking spot, those thrusters need a bit of clearance! Made of embossed aluminum in the USA. 8"x 12". #111349 $16.95

Metal Signs

Made in the USA.

Space Force $2 Bill

These circular metal signs – which include mounting holes and measure 12" in diameter – feature the military branch seal of $ your choice. 19.95 each

Army #101425 Navy #101427

Capturing the U.S. Space Force, this $2 bill is genuine legal tender of the United States. Featuring the Space Force motto “Semper Supra,” meaning “always above,” this note includes a certificate of authenticity. #110448

Marines #101426 Air Force #101428


U.S. Space Force Flag


Car Grill Badges

Adorn your car’s grill with a patriotic tribute to the United States Armed Forces – badges of your branch’s seal featuring an eye-catching polished finish! 3" diameter.

14.95 each

Reg: $19.95 $

25% Army Navy Marines Air Force

#102863 #102864 #102865 #102866

This durable polyester flag features the newly unveiled delta logo, the official image of America’s Space Force. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #110957 $18.95

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This heavily illustrated series focuses on the combat machines that left their mark in warfare, with these selections focusing on historic tanks, aircraft, and aircraft carriers. 112 or 128 pages, 125+ B&W and color photos, 9"x 9", hardcover.



Messerschmitt Bf 110: The Luftwaffe’s Fighter-Destroyer in World War II

M3 Medium Tank: The Lee and Grant tanks in World War II – Doyle. The M3 Lee was America’s

Mackay. Initially used to drive off defending fighters from bomber formations, the Bf 110 fared better when set to ground attacks, and it was most effective when switched to a night fighter against RAF Bomber Command operations.

first mass-produced combat tank. Its unusual configuration was a result of the rush to get the vehicle into production following Germany’s rapid advances in Europe. Later, as more advanced tanks became available, the M3s were adapted to fill other roles. #111252


NEW! Sherman Tank, Vol. 4: The M4A3 Medium Tank in World War II and Korea

Doyle. Powered by a massive Ford V-8 engine, the M4A3 Sherman was the standard tank of the U.S. Army during the later stages of WWII, as well as the Korean War. The M4A3 was used by both Army and the Marines during the Korean War, and was supplied in large numbers to Allied nations during the post-WWII rebuilding process. #111253

Vol. 1 – Examines the M4A1. #106383 Vol. 2 – Examines the M4 (105). #107760 Vol. 3 – Examines the M4A2 variant. #110909

USS New York (BB-34): From World War I to the Atomic Age – Doyle. Constructed in

1911 and launched in 1914, the USS New York (BB-34), named after the state, was designed as the first ship to carry the 45-caliber gun. Serving in the U.S. Navy until just after WWII, hundreds of photographs trace the history of this warship from its launching in 1914, through two world wars, to atomic bomb testing. #107762

USS Wisconsin (BB-64): From World War II to the Persian Gulf to Museum Ship

Doyle. The Wisconsin carried the highest hull number ever given to a commissioned U.S. battleship, and it was also the last of the four Iowa-Class battleships. Learn the vessel’s design and production, as well as its service in World War II, the Korean War, and the Gulf War. #110786

F-111 Aardvark: General Dynamics’ Variable-Swept Wing Attack Aircraft

Gourley. The General Dynamics F-111 was one of aviation history’s most promising planes when it came out in the early 1960s. Many of the challenges faced by putting the F-111– with all of its new systems – into service are now accepted as a normal outfit in modern fighter aircraft.



AD and A-1 Skyraider: Douglas’s “Spad” in Korea and Vietnam – Doyle. Designed late

in WWII, the Skyraider made its combat debut during the Korean War. In the following years, the rugged airframe and powerful engine meant that the type could be adapted into ever-expanding roles. In Vietnam, the Skyraider took on the role of attack aircraft and was also used as air cover for ground troops. #706848

B-58 Hustler: Corvair’s Cold War Mach 2 Bomber – Doyle. The Convair B-58 Hustler,

with its distinctive delta-wing shape, would become the world’s first supersonic bomber, and the first aircraft to fly to Mach 2. With development beginning in 1949, the B-58 would become part of the U.S. nuclear arsenal during the height of the Cold War.

USS Hornet (CV-8): From the Doolittle Raid and Midway to Santa Cruz

The USS Hornet (CV-8), the seventh ship to carry the name, was a Yorktown-Class aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy. This volume explores her construction, wartime activities (including the Battle of Midway), and ultimate sinking during the Battle of Santa Cruz in 1942.


B-26 Marauder: Martin’s Medium Bomber in World War II − Doyle. Although receiving

less wartime publicity than America’s other medium bomber in Europe, the B-25, the B-26 Marauder delivered twice the tonnage of bombs and had a lower loss rate. This volume explores the history of this oft-overlooked but widely used aircraft. #704766


B-17 Flying Fortress, Vol. 2: Boeing’s B-17E through B-17H in World War II – Doyle. This

title chronicles the design, development, and wartime use of the late models of the Flying Fortress, from the first truly combat-capable model, the B-17E, to the lifesaving B-17H. As a special feature, detailed coverage of the famed “Memphis Belle” is included. #706851

Vol. 1: Boeing's Model 299 through B-17D #706235


USS Nimitz (CVN-68): America’s Supercarrier 1975 to the Present

Santana. The oldest active ship in the U.S. Navy’s fleet, the USS Nimitz is a nuclearpowered supercarrier commissioned in 1975. Bursting with over 150 images, this comprehensive title details every element of the warship such as its sea trials, armament, command and control, aircraft launching and recovery, and its combat history – including the Gulf of Sidra Incident and Operation Desert Shield. #107763

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Explore some of the forgotten aspects and places of American military history with illustrated titles from the Images of America series covering forts, air fields, bases, and near misses! 128 pages, 200+ images (unless otherwise noted), 6½"x 9¼", softcover.

Old Fort Jackson – Seifert. Fort James Jackson has been the silent sentinel protecting Savannah, Georgia, for over 200 years. Active during wartimes, the fort was often quietly abandoned between wars. The mid-1960s saw renewal as the fort became a museum. #111244 Camp Verde – Ayers. In 1864,

a group of settlers left the territorial capital at Prescott, Arizona, for the rich, fertile Verde Valley, homeland of the Yavapai and Apache. Over the next 35 years, the settlement at Lower Verde thrived around the army fort, and became known as Camp Verde. #111245

The Pig War – Vouri. In 1859,

after an American settler on San Juan Island shot a pig belonging to the British-owned Hudson's Bay Company, war was narrowly averted as nearly 500 U.S. soldiers and three British warships would stand off on Griffin Bay. #111246

Fort Washington – Branch-Miles, Thomas, & Woods. Originally known as Fort Warburton, Fort Washington was the only defensive fort protecting Washington D.C. for many decades. Built in 1809, burnt down by its own troops in 1814, and rebuilt in 1824, the site is now preserved by the National Park Service. #111247

Falcon Field – Mallett. This

book chronicles the history of Mesa’s Falcon Field, whose story began during WWII when a small group of celebrities financed three pilot training facilities (Southwest Airways) in Arizona for Allied forces.


Gowen Field – Mailes & Keith. This photo-history of Gowen Field – home to Idaho’s adjutant general, the state’s Army and Air National Guard, and U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps reserve units – takes you from its opening in 1941 through B-17 and B-24 training in WWII. #18140

Paine Field – Bertrand. Paine


Fort McCoy – Fournier.

Field in Washington got its start as a WPA project in the 1930s and went on to become an important hub during World War II and the Korean War. #702579

Examine Wisconsin’s only federal military installation – from its 1909 founding by Maj. Gen. Robert McCoy through the training of doughboys in WWI, its service in WWII, and its training of soldiers in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Bunker Hill and Grissom Air Force Base – Kelley &


Col. Dugard. In 1954, a very important part of the nuclear deterrent force moved into the old Hoosier Navy Base and for more than three decades, Bunker Hill and Grissom airmen stood ready to defend America’s freedom. #703928

Detroit’s Wartime Industry Arsenal of Democracy

Davis. Just as Detroit symbolizes the U.S. automobile industry, during WWII it also came to stand for American industry’s conversion from the production of civilian goods to war material. #M101924

The Royal Air Force Over Florida – de Quesada. In WWII,

many RAF pilots were sent across the ocean to Florida to receive pilot training. From the classroom instruction, to the hands-on training in Stearman PT-17s, to the recreation time spent exposing Floridians to new activities such as cricket, this is a fascinating and unique pictorial tribute. #5497

The Navy in Newport

Wyld. Examine the history of the U.S. Navy in Newport, Rhode Island, from the Colonial period through the opening of the Naval Torpedo Station on Goat Island in 1869, and beyond. #18188

Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City – Follow the

Rosie the Riveter in Long Beach – Schipske. Thousands

history of the only U.S. Coast Guard-owned airport, from its establishment in 1939 to today. You'll see it progress from a base housing a mere six seaplanes, through a population boom during WWII, to its present-day service as the center of USCG Aviation. #18116

of women supported the war effort in Long Beach, California – working at the U.S. Armysponsored Douglas Aircraft plant manufacturing crucial fighters, bombers, and transports. #18146

Fort Delaware – Lee & Mackie.

Jefferson Barracks – Grassino & Schuermann. Missouri’s Jefferson Barracks has served the U.S. military for nearly two centuries – home to the U.S.’ first permanent Dragoons (later the U.S. Cavalry), the first School of Infantry, and the first regiment of Buffalo Soldiers.

You’ll read about the fort’s various construction phases, the damage it suffered during an 1831 fire, its use as a notorious Civil War prison camp, and its rescue from abandonment and its subsequent preservation.


Camp Ripley 1930-1960

Erickson. This photo-history takes you inside the gates of Minnesota's Camp Ripley – a National Guard training facility – to see its first three decades of existence. Includes views of the ruins of Fort Ripley, a U.S. Army frontier fort that opened in 1849 and is encompassed within the current boundaries of the Camp.



Fort McHenry and Baltimore’s Harbor Defenses

Cole & Sheads. Fort McHenry and Baltimore's later harbor defenses – forts Armistead, Smallwood, and Howard – played significant roles in our nation's military history.



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Just 4 Fun

Figures / Kits

The Royal Procession


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with her son, HRH Prince Charles, and grandson, HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, ride down The Mall during a Trooping the Colour Parade, escorted by Household Cavalry while a troop of foot guards stand watch. These 1/30 scale metal figures are hand-painted for life-like detail, and come ready to display. Standing figures: 2½" tall. Horse-mounted figures: 4" tall.


A: The Parade Commander #111294 $125 B: HRH Prince Charles #111295 $135 C: HRH Prince William #111296 $135 D: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II #111297 $135 E: Shoulder Arms Guard #111298 $45 F: Saluting Guards Officer #111299 $45 G: Stand At Ease Guard #111300 $45 H: Guard Standing with Upright Rifle #111301 $45 I: Guard Box #110800 $29

Robin Hood




1/30 SCALE

Nostalgic Kits

1/30 SCALE

Bring the funny pages to life! These cartoonish plastic kits are simple enough for the kids to put together, but only if they can be wrestled away from dad first! Assembly required, skill level 2.

A: Red Baron Fokker Kit





Includes motor-driven propeller. 6" long.





MotorDriven Propeller!

B: Snoopy with Sopwith Camel Kit – Includes motor-driven

propeller. 9" long.





D: 1971 Ford Ranger Kit

The tyrannical Sheriff of Nottingham has his men searching the fairgrounds for Robin Hood and his merry band of scoundrels. Little do they know, the dashing archer set to take first place is the prince of thieves in disguise! These 1/30 scale metal figures are hand-painted for life-like detail and come ready to display. 2½" tall.

B: NEW! Sheriff ’s Sergeant-at-Arms C: NEW! Sergeant-at-Arms with Mace D: Sheriff ’s Man-at-Arms with Sword E: Sheriff ’s Crossbowman F: Robin Hood in Disguise G: NEW! Arthur a Bland H: Will Stutely I: NEW! 2-Piece Archery Targets





C: Snoopy Ice Hockey Game Kit – 10" wide. #409503 $29.95


A: NEW! Sir Guy of Gisbourne – 4" tall.




129 #111307 $47 #111308 $47 #103685 $47 #103686 $47 #101848 $49 #101847 $49 #101846 $49 #111310 $55



Skill level 3. 8" long.


$34.95 34.95

E: Taco Trike Kit

1/25 scale, 10" long.







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Chess Sets / Board Games

Just 4 Fun

Fantasy Chess Sets

Play the game of kings with these stylized sets! They feature finely sculpted resin figures, hand-painted for exquisite detail, and come with a glass $ chessboard. Pieces measure 3-4" tall, glass board 17"x 17". 69.95 each

Dragon Kingdom #111278

Vampires vs. Werewolves #111280

King Arthur #111279

Cherry-Stained Chessboard

Egypt vs. Rome #103113

Strategic Board Games

London – Tasked with rebuilding London following the great

fire, players juggle building requirements, bank loans, and poverty as they strive to realize their version for the city. 2-4 players, ages 14+.

Sharpen your strategy skills as you take on your friends in these imaginative board game titles!

Wildlands – Travel

the lawless Wildlands as one of four factions while you try to recover arcane crystal shards and restore order. 2-4 players, ages 14+.







Cryptid – While trying to identify

a mysterious beast, your goal is to uncover information about your opponents' clues without revealing too much of your own. 2-5 players, ages 10+. #111275 $34.95

Undaunted: North Africa

The British Army takes on Italian forces for control of North Africa. As casualties mount, your plans must change with the tactical circumstances. 2 players, ages 14+.

Includes storage compartment for chess pieces. 15½"x 15½". #60746 $69.95

They Come Unseen – A Cold War strategy game where players must navigate submarines through waters and go unnoticed by their opponents on the way to Russia. 2-5 players, ages 12+. #M101165



Escape From Colditz – Assem-




ble your equipment, plot escape routes, and avoid capture as you try to escape the WWII prison in Colditz Castle. 2-6 players, ages 12+. #101682 $64.95

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Just 4 Fun

Pin-Ups Black Spartan Army Commander Figure


Enhance your sword and sandals scene with this beautiful Black Spartan Army Commander! This 1/6 scale, seamless posable figure comes with a battle outfit and helmet, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, dagger with sheath, armor, cloak, sword, and spiked ball-andchain bola. 11" tall.


Bettie Page A B

Bettie Page Prints

Show your love for the “Queen of Pinups” with these sizzling prints! Each giclée print is signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. $ 8"x 10". 69.95 each



A: Movie Poster II B: Heaven Bound C C: Tattoo Flash

Medieval Battle Mace

Resembling the original weapon’s look and feel with a solid wood handle, this medieval replica features a spiked ball – finished in silver – attached to a metal chain. 18" long. #107082 $19.95

Buy All 3 Prints – Save $30! #111293 $179.85 A

Bettie Page Puzzles

Alvarado’s Pin-Ups

Pin Up Girl

“Betty Grable in Technicolor is luscious to look at.” – Hollywood Citizen-News. Made in response to Betty Grable’s iconic 1943 pin-up photo, which earned her the title of “the woman we won the war for,” this 1944 musical stars Grable as Lorry Jones, the toast of a Missouri military canteen who has been “engaged” to every serviceman for whom she’s signed her pin-up photo. Extras include an additional musical number and publicity stills of the film and Grable. Color, 1 hr. 23 min. #V9747 $24.95


These devilishly fun puzzles featuring Bettie B Page are guaranteed to warm up those winter months! 500 pieces, $ 18"x 18". 24.95 each

Must be 18+ to order!

Alvarado. Combining color, NEW! Pin-Up Nudes 2nd Edition 160 pages, 160+ color photos. #705208 $39.95 form, and style to create luscious images with flat Modern Pin-Ups color and a shine that ac144 pages, 145 color photos. #21170 $34.95 centuates each model’s key All-American Girls features, Robert Alvarado’s 160 pages, 151 color photos. #701559 $34.95 alluring photographs − of models in traditional poses, clothes, lingerie, and tastefully nude − are influenced by traditional pin-up artists such as Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, yet will impress you in a way that only modern photography can. 9"x 12", hardcover.

#111290 #111291 #111292

A: Don’t Tread on Me #706719 B: Bettie’s Eyes #409791

Bettie Page: The Lost Years

Rodriguez. Bettie Page was arguably one of the most famous pin-up models of all time. Hordes of Bettie Page fans around the world will be excited about this oneof-a-kind volume, which features a bounty of unreleased material. Including many unpublished photos and letters, this intimate book paints a rarely seen portrait of the queen of pin-ups. 144 pages, 9"x 11", hardcover.




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Just 4 Fun


Brighten up your garage or man cave with these seductive vintage-style signs! Handmade from heavy gauge American steel, they include mounting holes for easy hanging. Made in the USA.













A: NEW! Top Hat Burlesque 13"x 18". #111289 $29.95 B: Ready to Race! – 12"x 18". #R77667 $29.95 C: NEW! Joy Ride − 18"x 24". #702881 $49.95 D: NEW! Rat Rod Cutout 18"x 14". #111286 $39.95 E: NEW! Solomon’s Fine Furs 18"x 12". #111288 $29.95 F: NEW! Coney Island Metal Sign 12"x 12". #408761 $24.95 G: Double Vision Nude – 12"x 18". #109786 $29.95 H: Texaco Girl – 14" diameter. #705494 $24.95

I: NEW! New York Nights Rendezvous 12"x 18". #111287 $29.95 J: NEW! Cowabunga! 14" diameter. #R69086 $24.95 K: NEW! Hollywood Magazine 12"x 18". #704799 $34.95 L: Hotel Nights – 12"x 18". #703245 $34.95 M: NEW! Black Cherry Speed Shop 15"x 15". #R66787 $19.95 N: Lube Girl Nude – 11"x 22". #408954 $34.95 O: NEW! Crazy Horse Gentleman’s Magazine – 12"x 18". #704917 $34.95

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Just 4 Fun

NOSTALGIC SIGNS Travel back to a simpler time with these vintage-inspired metal signs! Handmade in the USA, they include mounting holes for easy hanging.











Made in the USA.



B: NEW! Crown Royal Bottle Cutout – 12"x 18".



C: NEW! Texaco Hexagon – 23"x 15".


D: NEW! Ford Bronco – 12" diameter.


E: NEW! Route 66 Flag Background – 11"x 11½". #409900




19.95 19.95 $ 34.95 $ 19.95 $ 19.95 $ 19.95 $ 19.95 $ 29.95 $ 29.95 $ 19.95 $ 49.95 $ 24.95 $ 29.95 $ 19.95 $ 19.95


A: NEW! Pepsi Big Glass – 12" diameter.

F: NEW! Mountain Dew Bottle Cap – 18"x 16".


G: NEW! Twilight Zone Arrow – 20"x 5¾".


H: NEW! Dracula Classic Movie – 12"x 18".


I: NEW! St. Charles Street Car – 12"x 18".


J: Smokey the Bear – 11¾" diameter.


K: NEW! Reddy Kilowatt – 14"x 24".


L: Woodstock 1969 – 14" diameter.


M: Motorola Radio – 12"x 18".


N: Coca-Cola – 12½"x 16".


O: Rooster Coffee – 12½"x 16".


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Hollywood Films Thunder of War

Heavy Russian casualties resulted as Nazi Germany bulldozed its way toward Moscow. Citizens fled the capital with the foreign seize all but imminent. Based on a true story, this film follows a group of 28 soldiers of the Red Army’s 316th Rifle Division who stopped the advance on Moscow from 54 Nazi tanks of the 11th Panzer Division for five hellish days. 2 hrs. 11 min. #111260 $19.95

Kill Cavalry

Based on the true events of Union General Judson Kilpartick, who was nicknamed “Kill Cavalry” for its closeness to Kilpatrick and the General’s seeming disregard for the lives of soldiers under his command. In this film, Gen. Kilpatrick takes over the small town of Barnwell, SC, hoping to draw out Confederate General Joseph Wheeler to eliminate the enemy officer, but things don’t go as planned. 1 hr. 22 min. #111259 $19.95

Saints And Soldiers


A pretty young woman sets off on a cross-country journey to find her missing husband. Along the way, she meets an alcoholic bounty hunter and hires him to find her spouse. On their adventure together they encounter thieves, Indians hunting for human sacrifices, and other dangers in the old west. 1 hr. 29 min. #111266 $19.95

The Last Warriors

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of 2061, a band of survivors called Last Arc put their faith in a lonely hunter named Cygnus. He is sent out to find some signs of life among the desolate terrain before the outsider tribe of Heretics descend on Last Arc. With time running out, Cygnus navigates perilous landscapes and enemy traps in order to save his people. 1 hr. 33 min. #111267 $19.95


The Legion


During the invasion of Parthia, two Roman legions come to a standstill in the snowy mountains of Armenia, leaving them hopeless, slowly dying in the freezing temperature. The rest of the Roman army is a two weeks' march away, and the region is buzzing with Parthian patrols. Their last hope for survival is Noreno, a half-Roman soldier, who is given the dangerous mission of crossing the hazardous terrain to find help for his men and turn the tide of the battle. 1 hr. 36 min. #110033 Reg: $24.95 $


They Shall Not Grow Old

Using archival footage which is more than one hundred years old, this documentary film explores the life of British soldiers who fought in the First World War. You can learn all about the reality of war on the front line and how the soldiers ate, slept, formed friendships, and survived. B&W, 1 hr. 39 min. #109971 $14.95


$ 95 Each

Just 4 Fun

The Phantom Pinto

A large cattle outfit, behaving suspiciously like nazis, comes to town and offers to buy up seemingly worthless grazing land from rancher Tim Wade, who refuses. When Wade is found shot, he says his killer rode a pinto horse. Wade’s grandson Buzzy tells the ranch manager that his grandfather told him there might gold on his property in Black Mountain. Gunfights, jail breaks, painted ponies, German spies, and a mysterious ore follow in this wild western mystery. 55 min. #111268

This action-packed collection contains all three chapters in the Saints and Soldiers saga. Based on real WWII events, the first film follows a small band of Allied soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines, with information that could save thousands of American lives. The second installment follows a group of paratroopers who must decide between honor and duty. The final chapter plays out a deadly game of cat and mouse in the Harz Mountains between a U.S. tank crew and three infamous Panzer tanks. 4 hrs. 34 min. on 3 discs. #111269 $29.95

Tell It to the Marines

A 1926 black-and-white silent film, Tell It to the Marines stars Lon Chaney as Sergeant O’Hara – a seasoned leader in the U.S. Marines – whose patience is tested by new recruits in his ranks, especially Private George “Skeet” Burns (William Haines). While stationed in the Philippines, they both continue to clash as they pine over a beautiful nurse. B&W, 1 hr. 43 min. #106943 $16.95

D-Day: Battle of Omaha Beach

Based on the incredible true story, this epic film follows the brave Rangers of the 2nd Battalion on D-Day. Outnumbered and outgunned, they are tasked with taking out a series of German machine gun nests. A suicide mission fought in hostile territory, they must risk life and limb and do their part to secure victory and change the course of history. 1 hr. 30 min. #108656 Reg: $19.95 $




Jump Into Hell

Explore the conflict in Vietnam, or, as it was still known in 1955, French Indochina. This film covers the 56-day battle of Dien Ben Phu and the French volunteers who emerged as heroes. Captain Guy Bertrand and his comrades take a brave stand against the Communist forces. Before their inevitable doom, the men think of visions of the mademoiselles they left behind. 1 hr. 33 min. #109970 $24.95

Atrocities of the Orient

Originally released in 1948 under a different title, Atrocities of the Orient – rereleased in 1959 to commercial success – follows the story of Japanese brutality in the Philippines in 1944. Based on actual events, viewers will witness the unspeakable horrors committed by the invading Pacific empire, including unforgivable violence toward women and the random murdering of locals for sport. B&W. 1 hr. 19 min. #106865

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Blank Guns / Hand Weapons

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

ASI FrontFiring Blank Gun

.22-Caliber Derringer

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

The Derringer was a favorite among outlaws and gamblers for its hideaway size. This double-barreled, blankfiring reproduction features a working action, swing locking lever, and the barrel swings up for easy loading. 4¾" long.

#111439 129.95 100-Pack of Blanks #109054 $



Great for training or reenactments, this ASI front-firing blank Shipping restrictions gun is stunningly apply. Call for details. realistic. Equipped to fire in either the automatic or semi-automatic mode, it also features a black matte finish, authentic-style grips, working-action, and trigger and standard 15-round and extended 25-round magazines. 14" long. #M652608 $249.95

50-Pack of Blanks #M651886



1873 Fast-Draw

This stylish, nickel-finished gun – a reproduction of an 1873 fast-draw revolver – comes with a spinning cylinder (that holds six blanks), a cock-and-pull mechanism, and black composite grips. 10½" long.




100-Pack of Blanks #109054 $19.95

run out of ammo. Make sure it’s not life threatening with Hand Sometimes yousomething from this assorted hand weapon collection! Weapons

Special Forces Combat Knife – Includes scabbard and belt support. 6½" blade length, 12" total length. #111441

Classic Bowie Knife w/Sheath



Spiked Mace Club – Wood handle with black metal spikes. 23" long. #111442 $39.95

Military Serrated Boot Knife – Includes nylon sheath. 4½" blade, 8¾" total length. #111443

$24.95 24.95

Includes a bone handle and leather sheath. 15" long. #101394 $34.95

Scimitar Sword with Scabbard – Wood handle, leather scabbard. 31" long. #106626 $39.95

Pocket Knife Multi-Tool – Includes 3" half-serrated blade,

pliers, wire cutters, bottle opener, screwdrivers, and sheath. 3½" long when closed. #M404337 $19.95

Extreme Axe with Handle Sword – Axe with small sword removable from handle. 29½" long. #111444




M1905 Bayonet with Sheath – Replicates WWII bayonet, includes hard military sheath. 20" long. #M650657

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New & Noteworthy F-15E Strike Eagle Model

The 389th Squadron flew combat missions in WWII, and has been activated and deactivated several times See Page 43 for More 1/72 SCALE LIMITED EDITION over the Modern Air Items! years, with the last activation taking place in March 1992, when the “Thunderbolts” were stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. In 2018, F-15E 87-0173 received a special paint scheme celebrating the unit’s 75th anniversary. This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model replicates that commemorative aircraft and features an opening canopy revealing a wellequipped cockpit and two crew figures, authentic markings, optionalposition landing gear, detachable ordnance loads, and a display stand. 10¾" long. #981307 $121.95

B-17F Flying Fortress Kit

“Memphis Belle”

The “Memphis Belle” B-17F heavy bomber is one of the most famous aircraft of World War II. This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the See Page 28 for More Over 2-Foot Wingspan! famed bomber and European Air Items! features a well-equipped cockpit and gunner stations, engraved panel lines, loaded bomb arsenal, sturdy and detailed landing gear, and authentic decals. Assembly required, 305 pieces, skill level 4, 26" wingspan. #706896 $169.95

All American Troopships

Jaffee. This volume contains everything known about every vessel built as, or converted to, an American troop transport during wartime. It begins with the Spanish-American War and the need to economically carry large numbers of fighting men quickly and safely to the battle front. At first, American-built ships were acquired by the government, then large foreign-built passenger liners were interned and converted to American government-owned troop carriers. Later came the U.S. emergency shipbuilding programs of the First and Second World Wars, and the development of the twin-stack, purpose-built, troopships. 358 pages, photos throughout, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #111605 $125

POW/MIA Tattered Flag Cutout Metal Sign

Handmade in the USA from high-gauge steel, this metal sign is a solemn tribute to those who have sacrificed the most for our freedom. Includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 18"x 11". #111662 $29.95

See Page 41 for More POW/MIA Items!

U.S. Navy LCT MK.6 501 Class Kit

This 1/350 scale plastic kit replicates the U.S. Navy’s WWII LCT Mk.6. It features authentic decals for eight paint schemes, detailed sleeper, bow ramp positioned See Page 34 for More opened or closed, U.S. WWII Naval Items! and includes parts to build two crafts. Assembly required, skill level 3, 10½" long. #111556 $34.95

SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper – 1943-1945

Afiero. Joachim Peiper was one of the most valiant and decorated officers of the Waffen SS. In this title, his account is told through the main battles and campaigns involving the units under his command, especially the armored Kampfgruppen of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler. Starting with the fighting at Kharkov, between February and March 1943, it follows with the intervention in Italy, the new campaign on the Ukrainian front between autumn and winter of 1943-44, fighting on the See Pages 17-20 for More front of Normandy, and the last fighting on the German WWII Items! Hungarian front and in Austria. 112 pages, $ 334 photos, 8½"x 11½", hardcover. #111660 34.95

Waffen SS Officer Joachim Peiper Figure

Add a villain to your World War II scenes with this 1/30 scale metal replica of the Waffen SS commander Joachim Peiper. 1/30 This figure is hand-painted for exceptional detail. 2½" tall. #111661 $39.95 SCALE

See Pages 52-53 for More Branch Items!

Jane Long Texas Flag

This durable polyester flag replicates the design by Jane Long, who, in 1819, sewed a red flag with a 5-pointed star in the middle for her husband, Dr. James Long, for his expedition to Nacagdoches to liberate Texas from Spanish rule. It is believed by many historians to be the first official flag of the Republic of Texas. Fit for display outside or indoors, this flag includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111667 $18.95

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL: $21.95

Camo Text T-Shirts

Support the troops and show off your warrior spirit with these camo text branch t-shirts! Made of a soft 60/40 cotton/polyester blend, they feature sharp screen-printed graphics displaying the branch logo and name.

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Space Force Army Navy Marines Air Force

#111669 #111668 #111670 #111671 #109423





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Roman Centurion Helmet

Perfect for reenactments, costumes, or a conversation starter, this full-size Roman Centurion helmet is made of 18-gauge steel and includes a leather lining and strap, and a stand. 12"x 12"x 17". #111640 $79.95

Ancient Rome Figures 1/30 SCALE

See Page 45 for More Roman Empire Items!

Black Gadsden Skull 1776 Flag


Featuring the Gadsden coiled snake and “Don’t Tread On Me,” this menacing, stylized flag See Page 4 for More Gadsden Items! let’s folks know what’ll happen if they impinge on your liberty! Made of durable polyester, it includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #111643 $18.95


Fill out your ancient battle scenes with these 1/30 scale metal Roman warrior figures! Finely made, they’re hand-painted for life-like detail.

A: Roman Ox Cart with Archer

USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) Kit

Includes 11 pieces of stowage. Figure: 2½: tall; Ox cart (Polystone): 9½" long.

#111437 $149 B: Barbarian with Captured Roman Eagle 4" tall. #111436 $59 LIMITED EDITION


1/72 SCALE

UH-1F Huey Model

See Page 40 for More Huey Items!

The UH-1 served a variety of roles in the Vietnam War, where 7,000 of them saw action. This 1/72 scale plastic model replicates a UH-1F Huey with markings for USAF 37th ARRS, at Ellsworth AFB, SD, in 1979, one of the last years of service for the UH-1F. Features include rotating propellers, authentic markings, a detailed cockpit, and surface details. 9¾" long. #706847 $39.95

This 1/700 scale plastic kit replicates the USS Ticonderoga (CV-14), the Essex-Class aircraft carrier built during World War II. CV-14 differed from other Essex-Class ships in that she was 16 feet longer to accommodate bow-mounted anti-aircraft guns. This kit features a realistic waterline hull with plenty of detail, authentic decals, and easy-tofollow instructions. Assembly required, skill level 2, 12" long.


See Pages 32-35 for More WWII Pacific Theater Items!

Seabees Apparel

Show off your “Can Do!” spirit with this Seabees apparel! A: Seabees Facemask – Black. 100% polyester. A Adjustable, machine washable. #111617 $12.95 B: Seabees “Can Do!” T-Shirt – Navy blue. Made of a 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend. #111641

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artifacts from Communist Hungary. Dated 1957, they include a 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 filler denominations, each Genuine Artifacts! one made of aluminum and featuring a different national image. #108069 $19.95

Limited includes a quinQuantity! tet of genuine

This five-coin set

1957 5-Coin Set

#109836 Reg: $49.95 $

Limited This coin was struck in Quantity! the last year of the Weimar Republic, which was the Genuine Artifact! government of Germany in the interwar years before Hitler came to power. An unpopular coin, it ceased being legal tender when Nazis took control in 1933.

1932 German 4 Reichspfennig Coin


With the outbreak of the Civil War, hoarding caused a shortage of coins, prompting the Treasury to issue low-denomination banknotes between 1862 and 1876. This is the only period in American history when a 15-cent note was officially issued. 3½"x 1¾". #109158 $199.95

1869 U.S. Artifact! 15-Cent Fractional Note


These official artifacts paint vivid historical pictures of life when and where they were issued.





A: 1988 500 Dong Note #111655 B: 1993 10,000 Dong Note #111656

14.95 each

These Vietnamese notes feature an image of the North Vietnam President during the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh. $

Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh Notes

Buy Both Ho Chi Minh Notes – Save 33%! #111657


19.95 $

Genuine Artifacts!

The obverse of this Saudi note features a picture of King Salman and the G20 logo, the reverse Genuine Artifact! showing a map of the world highlighting the G20 nations. Controversially, the regions of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh are shown as independent entities, though they are administered by India. #111665 $39.95

Genuine Artifact!

2020 Saudi Arabia G20 Summit 20 Rials Note

Greater Idaho is a secession movement that proposes to have the rural portions of Oregon and Northern California added to the state of Idaho, as the liberal politics of those states do not represent the will of the more conservative areas. The hanging man is an allusion to Thomas Paine, who advocated the overthrow of unjust governments. #111664 $24.95

Genuine Artifact!

This privately issued note, intended as voluntary local currency in Nevada, features a vignette of Caritas (charity), and is printed on 24k gold with a protective plastic coat. 2½"x 4½". #111654 $14.95

2020 Nevada 1 Goldback Vertical Note

2021 Greater Idaho 500 Uncommon Cents Coin

Genuine Artifact!

On December 7, 1970, during a visit to Warsaw, German Chancellor Willy Brandt spontaneously fell to his knees in front of a monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a Jewish revolt against the Nazis in 1943. This coin commemorates the 50th anniversary of the genuflection.

2020 German €2 Warsaw Genuflection Coin

Any piece from this collection of genuine global currency, ranging from curiosities to controversial, will certainly start some interesting conversations!


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