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New & Noteworthy.................................2-3 Early Aviation.................................................4

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WWI United States..................................................5 Germany......................................................6

”Thirsty Falcons”

Stan Stokes. USAF F-16s are being refueled by a KC-135 high over the American desert. This limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. 16"x 16"x11½".


#7491 Reg: $39.95 $

WWII Between the Wars.........................................7 P-38 Lightning / P-40 Warhawk.................8 P-47 Thunderbolt / P-51 Mustang.............9 B-17 Flying Fortress....................................10 B-24 / B-29 / B-32.........................................11 WWII Aviation Art.......................................12 Warbirds.....................................................13 Luftwaffe / Advanced Tech.................14-15 D-Day / Airborne..........................................16 Naval..........................................................17 Midway / Pacific............................................18 F4U Corsair / End of War............................19

Military Korean War...................................................20 Cold War..................................................21-23 Vietnam War...........................................24-27 Images of War Books..............................28 Gifts & Apparel..........................................29 Vietnam War: Recon / Homefront...........30 Vietnam Veterans.......................................31 Space......................................................32-33 Modern Fighters..........................................34 Stealth / Recon.............................................35 Russia / China...............................................36 Foreign Fighters..........................................37 Patriotic.....................................................38 Presidents....................................................39 Trainers / Tiger Meet..................................40 Bases.......................................................41

Civil General Aviation.........................................42 Manufacturers............................................43 Airlines..................................................44-45






1/72 SCALE

F-16 Fighting Falcon Model

Replicating the supersonic multirole fighter, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model features an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit, a pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, a display stand, and authentic markings for USAF, #75-0745 F-16/101 test aircraft, December 19, 1980. 5¼" wingspan. #981312 $97.95 Back

F-16 Fighting Falcon Owners’ Workshop Manual 1978 Onwards

Davies. A detailed review of the famous Cold War-era fighter, this heavily illustrated manual provides a unique perspective on what it takes to restore and operate a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, as well as wonderful insight into its engineering and construction. 160 pages, 250 color and 25 B&W photographs and illustrations, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #19936 $34.95

Just 4 Fun

The F-16’s official name may be “Fighting Falcon,” but “Viper” is commonly used by its pilots and crews due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake. This highquality t-shirt features a striking image of the F-16 Viper, is pre-shrunk, and offers a comfortable, roomy fit. 60% cotton/40% polyester. #705277 1/400 SCALE


Modeling.................................................46 Nostalgic Kits...............................................47 Star Trek.........................................................48 Music.....................................................49 Muscle Cars..................................................50 Arcadia Publishing: Abandoned America..................................51 Hollywood.................................................52 Pin-Ups......................................................53 Hollywood Movies......................................54 New & Noteworthy............................55-56 Like us on Facebook

F-16 Viper T-Shirt

M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

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KC-135R Stratotanker Model

8 Changeable Color Modes!

F-16 Fighting Falcon 3D Lamp

Perfect for any aviation fan, this 3D color lamp displaying the successful multirole fighter has 8 interchangeable color modes and includes a push-button remote. #707337 $49.95

Produced as an inflight refueling tanker version of the C-135, the KC-135 took its maiden flight in August 1956. This 1/400 scale, die cast model of the KC-135R Stratotanker features an aerial refueling boom, realistic panel lines, surface details and antennas, extended landing gear, and authentic USAF markings (special World War II P-51 insignia). 4" long. #706532 $49.95

A note about our products... Historic Aviation is proud to bring you the finest quality products documenting aviation history. To provide a comprehensive context, we carry products that represent enemy combatants such as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It is not our intent to glorify those entities but to offer you the most complete selection of historically accurate products available, lest we forget. A final reminder: the models, figures and other collectibles in this catalog are not toys but rather are intended for collectors ages 14 and above.

New & Noteworthy P-51D Mustang Model


This limited edition, 1/72 1/72 scale, die cast replica features SCALE #706912 optional-position landing gear, $ 64.95 movable wing flaps, a rotating propeller, a clear canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit with a hand-painted pilot figure, a display stand, and authentic markings for USAAF 20th FG, 79th FS, “Happy Jack’s Go Buggy,” Jack Ifrey, RAF Kings Cliffe, England, August 1944. 6¼" wingspan.

Jasta Colors – Volume 1

Schmäling Filled with never-before-published Schmäling. images, this title delves into individual Jasta aircraft and their pilots, showing the range of colors used that would not have been permitted on Allied aircraft. Interviews with pilots and ground crews support the rich illustrations. 274 pages, 343 images, 8½"x 11", softcover. #707317 $69.95

1/72 SCALE This 1/72 scale, die cast replica features optional-position landing gear, rotating propellers, a well-equipped cockpit, crew figures, opening bomb bay doors, rotating turret, a display stand, and authentic markings for RAF No.100 Squadron, “Grogs the Shot,” out of RAF Elsham Wolds, England, lead aircraft of the Berchtesgaden Raid on April 25, 1945. 17" wingspan. #706917 $199.95

1/200 SCALE

Replicating commercial aircraft, these 1/200 scale, die cast models feature authentic paint schemes and markings, padprinted doors and A windows, realistic

A: B737-800 – American

Made in the USA.

Airlines. 7" wingspan.





B: B737-700 – Southwest Airlines. 7" wingspan.

#707238 $79.95 C: A330-900neo

95 Each

Perfect for any aviation enthusiast, have A: F-89 Scorpion – 18"x 6". #707313 these B: B-17 Flying Fortress “Special beauties soar among Delivery” – 16"x 12". #707312 your décor! Handmade in the USA from heavy-gauge steel, they include mounting holes for easy hanging.

Aircraft PlaneTags

PlaneTags are made from actual retired A aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. Because they are made from real fuselage, each one bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it $ was cut. 39.95 each

A: C-130 Hercules #707203

Lancaster B. Mk. III Model

panel lines and antennas, extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires, and display stands.

Vintage Aircraft Cutout Metal Signs



Airliner Models



This is just a samplin g of the new items in thi s edition of Historic Aviation. Find more throughout the catalog!


Delta. 12½" wingspan.





Vietnam Air War

This special collection includes three vintage U.S. government films dealing with the Vietnam air campaign. Included are The Twenty-Five Hour Day, which highlights the work of F-105 fighter-bombers, and The Indispensables, which details the work done by KC-135 aerial refueling aircraft. Also here is the Navy-produced A Point in Time, which profiles the work of artist Larry V. Zabel. 1 hr. 5 min. #707314 $14.95

F/A-18C Hornet Model

B: PBY Catalina #707311

Replicating the multi-role, supersonic fighter, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die LIMITED EDITION cast model features an opening canopy, a well-equipped cockpit, a pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, detachable ordnance loads, a display stand, and authentic markings for VFA-83 “Rampagers,” USS Eisenhower, 2005. 6¼" wingspan.

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1/72 SCALE


$99.95 3

Early Aviation 1903 Wright Flyer Balsa Kit

Recapture the memorable dawn of aviation with your own rubber-powered flyer! This 1/27 scale, quality kit includes all laser-cut parts, quality balsa and hardwoods, rigging threads, lightweight covering tissue, full-size plans, and instructions. Suitable for display or rubber-powered flight, it has a 17¾" wingspan when complete. Assembly required. #8552 $24.95

Wright Flyer Wood and Metal Kit

30" wingspan!

This museum-quality, 1/16 scale kit reproduces virtually every detail of $ the Wright Flyer! Designed without the customary fabric covering to better show its fascinating structural components, this remarkable kit contains laser-cut basswood parts for ribs and other wooden components, plenty of metal parts for building the engine (including the cylinders, magneto and radiator), a brass chain, and over 160 photo-etched brass fittings and braces that simulate the Wrights’ construction methods. Includes three detailed, actual size plan sheets and a 28-page assembly manual. 30" wingspan. $ $



#88990 Reg: 199.95


2-Quarter Wright Bros. North Carolina Set

The North Carolina state quarter, issued in 2001, pays homage to the Wright Brothers and their historic first flight in Kitty Hawk, NC, in 1903. This set features Signature two North Carolina quarters from different mints, Edition! each accompanied by a signature from the coin’s designer, and come in a numbered protective display case. #108615 $49.95

Wright Brothers National Memorial

Stover & Collins. Located in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, and administered by the National Park Service, the Wright Brothers National Memorial features a full-scale reproduction of the 1903 flying machine, an engine block from the original 1903 flyer, and a precise reproduction of the wind tunnel that the Wrights used to conduct their early experiments. 128 pages, 204 photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover.

A beautiful rendition of the enormous transport aircraft developed by Howard Hughes, this kit features more than 160 hand-selected, laser-cut balsa parts; covering material; decals; complete plans and instructions; and more. For display only, this model has a 30" wingspan when assembled. #8993 $59.95

H-4 “Spruce Goose” Kit

The massive H-4 Hercules flying boat – the “Spruce Goose” – flew only once, but what a sight it was! A replica of that aircraft designed by Howard Hughes, this 1/200 scale plastic kit features rotating propellers and floats, authentic markings, a cradle display base, and more. Assembly required. 18½" wingspan.


Stan Stokes. This tribute to the Wright Brothers depicts their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!


#7807 Reg: $39.95 $




Hughes HK-1 (H-4) Flying Boat Manual

Designed by Howard Hughes, the legendary H-4 Hercules flying boat – the “Spruce Goose” – was intended to defeat the German U-boat threat during WWII. Originally prepared for the U.S. War Department, this manual – previously classified as “Restricted” – includes both an overview of the famous flying boat’s design and operating instructions for the pilot and flight crew. 170 reformatted pages, B&W photos and illustrations, 8"x 10", softcover. #20509 $19.95

Pitcairns & Umbaugh AutoGyros Plus Old Flying Cars

This volume has some exciting rare vintage flying car footage collected in a six-film set. 1 hr. 16 min. #V5179 $19.95




Spruce Goose


Miracle in the Sand Dunes

30" Wingspan!

HK-1 Spruce Goose Balsa Kit

The Wings of Eagles

Directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, this is the compelling story of Commander Frank “Spig” Wead, the pioneer naval aviator, warrior and screenwriter (of widelyenjoyed works such as They Were Expendable) whose crippling injury forced him from the skies and drove him to discover the power of the pen. Widescreen, 1 hr. 58 min. #V9729 $14.95

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U.S. / Homefront

Eddie Rickenbacker

Great War Aviation Art Books

Magnificently capturing dramatic scenes of aerial combat, these art books are fine tributes to the aviation exploits of World War I. In addition to the striking artwork from some of the industry’s leading names, each title also includes detailed captions and riveting historical information! 176 pages, 11"x 8½", hardcover.

Spad XIII Model

This 1/72 scale resin model of a SPAD XIII flown by 26-victory ace Captain E.V. Rickenbacker of the 94th “Hat in the Ring” Aero Squadron – the first American squadron to see aerial combat during World War I in 1918 – features simulated fabric-covered wings, machine guns, wing bracing, authentic markings, and an articulating display stand. 4½" wingspan.

Tumult in the Clouds

The Aviation Art of Russell Smith Wilberg, ed. 290+ images.



1/72 SCALE



1/30 scale metal figure replicates America’s greatest WWI ace, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. 2½" tall. #707278 $49.95

The Aviation Art of Steve Anderson Herris, ed. 200+ images. #49172 $49.95

M1911 Field Strip Pistol

The ThomasMorse MB-3

Forsgren. This title tells the story of the first American-designed production fighter. Designed during the Great War, it first flew in February 1919, after the Armistice. From 1922 and 1925, the MB-3A was the mainstay fighter for the United States Army Air Service. In 1927 it starred in Wings, the first movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture. Historian Jan Forsgren combines authoritative text with photos, scale drawings, and color profiles to bring this fighter back into flight. 86 pages, 131 B&W and color images, 8½"x 11"softcover. #707280 $24.95

This quality replica of a World War I-era U.S. M1918 trench knife has a triangular blade and a black-colored metal handle with a knuckle guard. Includes a hard plastic sheath. 12" long. #M650670 $29.95

Homefront Flashback Replicas of American currency from the early part of the 20th century, these gold foil notes come in a protective plastic sleeve. $ 14.95 each

“An Education for You: Join The Tanks U.S. Army” Metal Sign


A: 1918 $10,000 Federal Reserve Note

1/30 SCALE

America's First Indigenous Fighter

U.S. M1918 Trench Knife

Gold Foil Notes


Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker Figure – This hand-painted,

Aviators of the Great War

Great for training, practice, or even reenactments, this M1911 pistol is designed to break down and reassemble! A non-firing replica of the gun first used in the Great War, it comes complete with a black finish and solid wood grips. This handgun would make a fine centerpiece in your firearm showcase. 9½" long. #105790 $139.95 139.95


Resembling a World War I-era U.S. Army Tank Corps recruiting poster, Made in this 24-gauge the USA. steel sign is handdistressed to create the look of aged metal and paint. 12"x15"; includes mounting holes.


Featuring Salmon P. Chase, Treasury Secretary under Lincoln. #110372

B: 1907 $5 “Woodchopper” Note

Featuring Andrew Jackson, the 1907 C “Woodchopper” was the last “horse blanket” size bill issued in America. #110486


C: 1934 Woodrow Wilson $100,000 Note



Designed for exchange between Federal Reserve banks. #109325

Early Chevrolet Vehicles

These 1/32 scale, die cast models replicate early Chevy vehicles and feature opening hoods revealing detailed engines, opening doors, detailed interiors, rolling wheels with treaded rubber tires, and authentic badging. $19.95 each

A: 1911 Chevy Classic 6 Roadster – 4" long. #K695006 B: 1924 Chevy 1-Ton Series H Ambulance – 4½" long. #R77575


1/32 SCALE B

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Germany / Red Baron

T�� R�� B����’� L��� D���

German Aircraft of WWI

With 80 victories, Manfred von Richthofen was the ace-of-aces during WWI. These collectibles commemorate his final days.

Herris. These highlyillustrated titles examine German aircraft built by minor manufacturers in World War I, as well as the successful giant Staaken bombers. They feature informative text coupled with rare photos, color profiles, and scale drawings. 8½"x 11", softcover.

Minor Manufacturers

39.95 each


Volume 1: Alter to Korn 162 pages, 280 images. #707015 Volume 2: Krieger to Union 170 pages, 254 images. #707016 Zeppelin-Staaken $ 49.95 each Aircraft Volume 1: VGO.I - R.VI R.29/16 192 pages, 361 images. #707288

Volume 2: R.VI R.30/16 - E.4/20 186 pages, 355 images. #707287

German Fighter Models

1/72 SCALE

Part of the Wings of the Great War series, these 1/72 scale resin models feature finely textured surfaces, wing struts and supports, machine guns, authentic markings, and a display stand with an articulating mount that presents your aircraft at any angle!



$34.95 each

A: Halberstadt Cl.II

Schlasta 26b, early 1918. 6" wingspan. #700949

B: Fokker Dr. I – Manfred von

Richthofen “Red Baron,” JG1, 1, 1918. 4" wingspan. #70521


German Aircraft of WWI

On April 21, 1918, the legendary Red Baron was killed during a dogfight with Sopwith Camels, in part because he was defending his novice cousin from attack. These 1/48 scale, die cast models replicate the young von Richthofen’s plane as well as a British Camel and feature an open-style cockpit, wingbracing, a pilot figure, and a display stand. $

1/48 SCALE


74.95 each

A: Sopwith Camel – Royal Flying Corps, Wilfred May. 7" wingspan. #705975 B: Fokker Dr. I – Luftstreitkrafte, Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen. 6" wingspan. #705976

Richthofen’s Last Escape

Jim Laurier. A depiction of aerial combat between Richthofen’s Jasta 11 and RAF No. 3 Sqn. on April 20, 1918. The Red Baron scored his final two LIMITED EDITION victories that day. The following day he would perish on a mission. Limited edition, signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. 24"x 18". #707290 $189.95 These 1/48 scale, die cast models feature surface details, accurate markings, and a display stand.


1/48 SCALE


Great War Fighters



A: Fokker D.VII B


Rudolf Berthold (44 victories), Jasta 15. 7" wingspan. #705977 $74.95 B: Albatros D.V – “Red Baron,” Belgium, 1917. 7½" wingspan. #704487 $64.95

C: Fokker Dr. I – “Red Baron.” 6" wingspan. #703236 $74.95 D: Fokker E.II Eindecker – Kurt von Crailsheim,

Monthois, France, October 1915. 7¾" wingspan. #704486 $79.95

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Between the Wars A




B-18 Bolo Kit

Replicating a Douglas B-18 Bolo – an American medium bomber which served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during the late 1930s and early 1940s – this 1/72 scale plastic kit features finely molded and photoetched pieces, intricate cockpit and surface details, detailed landing gear, optionally armed turrets, and accurate decals with a choice of four markings. Assembly required, skill level 4, 14" wingspan. #706742 $79.95

Army Air Corps T-Shirt

The Air Corps star logo, dating back to 1916, has gone through many iterations as America’s aerial forces evolved over the years. Made of a cotton/polyM, L, XL: $ ester blend, this hand14.95 somely faded t-shirt features 2XL: the classic star with its post$ 16.95 war red stripe. #40056

Authentic Artifact!


Authentic Artifacts!


1920s-30s Silver Certificates

Modern Reproduction – Genuine Tender!

Issued between 1878 and 1964, silver certificates were paper currency that was redeemable for its value in silver.

A: NEW! Authentic 1923 Series $1 Silver Certificate Note #M652202 Reg: $79.95 $ B: NEW! 2-Note Set: Authentic 1935 $1 Silver Certificates With & Without “In God We Trust” – The 1935 series $1 silver certificate was the


first U.S. currency note to bear the motto, “In God We Trust,” on the reverse of the bill, though it was not on all notes during its printing. Set includes one note with motto, the other without. #111960 $99.95

C: Modern Note Replica of 1923 Lincoln “Porthole” $5 Silver Certificate

1/18 SCALE

1930s Luxury Car Models

This genuine modern $5 bill features the “porthole” imagery of the 1923 $5 silver certificate, the first note to feature Abraham Lincoln. Comes in a display folio with a certificate of authenticity. #105526 $24.95


Replicating two of the most elegant and sought-after cars of the 1930s, these 1/18 scale, die B cast models feature authentic badging, opening hoods to reveal detailed engines, opening doors, steerable front wheels with rubber whitewall tires, plush and detailed interiors, and chrome detailing. $

109.95 each

A: NEW! 1931 Peerless Master 8 Sedan – 13" long. #409701 B: 1934 Packard V12 Victoria Soft Top – 11¾" long. #409570

Includes Motorcycle Accomplice!

1932 Chrysler Imperial “Gangbusters” Kit

Considered Chrysler’s top-of-the-line vehicle for most of its history, the 1932 Chrysler Imperial is replicated with this 1/25 scale plastic kit featuring a wellequipped interior, realistic tires, a steering wheel, a detailed chassis, authentic decals, and spare tires. Skill level 2. Assembly required. 8½" long.




M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thompson Model 1928 submachine gun – the “Chicago Typewriter”– was used by law enforcement and criminals alike during the Prohibition and Depression eras. This museum-quality, non-firing, metal replica of the legendary M1928 has an authentic look and a hefty feel, just like the original! Featuring a working bolt action and trigger, a removable 50-round drum, and a pistol foregrip, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece to your classic firearms display. 34" long.

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.


Order Today at 800-225-5575 or





P-38 Lightning / P-40 Warhawk


One of the most important aerial 1/72 SCALE engagements of WWII, "Operation Vengeance" involved the P-38G "Miss Virginia" in #705994 ambushing an aircraft transporting $89.95 Japan's leading military tactician of the Pearl Harbor attack, Isoroku Yamamoto. Featuring the markings of "Miss Virginia," 339th FS, 347th FG, this 1/72 scale, die cast model of the P-38G includes a pilot figure, rotatable propellers, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 8½" wingspan.

We Killed Yamamoto

Sheppard. Learn every aspect of Operation Vengeance, including the role of intelligence work in determining the time and location of Yamamoto's flight, the chain of command at the highest level of the U.S. political and military establishment who called for the attack, and the technical constraints in planning and executing the raid. 80 pages, 9¾"x 9¾", softcover. #706435 $21.95

Yamamoto’s Last Flight LIMITED EDITION

SAVE 50%

P-38 Lightning Cutout Metal Sign

Stan Stokes. On April 18, 1943, the 339th Fighter Squadron, flying P-38 Lightnings and under the command of Major John Mitchell, intercepted Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. This limited edition print is signed $ and numbered by the artist. 16"x 11½". #7448 Reg: $39.95

Made in the USA.

This eye-catching, metal cutout sign features a beautifully-detailed P-38 Lightning in flight! Made in the USA, this piece is hand-crafted from heavy-gauge steel and includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 18"x 9". #705198 $29.95


P-40 Warhawk

1/72 SCALE

13-Victory Ace Robert Neale, 1st Squadron Commander, AVG. This 1/72 scale, die cast model features realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details, permanently retracted landing gear, fixed plastic propellers, and a display stand. 6¼" wingspan.



“The Flying Tigers” Metal Sign

Featuring a “shark-mouth” P-40 Warhawk flown by the American Volunteer Group “Flying Tigers,” this 24-gauge steel sign measures 15"x 16" and includes mounting holes.



SAVE $100

Flying Tigers and Buffalos

Flying Tigers




P-38G Lightning Model

Isoroku Yamamoto was the commander-in-chief of the Japanese Combined Fleet during WWII. His military strategies are covered in this selection, along with his eventual defeat.

Stan Stokes. A P-40 Warhawk painted with the famous shark mouth artwork of the First AVG “Flying Tigers” takes to the air next to an F2A Buffalo of RAF No. 67 Squadron. This print is signed by the artist and four Flying Tigers: Major General Carl Brown, Flight Leader Joe Rospert, Flight Leader Dick Rossi, and Vice Squadron Leader Charles Bond. 16"x 11½".



#700705 Reg: $169.95 $

Signed by Four AVG Flying Tigers Members!

P-40 Flying Tigers T-Shirt Pay tribute to the iconic Flying Tigers squadron by sporting this superb t-shirt! Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it features doubleneedle stitching and taped seams for a comfy fit.


M, L, XL:




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2XL, 3XL:




P-47 Thunderbolt / P-51 Mustang Tuskegee Airmen P-51K Mustang Model

Featuring the nickname "Nooky Booky IV," this 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model replicates the P-51K variant as it was flown by Major Leonard "Kit" Carson of the 357th FG. It includes surface details, a propeller, landing gear, an adjustable canopy, a pilot figure, an intricate cockpit, an accurately detailed underside, and a display stand. 9¼" wingspan. #981192 $94.95

1/48 SCALE


The Tuskegee Airmen of the 332nd Fighter Group, or “Red Tails” as they were also known for the distinctive color scheme of their aircraft, were the first African American military aviators in the United States armed forces.

Tuskegee “Red Tails” Aircraft Models These 1/72 scale plastic models feature realistic panel lines and surface details, rotating propellers, glazed canopies, ordnance loads, extended landing gear, and authentic markings.


A: P-51C Mustang – “Daisy Mae,” USAAF 332nd

FG, 100th FS Tuskegee Airman “Red Tails,” Capt. Woodrow Crockett, 1944. 6¼" wingspan. #96165 $29.95




B: P-47D Thunderbolt – “Rat Hunter,”

P-51B Mustang Kit

This striking silver and red 1/32 scale replica of the P-51B Mustang features a detailed engine, a seated pilot figure, a rotating propeller, fixed-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a multi-piece canopy. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 13½" wingspan. #84111 $39.95

P-51 Mustang T-Shirt


You’ll adore this highquality, 100% cotton t-shirt, featuring a P-51 Mustang in flight. Machine washable and pre-shrunk to keep you comfortable all day. #704896 M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

USAAF 332nd FG, 100th FS Tuskegee Airman “Red Tails.” 6¾" wingspan.


#707088 Reg: $29.95 $

Signed by Brig. Gen. Charles McGee!

Stan Stokes. This print is a re-creation of August 24, 1944, in which Col. Charles McGee – since promoted to Brig. Gen. – downed an Fw 190 in his LIMITED EDITION P-51 Mustang. According to some, the Tuskegee Airmen had the unique distinction of not losing a single bomber that they escorted during the war! 16"x 11½."



Signature Edition – Signed by the artist and Brig. Gen. McGee!

Standard Edition – Save $20! Signed by the artist!


#73072 Reg: $99.95 $

P-51 Mustang Books

Doyle. The North American P-51 Mustang is still one of the most famous aircraft in the world. The initial Mustangs, commonly referred to as “Razorback Mustangs,” were the first of the type to be produced and helped stem the tide of Axis aggression $ in WWII. 112 pages, 9"x 9", hardcover. 19.95 each Vol.1: North American’s Mk. I, A, B, and C Models in WWII – Explore the history of this iconic aircraft – not only the combat use of the Mk. I, A, B, and C P-51 models, but also the details of its design and construction. #107757 Vol. 2: The D, H, and K Models in WWII and Korea – Explore the “bubbletop” versions that helped bring the war to the German and Japanese homelands. 162 color & B&W photos. #706072 This 1/16 scale kit includes highP-51 Mustang Balsa Kit quality balsa wood parts, lightweight covering tissue and color peel-and-stick decals, a plastic canopy and propeller, FAI rubber, realistic landing gear, and fullsized plans along with building and flying instructions. Suitable for display or rubber-powered flight, it has a 28" wingspan. 90+ parts, assembly required. #8850 $29.95

A Perfect Record


#7769 Reg: $39.95 $

P-51 Mustang 3D Metal Sign Colonel Bob Friend’s P-51 Mustang, a Red Tail nicknamed “Bunny,” is featured on this colorful sign made of heavy-gauge American steel. Includes a mounting hole. 15" diameter. #701493 $49.95

Made in the USA.

Tuskegee Airmen Red Tails T-Shirt

Front Crest

This handsome charcoal tee honors the pioneering Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails.” Made from a comfortable, pre-shrunk cotton/ polyester blend. #707291 M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL: $29.95

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Eighth Air Force / B-17 Flying Fortress

Eighth Air Force Metal Sign

Resembling a patch worn by members of the USAAF’s Eighth Air Force during World War II, this 24-gauge steel sign has the look of aged metal and paint and includes mounting holes. 16"x 16". #64446 $29.95

Building the B-17 Flying Fortress

Made in the USA.

Target for Today

While the British declared daytime bombing a hazardous pursuit to be avoided at all costs, the USAAF developed a system for making these midday runs safer and more effective. This 5-film DVD examines these missions including a peek at logistics and planning, methods for staying clear of the German flak guns, and some of the Mighty Eighth’s most infamous crashes. 1 hr. 45 min. #702082 $19.95

The First Combat Bomb Wing in World War II

Mackay. The 1st Combat Bomb Wing (1CBW), a subunit of the 8th USAAF, created on September 13, 1943, was preceded first by the 1st Bomb Wing, and then the 101st Provisional Bomb Wing, which included the 91st BG as an element. By then, the 91st BG was joined by the 351st BG and 381st BG, with the 351st BG later displaced by the 398th BG. The operational experience of these units virtually spanned the entire 33 months of the “Mighty Eighth’s” existence. 240 pages, 302 photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #707294



“The Mighty Eighth” T-Shirt This royal blue t-shirt salutes the brave men and women of the Eighth Air Force (“The Mighty Eighth”), established during World War II. Made from a comfortable, pre-shrunk cotton/ polyester blend. Back


How to Fly the B-17 & Fortress in the Sky

See the B-17 Flying Fortress through historic film! How to Fly the B-17 is a pilot training film made by the USAAF and Boeing. You’ll walk with the cadet as he does his pre-flight, sit in the cockpit as he checks all the systems, and take off to perform flight operations. Finish your examination with Fortress in the Sky. You’ll follow the B-17 from design and engineering through production, witness early test flights, and even fly off to combat in “Glamour Girl.” Color and B&W. 1 hr. 51 min. #V8076 $14.95 1/72 SCALE

B-17G Flying Fortress Model


This 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates a B-17G with markings for USAAF 327th BS, 92nd BG, “Snake Hips,” as it would have flown from Pondington, England, on August 24, 1944. This replica features rotating propellers, engraved panel lines, a “glass” bombardier nose, opening bomb bay doors, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, rotatable turret, crew figures, and a display stand. 17¼" wingspan.




M, L, XL:



2XL, 3XL:



B-17G Flying Fortress Model


A reproduction of #705288 “Swamp Fire” – a B-17G $ 116.95 th th with the 524 BS, 379 BG, in April 1944 – this 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model features historic nose art, opening bomb bays 1/72 SCALE (with bombs), realistic gunner stations, optionalposition landing gear, and a metal display stand. 17¼" wingspan.

John Shaw. This beautiful limited edition print displays a crew from the Eighth Air Force, 379th Bomb Group, based at Kimbolton, England, 1944, checking out their B-17 Flying Fortress after a successful mission. “Carol Dawn” was one of the few B-17s which carried many crews home in over 100 missions, and ultimately returned to the U.S. at war’s end. Signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. 35½"x 16½". #707293 $159.95


Warbird Checkout #10

#706644 Reg: $224.95 $


A Day Gone By

Yenne. This title reveals rare original photos and full manufacturing details of America’s greatest multi-engine combat aircraft flown in World War II. You’ll also find factory-original color cutaway drawings and reproductions of original spec sheets created by manufacturers during the 1940s. A visual banquet for aviation fans and modelers alike! 240 pages, 336 B&W images and 47 color photos, 11"x 8½", softcover. #706965 $34.95

B-17 Flying Fortress $2 Bill

A B-17 Flying Fortress is displayed in full color on the front, while the reverse features Thomas Jefferson, along with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. #703486 $16.95

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B-24 / B-26 / B-29 / B-32 “No Smoking in Bomb Bay” Metal Sign

Based on a warning placard found in WWII Made in bombers, this 24-gauge steel sign the USA. resembles the look of aged metal and paint. 14"x 8"; includes mounting holes. #66257 $24.95


B-24J “Witchcraft” Display Model



This premium-quality, 1/60 scale, mahogany model of the “Witchcraft” is meticulously carved, hand-painted by expert craftsmen, and delivered with an elegant wood display base. 22" wingspan.

#97740 Reg: $229.95 $

The Famous B-24 “Witchcraft”


The B-29 was the Nearly 3-Foot USAAF’s largest Wingspan! strategic bomber during WWII. This huge, 1/48 scale plastic kit features a complete bomb bay with 12 bombs, open bomb doors, revolving gun turrets, photoetched detail pieces for the B-29 Superfortress Kit – Platinum Edition cockpit and engines, detailed undercarriage, 5 crew figures, and authentic decals and paint schemes for 2 USAAF versions. Assembly required, 215 pieces, skill level 5, 35½" wingspan. #707255 $219.95

B-29 Superfortress with Swivel Stand Kit


This 1/120 scale plastic kit replicates the most powerful longrange bomber of WWII, the B-29 Superfortress. Features include a clear cockpit, rotating propellers, 3 cockpit crew figures, collectible packaging, decals for 3 versions, and 2 display stand options including swivel base. Assembly required, skill level 1, 14" wingspan. #706842 $19.95

The Enchanted Liberator

Watts. This expertly researched volume – packed with over 200 rare vintage photographs – chronicles the complete history of “Witchcraft,” including a detailed examination of its combat history successfully serving the 8th Army Air Force in England during WWII. 176 pages, 215 color and B&W photos, 9"x 11¼", hardcover. #21242 $39.95

The B-29 Superfortress

Made in the USA.

B-24J “Witchcraft” Cutout Metal Sign

Die-cut in the shape of the prolific bomber, this 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look and feel of aged metal and paint and includes mounting holes. 24"x 6". #64403 $24.95

Filled with rare wartime footage, this 2-DVD collection includes ten films that feature the Boeing B-29 Superfortress in action during WWII. You’ll get an up-close look at the B-29’s design, watch archival newsreels of its exploits over the Pacific, learn why radar is so important on bombing raids, and more. B&W and color, 2 hrs. 49 min. #V5095 $21.95

Consolidated B-32 Dominator

The Ultimate Look: From Drawing Board to Scrapyard

B-24D Liberator Model

On August 1, 1943, a bombing raid against Nazi oil refineries in Romania was attempted by 176 B-24 Liberators – a disaster for the USAAF with the loss of more than 650 crewmen. An Air Force 1 replica of “Wongo Wongo” – a B-24D lost during the mission, along with her crew of ten – this 1/72 scale, die cast model features open or closed bomb bays, optional-position landing gear, authentic 512th BS markings, and a display stand. 18¼" wingspan.

1/72 SCALE

Wolf Based on company design and production information, Wolf. flight and test evaluations and personal narratives, this is the definitive description and appraisal of this neglected bomber’s development, testing, manufacture and combat experience in the Pacific theater of WWII. 192 pages, 400+ B&W photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21065 $49.95

Hobo Queens


50% #703750




Stan Stokes. The last USAAF combat casualty of WWII may have occurred on August 18, 1945, as these two B-32 Dominators on a photo-recon mission were attacked by Japanese fighters. 16"x 11½" signed and numbered print.

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#7460 Reg: $39.95 $

19.95 11

WWII Art Prints

Jim Laurier

Roy Grinnell

All of these limited edition Jim Laurier prints are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

All of these limited edition Roy Grinnell prints come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist and at least one World War II Ace. Measure 30"x 24".

Signed by Ace J.T. Robbins!

High Noon Over Alicante


A dramatic depiction of Major J.T. Robbins in his P-38 Lightning scoring his 22nd, and last, victory against a Japanese fighter over Alicante Airdrome in the Philippines. Signed by Ace J.T. Robbins.


Brown's Sacrifice

On June 20, 1944, Lt. George Brown of VT-24 off of USS Belleau Wood led his division into position to attack the Japanese carrier Hiyo. His TBM Avenger took the brunt of the enemy fire, while still managing to land a torpedo on the deck. His Avenger was damaged, causing his crew to bail out. Brown did not return from the mission, but his heroism led to the sinking of the Hiyo. 24"x 18". #707281 $189.95

Early Riser

Christmas Over Rangoon


Signed by 5 Aces!




An F6F Hellcat arrives on deck for its morning mission. 28"x 18".

A tribute to the AVG Flying Tigers, this print shows Chuck Older in his P-40 shooting down a Japanese bomber over Rangoon, Burma, the first of three aerial victories for Older on Christmas, 1941. Signed by Ace Chuck Older and four other Flying Tiger Aces. #7678 $279.95

Signed by Ace Mike Russo!

A Record For Russo




Hell is for Hellcat


Depiction of Lt. Mike Russo in his A-36A Invader destroying his second Me-109 of the day on December 30, 1943. That brought his WWII victory total to five, giving him Ace status. Signed by Ace Michael T. Russo.


#707285 Signed by Ace Ken Walsh!

$159.95 Within minutes, VF-15 claimed 20 kills. 24"x 20".

Zero Fighter Sweep


Marine 1st Lt. Kenneth A. Walsh splashes a Japanese Zero over the Russell Islands for his third victory of the day, making him the first Corsair pilot Ace. LIMITED EDITION Signed by Ace and Medal of Honor recipient, Kenneth Walsh.




raid on a Japanese airfield in July 1942. 28"x 17".

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On June 19, 1944, during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, a Japanese force of Zeroes and Jills headed for U.S. Task Force 58. Unaware of U.S. radar capabilities, they were completely surprised by Hellcats of VF-15 off the USS Essex.



Tiger Dawn

Renowned Flying Tigers pilots R.T. Smith and Chuck Older of the 3rd Sqn. “Hell’s Angels” take off from Wujiaba, China, for an early morning




World War II Warbirds These 1/72 scale, die cast models replicate famous fighters from the Second World War. They feature accurate paint schemes and markings, detailed surfaces and canopies, and include a display stand.

1/72 SCALE F2A-1 Buffalo

VF-3, U.S. Navy, USS Saratoga (CV-3), 1939. 5¾" wingspan.



Macchi C.205 Veltro

Westland Lysander Mk.III

RAF No. 225 Squadron, 1940. 8¼" wingspan.



All Models Include a Display Stand!

Sergente Maggiore Luigi Gorrini, 1 Squadriglia. 5" long.



Me 163B Komet

JG 400, Freeman Field, 1946. 5" wingspan.


Mosquito NF Mk. II

No. 23 Squadron, RAF, 1943. 9" wingspan.



Spitfire Mk. I

No. 609 Squadron, RAF, RAF Museum Hendon, 1940. 6¼" wingspan.




#706531 $29.95

Yakovlev Yak-3

Avenger Mk. II

855 Squadron, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. June 1944. 6¾" long.

Soviet Air Force, 150th Guards Rgt, pilot Anton Dmitrievich Yakimenko, USSR, 1945. 5" wingspan.







Lavochkin La-7

Spitfire LF Mk. IXe

No. 443 Squadron, RCAF, Belgium 1945. 5½" long.







F3 Meteor

RAF, Hednesford, Staffordshire. 6¾" long.


17-Victory Ace Sergei Dolgushin, Commander, 156th Fighter Regiment, 1945. 5¼" wingspan.



Defiant Mk.I Night Fighter

Shark toothed nose art, 151st Squadron, 1941. 6" long. #706258 $25.95

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Bf 109E-4 Model

Wearing 58 victory tallies on its tail, this 1/48 scale, die cast model – a new center1/48 SCALE piece collectible from Hobby Master – recreates a Bf109E-4 109E-4 as it appeared in late 1940 piloted by Adolf Galland, one of the most LIMITED EDITION accomplished aces in combat history. It also features an opening canopy, a removable pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, JG26 markings, and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #981244 $92.95

Heinkel He177 A-5 GREIF Bomber Kit

The Heinkel He 177 GREIF (Griffin) was the only operational long-range bomber to be flown in combat by the Luftwaffe during WWII. This 1/72 scale plastic kit recreating the Heinkel features a fully-appointed cockpit and radio operator’s station, one piece cowlings, molded propeller blades, optional-position landing gear, and decals for two separate aircraft. Assembly required, skill level 5, 350 parts. 12" long. #705699 $44.95

Bf 109 A/B Legion Condor Kit

Dornier Do 17z Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the Bf 109, a German WWII fighter that was the backbone of the Luftwaffe’s fighter force. It features realistic landing gear, historical decals and paint scheme, a clear canopy, photo-etched detail pieces, and easy-to-follow instructions. Assembly required, 11" wingspan. #707298 $59.95

The Dornier Do 17, or “Flying Pencil,” was a German light bomber introduced in 1937. This 1/72 scale kit, a replica of the “Z” variant, features finely molded parts, four crew figures, and two authentic marking decals. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 9¾" wingspan. wingspan. #96119 $19.95

Bf 110D Model

Replicating the Luftwaffe fighter mysteriously flown by Rudolph Hess over Eaglesham, Scotland, the night of May 10, 1/72 SCALE 1941, this 1/72 scale, die cast model features authentic markings and ordnance loads, optional-position landing gear, hand-painted pilot and crew member figures, moving gun turrets, and a display stand. 8¾" wingspan. #705995 $99.95 99.95

The Art of Stan Stokes Herman’s Comet


Defiant But Doomed

Signed by Rudolf Opitz!


Signed by Adolf Galland!

Flying his Bf 109 out of Abbeville, France, on August 28, 1940, 104-victory ace Adolf Galland of JG 26 chases down an RAF Bolton Defiant piloted by No.264 Squadron Commander G.D. Garvin. LIMITED EDITION Despite taking some $ hits, Galland won the fight that day. #73048 Reg: $199.95



1/72 SCALE

Legendary artist Stan Stokes turns his easel to the German side of notable aviation moments from World War II. These limited edition prints come signed by the artist and a decorated WWII German pilot! 16½"x 11".

Rudolf Opitz – test pilot for the Me163 – shows off the rocket-powered bird to Luftwaffe Field Marshal Herman Göring. #73066

Reg: $119.95 $

Ju 87B-2 Stuka Model

Designed with markings from the Luftwaffe 9./StG.1, this 1/72 scale, die cast model includes antennas, access panels, surface details, rotating wheels, detachable ordnance loads, speed-brakes, crew figures, control surfaces, and a display stand. 7½" wingspan. #704498 $59.95

A Novel Concept


Save $50!

Signed by three Luftwaffe Pilots!

Precursors to today’s cruise missiles, Mistels were composed of unmanned Ju 88 bombers fitted with a huge warhead and a guidance system. Coupled to either a Bf 109 or Fw 190, the fighter pilot flew to within a reasonable $ distance of its target to jettison the bomber. #73069 Reg: $99.95


Long Nose Trouble


The brilliant Nazi engineer Kurt Tank developed the Fw190D variant, also known as the “Long Nose,” capable of 426 mph flight at 22,000 feet. This print depicts a Long Nose protecting the departure of an Me262 from a lingering P-51 Mustang.

#700709 Reg: $109.95


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Signed by Gen. Günther Rall!

Advanced Tech / X-Planes SS-100 Gigant with V-2 Rocket Kit

V-1 Flying Bomb Model

Haul your Second World War V-2 rocket to the launch site with this transporter and trailer. This 1/72 scale plastic kit of an SS-100 Gigant includes a V-2 rocket, launch base, and a trailer with accurate wheels. Assembly required. Skill level 5. 243 pieces. Rocket: 7½" long.



of the Battle Against the V-1 and V-2 in WWII

Grehan. During World War II, the UK learned about Germany’s production and experimentation of long-range weapons and the creation of pilotless aircraft: the Fi 103 V-1 flying bomb and the V-2 rocket. In 1943, Britain and its American allies were ready to respond, and the first bombing raids were undertaken against the long-range weapons installations. Every opportunity was taken by the RAF and the USAAF Eighth Air Force to demolish every site lined with V-weapons. 296 pages, $ 16 B&W illustrations, 6"x 9¼", hardcover. #110396 Reg: $49.95





Luftwaffe Experimental Aircraft

Unlock the secrets of Adolf Hitler’s vengeance weapons! You’ll analyze the V-1 Buzz Bomb, nicknamed the “Doodlebug,” which was a self-guided missile used to pound British morale toward the end of WWII; learn about the V-2 rocket, the world’s first ballistic missile; tour the rocket-powered Messerschmitt Me163 Komet and the Me262, the first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft; and much more. B&W, 1 hr. 38 min. #V5145 $19.95

“Rheintochter” German R-3p Surface-to-Air Missile Kit

German Luftwaffe Prototypes 1930-1945

Griehl. The most comprehensively researched and lavishly illustrated volume of its kind, this profile of Nazi warplanes examines their experimental and often never-produced aircraft. Get insight on the conceived chemical weapon-equipped Fw 190, high-altitude Junkers EF 61, early prototype WNF 342 helicopter, and more! 288 pages, illustrated, 7"x 9¼", softcover.. #702969 $29.95

Horten Ho 229 Display Model

1/18 SCALE

Employed by Germany in the late stages of World War II, V-1 flying bombs were launched primarily toward London. A replica of a Vergeltungswaffe1, this 1/18 scale, plastic model features simulated rivets, a rotating spinner (odometer), and authentic markings. 17½" long; minor assembly required. #90050 $29.95

Hitler’s V-Weapons – An Official History



This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates the German WWII anti-aircraft ground missile prototype, the R-3p. It features an accurate launcher with articulating parts, a missile transport trailer with rolling wheels, detailed rocket booster, and photo-etched detail pieces. Assembly required, skill level 4, 9" long. #707295 $54.95 1/72 SCALE

The world’s first jetpowered flying wing, the Ho 229 would’ve seen service had the war continued into 1946. Resembling that proposed design, this 1/72 scale, resin display model, part of the Luft-X line of experimental German aircraft, features a glazed canopy, realistic engine, a camouflage paint scheme with markings, a history card, and more. Includes display stand. 9¼" wingspan. #82035 $39.95

Haunebu II Flying Saucer Kit

Blohm & Voss BV P.178 Bomber Jet Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic model replicates the Blohm & Voss P.178, an experimental jetpowered dive bomber, which had an unusual, asymmetric configuration. It features a clear canopy, realistic landing gear, historical decals, and a large bomb on the centerline. Assembly required, skill level 3, 6½" wingspan. #707296 $44.95

Kugelpanzer 41(r) Ball Tank w/ Interior Kit While it may be true that the Nazis had a secret program during WWII to develop a flying saucer, it was actually technologically impossible, and their experiments most definitely never flew. However, this has not stopped conspiracy theorists in believing that the Nazis actually did achieve space flight. This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates what one of their flying saucers may have looked like, and features 69 detailed parts, an entrance ramp, a detachable roof, operating consoles, and more! Assembly required, skill level 4. 17" long. #705563 $59.95

This 1/35 scale plastic kit replicates the unusual German ball tank prototype, Kugelpanzer 41 (r). It features a full interior, clear parts to look inside after construction, all hatches can be posed open or closed, and decals for 6 versions. Assembly required, skill level 2, 5" long. #707297 $59.95

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D-Day / Airborne

Paratrooper U.S. Army Flag

F-5 Lightning Model


One of the most crucial elements of the D-Day air campaign was the gathering of detailed reconnaissance photographs. One of the most effective aircraft in securing this information was the Lockheed F-5E-2 Lightning, the 1/72 SCALE photo-recon version of the P-38J variant. This 1/72 scale, die cast model of an F-5 Lightning features optional-position landing gear, rotatable propellers, a display stand, and the markings of “Rita/Ruth,” USAAF 27th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 7th Photographic Group, Eighth Air Force, August 1944. 8½" wingspan. #704494 $59.95

C-47 Skytrain Model

This 1/144 scale, die cast model recreates a C-47 as flown during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. It features rotating propellers, recessed panel lines, authentic markings, and a display stand. 7¾" long. #705095 $29.95

This black flag, made of rugged polyester, features the recognizable U.S. Army Paratrooper symbol. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'.

U.S. Army Paratroopers

Get six paratroop films on one DVD! U.S. Army Paratroop Jumping presents the history and significance of Airborne forces, Paratroops shows the rigorous training through which the men are sent, and D-Day Minus One takes you to the battlefields of Normandy to see the payoff from all that work! You also get newsreel collections that cover glider troops, more training, and even Nazi paratroops! 1 hr. 35 min. #MV52622 $19.95 1/12 SCALE

Rescue Squad Paratrooper Figure

1/144 SCALE

D-Day Operation Overlord Kit

SAVE Early on the morning of June 6, 1944, the combined forces of the Allied armies landed on the Normandy beaches in Northern France in the most ambitious and important operation of the Second World War. This highly detailed, plastic kit includes tanks, landing craft, trucks, gun emplacements, soldiers and a diorama base to enable you to recreate this momentous day. Assembly required. 1/76 scale, 235/8" long. #107383 $79.95 This laser-cut kit Waco CG-4A Glider features handBalsa Kit selected balsa wood, vacuummolded parts, colored tissue, full-color decals, and full-sized plans. Suitable for beginners and experienced modelers alike, it includes more than 70 parts and has a 30" wingspan when assembled. For display or free flight. #8975 $36.95

1994 50 Pence British Coin

This brilliant 1994 Elizabeth II 50 Pence coin will make a great addition to your collection. Embellished with planes to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of D-Day, this coin captures a monumental time in history. Made of coppernickel with a diameter of 30mm. Circulated condition. #108616 $12.95







Airborne Division T-Shirts

Celebrating legendary U.S. Army Airborne Divisions, these detailed t-shirts depict logos on the front and back along with the American flag. 100% cotton.

Recreate a World War II cinematic battle scene with this 1/12 scale articulated figure of a rescue squad paratrooper featuring an accurate head sculpt, 3 pairs of hands, a shirt, a field jacket and pants, military boots and helmet, an M1 Garand rifle, grenades, water jug, combat belt, tri-fold shovel, accurate armament, and figure stand. 6" tall. #109911 Reg: $109.95 $





A: 82 nd #109515 B: 101st #109514 M, L, XL:

19.95 each



21.95 each


Paratrooper Signaling Cricket

One click call; two click response! Based on the signaling cricket used by paratroopers to locate other airborne troops at night, this replica is made of brass and steel, has a “U.S.” engraving, and sounds just like the real thing! #M651520 $12.95 12.95

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Naval USS Enterprise (CV-6)

The ”Big E” from the Doolittle Raid, Midway, and Santa Cruz to Guadalcanal and Leyte

Doyle. The USS Enterprise (CV-6) aircraft carrier served in every major action of the Pacific War. Referred to as the “Big E,” this vessel scored one of the most impressive tallies of destruction to the enemy of any Allied warship during WWII. Learn the Enterprise's design and production, wartime operations, and postwar decommissioning through stunning photos, coupled with informative captions. 128 pages, 236 color and B&W photos. 9"x 9", hardcover. #110639 $19.95


USS Enterprise (CV-6) Kit



Over 4-Feet Long!

The USS Enterprise (CV-6) was a Yorktown1/200 Scale – Over 4-Feet Long! Class carrier that served in major actions of the Pacific War, including the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid, the Battle of Midway, and more. This vessel was the most decorated warship of WWII, receiving 20 battle stars. This 1/200 scale plastic kit of "The Big E" measures over 4-feet long! It includes over 1,130 pieces, and features a one-piece hull, a finely rendered deck pattern, accurately detailed guns, 8 pieces of photo-etched frets for handrails, ladders, and radar parts, and a number of aircraft models: F4F-4 (5) SBD-3 (5) TBD-1 (5). Assembly required. Skill level 5. 49" long.


#110653 Reg: 549.95 $ $


$ Historic U.S. Navy Vessels


Doyle. These highly illustrated titles will put you on the deck of these warships. 9"x 9", hardcover.

USS Yorktown (CV-5): From Design and Construction to the Battles of Coral Sea and Midway – America's first battle-ready and

purpose-built aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown (CV-5) had a crew ready-set for combat after running Atlantic neutrality patrols throughout 1941. Examine its construction, the pilots flying from its deck, and record at Coral Sea and Midway. 112 pages, 180 B&W photos. #702358

USS New Jersey (BB-62): From World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to Museum Ship

The battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62) saw combat during WWII and the Korean War and was the only battleship of any nation to see service during the Vietnam War. This book, documents the history from her construction through combat during each of her wars, and her preservation today. 112 pages, +225 photos. #107406

USS North Carolina (BB-55): From WWII Combat to Museum Ship – The first “fast”

battleship-class leader, as well as the U.S. Navy’s initial ship for WWII, the USS North Carolina represented a hopeful symbol and proud addition to an aging fleet. 112 pages, 281 color and B&W photos. #106019

USS Iowa (BB-61): The Story of “The Big Stick” From 1940 to the Present

Explores the USS Iowa’s development and design, service in World War II and Korea, recommissioning in the 1980s, and tragic and deadly explosion in 1989. 128 pages, 277 photos.

USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) Kit

This 1/500 scale, plastic kit of the "Tico" in her post-WWII configuration features a realistic deck, authentic decals, a detailed hull, and more. 140 pieces. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 21" long. #107667 $29.95


1/700 SCALE Three of the world’s most legendary warships are featured in this premium collection of 1/700 scale, die cast models – replicas of battleships and aircraft carriers from World War II. An amazing attention to detail is featured with each one including a revised color scheme, realistic deck and superstructure details, a new wooden-look presentation stand, and a sea-wave blister for unique waterline display.

HMS Ark Royal – One of the most active aircraft carriers of the entire war, the British HMS Ark Royal was fatally struck by the German submarine U-86 in November of 1941. 13¾" long. #701960

DKM Tirpitz – In November of 1944, British Lancasters attacked the DKM Tirpitz, causing it to quickly capsize, killing at least 950 crewmen. 13¾" long. #701957

HMS Hood

During WWII, All models include the Hood and the two display bases! DKM Bismarck faced head-on during the Battle of Denmark Strait (May 24, 1941). Less than ten minutes after opening fire, the Bismarck connected with a 38mm shell and broke the Hood Each in two, killing 1,415 men. 14¾" long. #701954



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Battle of Midway / Pacific Battle of Midway Wade McClusky and the Battle of Midway

Rigby. An hour and a half away from their carrier, the USS Enterprise, two dive bomber squadrons saw nothing but ocean where the Japanese fleet should have been, and they were running out of fuel. Following his intuition that defied ordinary situational expectations, air group commander Wade McClusky led his squads to search north, not south, knowing that if he was wrong, it could mean all of their lives. Relive the high-stakes airborne excitement with this never before told account of the most important decision in the Battle of Midway! 384 pages, 6¼"x 9¼", softcover. #111116 $24.95

Midway – Collector’s Edition

Recreating the drama of the Battle of Midway, this 1976 classic mixes actual World War II combat footage, amazing re-creations and an all-star cast that includes Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Hal Holbrook, James Coburn and Cliff Robertson! This Collector's Edition DVD even includes a "making of" featurette, additional footage shot for the TV premier, and more. Widescreen, 2 hrs. 12 min. #V9318 $14.95

TBD-1 Devastator Models

TBF/TBM Avenger

Grumman’s First Torpedo Bomber in WWII

Doyle. The TBF Avenger was considered one of the most outstanding torpedo bombers in the U.S. fleet during World War II. It made a combat debut at the Battle of Midway and continued to serve well after the war. This illustrated title explores the history of this aircraft. 112 pages, 175 color and B&W photos, 9"x 9", hardcover. #706289 $19.95

TBF-1C Avenger Kit

This 1/48 scale kit features a detailed engine, folding wings and optional flaps, realistic panel lines and rivets, several ordnance options, clear canopy, detailed cockpit, and authentic decals and paint schemes for 3 versions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 13¾" wingspan. #707299 $49.95

TBF-1C Avenger Model

Limited Quantities!

Featuring markings from the U.S. Navy’s VT-8, these 1/72 1/72 SCALE scale, SkyMax, die cast models replicate TBD-1 Devastators LIMITED EDITION flying off the USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway in June 1942. Each features an intricate cockpit B A and rear gunner station, a removable canopy, realistic surface details, A: Cdr. John C. Waldron optional-position landing gear, and a display (T-16) #981204 stand. 8½" wingspan. $84.95 each B: Ens. William Evans



World War II 75th Anniversary

Battle of Midway $2 Bill

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, this $2 bill is genuine legal U.S. tender and depicts scenes from the Battle of Midway. Beautifully colorized, it includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue display folio.





In 1944, the USS Essex joined other carriers to execute strikes on the Marcus and Wake Islands, later being joined by Torpedo Squadron 15 in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. This 1/72 scale, die cast replica from Hobby Master recreates a TBF-1C flown by VT-15 during the conflict, and features realistic surface details, detachable ordnance loads, an opening canopy, intricate cockpit, optionalposition landing gear, and a display stand. 9" wingspan. #704870 $89.95

TBF/TBM Avenger Balsa Kit

This 1/16 scale kit of the famed torpedo bomber 41" Wingspan! features highquality, laser-cut balsa wood; vacuum molded parts, including the canopy, turret, and engine cylinders; intricate landing gear; and lightweight covering tissue. Suitable for display or rubber- or electricpowered flight, it has a 41" wingspan. Assembly required. #86856 $89.95

SBD-5/A-24B Dauntless Kit

The Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber was the backbone of the U.S. Navy’s air fleet in the Pacific, with the lowest loss ratio of any U.S. carrier-based aircraft. This 1/32 scale plastic kit replicates an SBD-5/A-24B variant, featuring markings from the VB-16 squadron. It includes a detailed cockpit, an accurate propeller, authentic wheels, and instructions. Assembly required. 250 pieces. Skill level 4. 15½" wingspan. #706009 $139.95


1/72 SCALE

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F4U Corsair / End of the War F4U Corsair Balsa Kit


The Manhattan Project Trinity Test Witnessing the Bomb in New Mexico

This 1/28 scale kit features hand-selected, laser-cut balsa wood pieces, color decals, lightweight colored tissue, full-size plans, easy-to-follow instructions, 5" plastic propeller, and FAI Tan II rubber for powered flight. Assembly required, 70+ pieces, skill level 2, 17½" wingspan.




F4U Corsair Cutout Metal Sign

Osterreich At 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945, the Trinity Test exploOsterreich. sion of the first atomic bomb changed the world forever. The dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed soon after, but it was the first blast in what is now known as White Sands Missile Range that marked the beginning of the end of WWII. In southern New Mexico, although the Manhattan Project was still top secret, everyday people witnessed the test, experienced its light and power, and literally felt the earth move. In this title, you’ll relive those experiences and find out how their lives were transformed. 128 pages, 66 photos, 6"x 9", softcover. #111114 $21.95

2-Feet-Wide! Made in

the USA. This unique metal sign features a laser cutout Corsair aircraft that looks great on any plane collector’s wall! Made in the USA, it’s constructed of durable 18-gauge steel for long-lasting use. Includes mounting holes. 23½"x 9". #703665 $39.95

Corsair “American Beauty” T-Shirt

A true "American Beauty," the F-4U Corsair is proudly represented on this premium t-shirt with a colorful, detailed screen-print! Made of Front Crest 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it features double-needle stitching, a taped neck and shoulders, and a M, L, XL: $22.95 comfy seamless $ collar. #704011 2XL, 3XL: 24.95

Fighting Seventeen A Photographic History of VF-17 in World War II

Cook. This photo-history examines U.S. Navy Fighting Squadron Seventeen, the original “Jolly Rogers,” who, flying F4U Corsairs under the command of 11-victory ace Tom Blackburn, shot down 152 Japanese aircraft in only 76 days. You’ll view the aircraft and meet the pilots, including leading aces Ira Kepford (16) and Roger Hedrick (12). 304 pages, 300+ color and B&W photographs and illustrations, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21158 $69.95

F4U-1A Corsair Model


The Peacemakers

John Shaw Shaw. This beautiful print depicts the famed B-29 Enola Gay undergoing final preparations the day before the first atomic mission taking place on August 6, 1945. Col. Paul Tibbets can be seen discussing the following day’s mission with his two closest crew members, navigator Capt. Dutch Van Kirk and bombardier Maj. Tom Ferebee. Limited edition giclée print, signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity and a painting info sheet. 37"x 23". #707300 $225.95

B-29 Superfortress “Enola Gay” Model

1/200 SCALE

Replicating “Enola Gay,” the B-29 flown by Col. Paul Tibbets when it dropped the “Little Boy” atomic bomb over Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, this 1/200 scale, die cast model has an 8" wingspan and includes a display stand. #91254 $29.95

B-29A “Enola Gay” & “Bockscar” Kits

Includes Two Kits!

With the VF-17 "Jolly Rogers" skull and crossbones painted on the front, this 1/72 scale plastic model is a replica of the F4U-1A Corsair piloted by Ira Kepford – a 16-victory 1/72 SCALE Navy ace. It features engraved panel lines, a glazed canopy, a well-equipped cockpit, a rotating propeller, a detailed radial engine, two drop tanks, wing-mounted rockets, extended landing gear, and a display stand. 6¾" wingspan. #96197 $24.95

The B-29 bomber was known for being the only plane to drop live nuclear weapons on wartime targets. Due to special modifications, the Enola Gay and Bockscar were the original pair of famous B-29s. These two 1/72 scale plastic kits feature detailed interiors, opening bomb bays, and two sets of decals. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 16½" long. #100497 $59.95

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Korean War Korean War Veteran Flag

Remembering those who served, this Korean War Veterans flag is made of polyester with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.




Korean War Veteran Cap

Embroidered with both a ribbon bar and a service medal across the front, this 100% acrylic cap is a stylish celebration of Korean War veterans.


$18.95 18.95

"A Proud Korean War Veteran" Metal Sign

A bald eagle soars past waving the American flag on this steel sign featuring the words, “Proud Korean War Veteran.” Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18".


$24.95 24.95

Retreat, Hell!

Considered one of the greatest Korean War films ever made, this 1952 classic stars Frank Lovejoy and Richard Carlson as Marine officers shipped into combat during the Battle of Inchon. Side by side among a hastily assembled group, they must come together and survive amidst an intense Chinese communist offensive. 1 hr. 35 min.




LT-6G Texan Model

During the Korean War, the 6147th Tactical Control Group flew unarmed and unescorted T-6 aircraft (called "Mosquitoes" by the North Koreans because the sight of a T-6 buzzing down on them meant they were soon to be stung) over enemy targets to mark them with smoke rockets. A replica of one of those LT-6G Texans, this 1/72 scale, plastic airplane features textured surfaces, a two-seat cockpit with a clear "birdcage" canopy, a rotating propeller, extended landing gear, and an authentic paint scheme, including an anti-glare panel. 7" wingspan; includes a display stand. #93530 $24.95

MiG-15 BIS Fagot-B Kit

The MiG-15 "bis" Fagot-B, a code name from NATO, was the Soviet Union's first operational sweptwing jet fighter variant designed after the initial MiG-15 design. Featuring markings from North Korea, this 1/48 scale plastic kit of the MiG-15 BIS Fagot-B features finely engraved panel lines, canopy and cabin parts, detailed underside, and accurate markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8¼" wingspan. #706316



Korean Air War

Sabres, MiGs and Meteors, 1950-53

Napier. The aerial aspect of the Korean War was the first large-scale combat between high-performance jet aircraft. It marked the transition between the piston-engined aircraft of WWII and the jet aircraft of modern times. Examining the Korean War chronologically, this title includes parts played by the North Korean, Chinese, and Soviet air forces, as well as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marines. 320 pages, photos throughout, 8"x 10", hardcover. #706968 $39.95

AF-2S Guardian “Submarine Killer” Kit

The Grumman AF Guardian was a carrier-based, anti-submarine aircraft that served with the U.S. Navy between 1950 and 1955. It consisted of two airframe variants: a “hunter” with detection gear (AF-2W), and “killer” armed with anti-tank weapons (AF-2S). This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the “killer” version and features a 2-piece fuselage, detailed cockpit and engine, a clear canopy, accurate ordnance loads, photo-etched detail pieces, and authentic decals for 2 versions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 15¼" wingspan. #707303 $79.95

B-29 Superfortress Model

1/300 SCALE

Stationed in Japan with the USAAF 19th BG during the Korean War, the B-29 Superfortress “Raz’n Hell” – reproduced here with realistic nose art – flew more than 50 combat missions. Take home your own legendary bomber with this 1/300 scale, Air Force 1, die cast replica featuring a simulated cockpit, rotating propellers, authentic markings, and a display stand. 5½" wingspan. #701172 Reg: $25.95 $


25% 19.45

F-86F-30 Sabre Kit

The F-86 was the USAF first swept-wing jet fighter, making its initial flight in October 1947, and played a major part in the Korean War. This 1/18 scale plastic kit replicates the F-86F-30 Sabre and features a clear canopy, a pilot figure, authentic USAF decals, engraved panel lines, realistic surface details, and easy-to-follow assembly guide. Assembly required, 190+ pieces, skill level 3, 24½" wingspan.


2-Foot wingspan!



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Korean War / Cold War Homefront Homefront During the Korean War

The automotive style of the postwar years took on a new flamboyant attitude, with larger and flashier designs compared to its 1930s predecessors. Take home your own fashionable car with these 1/18 scale, die cast models! Each collectible features opening parts (doors and hood), a well-equipped interior, free-rolling wheels, authentic badging, 1/18 SCALE and a treaded tires.

1950 Studebaker Champion 10" long. #R78488 $49.95



Boyd. This title explores the top drag racing model kits of the era and examines the options, collectability, variety, availability, and value of these kits, and then focuses on the detailed drag racing-only kits that were available starting in the mid-1960s. Learn the difference between original kits, older reproduction kits, and new reproduction kits. 176 pages, 368 photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. #409209


Boyd. Model kits were a huge hit back in the 1960s with children building everything from airplanes to space ships! The most popular choice was muscle cars and they still are today among adults who remember their dream automobiles. This book details an entire era featuring original kits, as well as older and new reproductions. 176 pages, 8½"x11", softcover. #404924 $29.95



Don "Snake" Prudhomme Wynns Winder Dragster Kit

1947 Cadillac Series 62 Cabriolet 12" long.

Collecting Drag Racing Model Kits

Collecting Muscle Car Model Kits

1950 Ford Convertible

10½" long.


Don "The Snake" Prudhomme – one of the biggest names in drag racing history – is celebrated along with his iconic dragster. This 1/25 scale plastic kit of the Snake's Wynn's Winder dragster features a detailed one-piece chassis, pre-lettered vinyl drag slicks, authentic supercharged engine parts, accurate decals and retro-style packaging. Assembly required. 75+ parts. Skill level 2. 10" long. #408619 $29.95


Commercials of the ‘50s & ‘60s

Take a jaunt down memory lane with these original commercials A from the 1950s & ‘60s. See when some of your favorite toys, cereals, and beer brands were first introduced on television. You’ll even catch sight of a few celebrities. Color and B&W. B

1955 Willys Jeep Station Wagon 10" long.




1953 Buick Skylark 10" long.




A: Toy Commercials 1 hr. #404092 $9.95 B: Breakfast Cereal Commercials 1 hr. 10 min. #111336 $12.95 C: Beer Commercials 1 hr. 5 min. #RV9731 $9.95

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Cold War Bombers Great American Big Bombers

This DVD is loaded with archival footage of American bombers. You get B-29 Superfortress, which presents the most advanced heavy bomber of WWII; B-36 Peacemaker, which features the largest bomber ever built, including the all-jet B-60 variant; B-47 Stratojet, which shows you the first U.S. frontline all-jet bomber; YB-49 Flying Wing, a rare look at the revolutionary Northrop wonder; B-52 Stratofortress, with early footage of its operations; B-58 Hustler, about the first supersonic medium bomber; and USAF on Canvas, which presents these aircraft in art. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 10 min. #V5100 $19.95

Boeing B-47E Stratojet Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit features fine surface details such as simulated rivets; a dual-seat cockpit with pilot figures; two shackles with bombs attached; a tail machine gun; realistic landing gear; and authentic U.S. Air Force markings, including the Strategic Air Command shield. 166 parts, assembly required. 19¼" wingspan. #9920 $44.95

B-47E Stratojet Metal Sign

As always, artist Mark Karvon impresses with this captivating depiction of a B-47E Stratojet soaring into the open sky! This gorgeously detailed metal sign can be hung anywhere for an artistic wall decoration or as a conversational piece. Includes mounting holes. 15"x 12". #703125 $29.95

B-36 Peacemaker Kit

The Peacemaker was the ultimate statement of U.S. air power at the beginning of the Cold War. This 1/184 plastic kit recreates the B-36, and features 150 pieces, an intricate cockpit, built-in armament, a large crew area, historic decals, and a swivel stand for display. Assembly required, skill level 3. 7¾" long. #705733 $24.95

A two-volume set, this reproduction of the B-47 Stratojet flight manual – a previously restricted document produced by the U.S. Air Force – shows you everything you need to know to fly the sweptwing Boeing B-47, the USAF’s first strategic jet bomber and a mainstay of Strategic Air Command from the 1950s through the mid-1960s. 750 pages total, B&W photos and illustrations, 8½"x 11", softcover. #20480 $69.95

Convair B-36 Peacemaker Owners' Workshop Manual

Baker. The B-36 entered the U.S. Air Force in 1948 as the world’s first operational bomber with hemispheric range, and it was further developed for photographic reconnaissance to acquire detailed maps of areas across the Soviet Union. This illustrated title covers the aircraft’s design and production, its different variants, operation and deployment, and the units it served. 224 pages, 300 color and B&W photos, 8½"x 10½", hardcover. #706365 $39.95

1/200 SCALE

B-52 Stratofortress vs. SA-2 “Guidline” SAM – Vietnam 1972-1973

B-52H Stratofortress Model

Named after the tagline for Northern Michigan, the B-52H “Someplace Special” Stratofortress was adorned with D-Day invasion stripes. This bomber aircraft is the only variant still being operated by the U.S. Air Force. This 1/200 scale, die cast model of a B-52H as it appeared in the 644th Bomb Sqn., 410th Bomb Wing on K.I. Sawyer AFB, features an accurate paint scheme. 11" wingspan. #703584 $149.95

B-52H Stratofortress Model

This 1/200 scale, die cast model replicates the dependable bomber B-52H Stratofortress with markings #706963 for USAF 11th BS, “Jiggs $ Squadron.” The 11th 139.95 Bomber Squadron is one of the oldest airborne units in the U.S., established in 1917. Their distinctive mascot adorns the nose art on the model. Also features realistic panel lines and surface details, authentic markings, extended landing gear, authentic fixed ordnance loads, and accurately detailed undercarriage. 11" wingspan. 1/200 SCALE


B-47 Stratojet Pilot and Crew Flight Handbook – Volume 1

Davies. Once thought impervious to surface-to-air missile attacks (SAM), the B-52 Stratofortress came up against the Soviet-designed SA-2 SAM in the late stages of Vietnam and began to fall from the sky. From Vietnam to Desert Storm, this title examines the roles of SA-2 operators and the B-52 Electronic Warfare Officers (EWOs) using specially commissioned artwork as well as first-hand accounts, tracing the cat-and-mouse tactics that each side employed. 80 pages, 16 images, 7¼"x 9½", softcover. #707305 $19.95

SA-2 Guideline Missile with Launcher Kit Replicating a Soviet SA-2 Guideline missile, which, first operational in 1959, is the most widely used air defense missile in the world, this 1/35 scale plastic kit features a detailed missile with engraved panel lines and simulated bolt heads, a launch ramp and a flame deflector, a rotating launcher base with control panels and movable side legs, and a choice of markings. Missile measures 11" long; 158 parts, assembly required. #83548 $29.95

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Naval U.S. Navy "World's Greatest" Cap

Anti-Submarine Aircraft Kits

A perfect way to celebrate your Naval service or honor the veteran in your life, this cap features detailed embroidery and an adjustable back. #108486 $18.95 Brighten up any room in your house with this 3D optical illusion lamp of a Nimitz-Class USN aircraft carrier. Made to last, it features 8 changeable color modes, a touch button, and a lamp base. 8½" tall.




These plastic kits replicate a pair of Cold War-era U.S. Navy anti-submarine aircraft. They feature realistic panel lines and surface details, authentic decals, rotating propellers, collectible packaging, and display stands. Assembly required. $19.95 each


Aircraft Carrier 3D Color Lamp with Remote

B A: P-3A Orion with Swivel Stand 1/115 scale. Optional-position landing gear and decals for multiple versions. 49 pieces, skill level 2, 12¾" long.

Made in the USA.

#705638 B: S2F Hunter Killer – 1/54 scale. Includes

6 rockets and glazed windshield. Skill level 3, 9½" long. #705845

8 Interchangeable Colors!

USS Nimitz Kit

The USS Nimitz is the second nuclear aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy and was launched in 1972. She is a ship of superlatives in every respect. With a crew of more than 6,000 men and over 100 aircraft, she is the largest military unit ever built. This 1/720 scale plastic kit is molded in gray and includes multiple planes with fine details. 18¼" long. Assembly required. #9892 $39.95

HU-16A Albatross Kit

Designed to land in the open ocean, the HU-16 Albatross was used for search and rescue duties by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard during the Cold War. A replica of one of those aircraft, this 1/48 scale, plastic kit features a well-appointed flight deck and cabin with radios, navigational equipment, and bunk racks; multi-part radial engines with rotating propellers; optional-position crew doors and hatches; movable flight control surfaces; drop tanks; plenty of photo-etched parts; metal landing gear with rubber tires; and two sets of authentic markings. 24¼" wingspan; assembly required. #83463 $129.95

S-3B Viking Model

Featuring markings from the VX-30 “Bloodhounds,” “100 Years of Naval Aviation” paint scheme, 2011, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model of the S-3B Viking features a well-equipped cockpit, realistic panel lines, access panels and surface details, landing gear, ordnance loads, a detailed underside, and a display stand. 11½" wingspan. #981288 $121.95

E-2C Hawkeye Model


25% 1/72 SCALE

This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model replicates the E-2C Hawkeye – NAS Norfolk, VA, September 2009 – the Navy’s early warning and control aircraft. It features authentic VAW-125 “Tiger Tails” markings, engraved panel lines, rotating propellers, retractable landing gear, glazed canopies, rolling rubber tires, and includes a display stand. 13½" wingspan. #981155 Reg: $124.95 $


HU-16 Albatross PlaneTag

Taking its first flight in 1949, the amphibious Grumman Albatross saved lives as a combat search and rescue craft. Cut and engraved directly from the skin of a historic decommissioned HU-16 Albatross, now you can own a piece of aviation history with this one-of-a-kind PlaneTag!




E-2C Hawkeye 2000 Kit

The E-2 Hawkeye is a tactical airborne early warning aircraft that served with the VAW-115 “Liberty Bells” – among other units – during the Vietnam War. Featuring markings from the navy squadron, this 1/48 scale plastic kit of the later-variant E-2C (with an impressive wingspan of over a foot and a half!) includes detailed propellers, a well-equipped cockpit, optional position wings, a fuselage access door, and accurate decals. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 180+ pieces. 20" wingspan. #706361 $119.95

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Vietnam: Overview

The Vietnam War

Boonie Hats

The Definitive Illustrated History

Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this illustrated book covers the entire Vietnam War, including not only battlefield events but also political maneuvers. Dedicated to those who served, it features insight on some of the era’s most memorable figures – Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, and Henry Kissinger, among others – in addition to images of artillery, tanks, and aircraft. 360 pages, 500+ photos, 10¼"x 12", hardcover. #702545 $39.95

Available sizes: 7, 7¼, 7½, 7¾

These reproductions of U.S. military boonie hats feature four riveted mesh air vents, branch loops, and an $ 16.95 each adjustable chinstrap.

Tiger Stripe #M404289

Olive Drab #M404290

Camouflage T-Shirts

These premium-quality t-shirts feature a full-cut body, a double-needle sport collar to prevent neck sagging, and 50% cotton/50% polyester colorfast fabric for durability and fade resistance.

Grunt Slang in Vietnam

Words of the War

Rottman.. The unique vocabulary of the soldiers and Marines serving in Vietnam was a combination of words and phrases dating back to the Korean War, World War II, and even earlier. At the same time it used words and phrases reflecting the country's changing protest culture at home, ideological and poetical doctrine, ethical and cultural conflicts, and racialism and the drug culture. 240 pages, 6"x 9", hardcover. #109361 $29.95

Genuine Series 681 Vietnam War-Era MPC Notes

Tiger Stripe #40038

Own a piece of military history! The Series 681 Military Payment Certificates were issued to overseas troops between August 1969 and October 1970. They were very popular with the men and women B who served in Vietnam because the artwork on the MPCs actually displayed military themes, unlike previous issues. These notes feature a submarine and an astronaut, and arrive in lightly-circulated condition.

M, L, XL: $19.95 each 2XL, 3XL: $21.95 each

Olive Drab #M404254 Tiger Stripe #M404253 Genuine Issue!

Vietnam War-Style 6-Pocket Fatigue Pants

Made of 100% pre-washed cotton rip-stop material, these soft and durable pants feature a zipper fly, six pockets, and drawstring bottoms.

Tiger Stripe #M404255 NEW! Olive Drab #M404256

M, L, XL:

47.95 each


B: 50-Cent #106337



2XL, 3XL:

49.95 each


The Siege of Firebase Gloria

Set during the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive, this 1989 film stars R. Lee Ermey as a USMC sergeant major who must keep his patrol unit alive when they undergo a hellish attack by the Viet Cong at Firebase Gloria. A gritty, realistic portrayal of the Vietnam War! Rated R. 1 hr. 40 min. #MV53241 $19.95


Olive Drab #40044

Long-Sleeve Camouflage T-Shirts

Made of 50% cotton/ 50% polyester colorfast fabric for durability and fade resistance, these shirts feature a full-cut body and a double-needle sport collar.


A: NEW! 25-Cent #106336 $49.95

M, L, XL: $17.95 each 2XL, 3XL: $19.95 each

Tiger Stripe BDU Shorts

M, L, XL:



Featuring a tiger-stripe camouflage print, 2XL, 3XL: these BDU shorts – made of a cotton and $ 31.95 polyester blend – come with a button fly, adjustable waist tabs, and six utility pockets. #M404314

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Vietnam: Weapons / Aviation


Glory Days

M16A-1 Rifle

A centerpiece replica of an M16 rifle used by American soldiers in Vietnam, this nonfiring weapon is the authentic size and weight of the original and features a working mechanism and removable magazine. 38" long. #M651796 $224.95 Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

The Untold Story of the Men Who Flew the B-66 Destroyer into the Face of Fear

Samuel. During the Vietnam War, two combat squadrons based in Thailand flew the little-known EB-66 Destroyer with great success. This book covers their incredible stories as well as decorations, including the Presidential Unit Citation, Silver Stars, Distinguished Flying Crosses, Air Medals, and Purple Hearts. 464 pages, 80 B&W photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #701952 $34.95

Over 1,200 Yankee Air Pirates Photos! U.S. Air Force Uniforms and Memorabilia of the Vietnam War, Volume 2


1/2.5 SCALE

Bizet & Millard. In addition to an examination of flight suits, utility apparel, jungle jackets, headgear, weapons, and insight/references covering 70 different units, this guide also explores an impressive selection of air bases, warbirds, POWS, and secret missions. 352 pages, 1,221 Color and B&W photos, 9"x 12", hardcover. #700286 $89.95

M16 Rifle – 1/3 scale. #109638

11½" long.

Miniature Guns

M1911 Pistol – 1/2½ scale. These non-firing, scale die 4" long. #109639 cast miniature replicas feature working mechanisms, squeezable triggers, loadable magazines, 3 dummy rounds, realistically detailed parts, and a display stand. $39.95 each Some assembly required.

Vietnam-era U.S. Armored Vehicle Kits

These 1/35 scale plastic kits replicate Vietnam A War-era U.S. military armored vehicles. They feature detailed chassis, realistic rubber tires, photo-etched detailed pieces, and authentic decals and paint schemes for 2 versions. B Assembly required.

This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica is modeled after the F-100D flown by Donald Kilgus in Vietnam, 1965. It features engraved panel lines, realistic surface details, an opening canopy with a pilot figure, accurate ordLIMITED EDITION 1/72 SCALE nance loads, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. 7¾" long. #981010 $84.95

F-101B “Voodoo” Kit

A: M920 Tractor Tow with M870A1 Semi-Trailer

Features full drivetrain assembly and realistic winch. Tractor pictured on trailer not included. 780+ pieces, skill level 5, 21½" long. #112159 $149.95

B: USAF XM706E2 Commando Vehicle 310+ pieces, skill level 4, 6½" long. #111876

F-100D Super Sabre Model

39.95 SAVE



Genuine Vietnam War G.I. Parachutist’s Pack

Own a genuine American military accessory – a Vietnam-era parachutist’s pack! Made of durable cotton canvas with a felt liner, it was used by airborne soldiers to throw their weapons and equipment down in front of their jump. Includes straps and buckles. $ 24"x 20" when closed. #110765 Reg: $59.95


Initially designed as a long-range bomber escort, the F-101 Voodoo served with both the U.S. and Canadian air forces. It was later developed into a nuclear-armed fighter-bomber and photo reconnaissance aircraft. This 1/48 scale plastic kit features a well-equipped cockpit, engines with turbine face and afterburners, realistic armament, markings for 5 aircraft, and more. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 16¾" long.

Genuine Issue!




RF-101 Voodoo T-Shirt

Made of a 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, this screen-printed, natural-colored Back t-shirt features artwork of an RF-101C on the front and back, along with information about the airplane. #700601

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M, L, XL:








Vietnam: F-4 / A-1 / A-7 LIMITED EDITION

1/72 SCALE

F-4J Phantom II Kit

F-4E Phantom II Model

This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model of an F-4E Phantom II that flew with USAF 4th TFW CO, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC, 1990, features authentic markings, realistic surface details, glazed canopy and a well-equipped cockpit, detachable ordnance loads, optional-position landing gear, and includes crew figures and a display stand. 10¼" long. #981260 $96.95

F-4 Phantom II

The Premier Fighter/Bomber of Vietnam

One of the primary fighters during the Cold War, the F-4 Phantom II saw extensive service in Vietnam. Featuring a thrilling assortment of training films and newsreels, this program offers viewers a thorough historical examination of the legendary aircraft. 1 hr. 36 min. #V5198 $19.95

A-1H Skyraider Model

This premium-quality, 1/32 scale, plastic kit features a fully-equipped cockpit with optional-position canopies and crew figures, a variety of weapons (including Mk.82 unguided bombs and AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-7 Sparrow missiles), a refueling probe and a 600-gallon centerline fuel tank, realistic landing gear with die cast metal struts and rubber tires, an arrestor hook, a choice of three markings (VMFA-333 "Shamrocks," VMFA-232 "First to Fight" with devil insignia, and VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" with skull-and-crossbones insignia), and much more. 22" long with a 14½" wingspan; assembly required. #83215 $189.95

A-1D Skyraider


“The Spad” Single-Seat Attack Aircraft

Featuring markings of “The Good Buddha” from the USAF 56th SOW, 1st SOS, this 1/72 SCALE 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model of an A-1H Skyraider includes a sliding canopy, a detailed cockpit with a pilot figure, removable ordnance and fuel tanks, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #981233 $97.95

Filled with rare wartime footage, this collection includes five films that feature the Douglas AD-1 Skyraider as it was operated by the U.S. Navy. You’ll learn about its history; see it, along with Vought F4U Corsairs and Grumman F9Fs, battling the North Koreans; enjoy a collection of newsreels highlighting the Skyraider from WWII through the Korean and Vietnam Wars; and more! B&W, 1 hr. 46 min. #V5112 $19.95

A-1H Skyraider T-Shirt

A-1H Skyraider Kit

This highly-detailed, 1/48 scale plastic kit features a wellequipped cockpit; optional-position cowl flaps and dive brakes; separate wing flaps; a large selection of rockets, bombs and fuel tanks; realistic landing gear; and a choice of three U.S. Navy markings (VA-176, VA-25 and VA-52) from the mid-1960s. 12½" wingspan; 190+ pieces, assembly required. #9152 $54.95

USS Intrepid (CV-11) Aircraft Carrier Kit

This natural-colored tee honors the brave men of VA-176 “Thunderbolts” during the Vietnam War and their dependable attack aircraft, the A-1H Skyraider. Made of a soft cotton/polyester blend.


M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL: $21.95

SAVE $30

The USS Intrepid (CV-11), nicknamed “The Fighting I,” was one of 24 Essexclass aircraft carriers built for the U.S. Navy during WWII. She also served with distinction in the Vietnam War, where she made three deployments, and was the astronaut recovery ship for Mercury and Gemini space missions. A replica of that vessel as she appears today with a modified, angled deck-fit, this premium-quality, newly tooled, 1/350 scale, plastic kit features a full hull configuration; an intricate island and mast; detailed flight and hangar decks with 18 realistic aircraft, including A-4 Skyhawks, F8U-1 Crusaders, E-1B Tracers, and UH-2B helicopters; positionable elevators; plenty of photo-etched parts; authentic markings; a display stand with a nameplate; and more. 30" long; 1,000+ parts, assembly required. #96348 Reg: $329.95 $




USS A-7E Corsair II Kit

Featuring markings from the VA-82 and VA-192, this 1/32 scale plastic kit of the USS A-7E Corsair II features landing gear, well-equipped interior with film instrument panel, photo-etched parts, detailed wing folds, and ordnance loads. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 600+ pieces. 17" long. #706343 $149.95

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Vietnam: Helicopters Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art


Brennan. Carrying on the nose art tradition from WWII, many helicopters in Vietnam were painted with images that tested the limits of political correctness and military directives. These volumes feature a selection of never-before-published photos of vibrantly painted choppers along with flight history. 8½"x 11", softcover.

Vol. 1 – 144 pages, 250+ photos. #105023 NEW! Vol. 2 – 128 pages, 165 photos. #707275





Vietnam Gunships and Gunners

Filled with rare wartime footage, this collection includes five films that feature gunships and gunners that fought during the Vietnam War. You'll see the UH-1 Huey, CH-47 Chinook, and C-130 in action; learn about the Huey door gunners, their training, and service in Vietnam; watch the development and implementation of helicopter air mobility; enjoy a collection of newsreels highlighting the various gunships in action in Vietnam; and more! 1 hr. 39 min. #V5123 $19.95

UH-1C Iroquois “Huey” Model

1/48 SCALE

The UH-1 Iroquois “Huey" was used in a variety of roles – including battlefield ambulance, searchand-rescue, and transport – throughout the Vietnam War. This 1/48 scale plastic model replicates the UH-1C, and include textured surface details, glazed cockpit windows, a well-equipped interior, see-through cabin windows, authentic markings, and movable rotors. 11½" long. #701639 $34.95

UH-1 Huey U.S. Flag Metal Sign

Handmade in the USA using heavy-gauge Made in steel, this the USA. vintage metal sign depicts the silhouette of the UH-1 Huey with a distressed American flag. Perfect for any aviation enthusiast. Includes mounting holes. 24"x 10". #706277 $24.95

Track the fascinating early history of famous American helicopters from the $ 1950s and ’60s. 19.95 each H-19 Chickasaw – Explore one of the earliest U.S. helicopters with this film set chronicling the history of the H-19 Chickasaw. 1 hr. 34 min. #V5174

H-34 Choctaw – Bigger and with more

payload than its H-19 predecessor, the recognizable H-34 Choctaw is the star of this exciting program. 1 hr. 34 min. #V5175

H-37 Mojave – This collection examines

the Sikorsky H-37 Mojave twin piston heavy helicopter lifter, first seen in 1953. 1 hr. 30 min. #V5168

UH-34D Seahorse Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the versatile medium transport helicopter, the UH-34D Seahorse. It features photo-etched detail parts, detailed flight deck, choice of web seats or canvas seats in main cabin, nose cowling doors are positionable to reveal engine bay, positionable main cabin door, rescue winch over starboard main cabin door, tail can be posed folded or flight-ready, and authentic decals for 3 versions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 16½" long. #707276 $54.95

CH-47D Chinook Model

1/72 SCALE

The CH-47 Chinook first flew on September 21, 1961, and had a long service history, from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Complete with a die cast metal construction, this 1/72 scale replica of a CH-47D Chinook, as it appeared with the 3rd Battalion, 25th AR, 25th CAV, 25th Infantry Division at Afghanistan, 2013, features pilot and crew figures, detachable ordnance loads, realistic panel lines and surface details, fixed landing gear, and a mid-flight presentation stand. 16½" long. #703920 $47.95

Lam Son 719

Military Helicopters Jigsaw Puzzle

Featuring 28 color profiles of various military helicopters from around the world, this 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle measures 26½"x 19¼". #74916



Joe Kline. Lam Son 719 was the largest, costliest helicopter operation of the Vietnam War. This informative print displays the profiles of more than 70 helicopters used during that offensive, the markings and insignia from all Army Aviation units that participated, and a detailed map of the area of operations. 36"x 24". Signed by the artist! #73807 $49.95

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These heavily-illustrated titles examine many different aspects of armed UP TO combat, including battles, aircraft, warships, and much more. Terrific resources for history buffs and modelers alike! 7½"x 9½", softcover. Each





Essex Class Aircraft Carriers 1943-1991

Marriot. During World War II, Essex-class carriers were at the center of the powerful task groups that could put up hundreds of aircraft to support forces on the ground. Included are dramatic action shots of naval aircraft that were launched from their flight decks, including Hellcat and Corsair fighters that took on the Japanese, and the carrier-borne jets that flew over Korea and Vietnam. 176 pages 200+ B&W photos. #111230 Reg: $24.95

Great War Fighter Aces

Franks. The lifespan of the fighter pilot was notoriously brief during World War I and, as such, only the bravest of men took to the skies. Lavishly illustrated, this volume examines pilots who achieved "ace" status during the first two years of the war. You'll meet such pioneers as Manfred von Richthofen, Albert Ball, Lionel Rees, Wilhelm Frankl, Stanley Dallas, and many others. 168 pages, 170 illustrations. #36483 Reg: $24.95

Battleships: WWII Evolution of the Big Guns

Kaplan. Climb aboard the final U.S. battleships, the USS Iowa, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Missouri, and examine their technology, design, and operations, while also visiting the massive American and German naval yards where some of these iconic ships were constructed. Numerous international battleships are also analyzed, including the Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Warspite, Tirpitz, and Yamato. 144 pages, B&W photos throughout. #M106872 Reg: $24.95

Battleships of the United States Navy – Green.

Sailing the seas for nearly a century, U.S. battleships made their presence felt in engagements from the Spanish-American War to Desert Storm. Filled with detailed photographs, this pictorial essay is a wonderful overview of the U.S. Navy's once-daunting battleship fleet. 192 pages, 150 B&W photographs. #M106781 Reg: $24.95


The Vought F4U Corsair

Hitler’s Artillery 1939-45

Seidler. This pictorial guide examines the many lethal artillery pieces used by the Nazis. The 10.5cm infantry gun, 15cm field howitzer, and 21cm mortars are among the highlights featured in this volume, which shows these powerful weapons on the battlefields in Poland, France, Italy, North Africa, the Balkans, and of course, Russia. 160 pages, 250+ B&W photos.

#100729 Reg: $24.95

U.S. Marine Corps in the Second World War

Green. This title produces a comprehensive pictorial timeline of the U.S. Marine Corps' vital roles during WWII. In addition, experts describe the full range of Corps' weaponry, as well as their organization, tactics and fighting doctrine. 224 pages, 250 B&W photos. #106795 Reg: $22.95

The Phantom F-4

Bowman. The Phantom was a long-range all-weather fighter produced for the U.S. Navy. This title examines its service history and the various combat missions it has been involved in. It was one of America's leading aircraft during the Vietnam War, and it flew in the Middle East with numerous air forces. 144 pages, 120 photos.

#706357 Reg: $24.95

United States Naval Aviation 1911-2014

Green. A comprehensive historical guide tracking the entire century-long timeline of U.S. Naval aviation, this volume examines everything from float planes to Super Hornets. Readers will be treated to hundreds of exciting photographs from World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and today's advanced fighters. 184 pages, 250 photos. #700505 Reg: $24.95

Early Jet Fighters 19441954: The Soviet Union and Europe – Marriott.

This title describes jet fighter development in Europe and the Soviet Union in the late stages of and after World War II. Several of the most famous jet fighters are analyzed in the expert text, including the Messerschmitt Me 262, the Heinkel He 162, the MiGs 15, 17 and 19, the Dassault Ouragan and the Saab J29. 160 pages, 200 B&W photos. #707259 Reg: $26.95

Bowman. First flown in 1940, the prototype Vought F4U Corsair instantly became the fastest fighter in the world and the fastest U.S. aircraft of any description. Powered by a huge 18-cylinder Pratt and Whitney Double Wasp engine, the first Corsairs were capable of 417mph. 128 pages, 120 photos. #707260 Reg: $24.95

The French Air Force in the First World War

Sumner. The French Air Force of the First World War developed as fast as the British and German air forces, yet its history is often forgotten. The fighter pilots play a leading role in the story, though their fame tends to distract attention from the ordinary airmen who formed the body of the air force throughout the war years, including bomber and recon pilots. 160 pages, 200 photos. #707261 Reg: $26.95

The RAF Air-Sea Rescue Service in the Second World War – Franks. At

the start of WWII, the RAF had no efficient means to rescue airmen downed over water. The solution was the Supermarine Walrus, an amphibian airplane that could land on both sea and land. 144 pages, 170 photos. #707262 Reg: $24.95

Luftwaffe Bombers in the Blitz 1940-1941

Saunders. This title is a photo-guided tour of German bomber aircraft during the Blitz of 194041. The images cover the entirety of the Blitz, and also depict losses across Britain. Each section has a short introduction, and the images include those of shot down aircraft, photographs of pilots, and more. 176 pages, 150 B&W photos. #707263 Reg: $24.95

Aircraft Salvage in the Battle of Britain and the Blitz – Saunders. This

title is filled with images of the work of RAF and civilian salvage squads during the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, and beyond. The images will depict losses across Britain, both RAF and German, during this period. 144 pages, 140+ photos. #707264 Reg: $24.95

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Gifts & Apparel Weekender Bag




Show off your love of aviation and America with one of these facemasks! Made from soft polyester, they include adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Machine washable.


Leather Messenger Bag


12.95 each


Made from heavy-duty washed cotton canvas, this weekender bag gives an authentic vintage look and offers ample storage for overnight trips! It features a denim interior lining, brown leather handles and straps, brass hardware, inner and outer pockets, along with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. 23"x 11"x 14". #704023 $64.95

A: Aviation Pattern #706579 B: U.S. Air Force Insignia #706793

C: NEW! U.S. Flag #110949 D: NEW! Stars and Stripes #706817

Color Camo Supreme Caps

Both durable and stylish, this leather messenger bag includes a spacious main compartment with an interior zippered pocket, a front flap with leather strap closures, and an adjustable leather shoulder strap. 12½"x 11".


Blend in with your various surroundings in one of these color camo caps. They feature a precurved visor and an adjustable hook and loop closure. One size fits most. $




Red Camo #110593

14.95 each

City Camo #107425

Camo T-Shirts

Perfect for working out or everyday wear, these classic military camo tshirts are made of a soft cotton/polyester blend and have a tagless label for added comfort.

Red #110589 Black #109453 M, L, XL: $16.95 each 2XL, 3XL: $18.95 each

Boonie Hats with Mosquito Nets


Fighter Jet 3D Lamps with Remote

Perfect for any aviation fan, these 3D color lamps feature a pair of modern fighter jets, the F-15E Strike Eagle and the F-14 Tomcat. They have 8 changeable color modes and come with a touchbutton remote. $49.95 each

Aviator Air ForceStyle Sunglasses

Sizes: 7, 7¼, 7½, 7¾

Made of a durable cotton and polyester blend, these boonie hats – reproductions of ones worn by U.S. soldiers in numerous combat environments, such as Vietnam – feature a protective mosquito netting and an $ adjustable chin strap. 19.95 each

Woodland Camo #101396

Khaki #101397

8 Changeable Color Modes!

A: NEW! F-14 Tomcat #707265 B: F-15E Strike Eagle #706564

Smoke #110560

Green #M404354

Keep the sun out of your eyes and look like a boss with a pair of these Air Force-inspired aviator sunglasses. UVprotected, with acrylic lenses. $14.95 each

Air Force Salute Bronze Sculpture


50% 99.95

This airmen offers a patriotic salute in his service dress uniform and garrison cap. Made of heavy cold $ cast bronze. 12" tall. #702202 Reg: $150

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Vietnam War: Recon / Homefront 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

U.S. Army L-4 and L-19 Liaison and Birddogs

Documenting early U.S. Army light aircraft in liaison, recon, transport, and other roles, this collection of five historic films presents contemporary and archival footage of L-4 Piper Cubs, L-19 Cessnas, and more. You get Pre-Flight Check of L-4, Piper Cub, The Birddog, L-4 Grasshopper, Cessna L-19: Photo Joes and Mail, and German Fi 156 Storch, which shows footage of Germany's own famous liaison aircraft. B&W, 1 hr. 40 min. #V5090 $19.95

L-19 Bird Dog Balsa Kit

Replicating the U.S. Army’s liaison and observation aircraft, the L-19 Bird Dog produced by Cessna, this 1/24 scale kit features hand-selected, laser-cut balsa wood pieces, color decals, lightweight colored tissue, full-size plans, easy-to-follow instructions, 6" plastic propeller, and FAI Tan sport rubber for powered flight. Assembly required, skill level 2, 18" wingspan. #83057 $29.95

O-2A Skymaster Kit

The Cessna O-2A Skymaster, the U.S. military version of the Cessna 337 Super Skymaster, replaced the L-19 Bird Dog during the Vietnam War and was used for observation, rescue, forward air control, and psychological operations. Replicating that aircraft, this 1/32 scale plastic kit features realistic panel lines and rivets, clear windows, a well-equipped cockpit, a detailed engine and landing gear, and authentic decals. Assembly required, 11" long. #707277 $64.95

Beef up your muscle car collection with this 1/18 scale, die cast ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge replica. It features steerable front wheels with treaded rubber tires, an opening hood revealing 1/18 SCALE a large detailed engine, opening doors, detailed interior with bucket seats, chrome detailing, authentic badging, and a lustrous paint scheme. 11¼" long. #409692 $89.95

Genuine 1964 New York World’s Fair Entry Ticket

Authentic Artifact!

Own a piece of pop culture with this genuine entry ticket to the United Arab Republic pavilion of the 19641965 World’s Fair in New York City! The ticket bearer was also registered for a chance to visit the carved stone Abu Simbel temples in Egypt built by King Ramses II. #110762 $19.95

NY World’s Fair Collectibles: 1964-1965

Grant. During New York’s 1964-65 World’s Fair’s 2-year run, thousands of souvenirs were sold, and free brochures and pins were given to fairgoers. Today, these items are highly sought-after by collectors and those who want to relive their days at the fair. Over 600 color photos along with a price guide illustrate the huge array of collectibles from this fair. 160 pages, 634 color and 1 B&W photo, 8½"x 11", softcover.




L19/O-1 Bird Dog Floatplane Kit

Replicating the floatplane version of the observational aircraft, this 1/32 scale plastic kit features realistic panel lines and rivets, clear windows, a well-equipped cockpit, a detailed engine and floating landing gear, and authentic decals. Assembly required, 9¾" long. #707302 $69.95

Vietnam SafeConduct Pass




Over 800 Photos!

1963 End of an Era Currency Set

In 1963, the U.S. Mint struck the last-ever Franklin Half Dollar. At the same time, the U.S. Treasury produced the last-ever $2 United States notes, as U.S. notes were soon replaced entirely by Federal Reserve notes. The set is presented in a custom wallet with a story card that explains the historical background and importance of the items.   #111070 $49.95 Authentic Artifacts!

9-Note Set: 1960s Laos Banknotes

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. and its allies dropped more than 50 billion propaganda leaflets over North Vietnam, including safe-conduct passes encouraging Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers to defect. This safe-conduct pass is a genuine artifact from the era – complete with Vietnamese writing offering instructions for those willing to help fight the communists and join the Genuine Artifact! American cause. 6"x 3".


See Page 50 for more 1960's Muscle Cars!

Laos’s mountainous jungle terrain was a rich smuggling route for weapons coming into South Vietnam to be used by the Viet Cong forces. These Laotian notes are from the Vietnam War years when they were allied with the communist North Vietnamese. The bills come in uncirculated condition and range from a 1 Kip note up through a 1,000 Kip note. 7½"x 4". #111466 $49.95

1968 20 Dong FAO Coin

Issued in 1968, this unique 12-sided, nickel-clad steel coin was the highest denomination released into circulation by South Vietnam, before falling to communism in 1975. 30mm diameter. #106736 $16.95

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Vietnam War: Veteran A

Vietnam Veterans Flags


Made of durable polyester with reinforced edges, these flags include brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'.


$18.95 each

A: Vietnam Veterans of America #109063 B: “All Gave Some” #109887 Made in the USA.

Honor our Vietnam War veterans with this colorful, high-quality windsock! This 40-inch outdoor decoration features an eyecatching design, embroidered accents, and detailed appliqued graphics. It also has a durable weather- and fade-resistant polyester construction, along with a string bridle with an attached snap swivel for easy hanging. #105020 $21.95

U.S. Army Vietnam Vet Round Metal Sign Remember the armed forces that fought in Vietnam with this sensational metal sign! Sure to dress up any favorite space, this sign is made from aluminum and includes mounting holes. 14" round.


“In Memory” Metal Sign

This black metal sign is a unique way to pay tribute to the veterans of Vietnam, featuring the words "In Memory: 1959 to 1975" and commemorating the 58,479 soldiers lost during the war. Includes mounting holes. 18"x 12". #101086 $19.95


Vietnam Veteran Boonie Hat

Made in the USA.



Made of pre-washed, 100% cotton ripstop fabric, this U.S. military-style boonie hat features four screened side vents, a prototypical foliage ring, an adjustable chin strap, “Vietnam Veteran” and a ribbon service bar embroidered on the front, and more. #40045 $16.95 A

Vietnam Service License Plates Thank the Vietnam Veteran in your life, and honor those who didn’t make it home, with one of these patriotic license plates. 12"x 6".


A: Vietnam Veteran #111094 $12.95 B: In Memory – Vietnam #101104 $9.95


Vietnam Veteran Caps

Proudly display your overseas service with these embroidered Vietnam Veteran caps! Made of durable acrylic, and adjustable with Velcro closure in back.

A: Distressed Camo Vietnam Veteran #111089 $18.95

Memorial Knife and Plaque Display

Available sizes: 7, 7¼, 7½, 7¾

B: Vietnam Era Veteran #111090



A patriotic tribute to those who fought in Vietnam, this 12" Ka-Bar knife has a stainless steel blade and a compass on the end of the leather handle. It comes ready to display on a stand with a commemorative plaque. 7¾"x 4" footprint; 6" high. #M602166 $24.95

Vietnam Veteran Wall Clock

The Three Soldiers Statue in Washington D.C. is featured on this colorful wall clock, which also features Roman numerals and precise movement. 12" diameter. #107174 $14.95

Vietnam Veteran Service Ribbon T-Shirt

A great gift for that special vet, or a great way to show off your sacrifice! Featuring sharp digital graphics and made of soft 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

M, L, XL: $14.95 2XL: $16.95


Order Today at 800-225-5575 or



Space Apollo 11 Olive Branch Pin with Bag




This pin, adorned with a symbol of a golden olive branch, is a replica of the olive branch that was left on the moon. The gesture represented a desire for peace. Comes along with a stunning drawstring felt-like bag with golden printing. 3" long pin. #109148 $14.95

Apollo 11 Astronaut on the Moon Kit



Moon Landing Figures Set

On July 16, 1969, a journey to the moon began with Cdr. Neil Armstrong, Lunar Module Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Command Module Pilot Michael Collins. In honor of this historic mission, you can collect these 1/6 scale figures that recreate the Apollo 11 astronauts. They feature a realistic head sculpt, an articulated body, a NASA patch, Apollo 11 Mission patch, nameplate, U.S. National flag insignia, an oxygen purge system, a portable life support system, remote control unit with cover and hose, a camera, a pressure valve, a watch, a moon surface base, an extra-vehicular pressure suit, a pressure bubble helmet, microphone and earpiece, gloves, data list pocket, and boots. 11" tall. $ $

#705258 Reg: 1,199.85


Moonwalkers $ 2 Bill

Genuine legal tender, this colorized $2 note features an image of all 12 Americans who have walked on the surface of the moon! Includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue display portfolio.


Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Folio



Compiled for the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, this folio features the patch designs for Apollo missions 1 (White, Grissom, & Chaffee) and 11 (Armstrong, Collins, & Aldrin). It also includes notes of praise from Genuine Issue! four U.S. presidents – Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon – in addition to messages of goodwill from prominent U.S. government officials and more than seventy world leaders. 35 pages, 9¼"x 11½", hardcover. #707267 $29.95


This 1/8 scale plastic kit replicates Neil Armstrong’s historic first step onto the moon on July 20, 1969. It features a detailed space suit, tinted helmet visor, kitbags, astronaut camera, lower landing gear section of the lunar module, structured lunar surface platform with historic plaque, and true-to-original decals. Assembly required, 24 pieces, skill level 4, 10¼" tall.




Apollo 11 Spacecraft with Interior

This 1/32 scale plastic kit replicates the command and service modules of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. It features a detailed interior with 3 astronaut figures, a clear outer section for a glimpse into the cockpit, docking ring with coupling mechanism, service module with a clear outer section, chamber segment with oxygen and hydrogen tanks, 4 control nozzle consoles, and a display stand. Assembly required, 83 pieces, skill level 5, 12¾" long. #707268 $69.95

NASA Saturn V Owners' Workshop Manual

1967-1973 : Apollo 4 to Apollo 17 & Skylab

Woods. The exciting Owners' Workshop Manual series, a must-own for aviation fans of all ages, offers unique insight and detailed drawings of some of the industry's most legendary machines, including the Saturn V rocket, the powerful machine developed to put a man on the Moon. 176 pages, illustrated, 8½"x11", hardcover. #702267 $34.95

Apollo Saturn V Kit

The Saturn V was the largest operational launch vehicle ever produced, standing over 363 feet high with its Apollo Spacecraft payload. It produced over 7.5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, enabling the crew of Apollo 11 and subsequent Apollo crews to leave the pull of the Earth's gravity and reach the moon. This 1/144 plastic kit recreates the Apollo Saturn V, and features 78 parts, authentic NASA markings, structured outer surfaces, a launch platform, and more! 30" tall. Assembly required. Skill level 3. #705045 $59.95

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NASA / Space Force The Art of NASA

The Illustrations that Sold the Missions

Bizony. Formed in 1958, NASA has long maintained a department of visual artists to depict the concepts and technologies created in NASA’s quest for space exploration. All the landmark early missions are represented here in detail (Gemini, Mercury, Apollo), as are the post-Space Race accomplishments, like the mission to Mars and other deep-space exploration. You’ll glimpse early plans for the International Space Station and alternate concept art for the Apollo 11 mission, and much more. 192 pages, 200 color illustrations, 11¾"x 11¾", hardcover. #707266 $49.95

NASA: “I Need Space” Facemask

Outer space is cool, but so is personal space. Remind everyone to respect your space with this NASAinspired facemask. 100% cotton.


U.S. Space Force Flag

This durable polyester flag features the newly unveiled delta logo, the official image of America’s Space Force. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #110957 $18.95

Space Force Shuttle Parking Metal Sign



NASA Space Explorer T-Shirt

You might want to put this in front of a double-wide parking spot, those thrusters need a bit of clearance! Made of embossed aluminum in the USA. 8"x 12". #111349 $16.95 Made in the USA.

This NASA-inspired t-shirt captures a Space Shuttle launching into space. Made of 100% cotton, it’s ideal for aspiring astronauts.

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL: $19.95


Atlas Rocket with Mercury Capsule Kit On February 20, 1962, John Glenn, Jr. piloted the Mercury Atlas “Friendship 7” spacecraft on America's first manned orbital mission of the Earth. The flight was received with great enthusiasm, and gave the U.S. even more hope of reaching the Moon. This 1/110 scale plastic kit recreates the Atlas rocket and features 150+ detailed parts, accurate NASA markings, and includes an education booklet. Assembly required, skill level 3. 20" long. #705298 $29.95

2-Coin Eisenhower Space Force Set

This 2-coin set honors America’s newest service branch, the United States Space Force. Both authentic Eisenhower Dollar coins have a colorized Space Force logo on the obverse, while still displaying the Apollo 11 insignia on the reverse. The Eisenhower Dollar was chosen for this set in homage to NASA’s creation under his presidency. Both coins come displayed in an acrylic coin capsule, and the set includes a certificate of authenticity. #110450 $24.95

U.S. Space Force Embroidered Cap

This black, 100% cotton cap includes an adjustable strap. #107802 $16.95

1975 Apollo-Soyuz Stamp Sheet

Apollo-Soyuz was the first mission undertaken by Russian and American astronauts in a joint, peaceful quest into outer space. Issued as an attached pair, these authentic 1975 stamps illustrate the main objective of the mission, which was a successful docking in space. #108223 $14.95

Front Crest M, L, XL:



2XL, 3XL:



Space Force “Sky is Not the Limit” T-Shirt

Dream bigger in this Space Force t-shirt! Made of a soft, pre-shrunk cotton/polyester blend.

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or



Military F-14A Tomcat Model

Fighters “Sundowners Tomcat” – F-14 Tomcat of VF-111 “Sundowners”


Designed with markings from the USN VF-111 Sundowners, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, 1/72 SCALE die cast model recreates the F-14A Tomcat as it was stationed at the USS Carl Vinson in 1989. It includes realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels, surface details, pad-printed markings, opening canopy, detailed cockpit interior, interchangeable extended/ retracted landing gear, detachable ordnance loads, a detailed underside, and a presentation stand. 10¾" wingspan. #981240 $139.95

F-14A Tomcat Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates an F-14A Tomcat, the U.S. Navy’s supersonic variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft, retired in 2006. It features options to build the wings either swept or extended, a clear canopy revealing a detailed cockpit, realistic fuselage and wings, and authentic decals for 3 versions. Assembly required, 100+ parts, skill level 3, 10½" wingspan.






American Caps




Made of 100% polyester, these caps feature aircraft and eagles proudly flying by. They include a mesh back, a snap closure, a structured front, $ and a pre-curved visor. Reg: $26.95 each

A: Tom Cat #110706


Primarily designed for air-to-air and reconnaissance missions, the F-14 Tomcat served during the Cold War. Made of 100% cotton, the iconic aircraft is screen-printed on this t-shirt. #706421

1/72 SCALE


This striking t-shirt proudly features a beautiful F-15 Strike Eagle joined in flight by a majestic bald eagle. This shirt is pre-shrunk and made of 100% high-quality cotton to keep you comfortable $ all day. #704952 M, L, XL: 22.95

M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

F-16C Fighting Falcon Model


This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model features engraved panel lines, realistic surface details and ordnance loads, a well-equipped cockpit with glazed canopy, authentic markings, and includes a display stand. “Mi Amigo 75th Anniversary Flypast,” USAF 494th FS, Lakenheath, February 22, 2019. 7¼" wingspan. #981281 $119.95

F-15 Strike Eagle T-Shirt

F-14 Pilot T-Shirt

B: Eagle Talon Flag #110707

F-15E Strike Eagle Model


Mark Karvon. LIMITED EDITION A fighter squadron of the U.S. Navy from 1956-95, the VF-111 “Sundowners” were entrusted with a number of aircraft during their reign: including the F-4 Phantom II and, beginning in 1977, the F-14A Tomcat. Flying impressively over the Southwestern landscape, the “Top Gun” on this limited edition print features the unit’s famous red and white markings on the tail, along with its shark-mouth nose. 30"x 20". Signed by the artist artist! #705057 $99.95 99.95


This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model features engraved 1/72 SCALE panel lines, realistic surface details and ordnance loads, a well-equipped cockpit with a glazed canopy, authentic markings, and a display stand. USAF 114th FW, 175th FS “Lobos,” “South Dakota ANG 70th Anniversary” paint scheme, 2016. 5¼" wingspan. #981286 $99.95

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

2XL, 3XL: $24.95

Though the F-15 Eagle was an elite air superiority fighter, it was simply too expensive and, in turn, the F-16 was developed as an alternative aircraft, and would go on to be an international sensation. Enjoy these wonderful programs all about the history, development, and missions of the one and only F-16 Fighting Falcon. 1 hr. 30 mins. $19.95 each

Volume 1 #701865

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Volume 2 #705342

Stealth 75 Years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Goodall.. This pictorial journey will take you from the very beginning of Skunk Works’ first project (XP-80 Shooting Star) and follow the program through prototype build-up, first flight, and, if they reached the frontline, operational service for each of the 30 unclassified programs designed and built by Skunk Works. 384 pages, photos throughout, 11¾"x 9½", hardcover. #707123 $64.95

This 100% polyester facemask includes adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Machine washable.


F-117 Nighthawk Model

Shrouded in mystery, the F-117 Nighthawk became operational several years before it was made public in 1988. It was the first aircraft designed around stealth technology and was noted for its service during the Gulf War. This 1/144 SCALE 1/144 scale, die cast, Air Force 1 model is as it appeared in the USAF, 8th FS “Black Sheep”, 1997-98. It features a simulated canopy, and a display stand. 5½" long. #701739 $19.95

Second Wave to Baghdad

Skunk Works Facemask

$12.95 12.95


F-22A Raptor Model

Featuring markings from the USAF 412th TW, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model of the F-22A Raptor features a hinged canopy, a well-equipped cockpit, movable stabalators, under-wing fuel tanks, realistic panel lines, access panels and surface details, landing gear, ordnance loads, a detailed underside, and a display stand. 7½" wingspan. #981282


SAVE 50%

Stan Stokes. Given an opportunity to showcase its stealth attack abilities during the Gulf War, LIMITED EDITION the F-117 Nighthawk proved successful against strategic Iraqi targets. The 37th Tactical Fighter Wing – under the command of Col. Alton Whitley – conducted the F-117's first combat mission, which ultimately led to an impressive 80% success rate and a total of 1,271 sorties. This limited edition print depicts an F-117A of the 37th FW against the majestic Middle Eastern sky. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist! #7787 Reg: $39.95 $


$119.95 119.95

U-2S Dragon Lady Model

1/72 SCALE

Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor An Illustrated History

Wallace & Holder. The F-22 is “top gun” – it is more agile than current U.S. aircraft, has stealth capability, and is flexible in both air-to-air and air-to-ground attack missions. 72 pages, 140+ color photographs, 8½"x 11", softcover. #1848 $19.95 19.95



This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model replicates a Lockheed U-2S Dragon Lady, the American long-range, high-altitude recon aircraft operated by the USAF. It features realistic surface details, an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit with pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings for USAF 9th RW out of Beale AFB, CA, 2015, and a display stand. 17¼" wingspan. #981243 $132.95

U-2C “Dragon Lady” Kit F-22 Raptor T-Shirt

This black t-shirt honors the U.S. Air Force’s versatile all-weather stealth tactical fighter, the F-22 Raptor, defending freedom $ M, L, XL: 22.95 since 2005. 100% cotton. 2XL, 3XL: $24.95 #707258

With tensions mounting, President Eisenhower's request for more accurate intelligence on the Soviets was the spark that ignited the U-2 project, approved in 1954. This 1/48 scale plastic kit features an opening canopy, a well-appointed cockpit (with a removable exterior canopy), a ground handling cart, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 25¾" wingspan.

Over 2-Feet in Wingspan!

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Russia / China

Famous Russian Aircraft

Over 1,750 Photos!

Gordon & Komissarov. These richly-illustrated titles examine modern Russian military aircraft from Sukhoi: the close air support Su-25 and the air superiority fighter Su-27. You’ll read about Over 600 the development and Photos! operational careers of the aircraft, Sukhoi Su-25 – 496 pages, including mid-life upgrades, variants, and 600+ photos. #707118 detailed fleet lists. Each volume contains exclusive photographs, line drawings, and Sukhoi Su-27 & 30/33/ color profiles. 8½"x 11", hardcover. 34/35 – 720 pages, $ 64.95 each 1,750+ photos. #705094

#981184 Reg: $107.95 $


1/72 SCALE

17.95 each





B: Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon PLAAF, China. 4¾" long.







C: Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon

PLAAF, China. Includes a display stand. 5¼" long.




D: Changhe Z-8

PLANAF, China. 6¼" long.

B: NEW! Su-35S Flanker E


“Blue 50,” Russian Air Force, “Russian Knights” aerobatics team, Kubinka AB, Russia, November 2019. 8" wingspan. #981274 $129.95

E: Harbin Z-19 Black Whirlwind


1/100 scale. PLA, China. 4¾" long. #702330


1/100 SCALE

1/72 SCALE


C: NEW! Su-35S Flanker E – “Russian Knights” aero-


batics team. Not numbered (includes decal sheet with markings from 50 to 53).





Russian Air Force’s First Stealth Fighter!

1/72 SCALE


D: Su-57 Felon – Russian Air Force, March 2019. Includes ordnance loads. 7¾" wingspan. #981293


These 1/144 scale (unless otherwise marked), Air Force 1, die cast models replicate aircraft with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Air Force (PLAAF), and Naval Air Force (PLANAF), of China. They feature realistic panel lines and surface details, extended landing gear with rolling wheels, glazed canopies and windshields, accurate ordnance loads, and authentic markings.

PLAAF, China. 4¼" long.

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate Sukhoi aircraft with the Russian Air Force. They feature authentic paint schemes and markings, optional-position landing gear, opening canopies revealing a well-equipped cockpit and a pilot figure, and display stands. Russian Air Force, Zhukovsky, Russia, August 2012. Includes ordnance loads. 8½" wingspan.

Chinese Aircraft Models

A: Chengdu J-10 Vigorous Dragon

Russian Sukhoi Aircraft Models

A: Su-25SM Frogfoot

1/144 SCALE



LiaoNing Aircraft Carrier

1/700 SCALE

Built in 1985 for the Soviet Union, the Liaoning (originally called the Riga) was put up for sale after the dissolving of the USSR in 1991, where the Chinese bought it and eventually commissioned it in 2016. This 1/700 scale, die cast replica of the carrier as it appeared in the South China Sea in 2016 features a realistic deck and superstructure, aircraft models (including jets and helicopters with in-flight display mounts), and two different display bases (including a nameplate wooden base and a waterline base). 17¼" long. #705715 $99.95

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Foreign Fighters / Foreign Currency


Replicating modern fighters from different countries, these 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models feature opening canopies with detailed cockpit, optional-position landing gear, realistic panel lines and surface details, a pilot figure, and a display stand.

MiG-21PFM Fishbed


1/72 SCALE


Soviet Air Force, Red 50, USSR 1968. 3¾" wingspan.



#981167 Reg: $79.95 $

TF-104G Starfighter Turkish Air Force. 9¼" long.


All Models Include a Display Stand!

#980405 Reg: $69.95 $


F-35B Lightning II RAF No. 207 OCU, RAF Marham, England, 2019. 8½" long.


MiG-21MF Fishbed


JG 1, East German Air Force. 8" long.

#981136 Reg: $109.95 $



#981011 Reg: $79.95 $




MiG-25PD Foxbat-E


Typhoon F.2

RAF No. 3 Squadron, ZJ927, Libya, 2011. 6" wingspan.

Syrian AAF 5th Aerial Sqn, Tiyaz AB, Syria, 1985. 7¾" wingspan.

#981166 Reg: $112.95 $

#981029 Reg: $111.95 $





Foreign Currency Collectibles

Travel the globe without leaving your living room with these genuine-currency collectibles! Rare and historic, each piece is its own conversation starter!

1968 20 Dong FAO Coin

1936 British East Africa Edward VIII 10-Cent Coin

Issued in 1968, this unique 12-sided, nickel-clad steel coin was the highest denomination released into circulation by South Vietnam, before falling to communism in 1975. 30mm diameter. #106736 $16.95

Authentic Issue!

1978-1993 Afghanistan 4-Note Set

Authentic Issue!


Introduced between 1978 and 1993 during the Soviets’ occupation of Afghanistan, this attractive set of Afghani banknotes includes 50, 100, 500, and 1000 denomination notes in crisp condition. Beautifully detailed, these pieces feature intricate designs depicting the Masar-e-Sharif Mosque, the Dar-al-Ama palace in Kabul, and the Victory Arch built to honor Afghan victory over the British in 1919. $



Authentic Issue!

During his brief reign as monarch in 1936, Edward VIII saw only a limited number of coins struck honoring his time on the throne: one of them being this dime issued in British East Africa, featuring four elephant tusks and a center hole (making it easier for locals to carry them on a string). Circulated. 30mm diameter. #111043 $14.95

1978 North Korea 100 Won Note

This note marks the first appearance on a monetary note of North Korean founder and first ruler, Kim Il-sung. He is Authentic Issue! the father of former ruler Kim Jong-il, and grandfather of current leader, Kim Jongun. The reverse displays Kim Il-sung’s birthplace in Mangyongdae. Uncirculated. 6¾"x 3¼". #112152 $21.95

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Patriotic C B A

”Proud to Be American” Flag

Show off your love of America, the land of the free, with this true patriotic flag! Constructed of durable polyester, it includes four-row stitching at the ends and brass grommets for hanging. 5'x 3'. #107004 $18.95 A

Made in the USA.


Colorized 2 Bills $

Honor America with these $2 bills adorned with stylized U.S. flags. These notes are genuine legal tender overlaid with a special colorization process, and they come in crisp, uncirculated condition in a $ two-sided display folio with a certificate of authenticity. 16.95 each

A: USA Flag $2 Bill – Old Design. #703322 B: “God Bless America” #102602

Show off your patriotism with this eye-catching cap! Featuring embroidered lettering on the crown, bill, and back closure. #111205 $18.95 18.95

Remember the Fallen…Honor the Sacrifice T-Shirt

Front Crest

M, L, XL: $21.95 2XL, 3XL: $23.95


Make a bold statement with these patriotic facemasks! Made of 100% polyester with elastic straps. Machine A: American Flag #110135 washable.

B: Eagle Banner #110465

Celebrate the 4th of July or show your patriotic side with these red, white, and blue decorations! Each one is made from durable, fade-resistant materials for a long-lasting look. A: Patriotic Eagle Hot Air Balloon Spinner – Includes fiberglass rods to hold the balloon shape and assembly instructions for easy hanging. Polyester. 42" tall. #M602073 $24.95 B: Windsock – Includes a string bridle with snap swivel for hanging. Polyester/plastic. #703566 $21.95 C: Pinwheels – This 8-piece set includes 8" diameter pinwheels with 12" plastic wands. #703567 $19.95

Honor the troops who served and sacrificed their lives. This symbolic t-shirt is a great way to show your support. 100% cotton. #110017

United States Stars Cap


Patriotic Décor


$12.95 each


"From Sea to Shining Sea" Jigsaw Puzzle

Featuring Lady Liberty and a bold eagle, this patriotic 1,000-piece puzzle is the perfect afternoon activity. 27"x 20". #706181


Made in the USA.

Metal Signs

Put your patriotism on display with one of these bold metal signs! $ They include mounting holes for easy hanging. 29.95 each


A: “These Colors Don’t Take a Knee” – 14"x 18". #703438 B: NEW! Eagle with U.S. Flag Wings – 18"x 12". #104328

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Presidential Bobbleheads 95 $

Honor democracy with this impressive presidential bobblehead collection! These polyresin figures are hand-painted for exceptional detail and come in a collector’s box. 8½" tall.

Joe Biden #706381

VP Kamala Harris #707035

Gerald R. Ford #102662

Lyndon B. Johnson #101881

Donald Trump #101452

William Howard Taft #112149



Barack Obama #68470

Teddy Roosevelt #M601926

Military Bobbleheads Come in a Collector's Box!

George H.W. Bush #101923

Ulysses S. Grant #M601928

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George W. Bush #M601934

John Quincy Adams #112150



Trainers / Tiger Meet Naval Fighters Volumes

Air Force Physical Training T-Shirt

Ginter. These heavily-illustrated books examine the design, development, and operational service of the two-seat variants of Vought A-7 and Douglas A-4 aircraft. Includes close-up photographs and detailed line drawings of the cockpit, armament, landing gear, and other systems. 8½"x 11", softcover.

Look sharp for PT! This gray, screen-printed U.S. Air Force physical training t-shirt is made of a 50% cotton/ 50% polyester blend. M: #63360 $9.95 L: #63361 $9.95

No. 78: Vought TA-7C/EA-7L, A-7K “Twosair”

XL: #63362 $9.95 2XL: #63363 $11.95

Looks at the A-7 Corsair II family of carrier-based subsonic light attack aircraft – covering the planes' service in the U.S. Navy and in the air forces of Greece, Portugal and Thailand. 88 pages, 165 B&W and 15 color photos. #20126 $22.95

AT-6 Texan Balsa Kit

This high-quality, 1/17 scale kit of the WWII trainer features laser-cut balsa wood parts, 2 ½ -Foot Wingspan! vacuum-molded details, including a 9" propeller; FAI-approved rubber; lightweight colored tissue and peel-and-stick decals; a full-size plan and step-by-step instructions. For display or rubberpowered flight. 30" wingspan, assembly required. #83054 $59.95 This 1/200 scale, die cast model replicates the trainer version of the SR-71B Blackbird, recognizable by the raised position of the rear cockpit for the instructor and the ventral fins below the 1/200 SCALE engines for SR-71B Blackbird Model increased in-flight stability. It features realistic surface details, opening canopies, extended landing gear, and authentic markings for USAF 4200th SRW, 4201st SRS, Beale AFB, CA. 6¼" long. #707240 $79.95


KC-135R Stratotanker Model

This 1/200 scale, die cast model of the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker 1/200 SCALE features accurate USAF markings, realistic panel lines, an aerial refueling boom, detailed turbofan engines, rubber tires, a display stand, and more. 9" wingspan. #704858 $79.95

Douglas Skyhawk two-seat advanced jet trainer and its variants, including foreign versions. 160 pages, 493 B&W photographs and illustrations and 12 color photos. #20129 $34.95

T-4 Trainer Model

The T-4 is used by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force as an intermediate trainer. This LIMITED EDITION 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast 1/72 SCALE model replicates a T-4 with th the 13 TFW as it appeared at the Ashiya Air Show, Japan, in October 2016, decorated in a specialty paint scheme commemorating “1,000 T-4 student pilots graduated.” It features an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit and 2 pilot figures, detachable ordnance loads, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 5½" wingspan. #981247 $84.95

Tiger Meet Models


The NATO Association of Tiger Squadrons was established in 1961 to promote solidarity beA tween NATO air forces. Each year, it holds a “Tiger Meet” to give member nations an opportunity to train together in simulated battle over the skies of Europe. The meets are also public relations exercises, and participating squadrons often B decorate their aircraft with elaborate tigerstriped paint schemes.

1/72 SCALE




Images of America

Beale Air Force Base During the Cold War

Quest. Take a rare look at California's Beale Air Force Base during the Cold War era, when it was home to Strategic Air Command's (SAC) most famous weapons systems – B-52 bombers, KC-135 tankers, Titan I and AGM-28 nuclear missiles, and SR-71 and U-2 spy planes. You'll meet the people, see the aircraft, and tour the community that stood alert and made the sacrifices needed to win the Cold War. 128 pages, approximately 200 B&W photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. #18250 $21.95


No. 82: USN/USMC Two-Seat Skyhawks; TA-4F, EA-4F, TA-4J, and OA-4M – Here, you’ll view the

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate a pair of European aircraft that took part in a Tiger Meet. They feature opening canopies revealing well-equipped cockpits with a pilot figure, detachable ordnance loads, optionalposition landing gear, authentic “Tiger Meet” paint schemes and markings, and display stands. A: NEW! EF-2000 Typhoon – Luftwaffe, “Bronze Tiger,” Neuburg AB, Germany, Tiger Meet 2014. 6" wingspan. #981291 $121.95

B: EF-18A Hornet – Spanish Air Force, Zaragoza AB, Spain, Tiger Meet 2016. 6¼" wingspan. #981156 Reg: $97.95 $

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Images of America

Ten-hut! Step onto some of America’s most historic forts, air bases, and training stations with these highly-illustrated titles from the always fascinating Images of America series! 128 pages, 200+ images, 6½"x 9¼", softcover.





Fort Carson – Hahn, Berg.

McChord Field

United States Naval Training Center, Bainbridge – Quesenbery.

Camp Carson was practically created overnight by President Franklin Roosevelt and with the permission of the neighbors in Colorado Springs. The post has been the home and training grounds for troops who served in all wars from WWII to the current war on terror.


Fort Devens − Craig.

To build Camp Devens, as it was known in 1915, the War Department assembled the largest labor force in U.S. history. Learn of the men who served there, including Colin Powell and Edward Kennedy; of NASA’s affiliation with the base via liquid-fueled rocket experiments; and more.


Fort Dix – Zimmerman.

Located in central New Jersey, Fort Dix has been training soldiers since its 1917 founding as one of the original 16 army camps to train and mobilize soldiers for WWI. #M101942

Jefferson Barracks

Grassino & Schuermann. Missouri’s Jefferson Barracks has served the U.S. military for nearly two centuries – home to the U.S.’ first permanent Dragoons (later the U.S. Cavalry), the first School of Infantry, and the first regiment of Buffalo Soldiers.


Fort Ord – Raugh, Jr. Follow

the history of Fort Ord from its founding as an infantry training center during World War I through its closure at the end of the Cold War.


Yuma Proving Ground

Laverty. The Yuma Proving Ground’s early history began in 1849 with the establishment of Army outposts in the region. With the U.S. entering World War II, the camp was expanded for training and equipment testing in the desert. In 1963 it was given its current name. #112140

Peterson. On July 3, 1940, McChord opened as a training base which developed bomber crews, acted as an aircraft modification center, and was a homeland defense center during WWII. #703929

Edwards Air Force Base

Huetter & Gelzer. Filled with rare archival images of California’s Edwards Air Force Base, which, as a strategic flight test and research and development center for the U.S. Air Force, NASA and civilian contractors, has been at the cutting edge of aviation and aerospace technology since the 1940s. #18196

Holloman Air Force Base

Page II. This volume tells the story of the many accomplishments achieved at Holloman, including the “Fastest Man Alive,” the “Highest Step in the World,” and the training of Ham – the first chimpanzee in space.


MacDill Air Force Base

Williamson. Located near Tampa, Florida, MacDill AFB was created in 1941 to provide air defense for America’s southern Atlantic coast and support for air operations over the Caribbean. Follow its history from training base for B-17 crewmen to its modern-day hosting of air mobility wings.


Millville Army Air Field

Galluzzo. At the outbreak of World War II, the private civilian airfield in Millville, New Jersey, gave way to the creation of “America’s First Defense Airport,” which trained nearly 1,500 P-47 Thunderbolt pilots in gunnery school. 170 photographs.


Mountain Home Air Force Base − Mailes. This book

examines more than 60 years of airpower history at the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. You’ll view photos from its beginnings, training B-24 aircrews, to the modern premier training facilities utilized by the famous 366th Fighter Wing “Gunfighters.” #18138


This photo-history explores the U.S. Naval Training Center in Bainbridge, Maryland, from its 1941 formation on 1,200 acres, through its role in preparing 350,000 sailors for battle in WWII, to its 1976 demolition. #M101939

Great Lakes Naval Training Station

Gonzalez. Illinois’ historic Great Lakes Naval Training Station is examined here, from its opening in 1911, through all the conflicts of the 20th century and the training of more than 4 million sailors. #M103954

U.S. Naval Air Station Grosse Ile − Keisel. This

book examines Michigan’s Naval Air Station Grosse Ile – which was one of the Navy’s largest flight training stations, from its 1927 establishment through its 1969 decommissioning.


San Diego’s Naval Training Center – Garey.

This heavily illustrated book tells the naval center’s story from its 1923 commission through its 1997 closure. You’ll view recruits and their training, explore the grounds and the concrete “non-ship” USS Recruit.


Naval Air Station Pensacola – Keillor. One

of the most fascinating aviation hubs in America, the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, was the world’s first naval aeronautical facility. #700305

Naval Submarine Base New London – Bishop.

Trace the history of the 112-acre Navy facility on the Thames River in Groton, from its origin in 1868, to its designation as the United States’ first submarine base.


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General Aviation / Cessna

Beech Staggerwing Balsa Wood Kit

17½" Wingspan!

Cessna 172 Model


This high-quality, laser-cut balsa wood kit includes hand-selected balsa, full-size plans, 5" plastic propeller, vacuum molded parts, colored tissue and full-color decals. Beginners will be astonished by the ease of construction while experienced model builders will respect the quality materials and precision laser cut parts. 110 pieces, 17½" wingspan when assembled. For display or rubber-powered flight.


Made by the Cessna Aircraft Company, the Cessna 172 took its first flight in 1955. This 1/72 scale, die cast model features realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels and surface details, spinning metal propellers, detailed underside, and a presentation stand. 6" wingspan. #706394 $54.95

1/72 SCALE




Cessna 172 Skyhawk Kits

D17S Staggerwing Kit

Recognized for its aesthetic design, the Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing was an improved version of the Model 17 and was operated mostly by private owners, except for some that were requisitioned by the army during World War II. After the war, it continued to participate in modern air shows. This 1/48 scale plastic kit features a detailed engine and landing gear, and markings for three aircraft. Assembly Made in required. Skill the USA. level 3. 8" wingspan.




Beechcraft T-Shirt M, L, XL: $32.95 2XL: $34.95

This cool, quality t-shirt features an eye-catching logo derived from the side of a Beechcraft King Air biplane! Pre-shrunk to eliminate wear, it’s made in the USA with 100% cotton.


Waco YMF-5 Balsa Kit

Nearly 3-Foot Wingspan!

Replicating the Waco YMF-5, one of the most popular personal planes manufactured by the Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio, this kit features laser cut balsa parts, covering tissue, vacuum molded parts, decals, step-by-step instructions and more. For display, electric-, gas-, or rubber-powered flight. Assembly required. 35" wingspan. #83009 $74.95



The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the world's most popular light aircraft, with more than 44,000 built since 1956. These 1/48 scale plastic kits replicate the ubiquitous aircraft and feature authentic decals for multiple marking options, detailed landing gear and interiors, glazed windows, and more. Assembly required, $ skill level 2, 9" wingspan. 34.95 each

A: Civil Air Patrol #83851

B: Skyhawk #703646

Cessna Plane Cap

Show off your admiration for the legendary Cessna! Made of 100% brushed cotton twill, this premium-quality, red cap features an embroidered, felt appliqué Cessna patch on the front, a pre-curved visor, and an adjustable strap. One size fits most. #60271 $26.95

Cessna Logo T-Shirt Made of 100% cotton, this comfy t-shirt proudly displays a Cessna pilot’s passion for flight! It features a woven multi-flag patch on the sleeve and logo print on the front.


M, L, XL: $32.95 2XL: $34.95

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Manufacturers Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Model

1/500 SCALE

Manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the Boeing 787-10 variant took its maiden flight on March 31, 2017. This 1/500 scale, die cast model replica features cabin windows, landing gear, and accurate decals. 4½" wingspan. #702838 $69.95

Boeing 727 – Triumph in the Skies

Dornseif. Designed to outclass its rivals, the Boeing 727 took its first flight in 1963, and this illustrated title examines the technical aspects of this aircraft, as well as the reasoning behind its design. Also included is a model-building chapter, which offers helpful techniques for hobbyists. 288 pages, 644 color and B&W photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #706550 $69.95

B787-8 Demonstrator Kit

Boeing Advertising Jigsaw Puzzle

Making its first flight in December 2009, the 787 “Dreamliner,” a twin engine mid-size airliner, is famously known for being able to fly nonstop, long-range air routes that were once the exclusive domain of jumbo airliners. This 1/200 plastic kit recreates the B787-8 Demonstrator, and features 64 parts, detailed nose and landing gear, authentic markings, and accurate engine components. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 12" wingspan. #704995 $59.95

Boeing has been a pioneer of aviation for more than 100 years. This collage provides an overview of Boeing advertising from the past century of

flight. 1,000 pieces. 26½"x 19¼". #707249

Boeing 737: The World’s Jetliner

Dornseif. First launched in 1965, the Boeing 737, by many measures, is the most successful and long-standing jetliner in the history of aviation. This volume provides an in-depth look into the story of this extremely significant jetliner and the environment that contributed to this amazing story. Included in the book is a technical chapter that defines the systems and provides a detailed pilot's walk-around. 288 pages, 510 color and B&W photos, 8½"x 11, hardcover. #703410 $59.95

Airbus Aircraft Since 1972

Lang. Complete with performance tables and an impressive selection of time-spanning images, this reference guide offers an analysis of all Airbus planes since 1972. See what distinguishes the commercial company – which has also begun a foray into the military sphere – from its competitors, including their innovative design concepts, tested and proven with their newest behemoth: the A380. 128 pages, 114 color photos, 5½"x 8½", softcover. #702250 $19.95

Airbus A300-600ST Beluga Model

1/400 SCALE

The Airbus A300-600ST, or Beluga, is a version of the standard A300-600 wide-body airliner modified to carry aircraft parts and oversized cargo. It received the official name of Super Transporter; however, the name Beluga, a whale it resembles, gained popularity and has since been officially adopted. This 1/400 scale, die cast model recreates the A300600ST, and features a glossy varnish coating, a highly detailed metal fuselage, and display stand. 5½" long. #704997 $34.95


Boeing Building Defense T-Shirt

M, L, XL: $32.95 2XL: $34.95

$18.95 Made in the USA.

This WWII-era Boeing Building Defense t-shirt is made of 100% cotton with a 1940s Boeing logo silk-screened on the front. Pre-shrunk and washed after printing for vintage character. Made in the USA.


The Airbus 220-300 Airbus represents the 220-300 fusion of Model performance 1/200 SCALE LIMITED EDITION and technology, allowing airlines to connect distant points on continents or sectors that were previously unprofitable or impossible. This handcrafted 1/200 scale, die cast model of the Airbus 220-300 features detailed scale landing gear and highly accurate airline markings, and a display stand. 7" wingspan. #704591 $129.95 Known as the Airbus A 380 world's largest passenger airliner, “New Livery” Kit Nearly 2-Foot the Airbus A380 is Wingspan! reproduced with this 1/144 scale plastic kit, featuring a livery design from its first flight. It includes surface details, recessed panel lines, landing gear, 22 wheels with intricate rims, a cockpit, wings with separate landing and navigation lights, engine pods, and antennas. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 22" wingspan. #705939 $64.95

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Domestic Airlines 1/400 SCALE

PAN AMERICAN B727-200 Model


1/200 SCALE

This 1/200 scale, die cast model repliLIMITED EDITION cates a 727-200 with Pan Am. It features realistic panel lines and surface details, rolling rubber tires, authentic livery, spinning fan blades in the engine, and a display stand. 6½" wingspan. #707060 $109.95

Domestic Airline Models


Pan Am Logo

These 1/400 scale, die cast models replicate domestic airliner aircraft. They feature realistic panel lines and surface details, pad-printed doors and windows, authentic livery, and extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires.


Pan American World Airways was known for its innovation, and now you can show off your traveler side with these aviation-themed products, featuring the $ Pan Am logo. 19.95 each Mug – Dishwasher and microwave safe. 11oz. #706476 Socks – Made of polyester. #706475

A: B787-9 Dreamliner – United Airlines. 6" wingspan. #706987 B: B787-9 Dreamliner – American Airlines. 6" wingspan. #706583

C: A320neo



Spirit Airlines. 3¼" wingspan.






Domestic Airline Models

1/200 SCALE

These 1/200 scale, die cast models replicate domestic airliner aircraft. They feature realistic panel lines and surface details, padprinted doors and windows, authentic livery, extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires, and display stands. A

Pan Am Board Game

Compete with Pan Am and other players as the head of your own fledgling airline. Play through decades of air travel history alongside an ever-growing Pan Am: make a fortune when they buy your routes, invest in Pan Am stock when it’s cheap, and don’t get pushed out of the skies by your competition! 2-4 players, includes 52 airplanes.




A: A310-300 – Delta.


8¾" wingspan.





B: B737-MAX 9

Alaska Airlines. 7" wingspan.




C: B737-700

Southwest Airlines. 7" wingspan.



Pan Am T-Shirts

M, L, XL: $24.95 each

2XL: $27.95 each

Show off your love of aviation with these vintage-inspired Pan Am tees! Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. White #707253 True Royal #707254


A330-200 Model



This 1/200 scale, die cast model replicates a National Airlines Airbus A330-200. It 1/200 SCALE features engraved panel lines, freespinning jet fans, landing gear with rolling rubber tires, authentic badging, and a display stand. 12" wingspan. #706891 $169.95

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International Airlines B

Frequent Flyer Mugs

Have a cup of coffee while you reminisce about your last trip, A or plan your next one. These ceramic mugs hold 11 oz., and are microwave and dishwasher safe. $19.95 each

International Airliner Models


1/400 SCALE

A: Jet Fuel #706303 B: Born to Fly #706623 C: NEW! Crew Juice #707248 C D: NEW! Ejection Seat #707247

These 1/400 B scale, die cast models feature realistic panel lines and surface details, pad-printed doors and windows, authentic livery, and extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires. A: NEW! B737-900ER – El Al Israel Airlines. 3½" wingspan.


Travel T-Shirts C

#706603 $37.95 B: Concorde – British Airways. 6" long. #706649 $36.95 C: MD-83 – AeroMexico. 3¼" wingspan.


M, L, XL: $24.95 each 2XL, 3XL: $27.95 each

These comical, aviation-themed t-shirts are perfect for frequent fliers and avid travelers. 100% cotton.

Jet Lag #706305

Cargo Airliner Models

1/200 SCALE

These limited edition 1/200 scale, die cast models replicate A a pair of largefreight aircraft. They feature authentic livery, extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires, realistic panel lines and surface details, pad-printed doors and windows, and display stands.

I Visited Countries #706466 LIMITED EDITION



Luggage Tags

Make your luggage stand out from the crowd! With these bold luggage tags, you’ll easily identify your suitcase. $14.95 each

A: Hello #707246

B: Can’t Touch This #707245





A: B747-400ERF

C: Presidential #707244

Kalitta Air. Opening cargo nose, and three opening body doors. 12¾" wingspan.




B: MD-11F – Western Global. 10¼" wingspan. #706886



Globetrotter Jigsaw Puzzles Spend a relaxing afternoon visiting over 40 beautiful locations with one of these Globetrotter puzzles! 1,000 pieces. 26½"x 19¼".

$18.95 each



A: Globetrotter USA B: Globetrotter World

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or

#707242 #707243


Just 4 Fun


Monogram Models

Graham. Monogram’s plastic kits have captured the imaginations of hobbyists everywhere since the company’s founding in the 1940s. Here, thousands of those kits made between 1945 and 1986 are described in detail, shown in more than 300 beautiful color photos, and given their collector’s value. 172 pages, 8½"x 11", softcover. #21084 $29.95

Nearly 550 Color Photos!

Remembering Revell Model Kits

Graham. Hundreds of photographs capture many of the plastic model kits made by Revell from the 1950s-70s in scales from 1/16 to 1/72. You’ll also meet the kit designers and box artists and enjoy the useful index that lists all of the models produced, their variations, and their values. 176 pages, 544 color photos, 8½"x11", softcover. #6340 $29.95

Display Cases

These handsome display cases – dust-resistant and stackable – are the perfect places to show Models off your latest collectibles or figures! not included. Single Case – 12½" long, 10¾" deep, 5½" tall. #702499 $29.95 Three-Shelf – 6½" long, 4¾" deep, 14¼" tall.


7" Turntable Display



Model not included.

Featuring a mirrored platform, this turntable display base – which has two speed options – is a perfect home for your newest centerpiece model! Requires two C batteries (not included). 7" diameter and 1½" tall. #702530 $29.95

Aurora Model Kits

With Polar Lights, Moebius, Atlantis

Deluxe Airplane Knife & Tool Set

Graham. Comprehensively researched, this nostalgic-visual guide offers insight into Aurora’s famous model kits by cataloging every one they ever released! More than 500 images are featured to help tell their story including Hollywood characters and villains, sailing ships, sports cars, moon rockets, military and commercial aircraft, wildlife scenes, and more! 192 pages, 500+ color photos, 8½"x11", softcover. #702525 $29.95 29.95

This 14-piece set includes the high-quality knives, blades, and tools essential for constructing or repairing models. You get a light-duty knife, a snap blade knife, a needle nose pliers with a side cutter, sharp-pointed and curve-pointed tweezers, a swivel-head screwdriver, large and small clamps, a sanding stick, two needle files, and three assorted knife blades – all packaged in a wood chest.


Photo Art for Modellers

Creating Realistic Scenes for Your Aircraft and Train Models

Morath. This step-by-step guide offers creative instructions on how – using the most basic computer and camera skills – any modeler can lend authenticity to their layout with simple additions like smoke, steam, and footplate crew. 96 pages, color illustrations, 9¾"x 8¼", softcover.


Deluxe 56-Piece Knife Set

These sharp and durable carbon steel blades effortlessly cut through wood, cardboard, cloth, paper, plastic, and thin metal. This impressive set includes eight knife handles with blades, 39 additional specialty blades, and a sharpening stone. Safety caps and a storage case are included.







Red Baron’s Fokker Triplane Kit

A playful historical re-creation, this plastic kit captures the legendary Red Baron at the sticks of his aptly painted Fokker triplane. In addition to its pilot figure and open cockpit design, it also comes with a battery-operated propeller as well as an Iron Cross display base. Assembly required. Skill level 2. Measures approximately 6" long. #706775 $29.95


MotorDriven Propeller!

Snoopy’s Sopwith Camel Kit

Reimagining Snoopy as a WWI Flying Ace who is fighting off the Red Barron, this plastic kit of Snoopy piloting a Sopwith Camel features a motor-driven propeller, accurate decals, and landing gear. Assembly required. Skill level 2. Approx. 9" long. #706548 $29.95

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Nostalgia These 1/12 scale plastic kits reintroduce some spooky models from years past. They feature glow in the dark pieces and include rubberband action to bring these creepy kits to life! Assembly required, $ skill level 2. 24.95 each

Just 4 Fun

A Weird-Oh World The Art of Bill Campbell

Cantrell. Relive the wacky Weird-Oh models from the creative brain of Bill Campbell in this title, which includes over 700 captivating images and witty prose! Beginning with his earlier work for Hawk Model Company, discover a world of iconic artwork from the 1960s pop culture scene. 192 pages, 771 color photos, 9"x 12", softcover. #405676 $39.95



Weird-Ohs Kits

Enjoy these wonderful and wacky Weird-Oh kits. Fully customizable, they include vintage details, plastic pieces, instructions, and retro packaging. Assembly required. Skill level 2.

Kits Glow in the Dark!





Drag Hag


A: NEW! Play It Again, Tom! 8" tall. #410015


Francis the Foul

Speed Racer Vehicles with Figures These 1/18 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of race cars from the animated series A Speed Racer. They feature opening hoods revealing detailed engines, opening doors, accurate interiors and chassis, steerable front wheels, as well as special features from the show. 11" long.

7" long.

B: Escape from the Dungeon 7" tall. #408861 C: Flight of the Vampire 6¾" tall. #408863 D: The Grave Robber's Demise 4½" tall. #408862

8" long.


Wade A. Minut

1/18 SCALE

5" tall.

#408131 B

124.95 each


A: Shooting Star w/Racer X #410088 B: Speed Racer Mach 5 w/Speed Racer and Chim-Chim #409462

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or

Killer McBash 6" tall.




Klingon Bird-of-Prey

A warship used by the Klingons, the bird-like vessel could perform multiple mission roles as a raider, scout, patrol and cruiser. #704197



Celebrate your inner Trekkie with our galactic selection of Star Trek collectibles, ranging from the USS Enterprise to a Klingon warship! Each die cast model reflects a finely textured surface and recessed panels lines, and a clear-armed presentation stand to display your starship mid-flight. 4"-5½" long.


All Models Include a Display Stand!

Enterprise NCC-1701-B

Launched under the command of Captain John Harriman, the Enterprise-B – a 23rd century Excelsior-class vessel – was seen in Star Trek Generations. #704204

USS Stargazer NCC-2893

Romulan Warbird

The largest and most powerful mainstays of the Romulan Star Empire during the late 24th century.

Under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, the USS Stargazer was first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation.



USS Reliant NCC-1864

Nebula-Class Ship

A Miranda-class vessel hijacked by Khan Noonien Singh. #97311

Based on a Nebula-class starship from the Star Trek universe and featured in numerous Star Trek programs. #97331

USS Thunderchild NCC-63549

Starfleet Delta Flyer

Activated in 2373, the USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 was an Akira-Class Starfleet vessel. #97312

A shuttlecraft designed by the Starfleet crew in Star Trek: Voyager. #97414



Galileo Shuttlecraft Kit

This 1/32 scale plastic kit replicates the first shuttlecraft to appear in the original Star Trek series, the Galileo. It features authentic decals for 3 registry options, opening access panel, realistic landing gear, and full-color paint and building guide. Assembly required, 58 pieces, skill level 2, 11" long. #706449 $49.95


M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95

Trekkie Shirt

Celebrate your love of Star Trek with this simple and straight-forward black t-shirt. 100% super-soft cotton. #700858

Kirk and Spock Busts

“I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” Celebrate the friendship between the one and only James T. Kirk and Spock with these beautifully rendered, highquality resin busts! These pieces are hand painted and feature remarkably realistic details. 5" tall. $

A: Kirk #704438

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29.95 each

B: Spock #704469

Music A




Beatles 1962-1969 1/4 SCALE

A: A Hard Day’s Night B: Abbey Road C: Help! D: John Lennon

#410395 #410396 #410397 #410398

Miniature Guitar Replicas

These Beatles tribute miniature guitars will give you plenty of reason to Twist and Shout! Each replica guitar is ¼ scale and individually handcrafted from solid wood with metal tuning keys and features a classic image of the band. They include an adjustable A-frame stand and a guitar case gift box. These replicas look great, but are not $ playable. 10" long. 39.95 each


From Liverpool to Abbey Road

Assante. In 1963, The Beatles released their first album, and they ignited a musical and cultural revolution. This title recounts the Beatles’ journey from the start of the band in Liverpool’s Cavern Club to their final recording, year by year. Featuring plenty of nostalgic photos, this book offers memorable anecdotes, songs, and events that will thrill Beatles’ fans old and new. 208 pages, color and B&W photos, 8"x 10", hardcover.





Beatles London Bus Models

Yellow Submarine Die Cast Model

1/64 SCALE

A: “Let It Be”


Don’t Let It Be! Grab one of these groovy collectibles of the B: “Sgt. Pepper’s” #410394 greatest band of all time! These 1/64 scale, die cast models feature vibrant graphics from two of the band’s biggest albums, rolling rubber tires, $ glazed windows, and detailed interiors. 4¾" long. 29.95 each A

Just 4 Fun


Miniature Guitar Replicas



Now you can own the miniature version of famous guitars used by some of your favorite artists! These mini replica guitars are ¼ scale and individually handcrafted from solid wood with metal tuning keys. They come with an adjustable A-frame stand and a guitar case gift box. These guitars look great, but are not playable. 10" long.


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album "Yellow Submarine," this highly detailed and accurate, die cast model features movable hatches to reveal four original Beatles figures, as well as a rotating periscope which moves as the submarine rolls along. It also includes free-rolling wheels, colorful graphics, and more! 5¼" long. #704288 $44.95 E

A: NEW! Jerry Cantrell Vintage Blue Dress G&L Rampage B: NEW! Tommy’s Cheech & Chong Sweet Leaf Mary Jane C: NEW! Jimi Hendrix Fender™ Strat™ Saville D: NEW! Willie Nelson Signature “Trigger” Acoustic E: Brian May Signature “Red Special” F: Jimmy Page Gibson SG EDS-1275 Doubleneck

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or


#410401 #410402 #410403 #409797 #408980 #706749

39.95 39.95 $ 39.95 $ 34.95 $ 34.95 $ 59.95 $ $


Just 4 Fun Muscle Car Models Showcasing a lineup of iconic American muscle cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s, these 1/18 scale, die cast models feature opening doors, trunk, and hood, large detailed engines, steerable front wheels, well-equipped interiors, and sleek paint schemes.

1/18 SCALE

1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 10" long. #409686 $89.95

1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda 340 Six-Pac 10½" long. #409326 $89.95 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback 10½" long. #409689 $89.95

1970 Mercury Cougar Hardtop 11" long.




1970 Dodge Charger R/T

(Hemmings Muscle Machines) 11½" long. #409687 $89.95

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Convertible

10¾" long. #409511 $89.95

1970 Dodge Coronet R/T

1969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop Yenko

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

11" long.





10" long.

11½" long.







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ABANDONED – This fine selection of pictorial reference guides, from Arcadia Publishing, explores the utmost abandoned destinations found throughout America! Complete with a vast selection of rare imagery and haunting accounts, each title offers entirely new insight on the remains of once thriving buildings and locations. 6½"x 9¼", softcover.



Pittsburgh: Gears and Ghosts – Beard. Locations

in this volume include Engine House No. 16, the Garden Theater, Homestead Municipal Building (one of the most haunted buildings in the city), and the foreboding Western Penitentiary. 112 pages, 189 photos. #410363 $23.95

Philadelphia: The Birthplace of America – Hall. Religious

buildings, schools, theaters, power plants, and even a renowned boxing ring are a few of the many sites that sit abandoned to this day. 96 pages, 141 photos.



Oklahoma: Vanishing History of the Sooner State – This

volume tells the story of the school bell ringing for the last time at Dunjee School in Spencer, Oklahoma, and the final days of the mysterious Abundant Life Building in Tulsa. 96 pages, 157 photos.



Virginia: The Forgotten Commonwealth – Handwerk.

This book takes you on a photo tour of forgotten and falling apart buildings in Virginia, including houses, schools, commercial warehouses, and even a former outdoor Renaissance Fair. 96 pages, 170 photos.



Gary, Indiana: Steel Bones

Lansdowne. This title takes you on a photographic journey into the beautifully abandoned structures of a once-thriving Rust Belt city and captures the timeless essence of raw beauty hidden under the dust and decay of time. 128 pages.



Tennessee: Touched By Time

Farrell. Abandoned structures are places that open the imagination and invite interpretation. Distressed wood and weathered remnants of human life are crossed by time and animal tracks, inviting one to picture what once was. 128 pages, 216 photos.



Flint – Brooky. With the closure of the General Motors plants, pockets of abandonment began to spread across the entire city. A 2016 study found that Flint had the highest number of vacant homes in the entire nation. 96 pages, 140 photos. #410367


Resorts of the Northeast

Tagliareni & Mathews. Abandoned resorts are relics of a simpler time when driving into the mountains with one's family was the pinnacle of a vacation getaway. These resorts still exist today, though they have been largely left to rot. 128 pages, 209 photos.



New York – Vasko. Explore

the Catskill Old Game Farm, the halls of the Ellis Island Hospital, and so many other fascinating places located throughout the Big Apple. 96 pages, 150 B&W photos. #406068 $24.95

Cleveland – Stroup. As

factory jobs moved overseas, this great city of culture and prosperity struggled to stay on its feet. A sharp decline in population throughout the 1970s and 1980s left Cleveland with a multitude of abandoned structures. 128 pages, 150 photos.




Georgia: Exploring the Peach State

Kent. Capturing beauty left behind in the ruins of the Peach State, this title revisits forgotten places with stunning imagery. 96 pages, 198 B&W photos.




Washington D.C.

Kenning. Discover a side of our nation’s capital that's often overlooked – featuring abandoned monuments and the remains left behind from immigrants. 96 pages, 332 B&W photos.




Ohio: Ghost Towns, Cemeteries, Schools and More – Morris. Founder of

the Ohio Ghost Town Exploration, Glenn Morris researches the preservation of the most fascinating haunted locations. 112 pages. #406072 $23.95

New Orleans − Kent. Explore the beautiful and mysterious city of New Orleans and its abandoned ruins. Each chapter provides an extraordinary look at eight historic and forgotten locations. #407094


Northern California: A Land of Contradictions

Kalafatis. Driving through Northern California, you will find sprawling military bases, immense wineries, gold mining towns, and amusement parks all lying abandoned. The ruins that lie in the area today reflect the various ways people attempted to build their future in Northern California. 96 pages, 115 photos.



Arkansas: An Echo From the Past – Schwarz, Sisson, Beck, &

Kirkendall. Every day neglected structures are on the verge of being demolished or in desperate need of renovation. This title wades through the forgotten history of the Natural State, from the Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs to Dogpatch USA, an abandoned theme park once loved by thousands. 112 pages, 150 photos. #410371 $23.95

Atlanta: Echoes of a Storied Past – Hagerman. Examine the

unique past of the many lost and destroyed buildings and locations in the city of Atlanta. From the places where locals paid their power bills to the high school that Martin Luther King Jr. attended, Atlanta has a rich and complex history.




Michigan: Doorways to Decay

Brooky. In 2006, Michigan’s unemployment rate was the worst in America. As a result, people left, and businesses closed. Examine these forgotten locations, including mental asylums, paper mills, churches and more.




Order Today at 800-225-5575 or


Just 4 Fun


JAMES DEAN James Dean “Rebel Without a Cause” Figure


This 1/6 scale, fully articulating figure depicts the larger-thanlife actor in his most iconic role. Comes with interchangeable hand poses for holding a camera or cigarette, red jacket, white t-shirt, jeans, leather boots, sunglasses, comb, watch, cigarettes, camera, and display stand. 12" tall.

1/36 SCALE




James Bond Vehicles

These 1/36 scale, die cast models replicate vehicles driven by the world’s most famous fictional spy, James Bond. They feature detailed chassis and interiors, authentic badging and paint schemes, and collectible packaging.


A: Aston Martin DB5 (Casino Royale) – 5" long. #410098 $34.95 B: Lotus Esprit Turbo (For Your Eyes Only) – 4½" long. #410097 $34.95

C: ‘Little Nellie’ Gyrocopter (You Only Live Twice) 4½" long.

#408462 $39.95

Moonraker Shuttle with Boosters Kit

From the classic James Bond movie, the Moonraker Shuttle is reproduced in this 1/200 scale plastic kit, featuring the boosters and decals for the Moonraker or U.S. Marine shuttles from the movie, as well as fuel tanks, operating bay doors, a top secret payload and a dome display base. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 10½" long.



Porsche 550A Spyder Model

Infamous for his 1955 death, James Dean’s Porsche 550A 1/18 SCALE Spyder “Little Bastard” had a reputation of being cursed, causing death or destruction wherever it went. Finished in shiny silver paint, this 1/18 scale, die cast model features opening doors, trunk, and hood (revealing a detailed engine), a well-appointed interior, realistic rubber tires, and a removable display base. 9" long. #405650 $49.95



Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A cultural icon of 1961, Breakfast at Tiffany’s stars a young Audrey Hepburn (Holly Golightly) as an eccentric socialite in New York City. She's determined to marry for money, until Paul (George Peppard), a young writer, eventually changes the way Holly views love and life. This romantic comedy will continue to be a go-to classic for years to come! 1 hr. 54 min. #404982 $14.95

James Dean

The First American Teenager

This title examines the social significance of James Dean since his death, and also presents biographical details of the young star. Filled with rare footage and interviews with actors and friends, this is a must-see for fans of the Hollywood icon! 1 hr. 20 min.

Audrey Hepburn Figure





Based on the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn can be showcased as Holly Golightly – a lovely, young New York socialite – in this 1/6 scale collectible figure! Complete with an accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture, she also features a handpainted head sculpt, 30 points of articulation, a dress, a jeweled tiara, and more. 11½" tall.


#404981 Reg: $199 $


$219.95 219.95




James Dean

Legendary TV Performances

As James Dean struggled to make it to the top of the Hollywood ladder, he flashed his brilliance in bit movie parts and journeyman acting work in the infant medium of live television. This video compiles four early works, from 1951-1954, broadcast on TV. Though mostly playing supporting roles, James Dean steals every scene he is in. Other featured actors include Natalie Wood, Gene Lockhart, and even an appearance from Ronald Reagan. 2 hrs. 32 min. #410404 $9.95

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Just 4 Fun










Made in the USA.

Pin-Up Metal Signs


Brighten up your garage or man cave with these seductive metal signs! Handmade from heavy-gauge American steel, they include mounting holes for easy hanging. Made in the USA.

A: NEW! An American in Paris – 12"x 18". B: NEW! Tool in Hand – 12"x 18". C: Dinner’s Ready − 6"x 22". D: Candy And Cream Girl – 11"x 22". E: Red Baroness – 12"x 18". K

F: Body of Art Nude − 12"x 24". G: Bourbon Street Nude − 12"x 18". L

H: Hot Baths − 12"x 18". I: Grease Monkey Garage − 12"x 18". J: Saturday Night Special − 10"x 22". K: It's Time for Happy Hour – 12"x 18". L: Easy Eight's – 11"x 17".

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or

29.95 #111931 29.95 #109379 $34.95 #704333 $34.95 #66274 $29.95 #109784 $44.95 #109785 $29.95 #704797 $34.95 #66424 $34.95 #407834 $39.95 #64414 $34.95 #66144 $29.95 #111932

$ $


Just 4 Fun

Hollywood Films

Men Against the Sky

When world-famous pilot Phil Mercedes is grounded because of his addiction to alcohol, his sister Kay leaves school to help her brother. Using Phil’s past designs, Kay gets her foot in the door at nearlybankrupt McLean Aircraft. When Phil’s design for a revolutionary wing fails a stress test, he uses his aerial skills to prove his designs are sound, saving McLean Aircraft and his professional reputation. The film also features uncredited footage of Howard Hughes’ experimental H-l Racer, which set the transcontinental non-stop speed record in 1937. 1 hr. 15 min. #707173 $14.95


This 1982 action film stars Clint Eastwood as a U.S. pilot who sneaks into Russia to steal an advanced Soviet fighter aircraft – the mythical MiG-31, NATO code name “Firefox” – that is capable of Mach 6, is invisible to radar, and carries weapons controlled by thought. Filled with aerial sequences, this film includes aircraft such as the MH-53 Pave Low, F-105 Thunderchief, F-4 Phantom II, A-1 Skyraider, F-5E Tiger II, Tupolev Tu-154, and others. 2 hrs. 16 min. #V7572 $14.95

Flight of the Intruder

This 1991 film, based on Stephen Coonts’ novel, stars Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe and Brad Johnson as A-6 pilots during the Vietnam War. Filmed with cooperation from the U.S. Navy (including on board the USS Independence), the film features A-6 Intruders, A-4 Skyhawks, A-1 Skyraiders and an H-53 Sea Stallion helicopter, and even shows footage from under the catapult and along the catwalks during flight operations. 1 hr. 54 min. #V6166 $14.95


In this film directed by Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss stars as a daredevil pilot who specializes in putting out forest fires. After promising his girlfriend (Holly Hunter) that he will stop flying, he flies one last mission to save his best friend (John Goodman), dies in a crash, then re-awakens as an angel to guide his girlfriend to a new life. Great aerial firefighting sequences. 2 hours. #V9334 $14.95

Bombers B-52

Stunning aerial footage mixes with powerful family drama in this story of a veteran ground-crew chief and former Air Force flyer torn between his decision to retire and his love for his work. Features excellent footage of B-52s on the ground and in the air and captures the late 1950s Air Force life. Karl Malden, Natalie Wood and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. star. 106 minutes. #V8146 $14.95

Captains of the Clouds

This 1942 wartime movie stars James Cagney – in his first Technicolor appearance – as a brash bush pilot who, along with his renegade pilot friends, joins the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II. He leads them into and out of trouble, but the price they pay is heavy. Be sure to look for real-life Canadian World War I flying ace Billy Bishop in a small but pivotal role! 1 hr. 58 min. #V9736 $14.95



Based on actual events, Alive combines both a thrilling adventure with the struggle to survive as a family and a team of rugby players find themselves stranded in the desolate, snowy Andes Mountains. Can they withstand the freezing temps and overcome deadly obstacles to make it out in time? 2 hrs. 6 min. #704395 $9.95

Dive Bomber

This 1941 film stars Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray as naval officers developing high-altitude pressure suits to prevent “blackouts” during dive bombing raids. Produced with the full cooperation of the Naval Air Corps and filmed on location at the Navy’s air stations in San Diego and Pensacola and aboard the aircraft carrier Enterprise, the authentic locales and Technicolor presentation are stunning. 2 hrs. 10 min. #V9741 $14.95

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Desperate to inform the public of the real reason the United States spent years fighting in Vietnam, four escaped military convicts hijack a nuclear base and demand ten million dollars and that a top-secret document is declassified. With an all-star cast including Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, and Charles Durning, this tense 1977 thriller has a shocking ending. 2 hrs. 26 min. #MV51678 $24.95

Flat Top

This action-packed classic follows steel-nerved Commander Dan Collier (Sterling Hayden) as he trains U.S. Navy carrier pilots during WWII, while dealing with Lieutenant Joe Rodgers (Richard Carlson), who is more concerned with being liked by his men than being their leader. Featuring real newsreel footage, this Hollywood film also touches on the various psychological and personal conflicts that pilots face as they move toward the thick of the battle. 1 hr. 25 min. #V6165 $19.95

Rocket Hunter

An incredible story of selfless courage, this film follows the exploits of an American B-17 pilot who embarks on one of the most dangerous sorties of the entire war. With London under siege by V-2 rockets and limited resources available, Joe Phillips takes the helm of a surrendered Bf 109 and flies through the heart of Germany on a rescue mission in January 1945. 1 hr. 30 min. #705747 $19.95

Strategic Air Command

Jimmy Stewart delivers a powerful performance as Lt. Col. “Dutch” Holland, a professional baseball player reactivated to Air Force duty, in this compelling picture. In addition to tracking the flying exploits of Holland, as he adjusts to unpredictable life at SAC, this 1955 film is also a terrific exploration of early Cold War aircraft – including the B-36 Peacemaker and B-47 Stratojet. 1 hr. 54 min. #702096 $24.95

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New & Noteworthy

The Art of Terrence Fogarty

Featuring breathtaking scenes from World War II, these limited edition giclée prints come signed and numbered by the artist.


A P-51 Mustang, along with a B-17 Flying Fortress, make their way back to base after a successful campaign. 14"x 11".



After having flak take out one engine on each aircraft, a pair of B-17 Flying Fortresses make haste to reach base before being caught in the impending storm. 20"x 10". #707319

A: EI-111 – IJNAS Shokaku Flying Group, Lt. Takumi Hoashi, IJN Carrier Shokaku, Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. #981315


A B-25 Mitchell of the 13th Air Force, 42nd Bomb Group sends a Japanese Zero to a watery grave. The motto of the 42nd BG was “The Skies for Us.” 20"x 15". #707320 $179.95

Airliner Models

These 1/400 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of commercial airline aircraft. They feature authentic paint schemes and 1/400 SCALE markings, padprinted doors and windows, realistic panel lines and antennas, and extended B landing gear.

A: Bombardier CRJ900LR – PSA Airlines 2½" wingspan. #707220 $34.95

B: AII-105 – IJNAS Kaga Flying Group, Lt. Yoshio Shiga, IJN Carrier Kaga, Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. #981316

P38J Lightning Model

The Skies for US



These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models feature optional1/72 SCALE position landing gear, an opening canopy B revealing a well-equipped cockpit and removable pilot figure, a rotating metal propeller, authentic markings, and a display stand. 9¾" wingspan. $97.95 each

Almost Home


Pearl Harbor A6M2 Zero Models

B: McDonnell MD-80 – New York Air – 3¼" wingspan. #707226 $39.95


This limited edition, 1/72 scale, die cast replica features optional-position landing gear, rotating 1/72 SCALE propellers, a clear canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit with a handpainted pilot figure, a display stand, and authentic markings for USAAF 20th FG, 79th FS, “Happy Jack’s Go Buggy,” Capt. Jack Ifrey, RAF Kings Cliffe, England, June 12, 1944. 6¼" wingspan. #706923 $69.95

Horizon Line

Former couple Sara and Jackson board a singleengine plane for a routine and casual flight to their friend’s tropical island wedding. However, within minutes of takeoff, their pilot suffers a fatal heart attack, leaving them with no idea where they are, no clue how to land the plane, and a terrifying storm that’s about to envelop them. 1 hr. 32 min.



Mikoyan MiG-31

Famous Russian Aircraft

600 Photos!

Gordon & Komissarov. The MiG-31 was first flown in September 1975 and achieved operational capability in 1980. In-flight refueling was added in 1989 to give it additional range. Today, the MiG-31 remains one of modern Russia’s key air defense assets, with new versions continually being developed. 320 pages, 600 images, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #707202 $64.95

SAM-2 Missile with Launch Cabin Kit

Replicating the Sovietdesigned surface-to-air missile S-75 Dvina and launcher cabin, this 1/72 scale plastic kit features new tooling, authentic decals, and easyto-follow instructions. Assembly required, 25 pieces, skill level 2, 7" long. #707321 $39.95

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or


Source Cteor thdise


Be sure to en number on your order form

PO Box 2259 • McDonough, GA 30253-1732



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F-5E Tiger II Model

Replicating the supersonic light fighter, the F-5E Tiger II, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast 1/72 SCALE model features an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit, optional-position landing gear, detachable ordnance loads, a display stand, and authentic markings for the USAF 527th Aggressor Sqn., “Grape” paint scheme, RAF Alconbury AB, England, 1976. 4½" wingspan. #981313 $84.95

A-4 Skyhawk T-Shirt

Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this comfortable Back tee features sharp screen-printed graphics of the iconic A-4 Skyhawk on the front and back.

#707045 M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95

Images of America: Ellsworth Air Force Base

Page II. Rapid City Army Air Base was constructed in 1942 and used as a training location for B-17 Flying Fortress bomber aircrews throughout World War II. Renamed in 1953 for Brig. Gen. Richard Ellsworth, from 1960 to 1994, Ellsworth AFB was a Strategic Air Command superbase containing two legs of the American Strategic Nuclear Triad – heavy bomber aircraft and land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles. 128 pages, 208 photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. #707323 $21.95

F-35C Lightning II Model


Replicating the stealth multirole fighter, this 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model features optional-position landing gear, opening bomb bay doors, accurate ordnance loads, foldable wings for display in-flight or parked, a metal display stand, and authentic markings for USN VX-23, NAS Pax River, Maryland. 1/72 7¼" wingspan.




The B-36 Peacemaker

A collection of seven rare films on the B-36, this title examines the aircraft’s role as a nuclear deterrent during the Cold War, its use by the Strategic Air Command, escape training for flight crews, bombing with radar, old newsreel footage of the Peacemaker, and more. Approx. 1 hr. 34 min. #707324 $19.95

United States Space Force Gold Cards


MiG Encounter

Made with 23K gold foil, these limited edition cards honor America’s newest A armed forces service branch, Space Force, and come numbered in a protective case. $19.95 each

A: Silver Prism Hologram #707327 B: American Flag Galaxy #707328

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Anthony Saunders. On May 20, 1967, Col. Robin Olds and his flight of eight F-4 Phantoms of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing came upon a large group of North Vietnamese MiG-17s over the hills north of Hai Phong. During the ensuing battle, Olds would destroy two MiGs, bringing his Vietnam victory total to four, and his overall combat total (including World War II) to 17 victories. Limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist. 26½"x 19¼". #707325 $109.95

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