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MilitaryIssue Named for the “Hero of Lake Erie” during the War of 1812, the USS Oliver Hazard Perry crashes through the blue waters in the twilight years of the Cold War.


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Table of Contents New & Noteworthy................................ 2-3

Pre-WWI Revolutionary War....................................4-5 Civil War: Overview.......................................6 Civil War: Confederacy.................................7 Civil War: Union / Weapons.........................8 Civil War: Battles............................................9 19th Century Naval / Wild West........10-11

WWI Spanish-American War / WWI..................12 WWI: America..............................................13 WWII: Germany / Russia..............................14

Dear Fellow Military Enthusiast, The Oliver Hazard Perry-Class frigates were designed primarily as anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare guided-missile warships. Intended to provide open-ocean escort of amphibious warfare ships and merchant ship convoys, they were first commissioned into service in 1977 in response to a potential war with the Soviet Union. Serving proudly for many years, the last remaining OHP frigate was decommissioned in September 2015. Below, you’ll find a selection of merchandise paying tribute to those famous frigates. The rest of our spring catalog is sure to grab your attention with an

exciting assortment of new items including a collection of military facility books from Arcadia (page 49), a wide assortment of war machine models (order form), and impressive Napoleonic War collectibles (page 63). So, flip through and choose your favorites! Then call us toll free at 800-989-1945, mail in the order form provided, or place your order online at Thanks for shopping with us! − Greg Herrick


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Between the Wars.......................................15 Nazi Regime / SS....................................16-17 Overview / British / Pearl Harbor.............18 U.S. Homefront............................................19 Allied Weapons / Equipment..............20-21 German Weapons / Equipment................22 German Armor.............................................23 European Air War........................................24 European Naval / Coast Guard.................25 Allied Armor.................................................26 North Africa / Italy / POW.........................27 Military Commanders / MP.......................28 Winter War / Eastern Front.......................29 D-Day............................................................30 Campbell Films / Pacific Overview.........31 Seabees / Pacific Air....................................32 Pacific Naval.................................................33 Japanese Forces..........................................34 Late-War Pacific...........................................35

Cold War Korean War...................................................36 Soviet Union / Cold War Armor.................37 Vietnam War: Overview............................38 Vietnam War: Weapons / Apparel...........39 Vietnam War: Ground /Helicopters.......40 Vietnam War Air...........................................41 Vietnam War Veterans........................42-43 Cold War Air.................................................44 Cold War Soldiers / Navy...........................45



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Tom Freeman. Designed in the 1970s as generalpurpose escort vessels, the Oliver Hazard PerryClass of guided-missile frigates served the U.S. Navy in numerous roles well into the 21st century. Capturing the titular lead ship cutting through the waves, this limited edition print pays homage to the prolific class of warships, of which 55 were built. 24"x 18". #74833 Reg: $24.95 $


Frigates of the U.S. Navy

Sailor Salute with Flag Display

This hand-crafted figurine features a lone sailor saluting, a symbol of courtesy and respect to honor the U.S. Navy. Cold cast in bronze, it is burnished with an antique look. Figure measures 7¼" tall. #107335 $24.95

Naval Survival Knife

The PX Medieval Knights........................................46 Napoleon / Roman Empire........................47 Arcadia Book Collection............................48 Military Watches / Global Currency........49 Classic Hollywood.................................50-51 Automotive / Pin-Ups...........................52-53 2nd Amendment / Weaponry....................54 Camo / Patriotic / Presidential............55-56 Nostalgic Décor...........................................57 Branch-of-Service Items......................58-60 Hollywood Films.........................................61 America First!...............................................62 New & Noteworthy.................................63

USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7)

Replicating a tool/weapon used by U.S. Navy servicemen, the survival knife features detachable hand guards, a compass in the waterproof handle, and a black leather sheath. Sharpening stone included. 15" long. #107324 $24.95

U.S. Navy Seabees $2 Bill

This DVD compilation features a wide assortment of U.S. Navy films on frigates. You’ll enjoy learning about older models such as those used during the War of 1812, to more modern versions, including the USS Stark used in the Middle East, and of course the famous Oliver Hazard Perry Class. A diverse and fascinating film collection, it is sure delight any warship enthusiast. Color and B&W. 1 hr. 31 mins. #107336 $19.95

Navy Since 1775 T-Shirt This t-shirt features a U.S. Navy Emblem printed on the front. 60% cotton, 40% polyester.

M, L, XL:



2XL, 3XL:




See Page 32 for More Seabees Items!

Activated on March 5, 1942, the U.S. Navy “Seabees” – named for their initials “CB” or Construction Battalions – are responsible for paving roads and airstrips, bulldozing debris, and building airbases. Bearing their “fighting bee” logo and motto: “We Build. We Fight,” this colorized $2 bill commemorates this important group. #107269 $16.95 A note about our products... Military Issue is proud to bring you the finest quality products documenting the United States’ military history. To provide a comprehensive context for America’s armed forces, we carry products that represent enemy combatants such as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It is not our intent to glorify those entities but to offer you the most complete selection of historically accurate militaria available, lest we forget. A final reminder: the models, figures and other collectibles in this catalog are not toys but rather are intended for collectors ages 14 and above.

New & Noteworthy B-24J Liberator Kit

The B-24J Liberator was almost certainly the most versatile Second World War See Page 24 for bomber. Contributions inMore WWII Bombers! cluded hauling fuel to France during the push towards Germany, carrying troops, and, probably most importantly, making a vital input towards winning the war in the Pacific. Replicating a B-24 nicknamed “Buffalo Bill,” this 1/92 scale plastic kit features eight movable guns, landing gear with rolling wheels, pilot and co-pilot figures, and a clear swivel display stand. Assembly required. 14½" wingspan. #704737 $19.95

“Bombshell Betty” T-Shirt


Black Prince Pirate Ship Model


In an effort to capture British $ soldiers to trade for American POWs, the Black Prince was commissioned during the Revolutionary War by none other than Founding Father Benjamin Franklin! Crewed by Irish smugglers, the pirate ship enjoyed a brilliant solo career, capturing an impressive thirty-five vessels. This exquisite model of the famous sailing ship is made from high-quality wood and features 22 hand sewn black cloth sails. Includes wooden display base with nameplate. 26" long. #107315 Reg: $249 $



A beautiful, classic pinup salutes the flag and adorns the back of this exclusive “Bombshell Betty” t-shirt. Premium cotton-spun fabric is soft to the touch and an athletic fit keeps you looking great all day. #107314

1776 Russian 5 Kopek Coin

See Page 53 for More Pin-Up Items! M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95

.45 Double Mag Pouch with Hanger See Page 21 for More WWII Equipment!

Made of hand-crafted black leather, this handsome pouch houses two .45-caliber magazines and features fine stitching and brass hardware.


1941 Willys Jeep Model

This is just a sampling of the new items in this edition of Military Issue. Find more throughout the catalog!



A supporter of the American Colonies and its leaders, Catherine the Great revitalized Russia into one of the great powers of Europe. This 5 Kopek coin is dated 1776 and is issued in her name as the Monarch of Russia. When it comes to collecting coins from this era, few are as impressive as this 1776 5 Kopek coin. Weighing nearly as much as two U.S. silver dollars, these coins are a hefty Authentic Artifact! piece of history. 43mm diameter. #107316 $129.95

See Page 55 for More Tactical Items!

Tactical Combat Shirt

This tactical combat shirt features many different utilities, such as a mock turtleneck, glint tape holder, and zippered sleeve storage pockets. Also allows for customization. Lightweight and breathable, this 60% cotton, 40% polyester shirt is a M, L, XL: $37.95 great addition to 2XL, 3XL: $39.95 your gear. #107317

1/18 SCALE

One of the Allies’ most ubiquitous support vehicles, the Willys Jeep – with more than See Page 26 for More 600,000 coming off the assembly lines – WWII Ground Power! served American and British soldiers across throughout World War II. This 1/18 scale, die cast model replicating a U.S. Army-operated Jeep features an opening hood, a hinged windshield, a canopy top, a well-equipped interior, a sidemounted shovel, and real rubber tires. 7¼" long. #107290 $59.95

U.S. Military “Daredevil Caps”

See Page 59 for

These handsome caps feature your choice of an embroidered More Branch Caps! Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force emblem. A reinforced front and $ hook and loop closure ensures a great fit. 100% cotton. 18.95 each Navy #107320 Army #107321 Marines #107322 Air Force #107323

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Revolutionary War

1772-1788 Spanish Gold 2 Escudos

Among the first legal tender circulated in Colonial America, Spanish Escudos served as the forerunner to the infant nation’s own currency. Celebrate the founding of the United States with this 2 Escudos coin, a scarce tribute to our country (which remained circulated tender through 1857). Incredibly, an estimated 99% of these coins’ original mintage was melted down in the mid-1800s, making this an amazing historical find! It features a portrait of King Charles III and ranges in dates from 1772 to 1788. 22 mm diameter. #101594 $999


Special Operations During the American Revolution



The American Revolution

Tonsetic.. Though Washington and his Continental Army battled the British on conventional terms, the general also relied heavily on courageous volunteers to wage clandestine operations against the Crown. This captivating title explores these campaigns in great detail – including forces in the Northeast and Carolinas as well as inland frontiersmen targeting enemy forts and outposts. 288 pages, illustrated, 6¼"x 9¼", hardcover.

#104456 Reg: $32.95

Gadsden Flag




Created during the first year of the American Revolution, the iconic Gadsden flag – a familiar symbol of national pride and independence – encompasses a coiled, ready-to-strike serpent and the words “Don’t Tread On Me.”

NEW! Mug with Flag

This 12-oz. mug bears the flag designed by Christopher Gadsden in 1775. Made of highquality ceramic, it comes with a matching 18"x 12" flag.


Presenting a dramatic documentary on how a group of disconnected states struggled to become a nation, this award-winning PBS series – hosted by ABC news anchor Forrest Sawyer and narrated by Edward Herrmann – encompasses the birth of the American Republic. Each program in this 3-DVD set explores the significant people, events and ideas through exquisite reenactments done by a professional cast. 6 hours. #106958 $29.95

Caps – Made of 100% cotton,

these caps feature the recognizable snake imagery from the Revolutionary Days. A Each one comes with a pre-curved visor, a padded sweatband for extra comfort and an adjustable back strap. $ One size fits most. 18.95 each


A: NEW! “Join or Die” #106967 B: Don’t Tread On Me #100792 NEW! “Don’t Tread On Me” T-Shirt – Represent a sign-


ificant time in American Revolutionary history with this premium 100% cotton t-shirt – featuring an exquisite Gadsden snake screen-print on the back and left chest. #106968



NEW! 3-Piece Patriotic Pin Set – Own all three of these captivating

pins, each one representing your true patriotic side with an American or Gadsden flag! Constructed of bronze, they’re covered in a high-gloss finish for long-lasting wear. Includes one ¾"x ½" rectangular U.S. flag, as well as ½"x ½" waving U.S. and Gadsden flag pins. #106966 $12.95

Liberty or Death Metal Sign

Proudly display your die-hard love of America with this vintage-style metal sign! Includes mounting holes. 12½"x 16". #105116 $14.95


M, L, XL:



2XL, 3XL:



Gold Snake Blanket − With a dynamic and detailed design on 100% soft cotton, this blanket is hand-finished and jacquard woven for a unique textured look. 53"x 70".

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Revolutionary War


Pierced Tin Lantern

Based on the original 1700s lamp – and also recognized as the well-known Paul Revere style – this pierced tin lantern reflects a hand-punched design and can hold a standard 9-inch tall candle. 4¾"x 13½". #106969 $29.95

18th Century Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol

This ornate, highly detailed reproduction of the doublebarrel Flintlock pistol features the historic 18th century design. This pistol has a molded resin stock, a cast metal barrel tinted in a brass finish, a stunning mock ivory grip, and an authentic trigger and lock mechanism. 11½" long. #104818 $59.95

Over Two-Feet Long!

Made in the USA.

Fair American Kit

Based on the 14-gun privateer brig Fair American, which was crewed by American Loyalists in the April 8, 1782, Battle of Delaware, this museum-quality, 1/48 scale, plank-onbulkhead kit includes high-quality, laser-cut and shaped basswood parts; extra wood strips to build a double planked hull; nylon rigging; guns, a cannon, chainplates, a bell, a wheel, and other wood, brass, and Britannia metal (pewter) detail parts; and a display stand. 700+ parts. Assembly required. 26½" long. #M902320 $249

Declaration of Independence Colorized $2 Bill

Arriving in a handsome presentation folder, this $2 bill – full legal tender – features reverse-side color imagery paying tribute to the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, celebrated in 2016. Includes a certificate of authenticity. #102640 $16.95

Ben Franklin 1963 Half Dollar

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to own a limited edition version of the 1963 Ben Franklin half dollar lavished in rich black ruthenium! Complete with luxurious 24-karat yellow gold highlights, this coin – genuine U.S. legal tender – includes an acrylic coin capsule and certificate of authenticity. #107010 $49.95

Genuine Issue!


George Washington

An American political leader, military general and Founding Father, the first U.S. President George Washington commanded the new nation to victory over Britain in the Revolutionary War. Given the name “Father of His Country,” Washington is also recognized for establishing the new federal government after he presided at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.


Bust – Proudly display our first U.S. President on your mantle or bookshelf for a sophisticated look! Hand painted with a faux bronze finish, this George Washington statue bust is made of a long lasting cold cast resin. 9" tall. #105415 $39.95 NEW! Masonic Dagger with Red Scabbard – An accurate representation


Revolutionary War-Era Flags

A: Whiskey Rebellion #105804 B: Freemasons #102064

Symbolic of the early Revolutionary War days, these flags – including the famous Whiskey Rebellion and Freemasons – represent a significant era in American history! Made of high-quality polyester, each one features a canvas header and brass $ grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. 18.95 each

of the blade used by Freemasons, this stainless steel dagger reflects a mirrored finish with an antique-style handle. It comes with an ornate red scabbard featuring decorative accents. 15½" long. #106971 $24.95

NEW! American Revolution Chess Set

Re-create the 18th-century war with this collectible chess set featuring 32 hand-painted, cold-cast resin figures of both U.S. and British soldiers − including Washington as king! Complete with an embossed glass design, the chessboard measures 17"x 17". #107002 $99.95

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Civil War: Overview / Naval / Confederacy The Ultimate Civil War Series

Civil War Day by Day

150th Anniversary Edition

The Tragic Clash Between the Union and the Confederacy

Filled with never-before-seen photographs, letters, diaries, and memoirs from participants in the American Civil War, this 2-disc collection tells the epic struggle of a country divided. You'll trace the conflicts that brought America to war in 1861, meet officers and soldiers from both the North and South, and even be there as Confederate General Robert DVD #MV52593 $12.95 E. Lee surrenders to the Union in the $ NEW! Blu-Ray #107006 16.95 spring of 1865. 5 hrs. 15 min.

Katcher. A chronological history of the American Civil War, this title examines each battle through analysis, illustrations, photos and maps for the most informative, as well as fascinating experience. From the First Bull Run to Gettysburg, and every battle in between, it also includes weapons, strategy and policies employed by both sides. 192 pages, 8¾"x 11", hardcover. #106994 $16.95 A

Civil War-Era U.S. Ship Kits

Re-create some of the most historic ships of America’s Civil War era with these highly detailed and accurate kits – featuring USS United States, also known as “Old Wagon,” and the side-wheel gunboat USRC Harriet Lane. Quality reproductions as they appeared in the mid-19th century, each one comes equipped with a host of features, as well as instructions and more! Assembly required.

CSA Gadsden Flag

Featuring a superimposed “Don’t Tread On Me” and the vicious coiled snake, this flag is a symbol of rebellion! It includes a heavy-duty canvas header and brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #105486 $18.95


18"x 12"

A: USS United States – This

plastic kit includes a detailed deck (with captain's quarters), rigging line and thread, realistic accessories and weaponry, and authentic markings. 1,339 pieces. Skill level 4. 1/96 scale, 22" long. #104532 $199

B: USRC Harriet Lane – Features a one-

piece wooden carved hull (requires only light shaping and sanding), plank-scored decking and cabin walls, paddlewheels, boats, cannons and other cast metal parts. 1/144 scale, 18½" long. #M902319 $169


Brass Spyglass Telescope

A lovely addition to any nautical lover’s collection, this brass spyglass telescope is a museum-quality reproduction encased in hand-stitched, chocolate brown leather. Complete with an adjustable leather strap and a lens cover, it features superior 2" optical lenses to view up to 500 meters away! 17" open, 7" closed lengths.


Look stylish in our cool, black sunglasses featuring a comfy wraparound design, UV protection and the iconic Rebel flag printed on each arm. #107028 $14.95




Naval Medal

Awarded to regular or volunteer navy servicemen who took part in the War Between the States, this intricate medal offers a premium embossed metal design on both sides, along with an included ribbon and pinback.



Confederate Flag & Mug Set

Display your Confederate pride for all to see with this quality, 12-oz. ceramic mug – showcasing a pair of crossed Rebel flags! Includes a bonus 18"x 12" polyester flag with brass grommets for hanging. #106950 $19.95



Vacuum Flask

Ensure your beverage stays hot or cold in this high-quality, vacuum-sealed flask – complete with an eye-catching Confederate flag screen-printed on front! Featuring a stainless steel construction, it includes a twist-off cap and removable cup for on-the-go drinking. #107029 $14.95

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Best remembered for his role as commander of the Confederate States Army, Robert Edward Lee directed the Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. A top graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, as well as an outstanding officer and military engineer, Lee first made a distinguished name for himself in the MexicanAmerican War.

CSA/Lee Flag

This one-of-a-kind Civil War-era flag fittingly commemorates the Confederacy victory by having General Lee in its center! Made of durable polyester, it includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #105873 $18.95

Council of War

Don Stivers. In this commemorative edition print, four of the Confederacy's most brilliant General Officers – Hood, Hill, Longstreet, and Lee – are shown meeting for the first and last time at Gettysburg, forging decisions that would affect the lives and fortunes of nations then and now. Signed and numbered. 21"x 19". #104171 $159

Civil War: Confederacy


Confederate Battle Flag Beach Towel

Stay dry with this plush, 100% cotton beach towel that resembles the Confederate battle flag carried by the South during the Civil War. 30"x 60". #M602489 $19.95

Confederate States Three Flags Cap

Show off your Southern pride with a new denim cap featuring three Civil War-era Confederate flags embroidered on the front, a pre-curved visor, and an adjustable strap. 100% cotton. One size fits most.




“Old Times Here are Not Forgotten” T-Shirt

Featuring the battle flag on both the front and Back back, this 100% cotton t-shirt – with the words “Old times here are not forgotten” – is a unique statement for any proud southerner! #105798


Knife with Sheath

Complemented with an eye-catching Rebel flag handle design, this versatile knife features a sharp stainless steel blade and includes a Lee-adorned plastic sheath for safe keeping. 8" long. #107009 $14.95

Metal Sign

This metal sign features a centerpiece of Gen. Robert E. Lee, several flags of the Confederacy and seventeen examples of official Confederate Army Uniforms. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 10". #C60069 $14.95

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Made in the USA.

Dixie Full Service Metal Sign

Purposely distressed for a realistic Civil War-era look, this premium metal sign – handmade in the USA with heavy-gauge steel – offers a perfect wall décor addition for diehard Rebel fans! Includes mounting holes. 32"x 11". #107000 $39.95 1/32 SCALE

43" Long!

Confederate Officer’s Sword

Based on the sword and scabbard issued to officers of the Confederacy during the Civil War, this premium quality reproduction features a polished, high-tempered carbon steel blade; a leather handle with a brass-finished hand guard; and a steel scabbard with hanger loops. 43" long.

16-Piece Confederate Infantry Figure Set




Ideal for re-creating an American Civil War diorama, this high-quality, 1/32 scale figure set includes 16 Confederate infantry soldiers in eight various poses. Made of soft plastic, standing figures measure 2" tall. #107056 $14.95

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Civil War: Lincoln / Weapons / Equipment

Union Soldiers in the American Civil War

Herdegen. Offering a complete guide of the American Civil War, this comprehensive look at one of the bloodiest conflicts in history offers a fascinating analysis on the Union soldiers. Through almost 100 photographs and easy-to-read chapters, it covers topics such as the organization of the army, learning to become a soldier, winter campaigning, uniforms and much more. 168 pages, 6"x 9", softcover.




Abraham Lincoln Cold Cast Resin Sculpture

A near flawless portrayal of the original U.S. monument, this intricate sculptural features the 16th President in premium, cold cast resin. Finished in a semi-gloss coating, it measures 7¼"x 5¾"x 8¼". #107005 $19.95

M1860 Cavalry Officer Letter Opener

A scaled replica of the M1860 cavalry saber, this letter opener – constructed from durable stainless steel – acts as both a fascinating Civil War conversational piece and a brilliant way to read your mail! 10" long. #106997 $19.95

Stainless Steel Canteen

Ensure your beverage stays enjoyable – during wartime reenactments – in this stainless steel canteen! Great for camping trips, this collectible replica is constructed of heavyduty metal. 10" tall.


1918 Illinois Centennial Half Dollar

An extremely scarce coin, the 1918 Illinois Centennial Half Dollar – of which only 100,000 were ever made available – pays homage to the 21st state’s admission to the union in 1818. Struck in the final year of World War I, it is also unique in its beardless depiction of President Lincoln. 90% silver. Circulated. 30.6mm diameter. #102455 $249

Genuine Artifact!

Millennial Elite Edition $ 5 Bill

Take this unique opportunity to own a one-of-kind collectible from the exclusive Millennial Elite Series – an uncirculated $5 bill enhanced with watermark-like high-definition color images! Complete with a handsome two-sided display folio, this genuine U.S. tender with Lincoln's portrait also includes a certificate of authenticity. #106996 $29.95

Artillery Limber with Crew Figure Sets

These exceptionally detailed, 1/30 scale figure sets – featuring Confederate or Union gun crews – come A with an artillery limber and two soldiers preparing for battle. Ideal for Civil War dioramas, each one reflects a quality matte finish. 5" long limber. $119.95 each

A: Union #104158 B: CSA #103732

1/30 SCALE




2-Piece Fort Washita Bowie Knife Set


SAVE 25% Miniature Cannon & Limber

Create your own miniature Civil War B showroom, starting with these highly accurate reproductions of a cannon and limber! A twowheeled vehicle with a single chest over the $ 19.95 axle, limbers were used to support and transeach port cannons to the battlefield. In addition to their metal and wood moving parts, each item features authentic brass accents and incredible detail. 5½" long each.

A: Limber #105969


B: Cannon #105970

Buy Both – Save 25%! #105971 $29.95

Inspired by the former U.S. military post and National Historic Landmark located in Oklahoma, this 2-piece bowie knife set – including a 13" and 9" long blade – is reminiscent of the weapon used at Fort Washita during the mid-19th century war. Each one features a durable stainless steel construction and a handsomely carved wood handle.

Griswold & Gunnison Pistol




A perfect display piece for any Civil War buff, this museum-quality, non-firing replica of the Griswold & Gunnison pistol – a weapon used by Confederate soldiers throughout the conflict – is the same size and weight of its prototype, and features a real-working hammer and trigger, stunning brass accents, and stylish wooden grips. 13" long. #M600309 $79.95

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Fought from July 1-3 in 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg – located in and around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – involved Union Maj. Gen. George Meade and Shipping Fall 2019 his Army of the Potomac putting a stop to an invasion of the North by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Civil War Figures – Hand-painted with careful attention to authentic detail, each 1/30 scale metal figure – including Confederate soldiers and a nurse – offers a realistic look, ideal for any Gettysburg diorama. 2¾" tall.

NEW! 4-Piece Confederate Stretcher Set – Comes

with three Confederate soldiers (one injured from battle) 1/30 SCALE and a medic stretcher. #106664 $89.95

NEW! Nurse – She stands ready to apply antiseptic to a soldier’s battle wounds. #106665 $34.95 Evergreen Cemetery Gate Model – A recognizable Gettysburg landmark, the Evergreen Cemetery gate has been standing since 1855. This 1/50 scale resin model is an incredibly detailed reproduction of the iconic structure, arriving assembled and 1/50 SCALE ready to display! 7½"x 6". #105927 $69.95

The Battle of New Orleans

An industrial boomtown and the Confederacy’s largest city during the Civil War, New Orleans seceded from the Union at the behest of Louisiana's enthusiastic governor Thomas Overton Moore in January 1861 – only to be retaken by the North in the spring of the following year.

1861 Half Dollar

Featuring one of American currency’s most unique stories, the 1861 New Orleans half dollar was struck at a crucial moment in the city’s history. After the South seceded, the local mint remained open and continued to issue the 50-cent coin – which was ultimately struck under three different authorities in a single year: the United States of America, Louisiana, and the Confederacy. This genuine-issue 1861 half dollar features the iconic “Seated Liberty” obverse, the final year the city used that design! 90% silver. 30mm diameter. $199.95

Battle of New Orleans $2 Bill

Hallowed Council: A Walk at Gettysburg

McPherson. Offering insight on key locations and the meaning of each battle, this colorful publication walks the reader through the Gettysburg campaign. As the first illustrated version of this title, it includes rarely seen photographs, memorabilia, maps and sidebars written by soldiers. 224 pages, 5¼"x 8", hardcover. #106993 $16.95

Gettysburg 1938: The Last Reunion of the Blue & Gray – This DVD contains

newsreel and radio broadcasts that were recorded live during the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, June 30-July 4, 1938. Almost 2,000 surviving veterans gathered for that final reunion on the battlefield. Sharing memories, the old veterans prayed for “Peace Eternal in a Nation United.” Also includes the free bonus program, Twilight of the Blue and Gray. Gray 1 hr. 35 min. #MV52551 $24.95

Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign

Beginning in May 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman led his Union troops from Tennessee into the “Empire State of the South” – beginning the historic Georgia Campaign. After forcing his Confederate enemies into full-scale retreat, he took over (and scorched) the capital of Atlanta and undertook his mythic March to the Sea.

Georgia Flag

Featuring the “wisdom, justice, moderation” crest dating back to pre-Civil War days, this polyester flag of Georgia’s state design includes brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #105911 $18.95

Atlanta 1864: Sherman Marches South

Celebrate the recapture of New Orleans by the North during the Civil War – completed in May 1862 – with this colorized $2 bill! Genuine legal tender, it comes with its own certificate of authenticity and a blue display folio. #106064 $16.95

Donnell This heavily illustrated book includes the Donnell. significant march and how it propelled Abraham Lincoln to be re-elected. 96 pages, 70 B&W and 12 color photographs, 6¼"x 8¾", softcover. $

New Orleans Flag

CSA $5 Fire Currency in Lucite Frame

Made of quality polyester, this colorful flag recreates the city of New Orleans design adopted years after the Civil War – featuring the three fleurs-de-lis. 5'x 3'. #106065 $18.95

Buy the coin and get the $2 bill and flag FREE! #106066




35% #105474 Reg: 22.95 $14.95

Genuine Artifact!

Capture one of the most important events of the Civil War with this collectible Confederate $5 banknote! Dated in 1861, this genuine artifact was rescued from a strong box during the siege of Atlanta. It includes a clear acrylic holder Lucite frame and a hand-signed certificate of authenticity. $

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19th Century Nautical / Wild West

The Flying Cloud

1/30 SCALE

A clipper ship built by Donald McKay in the mid-19 century, the Flying Cloud set a world record in 1853 (just eight years before the Civil War) when it completed the journey from New York to San Francisco in just under 90 days – a record that stood until 1989! th

31-Star U.S. Flag

Made of quality polyester, this U.S. flag – featuring 31 stars – replicates the official national design flown in America from 1851 to 1858. Includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #107087 $18.95

Flying Cloud Wooden Model




U.S. Cavalry

Six members of the United States Cavalry trot proudly on their steeds, three of them waving flags and one announcing their arrival on the bugle. Most excitingly, each 1/30 scale metal figure – in addition to being colorfully hand-painted – has a head that swivels from side A: Stars and Stripes #106405 $139 to side (bugler excepted). th B: 5 Cavalry Regiment #106406 $139 4"- 6" tall. 1/6 SCALE

Pay homage to the Flying Cloud’s incredible nautical achievement with this wooden model, ready to display and complete with striking details including $ 21 hand-sewn sails, a pair of anchors (with metal chains), a wooden hull and masts, colorful flags, and a nameplate display stand. 24" long. #107089


C: Guidon Bearer D: Bugler E: NEW! Mounted Trooper A F: NEW! Mounted Trooper B

#106300 #106407 #107102 #107103

139 109 $ 109 $ 109 $




Cowgirl Figure

Fully equipped – in more ways than one – this cowgirl is ready for a gunfight! An articulating 1/6 scale figure, she comes with a host of authentic Old West-style accessories including interchangeable hands, a chest guard, a bullet-loop belt, boots, two revolvers (with holsters), a dagger (with sheath), a shotgun, a cowboy hat, rope, and more! 12" tall. #105786 $199.95


Reg: $129.95 $




Nautical Harbor Master Telescope

“Cow Girl Saloon” Metal Sign

Featuring its own sturdy wooden tripod with an adjustable knob, this premium telescope – a nautical centerpiece replicating those used by sailors for centuries – also comes with a solid brass chain, ten-times magnification, a polished wooden handle, a brass cap, and quality glass optics. 14" long telescope, 30" tripod. #107088


Reg: $119 $

Wooden Ship Wheels

Add a nautical touch to your wall with these beautiful wooden ship wheels, available in four different sizes! Made from rare shisham wood imported from India, these durable wheels have six skillfully turned spokes and a solid brass 18" #102070 $39.95 center hub $ 24" #M902692 59.95 with a one$ 30" #102071 99.95 inch diam36" #M902693 $149 eter hole.


That’s one ranch hand who knows how to raise a fence! Made of 24-gauge steel, this sign for the “Cow Girl Saloon” is hand distressed to create the look of aged metal and paint, includes mounting holes and measures 12"x 18". #R65195 $19.95

15 Wild Westerns: Marshals & Gunmen

Made in the USA.

Set aside an entire weekend to enjoy the fun-filled, gunslinging action on this 2-DVD set! Included are 15 films starring some of the genre’s biggest heroes – among them, John Wayne, Jack Palance, James Caan, Dennis Hopper, and more! Just a few of the exciting titles featured are Beyond the Law, Proud and the Damned, Rainbow Valley, Star Packer, and Kentucky Rifle. 15+ hours. #107020 $12.95

John Wayne “The Duke” Colorized $2 Bill

The front of this commemorative $2 bill – genuine legal tender – features full-color imagery paying tribute to “The Duke,” John Wayne. Arrives with a certificate of authenticity in a handsome blue presentation folder. #404087 $16.95

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Wild West / Little Bighorn Western Art of the TwentyFirst Century

Battle of the Little Bighorn In late June 1876, George Armstrong Custer led his famed 7th Cavalry Regiment against the Plains Indian tribes at the Battle of the Little Bighorn – a clash that ended in nearly 300 American soldiers losing their lives to the victorious Lakota.

Rooney. Revisit the American frontier through the brushstroke of our nation’s leading artists with these conversationstarting books! Steeped in history, each painting examines the Old West and helps distinguish fact from fiction – and, separated into two distinct volumes, readers will enjoy specific insight on both Cowboys and $ Native Americans. Color illustrations, 9¼"x 8¼", hardcover. 34.95 each Cowboys – 176 pages. #107104 Native Americans – 144 pages. #107105

F Troop

Custer’s Personal Guidon

A replica of the swallow-tailed Regiment guidon – Custer’s headquarters flag – flown during the infamous battle, this polyester flag includes a canvas header, reinforced edging, and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.



A slapstick comedy and cult classic, F Troop was a television series following the exploits of American Indians and Wild West cowboys – airing on ABC from 1965-67. This 6-DVD set includes all 34 of the first season’s hilarious episodes at the fictional Fort Courage, as Captain Parmenter and gang quarrel with Chief Wild Eagle and the Hekawi Tribe. 14 hrs. 26 min. #107106 $24.95

Genuine Artifact!

1870s-80s 8 Reale “Cowboy Dollar”

The reverse side of this 8 Reale “Cowboy Dollar,” struck in the 1870s-80s, features the famous cap and ray design, while the obverse features a bird wrangling a snake with the words “Republica Mexicana”. 39mm diameter.







1/30 SCALE

A: Dismounted and Trapped #107100



Carnage unfolds B: Wounded Bugler #107095 $45 as soldiers, many C: Taking a Fall #107098 $119 of them tending D: Single-Handed First Aid #107099 $45 their own wounds, attempt to fight E: Dead Cavalry Horse #107096 $65 back against F: Corporal Lying and Firing #107097 $45 the brave Native G: Dazed and Bleeding #107101 $45 American enemy. Each 1/30 scale metal figure comes ready to display with historically accurate details. 2½" tall standing figures.

The famous stage coach shotgun – a practical response to lawless bandits violently ravaging vulnerable stagecoaches – was initially developed in 1881 and became a staple of travelers in the late 19th century. This nonShipping restrictions firing replica, which is the authentic size and weight of the original, features a hard wood apply. Call for details. stock, an antiqued metal barrel, working action that fires caps, and a realistic breakopen design revealing the lead-splitting double barrels. 35" long. #M652601 $189

Ring Caps

Be sure to protect your rifle with this handsome suede leather scabbard! Features an opening draw-string flap and fits most rifles up to 40" long. #M651871 $79.95


The 7th Cavalry

Stage Coach Shotgun

Leather Scabbard




Complete First Season

Old West Currency


Reload for even more action with this ring cap replacement cartridge pack. You get 12 8-shot rings.





6-Pack .45 Cal. Revolver Dummy Ammunition


Reproduced to simulate the bullets used in the Old West, these .45 revolver dummy ammunition 6-packs make a great addition to any cowboy’s gun slinger $ collection! 12.95 each

A: Chrome Finish #105965

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or

B: Copper Finish #105966



Spanish-American War / World War I

Spanish-American War

Instigated by the internal explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, Cuba, the SpanishAmerican War – fought between the United States and Spain in 1898 – ended after roughly three months, the conflict resulting in a U.S. victory and the Treaty of Paris.

Colorized $2 Bill – Make this one-of-a-kind 2 bill a historic centerpiece in your collection, featuring Col. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders – the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. Displaying full-color images, it includes a blue two-sided display folio and certificate of authenticity. #107068 $16.95


20-Piece Figure Set: Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders – Re-create the

famous Spanish-American War with this high-quality 20-piece set of 1/32 scale figures! Constructed of soft plastic, they come ready to battle in 10 various poses. 2" tall. #107061 $16.95

“Rough Riders” Bobblehead

Bearing a striking, albeit light-hearted, resemblance to the "Hero of San Juan Hill," this hand-painted bobblehead is crafted of high-quality resin and arrives in a colorful collector's box. 8½" tall.




1/32 SCALE

NEW! Roosevelt Bust

Sommerville and Westwell. Everything you need to know about both World Wars is featured in this pictorial profile bursting with more than a thousand photos, maps, and battle plans. The rare and compelling images are coupled with thoughtful analysis and detailed captions to give a nearly complete portrait of the two most devastating wars in human history. 512 pages, 1,000+ photos, 9"x 11½", hardcover. #102855 $34.95

WWI: The Great War

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, this documentary examines the technological advances that led to aerial battles, and submarine warfare, how the rules of traditional ground engagement changed, the twin horrors of the trench and the civilian bombing raid, and more. As a bonus, you get a 24-page booklet filled with fascinating historical details and photos that bring the “War to End All Wars” to life. B&W, 7 hrs. 18 min. #MV51703 $24.95

Finished in glistening bronze, this fancy bust statue of Teddy makes a brilliant conversational piece on your shelf or mantle! Constructed of cold cast resin, it rests on an attached display base for easy placement. 9" tall.






Remember the Maine

Stan Stokes. On January 25, 1898, just three weeks before the explosion that sunk it, the USS Maine entered Havana Harbor during a time when Spanish-American tensions were high. 21"x 9". Signed and numbered by the artist! #M700356 $49.95

Manila and Santiago: The New Steel Navy in the SpanishSAVE American War − Leeke. The first major study of the Spanish-


American War to be published in many years, this book takes a journalistic approach to the subject, making the conflict and the people involved relevant to today. 192 pages, 20 B&W $ photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #M105187 Reg: $29.95



The Complete Illustrated History of the First & Second World Wars

WWI Metal Signs


Made in the USA.

With powerful graphics and a purposely aged look, these metal signs bear authentic military messages from the First World War. Handmade with heavy-gauge steel, each one features a long-lasting powder-coated finish. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". $19.95 each

A: NEW! Buy War Stamps/Bonds B: “Once a German, Always a German”

#107063 #104854

German Kneeling Machine Gunner Figure

Hand-crafted and painted for an era-accurate appearance, this 1/30 scale metal figure of a German machine gunner – adopting 1/30 SCALE a more traditional uniform often seen during the early stages of WWI – kneels ready to take aim and fire at opposing troops. 1½" tall. #107059 $49

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World War I Overview / U.S.

American Infantry Figure

Forgotten Soldiers of World War I America’s Immigrant Doughboys

Barnes & Belmonte. Encompassing an entire spectrum of WWI military service, this in-depth title provides a closer look into almost every ethnic and national group in the U.S. during this era. Including draft registration, induction and training, and more, learn more about America’s foreign-born soldiers and how they adapted to the Expeditionary Forces. 192 pages, 135 color and B&W photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #107066 $29.95

“Back to Back World War Champs” T-Shirt

Feel proud to be American and sport this well-deserved t-shirt with “Back To Back World War Champs” in a bold screen-print on front! Constructed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it features a comfy and relaxed fit. #106989

M, L, XL: $24.95

2XL, 3XL: $26.95


Vintage-Inspired Legal Tender!





#M517741 Reg: $189 $

M1911 .45 Cal. Pistol Blank-Firing Gun

Still in service a century after its introduction, the M1911 pistol was the standard issue sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces for 75 years. This blank-firing reproduction of the legendary gun features handsome wood grips, a removable clip (that holds seven blanks), a realistic polished silver finish, as well as an authentic style trigger and hammer. Shipping restrictions 8½" long. #M651882 $139 apply. Call for details.

Great War U.S. Lanyard

Designed to be used with an M1911 .45 or other U.S. military revolvers, this handcrafted replica of the WWI M1917 pistol lanyard features “JT&L 1918” markings. 37" long. #106621 $16.95


50-Pack 8mm Pistol Blanks – Fire off a few more "rounds" with this pack of 50 blank ammunition! #M651822 $24.95

1914 Series $2 Bills

Originally released in 1914 as the first Federal Reserve Banknotes, these highly collectible $2 bills – modernized genuine U.S. legal tender – capture the original designs with innovative colorized images for a unique addition to your showcase. Each one includes a two-sided $ display folio and certificate of authenticity. 16.95 each

A: Andrew Jackson #106935

Ford Model TT Pick-Up Truck


Fully articulated and magnificently lifelike, this 1/6 scale figure of “Buck Jones,” a battleweathered infantryman 1/6 SCALE with the American Expeditionary Forces, looks nearly exhausted from months of fighting on the harsh Western Front of WWI. He arrives with a full service uniform; an M1903 Springfield rifle and a Winchester Model 1897 trench gun; a cartridge belt and a bayonet; a haversack, entrenching shovel, and other field equipment; and more. 12" tall.

1/32 SCALE

A replica of a Ford Model TT truck, this 1/32 scale, die cast model features a detailed interior, a glazed windshield, opening doors, rolling wheels, and U.S. Army markings. 4½" long. #M900803 $24.95

B: Grover Cleveland #106936

U.S. “Trench Raider” Brodie Helmet

Painted with unique “Trench Raider” skull imagery, this Brodie helmet – a conversationstarting reproduction of ones used by U.S. Expeditionary Forces in the Great War – features rugged steel construction, a quality liner, and an adjustable strap. Size 7½.




U.S. M1918 Trench Knife This quality replica of a World War I-era U.S. M1918 trench knife has a triangular blade and a brass-colored metal handle with a knuckle guard. Includes a hard plastic sheath. 12" long.

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or






German / Russian

Battle of Belleau Wood

During the German Spring Offensive in WWI, the Battle of Belleau Wood – taking place near the Marne River in France – was fought between the U.S. 2nd and 3rd Marine Divisions, along with British and French forces against German power. The conflict also played a vital role in shaping the traditions and beliefs held by the USMC today.

U.S. Marine Versus German Soldier

Adams. Following the U.S. declaration of war on Germany, American troops were thrown into France and into the frontline with the first major battle being Belleau Wood in June 1918. Through firsthand accounts and curated artwork, this title examines the tactics, technology, and leadership used in battle. 80 pages, 7¼"x 9¾", softcover.


“Hardcore Marines” T-Shirt

Represent the die-hard U.S. Marines by sporting this eye-catching t-shirt! Constructed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it features premium screen-print artwork on the back and center front. #107077 M, L, XL: $17.95



2XL, 3XL: $19.95


Figure Sets

Re-create the epic first U.S. battle in WWI at Belleau Wood with these detailed 1/32 scale figure sets, featuring both German and American troops! Made of soft plastic, each one measures 2¼" tall.

1/32 SCALE

A: 20-Piece: Germans with Pickelhaube

10 various action poses. #107064 $16.95 B: 16-Piece: Marines – 8 various action poses.




SaxonyAnhalt German Flag

Bearing the colors of SaxonyAnhalt, a state of Germany, this black and yellow flag includes the state’s coat of arms in its center. Constructed of durable polyester, it features a canvas header with brass grommets for hanging. 5'x 3'. #107078 $18.95

1914 German Anhalt 3 Mark Coin w/ Frame

Issued in 1914 as one of the German Duchy of Anhalt’s last coins, this rare silver 3 Mark – struck at the Berlin mint with a total of only 200,000 pieces – contains 16.67 grams of .900 fine silver and reads “GOTT MIT UNS” (God with us). Uncirculated, 33mm diameter. Includes a handsome, clear acrylic frame with an easy magnetic closure.




Original WWI German Canteen

Discovered during a recent trip to Europe, this authentic German canteen is a genuineissue artifact originally given to troops for hydration during World War I. Made of metal, each one varies in weathered condition with only a limited number available! Very Limited Quantity! 9" tall. #106657 $39.95




Imperial Russian Flag

Featuring its eye-catching yellow color, this polyester flag replicates the Imperial Russian design flown at various times through the fall of the Czarist regime in 1917. Includes brass grommets and reinforced edging. 5'x 3'. #104973 $18.95

Russian Adrian Helmet

During the First World War, the French supplied their Russian allies with the Adrian helmet – also called Soviet M28. They were then repainted, as well as rebadged in the traditional hammer and sickle emblem after the Revolution in 1917. Hand-painted to resemble the look worn on the Russian Front, this replica is constructed of durable steel and includes an adjustable liner. #107074 $119.95

1917 250 Ruble Note

Introduced by the Russian Provisional Government (the short-lived body that governed Russia following the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II) in 1917, this note features five Soviet swastikas (used as a symbol for socialism). 6¾"x 4". #M651001 $24.95

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Between the Wars Authentic Artifacts!

Authentic replicas and genuine artifacts from the 1920s and ‘30s, this diverse selection of historic currency – featuring a 1929 Series $5 banknote as well as a rare King George V Silver Crown – contains oneof-a-kind issues ideal for any collector’s showcase.

A: NEW! 1930s King George V Rocking Horse Silver Crown – Struck in honor of


King George V’s 25-year reign, this coin – nicknamed “Rocking Horse” after the king’s rigid steed – features the famous scene of St. George slaying a dragon. Made of .500 fine silver, it comes in moderately circulated condition. 38.6mm diameter.





Bank of issue will vary.

B: 1929 Series 5 Note “Brown Seal” – Issued at the start of the Great $

Depression, this banknote – the first small-scale ever issued by the Federal Reserve – represents one of the scarcely remaining bills since most have been worn out or destroyed. Lightly circulated condition.





C: 1922 Peace Silver Dollar – Approved in

December 1921 to memorialize the peace after WWI, this 1922 production coin – the first regular issue year – consists of 90% silver and features Lady Liberty on the obverse and reverses to a bald eagle. Uncirculated condition, 1½" diameter.

#M652201 69.95 Reproduction D: 1933 20 Saint-Gaudens Eagle Replica – A notable reproduction of one $


American/ British Flag

Currency Collection


of the most sought-after artifacts in U.S. currency, this double eagle 20 coin – originally made of 90% gold – features the same design as its prototype. 1¼" diameter. #101353 $19.95 $

– U.S. Home Front – 300 Cartoon Classics 10-DVD Set

A must-own for every vintage cartoon fan, this exclusive 10DVD boxed set comes with all of the best animated shorts of the 1930s and ‘40s in fully restored color and sound! Go back in time and watch 36 hours of unforgettable 10 Discs! characters, including Superman, Betty Boop, Popeye, Felix the Cat, and many other colorful icons from the era. 36 hours. #107138 $39.95

Betty Boop Metal Sign

Boop-oop-a-doop! Featuring Betty Boop, the iconic “queen of the animated screen” who first appeared in 1930, this tin sign has an 11¾" diameter and includes mounting holes. $



Celebrate the longterm friendship between these two great Allies with this single-sided polyester flag! Featuring equal parts of both the British and U.S. design, it includes a canvas header and brass grommets for hanging. 5'x 3'. #107109 $18.95

Stearman PT-17 Kaydet Model

Used to train British pilots at the beginning of WWII, this 1/48 scale Hobby Master, die cast replica of the Stearman PT-17 Kaydet – as it appeared at the British Flight Training School (4BFTS) in Mesa, Arizona, during the early 1940s – features historic pad-applied markings and professionally hand-painted scheme, free-rolling wheels, a removable pilot figure, and a display stand. 8" wingspan. #980845 $82.95


1/48 SCALE

Open-Air Cockpit Flight Goggles

Accurately resembling the design worn for open-cockpit flight, these aviator-style goggles simulate the eyewear used by U.S. Air Force pilots during WWI. Complete with a solid steel frame and clear acrylic lenses, they include an adjustable nylon strap for one size fits most.




#107107 Reg: $49.95 $

1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Model

1/18 SCALE

A replica of the 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow, a concept car introduced at the 1933 New York Auto Show that caused an absolute sensation among spectators, this amazingly detailed, 1/18 scale, die cast model features a bi-fold hood that opens to reveal a V-12 engine, a photo-etched grille, an intricate interior with accurate gauges and pedals, a working steering system, an opening trunk and doors, and more. There's even a concealed spare tire in the hatch behind the front driver's side wheel! Includes a removable display base. 12½" long. #R77320 $89.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or



Hitler / Nazi Regime

The battle that marked the opening of World War II, the Invasion of Poland was a two-sided attack by Germany and the Soviet Union beginning on September 1, 1939.

Polish Flag

This single-sided polyester flag of the Polish national design with the coat of arms features a canvas header and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.




With three of his closest advisors at his side – including Erwin Rommel, Walter Model, and Sepp Dietrich – Adolf Hitler examines the Atlantic Wall while discussing strategic adjustments. This 1/30 scale metal figure set 1/30 SCALE captures the Führer’s amateur architect ambitions and arrives with incredible historical accuracy. 2½" tall. #106877 $209



Secret Stories of Hitler

1/30 SCALE

A: 3-Piece “Breaking Down the Barrier” #105963 $179 B: Cutting Down Sign #105964 $79 C: NEW! “Defiant One” #105962 $109 D: Mounted Polish Flagbearer




Polish 1989 500 Zlotych Coin

A: 1935 500-Mark Note #105657 B: 1936 1,000-Mark Note #105658






Authentic Artifacts!

Bearing the recognizable Nazi eagle, these German bonds – which came with a 4.5% interest rate and worked on a lottery system – are genuineA issue notes distributed just before the Third Reich wreaked global havoc in World War II. Incredibly, they remained safely locked up in the Berlin Reichsbank as the bombs fell on the capital city, only to be auctioned off 70 years later! 8½"x 11¾".

Featuring more than ten hours of gripping content, this 3-DVD set is the most intimate exploration of Adolf Hitler ever created! A trio of documentaries are included, highlighted by the controversial Swastika: based on personal footage shot by Eva Braun during their time together, capturing Hitler picnicking and joking with friends. Viewers will also see films on the warmonger’s mythical status and his prowling fleet of U-Boats. 10 hrs. 9 min. #106988 $19.95

Nazi Party Visor Cap

Fifty years after the invasion, following decades of war and Communist rule, Poland struck this 500 Zloytch coin – a commemoration of the defense of the homeland in 1939 featuring a trio of courageous soldiers charging toward their enemy invaders. Uncirculated. Copper-nickel. 30mm diameter.

1930s German Bond Notes

Dressed in his gray Nazi uniform, the Führer is stoic and ready for battle. This 1/6 scale articulating figure includes 1/6 SCALE a number of historically accurate features – among them, a visor cap, a black overcoat, a tie (with Iron Eagle tie-back), a belt, gray gloves, two pair of palms, boots, realistic insignia, and a German eagle with pedestal. 12" tall. #106819 $199.95

Hitler and the Atlantic Wall Figure Set

The Polish Cavalry

A A pair of Polish cavalrymen attempt to fight off the invading Nazis, who are intent on tearing down Warsaw C piece by piece. These 1/30 scale metal figures would make excellent additions to any World War II showcase! 2½"-4" tall.

Adolf Hitler Figure

Replicating a green visor cap worn by the Führer himself, this conversation-starting collectible includes many of the original's recognizable features – including “A.H.” embossed on the leather sweat shield, gold bullion accents, a wool top, and a realistic lined interior.

Hitler’s Interpreter

Authentic Artifacts!

12.95 14.95



Buy Both – Save Over 25%! #105666 $19.95

Available Sizes: 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 73/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8




Schmidt. Privy to all of the Führer’s most intimate moments, Paul-Otto Schmidt served as Hitler’s main interpreter through 1945. A captivating account of his time with the Nazi leader written by Schmidt himself, this book offers inside access to Hitler from a unique perspective and features behind-the-scenes nuggets including his reaction to Britain’s September 1939 ultimatum – “now what?” 248 pages, B&W photos, 6"x 9", softcover. #101250 $32.95

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A Note About These Products: Products covering Nazi Germany are offered as items of importance for historians and collectors. Military Issue condemns the philosophies, ideals and practices of Nazism.

SS / German Police

Female SS Officer Figure


The Gestapo

A History of Hitler’s Secret Police 1933-45

This 1/6 scale articulating figure – a blonde-haired SS officer outfitted with a deadly assortment of equipment – comes with a head-to-toe black uniform, a white shirt, a leather belt, a shoulder strap, a Swastika 1/6 SCALE medal and armband, SS collar badges, a PPK pistol (with clip and holster), three pairs of interchangeable hands, and an aluminum-alloy storage box. 12" tall. #106315 $199.95

Butler. Responsible for the security of the Third Reich, the Gestapo terrorized German citizens – guilty and innocent alike – from the start of Hitler’s rein in 1933. Pull back the curtain of the terrifying and fascinating organization with this thoroughly researched guide highlighting its influential rise, towering personalities, and brutal methods. 192 pages, 110 B&W photos, 7½"x 10", softcover. #M106865 $29.95

Shipping June 2019

Worn SS Metal Sign

SS Polizei-Panzer Grenadier Ring

Featuring a purposely weathered look for that authentic, historical feel, this heavygauge steel sign includes the signature SS bolts. Comes with mounting holes. 13"x 16". #107209 $24.95

Perhaps no combatant nation during World War II gave as much significance to their symbolic apparel as did Nazi Germany. This is particularly true of the ornate rings given out to members of the SS, and this quality silver reproduction – featuring all of the striking imagery of its prototype – are sure to be a standout in any collection! Sizes range from 9-11; can be resized by most jewelers. #M650380 $79.95

German SS Infantrymen Figure Set

Loaded with ammunition and rifles on their shoulders, these SS infantrymen are prepared for war! This 1/30 scale metal figure set includes four soldiers, each one draped in camo from head to toe and arriving on their own small platform for easy display. 2½" tall. #107060 $199.95

1/30 SCALE

Limited Quantities!

Heinrich Himmler SAVE OVER


A Photo History of the Reichsführer-SS

Williams.. Responsible for ordering men from normal family backgrounds to kill on massive scales during WWII, Heinrich Himmler commanded the SS to countless atrocities. Extensively researched and featuring 1,000 archival photographs, this work studies the life and career of Himmler, one of the most reviled men of WWII and a true Jekyll and Hyde figure, described as being both charming, loyal, and polite, as well as eccentric, foolish, and a killer. 704 pages, 7"x 10", hardcover.

#M106703 Reg: $64.95



German Miniature SS Helmet

This SS desk eagle features intricate details etched in antique silver finished metal on smooth genuine marble. Add a replicated piece of German history to your workAssembly Required space or collection! Base color may vary. 5¾" wide.


A unique addition to your World War II display, this half-size steel helmet is a reproduction of ones worn by SS soldiers of the Third Reich. It features a Swastika emblem, a realistic leather liner, and an adjustable chinstrap. 5" long. #100675 $29.95

Awarded to SS soldiers with 12 or 25 years of loyal service – with the period 1925-33 counting double time – the gold and silver versions of the Long Service Medal were cutout in the shape of a Swastika. These striking replicas feature all of the original’s attention to detail, including SS runes in an oak-leaf wreath and a 45mm dark blue ribbon $ (with a gold bullion SS). 24.95 each

Silver – 12 years. #107236

The recognizable German Eagle rests atop a Swastika on this heavygauge steel sign – a menacing symbol of the Nazi regime of the 1930s and ’40s. Includes mounting holes. 14"x 16".

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or



Nazi Eagle Metal Sign

SS Long Service Medals

Gold – 25 years. #107235

SS Desk Eagle on Black Marble






Overview / British / Pearl Harbor WWII: Rampage Across Europe

The Second World War

This fascinating 4-disc DVD set contains 8 of the best WWII films – derived from their original sources and digitally remastered – in one incredible collection! Focused mainly on U.S. involvement in the European Theater, the following titles are included: Target for Tonight, The Battle of Britain, D-Day, The True Glory, San Pietro, The Liberation of Rome, Target for Today, and Denmark Fights for Freedom. 5 hrs. 30 min.




British RAF Ensign Flag

RAF Fighter Pilot Figure


This 1/6 scale figure replicates a fighter pilot serving with the Royal Air Force as he would’ve appeared while flying a Spitfire during World War II. He features an RAF visor cap and uniform, leather shoes, an RAF B-type flying helmet, an RAF D-type oxygen mask, Mk.VII flying goggles, leather flying jacket, flying leather boots, flying gauntlets, an RAF pistol holster, revolver, signal gun, signal gun ammo, an Air Ministry Pilots wristwatch, and a map. 12" tall. #104803 $199

Limited Quantity!

1939 British Farthing Coin

King George VI, who reigned over the United Kingdom from 1936-52, is found on this farthing coin – struck in 1939, the same year war was declared on Germany. It also features an obverse image of a wren, Britain’s smallest bird (to correspond with its smallest denomination coin). Circulated condition. 20mm diameter.




The Pearl Harbor Salvage Operation, 1941-1944

Arroyo and Cohen. One of the only titles on the subject, this lavishly illustrated book examines the salvaging efforts at Pearl Harbor in the years following the Japanese attack. Get insight on every ship’s exhaustive repair efforts, including over 20,000 hours of underwater diving, in addition to a look at the three vessels unable to be salvaged: the USS Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma. 304 pages, 200+ B&W photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. #105593 $29.95

Pearl Harbor Coin Collection and Japanese Invasion Note Set

This 4-piece set of circulated coins includes a genuine 1941 Jefferson nickel, 1942 silver nickel,1943 Lincoln “steel” penny, and 1944 penny. You even get a $10 Japanese invasion note that Japan intended to circulate in America following a successful invasion.

The Royal Air Force’s ubiquitous roundel is found on this polyester flag which also features the traditional Union Jack. Includes reinforced edging and brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #104911 $18.95

“The First of the Few” Metal Sign

Raising the Fleet


Horner. This comprehensive, researched title captures the emotion felt and determination of troops who fought to the bitter end of World War II. Read numerous stories told by men and women during the war, from high ranks to factory workers. Experience every point-ofview on all fronts with the help of ten historian authors. 368 pages, 7½"x 9½", hardcover. #703953 $34.95

Based on the vintage pin-up art that has inspired our airmen since WWII, this metal sign is made of 24-gauge steel that resembles the look of aged metal and paint. 17"x 11".




Hawaiian Girl Metal Sign

This island temptress will make you grab your surfboard and jump on the next flight to Hawaii! Featuring an idyllic tropical scene, this colorful, shaped 24-gauge steel sign measures 6"x 22" and includes mounting holes. #64344 $29.95 Made in the USA.

“Schofield Barracks” T-Shirt





Greetings from Schofield Barracks! This eye-catching blue t-shirt, $ made of 100% cotton, is a tribute M, L, XL: 19.95 to those stationed at the 2XL, 3XL: $21.95 famous facility during the Japanese attack. #101643

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U.S. Homefront / Comics

World War II-Era Musical CDs

World War II

Defeating the Nazis

In this 8-DVD collection, you’ll enjoy over nine hours of documentaries and archival newsreels from World War II, including rare footage of German invasions, parts one and two of Academy Awardwinning director Frank Capra’s Why We Fight series, startling images of Nazi concentration camps, and even the post-war Nuremberg war crimes trials. 9 hrs. 40 min.


Two of the 1940s greatest voices are found on these multi-CD sets, including Kate Smith – the “Songbird of the South” – and Marlene Dietrich, made famous by her rendition of “Lili Marleen.”

Kate Smith: God Bless America

75 tracks on 3 CDs. Songs include “God Bless America,“ “Easter Parade,” “I Cried For You,” and so many more. #107214 $24.95


#MV51059 Reg: $29.95 $


Uncle Sam “I Want You” $ 2 Bill

The ultimate U.S. collector's item, this $2 bill features former President Thomas Jefferson on the obverse, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the reverse! Using an innovative colorization process, it also includes the iconic "I Want You" Uncle Sam slogan from the famous WWII recruitment posters. It comes with a two-sided display folio and a certificate of authenticity. #105623 $16.95

Private SNAFU

Marlene Dietrich Collection

51 tracks on 2 CDs. Songs include “Lili Marleen,” “Falling in Love Again,” “Give Me the Man,” and so many more.


1/30 SCALE

Lili Marleen Figure

Take home the namesake of the popular World War II-era song: Lili Marleen! This 1/30 scale metal figure recreates Marleen with a low-cut dress and red beret. 2½" tall. #105689 $49

America’s favorite slacker, Beetle Bailey – an Army private created by Mort Walker, a World War II veteran who served in the Mediterranean – takes yet another respite from the rigors of combat to catch a little shut-eye. 100% cotton. #107212

Created by Warner Brothers during WWII as an instructional series for incoming U.S. Army draftees, Private Snafu – a clueless G.I. who gave soldiers examples of what not to do – wasn’t intended for general audiences, hence the foul language and provocative females. Included are 16 hilarious, and surprisingly racy, animated shorts! B&W. #106195 $12.95 1/30 SCALE

Creator of the popular “Willie & Joe” comics, Bill Mauldin is captured here surrounded by a pair of on-looking GIs as he whips up an early masterpiece. This 1/30 scale figure set would make a unique addition to any World War II showcase! 2½" tall. #100548 $135

1934 Duesenberg II SJ-Silver

“Old School Cool” Pin-Up Metal Sign

A scantily clad brunette leans against a classic auto, embodying a bygone era of “Old School Cool.” Includes mounting holes. 15"x 15".






Beetle Bailey T-Shirt

Rare & Racy WWII Cartoons

U.S. Cartoonist GI Figure Set


Finished in gleaming silver, this 1/18 scale replica of a 1934 Duesenberg II SJ – made with die cast metal and few plastic parts – exudes authentic detail, along with shiny chrome-plated accents. 1/18 SCALE It also features steerable wheels with realistic rubber tires, opening doors and hood (revealing a detailed engine), and a well-appointed interior. 10" long. #405775 $89.95

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

The Pin-Up in World War II

Brown This tantalizBrown. ing guide examines the 1940s pin-up girl and her constant presence with soldiers throughout WWII. A welcome reminder of home, these women – taken from magazines, postcards, and posters – adorned the walls of many Allied barracks across the globe, and some of the more iconic images are included in this exciting volume. 64 pages, illustrated, 6"x 8", softcover. #M106876 $11.95

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Allied Weapons U.S. Infantrymen Figures



Sure to be immediate showcase standouts, these 1/6 scale articulating figures replicate a pair of U.S. infantrymen – including a winter soldier during the Battle of the Bulge and “Captain Sam” holding up a war trophy flag. 12" tall.

A: NEW! 28th Infantry Division – Includes two outfits (including a white

winterized coat), an M1919A6 Browning machine gun (with ammo box), an M1911 pistol (with three magazines and holster), numerous accessories, a figure stand, and so much more! #106410 $219.95

B: 77th Infantry Division – Includes an M1 Carbine, M1911 pistol (with clips), a BC611 radio, a shin gunto (with scabbard), and so much more! #105655 $199.95

M3 Grease Gun

M1928 Submachine Gun

Used by the Shipping restrictions troops of the 101st apply. Call for details. nd and 82 Airborne Divisions, the M1928A1 submachine gun was one of the most recognizable American firearms of World War II. This museum-quality, non-firing, metal replica of the legendary M1928A1 has an authentic look and a hefty feel, just like the original! Featuring a working bolt action and trigger, a 20-round magazine, and a horizontal foregrip, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece to your World War II memorabilia display. 32½" long. #M600230 $299

Thompson Kerr Rifle Sling

Made of a rugged canvas material, this Thompson Kerr rifle sling is a faithful reproduction of one worn by American forces during both World Wars, and features metal buckles and authentic “U.S.” markings.






Thompson 3-Cell 30-Round Magazine Pouch

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

Add the legendary “Grease Gun” to your collection! Replicating the ubiquitous M3 – of which more than 600,000 were manufactured, entering service in 1942 – this all-metal gun features a simulated mechanism, a mobile safe cover, a removable magazine, a retractable stock, and an opening ejection window. 29" long. #105888 $199.95

This ruggedly designed reproduction of a 3-cell magazine, 30-round pouch used by U.S. troops during World War II features a durable canvas material and snap closures. 6" tall.



M1 Garand Rifle

This museum-quality, non-firing replica of the legendary and dependable M1 Garand rifle – which made a name for itself in the hands of U.S. soldiers and Marines across the globe during World War II – has an authentic look and hefty feel, just like the original! Made with a hardwood stock and functioning metal parts such as a working slide and trigger, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece in your WWII memorabilia display. 43" long. #M600216 $299

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

M1938 M1 Garand Leather Scabbard

This handsome, saddle leather scabbard – designed to house your firearm while traveling at high speeds in Jeeps, motorcycles, etc. – is a perfect fit for the M1 Garand and other similarly sized rifles, and features brass hardware, copper rivets, a shoulder strap, tightening loops, and hand stitching. 26" long. #102593 $79.95

America’s Rifle: The M1 Garand

With 5.5 million produced, the M1 Garand – standard issue with the U.S. Armed Forces from 1936-1957 – is one of the most innovative and successful weapons in American history. This exciting program explores the history of the legendary gun, and features interviews with combat veterans and an analysis of the unique characteristics that made the M1 the groundbreaking rifle it was. Color and B&W. 1 hour. #100693 Reg: $24.95 $

“The M-1 Does My Talking” SAVE Metal Sign 20%

Channeling his patriotic spirit with the words “Don’t Tread on Me,” this GI reminds the enemy that his weapon does the talking – in this case, an M-1 Garand. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #107261 $19.95


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Allied Equipment EE8 Field Telephone

Limited Quantities!

Genuine Issue!

An immediate showcase centerpiece, sure to spark conversation, this EE8 field telephone – used by American soldiers from World War II to Vietnam – is not a reproduction but an original surplus item! The decadesold transmitter and receiver come housed in a handsome leather case (used primarily in the European Theater) with an opening top flap and shoulder carrying strap. Condition and markings will vary.




A modern rendition of a classic medical bag, this digital Genuine Issue! camo version features the recognizable cross imagery on the front flap as well as strap closures and a shoulder strap. 12"x 10".


14.95 each


belt, a .45 holster, and a double-mag ammo pouch. Designed to fit up a 48" waist size.


British Enfield Spike Bayonet Frog Digital Camo Medic Bag

With these little gems on your desktop, you'll show everyone that you mean business! Each nonfunctioning grenade replica includes a head, ring, and spoon assembly. 3½" − 4½" tall.

A: M1912 Officer’s Belt – Includes a leather

Features a closable tab, loops for a belt, “U.S.” logo, and JT&L 1943 markings. #107264 $24.95

Kilroy was... everywhere! And now he can be in your home and office too. 24-gauge steel; 14"x 8"; includes mounting holes. #66410 $17.95



Firearm not included

Outfit your combat collection with these leather accessories, replicas of holsters issued to American soldiers in World War II.

#105800 $69.95 B: NEW! Smith & Wesson .38 Special – Left-handed.

“Kilroy Was Here” Metal Sign

Grenade Replicas

World War II Holsters


A hand-crafted Bayonet not included. reproduction, this frog resembles one carried by British soldiers to house their bayonets on the battlefield. Includes JT&L 1940 markings. 8" long. #107263 $12.95

M1942 First Aid Pouch

A must-have collectible, this M1942 first aid pouch is not a reproduction – it’s a genuine artifact first issued in the Second World War, complete with battle wear and individual markings! Dates and condition will vary.








This eye-catching, herringbone twill fatigue cap includes a pre-curved visor. L, XL. #M602947 $14.95

World War II Canvas Heavy Carrying Bag

A: Pineapple – WWII. #M602847 B: Lemon – Korea. #M602841

Grenade T-Shirt

The stars and stripes offer the backdrop on this 100% cotton t-shirt, a simple design paying homage to a simple (and deadly) weapon: the grenade. #107094 M, L, XL: $16.95 2XL, 3XL: $18.95

Grenade Toss Statue

A U.S. soldier winds up, ready to toss a grenade into the battlefield during the Second World War. Made of quality bronze. 8½" tall.




An original surplus item from the 1940s, this canvas bag was designed to haul very heavy items and includes two rugged carrying straps – one on each side, so two soldiers could share the weight. It also features the printed words “Transport Bag” as Genuine well as a metalIssue! buckle top strap. 29"x 18".




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German Small Arms / Fallschirmjäger A

German Handguns

German M31 “Bread Bag” This strikingly authentic reproduced canvas bag mimics those used by German soldiers during the Second World War for their personal items. Features include an adjustable leather shoulder strap, a durable canvas construction, a closeable main compartment, and historic markings.

These non-firing handgun replicas are striking re-creations of pistols used by Nazi soldiers in the Second World War – including the P08 and PPK. Each one features an authentic size and weight, a textured grip, and a realistically Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details. functional mechanism.

A: PPK Blank-Firing Handgun

This amazingly realistic, non-firing, metal replica of the famous Walther PPK semiautomatic pistol − used by German soldiers and officers dating back to the early '30s − measures 7" long. #M600232 $99.95

B: P08 Luger Pistol – This non-firing replica includes black-textured wooden grips. 10" long. #M651875



Perfect for the south-paw collector, these hand-crafted leather holsters replicate lefthanded versions issued to Nazi soldiers in World War II. Each one features a strap closure and mag B A storage compartment. A: PPK Mauser – Includes “HCK 1941” markings. #107255 $29.95 B: P08 Luger – Includes a Luger tool storage compartment and “Dresden 1939” markings. #107256 $49.95


Paratrooper Gravity Knife

The world’s most recognizable gravity knife – a weapon with a blade in its handle, opened by gravitational force – was the German version, first issued to Fallschirmjäger soldiers in the late 1930s to free themselves from entangled parachutes. This museum-quality reproduction of a “take-down” model, able to be disassembled, features realistic markings, a walnut handle, a side-house spike, and a swiveling loop. 10" long. #107254 $149.95

1944 Palestinian 1 Mil Coin

A mission undertaken by elite German parachutists in October 1944, Operation Atlas – a complete failure – was meant to sow anti-British sentiment in Palestine and set up an intelligence-gathering base in the region. This 1 mil Palestinian coin was issued the same year as the unsuccessful operation and features a unique design and words in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Circulated condition. 22mm diameter.

Fallschirmjäger Crete Kreta Medal



A German paratrooper is dropped behind enemy lines on this striking medal, a reproduction of one issued to Fallschirmjäger soldiers who attacked Crete in May and June of 1941. 2½" diameter. #106974 $19.95


M43 Army Splinter Cap


Left-Handed German Holsters





Designed with quality cotton fabric and identical to the original pattern, our M43 army cap features a classic camouflage pattern as well as a correct maker’s mark in the lining. #103528 $39.95

Available Sizes: 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 73/8, 7 1/2

M1935 German Helmet

This realistic replica of the German-worn M1935 helmet with a rolled rim – which was lighter, more compact, and more comfortable than its Great War counterparts – is constructed of 18-gauge steel and comes with a handsomely weathered finish complete with lugs, repro liner, and chinstrap. $



Fallschirmjäger Figures

The Fallschirmjäger – also known as the “green devils” – were the paratrooper branch of the German Luftwaffe. Recognized for their outstanding combat abilities, they rarely acted as parachutists, rather as roving elite infantrymen. Each 1/30 scale metal figure features impeccable craftsmanship and hand-painted $ detail. 2½" tall. 49.95 each

A: Standing – #105905 B: Marching – #105906

1/30 SCALE



Limited Quantities!

Waffen-SS Camouflage Uniforms

Silvestri. See every camouflage uniform worn by the Waffen-SS with these illustrated volumes featuring nearly a thousand modern color photographs each! Enjoy images of the clothing at various angles – to show off nearly every detail – as well as insight on the creation, manufacturing, and wearing of each item. 464+ pages, 791+ color images, $ 9"x 12", hardcover. 89.95 each Volume 1 – Helmet covers and smocks. #102131 Volume 2 – Uniforms of the M44 Drill, Fallschirmjäger, Panzer, Zeltbahnen, and winter clothing. #102132

Buy Both Volumes – Save $20!





#102133 Reg: $179.90 $

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German Ground Power Made in the USA.



Kubelwagen Ambulances


“Battle Tank Crossing Next 10KM” Metal Sign Be vigilant! This “Battle Tank Crossing” shaped sign is made of 24-gauge steel that has the look of aged metal and paint, includes mounting holes, and measures Over Two-Feet Tall! 20"x 25".

1/30 SCALE


Based largely on the Volkswagen Beetle, the Kubelwagen served a number of purposes for the German Army throughout the war – including as a battlefield ambulance. These 1/30 scale polystone models replicate a trio of colorful Kubelwagen ambulances, complete with a stretcher. 5" long.

A: Yellow Camo – Includes two figures. #106846 $199 B: Field Gray – #106878 $149 C: Afrika Korps – #106879


A A super-heavy tank completed in late 1944, the Panzer VIII “Maus” was the heaviest fully enclosed armored fighting vehicle in history. These 1/35 scale plastic kits replicate the behemoth war machine – including perhaps the most detailed kit of its kind featuring a fully-equipped interior and more than 1,500 parts! Each one B comes with an upper and lower hull, a rotating turret (with a 128mm main gun), and photo-etched parts. Assembly required. 11½" long.

A: NEW! Maus – Includes a complete

interior, 29 sprues, and 1,500+ pieces. Skill level 5. #107260 $199.95

B: Maus V2 – Skill level 3. #103561



Become a Panzer expert with this trio of diverse volumes, each one offering insight and images on German armor during the war. B&W photos, hardcover.

Panzer Rollen! – Carruthers, ed. This title features

reprinted versions of two field manuals originally published by the German War Office – each one of which was translated and published by U.S. intelligence and assisted the Allies on their road to victory. 128 pages, 6½"x 9½". #102197 $19.95

Ghost Division – Ganz. Learn all about

the exploits of the 11th Panzer Division, nicknamed the “Ghost Division” for their habit of turning up where their enemies least suspect them, wreaking havoc in both the East and West. 416 pages, 8½"x 10¼". #101325 $39.95

Panzers East and West – Stenger. The 10th

SS Panzer Division first saw action in 1944 during the relief of the German army on the Eastern Front. Read more in-depth on the final battles that led to the escape of German soldiers and civilians from Soviet captivity. 400 pages, 8½"x 10¼". #104964 $32.95



German Tank Models


Maus Tank Kits


A These 1/72 scale, die cast models – reproductions of gray-painted Nazi tanks as they appeared on the Eastern Front – feature historic markings, a rotating main weapon, simulated accessories, and quality tracks. 3" long.

1/72 SCALE

39.95 each


A: Panzer III Ausf. F

StuG.Abt.201, 1942. #107258

B: Panzer IV Ausf. F2


13 Panzer Division, 1942. #107259

German Tanks

Using rare battle footage, these exciting documentary-style programs examine Nazi Germany’s most iconic tanks and their influence during World War II and beyond. See the progression of German armor all the way from the early Panzers through the heralded Tiger and Panther of the latter years with a look at all of their history-altering $ combat experience. B&W and color. 14.95 each

Panzer I & II – 1 hour. Panzer IV – 57 minutes. Panther: The Panzer V – 52 minutes. Tiger: Heavy Panzer VI – 55 minutes.

#MV50791 #MV50709 #MV50804 #MV50710

Buy All Four and Save! – Get all four historic programs for the price of three! #102594 $44.85

Panzer Skull Collar Tab

Finished in dark aluminum, this detailed reproduction of a Panzer collar tab skull insignia is silver-plated, features a hollow back with two flatmetal prong attachments, and measures 1"x 1". #107257 $9.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or



European Air War / B-17 Flying Fortress

European Theater Aircraft Models

A-2 Flight Jacket

Set up an aerial showcase with A this trio of die cast models, reproductions of aircraft that served in the European Theater – including legendary ace Adolf Galland’s Bf 109. Each one features historic markings and a display stand.

1/72 SCALE

All Models Include a Display Stand!

1/163 SCALE



B: B-24J Liberator

A: NEW! P-38J Lightning



Jackson. This title offers a complete account of the aircraft starting from its initial response to the Army Air Corps need for a bomber, to retirement. In addition, learn more on the B-17’s development and design, as well as important missions of its wartime career. 96 pages, color photos, 8¼"x 11¼", softcover. #703980 $24.95

Stan Stokes. Though the Fw 190 was one of Germany’s top fighters, it had difficulty at high altitudes. In LIMITED EDITION response, Nazi engineer Kurt Tank developed the Fw 190D variant, also known as the “Long Nose,” capable of 426mph flight at 22,000 feet. This print depicts a “Long Nose” protecting an Me 262 from an attacking P-51 Mustang. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!

Signature Edition – Also signed by Luftwaffe General Günther Rall, the third highest-scoring ace in history with 275 victories! #700709



Standard Edition Save $15! #7183 Reg: $39.95 $


Made in the USA.

B-17 Flying Fortress Pin-Up Metal Sign

This 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look and feel of aged metal and paint. 18"x 12"; includes mounting holes.




Long Nose Trouble

Signed by Gen. Günther Rall!

B-17F Display Model

This 1/54 scale display model is an impressively sized centerpiece replica of the famous “Memphis Belle” made of handcrafted mahogany and featuring a simulated canopy, signature nose art, and a nameplate display stand. 24" wingspan. #700835 $219

“Memphis Belle” $2 Bill

Named after a riverboat in the movie Lady for a Night,, “Memphis Belle” – the famed USAAF B-17 – is recognized on this collectible $2 bill. This legal tender note includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue two-sided display folio. #106090 $16.95 LIMITED EDITION

Hermann Graf

The first pilot in the history of aerial warfare to tally 200 victories, Hermann Graf’s favorite fighter was his Bf 109 – nicknamed “Gustav” – distinguishable for its red tulip nose. These 1/30 scale collectibles replicate both the famous aircraft and the accomplished ace, readying for yet Bf 109 “Gustav” Model Hermann Graf Figure another mission. Polystone. 13" wingspan. #107237 $299 Metal. 2½" tall. #107238 $49




B-17 Flying Fortress

Fw 190A-4 Model

Along with its counterpart, the Bf 109, the Fw 190 became the backbone of the Luftwaffe's Jagdwaffe 1/48 SCALE (Fighter Force). During Operation Barbarossa on the Eastern Front, German fighter ace Oblt. Hannes Trautloft LIMITED EDITION scored his 50th victory on February 15, 1943, in this Fw 190A-4, giving the pilot a total of 58 victories. This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model features realistic markings and details, and a display stand. 8½" wingspan. #980774 $79.95


Great World War II Weapons

1/87 SCALE

1/163 scale. USAAF, “Witchcraft,” 790th BS. 8" wingspan. #701990 $29.95 C: NEW! Bf 109 – 1/87 scale. Luftwaffe, Adolf Galland, JG 26. 4½" wingspan. #704148 $24.95

1/72 scale. USAAF, “Little Buckaroo,” 392nd FS, Maj. Robert Roger. 8½" wingspan.


Recognized as the breathable summer attire of WWII aerial crews, the A-2 flight jacket – cooler than its leather alternative – was worn by pilots, navigators, and bombardiers alike. This replica is crafted from tightly woven cotton twill and features a cotton M, L, XL, liner (with a patriotic cita2XL, 3XL tion), two front pockets, a chest pocket, shoulder tabs, a hidden pen pocket, and underarm ventilation grommets.

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1/30 SCALE

British & German Naval / Coast Guard British Blue Ensign Flag

With a lineage dating back to the 17th century, the blue ensign flag has been flown by the Royal Navy since the mid-1800s. This polyester reproduction features reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #101659 $18.95



Though primarily known as a naval and airborne operation, D-Day was also the largest-scale mission ever undertaken by the U.S. Coast Guard – operating landing craft and helping secure a crucial port during the historic invasion. Made in the USA.

Gold-Plated Half Dollar

Plated in 24-karat gold, this JFK half dollar – genuine U.S. tender – is a colorful celebration of the USCG. Includes an acrylic coin capsule and certificate of authenticity. #107137 $9.95

Metal Sign

HMS Nelson Kit

Over 3-Feet Long!

Measuring over three-and-a-half-feet long, this 1/200 scale plastic kit of the HMS Nelson as she appeared in 1944 features a one-piece main hull, individual deck fittings, full weapons suite, ship boats and crane, an anchor chain, a detailed bridge, numerous photo-etched parts, authentic markings, and a nameplate display stand. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 42½" long. #107239 $399

Battleships of the III Reich

Koszela. The most comprehensive book series on the subject, this two-volume set explores every single battleship in service with the Kriegsmarine during the Second World War. Arranged chronologically and featuring a number of neverbefore-published images, these editions include all of the warship’s technical specifications, construction details, and a number of detailed scale draw$ ings. B&W photos and drawings, 8½"x 12", hardcover. 49.95 each

Volume I – 168 pages. #107186

This metal sign, made of heavy-gauge American steel, features an ocean backdrop and the Coast Guard’s anchor emblem saluting the branch’s 1790 establishment. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #107240 $19.95

Images of America

U.S. Coast Guard Training Center at Cape May

Salvatore & Berkey. Examine the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center at Cape May which, commissioned in 1917 as Navy Section Base 9, chased rumrunners during prohibition, protected the coastline from German U-boats during World War II, and is, today, the only USCG training center in the country. 128 pages, 200 B&W photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover.


Anchor T-Shirt

Screen-printed on a stylish dark blue backdrop, the Coast Guard anchor logo is featured on this 100% cotton $ M, L, XL: 16.95 t-shirt. 2XL, 3XL: $18.95 #107241

Volume II – 200 pages. #107187

Admiral Graf Spee Kit

A replica of the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, which sank nine Allied merchant ships before meeting its demise in the Battle of the River Plate in December 1939, this 1/350 scale plastic kit features a choice of waterline or full hull construction, a detailed superstructure, a well-equipped deck with a finely-rendered wood pattern, photo-etched parts, detailed ship's boats and a clear Arado Ar 196 seaplane (with optional folded wings), authentic markings, and a display stand with a nameplate. Assembly required. 402 pieces. 21" long. #M800561 $89.95



U-Boats off the Outer Banks

Shadows in the Moonlight

Bunch. More than 75 ships sank off the coast of North Carolina’s “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” from January to July 1942. The U-85 was the first boat taken down by American forces, and later a rare Enigma machine was discovered aboard by local divers. Learn about unique evidence found along the shores of the Outer Banks. 192 pages, 99 B&W photos, 6"x 9", softcover. #104593 $21.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or



Allied Ground Power

The Siege of Bastogne Diorama 2-Piece Set

1/100 SCALE

In December 1944, American and German forces engaged one another in the Belgian town of Bastogne – a siege that lasted seven days, until Patton’s Third Army came to the rescue. Our 2-piece set features a resin diorama with one U.S. Army ground unit model each, including a 1/64 scale Willy’s Jeep and a 1/100 scale M4 Sherman tank. Dioramas: 4" wide. #105713 $49.95

Images of War: M7 Priest

Doyle. Given the moniker “Priest” for its pulpit-style gun-commander structure, the M7 was the most successful self-propelled U.S. artillery machine of World War II. This illustrated title from the acclaimed Images of War series examines its action in North Africa, Italy, and D-Day as well as its post-war service in Korea and other nations through the 1970s. 144 pages, 100+ B&W photos, 7½"x 9½", softcover. #107266 $19.95

U.S. Armor Kits

1/64 SCALE

“Come Climb With Me” Metal Sign

1/35 SCALE

A blonde in an Army outfit leans against a camouflage-draped jeep on this aluminum sign, a provocative invitation to “come climb with me.” Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18".

Create an entire dynamic battlefield scene with these 1/35 scale plastic kits, each one a premium-quality reproduction of an armored vehicle employed by the U.S. Army in World War II – including construction machinery! Each one features historic markings, realistic moveable parts and weaponry, and quality tracks. Assembly required.




M7 Priest – Includes an elevating

105mm main armament, a wellequipped gun ring (with Browning machine gun), and a searchlight. 6¾" long. #107265 $79.95

Willys Jeep $2 Bill

M4A1 Sherman – Includes a

slide-molded upper hull, a onepiece 75mm rotating weapon, and a realistic commander hatch. 6¾" long.




M32B1 Recovery Vehicle – Includes

realistic towing equipment, a rotating machine gun, and soldier figures. 6½" long. #104218 $34.95

Army Bulldozer – Includes a

One of the country’s most “vital machines” in America’s war effort according to General Eisenhower, the Willy’s Jeep is celebrated on this colorized bill featuring numerous combat photos of the rugged vehicle. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue display folio. #106481 $16.95

U.S. Army Jeep

This 1/18 scale, die cast metal and plastic model is a detailed reproduction of a U.S. Army Jeep as it may have appeared with the military police during WWII. It comes stylishly weathered to resemble a battle-worn car and also features a fold-down windshield, side-mounted accessories, a well-equipped interior, and treaded tires. 8" long.



WWII Military Police

Maintain law and order in your regiment with this quartet of 1/18 scale figures, recreations of military police officers as they may have appeared during World War II. 4" tall. #404334

Army Tractor – Includes a side-



#402161 Reg: $52.95 $

well-equipped operator’s area (including seating, levers, and pedals), a side-mounted storage box, and a realistic front blade. 6" long. #100490 $69.95

mounted storage box, a towing winch, and three crew figures. 5" long. #101687 $69.95

1/18 SCALE



1/18 SCALE

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Reg: $47.80



Afrika Korps

1/30 SCALE






A: 6-Piece Trench Fighters – Torso only From the MG34 figures. Includes sandbag trench. #106983 $249 machine gun to the B: Battlefield Com Officer #106984 $49 Schmeisser pistol, these 1/30 scale metal C: 2-Piece Gun Support #106985 $89 figures – representing D: 4-Piece Combat #106986 $179 an entire cadre of Afrika Korps soldiers, dug into a trench – fire their weapons freely at their 8th Army opponents. 2½" tall standing figures.

Panzer Marches

Digitally remastered from original Third Reich recordings, this CD features 28 songs and marches that inspired German tank crews during World War II. Songs include Heil, Motorenstandarte; Landser und Panzer; Ade, Polenland; Panzer Rollen in Afrika vor; Heia, Safari!; Unser Rommel; and more! 1 hr. 17 min. #MA10103 $19.95


Freeing Mussolini

Dismantling the Skorzeny Myth in the Gran Sasso Raid

Gonzalez. Perhaps the most daring mission of the entire war, the freeing of Mussolini from an Italian prison is shrouded in mystery and propaganda. This compelling narrative seeks to separate fact from fiction, particularly as regards the efforts of Otto Skorzeny – remembered as the hero of the campaign, though his role was more ceremonial than tactical. 176 pages, color and B&W photos, 7"x 10", hardcover. #107191 $29.95

Mussolini Rescue Figure Set

September 1943: 1/30 Mussolini, trapped SCALE in an Italian prison after a national revolt, is freed by Hitler’s best paratroopers. This 1/30 scale metal figure set recreates the scene as the dictator, draped in black, is escorted to freedom by Otto Skorzeny and a pair of Fallschirmjäger soldiers. 2½" tall. #106880 $199

Hitler & Mussolini 6-Piece Album

Officially allying the Nazis with the Fascists, the “Pact of Steel” was signed by Hitler and Mussolini in 1939. They remained allies throughout the war and, ironically, died two days apart. This set features a Nazi and Italian coin – a 10 reichspfennig and 1 lira – as well as four stamps with portraits of the two men. Also includes a certificate of authenticity and display folder. #106520 $29.95

North Africa / Italy / POW


M-41 Afrika Korps Officer’s Cap

Complete with historic markings on the inside red lining, this M-41 cap is an exact copy of the one worn by the notorious DAK, or Deutches Afrika Korps Luftwaffe soldiers. It features metal Front design will vary. grommets for ventilation, silver piping detail, an embroidered symbol, and Available Sizes: a heavyweight 100% cotton construction. #103526 $49.95 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 73/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8

DAK M-40 Steel Helmet

Limited Quantity!

This premium-quality replica of a Deutsches Afrika Korps M-40 helmet features a heavy steel shell with rolled edges, pressed air vents, a leather M-31 liner, correct manufacturer markings, and authentic DAK insignia.

Available Sizes: 58, 60, 62




Hitler’s Atrocities against Allied POWs War Crimes of the Third Reich

Chinnery. A sobering account of Hitler’s POW camps, this book uncovers the brutal conditions under which thousands of Allied prisoners languished during World War II. Learn all about the Third Reich’s inhumane tactics – which included the employment of dangerous manual labor, lynching in the streets, executions after re-captures, and even the massacre of surrendering soldiers. 344 pages, B&W photos, 6¼"x 9½", hardcover. #107250 $39.95

“The Great Escapers”

A 1963 classic based on the real-life exploits of World War II POWs, The Great Escape stars Richard Attenborough, Steve McQueen, and James Garner as the breakout soldiers. This 1/30 scale metal figure set replicates the film’s primary characters: Big X, the Cooler King, and the Scrounger. Each one comes hand-painted and ready to display! 2½" tall. #102499 $139 1/6 SCALE

1/30 SCALE

Steve McQueen Figure

Resembling a convincing likeness to Captain Virgil Hilts in The Great Escape, this 1/6 scale articulating figure of Steve McQueen comes complete with both a casual outfit and German uniform disguise! In addition to a hand-painted head sculpt, he includes four sets of interchangeable hands, a baseball glove with baseball, a luger gun with holster, a pair of rank insignia, and more. 12" tall. #106630 $299.95

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Military Commanders / Military Police

Famous Quote Metal Signs

Masters of the Battlefield

America’s most quotable general is featured on these steel signs, offering unforgettable words of wisdom! Includes mounting holes. $19.95 each

Made in the USA.

NEW! “Get Out of My Way” 20"x 5". #107217 “Not to Die” 18"x 12". #M602410 1/30 SCALE

Patton Figure

Holding a pair of binoculars, this 1/30 scale metal figure recreates the prickly general complete with a steel helmet and leather bomber jacket. 2½" tall. #M512001 $29.95

“The Object of War” T-Shirt

This black t-shirt, made of 100% cotton, features a famous quote from Front General Patton: “The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his.” #102654

Over 600 Pages!

Brothers, Rivals, Victors

Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and the Partnership

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95

SAVE 50%


You’ll enjoy a U.S. Army film that tells the story of MPs and shows you their training and duties. Then, it’s off to the frontline where you’ll see MPs organizing amphibious landings, guarding the border with the communists in Germany, and managing a river crossing in Vietnam. There’s even a training film that shows MPs how to handle soldiers in town on a Saturday night! 1 hr. 52 min. #MV52617 $19.95


Five-Star Generals $ 2 Bill

This $2 bill, genuine authentic legal tender of the United States, has been enhanced with beautiful colorized images of all five U.S. Army five-star generals of World War II: George C. Marshall, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Henry H. Arnold, and Omar Bradley. Handsomely showcased in a blue two-sided display folio, the bill comes with a certificate of authenticity. #105381 $16.95

1976 Eisenhower Dollar Coin

Jordan. Re-examine the battle for Europe through the eyes of America’s leading commanders: Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley – and their shifting allegiances, alliances, and ambitions throughout the war. Learn about their history, dating back decades, and how this manifested itself during the D-Day Invasion, with Ike’s political savviness and Patton and Bradley’s battlefield genius helping pave the way to victory. 672 pages, $ B&W photos, 6¼"x 9¼", hardcover. #105793 Reg: $28.95

MPs: Military Police

Thompson. Twenty-eight of the world’s greatest military commanders are examined in captivating detail and colorful imagery in this must-have book! Starting with Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, readers will be taken through a chronological history of battlefield legends – profusely illustrated with maps and biographical information, helping portray the genius of icons that include Erwin Rommel and Douglas MacArthur. 192 pages, 10"x 11½", hardcover. #107216 $34.95

A genuine 1976 dollar coin, this gold-plated artifact – with a certificate of authenticity and acrylic coin capsule – is a tribute to Dwight Eisenhower with a color image of the general in his green visor cap.




Military Police T-Shirt

The famous crossed pistol logo of the Military Police is screen-printed on both sides of this 100% cotton t-shirt, an homage to their service throughout the years – including recon and security duties in WWII. #107221

Military Police Cap

Approved in 1922, the military police branch insignia − two crossed gold metal handguns − represents the first military M1805 pistol which remained the Army model for many years. Showcased on the cap, it also features the iconic gold lettering to commemorate their hard work. 100% cotton. #105080 $14.95

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M, L, XL: $26.95 2XL, 3XL: $28.95

Winter War / Eastern Front



Finnish War Flag


Used as both a war and naval ensign, this Finnish flag bears the Nordic cross and Coat of Arms emblem printed on a swallow-tailed design. Constructed of quality polyester, it includes a canvas header and brass grommets for hanging. 5'x 3'. #106159 $18.95

1941-43 Finnish 10 Pennia Coin

Struck in the early 1940s, when Finland was being attacked by both Germany and the Soviet Union at separate times (and during which the nation proved its resolve), this 10 pennia coin – perhaps once lining the pockets of a Finnish soldier – uniquely features a hole in its center. Circulated condition. 19mm diameter. #107211 $12.95


Buffalo Ace

The White Sniper: Simo Häyhä

Saarelainen. Simo Häyhä was among the most prolific snipers in history, tallying an incomprehensible 542 confirmed kills for his native Finland during the 1939-40 Winter War. A complete biography of the legendary shooter, this engrossing read illustrates why he was so effective – including his quiet mobility and the painstaking care he took with his own M/28-30 rifle. 192 pages, B&W photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #101658 $32.95

Nazi Communications Officer “Drud” Figure


Stationed at his desk with all his communication equipment, “Drud” is ready to transmit the Führer’s latest correspondence! This 1/6 scale articulating figure comes with interchangeable hands, an M40 uniform, a field telephone switchboard, an FF33 telephone, a wooden desk and chair, a tobacco pipe, a coffee pot (with cup and saucer), a PPK pistol (with leather holster), and so much more! 12" tall. #104105 $189

Erich von Manstein Figure

A high-ranking Wehrmacht commander, Erich von Manstein participated in a number of the war's most historic campaigns before being dismissed by Hitler over disagreements in March of 1944. A 1/6 scale reproduction of the Nazi officer, this articulating figure features 1/6 SCALE interchangeable hands, an M36 uniform, breeches, a white shirt, a fur collar overcoat, a side cap, a visor cap, a leather belt, gray gloves, jackboots, an interimstab, binoculars, a watch, a PPK pistol (with clip and leather holster), and a host of realistic insignia (including Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds). 12" tall. #103651 $159

“Felles Front Bolshevism” Metal Sign

A solider looks east with a number of national flags supporting his cause – and Norwegian words that translate to: “Common Front Against Bolshevism.” Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #107219 $19.95

Signed by Sgt. Juutilainen!

Stan Stokes. Stokes The Navy’s first mono-plane fighter, the F2A Buffalo – which quickly became obsolete with American forces – found its greatest success with the Finnish Air Force. Here, Sgt. Eino Juutilainen (the top-scoring Finnish ace of the war with 94 victories) pilots his Buffalo against the invading Russian P-40s. 16"x 11½". Signature Edition – Signed by the artist and Juutilainen! #700701 Reg: $109 $

69.95 24.95

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist. #7854 Reg: $39.95 $

Red Sniper on the Eastern Front The Memoirs of Joseph Pilyushin

Pilyushin. This gripping memoir details the experiences of a top Red Army sniper in the ruthless fight against the Germans on the Eastern Front. You'll read about the desperate battle to defend Leningrad, the deaths of the soldier's wife and two sons, life on the front line, the roles and techniques of the sniper, and more. 288 pages, 20 B&W photographs and illustrations, 6"x 9½", softcover. #107185 $19.95 1/30 SCALE

Now Available in Softcover!

Russian Soldier in Parade Dress Figure

A month after the defeat of Nazi Germany, Moscow held a victory parade on June 24, 1945, with 40,000 Russian soldiers and 1850 military vehicles. Dressed for the special occasion, this single 1/30 scale metal figure demonstrates the accurate attire expressed on that momentous day with handcrafted and handpainted detail. 2½" tall. #105904 $49.95 1/16 SCALE

Russian T-34/85 Radio-Controlled Tank

Among the most influential tank designs in the history of warfare, the T-34 proved vastly superior in firepower and mobility to its German rivals. This 1/16 scale model is a radio-controlled reproduction of the Soviet behemoth, complete with a camo paint scheme, sound effects (including engine noises, gunfire, explosions, and alarms), an LED lighting system, a 360-degree turn radius, and an easy-to-use transmitter. Requires 14 AA batteries (not included). 16½" long. #104223 $199

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or



D-Day Paratrooper Challenge Coin

“Guy Whidden” 101st Airborne Figure

Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own a real American hero and one of the last surviving World War II veterans with this 1/6 scale articulating figure – a re-creation of Guy Whidden of the 101st Airborne Division. He features an M-1C paratrooper helmet, a gas mask, dust goggles, interchangeable hands, jump boots, two combat knives, a T-5 parachute pack, and a figure stand with a photoetched nameplate. 12" long. #703852 $249.95

This cutout challenge coin features the words “Always Earned – Never Given” around the edge, with the paratrooper logo uniquely shaped in the center. 1¾" diameter. #102568 $14.95

Airborne Enlist Metal Sign


“Jump into the fight” with this convincing metal sign, displaying a persuasive and beautiful brunette looking to enlist paratroopers! It features purposely aged metal and a distressed image for a vintage look. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #703753 $34.95

Airborne Forces at War

Countdown to D-Day

From Parachute Test Platoon to the 21st Century

Wright & Greenwood. The inspirational story of airborne forces begins in 1940 with the first Parachute Test Platoon, carrying on a tradition in Korea, Vietnam, and the 21st century – and the entire tale, bolstered by action photography, is told in this visual timeline. Learn about these soldiers’ most daring combat escapades as well as getting insight on the most decorated among them. 224 pages, 150+ color and B&W photos, 9"x 11¼", hardcover. #704391 Reg: $39.95 $




U.S. Army Paratroopers

Get six paratroop films on one DVD! U.S. Army Paratroop Jumping presents the history and significance of Airborne forces, Paratroops shows the rigorous training through which the men are sent, and D-Day Minus One takes you to the battlefields of Normandy to see the payoff from all that work! You also get newsreel collections that cover glider troops, more training, and even Nazi paratroops! 1 hr. 35 min. #MV52622 $19.95

Army Paratroopers T-Shirt

Hands behind his back, General Eisenhower stands at the forefront as he and a quartet of Allied commanders – Arthur Tedder, Omar Bradley, Bernard Montgomery, and Bertram Ramsay – congregate around a map-board, planning the strategic 1/30 SCALE details of D-Day. Each 1/30 scale metal figure sports a realistic, hand-painted uniform. 2½" tall figures. #107248 $219

Celebrate the Supreme Allied Commander during the D-Day Invasion and America’s 34th President with this colorized $ 2 bill featuring a profile image of Dwight Eisenhower. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue display folio. Genuine legal tender. #107220 $16.95

U.S. Paratrooper Badge Cap

Featuring an embroidered patch on the front, this black cap – made of 100% cotton – is a stylish tribute to U.S. paratroopers.


D-Day Commander Figure Set


2XL, 3XL: $19.95


Margaritis. December 1943: Rommel is sent to the Atlantic Wall to assess its potential effectiveness in the event of an increasingly likely Allied invasion. What he finds disgusts him. This lavishly illustrated title takes a new look at D-Day, from the perspective of the Nazi defenders – including a diverse group of leaders, ranging from scrambling and mortified to disenchanted and ready for change. 576 pages, 150+ photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #107188 $29.95

Eisenhower 34th President 2 Bill

A transport aircraft hovers overhead as an entire plane load of parachutists drops onto the battlefield. 100% cotton. #107090 M, L, XL: $17.95

The German Perspective



Dwight D. Eisenhower Bobblehead

Made in the USA.

Salute “Ike” with this quality resin bobblehead, a re-creation of the Supreme Allied Commander in full military attire! He comes ready to display inside or out of the collectible box. 8½" tall. #101913 $29.95

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Campbell Films / Pacific Overview

Campbell Films: WWII Tour across the globe during the Second World War with these multi-chapter DVD programs – featuring rare archival footage and newsreels – from Campbell Films examining everything from trainers to cargo ships! B&W and color.

Douglas SBD Dauntless: Scout Bomber

The SBD Dauntless – captured here on its “Milk Run,” at Midway, during carrier landings, and more – could operate either as a naval scout or dive-bomber, in addition to being the U.S. Marine Corps’ primary carrier-borne scout plane through 1944. 1 hr. 21 min. #703955 $19.95

Captured Japanese Aircraft of WWII – A 2-DVD

set, this film examines Japan’s Kamikaze pilots – with specific info on the Type 97, Type 98, and Mavis Flying Boat aircraft as well as insight on the restoration of these planes and a short story on the Zero starring Ronald Reagan! 2 hrs. 45 min. #700256 $21.95

F4U Corsair – This in-depth analysis of the F4U Corsair takes viewers to the factory floor, teaches them how to keep her in the sky, features footage of takeoffs and landings on carriers, and also showcases her action in the Korean War. 1 hr. 44 min. #V5097 $19.95

USN Destroyers – Ten distinct chapters are found on this 2-DVD collection which examines destroyer crews searching for submarines, shooting down F6F drones, and firing depth charges; also, see what it takes to restore a destroyer and experience life aboard sub-chasers. 2 hrs. 55 min. #MV52631




Curtiss SB2C Helldiver – Featuring

PT-17 Stearman/BT-13 Training – Learn all about

everything you need to know about the SB2C, this program explains how to pilot the Helldiver, how it performed on dives, where their carriers operated in battle, and its service during the Battle of Angaur. 1 hr. 17 min. #V5107 $19.95

P-47 Thunderbolt: The Best Of – This 4-chapter

Troop and Cargo Ships – See Allied ships at war! Watch a training film about boarding troopships before an attack, learn the basics of cargo ships and how to identify them, and view the construction of Liberty ships and their larger, faster counterparts, Victory ships. 1 hr. 40 min. #MV52925 $19.95

two epic U.S. Navy aircraft: the PT-17 Stearman and BT-13 Vultee. From learning how to fly the BT-13 to safely landing a PT-17, it covers the most important details given to cadets before takeoff. 1 hr. 15 min. #704147 $19.95 film salutes the iconic P-47 Thunderbolt and features a remastered version of the 1947 documentary, an examination of its service with the Mighty Eighth Air Force, a tour of the Thunderbolt factories, and a selection of rare newsreels. 1 hr. 25 min. #701607 $19.95

“Next!” Metal Sign

Theater of War: The Pacific Campaign WWII

An American soldier’s head floats over the Japanese islands, looking down on his “next” victim after securing victory in Europe. Made of heavy-gauge steel, this sign includes mounting holes and measures 12"x 18". #107247 $19.95

This six-episode series chronicles the entire Pacific War between the Americans and Japanese, from the political climate before the Pearl Harbor attacks through the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dramatic vintage footage puts the viewer in the middle of the action from the early years of Japanese dominance, the tide-turning victory at Midway, to ultimate Allied victory in August of 1945. 2 hr. 40 min. #101366 $14.95

Pacific-Theater Currency

Take home your own authentic numismatic artifact from the Pacific Theater with this unique coin and banknote!

Signed by SBD Pilot Robert Elder!

Midway: The Turning Point

1938-39 French Indochina 5-Cent Coin − Featuring a distinctive hole in its

Stan Stokes. This dramatic print captures the 1,000pounder of Paul “Lefty” OVER Holmberg’s LIMITED EDITION SBD penetrating the carrier deck of the Soryu while he pulls out of his dive on June 4, 1942. In all, SBDs from the Yorktown and its sister ship the Enterprise destroyed three Japanese carriers in a matter of minutes that day. 16"x 11½."



Signature Edition – Signed by the artist and SBD Pilot Robert Elder!


#M700364 Reg: $109 $

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist!


#73010 Reg: $39.95 $

center, this 5-cent coin was struck in Indochina in 1938-39 just before they were invaded by the Japanese Empire. Ironically, it features the word “egalite”: French for equality, something the natives failed to attain under either French or Japanese rule. Nickel-brass. Circulated condition. 24m diameter.

1940 Chinese 100 Yuan Note




After the Japanese invaded in 1937, the Nationalist Chinese Government moved their headquarters to Chunking – and, with the help of the American Banknote Company, continued printing currency. This 100 Yuan note (featuring both English and Chinese printing) represents one of these designs, issued at the height of the fighting. Circulated condition. 5½"x 3". #107246 $19.95

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Seabees / Pacific Air

Activated on March 5, 1942, the U.S. Navy “Seabees” – named for the initials “CB,” or Construction Battalions – are responsible for paving roads and airstrips, bulldozing debris, and building airbases. More than 325,000 Americans served as Seabees during the war, and they remain an integral part of the Navy with their can-do motto: “We Build. We Fight.”

Pacific Theater Aircraft Models

Four recognizable warplanes – from the F4F Wildcat to the P-38 Lightning – are replicated in this collection of die cast models from Hobby Master and Air Force 1. Each one features free-spinning propellers, a wellappointed cockpit (with pilot figure), historic markings, and optionalposition landing gear.

Flag − Featuring the

Seabees’“fighting bee” logo, which was designed by Frank Lafrate in 1942, this screened polyester USN Construction Battalion flag includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.




USN Construction Battalion


1/48 SCALE

P-51D Mustang

Flying with the 3rd Air Commando Group, Jacques Young completed 101 combat sorties over the Philippines beginning in January 1945 – and this 1/48 scale, Hobby Master model replicates his blue-accented P-51D Mustang he nicknamed “Jumpin’ Jacques.” 9¼" wingspan.


The Seabees

Consisting of four short films, this fascinating documentary-style production tells the historic tale of the hard-working Seabees and their vital contributions during WWII. From an in-depth background on how they were formed to actual footage of the Construction Battalion building a runway on an island in the Pacific, each program contains thrilling never-before-seen moments in Seabees history! 1 hr. 34 min. #106799 $19.95 Front Crest

T-Shirt – Featuring a

handsome embroiderystyle screen-print, this 100% cotton t-shirt has the Seabees’ famous logo on both the front and back. #107206

F4F-4 Wildcat



1/48 SCALE

This 1/48 scale model replicates an F4F-4 Wildcat flown by Lt. Cdr. John Thach – a naval ace who invented the "Thach Weave," a tactic used by pilots of the F4F to help protect themselves from the faster and more nimble Japanese Zeros during the Battle of Midway. 9½" wingspan.





Metal Sign

Based on a U.S. Navy recruiting poster – M, L, XL: $17.95 featuring 2XL, 3XL: $19.95 the Construction Battalions' famous Seabee emblem – from World War II, this 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look of aged metal and paint. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 12".




"Can Do" Cap − The U.S. Navy's recognizable Seabees'

logo is embroidered on the front of this black cap, which also features the words "Can Do" on the pre-curved visor. Includes an adjustable strap. 100% cotton. One size fits most. #103962 $18.95

"Seabees Warfare" Challenge Coin

This textured metal challenge coin, a celebration of the Seabees, features the words "We Build, We Fight" and "Can Do" around the edges. 1½" diameter.






P-61B Black Widow

This 1/72 scale model from Air Force 1 is a quality replica of “Cooper’s Snooper” – a P-61B Black Widow piloted by Lt. George Cooper of the 548th NFS at Iwo Jima in 1945. 11" wingspan. $



P-38J Lightning

1/48 SCALE

The second highestscoring American pilot of World War II, Maj. Thomas McGuire of the 475th Fighter Group flew a number of warbirds nicknamed “Pudgy” – including the fourth installment, replicated with this 1/48 scale collectible from Air Force 1. 13" wingspan.

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Pacific Naval Allied Coastal Forces of World War II Volume 1: Fairmile Designs and U.S. Submarine Chasers

Lambert and Ross. Tackling a heretofore underrepresented naval contribution to the war effort, this illustrated volume examines Allied coastal forces in every theater of combat. This first edition in the series offers insight on torpedo boats, PT boats, gunboats, launches, submarine chasers, light landing craft, RAF rescue boats, minesweepers, and transports. 256 pages, illustrated, 10"x 11½", hardcover. #107192 $59.95

Naval Service Metal Signs

Calling all experienced seamen and submarine service volunteers! These vintage-looking metal signs are purposely aged to have that old war style. Each one is made of heavy-gauge steel and custom-made for long-lasting use. Includes mounting holes.


USS Missouri (BB-63) Model 1/700 SCALE

The USS Missouri is one of the most celebrated battleships in U.S. Naval history, perhaps best remembered as the official site of Japanese surrender at the end of World War II. A stunning replica of the American ship, this 1/700 scale, die cast model features a revised color scheme, realistic deck and superstructure details, a new wooden-look presentation stand, and a sea-wave blister for unique waterline display. 15¼" long. #701955 $59.95

Iowa-Class Battleships

NEW! “See Action Now” – 12"x 16". #107243 $24.95 “Let’s Finish the Job!” – 12"x 18". #M601733 $19.95 Front Crest

U.S. Navy “Second to None” T-Shirt

“Pride runs deep” in the U.S. Navy as depicted on this blue t-shirt, a reminder that the branch has been “second to none” since 1775. 100% cotton. #107244

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Doyle. During WWII, six Iowa-Class battleships were ordered for the U.S. Navy. Only four were completed – the Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, and Wisconsin – and, after respectable careers spanning five decades, now serve as floating museums. This revised volume examines those four ships, showing you their deck features, superstructure details, weapons and fire control systems, seaplanes, and more. 88 pages, 270 color and B&W photos, 11"x 8", softcover. #M102132 $19.95

Iowa-Class Battleships and VJ Day

An updated multi-film DVD on the Iowa-Class Battleships, this exciting program includes new footage of the USS Missouri cruising into New York Harbor after the war – along with a speech from President Truman! Viewers will also be treated to a historical look at the iconic battleships, testimony from crewmen who served at Okinawa and in Korea, and classic vintage newsreels. 1 hr. 40 min. #106158 $19.95

u.s. naval kits

Create an entire armada with these quality plastic kits, reproductions of warships used by the U.S. Navy during the Second World War featuring realistic surface details and authentic markings. Assembly required.

LCVP & USS DeLong – This

USS Hancock (CV-19)

Replicating the Essex-Class USS Hancock carrier commissioned late in the war, this 1/700 scale kit features five-inch twin guns, elevators and lifeboats, and numerous aircraft models. 15¼" long. #702888 $39.95

USS Hazard Mine Sweeper

An Admirable-Class minesweeper, the USS Hazard – reproduced here at 1/125 scale with a detailed weapons system and a well-equipped deck (with flags and lifeboat) – initially ran convoys in the Pacific, followed by anti-sub patrols off the coast of Okinawa. 17¾" long. #102220 $24.95

unique 2-piece kit includes both an LCVP (1/32 scale) and the USS DeLong (1/300 scale) – the latter serving as a destroyer escort beginning with its 1943 commission. Each: 12" long. #105335 $34.95

USS Neches

Take home your own vintage tanker with this 1/525 scale kit replicating the Kennebec-Class vessel featuring a realistic radar mast, four lifeboats, thread for rigging, nine machine guns, and a display stand. 12" long. #102221 $19.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or



Japanese Forces

Prisoner of Japan

A conscientious-objector scientist, David Bowman takes his pacifist ways to a tropical island and – so he thinks – retires to a quiet life of experimentation. Instead, he meets a Japanese secret agent named Matsuru who seizes his home and murders his adopted son. Can Bowman overcome his aversion to violence and fight back before his own equipment is confiscated and used against the Americans? 1 hr. 5 min. B&W. #107229 $12.95

Japanese Military and Civilian Award Documents


Martin. During Japan’s Imperial Era, the Asian nation quickly rose from a small feudal society to a global powerhouse. Featuring a number of both vintage and color photos, this title – with detailed translations and historical background – follows the ascension through a unique lens, by examining the awards given to both civilian and military citizens. 208 pages, color and B&W photos, 11¾"x 9", hardcover. #107252 $49.95

Original Japanese Collar Tabs

A rare original artifact from the Genuine Issue! Second World War, this set of two collar tabs is a genuine-issue item: three-star Japanese shoulder decorations issued to Superior Private soldiers in the Imperial Army! Circulated condition. #107251 $19.95

Take cover – this Japanese infantryman is at the helm of his deadly Type 92 machine gun! Measuring a foot tall and featuring a host of realistic accessories, this 1/6 scale articulating figure includes interchangeable hands, a Showa-type 5 combat uniform, a gas mask bag, a tent, a Type 38 rifle, a gas mask, a grenade discharger, and much more. LIMITED EDITION





A pair of reproductions sure to spark conversation in your collection, these 18-gauge steel helmets – featuring a star or anchor emblem, a leather liner with three pads, and an adjustable cotton-web chinstrap – replicate those worn by the Japanese Army and $ Navy during the Second World War. Size 7½. 89.95 each


Made of quality polyester, this flag features the Philippines national design – flown over the Asian nation for more than a century! Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #106048 $18.95

The Battle of the Philippines Conflicts at Leyte Gulf, Luzon and Manila

Examine the bloody campaigns fought on the Pacific islands – including the legendary Battle for Leyte Gulf, the lesser known Battle of Samar, and the retaking of Corregidor, the first Army fort to fall to the Japanese – with this unique film featuring vintage footage and historical analysis. B&W. 1 hr. 29 min. #MV52944 $19.95

Philippines Currency

These genuine-issue currency items are terrific artifacts from WWII, commemorations of the beginning and end of A fighting in the Philippines.

Featuring an eye-catching purple hue, this 1,000 peso Genuine Artifacts! note was printed by the Japanese so quickly following their invasion that they didn’t let the ink dry – thus, the image from the previous note appears faintly on the B reverse! Circulated condi$ tion. 5"x 3". #107048 29.95 B: 1945 10 Centavos Coin – Struck at the Denver Mint in 1945, this 10 centavos coin – one of the last of its kind issued, as the Philippines gained their independence in 1946 – was created to celebrate victory over the Japanese in the Pacific. Circulated condition. 75% silver. 17mm diameter. #107228 $14.95


Japanese Helmets

A: Army Landing Forces #M652126

Philippines Flag

A: 1,000 Peso Invasion Note

Japanese Machine Gunner Figure


Invaded by the Japanese just hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Philippines remained in Imperial hands for three years before being retaken by American forces in 1945.

B: Naval Landing Forces #93708

Japanese Type 97 Grenade

This solid resin reproduction of the Japanese Type 97 fragmentation hand grenade features a “pineapple-shaped” body and a brass springloaded fuse with a removable pin and jute cord. 4" tall. #M651531 $24.95

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Iwo Jima / Atomic Bomb

Battle of Iwo Jima


With a casualty rate exceeding 40,000, the Battle of Iwo Jima – in February and March 1945 – featured some of the theater’s most brutal combat that ultimately ended in U.S. victory.

1/30 SCALE





War Dog

A Marine moves cautiously forward as another leans down to confer with his canine partner – often used as messengers or scouts to prevent ambush attacks. These 1/30 scale metal figures include a careful attention to detail, from their “frog camo” helmets to Winchester shotgun. 2½" tall standing figure.

A: “Softly, Softly” #107202



B: Marine War Dog #107203



Fateful Voyage

The USS Indianapolis July 30th, 1945

Dog Collar

Marii Chernev. Steaming along at 17 knots on its way to the Philippines after delivering components for an atomic bomb to Tinian Island, the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis will soon enter history as the U.S. Navy’s greatest sea disaster of WWII. This 36"x 27," numbered print is signed by the artist and by three survivors of that $ sinking. #M701170 Reg: $150

Perfect for either the showcase or everyday usage, this dog collar is an incredible reproduction of one worn by canine “soldiers” during the Second World War. It features rugged leather construction, a strap-closure pouch, and metal hardware. 29" total length. #107253 $19.95


USS Indianapolis

“No Problem” T-Shirt

After delivering parts for the nuclear bomb that would detonate over Hiroshima, the USS Indianapolis was attacked and sunk by the Japanese in the Philippine Sea. Now, Captain Charles McVay (Nicolas Cage) must rally his surviving crew and fight hunger, thirst, delirium, and shark attacks as they wait for a rescue mission that may or may not be coming. This 2016 film captivatingly retells the tale of the worst loss of life at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy. 1 hr. 44 min.

This black t-shirt, made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, pays homage to the Marines with the iconic Iwo Jima image and a quote from President Reagan: “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they M, L, XL: $17.95 made a difference; the Marines don’t have that 2XL, 3XL: $19.95 problem.” #100553








B-29 Superfortress “Enola Gay” Display Model

Measuring nearly two-feet in wingspan, this centerpiece collectible replicates one of the most famous warbirds in history: “Enola Gay” – the B-29 Superfortress responsible for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Made of rich Philippine mahogany, it includes a handsome wooden base. 23¾" wingspan. #9457 $219.95

Flag-Raising $ 2 Bill

This colorized $2 bill, genuine legal tender, salutes the fighting at Iwo Jima with an image of the historic flag-raising. Includes a certificate of authenticity and comes in a displayable blue folder.

Signed by 3 Survivors of the USS Indianapolis Sinking!

Genuine Legal Tender!

“Colors Won’t Run” Metal Sign

Old Glory waves in the background of this patriotic metal sign, which also features a silhouetted image of the flag-raising at Iwo Jima. Includes mounting holes. 16"x 12½". Made in the USA.





Cap Collection



Terrific tributes to the end of fighting in the Pacific – from the B-29 manufacturer to colorful celebrations of both the Marines and Navy – these handsome caps include a pre-curved visor and adjustable strap for the perfect fit! $19.95 each

A: Boeing (Totem Logo) #63412

B: Marines #107231

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C: Navy #107232


Cold War

Korean War

“Korean Defense” T-Shirt

C-119C Flying Boxcar Kit

Seeing extensive service in Korea as both a troop and equipment transport, the C-119 earned the nickname “Flying Boxcar” for its cargo-hauling ability and unusual appearance. It served in the U.S. Air Force, Marines, and Navy, and was not retired until 1995. This 1/144 scale plastic kit features recessed panel lines, spinning propellers, and authentic markings. Assembly required. 9" wingspan. #83407 $44.95

Ideal for any Korean War veteran, this 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt encompasses a one-ofa-kind design that honors those who served overseas. #107011 M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95

Fairchild C-119 Boxcar


Veteran Cap

Celebrate 65 years since “The Forgotten War” and show your support with this handsome cap! With quality embroidery detail, it includes a hook-and-loop closure on back.




Dog Tag Multi-Tool

A perfect combination of military style and survival, this dog tag multi-tool comes with an attached 4-inch ball chain and includes a small knife, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and file. Constructed of stainless steel, the tag is blank on one side and laser engraved on the other. #107012 $12.95

Korean War “Freedom” Challenge Coin

A reminder that “freedom is not free,” this colorful challenge coin is a tribute to those who served in Korea. #106678 $12.95

Fire and Ice

One of the most brutal conflicts to involve the U.S., the Korean War lasted only three years and yet claimed over two million lives. Not only was it the first campaign to use significant jet combat, it embodied the initial battleground of the Cold War. Examine archived footage, commentary from veterans and historians, and more in this exclusive 2-DVD set by The History Channel. 3 hrs. 20 min. #107073 $16.95

Incredibly scarce and difficult-toobtain artifacts, these coins represent the first ones issued for circulation by the North Korean government! Included are a 1, 5, and 10 chon coin (1959 date), a 50 chon coin (1978 date), and a 1 won coin (1987 date). Each one is made of aluminum and features the national arms on the obverse. #105535 $29.95


MA-1 Flight Jacket

Look like a top ace in our classic MA-1 flight jacket with five removable patches! Designed with a waterproof nylon outer and a fullyreversible orange polyester lining, it features four custom loop fields for hook patches, a polyfiber fill for extra warmth, a zippered utility pocket, two front and two inner slash pockets with snap closure, and an extrafull cut fit. #703913 M, L, XL: $59.95 2XL, 3XL: $64.95

The Korean War

North Korean 5-Coin Set

This collection of films and newsreels on the Fairchild C-119, an American military transport aircraft, covers its duties to carry cargo personnel, litter patients and mechanized equipment, and drop cargo and troops by parachutes. After its first flight on November of 1947, there were more than 1,100 C-119s built before production ended in 1955. 1 hr. 53 min. #702653 $19.95

Authentic Artifacts!

1950s HOMEFRONT 1953 Cadillac Eldorado

A full-size luxury car manufactured for over ten generations, the original 1953 Cadillac Eldorado convertible was the most expensive model during the late 1950s. Complete with vintage badging, this 1/18 scale, die cast replica features an opening hood (exposing a detailed engine), doors and trunk, along with its distinct tail fins, white-wall tires, gleaming chrome parts, and more. 12¼" long. #405769 $89.95

Made in the USA.

“Luxury Service” Pin-Up Metal Sign

Luxury car service never looked so appealing! Handmade using heavy-gauge steel. This metal sign is purposely aged for a unique vintage look. Includes mounting holes. 14" diameter. #405564 $24.95

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1/18 SCALE

Soviet Union / U.S. Ground Power The Secret History of KGB Spy Cameras

Cold War

Genuine Soviet Army Ushanka


Melton, Lt. Col. Alekseenko, Hasco & Vreisleben. Lavishly illustrated and researched, this title goes behind the secret history of Soviet sub-miniature spy cameras during the Cold War. Written by veteran KGB technical intelligence officers, it reveals the development and operational use of more than 90 cameras operated by the KGB and GRU. 208 pages, 350 color and B&W photos, 9"x 12", hardcover. #107161 $44.95

Collapse of the Soviet Union 7-Coin Set

This seven-coin set was issued right before communism collapsed Made in the USA. in the Soviet Union. Dating between 1987 and 1991, these coins – or Kopecks – are in uncirculated condition and have similar designs. On one side, there’s a hammer and sickle encompassing the earth, while the other has the date and denomination. #105674 $29.95

Authentic Artifacts!

u.s. ground power kits M-109A3 Van Shop Truck

Among the many variants of the prolific M35 "Deuce and a Half" was the M109A3 − a battlefield shop van. This 1/35 scale plastic kit features a choice of hard or soft driving compartment tops, an optional front winch, a well-equipped shop interior (including workbenches, chairs, a ladder, and maintenance tools), free-rolling wheels, and authentic U.S. Army and ROC markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8" long. #104448 $79.95

M54A2 Cargo Truck

The primary cargo truck of U.S. forces in Vietnam, the M54 was a rugged 6x6 vehicle weighing five tons. This 1/35 scale plastic kit, a newly tooled replica of the versatile truck, features real-working steering, a well-appointed interior, a detailed transmission system, an optional cargo bucket cloth, photo-etched parts, treaded tires, and three sets of Vietnam-era markings. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 8½" long. #105925 $69.95

M60A1 Patton Battle Tank – Considered a masterpiece of U.S. armor,

the M60 main battle tank was introduced in 1960 and remains in service throughout the world. Replicating an M60A1 employed by the U.S. Marines, this 1/35 scale plastic kit features an M68 105mm main gun, realistic bolt-on reactive armor, an optional-position driver's hatch, detailed tracks, authentic markings, and lifelike commander and loader figures. So detailed, it even includes a mesh turret basket! Assembly required. 7¾" long. #M800815 $49.95

This genuine military winter hat − worn by Soviet Kremlin Guard personnel − features a wool top and artificial fur, adjustable ear flaps with a top tie-down, an authentic hammer and sickle badge, and manufacturer markings. Size 7. #M650567 $39.95

Authentic Cold War Issue!

Cold War Stalemate

From the end of WWII through the fall of communism in 1990, a 45-year conflict occurred known as the Cold War. During this period, many major events happened such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars, along with ongoing smaller battles involving guerrilla warfare. This exclusive documentary takes an in-depth look into the origins and motives of the “war”. Color and B&W. 5 hrs. 12 min. #105953 $12.95

Air Raid Shelter Metal Sign

Stylishly weathered, this aluminum sign – ready to hang with mounting holes – re-creates one hung outside a Cold War-era fallout shelter. 9"x 12". #104740 $19.95

M60A1 Patton Tank Models

A LIMITED EDITION Professionally hand-painted 1/72 SCALE replicas of the die-hard American M60A1 Patton tank, these Hobby Master, B 1/72 scale, die cast LIMITED EDITION models – as they appeared in Operation Desert Storm and with the 3rd Battalion in 1977 – include engraved panel lines, a purposely weathered body and insignias, a movable metal turret, a metal main gun, realistic tracks, authentic pad-printed markings, and a display base.

A: NEW! U.S. Marines “Operation Desert Storm” #980914 rd rd B: 3 Battalion, 3 Armored Division #980857





M60 Patton Cap

Salute our Cold War Veterans, and the iconic M60, by wearing this classic snap-back cap! It features a padded sweatband, triple stitching along the bill, and reinforced ventilation holes for added comfort. Includes an adjustable back closure. One size fits most. #105568 $18.95

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Cold War

Vietnam: Overview

Vietnam Bao Chi

Warriors of Word and Film

Yablonka. Among the first titles on the subject, this collection of interviews, articles, and observations covers the Vietnam War from a new perspective: that of the combat correspondent. While much has been written about civilian reporters, far less is available from those who actually wore a U.S. uniform – including those who covered Green Beret operations, served with the 101st Airborne, and went on to assist in the creation of classic Hollywood films. 320 pages, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #107173 $29.95

Last Banknote of South Vietnam

Released in 1972, the Authentic Artifact! 1000 Dong banknote of South Vietnam was issued three years before North Vietnam took control. It depicts the Independence Palace on front, where the President once called home, along with an image of elephants and their trainers on back. This is one of the last original notes to survive! #105536 $19.95

Alpha Patrol Radio-Controlled Model

Hours of aquatic fun, this radio-controlled model is a 23"-long replica of an alpha patrol river jet boat! In addition to its rugged frame, which allows for usage in the choppiest of waters, this boat also features a self-regulating function (able to be flipped upright simply by hitting the throttle), expert handling, safe and hidden electronics, an easyto-operate transmitter, and a removable canopy. And don’t forget to add a rechargeable battery and charger!

Tour of Duty: The Complete Series

This television program focuses on a platoon of young U.S. soldiers during their first tour of combat in the Vietnam War. Originally airing in 1987, Tour of Duty was praised for its realism and showed viewers the gritty experiences of U.S. soldiers stationed in an unfamiliar world. This 11-DVD collection includes all 58 episodes from that season long program. 45 hrs. 41 min. #V9940 $44.95

349.95 Speedpack 3300 Battery #104294 $29.95 Prophet Sport AC Charger #104295 $39.95 #103046

“Why Me?” Wall Plaque

Nearly 2-Feet Long!

This standout wall plaque features an etched lighter with the words “Why Me?” – a playful tribute to those carried by GIs in the Southeast Asian jungles. 8" tall. #107177 $44.95

Vietnam River Boat Cruises T-Shirt

The Vietnam service ribbon marks the background of this screen-printed t-shirt, a lighthearted tribute to the country’s “River Boat Cruises.” 100% cotton. #107176


M, L, XL: $26.95 2XL, 3XL: $28.95


Vietnam Veteran Wall Clock


The Three Soldiers Statue in Washington D.C. is featured on this colorful wall clock, which also features Roman numerals and precise movement. 12" diameter. #107174 $14.95




B 1/30 SCALE



Playing out in the first few months of 1968, the Battle of Hue – though won by the Americans and South Vietnamese – saw more than 3,700 Allied casualties. These 1/30 scale metal collectibles recreate fighting during that bloody year, including Medal of Honor-winner John “Gunny” Canley dragging a fellow Marine to safety. 2½" tall standing figures.

“Never Forgotten” T-Shirt

A: NEW! 2-Piece Rescue B: NEW! Marine Rifleman C: NEW! Marine Grenadier D: NEW! “Running for Cover” E: NEW! “Shouting Instructions” F: Vietnam Walls – Polystone. 8"x 5".

M, L, XL: $17.95

#107197 #107198 #107199 #107200 #107201 #106420

79 45 $ 45 $ 45 $ 45 $ 69 $ $

This 100% cotton t-shirt, screen-printed on both sides, features the words “You Will Front Never Be Forgotten” – an homage to those who lost their lives in Vietnam. #107175 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

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Vietnam: Apparel / Weapons Vintage Vietnam Boonie Hat

Cold War Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

Made of pre-washed 100% cotton ripstop fabric, Available Sizes: this reproduc7, 7 1/4, 7 1/2, 7 3/4 tion of a U.S. military boonie hat features screened side vents, branch loops, an adjustable chin strap, and more. Olive drab. #M404290 $16.95

Ripstop BDU Shirt

Fashioned in traditional olive drab, this ripstop BDU shirt comes with four front pockets (with a button closure and flap), reinforced elbows, and a rugged cotton construction.

M16A-1 Rifle

A centerpiece replica of an M16 rifle used by American soldiers in Vietnam, this non-firing weapon is the authentic size and weight of the original and features a working mechanism and removable magazine. 38" long.




M16 Hollywood T-Shirt


M, L, XL: 34.95 2XL: $36.95 $

Paracord Bracelet

Primarily used for tactical and outdoor activities, this paracord bracelet features a tough polyester braided construction, along with eye-catching colors and patterns! Includes a quick-release buckle closure. 9" length. #106084 $12.95

Military Watch Set

This handsome Smith & Wesson military wristwatch set features a detailed, olive drab face with a date window; luminous hour, minute, and second hands; a precision quartz movement; an alloy bezel and case; stainless steel back; three interchangeable, heavy duty canvas watch bands (olive drab, black, and khaki); and more. It’s even water resistant up to 30 meters! #M402791 $44.95

Vintage M-65 Field Jacket

This M-65 field jacket is a throwback design with modern upgrades! Constructed of 100% cotton, it features a concealed hood with drawstring closure, a snap-up storm flap, four large pockets at the waist and chest, a drawstring bottom and waist, and M, L, XL: $94.95 two hook-and2XL, 3XL: $99.95 loop chest tabs with a removable patch. #105575

What do you need when things go Hollwood? An M16 rifle, of course! This olive t-shirt features the ubiquitous weapon and military$ $ style yellow printing. #107093 M, L, XL: 16.95 2XL, 3XL: 18.95

Flechette Dart Set

Genuine-issue weapons from the Vietnam era, this set of three flechette darts were often used as ammunition in shotgun shell reloads! Worn condition. 1" long.




Genuine Issue!

Special Forces Knife Set

This special forces-style survival kit includes a green-handled serrated knife (with a stainless steel blade), a camouflage sheath, a compass, and a number of fishing hooks. Knife measures 7½" long! #107181 $24.95

Skull Knife Cap

The beret-wearing skull, surrounded by a simple red circle, holds a knife in his mouth on this embroidered cap. 100% cotton.




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Cold War

Vietnam War Series 681 50-Cent MPC Note

Vietnam Ground Power Kits

Increasingly difficult to find, the Series 681 MPC notes – circulated in Vietnam in 1969-70 – were, like all issues of its kind, used by American soldiers as their own form of currency in a foreign land. This 50-cent denomination arrives lightly circulated, still displaying the fine detail after nearly 50 years – including its astronaut and submarine imagery. 4¼"x 2". #106337 $59.95

Take home your own Vietnam-era AFVs with these 1/35 scale plastic kits – quality reproductions of an M107 selfpropelled gun and M163 Vulcan! They feature a rotating main weapon, realistic tracks, and historic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 3. A


A: M107 Self-Propelled Gun – Includes a rear bulldozer

blade, numerous accessories and projectiles, and three crew figures. 14¾" long. #100736 $59.95 B: M163 Vulcan – 5½" long. #105685 $44.95

Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art

Filled with rare wartime footage, this collection includes five films that feature gunships and gunners that fought during the Vietnam War. You'll see the UH-1 Huey, CH-47 Chinook, and C-130 in action; learn about the Huey door gunners, their training, and service in Vietnam; watch the development and implementation of helicopter air mobility; enjoy a collection of newsreels highlighting the various gunships in action in Vietnam; and more! 1 hr. 39 min. #V5123 $19.95

UH-34D Seahorse Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit of a UH-34D Seahorse employed by the USMC during the Vietnam War features a detailed interior with glazed windows, a realistic engine, nose-mounted machine guns, intricate landing gear, and authentic markings. 13¾" rotorspan; 106 parts, skill level 2. Assembly required. #83954 $24.95


A genuine military-produced item, this M1956 tool cover – a surplus artifact that’s been in storage for decades – was issued to Army and Marine soldiers in Vietnam. Condition and markings will vary. $



Genuine Issue!

“Riders on the Storm” SAVE Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

Brennan. Carrying on the nose art tradition of the Second World War, many helicopters in Vietnam were painted with memorable images that tested the limits of political correctness. Featuring a selection of neverbefore-published photos, this title showcases vibrantly painted choppers – each one with their name, unit, photo date and location, and anecdotal information. 144 pages, 250+ color and B&W photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. #105023 $29.95

Vietnam Gunships and Gunners

Original M1956 Tool Cover


Joe Kline. Made of 24-gauge steel, this metal sign features U.S. Army soldiers going in “hot” at the smokecovered LZ in Vietnam. Includes mounting holes. 18"x 12".


#M602381 Reg: $24.95 $

Huey Gunship “Protect the Slicks” T-Shirt

Front Crest

Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this classic fit t-shirt has a colorful screen-print of a famous Huey gunship and reads “Protect the Slicks.” #704221 M, L, XL: $21.95

2XL, 3XL: $23.95

UH-1 Huey Model

During a June 2, 1969, mission near Hamburger Hill, medic Joseph LaPointe risked his own life crawling to two wounded brothers, attempting to perform medical assistance before all three men were killed by a grenade. This 1/48 scale, die cast model – an Air Force 1 replica of the UH-1H used to transport the posthumously-awarded Medal of Honor winner – features a well-appointed interior, authentic 101st Airborne markings, and a metal display stand. 14¼" long.




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1/48 SCALE

Vietnam War Operation Linebacker I 1972

B-52 Stratofortress

The First High-Tech Air War

Boeing's Iconic Bomber from 1952 to the Present

Michel III. Perhaps the world’s first “modern” air campaign, Operation Linebacker had an objective, in 1972, of pushing north the aggressive Communist invaders and bringing them back to the Paris negotiating table. This gripping title, bursting with fullcolor artwork, explores the battle’s new technology – including laser-guided bombs and electronic warfare capabilities. 96 pages, illustrated, 6½"x 9½", softcover. #107182 $19.95

A-4E Skyhawk Model

Cold War

1/72 SCALE

This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model – a hand-painted replica of the A-4E Skyhawk, assigned to VA-163 aboard USS Oriskany – pays tribute to a national hero and naval aviator, John McCain III. Featuring an opening canopy, it comes with removable missiles, rocket pods Includes a Commemorative and bombs, optional-position landing gear, Engraved Baseplate! authentic markings, and a display stand with an engraved baseplate. 6¾" long. #980925 $79.95


Doyle. Explore one of the world’s most iconic aircraft with this illustrated guide examining the B-52 Stratofortress from the early Cold War days through today – with particular attention paid to the heavy bombing raids in Vietnam. Enjoy many never-before-published photos that help tell the story of a warplane that, through modifications and upgrades, should see a service life of nearly nine decades! 112 pages, color photos, 9¼"x 9¼", hardcover. #704520 $19.95

B-52 Metal Signs

Unique celebrations of the B-52 Stratofortress, these metal signs feature either a silhouetted fleet of U.S. aircraft or a striking brunette pin-up: “Miss B-52.” Includes mounting holes.


Vietnam War U.S. Aircraft Kits


A pair of impressively sized centerpiece collectibles, these quality plastic kits replicate the A-1 Skyraider and RA-5 Vigilante: prolific warbirds in Southeast Asia. Assembly required.

A: RA-5C Vigilante – Includes ejector seats, adjustable

flaps, and flash pods. 1/48 scale, 237 pieces. 18¾" long. #92020 $89.95

B: A-1J/AD-7 Skyraider – Includes photo-etched parts and foldable wings. 1/32 scale. 600+ pieces. 18¾" wingspan. #704228 $129.95

MA-1 Flight Jacket



Designed to keep pilots warm in temperatures down to 14 degrees, the MA-1 flight jacket – first seen in the mid-1950s – became a popular civilian item in the 1970s. Featuring a coyotecolored outer shell (made of 100% nylon), this quality reproduction also comes with a prototypical orange liner, four front slash $ pockets, and a M, L, XL: Reg: $79.95 $ zippered utility 2XL, 3XL: Reg: $89.95 pocket. #702866

54.95 59.95

“Miss B-52” − 15"x 12". #703365 $34.95

NEW! “The Mission Is in Your Hands” 12"x 18". #704521 $29.95

B-52 Stratofortress Model

1/300 SCALE

This 1/300 scale, die cast B-52 model features an authentic U.S. Air Force camouflage scheme. Includes a display stand. 8" wingspan. #94829 $29.95

“Fly the Friendly Skies of Vietnam” T-Shirt

This blue t-shirt features an aircraft deploying missiles with the text “Fly the friendly skies of Vietnam” on the shirt’s front. The shirt’s made from pre-shrunk 100% cotton, and was designed, printed, and shipped by American veterans and patriots. #105188 M, L, XL: $24.95

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or

2XL, 3XL: $26.95


Cold War

Vietnam Veterans Leather Jacket


M, L, XL: 199 2XL, 3XL: $209 $

Featuring a classic, stylish design, this genuine leather jacket pays tribute to Vietnam vets with a colorful embroidery on the center back and left chest! It also includes a fold-down collar, front-zip closure, buttoned cuffs, and front pockets. #101970

“I know I’m going to Heaven because I spent my time in Hell,” along with original artwork screen-printed on the back makes this 100% cotton t-shirt a must-own addition to any Vietnam veteran’s closet! #107021


Complete with the iconic Vietnam Veteran dragon as well as “1962-1975” inside an eyecatching green and gold scheme, this brilliant medallion acts as a perfect-sized keepsake to take wherever you go. #106015 $19.95

Embroidered Patches

These easy to iron-on patches add colorful and respected embellishA ments to your militaryinspired jacket or pack! Featuring high-quality Made in embroidery, each one the USA. honors Vietnam veterans A: NEW! Vietnam Veteran #M401646 with an original design. $ 3¾" long. B: Country and Ribbon #102611 9.95 each

An ideal way to block moisture and sweat, this 100% breathable cotton headwrap – sublimated with a one-of-a-kind design – shows your Vietnam veteran pride. It comfortably ties at the neck and includes a tail flap for extra protection from sun and helmet burns. One size fits most. #106911 $14.95




A: Steering Wheel Cover

B: Floor Mat Set – Made of a quality stain-resistant fabric, this two-piece floor mat set features anti-skid backing and commemorative imagery. 17"x 25". #103392 $29.95 M, L, XL: $26.95 2XL, 3XL: $28.95


Deck out your vehicle in Vietnam veteran gear with our selection of premium automotive accessories!

Designed to protect your steering wheel, this cover features a durable, odorless leather D construction. Fits most steering wheels measuring 14½-15 inches. #101390 $19.95

“Time in Hell” T-Shirt


Automotive Accessories

C: Metal License Plate Frames – Include mounting holes. 12"x 6". Veteran #M602957 $14.95 Vietnam Veteran #105621 $24.95 D: Sunshade – Constructed with tapered edges and a double layer of

material for added heat protection, it ensures your vehicle stays cool while in the hot sun. 58"x 27". #101823 $19.95

From the golden era of American muscle cars, these 1/18 scale, die cast models – featuring a 1968 Ford Shelby A Mustang GT 500KR and 1963 Chrysler Turbine – come with a detailed interior and exterior (painted in an eye-catching color scheme), opening doors, trunk and hood, 1/18 SCALE steerable front wheels with real rubber tires, as well as a removable display base. 10"-10½" long.

A: 1968 Ford B Shelby Mustang GT 500KR (Gold) #402212 $49.95 B: 1963 Chrysler Turbine (Orange) #401436 $54.95

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Homefront During the Vietnam War

Cold War

Vietnam Veterans Campaign Medal with Ribbon & Holding Bar B


Arriving with its own metal bar inscribed “1960- “, this quality collectible replicates the Vietnam Campaign Medal – an award given to service members for six months service between 1961 and 1973. Includes a reproduction of the original campaign ribbon (the only authorized attachment) and gold-tone metal holding bar. 1¼" diameter.







A: NEW! Ribbon Bar (Tan) – 100% cotton. #107043 B: NEW! Barrage – Acrylic. #104603 C: NEW! Heritage – Acrylic. #M403818 D: Disorderly Vet – 100% cotton. #100796

95 Each

E: Proudly Served 100% cotton.

#103608 F: Logo – Polyester. #102727

Constructed of a weather and fade resistant polyester, this premium flag – featuring a Vietnam and veteran ribbon design – uses a specially lined fabric to allow right reading from both sides. It includes a 18"x 12" durable nylon webbing header with brass grommets for hanging. 18"x 12". #102948 $14.95

War Eagle Folding Knife

“Proud to Have Served” T-Shirt

This folding knife features commemorative imagery saluting your service in Southeast Asia! 7½" long open.

Let others know how proud you are to have served with this Front Crest eye-catching t-shirt! It features full-color screen printing designs on back and on the left chest. 100% cotton. #105634 M, L, XL: $19.95

Vietnam Lustre Flag


Show your support by wearing one of these premium caps displaying tributes to brave Vietnam veterans. Each one includes a pre-curved visor and an adjustable back strap for a great fit. One size fits most.




Tool Box


Made of rugged polyester and featuring brass grommets for easy indoor or outdoor hanging, this flag is a great addition to any patriot’s collection! 5'x 3'. #M405201 $18.95

Issued to pay tribute to the opening of the National Prisoner of War Museum in Andersonville, Georgia, this coin features the museum on the reverse, and a bald eagle breaking free of his shackles surrounded by barbed wire on the obverse. 1½" diameter. #M652208 $79.95


#100865 Reg: $69.95 $

“All Gave Some, Some Gave All” Flag

1994-P $1 U.S. Prisoner of War Museum Silver Proof


The colorful decals on this all-steel tool box – with a carrying handle, secure front latch, and removable tray – salute the brave servicemen who fought in Southeast Asia. 16" long.

2XL, 3XL: $21.95



Made in the USA.


Sport one of these quality embroidered caps to commemorate both POW and MIA troops. Made A from long-lasting B acrylic, each one includes an $ adjustable back strap and pre-curved visor. 18.95 each

A: NEW! Barbed Wire #107026 B: Squad #104316

Double Flag T-Shirt

Proudly displaying the U.S. and POW/MIA flags, this 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt features powerful graphic artwork to show support.


Order Today at 800-989-1945 or

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95


Cold War

Air Power The F-101 Voodoo

F-4 Phantom II Models

Exclusively by 1/72 SCALE industry leader Hobby Master, these 1/72 scale, die cast replicas A – featuring sleek F-4 Phantom IIs as they appeared with the VF-102 “Diamondbacks” and the Hellenic Air Force in B Greece – come complete with authentic markings and a professionally handpainted scheme. Each one also includes optionalposition landing gear, loads of realistic armament, an opening canopy with pilot figure, $ and a display stand. 10½" long. 89.95 each A: F-4J – VF-102 “Diamondbacks,” USS Independence (CV-64), 1976. #980924 B: RF-4E – 348th TRS, Hellenic Air Force, 2017.

An Illustrated History of McDonnell’s Heavyweight Fighter LIMITED EDITION



An imF-4C/D Phantom II Kit mediate showcase 1/32 Scale center– Nearly piece, this 2-Feet Long! impressively sized 1/32 scale plastic kit of the legendary F-4 Phantom II – which saw extensive operational service in Vietnam – features your choice of “C” or “D” variant assembly, two detailed crew figures, a well-equipped cockpit, a glazed canopy that opens, full weapons complement, detailed die cast landing gear, rubber tires, and numerous colorful decals. Assembly required. 21¾" long. #83260 $159.95

F-4 Phantom T-Shirt

Showcasing a large, bold screen-print on the back and smaller logo on left chest, this 100% cotton t-shirt pays tribute to the unstoppable F-4 MiG Killer!


M, L, XL: $21.95 2XL, 3XL: $23.95



Easley. Emerging from the Second World War as an escort for the Convair B-36 bomber, the McDonnell Model 36 “Voodoo” took its first flights in 1948 and was subsequently recast as the deadly F-101A strategic fighter. Aided by recently declassified documents, this volume examines that fighter’s nearly 40 years of service, filling roles as a nuclear strike aircraft, a recon platform, and a reliable high-performance interceptor. 248 pages, 333 color and B&W photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21228 $59.95

RF-101C & G/H “VooDoo” Kit

Including markings for 5 USAF aircraft, this 1/48 scale plastic kit features an optional canopy and speed brake, a detailed engine with turbine, photoetched parts, and realistic armament. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 16¾" long.




Nearly a Foot-and-a-Half Long!

CH-47A Chinook Helicopter Kit

Delivered in August 1962, the CH-47A Chinook was used in Vietnam as a medium transport helicopter. This impressive 1/35 scale plastic kit features photo-etched parts, metal landing gear, full gunship armament, and authentic markings for two aircraft. Assembly required. 323 pieces. Skill level 4. 17½" long.


CH-47 Chinook & MH-60 Nighthawk Models



1/72 SCALE


A duet of Americanbuilt military choppers, these 1/72 scale, die cast replicas – including the CH-47 Chinook, one of the heaviest lifting Western helicopters, and MH-60 Nighthawk – come with authentic markings, as well as a professionally B painted scheme. Each one also includes spinning rotor blades and propellers, a well-equipped cockpit, and a display stand.

A: CH-47 Chinook – A Company, 7th Battalion, 101st Airborne Div., AF, 2003. 16¼" long. #703917 $44.95 B: MH-60 Nighthawk – 377th Medical Company, South Korea, April 2007. 9" rotor-span.


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Soldiers / Navy

Cold War

1 Penny & Half Franc 2-Coin NAAFI Set

Created by the British government in 1921, the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) operated recreational establishments Authentic Artifacts! as well as sold goods to servicemen and their families. Genuine artifacts from the Cold War era, these two NAAFI tokens – including a penny and half franc – were used by British, French and American troops to make purchases in European bars and stores. Circulated condition. #107162 $69.95

Cold War Veteran T-Shirt

The symbolic border between East and West – the Fulda Gap – is featured on the reverse of this olive green t-shirt, a tribute to the end of the Cold War with the victorious M, L, XL: $19.95 words: “Mission Complete.” 100% 2XL, 3XL: $21.95 cotton. #101828


Mapping Naval Warfare

A Visual History of Conflict at Sea

Black. Covering wars from the American Revolution through Vietnam, this insightful book – featuring a selection of colorful illustrations – is a must-own for nautical fans! Hear some of the most captivating sea stories from across the globe while also learning how maps have evolved over time and remain a key element in naval strategy. 192 pages, illustrated, 11"x 11", hardcover. #104187 $44.95

ACU Camo Anchor Cap

Complete with an allover blue digital camo print, this high-quality cap has a stylishly designed anchor and rope embroidery! One size fits most. #107025 $18.95

M-9 Military Knife with Sheath

“Damn the Torpedos” T-Shirt

This M-9 military knife features a sawback heavygauge stainless steel blade with fuller, a hard ABS handle, and a heavy-duty green military sheath. 12¾" long.




M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Full speed ahead! Available in a handsome navy blue, this premium 100% cotton t-shirt features a cool silk-screened torpedo design and bold lettering on front! #107091

Navy-Type Peacoats

Mini R/C Aircraft Carrier & Submarine A

Conduct deep sea missions or patrol the open waters with the highly detailed, remotecontrolled mini aircraft carrier and 3-channel submarine! Capable of operating in water and navigating in multiple directions, each one comes with a remote controller and B charging cable, battery pack and instruction manual. Requires four AA batteries (not included). Recommended $ for ages 8 and up. 29.95 each

Reminiscent of peacoats worn by U.S. Navy sailors, these heavyweight, wool-blended coats – complete with a quilted nylon liner, a double-breasted front, two vertical hand-warming pockets, an inner pocket, and a center vent – are the perfect choice for those cold and damp days!

Navy Blue #M404251 #104655 Black

A: Aircraft Carrier – Features a range of 33 to 49 feet with the ability to turn on command, and includes a twin propeller. 6" long. #107158 B: 3-Channel Submarine – Includes LED illumination and a maximum dive depth of 3.3 feet. 5" long.


M, L, XL: $99.95 2XL, 3XL: $102

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The PX

Medieval / Knights / Weaponry Medieval-Era Weaponry

Crown Knight Female Figure

Ideal showpieces for a medieval weapon enthusiast, these striking replicas feature an authentic look and feel for a dynamic presentation.


Sent from a kingdom far, far away to prove herself worthy, this Shipping 1/6 scale figure of June 2019! Lady Crown Knight comes with a host of medieval weaponry and body armor. In addition to a realistically sculpted head, it includes leg guards, four sets of interchangeable hands, lined armor, a great sword and long sword, a helmet, a war flag, shield and more. 12" tall. LIMITED EDITION


B A: Golden Knight Helmet – Handmade

from 18-gauge carbon and brass steel. 16" tall. #105160 $119

B: Gold Body Shield 17½"x 24".


embossed cross on its stainless steel blade, a metal pommel and guard, and an ornate pewter/ gold scabbard. 14½" long.

Medieval Knights

Includes a trio of ornate banners to decorate your castle display. 7" tall.



“God Wills It” T-Shirt

This durable polyester flag replicating the Welsh dragon design famously flown by King Arthur features a canvas header and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #105479 $18.95


Napoleon 1807 Flintlock Rifles

These non-firing replicas of a French 1807 flintlock rifle – used by Napoleon’s army during his 19th century campaigns across Europe – have the same weight and feel as the real thing! Available in brass or gray, they feature fine wood engravings, ornate brass metal details, the Napoleonic seal on A: Brass #M600296 the stock, and realistic functioning parts. 44½" long. $ 159 each


A French statesman and military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power and led his troops into several successful campaigns during the French Revolutionary Wars. Handpainted for an era-appropriate likeness, each 1/30 scale metal figure features careful attention to detail. 2½" tall.

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL: $21.95


Brass Shipping April 2019

B: Gray

An intimidating knight’s helmet is featured on this screenprinted t-shirt, which also includes the words “God Wills It.” 100% cotton. #107116




Welsh Dragon Flag

1/30 SCALE

A: “The Veteran” #107113 $129 B: William of Bordes with Flag #107114 $139 C: Banner Set



rative blade and attached sheath. 10½" long.




#107117 $39.95 D: Monastery Guard Knife with Sheath – Features a deco-





Scabbard – Features an



Hear ye, hear ye! Create your own diorama with these intricately detailed, 1/30 scale metal figures of medieval A knights mounted on their draped steeds, and a decorative banner set. Hand-painted with careful attention to detail, each one reflects a periodaccurate likeness. 4" tall.

#107119 C: Templar Dagger with

Napoleonic Wars


C 1/30 SCALE



A: Bicorne Grenadier Advancing #104213 $49 B: Wounded Guardsman #104214 C: Bicorne Grenadier Firing #104215 D: “Saving His Officer” 2-Piece Set #104216

49 49 $ 99 $ $

Purchase the Set – Save $17! 5-Piece “Blood, Mud & Dust” Set – All five figures. #104217 $

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Napoleon / Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire Flag

Roman Republic/Empire at War Compendium of Roman Battles

Taylor. Drawing from the earliest published sources on the subject, these titles examine all of the major (and many of the minor) battles fought by the Romans from 498 BC through 565 AD. Most excitingly, the combat descriptions are based on ancient texts and eyewitness accounts – the earliest surviving testimony on these historic campaigns with very little modern day interpretation or analysis. $ Maps and diagrams, 6½"x 9¼", hardcover. 34.95 each

A reproduction of the Imperial Banner used by the Roman Empire beginning in the early 15th century, this premium polyester flag has reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #101139 $18.95

498 to 31 BC 288 pages. #102996


Colosseum Kit

31 BC to AD 565 224 pages. #102301

A: 2-Piece “Life or Death?” Set #107143 $99 B: Tribal Chief Crucifixion 6" tall. #107141 $49 C: 3-Piece “Scourging the Prisoner” Set #107142 $149 D: Sitting Centurion #107144 $49

Ancient Roman Empire

Still among the most visited monuments in the world, the Colosseum in Rome was built over an eight-year stretch beginning in 72 AD. This 1/500 scale kit – an immaculate reproduction of the historic 80,000-seat venue – features an open-top design, leveled seating, a realistic exterior, and numerous Roman figures. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 14" long. #107172 $99.95

The PX




1/30 SCALE

Inspired by the ruthless days of Ancient Rome, these handcrafted figures – displaying a gruesome prisoner facing punishment before death, as well as a merciless centurion – make ideal additions to any gladiator or Middle Age diorama. Painted with realistic detail, each 1/30 scale metal figure measures 2½" tall.

Very Limited Quantities!


The Battle of Trafalgar

Stan Stokes. Fought in 1805, the Battle of Trafalgar – involving the British Royal Navy against the French and Spanish fleets – consisted of 27 British ships led by Admiral Lord Nelson aboard HMS Victory. Although he lost his life as a result of the epic battle, Nelson earned a respected place in history after triumphantly defeating all 33 enemy vessels. This high-quality Giclee, sheeted-canvas print is signed 48"x 21" #101222 $799.95 by the artist, low numbered, and has 35"x 15" #101234 $399.95 been stretched to fit a wood frame.

Warships of the Napoleonic Era



Design, Development and Deployment

Gardiner. Follow two decades of naval warfare in this title on ships during the Napoleonic Era, and how they continued to evolve over time. In addition, examine various countries’ warship designs, developments and deployments through curated illustrations and research. 176 pages, 11½"x 12¼", hardcover. #106952 Reg: $74.95 $


HMS Victory Model

SAVE $100

Crafted of premium wood, this 1/115 scale model is a striking centerpiece replica of the historic HMS Victory featuring detailed gun ports 1/115 SCALE cut into the hull, 19 heavy canvas sails, quality rigging, realistic accents (including lifeboats, barrels, cannons, and more), and a display stand. 24" long. #104667 Reg: $249 $

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149 47

From Arcadia Publishing comes several in-depth books detailing the history and contributions of American military bases throughout the U.S. Illustrations and photographs tell the story of many of the most famous and well-known arsenals and bases from around the country. 128 pages, approximately 200 B&W photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover.





Rock Island Arsenal

Fort Devens – Craig.

Eaton. In July 1862, President Lincoln signed legislation to create Rock Island Arsenal, envisioning a supply and maintenance facility. Explore the rich history of this National Historic Landmark.


Air Force F.E. Warren Air Force Base

Explore the illustrious history of Massachusetts' Fort Devens and many of the famous men who served there.

Bauman Taylor. Delve into the 140+ year history of F.E. Warren Air Force Base and its service as one of three active strategic missile bases in the United States. #18227

Fort Sheridan – Dretske.

Camp Edwards and Otis Air Force Base



Bannerman Castle – Johnson & Gottlock. For generations, boaters and train passengers have been mystified by the sight of a castle-like structure in the Hudson River, near Fishkill, New York. Filled with archival images, this book unveils the history of the island castle. #M103999 Watertown Arsenal – Earls.

Amid Chicago's North Shore communities is a national landmark: the former U.S. Army Base at Fort Sheridan. You'll view the water tower, barracks complex, and many other landmarks. #M104998

Fort Drum – Brennan

Cann & Galluzzo. This photo-history examines Camp Edwards and Otis Air Force Base, from their formation in the 1930s through World War II and beyond. #18187

Sheppard Air Force Base

This volume examines the history of the Army Materials Technology Laboratory in Watertown, Massachusetts, which developed some of the most powerful artillery ever made. #M103949

& Brennan. Explore the largest military facility in the northeast, the famous U.S. Army installation located in northern New York, Fort Drum.

Brown. Not officially christened until 1941, Sheppard Air Force Base had served as a training center for pilots since WWI. Learn about the history of the largest training base in the entire Air Force. #700302

Picatinny Arsenal – Rae.

Fort Huachuca – Price.

Hamilton Field – Novato

Trace Picatinny Arsenal's role as America's major ammunition research, development, and manufacturing site from the Revolutionary War through Desert Storm.


United States Disciplinary Barracks

Grande. This photo-history examines the United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. #M103988

St. Louis Arsenal − Armory of the West − McGuire.

Examine the evolution of the St. Louis Arsenal, from its founding through the Civil War to its present usage as the headquarters for a major branch of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. #M104981



At the foot of southeast Arizona's Huachuca Mountains, the U.S. Army founded, in 1877, one of the military posts most crucial for American expansion into the southwest. #M103973

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Bates & Doesburg. Go inside the gates of the U.S. Army base known today as the Aberdeen Proving Ground.


Fort Monroe

Morando & Johnson. Discover the history of Virginia's Fort Monroe − a massive stone-andbrick coastal defense installation − built to protect the entrance to Chesapeake Bay.

Historical Guild. Inspect the history of Hamilton Field, from its early 1930s construction through its 1947 renaming to Hamilton Air Force Base and its 1975 decommission.


March Air Force Base

Butler. Explore California's March Air Force Base from its establishment as a major flight-training institution during World War I through its storied role during the "golden age of aviation," WWII and beyond. #18179

McConnell Air Force Base

Larsen. Dive into the history of McConnell Air Force Base, from its days as an empty pasture, through the arrival of the Air National Guard, and more. #18158


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The PX

military watches

Both stylish and tactical, these militaryinspired timepieces – from a lightequipped clip watch to a Smith & Wesson commando – include a number of quality features including precise movement and handsome display faces. C E D B






A: NEW! Ram Digital Tactical – Features an olive drab band, a water-resistant design, and a digital display face (including the date). #106916 Reg: $61.95 $



B: NEW! Smith & Wesson Commando – Features an adjustable nylon wristband, a water-resistant design, $ a counter-clockwise bezel, a handsome black face, and a stainless steel back. #106953 Reg: $84.95 C: NEW! Military-Style Silicon Strap – Features a black face (with luminous numerals) and a black alloy casing. #106954 $24.95


D: Military-Style Analog/Digital – Features an oversized face and large rubber band, both analog and digital functions, a water-resistant design, a date display, and a zinc-alloy case. #105917 E: Clip Watch with Light – Features a clippable design, illuminating hands, hour markers, and a push-button LED light.






Commando Watchbands – Our stylish commando watchbands are designed to F: NEW! Olive Drab – #106955 protect your wristwatch from the outdoor elements with their extra-wide G: Black – #105923 $ nylon band and hook-and-loop closure! 1¾"x 10¼". 9.95 each


Rare numismatic artifacts dating back to the days of Genghis Khan, these notes and coins would make conversation-starting additions to any collection!


2008 100-Trillion Zimbabwe Note with Frame – After the

collapse of the national economy in 2008, Zimbabwe was forced to print ridiculously large inflationary notes – including this 100-trillion denomination, the largest ever issued by any government in history! Includes its own free-standing frame complete with simple magnetic opening/ closing. 6"x 3".




NEW! 1919 White Russian 10,000 Ruble Note – In the days following

the Russian Revolution, a group of anti-Communist fighters – the “White Russians” – issued their own currency, including this 10,000 ruble note (the largest of its kind) printed in 1919. 5"x 3". #106786 $29.95

Watch not included

1221 Genghis Khan Siege Coin – This

understandably crude bronze jital coin was struck in 1221 – just as the Asian city of Kuruzwan was being sieged and burnt to the ground by Genghis Khan and his invading warriors! 19mm diameter. #106062 $69.95

1856-1858 1-Cent Flying Eagle

Struck for just three years in the mid1850s, the Flying Eagle Cent was the first small-scale penny issued by the U.S. Mint – the larger size becoming unmanageably expensive. A popular coin among collectors, this vintage penny features a soaring eagle on the obverse. Circulated 19mm diameter. #102679 $79.95

1891-1908 Prussian 5 Mark Coin

This 5-mark coin – issued in the late 19th and early 20th century, before Kaiser Wilhelm II was forced to abdicate his position after losing the Great War – includes both of his lofty titles: Kasier of Germany and King of Prussia. 90% silver. 38mm diameter. #107057 $69.95

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Just for Fun

King Kong vs Godzilla

Stars of countless action films, King Kong and Godzilla have been wreaking havoc on Japanese victims for decades – also infamously clashing with one another, beginning with the 1962 crossover film.

Godzilla Kit

An incredible re-creation of the scaly beast, this 1/144 scale plastic kit features realistic details as well as metal chains and a display base. Assembly required. Measures approximately 13" tall. #107014 $49.95

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Enjoy the blockbuster film that started it all! After both monsters are accidentally released from their remote captivities (King Kong isolated on an island and Godzilla thawed from his icy lair), they begin reigning terror down on Tokyo – with the fate of the world hanging in the balance! 1 hr. 31 min. #104310 $12.95

Initially aired on September 24, 1964, The Munsters – an American sitcom – portrays the home life HO SCALE of a rather unique and eerie family of benign monsters. Fred Gwynne stars as Herman Munster, along with his vampire wife Lily (Yvonne De Carlo), Al Lewis as Grandpa, their teenage niece Marilyn, and son Eddie. A satire based on traditional monster movies and wholesome families from the ‘60s era, the hit series made a huge cultural impression before ending after two seasons.

House Kit – The HO scale plastic kit of the Victorian house at 1313 Mockingbird Lane will make a fantastic centerpiece in your town! Includes simulated wood shingles, glazed windows, a weathervane and an antenna, and more. 5¼" tall with an 8¼"x 6¼" footprint. Assembly required. #R85148 $44.95 Herman and Grandpa Munster Kits – These A

King Kong Kit

Measuring approximately 9" tall, this 1/72 scale resin kit – a limited edition collectible arriving pre-painted! – features a ferocious King Kong (as he first appeared in 1933) banging his chest in victory as he pins his tyrannosaurus-rex rival! Assembly required. $


#102977 Reg: 149 $ $


spooky, 1/10 scale plastic kits can stay separate or come together as interlocking dioramas of Grandpa's laboratory! Each one includes full-color packaging and illustrated instructions. Assembly required. $ Skill level 3. 8¼" tall. 39.95 each A: Herman


B: Grandpa




Barris Koach

Limited Quantities!

Final Battle T-Shirt

Atop the tallest building in Manhattan, King Kong wages his final, desperate battle against the circling biplanes. M, L, XL: $24.95 100% cotton. 2XL, 3XL: $26.95 #102979

Complete with a “blood red” tufted interior and a 289 Cobra V-8 engine, this 1/18 SCALE 1/18 scale, die cast replica also features triple-tier seating, pole bearer handles, and graveyard lantern headlights. #405009 $94.95

The Munsters: Complete Series – Now you can A

The Art of Bill Campbell





Weird-Ohs Kits

A Weird-Oh World Cantrell.. Relive the wacky Weird-Oh models from the creative brain of Bill Campbell in this title, which includes over 700 captivating images and witty prose! Beginning with his earlier work for Hawk Model Company, discover a world of iconic artwork from the 1960s pop culture scene. 192 pages, 771 color photos, 9"x 12", softcover. #405676 $39.95

watch the hilarious and frightening family of Munsters any time with the Complete Series, including all 70 episodes and two spook-tacular movies! 33 hrs. 6 min. on 12 discs.


Complete with collectible retro packaging, these fully customizable, wacky Weird-Ohs kits – based on the artwork of Bill Campbell in the 1960s – feature a zany buildable character, molded-in polystyrene parts, colorful decals, illustrated instructions, and so much more! Assembly required. Skill level 2. 14" long. $29.95 each

A: Davey #406102

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B: Digger #405677

Just for Fun

The PX

Dirty Harry: 5 Film Collection

Nearly nine hours of gripping action can be found on this 2-DVD set which includes the complete Dirty Harry library! Travel to the Bay Area and follow all of his crime-solving antics in these titles: Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact, and The Dead Pool. 8 hrs. 50 min. #107180 $19.95

Inspector Harry Figure

Resembling a familiar San Francisco police officer, this 1/6 scale articulating figure comes with a host of quality features including a gray striped suit, metal sunglasses, a white shirt, a red vest, a striped tie, gray pants, a black belt 1/6 SCALE and shoes, a knife, a revolver (with magazine and tactical holster), and a badge. 12" tall. #107108 $179.95

.357 Magnum Police Pistol

Own a piece of history with this metal replica .357 Magnum pistol, just like the one used by police officers for decades. This non-firing model is a strikingly accurate 8" Barrel – 13" total length. reproduction from the original and features a #M651876 $99.95 loading lever, hammer, trigger, swing-out 6" Barrel – 11" total length. six-shot cylinder and working double action. $


Roger Moore "James Bond" Figure

One of the most popular law enforcement pistols of all time, including usage by Shipping restrictions James Bond, the PPK has been apply. Call for details. manufactured continuously since 1929. A blank-firing reproduction of the prolific weapon, this blued-finish pistol features composite checkered grips, a removable clip, and a working safety. 6" long. #101684 $99.95 Blanks – Don’t forget to load up on “ammo” with this 50-pack of 9mm blanks!

007 Roger Moore Collection

Volume 1 – Includes: The Man with the Golden Gun, Live and Let Die, and The Spy Who Loved Me. 6 hrs. 12 min. #106278 Volume 2 – Includes: Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, A View to a Kill, and Octopussy. 8 hrs. 35 min. #106279

chuck norris





Two Chuck Norris cult-classics – Delta Force and its sequel, Delta Force 2 – are featured on this value-pack DVD set! Colonel Scott McCoy of the U.S. Marines is twice called upon to save the day: once from reckless terrorists who have hijacked a Boeing 707 and again when the villainous Ramon Cota takes hostages and forces the hero to lead a skydiving group of commandos on a rescue mission. 4 hours. #104144 $9.95

Made in the USA.

"License to Kill" Metal Sign

Greg Hildebrandt. Equal parts sexy and dangerous, these beauties will give you the thrill of your life! Featuring an Aston Martin DB5 − famous for being the first car driven by the man with the license to kill, 007 himself, of the James Bond film franchise − and a fiery red-head, this 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look of aged metal and paint. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #R66336 $24.95

America’s most dangerous 79-year-old man, Chuck Norris has punched and kicked his way through a half-century-long career – fighting bad-guys in films and TV series since the late 1960s!

Delta Force/Delta Force 2


PPK Blank-Firing Handgun

Best known for his role as secret agent James Bond, Roger Moore – the longest serving Bond – starred in several films from 1973 until 1985. Bring home this 1/6 scale action figure, including a super realistic head sculpt, a leather holster, a revolver with six bullets, a black suit with white cotton shirt and vest, two pistols, and more. 12" tall. #106263 $249.95

Own all seven of Roger Moore’s 007 roles in these exclusive multi-DVD collections, including every one of his James Bond feature films! Each volume contains Moore’s greatest moments on-screen as he captures the hearts of adoring women and gets the bad guy using only devilish wits, as well as his $ trusty handgun. 32.95 each

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

Delta Force T-Shirt

Chuck Norris loads his weapon, readying for the next battle! This 100% cotton t-shirt is a unique celebration of the Delta Force sequel. #107112 M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

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The PX


Classic American Vehicles



1/18 SCALE




F C Take a ride down memory lane with our 1/18 scale, die cast vehicles from the nostalgic decades of the 1930s through ‘70s! Finished in classic paint schemes and authentic badging, each one reflects a detailed interior, opening doors, trunk and hood (revealing an accurate engine compartment), and more.

A: NEW! 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk – 10" long. B: NEW! 1972 Chevy Vega Yenko Stinger – 10" long. C: NEW! 1955 Willys Jeep Station Wagon – 10" long. D: NEW! 1931 Peerless Master 8 Sedan – 11" long. E: 1969 Dodge Charger – 11" long. F: 1932 Ford Coupe Roadster – 9" long.

Metal Signs

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95

M, L, XL: $16.95 2XL, 3XL: $18.95

Automotive T-Shirts

Flaunt your enthusiasm for either Ford or Chevy in these soft, screen-printed t-shirts! Complete with a cool distressed look, each one features double-needle stitching and a relaxed fit.

"This is Ford Country" – Polyester/cotton. "Chevrolet Garage" – 100% cotton.


#405361 #404739



Purposely distressed for a real garage look, these metal signs make ideal décor in any automotive enthusiasts’ man cave! Handmade with heavygauge American steel, each one includes mounting holes for easy hanging. $29.95 each

A: "Garage Rules" – 12"x 18. #R65154 B: "Overheated Towing and Repair" 12"x 18". #406223 C: "Hot Rear" – 18"x 12". #406224

#404797 $99.95 #405790 $89.95 #402693 $69.95 #405768 $89.95 #105019 $39.95 #R78451 $39.95


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Pin-Ups Snow Soldier Figure

A magical land faraway, once vibrant with life, is now a snowy tundra protected by the stunning yet deadly 1/6 SCALE Snow Soldier. Complete with a seamless body and stainless steel armature, this 1/6 scale figure includes three sets of interchangeable hands, a bikini-style battle outfit, trident, a belt with sheath and sword, a display stand and much more. 12" tall.




The PX

BETTIE PAGE Fleece Blanket

Snuggle up next to the world’s sexiest pin-up – wearing her saucy lace-up boots and iconic black bustier – with a cozy, polyester blanket made from soft napped, insulating polar fleece, featuring a detailed print. 36"x 58".




"XXX" T-Shirt

Known as the “Queen of Pin-Ups,” this provocative t-shirt shows a wild side of her majesty – Ms. Bettie Page. Made of 100% pre-shrunk M, L, XL: $24.95 cotton, it features a premium screen-print 2XL, 3XL: $26.95 design and relaxed fit. #106947

The Bettie Page Collection

Must be 18+ to order!

The pin-up queen of the 1950s, Bettie Page dominated photography with her striking looks and voluptuous figure! Admired by men and women alike, Bettie had an unforgettable style and unique traits which made her a notable model, as well as a cultural icon. This 3-DVD set includes: 100 Girls, A History of Fetish, Bondage Queen, Pin-Up Queen, and more. Color and B&W. 4 hrs. 15 min. #703808 $49.95

Alvarado's Cosplay Pin-Ups

Alvarado. From fantasy to sci-fi and Disney to video games, this volume captures vintage pin-up models "cosing" as wellknown characters while striking both traditional and contemporary poses. Another collection of brilliant work by famed photographer Robert Alvarado, watch how he transforms models with his own creative style of shooting and editing. Complete with behind-the-scene images, it also contains details on the artist's approach to working with the models. 160 pages, 150+ color photos, 7"x 10", hardcover. #703797 $34.95

Metal Pin-Up Signs

Stacked Decks

The Art and History of Erotic Playing Cards

Must Be 18+ to Order!

Rotenberg. They've been called wolf decks, stag decks, and plain old nudie playing cards – and they've been enjoyed by men in uniform in peacetime and at war! This book features images of hundreds of erotic playing cards from 1807 to the present day, all illustrated with nude or seminude models, providing you with insight into fascinating cultural history. 192 pages, 7¾"x 10½", hardcover. #11401 $24.95

2019 Tactical Girls Playing Cards

Display your love of sexy tattoos and bad girls by hanging these metal signs up in the man cave or parlor! Handmade with heavy-gauge steel, each one includes mounting $ holes. 29.95 each

"I’ll Show You Mine" 18"x 12". #M601677 "Rebel Tattoo Parlor" 12"x 18". #106948

Locked and loaded with stunning girls who are heavily armed in exotic weaponry, this standard playing deck features a different image on each card! Also, included are Texas hold ‘em and poker rules, and the Ace of Spades pays tribute to #106277 $12.95

4-Piece Poker Pin-Up Glassware Set

Enjoy your next poker night with this seductive bar glassware, exhibiting one racy message and a tantalizing lady! Made of high-quality glass, each one features a low-fired ceramic decal on front. This 4-piece set includes a 2-oz. shot, 16-oz. pint, 23-oz. pilsner and a 25-oz. tankard.




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The PX

2nd Amendment / Weaponry

Homeland Security Long-Sleeve Shirt


Support the 2nd Amendment by wearing this relaxedfit long-sleeve shirt featuring an original American flag and eagle design! Made of 100% heavyweight cotton, it also displays a smaller screen-print on the front and down each sleeve. #104634

Metal Signs

M, L, XL: $32.95 2XL, 3XL: $34.95

Ideal for pro-gun enthusiasts, these purposely distressed C metal signs support the 2nd Amendment with a hardhitting message. Complete with a weatherproof finish, each one includes mounting holes for hanging.


A: “We Don't Call 911, We Use Colt” – 12½"x 16". #107035 $16.95 B: “Is There Life After Death...” – 12"x 12". #107036 $16.95 C: “No Trespassing, Keep Walking” Arrow – 32"x 11". #107168 $34.95

“Don't Tread on Me” Flag

Made of rugged polyester and featuring brass grommets for easy indoor or outdoor hanging, this flag would make a great addition to any patriot’s collection! 5'x 3'.





Modern Small Arms 300 of the World's Greatest Small Arms


McNab. Everything from the AK-47 to the L115A3 Sniper Rifle, this title encompasses 300 widely used pistols, rifles, submachine and machine guns from the last century. Arranged in order by type, each chapter focuses on development, service history, and technical information. Also included is full-color artwork and a specifications table. 320 pages, 300 color illustrations, 5"x 6¾", softcover. #106991 $16.95

2 Amendment T-Shirts nd

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95

Exercise your right to bear arms with one of our highquality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts! Featuring original screen-printed artwork, each one comes in a relaxed, classic fit.

"Come and Take It" #107034

"God, Guns, and Country" #107037

Wooden Handgun Kit


Stand by the 2nd Amendment and support your right to bear arms with our embroidered 100% cotton caps! Featuring rifles and a catchy slogan, each one includes an adjustable back closure. One size fits most.



A: ""One Shot, One Kill Armed Forces Sniper" B: "Come and Take It"


#102378 #105551

18.95 14.95



Loaded with fun for all ages, this detailed wooden kit of a Wolf-01 handgun brings a unique twist to your model collection! Including a 1.5mm caliber shot up to 10 meters and 60 rubber band capacity, it features a secret compartment to conceal Shoots Rubber Bands! extra bands, a special quickrelease function for a light torch, as well as a safety lock. Assembly required. 62 pieces. 9" long. $



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Tactical BDU Pants

M-65 Field Jackets

Made of waterrepellent polyester/ cotton twill, these M-65 field jackets feature four snap-up front pockets; a heavy brass zipper and a snap-up storm flap; a handy concealed hood; epaulets; a removable, button-in nylon liner; waist, hood and bottom drawstrings; and hook-and-loop glove fastener cuffs.

M, L, XL: $94.95 2XL, 3XL: $99.95

Tiger Stripe Olive Drab

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL, 3XL: $41.95 A

#M404280 #M404278


Designed after the style worn by tactical military personnel, these longlasting BDU pants are made to withstand harsh conditions with a durable poly/cotton twill construction. They also feature two back button-down, two front slash and two cargo pockets, as well as an adjustable waist tab, button fly and drawstring bottoms.

A: ACU Camo #107163 B: City Camo #107164

BDU Shorts

A perfect combination of military style and function, these classic BDU shorts – available in an allover desert camo print – come with two large side cargo, two front slash and two rear button-down pockets, as well as adjustable tabs at the waist and button fly closure. Cotton/polyester. #106944 M, L, XL: $29.95


2XL, 3XL: $32.95


A: Khaki #63474 B: Black #63473 C: Olive Drab #63472






Featuring an all over camouflage print, these durable caps resemble ones worn by both tactical and military troops. Constructed of 100% breathable cotton, each one comes with an adjustable back strap.

A: NEW! Digital Combat B: NEW! Vintage Polo (Woodland Digital) C: US Flag Mesh


#106919 #103771 #105574

12.95 14.95 $ 18.95



39.95 42.95


M, L, XL Reg: $49.95 $ 2XL, 3XL Reg: $52.95

Quarter Zip Commando Sweaters

G.I. Type Flashlights

Available in four classic color schemes, these G.I.-style, metal and plastic flashlights – reproductions of ones originally used by the U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam – feature an angle-head design, a belt clip, four lenses, and a spare bulb. D-Cell battery $ required (not included), 8" long. 12.95 each

Camo Olive Drab Black Coyote

Military Web Belts with Buckles

Made of heavyduty cotton webbing, these premium-quality, military web belts have a black open-face buckle with a matching tip. 54" long; to shorten the belt, simply remove the buckle, cut down to desired $ size, and replace the buckle. 7.95 each


Camo Caps

The PX

#M404346 #M404347 #M404348 #M404349

These soft and warm sweaters feature a 3" collar and an 11" brass neck zipper, brown elbow and shoulder patches made of comfort-boosting suedelike cloth, and a stylish triangular leather accent patch on the front. 100% acrylic.

Olive Drab




Military Marching Compass

Housed in a rugged metal case, this military compass is liquid-filled and features a slide ruler, a thumb ring, and a moveable sighting prism. Measures 3"x 2½" when closed. #101055 $12.95

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The PX

Patriotic Living Presidents $2 Bill

Patriotic Metal Signs



Deck out your wall in U.S. military pride with these premium metal signs showcasing the ultimate patriotic symbol – an American bald eagle! Handmade with heavy-gauge steel, each one features a long-lasting powder-coated finish. $ Includes mounting holes. 18"x 18". 34.95 each

A: NEW! Navy #106976

B: NEW! Army #103789



B M, L, XL: $19.95


2XL, 3XL: $21.95

Salute all four branch’s servicemen by sporting one of these eye-catching, comfy t-shirts. Complete with a high-quality screen-print, each one boasts an athletic fit and style. A: “Those Who Have Fallen…” – 100% cotton. B: NEW! Remember Everyone Deployed – Cotton/polyester.



Made in USA Winter Cap

Stay warm and look cool in this cozy winter cap with “Made In USA” across the front! Made of stretchy acrylic, it features a patriotic pompom on top. One size fits most.


#106918 Reg: 20.95 $ $


Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to own a unique collectible – a $2 bill with every living U.S. President pictured on the front! Featuring fullcolor images, it includes a handsome two-sided display folio and certificate of authenticity.




Presidential Black Ruthenium Dollar Set

A must-own display centerpiece for both history buffs and currency collectors, this 39-coin set pays tribute to our commanderin-chief! Each black ruthenium $1 coin – genuine legal tender and a design that the U.S. Mint does not strike for $ living presidents – features a gold-plated portrait of a United States president, dating back to George Washington! They arrive handsomely arranged in a black leatherette box with an informational card and a certificate of authenticity! #105528 Reg: $799 $

SAVE 200


#105785 #107054

Space Force T-Shirt

Show support for President Trump’s newly proposed branch-ofservice with this handsome t-shirt featuring the words “United States Space Force.” 100% cotton. M, L, XL: $27.95 #106045 2XL, 3XL: $29.95

Donald Trump 23K Gold Foil Card

“Make America Great Again!” Ideal for Trump enthusiasts, this foil card presents the 45th U.S. President in the best way possible – lavished in stunning 23-karat gold! Featuring quality embossed details with his profile, it includes a clear display folio. #106861 $16.95


Featuring premium raised embroidery, these lowprofile caps pay tribute to the Commander-inChief in style! Constructed of durable polyester, each one includes a pre-curved visor and adjustable strap. B One size fits most. $

16.95 each

A: NEW! MAGA #106645 B: American Great Seal #106205

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The PX

Nostalgic Décor

Purposely distressed for a unique retro look, our eclectic metal signs – ranging from classic cigarette pin-ups to Sunbeam Bread – create an amusing sense of nostalgia in any room! Complete with a long-lasting finish, each one includes mounting holes for hanging. D

Made in the USA

A: Miller Brewing

12½"x 16".






B: Sinclair 12"x 18".




C: NEW! Whoopie Pies − 14" diameter. #106959 $24.95


D: NEW! Planes Trains & Automobiles 12"x 18".






E: NEW! Aim for a Guinness − 12"x 18". #106979 $29.95



F: Order Coal Now! 12"x 18".




G: NEW! Ethyl Gasoline

14" diameter.




H: Classic Auto − 15"x 15". #66153 $19.95


I: Fender − 12½"x 16". #402769 $19.95



J: NEW! Old Gold Cigarettes − 9"x 12". #106957 $19.95 K: Coca-Cola − 12½"x 16". #402767 $19.95


L: NEW! Dr Ross' Dog and Cat Food 12"x 18".




M: 1934 Indian Motorcycle 16"x 12½".





N: A&W Root Beer

14" diameter.




O: Sunbeam Bread 12½"x 16".






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The PX

Branch-of-Service Apparel Veteran Caps

These 100% acrylic caps feature an embroidered “Veteran” design on the front, a pre-curved visor, and a hook-and-loop closure.


18.95 each


Stay cool and represent your U.S. military branch of choice by sporting this on-trend headwrap! Made of 100% breathable cotton, each one features bold lettering across the front and a tie Army #106912 on back for easy #106913 wear. One size fits Navy most. Air Force #106914

14.95 each


Air Force Marines Navy

#62681 #62682 #62683

Shadow Caps

Marines #106915

Army Marines Air Force Navy

This premium polyester cap – complete with an official U.S. Armed Forces embroidery on the front – features a unique shadow effect and eye-catching gold letters. Includes a velcro back closure for optimum fit. $18.95 each

#107069 #107070 #107071 #107072

Performance Golf Shirts

Complete with a handy left chest pocket, this performance golf shirt has a tasteful raised embroidery of a branch-of-military, as well as a contoured welt collar and cuffs, and a two-button placket. 100% cotton. M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Circle Patch T-Shirts

Show off your continuing support and dress with dignity in our high-quality t-shirts – featuring official U.S. military screen-printed patches! Made of 100% soft cotton, each one is designed to have a relaxed fit.

Front crest

M, L, XL: $29.95 2XL, 3XL: $31.95

Air Force Army Marines Navy

Army Marines Navy Air Force

Made of a breathable polyester fabric, these dark gray and navy blue shorts proudly display the military branch seal of your choice on the left leg.

Army Navy Marines USAF

Front crest

#107038 #107039 #107040 #107041

Branch Seal Shorts

#105698 #105699 #105701 #105700

Front crest

M, L, XL: $34.95 2XL: $36.95

Front crest

#103219 #103220 #103221 #103222

“Freedom Isn’t Free” T-Shirts

The reverse side of these 100% cotton t-shirts features striking patriotic imagery including the branch logo, an intense bald eagle, and the words “Freedom isn’t free, but it’s worth fighting for.” Printed in the USA.


M, L, XL: $17.95

2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Army #101709 Air Force #101710

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Marines #101711 Navy #101712

Branch-of-Service Apparel A







Look stylish and show your support for the U.S. military in one of these high-quality, embroidered caps! Each one features a six-panel durable construction, adjustable back, and a pre-curved visor. 100% cotton.

C: U.S. Air Force Digital Camo Flat Top D: NEW! Marines Emblem E: U.S. Coast Guard Semper Paratus F: U.S. Navy Valiant G: Army Tank H: NEW! U.S. Air Force Two Tone

Front crest

Front crest

Front crest


U.S. Military Caps

A: NEW! U.S. Army Woodland Camouflage B: U.S. Navy Two Tone Eagle

Front crest

The PX

24.95 18.95 $ #61880 18.95 #107076 $24.95 #106071 $18.95 #102803 $18.95 #M404634 $18.95 #107075 $18.95 #104939 #105089

$ $

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL, 3XL: $41.95

Double Flag Hoodie

Constructed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, our relaxedfit hoodie offers a unique double-flag design to show support for your U.S. military branch-of-service! Complete with a drawstring hood, it features a front pouch pocket and ribbed cuffs.

Army Marines Navy Air Force

#106926 #106927 #106928 #106929


These comfortable gray sweatpants – featuring your choice of military branch names running down the leg – are made of a 50% cotton/ 50% polyester blend.

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL, 3XL: $44.95

Branch-of-Service Windbreakers

Army #101558 Both functional and fashionable, these moistureresistant windbreakers – made of polyester with Navy #101560 a black nylon lining – feature the branch emblem Air Force #101561 embroidered on the front chest, a zippered front, two hand-warming pockets, a drawstring waist, and a removable hood.

Army Marines Navy Air Force

#M405004 #M405005 #M405006 #M405007

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL: $26.95

Logo Dog Tags

Logo Dress Pins

Dress up your attire with these officially licensed military branch pins! With a high-quality metal construction, each one has a shiny finish and a pin-back closure. 11/8" diameter. $9.95 each

Displaying an official U.S. Armed Forces logo on front, this premium metal dog tag pays tribute as an everyday accessory! Complete with embossed lettering and colorful enamel accents, it includes a removable ball chain necklace.

Army Navy Air Force Marines

#105740 #105741 #105742 #105743

12.95 each


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Army Air Force Navy Marines

#107049 #107050 #107051 #107052


The PX

Branch-of-Service Accessories Double Flag Pilsner Glasses

Enjoy your favorite refreshing brew from our tall 23-oz. pilsner glass, while paying tribute to a branch-of-service! Made of durable, heavyweight glass, each one features a hand-applied, low fired ceramic decal. $14.95 each

U.S. Military Special Forces $2 Colorized Bills 4-Note Set

Own the complete 4-note set of U.S. Military Elite Forces $2 bills – paying homage to each branch-of-service and their special operations. Featuring a unique colorization process, each genuine legal tender note comes showcased in a blue two-sided display folio and includes a certificate of authenticity.


Army #105650 Marines #105651 Navy #105652 Air Force #105653




Made with sturdy metal construction designed for indoor or outdoor use, these thermometers display the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. $ 5"x 17". 24.95 each

Coast Guard #66271 Air Force #66020 Navy #66022 Army #66021

Folding Knives

Available in a variety of premium color finishes, Navy #107194 these branch-of-service folding knives – complete Army #107195 with a handy clip for easy access – offer bold Marines #107196 lettering on a stainless steel blade and an official $ U.S. military emblem on the handle. 4½" folded length. 12.95 each

Made in the USA.


Each U.S. Military windsock features a detailed appliqué and embroidered graphics. The windsocks' color-coordinating tails have sewn edges for durability. Includes a string bridle with an attached heavy-duty snap swivel for easy hanging. 40"x 6".

19.95 each


Marine Corps Navy NEW! Air Force NEW! Army

#63251 #63252 #703275 #703276


Made of screened polyester with reinforced edging and brass grommets, these flags are a wonderful way to show your support for Navy #65232 our troops, past and present. #65230 Air Force $ 3'x 5'. 16.95 each

Auto Window Sunshades

Constructed with tapered edges and a double layer of material for added heat protection, these auto shades will keep your car cool while also displaying your pride in the U.S. $ military! 58"x 27". 19.95 each

Navy #101758 Air Force #101759


Marines #101757 Army #101756

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Marines #65233 Army #65231


Hollywood Movies The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot

Nazi Overlord

Against the background of the D-Day invasion, a U.S. military unit must rescue a brilliant British scientist who is held captive by the most dangerous SS guards, deep in enemy territory. With the Allies' victory depending on the success of this mission, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Mixing action and horror, this 2018 film stars Tom Sizemore. 1 hr. 30 mins. #106987 $16.95


A 50th anniversary celebration of the legendary Ben-Hur, this 2-DVD collection includes the classic Hollywood film – in which Charlton Heston stars as the titular character, a wealthy Jerusalem prince, a performance that earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor – and a bonus program featuring commentary on the making, reception, and influence of the cinematic masterpiece. 3 hrs. 42 min.

#100585 Reg: $21.95

Since WWII, Calvin Barr has lived with the secret that he was responsible for the assassination of Adolf Hitler. Now, decades later, the U.S. government has called on him again for a new top-secret mission. Starring Sam Elliott (A Star is Born), The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot follows the epic adventures of an American legend that no one has ever heard of. 1 hr. 38 mins. #107273 $24.95





Operation Dunkirk

Set in 1940 France, this historical drama captures the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk after the Third Reich's war machine pressed them to the northern coast. Witness the nearly hopeless conditions and the bravery exhibited by a handful of men who were left behind as their brothers escaped to Britain. Stars Tyler Cole, Ifan Meredith, and Nick Lyon. 1 hr. 30 min. #104069 $16.95

East German defector turned CIA agent, Alex Holbeck (Martin Sheen) is assigned to discover the names of five Soviet dissidents targeted by a KGB hit squad. In order to stop this evil plot, Holbeck must infiltrate Soviet intelligence and obtain information from Enigma, a Russian computer component. As he gets deeper in this deadly game of pursuit, Alex must outwit the assassins before he falls into the hands of the enemy. 1 hr. 42 mins. #107274 $16.95


War: 4-Film Collection

Strap in for an entire day watching edge-of-your-seat war thrillers with this quadruple-feature DVD! Titles include The Hurt Locker (a volatile bomb-defusing team in Iraq gets a new commander), Apocalypse Now (legendary Vietnam picture starring Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen), Brothers (following the Cahill family’s coping with their brother’s capture in Afghanistan), and The Emperor (featuring Tommy Lee Jones as General Douglas MacArthur). 8 hr. 14 min. #102546 $14.95

Gray Lady Down

Starring Charlton Heston, David Carradine, Stacy Keach, and Ned Beatty, this 1978 disaster film follows the perilous adventure of a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine that – surfaced and returning to port – is struck by a giant freighter in heavy fog. When the sinking submarine becomes lodged on a canyon ledge, the thrilling rescue is on with a tiny experimental submersible the only hope for survival! Widescreen. 1 hr. 51 min.



$ 95

13 Hours

From director Michael Bay, 13 Hours: Each The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is the gripping true story of six elite ex-military operators assigned to protect the CIA who fought back against overwhelming odds when terrorists attacked a U.S. diplomatic compound on September 11, 2012. When everything went wrong, six men had the courage to do what was right. 2 hrs. 24 mins. #107271

Men of Honor

The PX

An epic drama released in 2000, this film stars award-winning actors Robert De Niro (Master Chief Leslie Sunday) and Cuba Gooding Jr. as Petty Officer Carl Brashear – the first African American master diver in the U.S. Navy. Inspired by the true story, it shows the struggle to overcome shortcomings and the result of persistence to be the best. 2 hrs. 9 min. #704397



Shock Wave

Officer Cheung (Andy Lau) has worked to become the most respected member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit. Before rising through the ranks, he spends time undercover in a gang led by a ruthless kingpin. Fiery attacks break out across the city, escalating until a hostage situation unfolds in one of the world’s busiest tunnels. Now, only Cheung has what it takes to save the metropolis he has spent his life serving. 1 hr. 59 mins. #107275 $12.95

Invasion USA

When a Soviet attack on America, led by terrorist Mikhail Rostov, furiously unfolds across the nation, there’s only one man who can possibly halt its advances: former CIA agent and martial arts expert Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris). Fueled by a sordid history with his Russian rival, Hunter agrees to lead a guerilla war and take back his country block by block. 1 hr. 50 min. #103887


In this 1968 film, Robert Mitchum stars as a battle-hardened war correspondent assigned to accompany U.S. Army Rangers during Operation Shingle, the 1944 Allied amphibious assault on Anzio. While the landing is unopposed, the American general is too cautious, allowing German Field Marshal Albert Kesselring time to counterattack. Will Mitchum survive to tell the story? Also stars Peter Falk. 1 hr. 57 min. #MV51319

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New & Noteworthy A


Front Crest

Twenty Tyrants: Boxed Coin Collection

From the late 19th century through today, iron fist-ruling tyrants have wreaked havoc across the globe – terrorizing their own people and starting some of the deadliest wars in human history. The only collection of its kind, this multi-coin assortment (which arrives in a handsome wooden box with a felt liner and informational booklet) features 20 genuine artifacts struck under war-mongering rulers around the world, from Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini to Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin. Each legal tender coin comes with its own distinct historical biography and a safe-keeping capsule. #107268 $249.95

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95

Front Crest

Patriotic T-Shirts

Designed to only be worn by whole-hearted Americans, these 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts pack powerful messages of patriotism and honor. Each one features double-needle stitching, premium screen-print artwork, and a relaxed fit.

A: “Stand for Ours” #106921 B: “Kneel and Take Aim” #106922 C: “Pack Your Bag” #106923

Built using components from M42 Duster the M41 Bulldog, the M42 1/30 SCALE Duster was nearly shelved in the A early 1960s – then the Vietnam War began. This 1/30 scale polystone model repliB cates an M42, complete with two gunner figures. And don’t forget to complete the set with an additional 2-piece figure set! A: M42 Duster – Includes two gunners. 7½" long. #107204 $299 B: 2-Piece Crew – Metal. 2½" tall. #107205 $89


Made in the USA.

Eagle Metal A Signs


Made in the USA of heavy-gauge American steel, these highquality metal signs feature fierce bald eagles, along with an American flag and a patriotic slogan. Includes mounting holes.


A: “Home of the Free” 12"x 18".

#106990 $29.95 B: Bomb Cutout 17"x 24".




9/11 Memorial $2 Bill

Forever memorialize 9/11 with this collectible $2 bill − a special 17th anniversary limited edition. Including unique fullLIMITED EDITION color images, it comes with a two-sided display folio and certificate of authenticity. #106980 $16.95 Back

“We Will Never Forget” T-Shirt

9/11 Flag-Raising Metal Sign

Purposely distressed for a vintage look, this handmade metal sign commemorates the tragic events of 9/11 with inspirational artwork. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel, it includes mounting holes for hanging. 12"x 18". #106981 $29.95


M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95


Never forget the “Bravery, Honor & Sacrifice” of September 11, 2001, with this commemorative t-shirt. Constructed from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it includes premium screen-printed artwork and a relaxed fit. #106982

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A titular historical figure that shaped European politics for years to come, Napoleon rapidly rose through the ranks of the military before crowning himself emperor in 1804. Leading France in a series of conflicts against such countries as Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, and many more, the Napoleonic Wars resulted in domination by the French Empire for an entire decade.

British “Blood, Bullets & Cold Steel”

1/30 SCALE D








More Napoleon Items on Page 47!

New & Noteworthy A34 Comet Cruiser Tank Model

From Hobby Master, this 1/72 Limited Quantities! scale, die cast model of the A34 Comet – designed during World War II to correct some of the problems with the Cromwell tank – features authentic 7th Armoured Division markings from 1945, accurate paint colors, realistic tracks, a metal chassis, turret and main gun, and more! 3½" long. #980940 $36.95

Forgotten Tanks and Guns of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s


Lister. History often forgets, but this book seeks to shine a light, offering insight on some of the most interesting arms and armament projects from the 1920s through the 1940s. Featuring black and white illustrations, items explored in this history include a wide variety of guns, rocket launchers, tanks, and countless pieces of specialized armor. 272 pages, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #107190 $29.95

Brave British troops stand their ground in a battle against the French during the Napoleonic Wars. These 1/30 scale metal figures feature a striking attention to detail and authenticity. 2½" tall standing figures.

A: Colonel of the Regiment B: Infantry Captain C: Infantryman with Pike Staff D: Drummer Boy E: Reaching for Cartridge F: Cocking Musket G: Kneeling and Ready H: Lying Prone I: Seeking Cover Buy Everything and Save Over $50!

More WWII Ground Power on Page 26!

#107291 $129 #107292 $49 #107293 $49 #107294 $59 #107295 $49 #107296 $49 #107297 $49 #107298 $49 #107299 $49


#107300 Reg: $531 $

Whitworth Cannon Kit

Designed by Sir Joseph Whitworth, the cannon that bore his name became a favored weapon of the Confederacy. This 1/16 scale plastic and wood kit of the famous whistling cannon is perfectly scaled and features realistic spoked wooden wheels, cast metal components, and a detailed cannon barrel. Assembly required. 10" long. #107325 $99.95

Rebel Oilskin Cap

Pay tribute to Southern heritage with this vintagelooking oilskin cap! Adjustable Velcro closure ensures a great fit. #107326 $16.95


World Flag $2 Bills

A: British Flag #107301

These beautifully colorized $2 bills feature B: French Flag #107302 official national flags for two of the Napoleonic Wars chief combatants: France and Britain. Genuine legal tender, they include certificates of authenticity. $16.95 each

Napoleon His Life, His Battles, His Empire

Front Crest

Chanteranne, Papot. Napoleon was a second lieutenant at 16, a brigadier general at 24, and ruler of France by 30. This stunning biography, enhanced with 180 illustrations and beautiful black and white photographs, ranges from battlefield reports to intimate love letters, and vividly chronicles his incredible rise, legendary battles, conquest of Europe, and eventual fall. 160 pages, 9½"x 11", hardcover. #107303 $29.95

M, L, XL: $16.95 2XL, 3XL: $18.95

Descriptive Words T-Shirts

These two-sided shirts feature an emblem on the front, while a word cloud of combat terms decorate the back. Screen-printed on heavy cotton.

Army Marine Navy Air Force

#107327 #107328 #107329 #107330

Order Today at 800-989-1945 or


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640 Taft Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55413-2815



F-4 Phantom II Colorized $ 2 Bill

For over two decades the F-4 served as both the Navy and USAF’S premier air superiority fighter, also flying with the Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds. This authentic, legal tender $2 bill features the famous flyer in colorized, beautiful detail. #107337 $16.95 LIMITED EDITION


Modern U.S. Warplane Models

1/72 SCALE


“Death to the Romans!” U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam

1/30 SCALE




See Page 38 for More Vietnam Figures!




U.S soldiers in battle watch and wait behind a battered wall as the smoke clears in yet another day in Vietnam. These 1/30 scale metal collectible figures are beautifully detailed and feature magnificent hand-painted color. 2½" tall standing figures.


See Page 44 for More Cold

War Aviation Products! Expand your aircraft showcase with one of these incredible warplanes – reproductions of the menacing A-10 Thunderbolt II and ubiquitous F-4 Phantom. From Hobby Master, these 1/72 scale, die cast replicas feature a well-equipped cockpit, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, a display stand, and more! A: F-4J Phantom II – USN VF-74 “Bedevilers,” NAS Oceana, VA, 1981. 9½" long. #980929 $89.95 B: A-10C Thunderbolt II – 190th FS/124th FW, Incirlik AB, Turkey, October 2016. 9¾" wingspan. #980936 $95.95

M7 Paratrooper Shoulder Holster

Designed specifically See Page 21 for More WWII Equipment! for use with the M1911 pistol, the M7 shoulder holster was a favorite among paratroopers during World War II. This left-handed version is a fully outfitted leather replica and features a padded shoulder strap, wrap-around strap with metal hooks on each end, and U.S. markings. Holster measures 9" long. #107304 $39.95

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A: “Wait” B: Hunkered Down C: The Scout

#107309 #107308 #107307

45 45 $ 45 $


D: 2-Piece “Dead or Alive” E: Marine with M72 LAW F: Vietnam Walls G: Kneeling Law Gunner Authentic Artifact!

#107306 #107305 #106420 #107310

George Washington Halfpenny Coin Box

79 45 $ 69 $ 45 $


Circulated in the Colonies during George Washington’s life, this rare, genuine-issue coin is a copper proof of a George II halfpenny. Included is a beautiful portrait box and, considering Washington was named after the See Page 4 for More British monarch, Revolutionary War Money! this is a special piece of history for any collector! 30mm diameter. Circulated condition. #107313 $69.95

M-65 Field Jacket

See Page 39 for More

Vietnam Apparel! This M-65 field jacket is a throwback design with modern upgrades! Constructed of 100% soft, durable cotton, this Woodland design features a concealed hood with drawstring closure, a $ snap-up storm flap, drawstring bottom M, L, XL: $94.95 and waist, and more! #107312 2XL, 3XL: 99.95 Fax 612-877-3160

A: Japanese Pilot 1940s #97498 B: Russian Cosmonaut 1949 #97487 D: Italian Diver 1940 #97492 F: German Navy 1940s #97499

17.45 each

Reg: $24.95 $









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Keeping accurate time in the harsh conditions of battle has been a priority for armed forces since the dawning of the 20th century – and many nations in turn produced resilient wristwatches for use by their soldiers. This collection salutes these designs by offering four such timepieces replicating ones used by a variety of militaries dating back to World War II, featuring stainless steel construction, a water-resistant design, and a rugged strap. Battery operated.


U.S. Army, 41st Armored Infantry, 2nd Armored Division, Normandy 1944. 1/50 scale, 4½" long.

M3A1 Half-Track

1/72 SCALE



59.95 $

1/50 SCALE



USAAF, “Rita/Ruth,” 27th Photo Recon Squadron, August 1944. 1/72 scale, 8½" wingspan.

F-5 Lightning

Lt. Horst Prenzel, Luftwaffe 1./JG 301, Manston, July 1944. 1/72 scale, 5" wingspan. #704492 $59.95

Bf 109G-6

1/72 SCALE

USAAF, Lead D-Day Aircraft, June 5/6 1944. 1/72 scale, 16" wingspan. #704491 $139.95

C-47A Skytrain

1/72 SCALE

1/72 SCALE


139.95 $

F-4K Phantom FG.Mk1

1/48 SCALE


Luftwaffe II./KG 53, Ahlhorn, Germany, Late 1944. 1/72 scale, 12" wingspan.

He 111H

RAF, 2nd Tactical Airforce, 84 Group, Normandy June 1944. 1/50 scale, 4½" long.

Bedford QLD


1/50 SCALE

59.95 $

Royal Navy, No. 892 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Ark Royal, 1978. 1/48 scale, 9½" wingspan. #704508 $179.95

New ! Tooling

Includes V-1 “Buzz Bomb”

1/72 SCALE

USAAF, 364th BS, 305th BG, Chelveston, August 1944. 1/72 scale, 17" wingspan. #704502 $149.95

B-17G Flying Fortress

Expand your collection with these high-quality, die cast models! You’ll love the features of these premium war machine replicas, including detailed exteriors, realistic weaponry, authentic markings, and a display stand/base.


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Military Issue - Spring 2019 Catalog  

Military Issue brings you the history of America's fighting forces from World War I to today. Whether you're interested in models of militar...

Military Issue - Spring 2019 Catalog  

Military Issue brings you the history of America's fighting forces from World War I to today. Whether you're interested in models of militar...