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Table of Contents Dear Fellow Aviation Lover, New & Noteworthy.................................2-3 Early Aviation.................................................4

WWI Overview / Allies.............................................5 Germany......................................................6

WWII Between the Wars.........................................7 P-38 Lightning / P-39 Airacobra................8 P-47 Thunderbolt / P-51 Mustang.............9 B-17 Flying Fortress....................................10 B-24 / B-29 / B-25.........................................11 Allies.........................................................12 Warbird Models...........................................13 Germany................................................14-15 Seabees / Ground Vehicles.......................16 Pearl Harbor.................................................17 Imperial Japan / Doolittle Raid................18 War in the Pacific.........................................19

On the cover, and right here on page 2, is a limited edition print depicting a U-2 “Dragon Lady” on one of its high-altitude reconnaissance missions. With 65 years of service, the U-2 is a credit to one of the often unheralded aspects of combat and defense: the role of intelligence gathering. Without being noticed, the U-2 has been doing intelligence, surveillance, and recon work that keeps our shores safe from foreign threats. Also, right here on page 2, we have a model, kit, and t-shirt celebrating the U-2.

On the Cover: ”Dragon Lady” U-2 Ultra-High Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft


Mark Karvon. This gorgeous print depicts the U-2S, known as the Dragon Lady, on one of its high-altitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Designed to operate at 70,000 feet or greater, the U-2 remains the most capable and reliable ISR flying today. Print is signed by the artist. 24"x 16". #707148 $79.95

Military Korean War...................................................20 Cold War..................................................21-23 Vietnam War...........................................22-27 Legends of Warfare Books.......................28 Gifts / Apparel............................................29 Vietnam Veterans / Weapons............30-31 Space......................................................32-33 Helicopters..............................................34 Modern Fighters / E-2C Hawkeye............35 Stealth................................................36-37 Patriotic..................................................38-39 Trainers........................................................40 Bases.......................................................41


1/72 SCALE

U-2S Dragon Lady Model

This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model replicates a Lockheed U-2S Dragon Lady, the American long-range, high-altitude recon aircraft operated by the USAF. It features realistic surface details, an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit with pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings for USAF 9th RW out of Beale AFB, CA, 2015, and a display stand. 17¼" wingspan. #981243 $132.95

This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the U-2D Dragon Lady, the 2-seat version with InfraRed (IR) sensors. It features authentic decals for the USAF or ROCAF, landing gear built retracted or deployed, full-detail camera bay with camera windows, and a detailed cockpit with positional canopy. Assembly required, skill level 3, 26¼" wingspan. #707147 $99.95

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U-2D with IR Sensor Carrier Kit

General Aviation.........................................42 Propliners...............................................43 Airlines..................................................44-45

Modeling.................................................46 Star Trek.........................................................47 Sci-Fi........................................................48 Music.....................................................49 Muscle Cars..................................................50 Arcadia Publishing: Abandoned America..................................51 Pin-Ups...............................................52-53 Hollywood Movies......................................54 New & Noteworthy............................55-56

Other items of note include an impressive set of new commercial airline models located on pages 44-45. There are also lots of lustrous new muscle car models to beef up your collection on page 50. So, flip through and choose your favorites! Then call us toll free at 800-225-5575, mail in the order form provided, or place your order online at HistoricAviation.com. Thanks for shopping with us! – Greg Herrick


U-2 Dragon Lady T-Shirt

This 100% pre-shrunk cotton black t-shirt features sharp screen-printed graphics on the front and back displaying the U-2 Dragon Lady in flight, the USAF high altitude recon aircraft. #707146

M, L, XL:



2XL, 3XL:



A note about our products... Historic Aviation is proud to bring you the finest quality products documenting aviation history. To provide a comprehensive context, we carry products that represent enemy combatants such as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It is not our intent to glorify those entities but to offer you the most complete selection of historically accurate products available, lest we forget. A final reminder: the models, figures and other collectibles in this catalog are not toys but rather are intended for collectors ages 14 and above.

New & Noteworthy F-22 Raptor Model

1/72 SCALE

This 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model replicates an F-22 LIMITED EDITION Raptor with the USAF 90th FS “Pair-O-Dice,” out of Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. It features realistic panel lines and surface details, a glazed canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit, optional-position landing gear, open or closed weapons bay doors, rolling wheels, and a display stand. 7½" wingspan. #707115 $79.95

U.S. Super Carrier Operations Manual

McNab and Bunce. America’s carrier fleet is at the center of the nation’s global military might with nuclear-powered vessels scattered across the map, each one manned by a crew of nearly 5,000 with a warplane roster of more than 70. Featuring many never-before-published color images, this title offers unbridled access to these modern wonders. 188 pages, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #111056 $36.95

Su-57 Felon Model

This 1/72 scale, newly tooled, Hobby Master, 1/72 SCALE LIMITED EDITION die cast model replicates the Sukhoi Su-57 Felon, the Russian Air Force’s first stealth aircraft, designed to cope with the F-22 and F-35. It features an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit with a pilot figure, authentic markings, detachable ordnance loads, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 7¾" wingspan. #981293 $137.95

Sukhoi Su-25

Gordon & Komissarov. The Su-25 ground attack aircraft made its first flight on February 22, 1972. After five years of tests the aircraft reached its definitive configuration with new engines, a revised airframe and new armament. Gradually the Su-25 started a family. The Su-25UB combat trainer came first, followed by the single-seater and two-seater built for export as the Su-25K/ Su-25UBK. 496 pages, 600+ photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #707118 $64.95

Aircraft Carrier

With RIMPAC, the world’s largest and most comprehensive international maritime training exercise providing a stunning visual context for the story, you’ll find yourself aboard the USS Ronald Reagan alongside the 5,000 highly skilled sea and air personnel conducting flight operations in the midst of the simulated war exercises taking place there. 42 minutes. #707117 $24.95

This is just a samplin g of the new items in thi s edition of Historic Aviation.. Find more throughout the catalog!

F-15E Strike Eagle Model

A220-300 Model

This 1/200 scale, die cast model replicates an Airbus LIMITED EDITION A220-300 with Delta Air Lines. It features realistic panel 1/200 SCALE lines, detailed engines, authentic livery, extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires, and includes a display stand. 7" wingspan. #706989 $79.95

U.S. Military Aircraft Models

1/400 SCALE

These 1/400 scale, die cast models replicate modern aircraft with the United States Armed Services. They feature realistic panel lines and engines, authentic markings A and paint schemes, and extended landing gear.

A: B-1B Lancer – USAF 28 BW, th

34th BS “Thunderbirds,” Ellsworth AFB, SD. 4½" long.


#706758 $49.95 B: C-5M Super Galaxy – USAF 436th AW “Eagle Wing,” Dover AFB, DE. 7½" long. #706887 $52.95

C: C-130J Super Hercules – USN


Blue Angels, “Fat Albert.” 3" long. #706879 $32.95


The 389th Squadron flew combat missions in WWII, and has been activated and deactivated several times over the years, with the last activation taking place in March 1992, when the “Thunderbolts” were stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. In 2018, F-15E 87-0173 received a special paint scheme celebrating the unit’s 75th anniversary. This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model replicates that commemorative aircraft and features an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit and two crew figures, optional-position landing gear, ordnance loads, and a display stand. 7¼" wingspan. #981307 $121.95

Mosquito B Mk.IX/ Mk.XVI Kit

This 1/32 scale plastic kit replicates the de Havilland Mosquito, one of the most versatile airOver 1 ½ -Foot Wingspan! frames in frontline service for the RAF during WWII. This kit features highly detailed engines, interiors, and landing gear, photo-etched detail pieces, clear parts for nose and canopy, a full arsenal with optional-position bomb bay doors, authentic decals for 3 paint schemes, and easy-to-follow instructions. Assembly required, skill level 4, 20¼" wingspan. #707119 $199.95

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Early Aviation 1929 Waco 1/30 SCALE Straight Wing Barnstormer Models

Reproduction Antique Balloon

Gliding soundlessly and effortlessly, as if in a world of their own, helium balloons have fired imaginations and appealed to a sense of romance. Fun and decorative, this charming recreation features all the details of the real thing: handmade wicker gondola basket, cotton twine netting holding the “helium” balloon, and the large size even has canvas ballast bags hanging from the side. Large – 22" tall. Small – 11¾" tall.







Balloon Man

After being drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the early 1970s, tragedy forces Bill Costen out of his dream. Saying goodbye to his football career, Bill takes to the air, becoming the first African American Hot-Air Balloon Master Pilot in the world. He finds freedom in flight, and proves that with a bit of faith, anything under the sun is possible. 1 hr. 40 min. #707011 $19.95


B: Regular Edition – Red. #705644 Reg: $79.95 $


Open-Cockpit Flight Goggles

1932 Gee Bee Race Plane Cutout Metal Sign

Made in the USA.


Includes This Special program Bonus Feature! presents the

thrilling, highspeed exploits of daring pilots at the 1932, ’38, ’47, and ’48 National Air Races in Cleveland. You’ll see spectacular pylon racing, the arrival of cross-country racers competing for the Bendix Trophy, and much more. Color and B&W, silent and sound. 1 hr. 39 min. #V8052 $19.95

Accurately resembling the design worn for open-cockpit flight, these aviator-style goggles simulate the eyewear used by pilots during the early years of aviation. Complete with a solid steel frame and clear acrylic lenses, they include an adjustable nylon strap for one size fits most. #107107 Reg: $49.95 $






Depicting 1932 Thompson Trophy race winner Jimmy Doolittle at the stick of his R-1 Gee Bee Super Sportster, this metal sign is made in the USA from high-gauge steel, and includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 14"x 7". #707013 $24.95

Pylon Dusters





30% 62.95

Gee Bee R2 Kit

The Gee Bee R2 Super Sportster was a special-purpose racing aircraft made by Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield, Massachusetts (Gee Bee stood for Glanville Brothers). This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the entertaining racer and features realistic decals, textured molded pieces, and an illustrated instruction guide. Assembly required, skill level 2, 6¼" long.


When WWI was over, the soldiers came home and spent time flying surplus airplanes over the Midwestern countryside. Referred to as “Barnstormers,” these men were part stunt pilot, part showmen. These 1/30 scale, die cast models replicate the 1929 Waco Straight Wing Barnstormer. They include a walker figure, a locking coin bank, a rotating propeller, and a certificate of authenticity. 9" long with a 12" wingspan. A: Special Edition – Gray. #705645 Reg: $89.95 $


Stan Stokes. After World War I, many pilots reentering civilian life purchased military surplus Curtiss JN4 Jennies and barnstormed around the country. Here, one veteran on his Indian motorcycle races with a buddy who LIMITED EDITION now gives airplane rides for a living. This 16"x 11½" print is signed and numbered by the artist. #7884 Reg: $39.95 $


1934 Indian Sport Scout Model

1/12 SCALE

A replica of a classic Sport Scout, a motorcycle that Indian introduced in 1934, this 1/12 scale, plastic model features a detailed engine, a shift lever with a foot clutch, a luggage rack with saddlebags, free-rolling wheels with treaded tires, an authentic paint scheme with Indian logos on the fuel tank, and more. 6" long. #95822 $19.95

Bennett Barnstorming Jigsaw Puzzle

Mike Bennett. Bennett takes some time away from barnstorming to get a beautiful view of the lighthouse and coast in this gorgeous puzzle. 1,000 pieces, 26½"x 19¼". #707057 $17.95

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Overview / Allies

Eddie Rickenbacker

WWI Aircraft Photo Extras

Herris. These titles feature mostly previously unpublished photos of rare German aircraft, with many photos of operational types flown $ at the front. 8½"x 11", softcover. 29.95 each

Photo Extra 1 – Photos of aircraft like Lübeck-Travemüde, Luft-Torpedo seaplanes, and much more. 128 pages, 224 photos. #705614 NEW! Photo Extra 2 – Photos of rare Aviatik airplanes, as well as opera-


Spad XIII Model

1/72 SCALE

tional Aviatik and Rumpler aircraft at the front, and more. 144 pages, 264 photos. #707009

This 1/72 scale resin model of a SPAD XIII flown by 26-victory ace Captain E.V. Rickenbacker of the 94th “Hat in the Ring” Aero Squadron – the first American squadron to see aerial combat during World War I in 1918 – features simulated fabric-covered wings, machine guns, wing bracing, authentic markings, and an articulating display stand. 4½" wingspan.




Spirits of the Somme

July 1, 1916, the opening day of the Battle of the Somme, was the blackest day in the history of the British Army. 60,000 men became casualties on that one day alone. This documentary brings the viewer back to the battlefield on July 1st and retraces the events that unfolded on that disastrous day. Includes rare film and photographs. 52 minutes.





Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” Pistol

This realistic, non-firing, metal replica of the famous 1896 Mauser C96 semi-automatic pistol – which was popular with British officers (who purchased the gun privately) such as Winston Churchill and Lawrence of Arabia – features a cocking hammer, a working trigger and slide action, and a grip shaped like a broom handle. Shipping restrictions Weighs 3½ pounds and measures 11½" long.

apply. Call for details.


M1911 Field Strip Pistol

Great for training, practice, or even reenactments, this M1911 pistol is designed to break down and reassemble! A non-firing replica of the gun first used in the Great War, it comes complete with a black finish and solid wood grips. This handgun would make a fine centerpiece in your firearm showcase. 9½" long.

French Aces of WWI





Stan Stokes. A downed German aviator drips from an unscheduled bath LIMITED EDITION as a SPAD piloted by Eddie Rickenbacker, America's top ranking ace, passes overhead for a last look. 16"x11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!

#73008 Reg: $39.95



Great War U.S. Pilot’s Wings

A period-accurate reproduction of official U.S. Pilot’s Wings as they appeared during the Great War, this metal replica measures 3" wide and includes a pinback closure. #704117 $24.95

United States 48Star Flag




The 48-star U.S. flag flew from 1912 to 1959. This polyester replica has reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.

Kazakov & Zhukov. During World War I, the French produced 188 aces. This 2-volume set includes 520 exceptional color profiles of 156 aces, along with their colorful airplanes. For each ace, info is given on name, rank, units served in, and his confirmed victory score. Each profile is captioned with type, serial number if known, unit, and the time period. Vol. 1: A-G – 77 aces, 259 color profiles. #707711 144 pages, 8½"x 11", $ Vol. 2: H-Z – 79 aces, 261 color profiles. #707712 softcover. 39.95 each


$18.95 18.95

Pierre Marinovitch was a notable pilot that served with the Escadrille Spa 94 “Reapers” during World War I. This 1/48 scale, die cast model of his Spad XIII comes with markings from the Escadrille Spa 94 and includes Spad XIII a pilot figure, a rotatable 1/48 SCALE Model propeller, fine wingrigging detail, accurate armament, and a display stand. 6¾" wingspan. #705979 $74.95

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Fokker Aircraft of WWI


Volume 1: Spinne – M.10 & Watercraft

These historic banknotes were issued by Germany before, during, and after World War I. Circulated condition.

Herris. This volume details all Fokker aircraft of the war, from the first warplane through the M.10, including the A.I, A.II, A.III, B.I, and B.II. Hundreds of photos accompany the text, and there are even 1/72 and 1/48 scale drawings. 206 pages, 325 photos and 17 scale drawings, 8½"x 11", softcover. #707014 $49.95

Halberstadt Aircraft of WWI

Herris. These titles cover the Halberstadt aircraft developed and flown during WWI. Featuring hundreds of photos and scale drawings, this series covers the pre-war development of planes, the early war recon aircraft through the CL.II ground attack aircraft, and later fighters. An excellent resource for modelers and aviation enthusiasts alike! 8½"x 11", softcover. Vol. 1: A-Types to C.III – 202 pages, 333 images. #707017 $49.95

Vol. 2: CL.IV-CLS.I & Fighters 294 pages, 503 images. #707018

1/72 SCALE


Halberstadt Cl.II Display Model

This 1/72 scale resin display model of the Halberstadt Cl.II as it flew with the Schlasta 26b, early 1918, features accurate markings and paint schemes, an open-style cockpit, a simulated fabric covering, and a display base with an articulating mount. 6" wingspan. #700949 $34.95


Fokker Dr.I Display Model

A: 1910 Series 1,000 Mark Note – This 1,000 Mark bank note from 1910 features the allegorical figures of Navigation and Agriculture flanking the Imperial German arms on the front and the value and date on the back. 7¼"x 4¼". #M650539 $17.95 B: 1917 5 Mark Note – On August 1, 1917

a new, attractive 5 Mark Darlehnskassenschein note was introduced. The note features the head of a young woman with flowers in her B hair on the front and the imperial crown with oak leaves on the back. 5½"x 3½". #109341 $17.95

C: 1922 1,000 Mark/Billion Mark Overprint Note – This banknote was

initially authorized in December 1922 as a 1,000 Mark note, but with Germany’s inflation in 1923, it was overprinted as a 1 Billion Mark note. The front depicts a portrait of Jörg Herz who was the Mintmaster of C Nuremberg in the early 16th century. The back has gulloche patterns and the denomination. 5½"x 3½". #109344 $19.95

Buy All Three – Save $20! #109345 $


Manfred von Richthofen – more commonly known as the “Red Baron” – was the top-scoring ace of World War I, achieving an incredible 80 aerial victories. Respected by German and Allied soldiers alike, he was shot down and killed on April 21, 1918, the source of which remains controversial to this day.

SAVE Dr. I Triplane


Fokker E.III Eindecker Model

This 1/48 scale, die cast model recreates the E.II Eindecker as it was piloted by Manfred von Richthofen in June of 1916. It includes realistic panel lines, antennas, access panels, surface details, landing gear with rotating wheels, pilot figure, authentic detachable ordnance loads, speedbrakes, access panels, gun turrets, control surfaces, and a presentation stand. 7¾" wingspan.




The Red Baron Perhaps the most famous fighter pilot in history,

1/72 SCALE

Part of the Wings of the Great War series, this limited edition, 1/72 scale resin display model of the famous Fokker Dr.I flown by the “Red Baron,”of JG 1, “The Flying Circus,” features finely textured surfaces that simulate fabric-on-frame construction to the wing struts and supports, fuselage-mounted Spandau machine guns, authentic markings, and an information disc. Includes a display stand with an articulating mount that presents your aircraft at any angle! 4" wingspan. #70521 $34.95

1/48 SCALE

Genuine Artifacts!



“Red Baron” Kit

Manfred von Richthofen, the “Red Baron,” piloted the iconic red triplane, which earned its fame as the aircraft in which Richthofen gained his last 19 victories. This 1/32 scale plastic kit features an accurate exterior, wing structure and realistic fabric covering, detailed cockpit interior and engine construction, MG 08 machine guns, photo-etched cooling jackets and sights, and authentic markings. Assembly $ required. 7" long. #706368 Reg: $89.95


Dr. I Triplane Kit with Bust – Includes a 1/10 scale resin bust (unpainted) of Manfred von Richthofen.


#706369 Reg: $149.95 $

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Between the Wars

SAVE 50% Quite a Pair

Stan Stokes. In 1928, this Boeing F4B has a LIMITED EDITION bird’s eye view of the U.S. Navy’s new, big carriers: the USS Saratoga (CV-3) and the USS Lexington (CV-2). 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!


#7285 Reg: $39.95 $

Aircraft Carriers These 1/350 scale plastic kits include accurate armament, authentic markings, detailed flight decks, decals and emblems, and much more! Assembly required, skill level 3-4.

USS Lexington (CV-2) Kit

Known as the "Gray Lady," this kit replicates the USS Lexington as she was fitted when she was sunk by the Japanese on May 8, 1942, during the Battle of the Coral Sea. 30½" long and includes a display stand with a nameplate; 583 pieces. #92207 $139.95 139.95

J2F-5 Duck Model

SAVE $10

Used for utility and air-sea rescue duties, the Grumman J2F Duck was an American amphibious biplane that served each major branch of the U.S. armed forces from the mid-1930s until just after the Second World War. This 1/48 scale model of the J2F-5 features landing gear, a rotating propeller, and authentic USN markings. 9¾" wingspan.

Replicating two of the most elegant and sought-after cars of the 1930s, these 1/18 scale, die cast A models feature brilliant paint schemes, opening hoods to reveal large, detailed engines, steerable front wheels with treaded real rubber tires, plush and detailed interiors, chrome detailing, authentic badging, and removable display bases.

109.95 each


A: 1932 Cadillac V16 Sports Phaeton 11½" long. #409685 B: 1935 Duesenberg SSJ 9½" long. #409700


1/18 SCALE



F2A-3 Buffalo Balsa Kit

This high-quality laser-cut balsa wood kit includes hand-selected balsa, concise full-sized plans, 9" plastic propeller, vacuum-molded parts, colored tissue and full-color decals. Beginners and experienced modelers will be delighted with the quality and attention to detail put into this kit. Over 80 laser-cut pieces, 30" wingspan when complete. For display or rubberpowered flight. #8976 $69.95

U.S. Army Air Corps Insignia Shirt

Show off your love of historic military aviation with this 100% cotton t-shirt featuring the classic U.S. Army Air Corps insignia.

The USS Saratoga was the U.S. Navy's third aircraft carrier, being commissioned in November 1927. And though she survived WWII only to serve as a guinea pig anchored with other ships for post-war testing of the atomic bomb, now you can bring her back to life again! 30½" long and includes a display stand; 566 pieces. #92201 $139.95 139.95

1930s Luxury Car Models

1/48 SCALE

#706293 Reg: $64.95

USS Saratoga (CV-3) Kit



#701214 M, L, XL: $21.95

Popular 1930s Automobile Models

Replicating a pair of popular 1930s automobiles, these 1/24 scale, die cast models feature rolling rubber tires, authentic badging, opening doors and hood, detailed engines and interiors, and chrome detailing. 7½" long.

24.95 each


2XL, 3XL: $23.95


1/24 SCALE


A: 1937 Ford Pickup #405743

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B: 1939 Chevy Coupe #410012



P-38 Lightning / P-39 Airacobra

P-38J Lightning Model

Major Thomas McGuire of the 475th Fighter Group tallied his first kill on August 18, 1943 – a day he took down three Imperial warbirds in a P-38 Lightning. Made by Air Force 1, this 1/48 scale, die cast model, a striking reproduction of McGuire's "Pudgy IV" P-38J, features signature nose art and markings, rotating propellers, a see-through canopy, a well-equipped cockpit, drop tanks, optional-position landing gear, and an all-metal display stand. 13" wingspan.

P-38 Lightning Model

1/48 SCALE


Signed by Robin Olds!

Scat Attack

Jim Laurier. Robin Olds, in his P-38J “Scat III,” leads LIMITED EDITION the 434th Fighter Squadron of the 479th Fighter Group on a strafing attack against the German Aerodrome at Nancy/Essey, France. This 27"x 18" print is signed and numbered by the artist and Brig. Gen. Robin Olds. #74402 $225

P-38 Lightning


Doyle. Among the Allies' most indispensable weapons during the war, the P-38 Lightning was a twin-boom fighter known to its enemies as the “Fork-Tailed Devil.” This two-volume series – loaded with rare photos, descriptive captions, and historical background – examines the entire story of the iconic warbird, from its earliest variant to its later, mass-produced models (including the P-38J and P-38M). 112 pages, 150+ color and B&W photos, 9"x 9", hardcover.

1/60 SCALE

Part of the Smithsonian Museum Replica Series, this value-priced, 1/60 scale, die cast model of a P-38 Lightning features textured surfaces, a glazed canopy, rotating propellers, a collector's card, and a display stand. 10¼" wingspan. #95857 $39.95

Volume 1 – XP-38 to P-38H. #107764

$19.95 each

Volume 2 – P-38J to P-38M. #705635

P-38F “Glacier Girl” Kit P-38 Flying Bullseye T-Shirt

Replicating “Glacier Girl,” the beautifully restored 94th Fighter Group P-38 that was originally one of “The Lost Squadron,” this 1/48 scale, plastic kit features engraved panel lines, cockpit and wheel-well detail, accurate decals, and more. 13" wingspan; assembly required. #92058 $39.95


Bell Aircraft Corporation 1934-1946

Matthews. Meticulously researched and documented, this history of Bell Aircraft Corporation and the P-39 and P-63 fighters and air racers examines the technical info, biographical backgrounds of the principals, the lend-lease program, and the aircraft in the hands of French, Italian, U.S. and Soviet pilots. 600+ photos and diagrams, 336 pages, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #1667 $59.95

P-39Q Airacobra Model

A replica of “Snook’s 2nd,” a P-39Q flown by 8-victory ace Lt. Col. William Shomo (who received the Medal of Honor after downing seven Japanese aircraft on a single mission on January 11, 1945), this 1/72 scale plastic model features a clear canopy, authentic 82nd TRS markings, extended landing gear, and a display stand. 5½" wingspan. #96381 $24.95


A salute to the iconic World War II fighter, the P-38 Lightning, this shirt features sharp screen-printed graphics on 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #704180 M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

Bell P-39 Airacobra

Filled with rare wartime footage, this collection features four films on the Bell P-39 Airacobra during WWII. You’ll enjoy lessons on how to perform aerobatics, go on reconnaissance flights, see newsreels of P-39 missions around the world, and more. 2 hours. #V5082 $19.95

P-63E Kingcobra Kit

The P-39 Airacobra was an effective fighter flown by the USAAF during WWII. This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the P-63E Kingcobra – an advanced upgrade to the P-39 – featuring markings from the U.S. Army Air Force. It includes a nicely detailed cockpit, pilot restraints, positional car doors, rudder and flaps, positional elevators, fuel tanks, and underwing gun pods. Assembly required. 9¾" wingspan. #706014 $69.95

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P-47 Thunderbolt / P-51 Mustang P-47D Thunderbolt Model

Featuring the markings of “Bonnie” – a P-47D 1/48 SCALE Thunderbolt flown by th William Dunham of the 348 Fighter Group – this 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model includes realistic panel lines, surface details, an opening canopy, a detailed cockpit, optional-position landing gear, ordnance loads, and a display stand. 10¼" wingspan. #981187 $95.95

P-47D Thunderbolt Model


This 1/72 scale plastic model replicates “Rat Hunter,” a P-47D with 332nd FG, 100th FS Tuskegee Airmen “Red Tails.” It features realistic panel lines and surface details, a rotating 1/72 SCALE propeller, ordnance loads, and authentic $ markings. 6¾" wingspan. #707088 Reg: $29.95



P-47 Thunderbolt Metal Sign

Made in

the USA. Displaying the P-47 Thunderbolt “Little Chief” accompanied by a nose artstyle pin-up girl, this 24gauge steel sign resembles the look of aged metal and paint. 18"x 12"; includes mounting holes.

P-51 Mustang Metal Sign

WWII Made in

the USA. This sign honors the versatile fighterbomber, the P-51 Mustang. Handmade in the USA from high-gauge steel, it includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 24"x 7". #707090 $19.95

Meyer’s Masquerade

Jim Laurier Laurier. This thrilling, limited edition print depicts Lt. Col. John C. Meyer of the 352nd FG getting his P-51 Mustang LIMITED EDITION behind a formation of Luftwaffe Fw 190s, using their contrails as cover. Achieving surprise, Meyer claimed three victories on November 21, 1944, including the one pictured in which he was so close to the enemy fighter, he fired blindly through the contrail until he saw an explosion, and pulled up just in time to narrowly miss the resulting debris. Print comes signed by the artist. 26"x 18". #707091 $189.95

P-51D Mustang Kit Must be 18+

to order! #66944 $24.95 Lose the suit! Nude Version – Must be 18+ to order. #66945



Our Might Always

The 355th Fighter Group in World War II

Marshall. The 355th was third in combined German aircraft destroyed during WWII, first in ground credits, and fifth in air-to-air victory credits within the 8th Air Force. This title is incredibly detailed with respect to Luftwaffe units engaged, pilots, victory credits, pilot rosters, aces scores, and unit awards. 560 pages, 887 photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #707089 $79.95

P-51D Mustang Model

"Hon Mistake," a P-51D Mustang sent to the Pacific in 1945, was assigned to the 462nd Fighter 1/48 SCALE Squadron where it was piloted LIMITED EDITION by both 1st Lt. William G. Ebersole and 2nd Lt. James R. Bercaw. According to legend, the warplane received its nickname after shooting up an occupied Japanese outhouse. This 1/48 scale, die cast model is a Hobby Master replica of "Hon Mistake" flown by Ebersole. It features engraved panel lines, an opening canopy, a wellappointed cockpit, a pilot figure, a rotating propeller, authentic markings, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 9¼" wingspan.

Signature Edition – Signed by 1st Lt. Ebersole! #980975 $109.95

Regular Edition #980976



This 1/32 scale plastic kit includes parts to build an early- or late production “D” variant. It includes movable control surfaces, removable engine cowlings, an intricately detailed Packard Merlin V-1650 engine, plenty of photo-etched parts, drop tanks, a choice of retracted or extended landing gear with real rubber tires, a choice of three markings (4th FG’s “Blondie,” 352nd FG, and 20th FG), seated and standing pilot figures, and a display stand. 13¾" wingspan; 415+ pieces, assembly required. #83220 $179.95

P-51 Mustang 3D Lamp

This 3D lamp, with 8 interchangeable color modes, will have the iconic P-51 Mustang soaring among your stuff! Includes push button remote. #707093 $49.95

8 Changeable Color Modes!

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B-17 Flying Fortress

Return to Kimbolton

John Shaw. Among the most prolific USAAF units of the war, the 379th Bomb Group flew more missions and dropped a greater bomb tonnage than any other in the Mighty Eighth Air Force. This dramatic, limited edition print captures the celebrated group as they fly their B-17s back to base at Kimbolton in 1944 – escorted by P-51 Mustangs of the 4th Fighter Group. Signed by the artist. 35½"x 16½". #707095 $149.95


B-17G Flying Fortress Models

A pair of Air Force 1 collectibles, these 1/72 scale, die cast models – reproductions of “Swamp Fire” and “Miss Conduct,” two B-17G Flying Fortress bombers that miraculously survived the war – measure nearly a foot-and-ahalf in wingspan. They also feature historic nose art, opening bomb bays (with munitions), a realistic gunner station, optional-position landing gear, and a metal display stand. 17¼" wingspan.

116.95 each



“Swamp Fire”

524th BS, 379th BG, April 1944.



“Miss Conduct”

481st BS, 100th BG.

B-17G Flying Fortress Display Model

Featuring the aircraft’s signature yellow trim and nose art, this 1/62 scale display model – made of top-quality mahogany and complete with a Liberty Foundation display stand – replicates the “Liberty Belle” B-17G Flying Fortress. 20" wingspan.




Named after a riverboat in the movie Lady for a Night,, “Memphis Belle” – the famed B-17 Flying Fortress of the U.S. Air Force – is recognized on this collectible $2 bill. Featuring full-color images, this genuine legal U.S. tender includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue two-sided display folio. #106090 $16.95

SAVE The Memphis Belle


A Story of a Flying Fortress

Get multiple B-17 films on one DVD! First, you’ll join the crew of the B-17 “Memphis Belle” on their 25th mission. See them in action as they approach their target, drop bombs, and attempt to make their escape as German fighters swarm in firing. You’ll also enjoy The Case of the Tremendous Trifle, which explains the importance of the Schweinfurt raids on German ball bearing factories; Mission Accomplished, which recounts B-17 raids in Europe; The Air Force Story: A Prelude to War; and more. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 50 min. #V7722 Reg: $24.95 $


Show off your love for the mighty B-17 Flying Fortress with this fabulous t-shirt! A striking image of the Front Crest famous aircraft is printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

#705207 M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95


This 1/72 scale plastic kit of the famed B-17F Flying Fortress bomber features a well-equipped cockpit, a glazed nose and canopy, a loaded bomb bay with optional-position doors, optional-position landing gear, and accurate decals for the “Memphis Belle” (324th Bomb Squadron) and “Miss Ouachita” (322nd BS). Assembly required; skill level 2. 17¼" wingspan. #90575 $39.95

“Memphis Belle” Colorized $2 Bill


B-17 Flying Fortress T-Shirt

B-17F Flying Fortress Kit

Memphis Belle

This 1990 action-packed thriller – starring Matthew Modine and Eric Stoltz – is a fictionalized account of the B-17 Flying Fortress “Memphis Belle” and her young crewmen, who must make one more bombing run to complete their full tour of 25 missions and return home as heroes. Hoping for a “milk run” over France, the crew is instead faced with a dangerous bombing raid over Bremen, Germany. Full screen and widescreen. 1 hr. 47 min. #V9723 $14.95

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B-24 Liberator / B-29 Superfortress / B-25 Mitchell

1/163 SCALE

B-24D Liberator Model

A replica of “Strawberry Bitch” – a B-24D Liberator from the 37th BG that participated in “Operation Tidal Wave” in 1943 – this 1/163 scale, die cast model features realistic panel lines and surface details, authentic markings, and a display stand. 8" wingspan. $


B-25 Mitchell Display Model

The B-25 Mitchell was used throughout World War II, serving in every theater in a variety of configurations. This 1/41 scale model replicates the USMC PB-J version of the B-25, is handcrafted from fine mahogany, and features rotating propellers, authentic markings, and a display stand. 19¾" wingspan.





B-24D Liberator Model

On August 1, 1943, a bombing raid against Nazi oil refineries in Romania was attempted by 176 B-24 Liberators – a disaster for the USAAF with the loss of more than 650 crewmen. An Air Force 1 replica of “Wongo Wongo” – a B-24D lost during the mission, along with her crew of ten – this 1/72 scale, die cast model features open or closed bomb bays, optional-position landing gear, authentic 512th BS markings, and a display stand. 18¼" wingspan.


North American B-25 Mitchell

1/72 SCALE



These multi-film DVD collections, featuring rare newsreels and combat footage, examine one of the best medium bombers in history: the $ B-25 Mitchell. B&W. 19.95 each Volume 1 – See early images of war in North Africa and get a look at the resourcefulness of the USAAF. 1 hr. 33 min. #V5094 Volume 2 – Witness the 47th and 48th Bomber Groups in the Pacific and enjoy a film produced by Shell Oil Company on how to clandestinely refuel the bomber. 1 hr. 38 min. #702150


B-25H Mitchell T-Shirt A side profile and topdown diagram of the B-25H Mitchell is screen-printed Back on this t-shirt – made of 100% cotton – which also features a selection of the warplane’s specifications. #702598

The 44th Bomb Group in World War II The “Flying Eight-Balls” Over Europe in the B-24

Mackay & Adams. The 44th Bomb Group amassed an impressive 343 missions and won two Distinguished Unit Citations between November, 1942, and April, 1945. Here, you’ll read its complete history, including its participation in the legendary 1943 Ploesti mission and the tragic loss of some 2,000 airmen Missing in Action. 288 pages, 340 B&W photographs, color profiles, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21016 $59.95

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL: $21.95

B-29 Superfortress Model

8 Changeable Color Modes!

B-24 Liberator 3D Lamp

Project the historic B-24 bomber onto your wall with this unique 3D lamp featuring 8 color options and a touchbutton remote. #707097 $49.95

With its eye-catching left-side nose art, this 1/200 scale, die cast model is a tribute to “Jack’s Hack”: a B-29 Superfortress delivered just days after the war ended. This replica of the bomber – which was restored in the 1970s and remains on display at the New England Air Museum – features free-spinning propellers and a nameplate display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #707094 $34.95

1/200 SCALE

Legends of Warfare

Doyle. From the Legends of Warfare series, these informative titles illustrate the extensive history of the B-29 Superfortress. 128 pages, 200+ color and $ B&W photos, 9"x 9", hardcover. 19.95 each B-29 Superfortress, Vol. 1 – Considered the largest and most advanced U.S. aircraft of World War II, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress and its history is chronicled in this volume, including its design, development, and combat role in war. #706537

B-29/B-50 Superfortress, Vol. 2 – The Boeing B-29 and B-50 Superfortress are examined in this volume, tracing their evolution, as well as the B-50’s part as an early nuclear deterrent. Learn all about the production of these aircraft, and the host of adaptations, from mother ship and X-planes to weather and refueling aircraft. #706538

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Allies British RAF Ensign Flag

The Royal Air Force’s ubiquitous roundel is found on this polyester flag which also features the traditional Union Jack. Includes reinforced edging and brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #104911 $18.95 1/48 SCALE

Soviet Union Flag


Spitfire Models

These 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate the Spitfire, the British fighter aircraft used by the RAF and other Allied countries during and after World War II. These replicas feature opening canopies revealing a well-equipped cockpit, rotating propellers, engraved panel lines, authentic markings, optional position landing gear, and include a display stand. 9¼" wingspan.




This quality reproduction flag is made of polyester and includes reinforced edging with brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #65370 $18.95 1/72 SCALE



A: Mk.Vb – RAF No. 601 Squadron, Libya, December 1942.


#704771 Reg: $87.95 $


1/48 SCALE

B: Mk. IXc

Piloted by RAF No. 126 Squadron Leader Johnny Plagis, stationed in Harrowbeer, England, in July 1944. #981254




Soviet Fighter Models

These 1/72 scale plastic models replicate World War II Soviet fighters. They feature finely textured surfaces, glazed canopies revealing a detailed cockpit, rotating propellers, extended landing gear, authentic paint schemes and $ markings, and include a display stand. 24.95 each

France National Flag

This quality reproduction flag is made of polyester and includes reinforced edging with brass grommets. 5'x 3'.




A: MiG-3 – Flown by Soviet ace Aleksandr Pokryshkin. 5½" wingspan. #92033 B: Yak-3 – Soviet Air Force, 303rd Fighter Div., General Georgiy Zakharov, 1945. 5" wingspan. #93511 C: NEW! La-7 – Soviet Air Force 9th GFAR, Golovachev. 5¼" wingspan. #707096

WWII French Aircraft Models

These 1/72 scale plastic models replicate a pair of World War II French fighters. They feature finely textured surfaces, glazed canopies revealing a detailed cockpit, rotating propellers, extended landing gear, authentic markings, and $ include a display stand. 24.95 each

Authentic Artifact! 1/72 SCALE

Dewoitine D.520

1/72 SCALE

Armee de I’Air Corps Franc Pommies. 5½" wingspan. #702436



Morane-Saulnier MS.406

Armée de l’Air GC 111/7, No. 795, Jean Bertrand, Vitry-le-FrancoisVauclerc, France, 1940. 5¾" wingspan. #705587

2-Piece “Stalin Legacy” Currency

This rare collection features two authentic pieces of currency issued during the early years of the Soviet Empire and Joseph Stalin's reign of terror – the 1920s and ’30s – and includes a 50-kopek bank note and a 20-kopek “Death Sentence” silver coin. They arrive in circulated condition in an informative history presentation folder, measuring 11"x 7½". #100292 $39.95

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world war ii warbirds

These 1/72 scale, die cast models replicate famous fighters from the Second World War. They feature accurate paint schemes and markings, detailed surfaces and canopies, and include a display stand.

1/72 SCALE

Macchi C.205 Veltro

All Models Include a Display Stand! Westland Lysander Mk.III

RAF No. 225 Squadron, 1940. 8¼" wingspan. #707098 $34.95

F2A-1 Buffalo

VF-3, U.S. Navy, USS Saratoga (CV-3), 1939. 5¾" wingspan. #703909 $29.95

Sergente Maggiore Luigi Gorrini, 1 Squadriglia. 5" long. #704173

Bf 109E-4

Mosquito NF Mk. II

Hauptmann Wolfgang Lippert, II./JG 27, 1940. 5½" long. #96202 $25.95

No. 23 Squadron, RAF, 1943. 9" wingspan. #706531 $29.95

P-51D Mustang

Fw 190A

Lt. Arthur Reed Bowers, Eagle Squadron, RAF Debden, Essex, 1944. 6¼" wingspan.





Avenger Mk. II 855 Squadron, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. June 1944. 6¾" long.

Typhoon Mk. Ib


Sqn. Ldr. B.G. Stapleton, No. 247 Squadron, RAF, 1944. 6¾" wingspan.

“Butcher Bird,” Luftwaffe 15./JG 54, Rudolf Klemm, 1944. 5¾" wingspan. #704172 $25.95

Me 262




Operation Bodenplatte, 1945. 6¾" wingspan.






Hs 123A-1

Spitfire LF Mk. IXe

3./SFGr 50 Condor Legion, Kurt Hamann, Spain, 1938. 5¾" wingspan. #704169 $29.95 No. 443 Squadron, RCAF, Belgium 1945. 5½" long. #706419 $29.95

Me 163B Komet

JG 400, Freeman Field, 1946. 5" wingspan. #703537 $27.95

KI-43 Hayabusa (Oscar) F3 Meteor

50th Group, 2nd Squadron. 1942. 6" long.

Hs 126A-1

6¾" long.

RAF, Hednesford, Staffordshire.




“A88,” Condor Legion, Luftwaffe, Spain, 1938. 8" wingspan.




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Luftwaffe German Luftwaffe Captain Figure


Dressed smartly in his Luftwaffe uniform, Captain “Willi” is ready to command his airmen during the Second World War! This 1/6 scale articulated figure arrives with a host of realistic equipment including interchangeable hands, a helmet and visor cap, breeches, an officer tunic, two belts, gloves, leather jackboots, a sword (with scabbard), a P38 pistol (with leather holster), a champagne bottle with glass, and realistic insignia. 12" tall.





Dornier Do 215 B-5 Nightfighter Kit

A multi-purpose aircraft, the Do 215 – introduced in 1939 – served as a night fighter, light bomber, and aerial reconnaissance aircraft for the Luftwaffe. A replica of a late-war Do 215 B-5 night fighter, this 1/48 scale kit plastic features a fuselage bay with auxiliary fuel tank, detailed DB 601 engines, realistic undercarriage bays and rudder, and authentic markings. Assembly required. 218 pieces. Skill level 4. 14¾" wingspan. #700223


Germany's Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft & Night Fighter

Olrog. The Dornier Do 215 – a lesser-known Luftwaffe aircraft – saw service in a variety of roles, including night fighter, reconnaissance, and as a staff transport. This book gives insight on the Do 215’s secret operations, its development from the Do 17, as well as details into being the first aircraft to employ radar and infrared sighting equipment. 280 pages, B&W photos, 9"x 12", hardcover. #703560 $69.95

Focke-Wulf Fw 200

Goss. The Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor was one of the German Luftwaffe's most effective longrange anti-shipping bombers and naval recon aircraft. The Fw 200 Condors battled Allied convoys in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and served as military transports on the Eastern Front. Richly illustrated and detailed, this new book is a unique reference for WWII aviation historians and modelers alike. 288 pages, 500 B&W and color photos, 9"x 12", hardcover. #707101 $84.95


Wearing 58 victory tallies on its tail, this 1/48 scale, die cast model LIMITED EDITION – a new centerpiece collectible from Hobby Master – recreates a Bf 109E-4 as it appeared in late 1/48 SCALE 1940 piloted by Adolf Galland, one of the most accomplished aces in combat history. It also features an opening canopy, a removable pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, JG 26 markings, and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #981244 $92.95

Messerschmitt Bf 109E

Germany's Premier Early World War II Fighter

Johnston. The Bf 109E "Emil" entered service in 1938. The aircraft’s DB601 engine transformed its performance, making the Messerschmitt fighter one of the most capable anywhere in the world at the time. After seeing action late in the Spanish Civil War, the Emil was Germany’s premier fighter aircraft during the early years of WWII. By the time of “Operation Barbarossa” in June 1941, the Emil had been largely replaced as the Luftwaffe’s main fighter aircraft by the new Bf109F. 112 pages, photos throughout, 9"x 9", hardcover. #707102 $19.95

Junkers Ju 87B Stuka Balsa Kit

Dornier Do 215

The Condor at War 1939-1945

Bf 109E-4 Model

Build your own detailed replica of the Ju 87B Stuka, the most famous German dive bomber of World War II! This 1/32 scale kit includes high quality, laser-cut balsa wood parts; plastic detail parts, including a clear canopy, cowls, a propeller and wheels; lightweight covering tissue and color peel-and-stick decals; instructions; and more. Assembly required. 16½" wingspan. #8939 $24.95

The Swoop of Death

This program examines German dive bombers from the early testing of the Junkers K 47 in the 1920s through the end of WWII. You’ll learn how World War I aces Hermann Göring and Ernst Udet developed Hitler’s Luftwaffe dive-bomber program in the mid-1930s, examine the innovative Ju 187 “Super Stuka” that never reached production, and more. You also get eight documentaries on legendary aircraft such as the R6V Constitution, the Curtiss Helldiver, and the Princess flying boat. Color and B&W, 1 hour. #V7950 $17.95

Focke-Wulf Fw 200 C-4 Condor Kit

Replicating a massive Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-4 Condor – used by the Luftwaffe as a long-range reconnaissance and anti-shipping aircraft – this amazingly detailed, 1/48 scale plastic kit features textured surfaces, a fully outfitted cockpit and cabin, movable flight control surfaces and a crew entry door, intricate engine face and landing gear detail, a choice of two 8./KG 40 markings from 1943, and more. 301 pieces. Assembly required. 27" wingspan.

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Kriegsmarine / Advanced Tech X-PLANE BOOKS


The Illustrated History of the German Navy in WWII

Jackson. Featuring 250 rare or never-before-published photos, this exploration of the Kriegsmarine covers the German Navy from its pre-war buildup through the end of WWII. Gain insight on the rebirth of the U-Boat fleet, rise of the new “pocket” battleships, and late-war small-scale actions – all coming together to tell the story of a force that nearly starved the British into surrender. 176 pages, 7½"x 10", softcover. #109212 $29.95

Over 2-Feet Long!

Graf Zeppelin Kit

Measuring nearly twoand-a-half feet long, this premium, 1/350 scale plastic kit recreates the Graf Zeppelin, the only aircraft carrier built by the Third Reich which did not become operational during the war. Includes accurate armament, authentic markings, detailed flight deck, decals and emblems, and a display base. Assembly required, skill level 4. 29½" long. #702224 $179.95

Clear Edition!

Me 262A-1a Kit

Being the first operational jet fighter of the world, the Messerschmitt Me262 was one of the most advanced aircraft of its time. This 1/32 scale plastic kit replicates the fighter and features realistic surface details, a detailed cockpit, photo-etched detail pieces, authentic decals and paint schemes for two versions, and many clear plastic body pieces that allow you to see inside the plane. Assembly required, 383 pieces, skill level 4, 15½" wingspan. #83456 $99.95


Buchner. Presenting remarkable insight into the life of a Luftwaffe pilot during the Second World War, this impressive book paints an in-depth portrait of the elite JG7. Using historical photographs and covering everything from training, to the pre-war Austrian Air Force, to terrifying missions and secret operations on the Eastern Front, this first-person account documents the journey of one of the premier Luftwaffe aces of the era. 272 pages, 6"x 9", softcover. #705702 $19.95

Luft-X Models

Part of the acclaimed Luft-X line of experimental German aircraft, these 1/72 scale resin models – each one a conversation-starting centerpiece – feature a realistic design, authentic weaponry, historic Third Reich markings, and a display stand. $39.95 each

A: Blohm & Voss BV P.209 – The



1/72 SCALE

forward-swept wings of the neverproduced BV P.209 was intended to alleviate compressibility problems at high speeds. 5" long. #82037 B B: Horten Ho 229 – The world’s first jet-powered flying wing, the Ho 229 would’ve seen service had the war continued into 1946. 9¼" wingspan. #82035

Thoughtfully illustrated, learn the history and development of experimental aircraft that were designed for WWII. Color and B&W illustrations, 7"x 9¾", softcover.

Messerchmitt Me 264 Amerika Bomber – Forsyth.

During WWII, Hitler called for the development of a secret weapon that was able to take the war across the Atlantic – the Messerschmitt Me 264. Learn the development, role, and impact of the aircraft that Hitler wanted to use to bomb New York City. 80 pages. #706459 $19.95

Dornier Do 335 – Forsyth. The Dornier Do 335 was the fastest piston-engine aircraft created in Germany during WWII. Intended for use as a day fighter, bomber, night fighter, bad weather interceptor, and reconnaissance aircraft, the aircraft that the Luftwaffe hoped would turn the tide of the war is detailed here. 80 pages. #706460 $19.95 Jet Prototypes of World War II – Buttler. During WWII, aircraft and engine designers worked to build the world’s first practical jet-powered research aircraft to test new technology. Germany, Italy, and Britain participated in top-secret jet programs as they raced to manufacture the airpower of the future. Highly illustrated, this title examines the revolutionary aircraft that caused the start of the military jet age. 80 pages. #706461 $21.95 Luftwaffe Emergency Fighters – Forsyth. As the

Third Reich teetered on collapse in late 1944, they issued a call for easy-to-build fighters to help combat the P-38 Lightning, British Mosquito, and anticipated B-29 Superfortress. See multi-view illustrations of the resulting designs – the Ta 183, P.212, and P.1101 – which were set to feature heavy cannons, rockets and missiles, and an unmatched top speed. 88 pages. #702688 $19.95

NEW! Bachem Ba 349 Natter – Forsyth. The Bachem Ba 349 Natter offered the Luftwaffe an inexpensive means with which to intercept and attack Allied heavy bombers using a vertically-launched, semiexpendable machine built of wood and armed with a nose-mounted "honeycomb" battery of spin-stabilized air-to-air rockets, as well as cannon armament. Launched vertically at 36,000 feet per minute, the pilot was expected to fly within range of the enemy bombers, fire his rockets at them, ram another bomber, eject, and parachute to the ground. 80 pages. #707099 $19.95

Blohm & Voss BV 155B Kit

A German high-altitude interceptor aircraft used by the Luftwaffe, the BV 155B-1 was designed to defend against raids from the B-29 Superfortress. The design had been based off of the Me 155; however, the aircraft went through a change of ownership and prototypes were still being tested until the end of WWII. This 1/72 scale plastic kit includes realistic weaponry, detailed landing gear, a well-equipped cockpit with an opening canopy, a rotating propeller, and authentic decals for 3 versions. Assembly required, 60+ pieces, skill level 2, 11¼" wingspan. #707100 $34.95

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Seabees / Ground Vehicles


Activated on March 5, 1942, the U.S. Navy “Seabees” – named for the initials “CB,” or Construction Battalions – are responsible for paving roads and airstrips, bulldozing debris, and building airbases. They remain an integral part of the Navy with their can-do motto: “We Build. We Fight.”

Images of America

Filled with hundreds of rare vintage photos, these Images of America books explore three of the country’s preeminent Seabees hubs. 128 pages, 200 B&W photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. $21.95 each

NEW! Davisville and the Seabees – Schroder & Emma. The U.S. Naval


Featuring the Seabees’ “fighting bee” logo, which was designed by Frank Lafrate in 1942, this screened polyester flag includes reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #M650594 $18.95

Construction Battalion Center at Davisville, Rhode Island, is remembered as the original “Home of the Atlantic Seabees,” ultimately closed in 1994. #M101949

NEW! The Seabees at Gulfport – Nichols. The advance base depot in Gulfport, Mississippi, was the southern home of the Seabees beginning in 1942.

#M101925 The Seabees at Port Hueneme – Nichols. In 1942, the U.S. Navy sought a location for an advance facility on the West Coast from which it could ship construction material, equipment, and men into World War II's Pacific Theater, which they found at California's Port Hueneme. #M101938

U.S. Navy Seabees $2 Bill

3-Piece Seabees Patch Set

Bearing their “fighting bee” logo and can do motto: “We Build. We Fight,” this colorized $2 bill commemorates the important group. #107269 $16.95

Pay tribute to the U.S. Navy with this 3-piece patch set featuring the famous Seabees logo. 3"- 5" wide. #110406 $16.95


WWII Ground Transport Models


1/72 SCALE

These 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate a pair of World War II ground vehicles. They feature realistic A surface details, rolling rubber wheels, and authentic markings and paint schemes.

Tank Models

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate tanks A used in World War II. They feature rotating turrets, elevating guns, accurate hulls, realistic surface details and panel lines, detailed tracks, authentic markings, and include a clear acrylic display case.











Sd.Kfz.186 Panzerjager Tiger Model C

German Army 10.PzDiv 7.PzRgt, Tunisia, 1943. 2½" long.



C: ISU-122 Tank Destroyer – Soviet Army, Koenigsberg, East Prussia, January 1945. 5" long. #981221




B: Willys MB Jeep – RAF, “Follow Me,” used to direct airplanes landed on unfamiliar airfields. 2¾" long.

B: Panzer II Ausf.F



A: Sd.Kfz.2 Kleines Kettenkraftrads

German Army 1st Gebirgs Div, Soviet Union, 1942. 2½" long.

A: M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer – Volturno River,

1943. 3¾" long.


1/48 SCALE



The Panzerjager Tiger was a tank destroyer that saw service from late 1944 to the end of the war. This 1/32 scale, die cast model replicates the tank destroyer. It features moving tracks on rotating wheels, opening loader and commander hatches, a detailed engine, rotating turret and elevating cannon, authentic paint scheme and markings, and includes one figure and a detailed 1/32 SCALE battlefield display base. Markings for 3.Kompanie/sPzJgAbt 653, #314, Germany, March 1945. 13" long. #706184 $74.95

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all about the Attack on ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR Learn Pearl Harbor – the surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service on the naval base in Honolulu – with this informative selection that consists of a detailed documentary, artist's print, and model planes.

December 7th/Attack: Battle of New Britain

Created in cooperation with the War and Navy Department, this film captures the nation during World War II. Exploring the attack on Pearl Harbor, it centers on the battle itself and the lives that were lost. 1 hr. 30 min. #706219 $9.95

SAVE 50%

Flying Into A War

Stokes. On December 6, 1941, Pilot Earl Cooper, navigator John "Davy" Crockett and their crewmates flew their B-17C Flying Fortress to the Philippines by way of Oahu, Hawaii. But arriving in Hawaii on the morning of December 7, the unarmed B-17 met Japanese Zeros. After LIMITED EDITION evasive measures and the loss of one engine, they flew over the destroyed Hickham Field then finally bellylanded at Wheeler Field, flying on fumes. 16"x 11½" limited edition print is $ signed and numbered by the artist. #73003 Reg: $39.95


USS Arizona




1/200 SCALE

This is No Drill

Wenger, Cressman & Virgilio. Gain an in-depth understanding of the Japanese attack on NAS Pearl Harbor through this detailed combat narrative. In order to prevent U.S. aircraft from searching for their carrier force, Japan aimed to take out NAS Pearl Harbor. With the efforts of three scholars, this title focuses on personal and tactical levels of action from both perspectives. 288 pages, B&W photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #106514 $44.95

P-40B Warhawk Model

1/48 SCALE

This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master LIMITED EDITION die cast model represents one of the most recog$ nizable aircraft of WWII. Recreating an American P-40B Warhawk flown by Kenneth Taylor with the 47th Fighter Squadron at Pearl Harbor in 1941, this impressive piece features realistic panel lines, an opening canopy revealing a well-equipped cockpit, pad-printed markings, interchangeable landing gear, and a display stand. 9½" wingspan.


#981014 Reg: $89.95



3-Piece Pearl Harbor Pin Set

USS Arizona (BB-39) R/C Kit

Built in the early 1900s, the USS Arizona was the last Pennsylvania-class of “super-dreadnought” battleships – a more powerful generation with an increase in displacement and broadside. Recreate the legendary ship – as it appeared in 1941 – with this 1/200 scale remote-controlled kit, featuring a separate deck, ship’s boats, two Kingfisher floatplanes, rotating and elevating gun barrels, a painting guide for two ships, photo-etched accents, and more. Also, includes: 2.4G transmitter, adapter, steering rudder, smoke generator, and a battery with charger. Assembly required. 36½" long. #104718 Reg: $899.95 $


USS Arizona (BB-39) Model

A stunning replica of the American ship, this 1/700 scale, die cast model features an amazing attention to historical authenticity including a revised color scheme (based on thorough visual research), realistic deck and superstructure details, a new woodenlook presentation stand, and a sea-wave blister for unique waterline display. 10¼" long. #701961 $69.95


The History of NAS Pearl Harbor and the Japanese Attacks of 7 December 1941

World War II Documentary

Signed by Navigator John “Davy” Crockett!

Pearl Harbor

1/700 SCALE

These classic full-color pins are a great way to honor those fallen at the Pearl Harbor attack, and commemorate the United States’ entry into World War II. With three designs, you can select the pin to match your mood or attire. 1" diameter. #111158 $12.95

Raising the Fleet

The Pearl Harbor Salvage Operation, 1941-1944

Arroyo and Cohen. One of the only titles on the subject, this lavishly illustrated book examines the salvaging efforts at Pearl Harbor in the years following the Japanese attack. Get insight on every ship’s exhaustive repair efforts, including over 20,000 hours of underwater diving, in addition to a look at the three vessels unable to be salvaged: the USS Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma. 304 pages, 200+ B&W photos, 8½"x 11" softcover. #105593 $29.95

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Imperial Japan / Doolittle Raid Japanese Naval Ensign

This is a replica of the flag flown by the IJN during WWII (and re-adopted in 1954). Made of screened polyester with reinforced edging and brass grommets, it measures 5'x 3'. #65258 $18.95

Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku Kit

A replica of the Imperial Japanese Carrier Zuikaku as she appeared during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, this 1/700 scale plastic waterline kit features a finely molded hull with simulated weld seams; an intricate island; a full suite of anti-aircraft guns; anchors, lifeboats, and other detail parts for added realism; and more. You even get a squadron of Zeros for the deck! 14½" long; assembly required. #83874 $59.95

Nakajima B5N2 “Kate” Model

Primarily serving as a carrier-based bomber for the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII, the “Kate” featured prominently at Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model features an opening canopy, crew figures, realistic armament, optional-position landing gear, historic markings, and a display stand. 8½" wingspan.

The Japanese had hoped that the preemptive attack at Pearl Harbor would cripple the U.S. naval fleet and render their ability to wage war all but nonexistent. They were wrong. This 6-DVD documentary – including rare war footage and interviews with combat veterans of every major military branch – examines how America rose up, despite a devastating early setback, to push combat back to the Pacific and ultimately achieve victory. Over 17 Hours of Footage! B&W and color. 17 hrs. 44 min. #V9359 $29.95

B-25 Mitchell Model

Legendary aviator Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle led one of the most 1/200 SCALE important missions of WWII – the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942, when he and 15 other B-25 Mitchells attacked a series of Japanese targets. This 1/200 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model is a replica of Doolittle's legendary warbird as it appeared on that fateful day, featuring engraved panel lines, rotating propellers, and authentic markings. 4" wingspan. #701174 $19.95

USS Hornet Kit




The Battleships Yamato and Musashi

Todaka, ed. This pictorial of Japan’s Imperial Navy covers the largest battleships ever constructed: the Yamato and Musashi. Enjoy historical photos, many of them taken by Shizuo Fuki – a former commander and technician during the war who dedicated his life to documenting the fleet’s ships – as well as insight from experts, including shipbuilder Makino Shigeru. 144 pages, B&W photos, 12"x 8½", hardcover. #108082 $69.95


The Bloody War in the Pacific

1/72 SCALE

A replica 29½" Long! of the IJN IJN Battleship battleship Yamato Kit Yamato as she appeared on her final voyage in April 1945, this 1/350 scale plastic kit features the choice of a full hull or waterline display, an incredibly detailed superstructure, rotating 460mm main cannons with optional-position barrels, rotating and elevating secondary and anti-aircraft guns, a full complement of boats and reconnaissance floatplanes, photoetched metal parts, metal propeller shafts and movable rudders, and a display stand. 29½" long; assembly required. #M800839 $149.95

Selected Photos from the Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum

America vs. Japan

This 1/700 scale plastic kit is a replica of the USS Hornet (CV-8) featuring textured deck detailing, a realistic superstructure, antiaircraft guns, lifeboats, and a selection of B-25 Mitchell bomber models. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 13¼" long. #701515 $29.95

USS Hornet



Filled with new digital transfers, this DVD features rare footage of America's two great fighting ships named Hornet: CV-8 and CV-12. You'll see the film The Life and Death of the U.S.S. Hornet, which documents the history of CV-8 from launching to final moments at Santa Cruz; extensive footage of the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway; Navy Secretary Knox's speech at the launching of the new Essex-class Hornet (CV-12); and the recoveries of Apollo11 and 12. It's the proud legacy of the Hornet as never seen before. 3+ hours; includes silent and sound film footage.

#V8034 Reg: $24.95

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo



This exciting re-creation of the “Doolittle Raid” includes film footage of the actual raid, won an Academy Award for special effects in 1944, and stars Spencer Tracy as Lt. Col. James Doolittle, who led the now legendary B-25 Mitchell attack, and Van Johnson as Lt. Ted Lawson, pilot of the B-25 “Ruptured Duck.” A World War II classic! Academy Award Winner! B&W, 2 hrs. 18 min. #V9738 $24.95

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War in the Pacific


Pacific Theater Warplane Models




1/48 SCALE 1/150 SCALE



1/48 SCALE

Limited Quantity!



1/48 scale. USMC, VMF(N)532 “Nightfighters,” Saipan, 1944. 10¼" wingspan.

#981177 $95.95 C: TBF-1C Avenger

1/72 SCALE


1/72 scale. U.S. Navy, VT-15, USS Essex, Leyte Gulf, 1944. 9" wingspan. #704870 $89.95 B


The PBY Catalina flying boat was used in anti-submarine warfare, patrol bombing, convoy escorts, search and rescue missions, and cargo transport. This 1/150 scale, die cast model features authentic markings and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #703363 $34.95

PBY Catalina

A: F4F-4 Wildcat – 1/48 scale. U.S. Navy, VC-12, USS Core, 1944. 9½" wingspan. #980908 Reg: $89.95 $ B: F4U-1A Corsair

PBY5 Catalina Model


A trio of American warplanes are replicated with these quality Hobby Master models, each one a die cast re-creation of a Pacific-stationed aircraft. They feature an opening canopy, a pilot figure, optionalposition landing gear, realistic weaponry, and a display stand.

8 Changeable Color Modes!

American Flying Boat Patrol Bomber

Filled with rare wartime footage, this collection includes five films about flying boats! You’ll enjoy stories about PBY Catalinas taking to the sky in defense of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941; learn how the Catalina was modified for night missions in the Pacific; and see footage of other seaplanes in action, including Howard Hughes’ famous “Spruce Goose.” As a bonus, you get a short film on the history of Luftwaffe seaplanes! B&W and color, 1 hr. 18 min. #V5098 $19.95 This 1/72 scale PBY-5A plastic kit features engraved Catalina Kit panel lines with rivet details, a wellequipped cockpit and waist gunner’s compartment, glazed windows, realistic engine fronts, observation blister-windows, optionalposition landing gear, outrigger pontoons, and authentic markings. 17¼" wingspan. #9068 $39.95


Wings Over Waikiki

50% U.S. Aircraft 3D Lamps

Featuring eight interchangeable colors, these unique lamps – which project a 3D image and include a touch-button A: NEW! TBF Avenger #707104 remote – showcase the TBF #706254 Avenger and F4U Corsair. $49.95 each B: F4U Corsair

TBD-1 Devastator Model

1/72 SCALE


Featuring markings from the U.S. Navy’s VT-8, this 1/72 scale, SkyMax, die cast model replicates a TBD-1 flown by Cdr. John C. Waldron off the USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway in June 1942. It features an intricate cockpit, a removable canopy, surface details, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 8½" wingspan. #981204 $84.95

Stan Stokes. This print shows a Hawaiianbased PBY-2, dressed in LIMITED EDITION pre-war markings, flying over Diamond Head on a typically beautiful Pacific day. This 16"x 11½" print is signed and numbered by the artist. #7774 Reg: $39.95 $





A far more potent force than its predecessor, the F4F Wildcat, the F6F Hellcat fea1/32 SCALE tured a larger fuel capacity, wider landing gear, and an increased ammunition capacity. This 1/32 scale, die cast model from Hobby Master replicates the F6F Hellcat, and includes authentic VF-17 markings, a detailed cockpit with opening canopy, authentic ordnance loads, and a display stand. 16¼" wingspan.. #980952 Reg: $199.95 $

F6F-5 Hellcat Model


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Korean War

Korean Air War:

F-51D Mustang Kit

Sabres, MiGs and Meteors, 1950-53

Napier. The aerial aspect of the Korean War was the first large-scale combat between high-performance jet aircraft. It marked the transition between the piston-engined aircraft of WWII and the jet aircraft of modern times. Examining the Korean War chronologically, this title includes parts played by the North Korean, Chinese, and Soviet air forces, as well as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marines. 320 pages, photos throughout, 8"x 10", hardcover.




F-86F-30 Sabre Kit

The F-86 was the USAF first swept-wing jet fighter, making its initial flight in October 1947, and played a major part in the Korean War. This 1/18 2-Foot wingspan! scale plastic kit replicates the F-86F-30 Sabre and features a clear canopy, a pilot figure, authentic USAF decals, engraved panel lines, realistic surface details, and easy-to-follow assembly guide. Assembly required, 190+ pieces, skill level 3, 24½" wingspan. #706925 $129.95

Sabre Models

P-51 Mustang Facemask

Make a bold statement with this patriotic facemask! Made of 100% polyester, with adjustable straps. Machine washable, and these colors don’t run, either!

Over 20" wingspan!


These 1/110 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of Sabre aircraft, one flown by John Glenn in the last year of the Korean War, and a Canadair Sabre flown by 1/110 SCALE the RCAF Golden Hawks aerobatic flying team. They feature bright paint schemes and authentic markings, engraved panel lines, glazed canopy, realistic surface details, and include a nameplate display stand. 4" wingspan. $29.95 each



A: F-86F Sabre “MiG Mad Marine” – Flown by Maj. John Glenn, Korea, 1953. #702124



B: RCAF Canadair Sabre – Flown by the RCAF Golden Hawks demo team, 1960s.

U.S. Army Fixed Wing Aircraft

With a focus on Korea and Vietnam, this 6-chapter program examines the fixed wing aircraft of the U.S. Army. See the transition from the USAAF to its own separate branch Air Force (that took most of its modern warbirds with it) and the response by the Army for safe and reliable transports. Witness action footage of aircraft from the C-7 Caribou and OV-1 Mohawk to the U-1 Otter and U-6 Beaver. 1 hr. 27 min. #702145 $19.95

1909-1958 “Pound of Wheaties” Penny Set






P/F-82G Twin Mustang Display Model

This 1/32 scale display model, replicating the Twin Mustang, is handcrafted from mahogany and features a polished black paint scheme. It includes a wooden display base with description. 20½" wingspan.

Carey. Arriving too late to see service during WWII, the long-range North American F-82 – the last mass-produced propeller-driven U.S. fighter – was used during the Korean War and a host of other engagements. Lavishly illustrated, this volume traces the developmental, operational, and combat history of that unique American aircraft. 128 pages, 120 B&W photos and illustrations, 7½"x 9½", softcover. #36460 $24.95

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air

This one-pound set includes roughly 150 coins – each one a Lincoln "wheat cent" struck from 19091958. No two sets will be alike, though each includes the popular 1943 steel penny. Comes in a pouch. Circulated. 19mm diameter.


Images of War: Twin Mustang The North American F-82 at War



This 1/32 scale plastic kit recreates the F-51D 1/32 Scale – Mustang and " 14 Wingspan! features markings for the U.S. and Korea. It also includes six wing machine guns, underbelly radiators, landing gear, moving ailerons, a detailed cockpit interior, pilot figures, and HVAR rockets. Assembly required. Skill level 5. 14" wingspan. #706073 $239.95

Great for Collectors of All ages!

This 1/24 scale, die cast model of Chevy’s twodoor Bel-Air hardtop from 1950, comes in a classic yellow paint scheme with 1/24 SCALE coordinating whitewall tires and gleaming chrome accents. It also features opening doors, trunk and hood (revealing an accurate engine), steerable wheels, and collectible window-box packaging. 8" long. #406191 $24.95

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Cold War / SR-71 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

The Illustrated History of America’s Legendary Mach 3 Spy Plane

Goodall, USAF (Ret.). The world’s only operational Mach 3 aircraft, the iconic SR-71 Blackbird spy plane was designed by Lockheed’s notable “Skunk Works.” Covering all fifty Blackbirds built, this illustrated history begins with the first flight in 1962 to its last in 1999. Includes the author’s personal images, along with those from other sources. 224 pages, color photos, 12"x 9", hardcover. #704315 $44.95

SR-71A Blackbird with D-21B Drone Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates the SR-71A Blackbird, and features authentic decals for two experimental versions, an option of having D-21B drone attached or separate, engraved panel lines, realistic surface details, and easy-to-follow instruction guide. Assembly required, skill level 2, 18½" long.

SR-71A Blackbird Model 1/72 SCALE On March 21, 1968, the SR-71 (#976) was flown as the first Blackbird to conduct an operational mission over Vietnam by Ed Payne and Jerry O'Malley. Finishing with 2,985.7 career flight hours, it’s currently exhibited at the U.S. Air Force Museum. This 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model of “Snarling Cat” features realistic conical spikes, a glazed canopy, authentic markings, and a display base. 17¾" long. #703906 $112.95

SR-71 Blackbird Model #706939



Area 51 Black Jets

A History of the Aircraft Developed at Groom Lake, America’s Secret Aviation Base

Yenne. Since the mid-1950s, Area 51 has served as a top-secret CIA testing site for American military aviation technology – the objects really flying around in the area. With a chronological overview alongside breathtaking images of programs carried out at Area 51, this title offers readers a declassified view of military aviation history. 192 pages, 140 color & 90 B&W photos, 8"x10", softcover. #703257 $24.95

Featuring the Skunk Works insignia on its rudders, this 1/200 scale, die cast model recreates an SR-71 Blackbird as it was flown by Lt. Col. 1/200 SCALE Raymond E. "Ed" Yielding and Lt. Col. Joseph T. "JT" Vida. It includes a seethrough canopy, authentic decals, and a metal stand. 6¼" long. #701170 $$22.95 22.95

Front Crest

Stan Stokes. Introduced in 1966, the legendary SR-71 Blackbird would go on to become the fastest airbreathing, $ manned aircraft in history. LIMITED EDITION Before it could achieve its thunderous success, however, it needed to be flight-tested. This print pays tribute to that fateful day – December 22, 1964 – when pilot Robert Gilliland took the aircraft on its maiden flight, escorted by an F-104 Starfighter. 16"x11½".

M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95



Signature Edition – Save $20!

Signed by the artist and SR-71 Test Pilot Robert Gilliland!


#700564 Reg: $89.95 $

3-Piece Patch Set

These patches are attachable to any hook and loop configuration, or sewn on to your favorite jacket. Blackbird and NASA patches: 4"x 4". Air Force patch: 5"x 1".




Skunk Works T-Shirt

Featuring the logo for the secretive program, Skunk Works, this stylish t-shirt is perfect for any Lockheed Martin $ M, L, XL: 27.95 fans. 100% cotton. 2XL, 3XL: $29.95 #706099

Standard Edition – Save $20! Signed by the artist!

#7182 Reg: $39.95 $


SR-71 Blackbird Defender of Freedom T-Shirt

Pay homage to the Mach 3+ capable aircraft, the SR-71! Featuring elegant screen-printed graphics, this charcoal t-shirt is made of a soft pre-shrunk cotton/polyester blend. #706942

First Flight of the Blackbird

Signed by SR-71 Test Pilot Robert Gilliland!


Front Crest

Skunk Works Facemask

This 100% polyester facemask includes adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. Machine washable.



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Cold War Bombers Early Jet Bombers: 1944-1954


Marriott. This was a time of intense technical innovation which transformed the design and capabilities of the bomber and gave birth to a range of classic military aircraft in the USA, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. The photos in this title take the story from the earliest jet bombers constructed in Germany towards the end of WWII to the successful designs both sides depended on through the first phase of the Cold War. 160 pages, 200+ B&W photos, 7½"x 9½",




Convair B-36 Peacemaker Owners' Workshop Manual

Baker. The B-36 entered the U.S. Air Force in 1948 as the world’s first operational bomber with hemispheric range, and it was further developed for photographic reconnaissance to acquire detailed maps of areas across the Soviet Union. This illustrated title covers the aircraft’s design and production, its different variants, operation and deployment, and the units it served. 224 pages, 300 color and B&W photos, 8½"x 10½", hardcover. #706365 $39.95


Tupolev Tu-95 & Tu-142

Stan Stokes. Soaring above the vast Grand Canyon, the B-36 intercontinental bomber – the largest mass-produced piston bomber ever made – looks deceptively small. Signed and numbered by the artist, this beautiful, limited edition print measures 16"x 11½".



#7776 Reg: $39.95 $ Peacekeeper Facemask

100% polyester, with adjustable straps. Machine washable.




B-36B Peacemaker Kit

This 1/144 scale plastic kit replicates the Cold War B-36 Peacemaker: the largest mass-produced piston-engined aircraft ever built. This kit features engraved panel lines, a clear canopy and nosegunner station, authentic decals for two versions, and easy-to-follow instruction guide. Assembly required, skill level 2, 19" wingspan.


In 1952, the first Tu-95 took flight, initially serving as a highaltitude nuclear bomber and later Over 2-Feet Long! as a dedicated cruise missile platform. This highly detailed 1/72 scale plastic kit features finely recessed panel lines, accurate engine nacelles with counterrotating propellers, realistic undercarriage with intricate wheel wells, and moveable ailerons and flaps. Includes 171 pieces and choice of markings. 27" in wingspan and length; assembly required. #90686 $149.95

Famous Russian Aircraft



Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H Kit



P-6M Seamaster Kit with Swivel Stand

Gordon and Komissarov. This revised and expanded edition charts the development and service of Russia’s famous Cold War-era strategic bomber, the Tupolev Tu-95 Bear. The unique Tu-95 is the only prop-driven strategic bomber still in operational use today. Covering all versions of Tu-95 and its Tu-142 naval control variant, this in-depth book features tech drawings and color profiles, as well as many previously unpublished photos. 560 pages, fully illustrated, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #703478 $74.95

Iron Curtain Currency Boxed Set

Own these authentic pieces of Cold War history! This boxed set includes eight coins circulated during the Cold War from countries under Soviet control, including East Germany, Romania, and Hungary, among others. Each coin comes in a protective acrylic coin capsule, and the Genuine Issue! set comes in a handsome cherry-stained, felt#111331 $79.95 lined display box. Box approximately 8"x 5".

B-47E Stratojet T-Shirt

This 100% cotton, olive green tee features an amazing view of the Cold War-era longrange bomber B-47E Stratojet M, L, XL: $24.95 in mid-flight. 2XL, 3XL: $26.95


Made in

The P-6M Seamaster was a jet-powered flying boat designed in the USA. the early '50s for long-range bombing and reconnaissance. This 1/136 scale plastic kit accurately replicates the P-6M Seamaster with special features such as a swivel stand, a colorful decal sheet, and clear parts for the windshield. Assembly required. 20 pieces. Skill level 2. 14½" wingspan. #705847 $19.95 19.95


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Cold War Bombers / Missiles B-52G Stratofortress Kit

A massive centerpiece replica of the B-52G, this 1/72 Over 2 ½ -Foot scale plastic kit features eight realisWingspan! tic turbofan engines, a glazed canopy, wellequipped cockpit, opening bomb bays (with realistic munitions), and four sets of authentic USAF markings. Assembly required. 137 pieces. Skill level 4. 30¾" wingspan. #701936 $89.95 1/300 SCALE

B-52 Stratofortress Model

Lacrosse Missile Kit

Designed for close support of ground troops, the Lacrosse Missile was developed in the mid-1950s with its official Army introduction in 1959. Ultimately, its many technical hurdles were too difficult to overcome and it was withdrawn from front line service in 1964. A reproduction of the Cold War missile equipped to its transport, this 1/32 scale plastic kit features moveable front wheels, a detailed engine, an authentic weapon design, and five crew figures. Assembly required. 139 pieces. Skill level 2. 10" long. #702106 $49.95

An American longrange, jet-powered strategic bomber, the B-52 Stratofortress has been operated by the U.S. Air Force since the 1950s. This 1/300 scale, die cast #703124 $34.95 model of the B-52 includes surface details, an authentic paint scheme, and a display stand. 8" wingspan.

Convair SM65D Atlas Kit

America’s first ICBM, the “Atlas” became operational in 1959 – though its missile usefulness was all but obsolete by 1965, instead being used as a space launch vehicle. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features detailed engine nozzles, separately molded pressure and fuel lines, three different payload options, and a display stand. Assembly required. 36 pieces. Skill level 2. 14" tall with stand.

B-52 and X-15 with Swivel Stand Kit

The X-15 was a rocketpowered research aircraft designed to investigate flight at hypersonic speeds. This 1/175 scale plastic kit replicates the X-15 attached to a Boeing-52 aircraft, which served as its “mothership” and was necessary for transport. Features of the B-52 include a see-through canopy, optional wing-tip tanks, and a swiveling display stand. Assembly required, skill level 2. 40 pieces, 12½" wingspan.




A Documentary History

Made in the USA.




Rockets & Missiles of Vandenberg AFB – 1957-2017

Page. Vandenberg AFB, California became the home of the first Thor intermediate-range ballistic missile in 1958. Established from the remains of a Korean and World War II training base, the U.S. Air Force chose the location to test missiles given its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This captivating book, using never-before-seen photographs, explores and documents the hundreds of launches and technological advances made in Vandenberg over the many decades. 176 pages, 9"x 11", hardcover. #704941 $39.95

Modern Missiles

Featuring the Greatest Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Anti-Tank Weapons & Rockets

Boeing B-52

Boyne. Finally, a book that does justice to the story of the development and operational career of this legendary bomber! With over 200 photographs and drawings, and a comprehensive set of appendices, this volume was derived almost entirely from primary sources – the men who designed, built, flew, maintained and improved the aircraft. 160 pages, 8½"x 10½", hardcover.


In this program featuring fascinating footage of more than 25 of the major Western missile types – from huge ICBMs capable of striking around the world to small, handheld, antitank weapons – you'll examine technical aspects of modern rockets and missiles as well as their use in battle. 1 hour. #V9663 $14.95




B-52 Stratofortress Cutout Metal Sign

Have the dependable bomber B-52 take flight in your home or office! This laser-cutout metal sign is made in the USA from high-gauge steel and includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 14" diameter. #707041 $29.95

Missile Display Models



These display models replicate a pair of missiles, the surface-to-air missile Stinger, and the USAF’s first guided air-to-air missile, the AIM-4 Falcon. These models are handcrafted from mahogany and include a wooden base with description. 12" long. $199.95 each

A: Stinger #707037

B: AIM-4 Falcon #707038

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Vietnam: Aviation Overview

A-1H Skyraider Model

Combat Aircraft Vol. 69


Featuring markings of “The Good Buddha” from the USAF 56th SOW, 1st SOS, this 1/72 scale, 1/72 SCALE Hobby Master, die cast model of an A-1H Skyraider includes a sliding canopy, a detailed cockpit with a pilot figure, removable ordnance and fuel tanks, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #981233 $97.95 This heavily illustrated series focuses on the combat machines that left their mark in warfare, with these selections focusing on historic aircraft. 112 or 128 pages, 125+ B&W and color photos, 9"x 9", hardcover.

19.95 each


F-111 Aardvark: General Dynamics’ Variable-Swept Wing Attack Aircraft

Gourley. The General Dynamics F-111 was one of aviation history’s most promising planes when it came out in the early 1960s. Many of the challenges faced by putting the F-111– with all of its new systems – into service are now accepted as a normal outfit in modern fighter aircraft.

Mersky. Navy and Marine A-4s were involved in Vietnam from the first offensive operations into Laos in 1963, conducting thousands of sorties during the course of the war. Through firsthand accounts from pilots who flew the great attack plane, you’ll examine the thrilling aerial combat and the complete operation of the Skyhawk in southeast Asia. 112 pages, 105 B&W and color photos, 32 color profiles, 7¼"x 9¾", softcover. #15415 $24.95

A-4F Skyhawk Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates the dependable attack aircraft, the A-4F Skyhawk. It features finely-molded pieces, a full armament, clear canopy showing a well-equipped cockpit, and authentic decals for two versions. Assembly required, 160+ pieces, skill level 3, 7" long.

#707033 #706849

AD and A-1 Skyraider: Douglas’s “Spad” in Korea and Vietnam – Doyle. Designed late

in WWII, the Skyraider made its combat debut during the Korean War. In the following years, the rugged airframe and powerful engine meant that the type could be adapted into ever-expanding roles. In Vietnam, the Skyraider took on the role of attack aircraft and was also used as air cover for ground troops. #706848

F-111 Aardvark T-Shirt

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk Units of the Vietnam War



Courage Under Fire

The 101st Airborne’s Hidden Battle at Tam Ky

Sherwood. Using eyewitness accounts and recently declassified records, this title follows the 101st Airborne’s “Never Quit” Delta Company through 28 days of continuous combat at Tam Ky in 1969. Delta Company’s young infantry soldiers lived up to their motto despite increasing casualties, a tough enemy, harsh conditions, and loss of leaders. Because of backlash from the Battle of Hamburger Hill, the government never disclosed Operation Lamar Plain or the Battle at Tam Ky due to the heavy American casualties. 360 pages, 6"x 9", hardcover. #707030 $29.95

101st Airborne Division Cap


This 100% cotton cap has a shoulder sleeve insignia of the noted airborne division embroidered on the front and the unit name on the pre-curved visor. Includes an adjustable strap. One size fits most.

Sport this 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt, showcasing the iconic F-111 in full action! Complete with doubleneedle stitching throughout, it features a taped neck and shoulders, as well as a seamless collar.. #704232



101st Airborne T-Shirt

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

Saluting one of the most famous Airborne Divisions that served during the Second World War and in Vietnam, this t-shirt is made of 100% cotton. #110327 M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL: $21.95

F-111 Aardvark Kit

This 1/144 scale plastic kit replicates the variable swept-wing strategic bomber, the F-111 Aardvark. It features optional-position swing wings, an option for building on ground or in-flight, authentic decals, and includes a clear display stand. Assembly required, skill level 2, 6¼" long. #706897 $19.95


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Vietnam: Helicopters Phoenix 13: Americal Division Artillery Air Section Helicopters in Vietnam

James. A helicopter scout and observation pilot in Vietnam, Darryl James recounts, in this exciting narrative, some of his most daring chopper missions. An evening storytelling ritual among the thrillseeking flyers, these brotherly tales were known colloquially as TINS (“This Is No Shit”) – and pilots, who flew dangerous solo missions over enemy encampments, used this oral tradition to learn from one another’s experiences and mistakes. 192 pages, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #706618 $24.95


Sikorsky HR2S-1/CH-37C Deuce H-37A/CH-37B Mojave Heavy-Lift Helicopter

Winkle. The USMC Deuce was originally designed as a heavy-lift assault helicopter capable of delivering 36 combat troops or equipment (up to two jeeps or field artillery) from ship to shore. During early testing, it set both speed and weight-lifting records for helicopters. Once in service, it was also used to recover small aircraft and other helicopters by both the Army and Marines in Vietnam. 137 pages, 331 images, 8½"x 11", softcover.

1 Cavalry Division Flag





Featuring the famous 1st Cavalry Division horse head insignia, this screened polyester flag includes reinforced edging

and brass lugs. 5'x 3'. #65356

$$18.95 18.95

UH-1 Huey Model

This 1/87 scale, die cast model of a UH-1C Huey – one of the 1/87 SCALE world's most recognized helicopters, which earned its fame during the Vietnam War – features full window glazing, simulated rocket launchers, movable rotors, a 1st Air Cavalry Division paint scheme, and more. Measures 6¼" long with a 6½" rotorspan and includes a display stand. #M900216 $24.95

2-Piece UH-1 Huey Patch Set

Pay homage to one of the enduring symbols of the Vietnam War, the UH-1 Huey, with this 2-piece commemorative patch set. 3"- 4" wide. #111101 $12.95 LIMITED EDITION

Display Stand Included!

CH-34 U.S. Army Rescue Helicopter Kit

The CH-34 served mostly as a medium transport helicopter, able to carry 12 to 16 troops, or eight stretchers if used in the MedEvac role. This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the transport helicopter and features incredibly detailed molded pieces, photo- etched pieces, glazed windshields, and authentic decals. Assembly required, 320+ pieces, skill level 5, 11¾" long. #111438 $64.95

Medic Military T-Shirt

This olive drab t-shirt features a distressed, screen-printed army medic emblem on the chest to denote their protection as noncombatants. Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #M403945

M, L, XL: $17.95 2XL, 3XL: $19.95


Eye of the Tiger

Signed by the artist!

Joe Kline. Known as the “Loach” for its LOH (light observation helicopter) acronym, the OH-6 chopper arrived in the Vietnamese jungles in 1966. Caught in the middle of battle, the OH-6 Helicopter – a single-engine light helicopter – is featured as it was employed for observation and attack missions during the Vietnam War. This limited edition print perfectly captures the terror of combat and is signed by the artist. Designed with intricate details, it will make a great statement piece. 28"x 20."


Pursue and Destroy Vietnam Helicopters



Featuring seven rare film selections, including military-issued training clips and vintage newsreels, this program examines helicopters used during the Vietnam War. Watch a Hughes-produced short from the 1960s on the OH-6 (as well as seeing its later service in Afghanistan). 1 hr. 40 min. #109989 $19.95

The Story of the H-6/Model 500 Helicopter

Mutza. In the scout role in Vietnam, OH-6As and their crew became legends for their highrisk work at low altitudes. This title offers insight into the helicopter’s controversial beginning, its development, and its service with the National Guard, the Army’s flight demo team, and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, there are many firsthand accounts of the OH-6A’s combat record in Vietnam. 144 pages, 300+ photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. $

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Vietnam: Century Series Fighters

F-100 Super Sabre Model

Edge of the Sword

Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/48 scale model measures 16¾" in length with a wingspan of 12¾". Handpainted and detailed, it comes ready to display on the included mahogany base. #9459 $169.95

F-100D Super Sabre – Vietnam

Mark Karvon. Karvon This stunning LIMITED EDITION print features the F-100D Super Sabre “Pretty Penny”– a U.S. fighter- bomber that served during the Vietnam War. Celebrate this iconic aircraft that was considered one of the greatest warbirds of its era. 24"x 16". #706032 $79.95

Over 1½ -Feet Long!

Century Series Jet Models F-100D Super Sabre Kit

This top-quality, 1/32 scale plastic kit features a fully outfitted cockpit, a detailed turbojet engine, two styles of refueling probes, separately molded flight control surfaces, many photo-etched parts, a practice bomb, an ALQ-31 Jammer, exquisitely detailed gear bays and cast metal landing gear with vinyl tires and brake lines; a dolly trailer and a boarding ladder; a choice of three USAF markings including "Thor's Hammer;" and more. 20¼" long; 684 pieces, assembly required. #92264 $199.95

F-100 Super Sabre Metal Signs Made in the USA from heavy-gauge steel, these eye-catching metal signs include mounting holes for easy hanging.

A: NEW! F-100 Super Sabre Cong Killer – 15"x 12". #707019 $29.95 B: Cutout Super Sabre – Piloted by Col.

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate a pair of Century Series jets. They feature opening canopies revealing a well-equipped cockpit, removable pilot figure, optionalposition landing gear, detachable ordnance loads, authentic markings, and a display stand.




1/72 SCALE



2-Feet Wide!

A: F-100D Super Sabre – USAF 481st TFS, “Pretty

Penny,” Lt. Jerry Sloame, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Vietnam, 1965. 6½" wingspan. #981176 $84.95 B: RF-101B Voodoo – USAF 192nd TRS NV ANG, Hubbard Field, NV, 1972. 6¾" wingspan.

Raymond Tolliver of the 20th TFW, RAF Wethersfield, England, lateB 1950s. 24"x 8". #64408 $24.95






These highly-illustrated titles, from the Combat Aircraft series, focus on Century Series fighters. You’ll learn about the design, development, and deployment of these aircraft. Great resources for aviation enthusiasts and modelers alike! 96 pages, photos throughout, 7¼"x 9½", softcover.


A: F-100 Super Sabre Units of the Vietnam War – Davies & Menard. Designed as an air de-

fense fighter, and later given nuclear capability, the F-100’s adaptability and reliability made it ideally suited to close support and counter-insurgency missions in Vietnam. #15075

B: NEW! RF-101 Voodoo Units in Combat – Davies. Originally designed as a fighter-

bomber, the Voodoo’s supersonic speed and newly-developed camera suite enabled it to conduct low-altitude photo-recon missions over heavily-defended target areas. #707020

C: F-102 Delta Dagger Units – Davies & Laurier. In the late 1940s, the U.S. saw the growth of





a Soviet nuclear-armed bomber fleet, and looked to develop fighters with supersonic speed, longrange guided missiles, and a precise radar-based control of interceptions, beginning with the F-102. #706151 D D: F-104 Starfighter Units in Combat – Davies. Known as the “missile with a man in it” because of its blistering speed and deadliness in combat, the F-104 was daunting to enemy MiGs in its close air support role. #15967

E: F-105 Thunderchief Units of the Vietnam War – Davies. The F-105 Thunderchief pilots flew against North

Vietnamese targets during the entirety of the 43 months of Operation $ Rolling Thunder, claiming 27 victories over MiG fighters in 1966-67. #15034 Buy Four Century Series Books – Get One FREE! #707025 99.95


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Vietnam: Century Series Fighters F-104 Starfighter A/C Kit

The F-104 Starfighter was a supersonic interceptor aircraft that began service in the late 1950s with the U.S. Air Force. This 1/32 scale plastic kit of an F-104 A or C variant features recessed panel lines, a detailed engine, a well-equipped cockpit, a gun bay with an M61 gun, and open or closed air brakes. Assembly required. Skill level 5. 300+ pieces. 20" long. #706300 $149.95



The Complete History of the Republic F-105

Jenkins. Originally designed to be used during the Cold War, the F-105 Thunderchief gained notoriety in the skies over Southeast Asia, carrying weapons it was not designed to use, during in a war it was never meant to fight. Using rare archival documentation, over 200 photos, and almost 100 detailed illustrations, discover the never-before-seen story of this legendary jetfighter bomber. 300 pages, 10"x 10", hardcover. #705275 $59.95

F-105G “Wild Weasel” Model 1/72 SCALE

F-104G Cockpit Kit


The F-104 Starfighter, an interceptor aircraft, was one of the most highly acclaimed fighters in aviation history. This unique 1/12 scale plastic kit of the F-104G cockpit includes controls, ejection seat, dials, adhesive silk seat belts, a pilot’s helmet/visor, oxygen mask, gunsight, and radar scope. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 124 pieces. 6" long. #706213 $49.95

F-104 Starfighter Model

1/120 SCALE

Wild Weasel T-Shirt

The F-104 was operated by the armed forces of more than a dozen nations from 1958 to 2004. Designed with a unique set of wings, it was the first combat aircraft capable of sustained Mach 2 flight. This 1/120 scale, die cast replica of the dynamic F-104 comes fully decorated with authentic markings and includes a display stand. 9½" long. #704627 $29.95

Made in the USA.

F-106 Delta Dart Cutout Metal Sign

The F-106 still holds the world record as the fastest single-engine fighter. This elegant laser-cut metal sign is made in the USA from high-gauge steel and includes mounting holes for easy hanging. Order now, because these signs, like the F-106, are moving fast! 14" diameter.

This charcoal t-shirt salutes the 421st Fighter Squadron “Black Widows,” whose Wild Weasel missions are charged with destroying enemy radar and surface-to-air missile installations. Made from a soft pre-shrunk cotton/polyester blend, it features purposelyBack distressed screenprinted graphics for a vintage look. #707024

2-Feet Long!


M, L, XL:






F-105D Thunderchief Kit



F-106 Delta Dart T-Shirt – Black

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

The F-105 was a Mach-2 capable aircraft that was used for strike-bombing missions. Featuring markings from the 561th TFS “Wild Weasels,” this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model recreates the F-105G as it served in the Vietnam War, and features an opening canopy, a detailed cockpit with an instrument panel, realistic panel lines and antennas, access panels, ordnance loads, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 10¾" long. #981130 $122.95

Show off your need for speed with this shirt paying tribute to the F-106! The majestic screen-printed graphics depict a Delta Dart with markings for the 5th FIS, and the shirt is made from comfortable 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


This amazingly detailed, 1/32 scale plastic kit features textured surfaces, a fully outfitted cockpit with an opening canopy, a detailed engine with photo-etched brass parts, metal wing shafts and photo-etched aileron and flap hinges, a cast metal pitot tube, a movable air brake, cast metal landing gear struts and black vinyl tires, a choice of Vietnam-era 355th Tactical Fighter Wing markings, and more. 24" long, 514 pieces, assembly required. #83651 $159.95

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or www.HistoricAviation.com


These highly illustrated Legends of Warfare titles examine popular aircraft, both civilian and military, as well as combat machines on the ground and at sea. Excellent resources for historians and modelers alike! 144 pages (unless otherwise noted), photos throughout. 9"x 9", hardcover.

A-10 Thunderbolt II: Fairchild Republic's Warthog at War – Neubeck. This concise, illustrated book covers the construction, development, and combat history of the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, and features superb detail and combat photography. #704765

Bell 47/H-13 Sioux Helicopter: Military and Civilian Use, 1946 to the Present − Mutza.

Famously starring in the opening credits of MASH, the Bell Model 47 was the first helicopter to be cleared for civilian usage − certified in the spring of 1946. This lavishly illustrated guide examines the bubble-topped aircraft, with particular attention paid to its military service in Korea and Vietnam. Its civil variants, however, are also touched upon, including its firefighting, policing, and mail service models. #105534

Corsair: Vought's F4U in World War II and Korea

Doyle. Unmistakable to enemies due to its ominous whistling noise, the F4U Corsair is an aviation legend. This portrait of the iconic warbird examines its service in WWII and Korea, and features photos as well as details on the plane’s most accomplished aces – among them, Pappy Boyington and Tom Blackburn. #704633

NEW! B-17 Flying Fortress, Vol. 2: Boeing’s B-17E through B-17H in World War II – Doyle.

This title chronicles the design, development, and wartime use of the late models of the Flying Fortress, from the first truly combat-capable model, the B-17E, to the lifesaving B-17H. As a special feature, detailed coverage of the famed “Memphis Belle” is included. #706851

Vol. 1: Boeing's Model 299 through B-17D #706235 PT Boats: The U.S. Navy’s Fast Attack Patrol Torpedo Boats in World War II – Doyle. Patrol

Torpedo or PT boats were built not of plywood, as many believed, but rather of mahogany planks, and powered by a trio of Packard marine engines. This book looks at all the PT boat configurations used by the US Navy during WWII through rare archival photos, augmented by images of the few remaining vessels of the type. #107407

M1 Abrams: America’s Main Battle Tank

DeJohn. Widely regarded as the best main battle tank in the world, the M1 Abrams has been operated by the U.S. military since the 1980s. This edition examines the armored vehicle from firsthand experience – former tank gunner and author, Christian DeJohn. 112 pages. #105672

M18 Hell-Cat: 76mm Gun Motor Carriage in WWII – Doyle. Built by Buick and nicknamed the

“Hellcat” by their publicists, the M18 tank destroyer was created to combat the lethal German panzers and featured a radial engine able to push it up to an impressive 50 miles per hour. 112 pages. #109762





M2/M3 Bradley: America’s Cavalry/Infantry Fighting Vehicle − Doyle. Since the 1980s, the

American M2/M3 Bradley has overcome its controversial debut, and is now regarded as among the finest cavalry/infantry fighting vehicles in the world. This book is a concise look at the background and operational history of the Bradley. #107509

M40 Gun Motor Carriage: and M43 Howitzer Motor Carriage in WWII and Korea

Doyle. Though only 100 examples were produced, the M12 – America’s first heavy self-propelled artillery gun – became so coveted on the battlefield that a successor was quickly needed: the M40. #104073

SBD Dauntless: Douglas’s U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Dive-Bomber in WWII – Doyle.

The U.S. Navy’s frontline dive-bomber in the early days of WWII, the Dauntless flew from the decks of escort carriers, which were too small to permit the operation of later aircraft, and continued to serve from the decks of fleet carriers. 128 pages. #107758

B-52 Stratofortress: Boeing's Iconic Bomber from 1952 to the Present − Doyle. Explore

one of the world’s most iconic aircraft with this illustrated guide examining the B-52 Stratofortress from the early Cold War days through today – with particular attention paid to the heavy bombing raids in Vietnam. #704520

USS Tennessee (BB-43): From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa in World War II − Doyle. Although

bombed at Pearl Harbor, the USS Tennessee was back to sea before the year was over. The hundreds of photos in this volume trace the history of this iconic warship from her launching in 1919, to her scrapping almost forty years later. 128 pages. #107408

USS New York (BB-34): From World War I to the Atomic Age – Doyle. Launched in 1914

and serving in the U.S. Navy until just after WWII, hundreds of photos trace the history of the USS New York (BB-34) – named after the state – from its debut, through two world wars, to atomic bomb testing. 112 pages.


U.S. Landing Craft of World War II: Vol. 1

Doyle. The WWII LCP(L), LCP(R), LCV, LCVP, LCM, and LCS(L), are presented in this volume (the first of two on U.S. landing craft), along with the larger LCI (Landing Craft, Infantry). These vessels, built in the tens of thousands, formed the armada that put Allied troops ashore in North Africa, the Aleutians, and Normandy and across the Pacific. 112 pages. #107756 Vol. 2 – 128 pages. #110640

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Gifts & Apparel A

White Camo T-Shirt

This classic military camo t-shirt is offered in white, and it is made of a comfortable polyester/cotton blend. Features a tagless label for added comfort. #110590


20% M, L, XL:

Reg: $16.95 $


2XL, 3XL:



Reg: $18.95 $


Nostalgic Jigsaw Puzzles


Featuring some of the best known ads and imagery of the 20th century, let these 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles transport you to a simpler time.

A: Signs of the Times 30"x 19". #401740 $18.95

A: Midnight Blue #704803 B: NEW! Red #111613

B: WWI /WWII Vintage Posters 19¼"x 26½". #706409 $19.95




Replicating U.S. currency notes from the late-19 and early-20th century, these gold foil notes feature intricate designs and will make a great addition to any early American or pre-WWII collection! th

M, L, XL: $12.95 2XL, 3XL: $14.95

Made of a soft and breathable cotton polyester blend, these long sleeve camo shirts are perfect for everyday wear! Tagless label for additional comfort.

1880 $1,000 Silver Certificate

Wright Flyer T-Shirt

The 1880 silver certificate is a very rare, coveted numismatic collectible. #109024

Celebrate the origins of aviation with this handsome tee! Made of soft 100% cotton with sharp screenprinted graphics, this shirt will let everyone know you have the Wright stuff! #706936

1928 $500 McKinley – Featuring William McKinley – the 25th president of the United States – this $500 gold foil collectible replicates a note from 1928, in a no-longer produced denomination. #110014 1934 Wilson $100,000 Note – You can own a replica of the $100,000 Wilson note from 1934, which was needed as an accounting device between branches of the Federal Reserve. #109325

Long Sleeve Colored Camo Shirts

Signature Edition! M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

2-Quarter Wright Bros. North Carolina Set

The North Carolina state quarter, issued in 2001, pays homage to the Wright Brothers and their historic first flight in Kitty Hawk, NC, in 1903. This set features two North Carolina quarters from different mints, each accompanied by a signature from the coin’s designer, and come in a numbered protective display case.


Diamond-Quilted Nylon Flight Jacket

Thermal-lined and M, L, XL: $57.95 water-repellent, this durable 100% nylon 2XL, 3XL: $59.95 shell flight jacket features unique diamond quilting construction, comfy padding, and two front slash pockets for storing small items. #105031

Wright Flyer Balsa Kit



2-Foot Wingspan!

This 1/20 scale kit of the famed 1903 flyer includes precision laser-cut balsa parts, covering tissue, a profile pilot figure, a simulated engine with movable propellers, and a display stand with a plaque. 24" wingspan; assembly required. #8942 $59.95

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Vietnam War: Veterans

Original Vietnam Service Medal Authorized in 1965 by President Johnson, the Vietnam Service Medal was awarded to all U.S. military personnel who served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Southeast Asia. This artifact is a genuine medal of the era, not a reproduction, created in 1969 and arriving in its original packaging with its ribbon!

Genuine Issue!



#107596 Reg: $49.95



Show your support for Vietnam Veterans with this high-quality polyester flag that features service stripes. 5'x 3'. #109340 $18.95


The Last U.S. Draft, 1972

Eckstein. A historic snapshot of the U.S. military, this photographic timeline follows along with the last group of American men and women to be drafted into the Army, in 1972. See the candid images, none staged or posed, of these soon-tobe-soldiers go from the induction center in Philadelphia to basic training at Fort Jackson where they work on hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. 128 pages, 116 B&W photos, 9"x 9", hardcover. #103170 $24.95

Front Crest

Honoring Service T-Shirts

These lightweight 100% cotton t-shirts pay tribute to the brave men and women who served to protect our freedom. A great way to honor the troops, or a great gift for any veteran!

Front Crest

A: Honor Respect Remember Dog Tag #111626 B: Home of the Brave #111627

B M, L, XL: $22.95



A: Digital Pride Vietnam Veteran B: Vietnam Veteran Honor and Remember #704571 #108798

Vietnam Veteran Service Stripes Flag


Vietnam Veteran Caps

Featuring sharp embroidered graphics on the crown and bill, these caps would make a A great gift for the Vietnam Vet in your life. Adjustable with hook and loop closure, one size fits most. $18.95 each

2XL, 3XL: $24.95

Series 681 Vietnam-Era MPC Note

Between 1946 and 1973, the United States issued a diverse assortment of MPC (Military Payment Certificates) around the world. A unique artifact from the Vietnam War, this Series 681 $1 note – issued in Vietnam from August 11, 1969, to October 7, 1970 – arrives lightly circulated, still crisply displaying a formation of F-100s and a pilot. #103916 $119.95

American Muscle Car Models These 1/18 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of American muscle cars, featuring opening hood, doors, and trunk, a large detailed engine, steerable front wheels, treaded rubber tires, authentic badging, chrome detailing, and a detailed interior and chassis.


1/18 SCALE

$49.95 each

B A: 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS Coupe – 8½" long. #R88199 B: 1968 Ford Mustang GT Cobra Jet Fastback – 10" long. #R78434

Coin/Stamp Collection Folders 1970s, 80s, and 90s

Commemorate the last three decades of the 20th century with this coin/stamp collection that honors historical events from this time period. You’ll receive a range of stamps, such $ as the Women's Rights Movement in the 1970s, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the 1980s, and the Gulf War in the 1990s. Each decade includes 5 coins – a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and half dollar – and 15 stamps with various designs of the time period, along with a display folder.




#110473 Reg: $99.95 $

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Vietnam War: Equipment / Weapons Tiger Stripe Camo BDU Shirt & Pants

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL, 3XL: $41.95 A


Modeled after U.S. Military’s standard issue Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), these tiger stripe camo shirt and pants are made of a durable cotton/polyesM, L, XL: $39.95 ter blend and 2XL, 3XL: $41.95 feature reinforced elbows and knees, and oversized pockets for storing gear.

A: BDU Long-Sleeve Shirt #103979 B: Tactical BDU Pants #103980 Genuine Issue!



F-4 Phantom II

1/72 SCALE

F-4J Phantom II Model

Introduced in 1958, the F-4 Phantom II was a long-range, all-weather fighter/bomber that proved highly adaptable for the U.S. Armed Forces. This 1/72 scale, die cast model recreates an F-4J as used by the VF-33 Tarsiers, who flew the Phantom for an astonishing 17 years, including several combat $ tours in Vietnam. Features include crew figures, a detailed underside, an opening canopy with a well-equipped cockpit, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 9¾" long. #705081 Reg: $169.95 $




Phantom in the River

The Flight of Linfield Two Zero One

Foster. Follow the incredible story of two pilots’ courageous survival. On May 14, 1967, Ev Southwick and Jack Rollins took off from the USS Kitty Hawk in a U.S. Navy F-4B Phantom II jet. During their mission against the air defenses in North Vietnam, their plane malfunctioned, and they were ejected and taken as prisoners. 230 pages, 6"x 9", softcover. #706415 $19.95

F-4 Tactical Fighter T-Shirt Genuine Vietnam War G.I. Parachutist’s Pack

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to own a genuine American military accessory – a Vietnam-era parachutist’s pack! Made of durable cotton canvas with a felt liner, it was used by airborne soldiers to throw their weapons and equipment down in front of their jump. Includes straps and buckles. 24"x 20" when closed.


#110765 Reg: $59.95 $

G.I.-Style Combat Knife with Sheath

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

The Story of the War Horse of the Western Forces

Through modern and historic film footage, this program on the “war horse” of the 12 Western air forces – the carrier-based Phantom II – covers the development of the type and its powerful engine as well as its wide-ranging service in Vietnam. Includes an F-4B walkaround. 1 hour. #V9664 $14.95


This handsome, graphic t-shirt features an F-4 tactical fighter in midflight! This shirt is 100% cotton and comes preshrunk to ensure a great fit. #704950 M, L, XL: $24.95

F-4 Phantom II Models



These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate a pair of F-4 Phantom IIs. They feature authentic markings, realistic surface details, glazed canopy and well equipped cockpit, detachable ordnance loads, optional-position landing gear, and include crew figures and a display stand. B 10¼" long.

1/72 SCALE Just like the ones carried by U.S. Marines in Southeast Asia, this G.I.-style combat knife features a leather sheath (with sharpening stone), a leather handle, a leg-strap, and a 7" blade with blood groove. 11" long. #102580 $24.95



A: F-4E – USAF 4th TFW CO, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC, 1990. #981260 $96.95 B: F-4J – USN VF-103 “Sluggers,” USS Saratoga, 1971. #981213 $94.95

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or www.HistoricAviation.com



Space NASA Meatball Logo Watch Cap

Saturn V Rocket and Apollo Spacecraft Kit

This 1/200 scale plastic kit recreates the Saturn V Rocket from the Apollo 11 mission, including the Apollo spacecraft, the Lunar Excursion Module, accurate decals, a History of The NASA Manned Space Flight Program, a heat shield, and a command module. Assembly required. 61 pieces. Skill level 2. 22" long. #705901 $39.95

Apollo Command Module with LEM Model

1/48 SCALE

Recapture the glory of July 20, 1969, when American astronauts took their first steps on the Moon! The Apollo Command Module was one of two spacecraft, along with the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), used for the U.S. Apollo program. This 1/48 scale handcrafted replica of the module – docked nose-to-nose with the LEM – features highly accurate details, authentic colors and markings, and a display stand. 14" long. #703083 $269.95

The Moon Landings One Giant Leap

Salter. Since Apollo 11’s first groundbreaking moon landing in 1969, the world has been engrossed in space exploration, curious how we got there and what might be next. This title explores the fascinating events that led to the moon landing, both scientific and political, and how it has paved the way for many space missions since. 192 pages, 150 photos, 11"x 11½", hardcover. #707005 $34.95

Apollo 8, 9, and 11 Documentary Collection

This collection of 6 films about the Apollo space missions include films about Apollo 8, 9, and 11, as well as the debrief for Apollo 8 and two historical films about NASA’s early years and an overview of the Apollo space missions. Apollo 8: Go For TLI (1969); Debrief: Apollo 8 (1969); Apollo 9: Three to Make Ready (1969); Flight of Apollo 11: The Eagle Has Landed (1969); The Time of Apollo (1975); and America in Space: The First Decade (1968). Total runtime: 2 hrs. 31 min. #706684 $14.95

Made of 100% acrylic for a warm, light, and stretchable feel, this black cap will keep you comfortable all winter long. #706801 $9.95

NASA Flight Jacket

This charcoal jacket is made of a durable 65% cotton/35% nylon blend with a soft, warm nylon lining. It has buttoned side pockets and two zippered pockets on each sleeve at the shoulder and wrist. M, L, XL: $149.95 The neck and wrists are ribbed 2XL: $154.95 knit for extra comfort. Includes a NASA patch on left crest and U.S. flag patch on the left shoulder. #707002

An Unofficial History of NASA Mission Patches

Launius. This title celebrates 60 years of the U.S. space program, featuring the astronauts’ patches from more than 170 of the most important NASA missions. Each entry includes a full-color image of the patch, details about the space mission, the patch’s design, and the crew. Also included are ten sticker patches and an embroidered patch of Apollo 11 on the cover. A great gift for space enthusiasts! 208 pages, photos throughout, Includes Authentic 7"x 9¼", hardcover. #706927 $24.95 Foil From Apollo 11!

Apollo 11 Saturn V 50th Anniversary Photos with Authentic Kapton Foil Piece

Own a piece of world history! These images commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission to land on the moon. This framed collection includes a piece of Apollo 11 mission-flown kapton foil, which provided thermal protection for the astronauts aboard Command Module. 11"x 23".




“The Ultimate Exotic Car”

Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary $2 Bill

This genuine U.S. legal tender $2 bill commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Features beautiful coloration and is handsomely showcased in a collectible folio. Certificate of authenticity included. #704764 $19.95


Mark Karvon. This breathtaking print depicts Cdr. John Young and Lunar LIMITED EDITION Module pilot Charlie Duke of Apollo 16 with the Lunar Rover on the Descartes Highlands of the moon in April of 1972. 24"x 16". #707004 $79.95

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NASA Nebula Facemask

The History of NASA

Stay safe and show off your love of the cosmos with this reusable facemask! Made of a soft polyester blend, it includes adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit. Machine washable. #707003 $12.95

NASA Patch Caps

Space exploration is cool. So are these caps. They feature an embroidered NASA patch on the crown with truckerstyle mesh panels to keep your head cool. Adjustable with snapback closure, one size fits most. $18.95 each

Black and White #707006


Navy and White #707007

X-15 Display Model

Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/32 scale model measures 18¾" long with an 8¼" wingspan, is hand-painted and detailed, and arrives ready to display on the included mahogany base. #9380 $209.95

Follow the history of NASA, from John Glenn – one of its earliest and most famous adventurers – through its first successful decades, on to the Space Shuttle and beyond. This 2-DVD set contains 9 fascinating documentaries covering NASA history from the 1960s to the early 1980s. 4 hrs. 49 min. runtime on 2 discs. #706683 $18.95

Mars Owners’ Workshop Manual From 4.5 Billion Years Ago to the Present

Harland. When a Renaissance astronomer studied the motions of Mars in the sky, he discovered the laws of planetary motion. With the advent of the telescope, the planet could be studied more closely, measuring the length of its day and mapping its surface. This title relates how our views of the Red Planet have expanded over time, and looks forward to the time when humans will walk on Mars. 176 pages, illustrations throughout, 8¼"x 10¾", hardcover.




History of the American Space Shuttle

Jenkins. The flight campaign for the American Space Shuttle started on April 12, 1981, with the launch of STS-1 from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and finished on July 21, 2011, with wheels stop of STS-135. During the 30 years and 135 missions in between, the program encountered victories and setbacks. This title offers insight into the history of winged spacecraft and the development of the Space Shuttle, and it provides a technical description of the orbiter, main engines, external tank, and solid rocket boosters. 336 pages, 1,040 color and B&W photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #706018 $59.95

Space Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis Display Model

The Space Shuttle Orbiter was the reusable spaceplane component of the Space Shuttle program operated by NASA. This 1/200 scale model, replicating the Orbiter Atlantis, is handcrafted from composite resin. It features authentic markings, realistic wing and surface details, and includes a wood display base. 7¼" long. #706999 $119.95

Space Shuttle Full Stack with Orbiter Endeavor Display Model

NASA’s Space Shuttle included an Orbiter vehicle, a pair of recoverable solid rocket boosters, and the expendable external tank containing liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. The Space Shuttle was retired from service on July 21, 2011. This 1/200 scale model, handcrafted from composite resin, replicates the Space Shuttle with full stack including the Orbiter Endeavor. It features authentic markings, realistic boosters and orbiter, and includes a wood display base. 11" long. #706931 $129.95

NASA Discovery Windbreaker

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL: $44.95

Made of a nylon/polyester blend, this NASA windbreaker features graphics on the front and sleeves and a zipper closure. Perfect for an aspiring astronaut. #110144

3D Space Shuttle Kite

Reach for your own stars with this 3D Space Shuttle kite. This 40" Wingspan! giant kite features durable ripstop nylon construction, a strong fiberglass frame, and an impressive 40" wingspan and 48" length. Easy to assemble and fly, it includes a plastic handle with flight line.

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Rotorcraft V-22 Osprey Model

Helicopter Boys

True Tales from Operators of Military and Civilian Rotorcraft

Pike. From dramatic war scenes during the Indo/ Pakistani war which saw one pilot’s actions earn him the Victoria Cross, to civilian rescues, this title is filled with a diverse collection of helicopter tales from the men who lived them. There is a section focusing on the Piper Alpha disaster in 1988 which saw the loss of 167 lives. The books concludes with the author’s firsthand experience in Kosovo delivering humanitarian aid. 184 pages, photos throughout, 6¼"x 9¼", hardcover. #706975 $29.95

Runway 24 Helicopter Models UH-60 BlackHawk #706977

1/150 SCALE

MV-22B Osprey Model

Limited Quantity!

1/72 SCALE


Made by Air Force 1, this 1/72 scale, $ die cast model is a replica of an MV-22 serving with HMX-1 – a U.S. Marine squadron responsible for transLIMITED EDITION porting the president and his aides. It features a signature green paint scheme, engraved panel lines, a well-equipped interior with glazed windows, a swiveling wing, tiltrotor blades, an opening cargo door that seals magnetically, authentic markings, and a metal display stand. 9½" long.


AH-64 Apache #706978

These metal and plastic collectibles feature modern U.S. military helicopters with real markings. Simply constructed, each aircraft has fine surface detail and rotating propellers for realistic action. Includes a 7"x 4" foam rubber “runway” which can be combined with other $ Runway 24 sets to create your own airport! 4" long. 12.95 each

Nearly 1½ -Feet Long!

AH-60L Black Hawk Kit

#702205 Reg: $109.95



MV-22 Osprey Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the tiltrotor USMC MV-22 Osprey. It features authentic decals, engines that can be built in take-off or in-flight positions, engraved panel lines, well-defined flight deck and instrument panel, rotating propellers, photoetched detail parts, and sturdy, detailed landing gear. Assembly required, 240+ pieces, skill level 4, 14½" long. #706924 $159.95

The United States Air Force in Britain

Used primarily as an attack helicopter, the AH-60 DAP is a highly modified version of the standard UH-60L Black Hawk. This premium 1/35 scale plastic kit meticulously captures every detail of the Black Hawk variant and features over 270 detailed pieces, fully engraved panel lines, extensive cockpit detailing, opening cabin doors, and decals for two aircraft. Assembly required, skill level 3. 17" long. #108265 $79.95

MH-139A Helicopter “Ready to Defend” T-Shirt

Front Crest

M, L, XL: $27.95


This 1/150 scale, die cast model features glazed windows, rotating propellers, a refueling probe, a multi-mode radar, a display stand, and more. 6¾" wingspan. #94832 $24.95

Celebrate the newest USAF chopper, the MH-139A Grey Wolf! This tee is made of a soft, pre-shrunk cotton/ polyester blend and features sharp screen-printed graphics. 2XL: $29.95 #706976

Willmin. The United Kingdom and the U.S. governments made a series of signed agreements in the early part of 1941 which allowed the American Navy, Army, and Army Air Force to design and build campaigns against Nazi Germany. Today only three operational bases are used for flight operations. The RAF Mildenhall hosts the Air Force’s C130J series and the CV-22 Osprey. RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk hosts the 48th FW and their F-15 Eagles. RAF Fairford is the standby airfield where the Air Force houses its heavy bombers. 224 pages, 373 photos, 6¾"x 9¾", softcover.




American/ British Flag

Celebrate the longterm friendship between these two great Allies with this single-sided polyester flag! Featuring equal parts of both the British and U.S. design, it includes a canvas header and brass grommets for hanging. 5'x 3'. #107109 $18.95

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Teen Series Fighters / E-2C Hawkeye LIMITED EDITION


These 1/72 scale, die cast models feature glazed canopies, well equipped cockpit with pilot figure, retractable landing gear, realistic ordnance loads, authentic markings, and include a display stand.

F-16C Viper – Air Force 1. 57th ATG, 64th AGRS,

Nellis AFB, NV. 5¼" wingspan. #706202 $84.95

1/72 SCALE


E-2C Hawkeye Models


25% A



1/72 SCALE

Models Include a Display Stand! F-14A Tomcat

Hobby Master. VF-111 “Sundowners,” USS Carl Vinson, 1989. 10¾" wingspan.







Limited Quantity!

F-15E Strike Eagle

Hobby Master. 91st FS, “Operation Enduring Freedom,” 1992. 7½" wingspan.

#980944 Reg: $106.95 $



Limited Quantity!


These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate the E-2C Hawkeye, the Navy’s early warning and control aircraft. They feature authentic markings, engraved panel lines, rotating propellers, retractable landing gear, glazed canopies, rolling rubber tires, $ and includes a display stand. 13½" wingspan.

A: VAW-125 “Tiger Tails” LIMITED EDITION

NAS Norfolk, VA, September 2009. #981155 Reg: $124.95

F/A-18D Hornet – Hobby Master. VFC-12 “Fighting Omars,” 2018. 6¼" wingspan.

USS Abraham Lincoln, 2007.

#980998 Reg: $127.95

E-2C Hawkeye Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit, replicating the E-2C Hawkeye, features a well-equipped flight deck, optionalposition crew entry door, wings posed in flight or folded position, weighted wheels, highly-detailed antenna, and authentic decals for USN VAW-112 “Golden Hawks.” Assembly required, 180+ pieces, skill level 3, 20" wingspan.




F/A-18F Super Hornet VFA-2 “Bounty Hunters” Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates an F/A-18F Super Hornet with the USN VFA-2 “Bounty Hunters.” It features detailed cockpit and landing gear, realistic panel lines and rivets, various air-to-surface and air-to-air weapons, and authentic decals for two versions. Assembly required, skill level 3, 6¼" wingspan. #706973 $39.95


Call Sign KLUSO

An American Fighter Pilot in Mr. Reagan’s Air Force

Tollini. This title presents the life of Gulf War Ace Rick “Kluso” Tollini, in his own words. Having trained to fly jets, he was assigned to fly the F-15 Eagle with the “Dirty Dozen,” the 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron, at Kadena AB, Japan. Throughout training, Reagan’s fighter pilots expected to face the Soviet Union, but Rick’s first combat deployment was Desert Storm. He recounts the planning, the preparation, the missions, and the reality of combat. 192 pages, 6"x 9", hardcover. #706969 $29.95

89.95 each

B: VAW-116 “Sun Kings”

Featuring the company’s classic winged “G” logo, this diamond-shaped metal sign includes mounting holes. 22"x 14". #702543 $34.95



Grumman Aircraft Metal Made in the USA. Sign

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Stealth / Electronic Warfare

F-117A Nighthawk Models


The first operational aircraft conceived with stealth technology, the F-117 Nighthawk began operations in 1981, but was so A cloaked in secrecy it Limited was not officially Quantities! acknowledged 1/72 SCALE by the U.S. B Pentagon until 1988. These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models feature engraved panel lines, retracting landing gear, realistic surface details and ordnance loads, well-equipped cockpit with glazed canopies, authentic markings, and include a display stand. 7¼" wingspan.

A: USAF 8th FS “Black Sheep”

Operation Allied Force, Kosovo War, 1999. #981018 $109.95

Combat Aircraft of the United States Air Force

Green. This fascinating pictorial timeline tracks the evolution of military aviation in the U.S. from the primitive Aeronautical Division founded in 1907 through today’s world-leading Air Force. Numerous rare photos help tell the story of the nation’s most iconic planes including the P-51 Mustang, B-29 Superfortress, B-58 Hustler, F-86 Sabre, F-117 Nighthawk, and more! 200 pages, 250 color and B&W photos, 7½"x 9½", softcover. #701842 $24.95

F-117 Nighthawk Cutout Metal Sign

Have the original airborne ninja soar among your décor! This lasercutout metal sign is made in the USA from high-gauge steel. Includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 14" diameter.

B: NEW! USAF 49th FW/OG, 9th FS “Flying Knights” – Holloman AFB, NM, 2006. #981299 $114.95 114.95


F-117 Nighthawk Godfather of Stealth T-Shirt



F-117A Nighthawk Kit

Celebrate the “Godfather of Stealth,” the F-117 Nighthawk! Featuring large, bold, screen-printed graphics on the front and back, this t-shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #706947

M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95


Prowler Farewell: EA-6B Prowler – VAQ-134

This 1/72 scale plastic kit of an F-117A Nighthawk features a seethrough canopy, a well-appointed cockpit (with control panels), realistic landing gear and wheel wells, a prototypical angular body, and two sets of authentic markings (49th Fighter Wing or 37th Tactical Fighter Wing). Assembly required. 38 pieces. Skill level 2. 11" long. #702485 $29.95


Mark Karvon. Developed from the A-6 Intruder, the EA-6B Prowler was a tactical electronic warfare aircraft designed to jam enemy radar systems. Heavily used in Vietnam, the Gulf War, and many other conflicts, it’s safe to say it was highly effective at its job. This stunning print from artist Mark Karvon expertly depicts the powerful Prowler in flight. 14"x 11". #705338 $79.95

Electronic Warfare Aircraft Models

1/72 SCALE

Replicating a pair of U.S. carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft – the EA-6B Prowler and the EA-18G Growler – these 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models feature opening canopies revealing a well-equipped cockpit, authentic markings and paint schemes, retractable landing A gear, detachable ordnance loads, and include a display stand. A: EA-6B Prowler – USN VAQ-140 “Patriots,” USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Operation Enduring Freedom, 2012. 8¾" wingspan. #981258 $$124.95 124.95

B: NEW! EA-18G Growler – USN VAQ-131 “Lancers,” USS George H. W. Bush, Persian Gulf, Operation Inherent Resolve, 2017. 7½" wingspan. #981297






EA-18G Growler Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates the EA-18G Growler. It features finelymolded parts, authentic decals for U.S. Navy VAQ-135 “Black Ravens” 50th anniversary, and includes easy-to-follow instructions. Assembly required, 177 pieces, skill level 4, 7½" wingspan. #706940 $54.95

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Stealth F-22A Raptor Model

Made by Hobby Master, this 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates a USAF-flown F-22A Raptor that was based at RAF Lakenheath in late 2017 as a show of America’s commitment to NATO forces in the region. It features an LIMITED EDITION 1/72 SCALE opening canopy, a pilot figure, a realistic exhaust nozzle, optional-position landing gear, 28th Fighter Squadron “Fighting Eagles” markings, and a display stand. 10¼" long. #981227 $116.95


Stealth Fighter Building Block Sets

These building block sets replicate a pair of stealth fighters, the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II. They feature fun, easy construction and many articulating pieces. 3"-4" long. $12.95 each



A: F-22 Raptor #706971 B: F-35 Lightning II #706972

F-35 Lightning II

1/72 SCALE

F-35A Lightning II Models B

U.S. Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II Display Model

A These 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast models replicate the versatile stealth fighter, the F-35A Lightning II. They feature glazed canopies with a well-equipped cockpit, retractable landing gear, full weapons complement, authentic $ markings, and include a display stand. 5¾" wingspan. 69.95 each

A: USAF 461st FTS “Deadly Jesters” – Edwards AFB, CA. #900018 B: USAF 56th FW, 61st FS – Luke AFB, AZ. #705591

F-35B Lightning II Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates the F-35B Lightning II, the short takeoff and verticallanding (STOVL) version of the Lightning II. This kit features a detailed cockpit, weapons bay, and landing gear, options for building in vertical-landing mode or in flight, landing gear and weapons bays built open or closed, various air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, and authentic decals for 3 versions, including USMC VMFA-121 “Green Knights.” Assembly required, skill level 2, 5¾" wingspan. #706949 $39.95

Replicating the STOVL version of the F-35, this 1/48 scale display model is handcrafted from composite resin and features authentic USMC markings, realistic surface details, and includes a pilot figure and a wooden base. 12¾" long. #706967 $119.95

Racing Stars Caps


Celebrate your favorite service branch that employs the F-35 A Lightning II! These caps feature sharp embroidered graphics on A: Air Force #109680 the crown and C B: Marines #109681 bill, and are C: Navy #109682 adjustable with a hook and loop closure. One size fits most. $18.95 each

“Lightning Strikes Twice” T-Shirt

Show off your passion for the all-weather stealth fighter with this 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt! Displaying a colorful screen-print of the F-35 Lightning II, and its WWII P-38 predecessor, it features a taped neck and shoulders as well as a seamless collar. #704246 Front Crest

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

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Patriotic B

Patriotic Facemasks


A: U.S. Flag – No mesh layer with pocket for filter. #110476 B: Camo Flag #110467

Made of 100% polyester, these patriotic facemasks include adjustable straps and a mesh layer with a pocket for an added filter (unless otherwise noted). Filter not included; $ washable. 12.95 each

American Flag Caps

Show off your American pride in one of these patriotic caps! Made of lightweight and A durable 100% brushed cotton twill, they feature an embroidered U.S. flag on the crown and “USA” embroidered on the side. Adjustable with hook and loop closure, one size fits most.

A: NEW! White #110165

$18.95 each

U.S. Flag Eagle Metal Sign

Cut out in the shape of a flying eagle and draped in the American flag, this heavy-gauge steel sign includes mounting holes for easy 13"x18". hanging. 13"x #408040 $24.95

Eagle and Waving Flag Long-Sleeve Shirt

Made of 100% heavyweight cotton, this long-sleeve black shirt features sharp, patriotic screen-printed graphics on the chest and sleeves. #707000

B: Black #108373


Made in the USA.

M, L, XL: $26.95 2XL, 3XL: $28.95

Mount Rushmore $2 Bill

A celebration of South Dakota's famous Mount Rushmore, this colorized $2 bill – full legal tender and featuring a certificate of authenticity and a blue display folio – features a portrait image of the presidential monument. #109330 $16.95

Patriot Distressed U.S. Flag T-Shirt

This t-shirt leaves no doubt what country you love! Made of a lightweight and breathable cotton/polyester blend, it’s perfect for casual wear or working out. Features a tagless label for added comfort. #111623

Flags of the Fifty States

Their Colorful Histories and Significance

M, L, XL: $14.95 2XL, 3XL: $16.95

Black and White U.S. Flag T-Shirt

Howe. Featuring striking, full-color reproductions of each flag, this book offers a wellresearched and enjoyable account of how and why each flag was designed, the definitions of various symbols and colors, along with changes that have been made over time. It also includes interesting facts and what impact the Civil War had on flags in the South. 208 pages, color illustrations, 7¼"x 7¼", hardcover. #703724 $19.95

Call 800-225-5575 today to order the state flag of your choice!

Show off you patriotism with this eyecatching black tee! Featuring a large stylized black and white American flag in sharp screen-printed graphics, it’s made of 100% heavyweight cotton. #100798 M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95

U.S. Flag Embroidered Watch Cap

Stay warm while standing watch with this knit winter cap! Featuring an embroidered U.S. flag, it’s made of 100% acrylic for a warm, light, and stretchable cap to keep you comfortable all winter long. One size fits most. #707021 $9.95


“Freedom Eagle” Flag

A determined bald eagle clutches the word “Freedom” on this polyester flag featuring bright, full-color graphics. Perfect for indoor or outdoor hanging. Includes metal grommets. 5'x 3'. #101771 $18.95

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Patriotic / 46th President


Flag-Bearing Eagle Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt declares “America!” more than John Wayne and the Fourth of July combined! It features bold screen-printed graphics on handdyed brown, 100% pre-shrunk cotton. #706765

M, L, XL: $27.95

2XL, 3XL: $29.95

Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris 46th President/49th Vice President $2 Bill

Salute our 46th president, Joe Biden, with this genuine currency piece: a colorized $2 note featuring both Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as its own blue display folio. Includes a certificate of authenticity. #111009 $16.95 16.95

Joe Biden Bobblehead

Capturing Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States, this lifelike figure is made of polyresin and measures 8" tall. #706381 $29.95

Waving U.S. Flag Map T-Shirt

Let the neighbors know you love this land, from sea to shining sea! Made of a durable cotton/polyester blend, it has a tagless label for extra comfort. #111622 M, L, XL: $14.95

Kamala Harris Bobblehead

This bobblehead honors our newest, and first woman of color, Vice President, Kamala Harris! Carved from composite resin, it’s hand-painted to capture her likeness, and comes in a collectible box. 8½" tall. #707035 $29.95

2XL, 3XL: $16.95


20% Bald Eagle Long Flag Cutout Metal Sign

This high-quality metal sign features a fierce bald eagle, along with an American flag. Handmade with long-lasting steel, it includes mounting holes. 7"x 23½". #109485 Reg: $49.95 $

39.95 Limited Quantities!

Eagle Head Knife with Sheath

Joe Biden President 2020 Flag

This knife features a bold, detailed bald eagle head carved into the handle, and has an eagle design on the sheath. Stainless steel blade: 7¼" long. 13¾" total length. #111624 $19.95

Grand old Flag Jigsaw Puzzle

A noble bald eagle flies over one of the most iconic images of U.S. military triumph, the flag-raising at Iwo Jima, in this patriotic jigsaw puzzle. 500 pieces. 24"x 18". #700494 $12.95

Show your support for Joe Biden, with this high-quality, indoor/outdoor flag. Includes metal grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #409301 $18.95



Air Force One

Stan Stokes. The most famous presidential plane in history, the C-137C Signed by Stratoliner the artist! #26000 was the official LIMITED EDITION site of LBJ's swearing in after Kennedy's assassination in 1963. This limited edition print depicts the historic plane flying over another commander-in-chief landmark: South Dakota's Mount Rushmore. Signed by the artist. 16"x 11½". #7242 Reg: $39.95 $

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19.95 39



PT-19 Balsa Wood Kit

PT-17 Stearman Kaydet Mahogany Wood Kit

Used to train thousands of Navy pilots during WWII, the N2S series – the Navy version of the PT-17 Stearman – became a common civilian cropduster and recreation plane after the war. This 1/22 scale mahogany kit replicates the Navy’s N2S version, known as the “Yellow Peril” because of its bright yellow paint scheme. It features handcrafted pieces and includes authentic decals and sandpaper to render the model down to the finest degree of smoothness. Also includes detailed instructions and a wooden display stand. Assembly required, 20 pieces, skill level 4, 18¼" wingspan. #707073 $119.95

PT-13D/N2S-5 Airplanes Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

The Stearman Model 75 biplane served as a primary trainer for the U.S. Army Air Forces (as the PT-13 Kaydet) and as a basic trainer for the U.S. Navy (as the NS and N2S "Yellow Peril") throughout WWII. Originally published by the USAAF and USN, this previously "restricted" flight operating manual taught pilots and trainees everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit of the famous military trainer. 38 reformatted pages, B&W photos and illustrations, 8"x 10", softcover. #20523 $9.95

A wonderful rendition of the famous WWII primary trainer, this kit features over 60 handselected laser-cut balsa parts, light weight colored tissue, color peel-and-stick decals, contest-quality rubber, a 5" plastic prop, full-size plans, step-by-step instructions and more. For display or free flight. Assembly required. 17½" wingspan.

The Fairchild PT-19 monoplane was used by the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII as an introductory pre-solo trainer for new pilots before they were passed on to the more agile PT-13 Kaydet. Originally published by the USAAF, this previously "restricted" flight operating manual taught those trainees and their instructors everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit of the famous military trainer. 50 reformatted pages, B&W photos and illustrations, 8"x 10", softcover. #20524 $9.95

Cessna T-41 Mescalero Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates the T-41A Mescalero, the military trainer version of the civilian Cessna 172. It features authentic decals for two versions, engraved panel lines, a removable cowl that shows the detailed engine, detailed cockpit, and includes a clear display stand. Assembly required, 60+ pieces, skill level 2, 11¾" long. #707074 $29.95


T-45C Goshawk Model

First flying in 1974, the T-45 was used by the U.S. Navy as an aircraft carrier-capable trainer. This 1/100 scale, die cast model recreates the T-45C variant, and features padprinted markings, access panels and surface details, and a presentation stand. 4½" long. #705744 $34.95

1/100 SCALE


Stan Stokes. This print depicts a PT-17 Stearman and a vintage Harley-Davidson softail motorcycle at a dirt field typical of those where countless pilots and aviation enthusiasts have been introduced to the joys of flight. 16"x 11½". Signed $ and numbered by the artist! #73007 Reg: $39.95


1930 Indian Chief Model

1/12 SCALE

Celebrate your love for the classic Indian Chief motorcycle brand with this 1/12 scale, die cast model. Enjoy a #407577 detailed exterior, $ 19.95 working rubber tires, steerable wheels, chrome components, and more! 7½" long.




PT-19, PT-23 & PT-26 Pilot’s Flight Operating Instructions


Two Ways to Fly


Hawk T1A Models

These 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate the Hawk T1A, an RAF training aircraft. Features include realistic panel lines and surface details, accurate markings, opening canopies revealing detailed cockpits, A optional-position landing gear, with 2 pilot figures, and a display stand. 7¾" wingspan.




49.95 each

Reg: $102.95 $

A: RAF No. 100 Sqn. – RAF Leeming, England, 2007. #704862


B: Royal Navy Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit (FRADU) – RNAS Yeovilton, England, May 2009, markings for 100 Years of Naval Aviation. #704863

1/48 SCALE

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Ten, hut! Pack your footlocker and travel back in time with these illustrated titles from the Images of America series covering historic U.S. military forts and camps, airfields, and Air Force bases! 128 pages (unless otherwise noted), 200+ images, 6½"x 9¼", softcover.


Air Force



Hill Air Force Base – Larson. In

Naval Air Station, Atlantic City – Porcelli. Commissioned

Presidio of Monterey

WWII, Hill Air Force Base became a maintenance, supply, and temporary surplus aircraft storage depot, and also supported U.S. forces in the Korean and Vietnam wars. During the Cold War, it provided maintenance and support for the USAF’s turbojet aircraft and missiles. #707076

Luke Air Force Base

Griset. Luke Air Force Base was home to 14 leading fighter aircraft, graduated over 60,000 students, and accounted for millions of training flight hours. 160 pages. #109434

McConnell Air Force Base

Larsen. Through many neverbefore-published photos, this book examines the history of McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas, from its earliest days as an empty parcel of pasture through the arrival of the Air National Guard in 1941 and its present duties in U.S. Air Force intelligence and refueling operations. #18158

Rantoul and Chanute Air Force Base – Hanson.

Examine Rantoul, Illinois, which boomed with the coming of the Illinois Railroad in the mid-1850s, and Chanute Air Force Base, which was established as Chanute Field in 1917 and served as a premier technical training facility until its 1993 closure. #18212

Travis Air Force Base

Newlin. Soon after the Pearl Harbor attack, the FairfieldSuisun Army Air Base, later renamed Travis, was established outside of San Francisco, California. This book presents the full history of this “gateway to the Pacific.” #18110

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Page II. Stretched across 45 miles of pristine California coastline, Vandenberg Air Force Base – which is the vanguard of the United States’ space and missile program – sits ready to defend the nation from any large-scale threat. #M105042

in 1943, NAS Atlantic City has played a key role in the defense of the nation. Now, in this photohistory, you’ll see its years as a training base during World War II. #18230

Glenview Naval Air Station

Dawson. Trace the history of Glenview Naval Air Station, from its humble beginnings as Naval Reserve Aviation Base Chicago, through its vital role during WWII, to its closure in 1995, as it served as base and home to thousands of Navy and Marine Reserve pilots, aircrews, and support personnel. #18126

Naval Air Station Patuxent River – Chambers. Built during World War II, Maryland’s NAS Patuxent River was crucial in helping to create and maintain – through vital training and research – America’s naval air division. #700301

Quonset Point Naval Air Station: Volume I

Milligan. This volume examines

the Rhode Island installation’s achievements and activities during its entire 34-year service to the U.S. Navy, from the first landing of a Grumman Duck in 1940 through the base’s closure in 1973.


Quonset Point Naval Air Station: Volume II

Milligan. This second volume

of Quonset Point uncovers nearly 200 more scenes of the installation’s achievements and activities during the entire period of its service. #5317

Squantum and South Weymouth Naval Air Stations – Cann. Quincy’s

Squantum peninsula first hosted pilots for the 1909 Harvard Air Meet, and by the 1930s it was the nation’s first naval reserve aviation training center. #18107


Raugh. Examine California’s Presidio of Monterey, from the seizure of Monterey during the Mexican-American War in 1846 through the construction of the Presidio in 1902-03.


Quantico – Blumenthal.

Filled with rare archival images, this photo-history examines the evolution of Virginia's Marine Corps Base Quantico, from its 1917 establishment through its interwar service.


Marine Corps Air Station Miramar – O’Hara. In this

photo-essay you’ll see the base when it was home to the U.S. Marines during the Pacific island-hopping campaign of World War II, to its present role as home once again to U.S. Marines performing critical homeland security patrols along the border with Mexico. #18117

Marine Corps Air Station El Toro – O'Hara. This heavily

illustrated book examines California's Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro – the home of Marine Corps aviation on the West Coast until its 1999 decommission – from World War II through Desert Storm. #5315

The Marines at Twentynine Palms – O’Hara. The largest

U.S. Marine Corps base in history, the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Center at Twentynine Palms is located on 930 square miles of harsh terrain in southern San Bernardino County. #18169

Parris Island – Alverez.

Take a visual journey through the history of USMC Recruit Depot, Parris Island, which, having trained recruits since World War I, is the oldest major post of the U.S. Marine Corps.


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General Aviation / Bush Pilots “Let’s Fish” Jigsaw Puzzle



Spend a relaxing afternoon swapping big fish tales and assembling this vibrant jigsaw puzzle! 1,000 pieces, completed puzzle measures 26½"x 19¼". #707080 $18.95

Civilian Aircraft Display Models These 1/32 scale display models replicate a pair of civilian aircraft. They are handcrafted from Philippine mahogany and feature authentic paint schemes, $ rotating propellers, and a display stand. 179.95 each

A: G-17 Staggerwing – First flown in 1932, the Beechcraft G-17 Staggerwing had an atypical negative stagger (the lower wing is further forward than the upper wing) and was the standard for private passenger planes for many years. 13" wingspan. #707077 B: Cessna 172 Skyhawk – Possibly the most successful aircraft in history, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk has been in constant production since introduced in 1956. 13½" wingspan. #707078


These vintage-style metal signs encourage you to show off your rod or bobbers and fish naked! 12½"x16"; includes mounting holes. $19.95 each

A: Rod #404745 B: Bobber #404746


Immortal Beaver/ The Flying North

Twin Cessna

The Cessna 300 and 400 Series of Light Twins

Smith. The Cessna 310 broke new ground in general aviation when it appeared in 1953. It remained in production for almost thirty years and nearly 6,000 were built. The book continues with the closely-related Cessna 320, and the later “cabin class” twins, the Cessna 340, 335, and 303. A second section examines the larger cabin twins in the Cessna 400 series, from the Cessna 411 to the turboprop Cessna 425, 441 Conquest II and Reims Cessna F406 Caravan II. 144 pages, 215 photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #707079 $34.95

Since the 1940s, the DHC-2 Beaver has redefined performance, versatility, and toughness for modern utility aircraft. This documentary follows the rescue and restoration of "Olivia" – a Beaver that had been resting quietly in the dusty Arizona desert for years – as it tells the history of the remarkable aircraft and its Includes impact on aviation, engineer“The Flying North” ing, and society. As an excluBook FREE! sive bonus, customers who purchase this DVD will also be given a free book: The Flying North, a tale of bush pilots and their commitment and sacrifice in the Alaskan tundra. 1 hour. #701584 $9.95

Gone Fishing

The Flying North

The Classic History of Alaskan Bush Pilots

Potter. Here is the exciting true story of the daring men who pioneered flight over the perilous, blinding white Alaskan tundra. It is a personal story of commitment and sacrifice, of triumph and tragedy in the face of the unknown – of the courageous bush pilots who took off into the icy air with a fearless spirit which drove them to conquer and open the Northern skies to what is now a thundering international airway. 230 pages, 4¼"x 7", softcover. #2783 $2.95

DHC-2 Beaver Balsa Wood Kit

“Fish Naked” Metal Signs

Now With Laser-Cut Parts!



Stan Stokes. Hidden among the whitecapped mountains, this Canadian lake is only reachable LIMITED EDITION by bush plane. On the calm surface, a Noorduyn Norseman and a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver sit as their pilots prepare for a morning of fishing. Signed and numbered $ by the artist, this print measures 16"x 11½". #73060 Reg: $39.95


This 1/24 scale kit includes high quality, laser-cut balsa parts; plastic detail parts, including cowling, detailed landing gear, and a clear windshield; lightweight covering tissue and peel-and-stick decals; a fullsize plan and instructions; and more. Suitable for display or rubberpowered flight, it has a 24" wingspan. Assembly required. #89004 $34.95


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Propliners of the World


Manning. Heavily illustrated, this pictorial essay presents many of the world’s most recognizable prop and turboprop aircraft from the 20th century. A nostalgic look at some of the great classic propeller-driven aircraft from around the world, this new volume examines everything from the water-bombing Convair CV-580 and the Lockheed P-2 Neptune to the cargo-hauling Curtiss C-46, Douglas DC-4, and Russian Antonov An-12; DC-3s and An-32s; and more. 112 pages, B&W and color photographs, 7¾"x 10½", softcover. #11618 $19.95 Part 1 – Douglas DC-3s, Float Planes, and Pleasure Flights. #11602 $19.95

One of the most remarkable and distinctive airplanes in aviation history, the L-1049 “Super Connie” – developed in response to the successful Douglas DC-6 – was introduced in the early 1950s.

Part 2

This magnificent, 1/32 scale reproduction features movable ailerons and tail surfaces, plastic detail parts, covering tissue, and decals for both Eastern Air Lines DC-3 and military C-47 construction. For display purposes only, it has a 35½" wingspan when assembled. #8907 $89.95

Douglas DC-3 Balsa Wood Kit Nearly 3-Feet in Wingspan!




This 1/100 scale display model is a centerpiece replica of the famous “Super Connie,” made of handcrafted Philippine mahogany. It features a vintage TWA livery, rotatable propellers, simulated cockpit and cabin windows, and a display stand. 14¾" wingspan.


Pay homage to the famous DC-3 with this metal sign, capturing it beautifully above the clouds. The incredible detail and eyecatching colors are the perfect way to celebrate an iconic aircraft. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #703173 $29.95



Queen of the Skies

The Lockheed Constellation

Luisada. Based on extensive research through archival documents, interviews, and the author’s own personal experiences, this is the story of the Lockheed Constellation and of the people who made it great, including aviation legends Howard Hughes and Clarence “Kelly” Johnson. You even get an appendix of the Constellation’s operations manual. 424 pages, 51+ B&W photos and diagrams, 7"x 10", hardcover. #21220 $44.95

DC-3 Airliner

The All-Metal Airliner that Changed World Air Travel

This DVD is about the Douglas DC-3, the twin-engine airliner that actually made money flying passengers. The DC-3 was created from the smaller DC-2 to accommodate a sleeper airliner. Turned out to be one of the most successful aircraft of all time. 1 hr. 17 min. #702997 $19.95 These 1/200 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of DC-4s and feature authentic polished chrome paint schemes, realistic surface details and antennas, rotating propellers, and a clear display stand. 7" wingspan.

Douglas DC-4 Models

119.95 each



Featuring a Trans World Airlines livery and display stand, this 1/300 scale, die cast model replicates an L-1049 “Super Connie” complete with rotating propellers and simulated cockpit and cabin windows. 5" wingspan.

L-1049 Super Constellation Display Model

DC-3B Metal Sign

A: NEW! Trans World Airlines “The Acropolis.” #707083

1/300 SCALE

L-1049 Super Constellation Model


1/200 SCALE

B: American Airlines

“Flagship Washington.” #706630

L-1049 “The Connie”

Primarily tracking its time with both Eastern Airlines and TWA, this five-film program includes a detailed exploration of the L-1049 “Connie.” Rare classic footage and incredible newsreels help tell the story of the versatile plane, which first flew in 1951 and went on to have a successful commercial and military career. Also, see the older C-69 Constellation and a film on the U.S. Navy versus the “Gooney Bird.” 1 hr. 35 min. #701652 $19.95

“The Connie 1946” Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

A pair of TWA-painted Connies are featured on this heavy-gauge steel sign, a celebration of both the famous plane and airline company. Includes mounting holes. 14" diameter. #705793 $24.95

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Domestic Airlines “No Miles No Gain” T-Shirt

Show off your love of the open sky with this black t-shirt made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $27.95


These 1/200 scale, die cast models replicate commercial airliners, each one featuring pad-printed doors and windows, realistic panel lines and antennas, detailed engines, authentic paint schemes, extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires, and include 1/200 SCALE a display stand.

Airbus A321-200


Delta Air Lines “Thank You” livery (February 2020). 7" wingspan.






C 1/200 SCALE



Aviation Facemasks

Stay safe and show off your love of air travel with one of these aviation print facemasks! Made of a soft polyester blend, they’re double layered and include elastic straps for a $ snug, comfortable fit. Machine washable. 19.95 each

A: Gyro Horizon #707069 B: Do Not Remove Before Flight #707070

C: Airplanes Above #707071 D: Worldwide Airports #707072 E: Pan Am Logo #706679

Boeing 747-400 – Northwest Airlines. Polished metal finish. 12½" wingspan. #706515



1/200 SCALE


1/400 SCALE





1/400 SCALE

1/400 Scale Airliner Models

These 1/400 scale, die cast models replicate a pair of commercial airline aircraft. They feature authentic paint schemes and markings, padprinted doors and windows, realistic panel lines and antennas, and extended landing gear.

Bombardier Dash 8-300

U.S. Airways. 5½" wingspan.





1/200 SCALE

Boeing 767-300ER

A: Boeing 767-300ER Eastern Airlines. 4¾" wingspan.





United Airlines. 10¾" long. LIMITED EDITION

B: Airbus A320-200

Northwest Airlines. 3¼" wingspan.

#706204 Reg: $44.95 $



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International Airlines World of Travel Jigsaw Puzzle

Reminisce your latest trip or plan your next getaway while spending an afternoon putting together this gorgeous 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Completed puzzle measures 26½"x 19¼". #707063 $18.95


These 1/400 scale, die cast models replicate international commercial airline aircraft. They feature authentic paint schemes and markings, pad-printed doors and windows, realistic panel lines 1/400 SCALE and antennas, and extended landing gear.

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner


Virgin Atlantic Airways. 6" wingspan.


Flight Tags T-Shirt

Show off your traveler’s spirit with this flight tags t-shirt! This black shirt is made from soft 100% pre-shrunk $ cotton. #707064 M, L, XL: 24.95 2XL, 3XL: $27.95 A


British Airways. 6" long.





1/400 SCALE

Frequent Flier Mugs

These ceramic mugs are a great way to collect your travel memories, or might be the inspiration for your next trip! Dishwasher and micro$ wave safe, they hold 11 oz. 19.95 each



A: Flight Tags #707065 B: World Flags #707066

1/200 SCALE

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

El Al Israel Airlines. 6" wingspan. LIMITED EDITION




C: Good Things Come #707067 1/400 SCALE

1/200 Scale Airliner Models

These 1/200 scale, die cast models replicate international airliners and feature pad-printed doors and windows, realistic surface details and antennas, detailed engines, extended landing gear with rubber tires, and a display stand. 1/200 SCALE

Bombardier Dash 8-200 Qantas. 2½" wingspan.


1/400 SCALE

AeroMexico. 5¼" wingspan.



B: MD-11

KLM. 12" long.

Antonov An124-100 Condor

Volga Dnepr. 7¼" wingspan.






A: DC-9-15






1/400 SCALE









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Just 4 Fun


Model Builders' Manual

Display Cases

Experienced builders and novices alike will love this practical guide to the world of models. In addition to the basics and practicalities of the entertaining hobby, this introduction covers the history of the modern kit industry, including how it developed, the range of designs, tools and techniques, decoration, and much more! 188 pages, 8½"x11", hardcover. #705347 $29.95

These handsome display cases – dust-resistant and stackable – are the perfect places to show off your latest collectibles or figures! Models not included. Single Case – 12½" long, 10¾" deep, 5½" tall. #702499 $29.95 Three-Shelf – 6½" long, 4¾" deep, 14¼" tall. #702531 $39.95

7" Turntable Display

The Revell Story A Model of Success

Berse. Presenting many previously unseen images and documents, this comprehensive history of Revell has never been told until now. Nowadays, Revell is Europe’s top manufacturer of plastic model kits; however, their story began in Germany during the 1950s. Journey through six decades of product development and view exclusive behind-the-scenes moments. 176 pages, 467 color photos, 8½"x 9¾", hardcover. #704317 $39.95

Featuring a mirrored platform, this turntable display base – which has two speed options – is a perfect home for your newest centerpiece model! Requires two C batteries (not included). 7" diameter and 1½" tall. #702530 $29.95

Deluxe Airplane Knife & Tool Set

This 14-piece set includes the high-quality knives, blades, and tools essential for constructing or repairing models. You get a light duty knife, a snap blade knife, a needle nose pliers with a side cutter, sharp-pointed and curve-pointed tweezers, a swivel-head screwdriver, large and small clamps, a sanding stick, two needle files, and three assorted knife blades – all packaged in a wood chest. #90639 $59.95

Box Top Air Power The Aviation Art of Model Airplane Boxes

Graham.. Showcasing some of the most recognized and dynamic examples of aviation art ever produced, this lavishly illustrated book examines 170 memorable paintings – chronicling aviation history from the Wright Brothers' Kitty Hawk Flyer to the Apollo Lunar Module – that have appeared on airplane kit boxes. It even includes personal reminiscences from many of the artists! 176 pages, 170 color illustrations, 8½"x11", softcover. #21111 $29.95 29.95

Model not included.

Deluxe 56-Piece Knife Set

These sharp and durable carbon steel blades effortlessly cut through wood, cardboard, cloth, paper, plastic, and thin metal. This impressive set includes eight knife handles with blades, 39 additional specialty blades, and a sharpening stone. Safety caps and a storage case are included. #407891 $24.95 1/172 SCALE

Sale-Priced SAVE 50% KITS

B-70 Valkyrie

1/172 scale. 13¼" long. 44 pieces. Skill level 2.


These plastic kits replicate Cold War-era aircraft. They feature finely molded pieces and authentic decals. Assembly required.

#96107 Reg: $19.95 $


2-Pack Kits – 2 Models, One Low Price! These 1/72 scale plastic kits offer twice the bang for your buck! Offering 2 Cold War-era aircraft per kit, they feature battle damaged and non-battle damaged parts, realistic armaments, glazed canopies, and include pilot figures. 1/72 SCALE

F-4G Phantom II & A4D Skyhawk

F-100 Super Sabre & MiG-21

#701664 Reg: $34.95 $

#702206 Reg: $29.95 $

1/72 scale. Skill level 2. Phantom II – 10½" long. Skyhawk – 6¾" long.



1/72 SCALE

1/72 scale. Skill level 1. Both aircraft approximately 8" long.


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Celebrate your inner Trekkie with our galactic selection of Star Trek collectibles, ranging from the USS Enterprise to a Klingon Transport! Each die cast model reflects a finely textured surface and recessed panels lines, and a clear-armed presentation stand to display your starship mid-flight. 4"-5½" long.



Just 4 Fun

95 Each

Enterprise (NX-01)

a Ferengi merchant, to raid other vessels of their valuables. The D'Kora-Class Maurader was used by the Ferengi Alliance in both the transport and attack role. #703016

One of the Galaxy's most significant starships, the NX-01 was the first NX-Class to be launched by United Earth Starfleet in 2151. #704198

Starship Alice – Purchased

Suliban Cell Ship

Ferengi Ship – Driven by Ulis,

All Models Include a Display Stand!

from Abaddon’s Repository of Lost Treasures in the Delta Quadrant, this alien craft appeared in the Voyager series.

Active in the 22nd century, the Cell Ship was used by the Suliban Cabal and was equipped with particle weapons and a cloaking device.

Klingon K’Tinga-Class Battlecruiser

Vulcan Survey Ship



A primary Klingon Imperial Fleet warship, the K’TingaClass battlecruiser was activated in the 2270s. #97307

This mid-20th century Vulcan Survey Ship investigated the launch of Earth’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, before an on-board malfunction caused it to crash in 1975.

United Earth Arctic One

Klingon Rebel Transport


This piece features the warp nacelles and hull plate coloring that is typical of most Klingon ships. #705118

The United Earth Arctic One  was first seen in the StarTrek: Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Regeneration.”


Star Trek 101 Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser Easy-Snap Kit

The Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser was the pinnacle of combat warships in the 23rd century. This 1/1000 scale plastic kit replicates the most iconic enemy ship from the original Star Trek series. It features pre-decorated pieces with snap-together construction, eliminating the need for messy glue and paint. It includes an easy-to-follow illustrated instruction guide and a domed stand with support wire to display the model at different angles. Assembly required, 40 pieces, skill level 1, 10" long. #707001 $29.95

A Practical Guide to Who, What, Where, and Why

Erdmann. "...to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before."™ With this simple phrase, a new world, and new cultural obsession was born. But what is so important about this series that keeps fans coming back for so many decades? Star Trek 101 is the answer. You’ll learn about the heroes, villains, missions, starships, and more in this handy guide all about the classic franchise. Enjoy this perfect primer for all things that carry the Star Trek name. 320 pages, 7½"x 9", softcover. #704616 $19.95

Star Trek Enterprise

Over 70 hours on 27 DVDs!

The Complete Series

Own the entire collection of an epic sci-fi phenomenon that swept the nation with Star Trek Enterprise: The Complete Series! Based in the 22nd century, each episode stars Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer and his noble crew aboard the Enterprise NX-01. Ideal for true final frontier fans, this DVD set includes all four seasons – plus never-before-seen bonus materials. 70 hrs. 23 min. on 27 discs. #704229 $109.95

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Just 4 Fun


The War of the Worlds

Lost In Space

The War of the Worlds, a science-fiction franchise featuring numerous films and television series, is all based on H.G. Wells’ 1898 novel.

War of the Worlds Glow-in-the-Dark Martian Kit

This 1/8 scale plastic kit replicates the menacing Martian that terrified audiences of the 1953 classic War of the Worlds. Compiled from studio photos of the original production, this kit features two sets of arms for different poses, and textured vinyl pieces and display stand that glow in the dark for extra creepiness! Assembly required, 13 pieces, skill level 3, 8" tall.


Glows in the dark!

Alien 2005 Model

Any Lost in Space fan will remember the Derelict and the aliens that inhabit it! This 1/350 scale plastic kit replicates that memorable spacecraft and features option for Derelict hangar open or closed, a Jupiter 2 craft with option for building landing gear up or down, and includes a display stand. Assembly required, 50+ pieces, skill level 3, 17" long. #707056 $44.95

Lost in Space – Complete Classics Series

Out-of-this-world fun! Follow the fascinating journey of Irwin Allen and his family’s adventures as they travel through space in the Jupiter 2. Includes the entire series on 17 discs, and the cliff hangers will surely leave you on the edge of your seat. #705833 $54.95




Straight from the 2005 blockbuster movie War of The Worlds comes this incredible 1/8 scale alien creature display model! From its unique three limbs and creepy walk, to its refractive eyes and long fingers, its striking design invokes feelings of fear and fascination. Created from the original 3D computer model used in the movie! 7½" tall.

Jupiter 2 Kit

This 1/35 scale plastic kit of the Jupiter 2, the Robinson family’s spaceship, features loads of interior detail. 18" diameter. Assembly required. #83905 $119




Re-create one of the most crucial scenes with this incredibly detailed 1/144 scale diorama kit! Featuring two War Machines and a pair of Sherman tanks, it also comes with clear lenses and death ray parts, a desertinspired display base, illustrated instructions, and much more. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8" long.

“My Favorite Martian”

1/18 SCALE

Pre-Built Figure – Now you can own this 1/18 scale plastic figure

War Machines Attack Kit

of your favorite Martian, and his ship! These high-quality collectibles are hand-painted and come fully assembled. Ship includes working doors! Figure: 9" tall. Ship: 7" long. #704907 $39.95

Uncle Martin & Spaceship Kit – Starring Ray Walston as




“Global Attack” T-Shirt

Displaying the iconic Martian war machines from the 1953 cult classic film, The War of the Worlds, this screen-printed, black t-shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.


M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL: $29.95


Derelict Kit

Uncle Martin, a martian who crash-landed his spaceship on earth, the classic sitcom My Favorite Martian premiered in September 1963, and ran for three seasons. This 1/18 scale plastic kit includes a figure of Uncle Martin with an antennae, his spaceship with a fully outfitted cockpit and opening doors, and a separate My Favorite Martian logo nameplate. 20 pieces. Assembly required. Figure measures 4" tall. #90060 $24.95

Best of Collection: My Favorite Martian

Airing on CBS from 1963-1966, My Favorite Martian was a family-friendly sitcom that helped launch America’s fascination with the supernatural. This “Best Of” DVD collection includes some of the most memorable moments from the comedy program – which starred Ray Walston, Bill Bixby, and Pamela Britton, and spawned a 1999 major motion picture! 3 hours. #702246 $9.95

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Just 4 Fun

Miniature Drum Set Replica!

Woodstock Diary 1969


Friday Saturday Sunday

Miniature Instrument Replicas

A: Ringo Starr Classic Oyster Recreating the guitar famously used by Paul McCartney – Mini-Drum Set #407853 $49.95 plus Ringo Starr's drum set – these mini-instruments are 1/4 scale and are individually handcrafted from solid wood B: Paul McCartney Original and metal parts. Features include a high-quality A-frame Violin Bass #407228 $29.95 stand, a guitar case gift box, hollow bass drum, and mini drum sticks. Please note – these pieces may look like the real thing, but are not playable. 10" tall. A

This title offers a fascinating glimpse into the creation of the greatest festival of all time, 3 days that defined a generation. This DVD contains 3 hours of documentary footage about the creation of the festival, as well as footage filmed on site at the actual event. It also contains incredible live performances from Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone, Johnny Winter, Joe Cocker, Country Joe and the Fish, Crosby, Stills and Nash and more. 3 hours. #707054 $19.95

Woodstock 1969 Metal Sign


Featuring the Woodstock music festival that was held in 1969, this vintage metal sign is purp-osely distressed and includes mounting holes. 14" diameter.

1/64 SCALE


Beatles London Bus Models

A: “Help”


Don’t Let it Be! Grab one of these groovy collectibles of the B: “Yellow Submarine” #408461 greatest band of all time! These 1/64 scale, die cast models feature vibrant graphics from two of the band’s popular features, Help! and Yellow Submarine, $ rolling rubber tires, glazed windows, and detailed interiors. 4¾" long. 29.95 each

Album Cover 23K Gold Cards

These stunning 23k gold cards capture the iconic rock group, “The Beatles.” Featuring the band members on the front and songs from the group’s albums on the back, these high-quality cards will make a great addition to your collection.

$14.95 each


Beatles For Sale #408496

Bird Circle T-Shirt

Whether you were at Woodstock or not, this t-shirt is a great way to honor the famous music festival. Preshrunk for a perfect fit, 100% cotton.


Abbey Road #408497

Jerry Garcia Tiger Tribute Mini Guitar Replica

Pay tribute to the lead Dead Head with this 1/4 scale replica guitar! Modeled after Tiger, the guitar Jerry played the most, it’s handcrafted from solid wood, with metal tuning keys. Comes with an adjustable A-frame stand and collector’s gift box. Although it looks like the real thing, replica is not playable. 10" long.




M, L, XL:



2XL, 3XL: $26.95

The Grateful Dead FAQ: All That’s Left to

Know About the Greatest Jam Band in History

Sclafani. While also including the basics for the beginners, this title takes a deep dive into the history of the godfathers of the jam band. You’ll read about how they pioneered the “double live” rock album concept, and what a final studio album would have been like. From their 1960s rise out of San Francisco, their advocating of hallucinogenic drugs for the purpose of mind expansion, their varied influences, and their lasting impact, this book will take you on a long strange trip! 376 pages, 6"x 9", softcover. #707052 $21.95

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Woodstock Fleece Blanket

Celebrate the festival that defined a generation with this Woodstock blanket! Made from soft, 100% polyester fleece to keep you warm on those chilly nights. 36"x 58".





Just 4 Fun

Muscle Car Models

Showcasing a lineup of iconic American muscle cars from the late ‘50s through the early ‘70s, these 1/18 scale, die cast models feature opening doors, trunk, and hood, large detailed engines, steerable front wheels, well-equipped interiors, and sleek paint schemes.

1/18 SCALE

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Hardtop 10" long.




1969 AMC AMX S/S Shirley Shahan. 9½" long.




1957 Studebaker Gold Hawk

11½" long. #409196 $99.95

1968 Chevy Nickey Chevelle SS Hardtop 11" long. #409504 $99.95 1970 Dodge Charger R/T SE Hardtop 11½" long. #409237 $89.95

1970 Buick Hardtop GS Stage 1 11" long. #409509 $89.95

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass SX 11" long. #409512 $89.95 50

1970 Chevrolet Nova SS

10½" long. #409477 $89.95

1969½ Dodge Super Bee Hardtop 11½" long.




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ABANDONED – This fine selection of pictorial reference guides, from Arcadia Publishing, explores the utmost abandoned destinations found throughout America! Complete with a vast selection of rare imagery and haunting accounts, each title offers entirely Each new insight on the remains of once thriving buildings and locations. 6½"x 9¼", softcover.



The Mojave Desert

Willinger. Industries began operations in the Mojave Desert, set on exploiting the land, and then abandoned it when there was nothing left worth taking. 96 pages, 140 photos. #409287

Long Island

Panchyk. Take a grand tour of Long Island and its many abandoned structures including military and industrial buildings, unused runways, once-grand estates, and defunct rails and roads. 96 pages, 141 photos. #407405

Long Island Mansions, Metals, Missiles, and Monuments

Panchyk. This visual journey explores everything from the haunting remains of grand old Gold Coast estates, to the remnants of a once-thriving military and industrial presence, to a dead mall awaiting a revival. 96 pages, 167 photos. #409761

Washington, D.C.: Evanescent Chronicles

Vasko. In Washington, D.C., a province rich with our nation’s history, anything abandoned is either hastily torn down, tagged, or senselessly vandalized. Still, some structures remain and hold timeless beauty, or have a second chance at life along with the preservation of history. 96 pages, 141 photos. #409966

California: The Salton Sea

Willinger. The Salton Sea, California’s largest inland body of water, was a notorious playground for celebrities. In the 1970s and after, agricultural runoff and storms emptied the once vibrant oasis. These once glorious seaside towns have been reduced to desolate wastelands. 96 pages, 142 photos. #409967

Pennsylvania: Ruins of the Family Dream

Hodgson & Hodgson. This title looks at many vacant houses and estates in Pennsylvania, digging into some of the stories of why these sites were left abandoned to time. 96 pages, 140 photos. #409968



Route 66 Arizona: Where the Road Came to an End

Miller. Route 66 came to Arizona when the state was less than 15 years old. Today the famous highway is littered with empty stores, motels, trading posts, and diners, reminding us of the vibrant artery Route 66 used to represent. 96 pages, 140 photos. #409969

New York: City of Broken Dreams

Roll. Take a journey through Harlem, Brooklyn, and along the Highline before it was built. You’ll see different “hidden gems” of forgotten real estate, including the haunting immigrant hospital on Ellis Island. 96 pages, 141 photos. #409970

Ruins on Public Lands in New Jersey

Butler. Discover ruins from iron-making industries, mills, the railroad, and more. Some of the ruins are from industries that were at their peak, but fell hard when the market was no longer in their favor. 96 pages, 145 photos. #409971

Nevada: All That Glittered

Tatterson. Before Las Vegas became the tourist destination for those wanting to strike it rich, Nevada brought miners hoping to hit pay dirt, first for silver, then for gold. This title examines some of the ghost towns left from those wild days. 128 pages, 144 photos. #409972

Alaska: Copper, Gold, and Rust

Scannell. Built in 1911, the Copper River Northwestern Railway made Alaska's mining industry thrive. When the Kennecott mine closed in 1938, the miners left much behind. 96 pages, 141 photos. #408987

San Francisco Bay Area

Miller, Henry. Take a tour of San Francisco Bay’s most beautiful abandonments, and explore the history of enterprises that have come and gone. 96 pages. 184 photos. #409290

Colorado: Capturing the Beauty of the Forgotten

Nichols, Gearhart. Colorado is known for its beautiful landscapes and mountains, but the abandoned buildings, neglected homesteads, broken farm vehicles, and lost artifacts, tell a different story. 128 pages, 200 B&W photos. #407845

Northwest Florida

Hill. Behind the sand and sun, there is a wealth of abandoned beauty, from buildings to boats and planes. There is even a sinister conspiracy uncovered after decades of lying forgotten. 96 pages, 155 photos. #409973

Cleveland: Ruins of the Rust Belt

Brooky. Once the fifth largest city in the U.S., Cleveland recently earned the title “poorest major city in America.” This title takes a tour of some of the 120,000 abandoned buildings in the area, shuttered by foreclosures, closing businesses, and crime. 96 pages, 140 photos. #409974

New Mexico: Enigmas and Endings

Tatterson. New Mexico’s settlement is inextricably tied to the railroad. Many long-abandoned railroad towns dot the lonely highways. Forts, some converted to tuberculosis treatment centers, have outlived their usefulness and now depend on historical preservation to survive. 112 pages, 138 photos. #409975

Baltimore: Southside

Hall. Forts that were used to protect Baltimore during the 1800s are now forgotten, and huge industrial buildings, once a vital part of Baltimore’s economy, now sit vacant. This title looks at the left-overs from a city plagued by poverty and forced gentrification. 96 pages, 141 photos. #409976

Southern New Jersey: A Bounty of Oddities

Vasko. Discover the ruins of a historical machining facility, a once-majestic bank, and a centuries-old glass-making factory. Plus, take a look into the run-down flying saucer-like Futuro homes, trains left on the tracks, and a couple astonishing junkyards. 96 pages, 142 photos. #409977

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Just 4 Fun


Marilyn Monroe

The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-Up

Filled with nearly 300 illustrations from the world's most popular pinup artists, this volume not only pays tribute to Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, and other talents of the mid-20th century, it also showcases the new generation of rising stars. With artwork ranging from angels to zombies and burlesque to pop-culture, this collection has a fresh, modern pin-up style for everyone! 128 pages, 297 color illustrations, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21191 $34.95

“Lorelei Lee” Figure

Among her most iconic roles, Marilyn Monroe gave an unforgettable performance LIMITED EDITION as showgirl Lorelei Lee in the 1953 blockbuster Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Draped in the glamorous pink 1/6 SCALE dress from the film, this 1/6 scale articulating figure features multiple interchangeable hands, a fur wrap, bracelet, necklace, paper fan, high heels, earrings, and a figure stand. 11½" tall. #104028 $239

Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead

This detailed resin bobblehead figure of the legendary sex symbol makes a perfect gift or addition to your memorabilia collection. 8" tall. #108635 $34.95

Marilyn Monroe: In the Movies

This entertaining documentary traces Marilyn’s film career from her first role to her last, complete with more than 50 of her most acclaimed scenes from more than a dozen of her best films. Highlights of films include clips from: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Misfits, Monkey Business, Niagara, The Prince and The Showgirl, The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot, and more. 45 min.




Marilyn Monroe Black and White Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

This elegant metal sign honors the original blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe. Handmade in the USA from high-gauge steel, it includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 12"x 18".





Calendar Girls

Sex Goddesses, and Pin-Up Queens of the ‘40’s, ‘50’s, and ‘60’s

Ortner. From playful “girls next door” to Marilyn Monroe's first pin-up, comes this beautiful showcase of more than 350 commercial pin-up images, from the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. Designed with a particular attention to detail, these evocative images include some of the most captivating women of the 20th century. 400 pages, 8"x 10", hardcover. #705840 $49.95

Alvarado’s Pin-Ups

Alvarado. Combining color, form, and style to create luscious images with flat color and a shine that accentuates each model’s key features, Robert Alvarado’s alluring photographs − of models in traditional poses, in clothes, in lingerie, and tastefully nude − are influenced by traditional pin-up artists such as Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren yet will impress you in a way that only modern photography can. Hardcover.

Modern − 144 pages, 145 color photographs, 9¼"x 12". #21170 $34.95 Cosplay − 160 pages, 150+ color photographs, 7"x 10". #703797 $34.95 Nudes − 160 pages, 160+ color photographs, 9"x 12". #705208 $39.95

Must be 18+ to order!

Sirens – The Pin-Up Art of David Wright Parker. Showcasing an impressive selection of one of the most prominent pin-up artists from the 20th century, this illustrative book captures the female glamour from the 1940s and ‘50s. David Wright was one of the top pin-up artists from this time, and his collection features elegant and original paintings. 192 pages, 9½"x 12½", hardcover. #706174 $34.95 Bettie Page: The Lost Years

Rodriguez. Bettie Page was arguably one of the most famous pin-up models of all time. Hordes of Bettie Page fans around the world will be excited about this one-of-a-kind volume, which features a bounty of unreleased material. Including many unpublished photos and letters, this intimate book paints a rarely seen portrait of the queen of pin-ups. 144 pages, 9"x 11", hardcover. #406603 $27.95

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Just 4 Fun

Pin-Up Metal Signs



Spice up your garage or man-cave with one of these alluring metal signs. Made in the USA, they include mounting holes for easy hanging.

Made in the USA






A: NEW! "Rose Provence L’Amour" – 12"x 18". #706729 $29.95 B: NEW! "Snow White Maid Service" – 12"x 18". #706726 $29.95 C: NEW! "Barber Shop" – 14" diameter. #R69066 $24.95 D: "Crazy Horse Gentleman's Magazine" – 12"x 18". #704917 $34.95 E: Las Vegas “Let the Good Times Roll” – 12"x 18". #700541 $34.95 F: "Bicycles" – 12"x 18". #704801 $34.95 G: NEW! All Wound Up – 12"x 18". #407120 $29.95 H: NEW! "True Romance" – 24"x 12". #110881 $49.95 I: NEW! "Piccadilly Princess" – 18"x 12". #707085 $29.95 J: NEW! "American Bombshell" – 12"x 18". #110597 $29.95 K: NEW! "Prohibition Gun Club" – 16"x 16". #408836 $29.95 L: Route 66 – 12"x 18". #105015 $34.95



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Just 4 Fun

Hollywood Films

Catch Me if You Can/ The Terminal

Race for the Yankee Zephyr

In Catch Me if You Can, Tom Hanks plays FBI agent Carl Hanratty, who is charged with catching up with forgery-artist and con-man Frank Abagnale, Jr (Leonardo DiCaprio). In The Terminal, Tom Hanks plays Victor Navorski, an Eastern European citizen whose government is in upheaval, which makes his papers invalid, forcing him to take residence in the airport. 4 hrs. 30 min. over 2 discs. #706932 $16.95

The Sound Barrier

This film centers around a wealthy aircraft company owner’s pursuit of developing a jet fighter capable of breaking the sound barrier. The owner, John Ridgefield, employs his daughter’s husband, Tony Garthwaite, as test pilot for the new fighter. With his company’s success tied to the experimental fighter, Ridgefield pushes his test pilot to the point of tragedy. 1 hr. 57 min.



Created from a newly discovered treasure of 65mm footage, and more than 11,000 hours of audio recordings, Apollo 11 takes us into the heart of NASA’s most celebrated mission $ – putting a man on the face of the moon. Featuring remarkable firsthand accounts and perspectives from the astronauts and team leading up to the great event, immerse yourself in this vivid experience that explores the giant leap that changed the world. 1 hr. 33 min. #705038 Reg: $34.95 $


Kate Winslet and Idris Elba star as photojournalist Alex Martin and Dr. Ben Bass, who, after their flight is canceled due to stormy weather, hire a private pilot to get them from Utah to Denver for connecting flights. After the pilot suffers a fatal stroke, the plane crashes on a remote mountaintop. Since the pilot never filed a flight plan, no one knows the crash took place, and Alex and Ben must fight for their own survival. 1 hr. 52 min. #707008 $12.95



Bomber Boys Complete Series

Mrs. Miniver

This gripping docudrama – originally a PBS broadcast, which comes here as a four-part series on two DVDS – follows new recruits during the early days of WWII, as they train to become a Lancaster Bomber crew. Historical reenactments and CGI couple with living history elements, including interviews with veterans and never-before-seen footage, to offer viewers a fascinating look at the lives of these brave crewmen. 4 hours. #700279 $34.95

This 1942 film – which won six Academy Awards – stars Greer Garson as an Englishwoman who leads her husband (Walter Pidgeon) and family through World War II London. From the son joining the RAF to the husband assisting in the Dunkirk evacuation and Mrs. Miniver finding a wounded German pilot in her garden, this is a fascinating portrayal of life on the home front. B&W, 2 hrs. 14 min. $


$ 95 Each



Cast Away

This film stars Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, an operations executive for FedEx who leads a fast-paced life. That changes when he catches a Christmas Day flight on a FedEx plane, which goes down somewhere in the Pacific. Chuck floats on a life raft relatively unharmed onto a deserted island, where he must adapt to life on his own. Making friends with a volleyball that washes to shore, Chuck keeps striving to keep his health and sanity, and to eventually escape the island. 2 hrs. 23 min.



In this gripping blockbuster, Denzel Washington plays a heroic American pilot who saved the lives of 98 passengers during a commercial airlines flight that ended in a devastating crash. Despite his good deeds on that fateful day, the subsequent investigation into the accident leads to a deeper look into his life and calls into question the poor choices he has made in the past, and continues to make in the present. 2 hrs. 18 min. #V6160


The Eternal Sea

Based on the real-life story of Adm. John Madison Hoskins, this film follows his life from World War II through the early years of the Korean War. After losing his leg at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Hoskins resists retirement and continues his service after learning to cope with his disability. He works tirelessly to return to command of the newly launched USS Princeton. After the war, Hoskins demonstrates to the Navy the superiority of jet aircraft off aircraft carriers in time for the Korean War. 1 hr. 43 min. #707059 $24.95

Apollo 11

The Mountain Between Us


Gibbie Gibson has discovered a World War II-era plane wreck in the mountains of New Zealand. When his discovery gets around town, Gibson, his daughter Sally, and his lodger Barney Whitaker find trouble from a group of treasure hunters led by Theo Brown, who are intent on finding the money they believe is in the wreck. 1 hr. 48 min. #707058 $19.95

Report From the Aleutians/ Target For Today

Report From The Aleutians – During WWII, John

Huston produced a film that focused on a Japanese fleet that invaded Alaska’s Dutch Harbor in 1942. In response, the Americans set up base nearby and launched daily bombing raids on the enemy fleet. Target For Today – This film documents the strategic planning of the USA raid on a Nazi stronghold in East Prussia. B&W/Color. 2 hrs. 15 min. #109375

Airplane/Airplane II

Set aside an entire afternoon to laugh along with this knee-slapping double feature: the 1980 comedy classic Airplane and its 1982 sequel, Airplane II. Shellshocked fighter pilot Ted Striker (Robert Hayes), the unlikely hero of each film, takes control of both the Chicago – and moon-destined aircraft after a series of hilariously unforeseen antics. 2 hr. 52 min. #702511

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New & Noteworthy A

Airliner Models


These 1/400 scale, die cast models replicate modern commercial airliner aircrafts. They feature realistic panel lines and engines, authentic livery and paint schemes, and extended landing gear.


Borgmann. Filled with detailed text, including historical, technological, and flight information, as well as colorful photos, these illustrated titles provide fascinating insight B into the history of commercial aviation. 144 pages, 100+ photos, 9"x 9", hardcover.

A: Boeing 747-400ERF – Cargolux – 6¼" wingspan. #706514 $49.95 B: Boeing 757-300 – Delta 3¾" wingspan. #706982 $39.95

Legends of Flight Illustrated History

29.95 each


A: Airbus A300/310 #706930 B: Boeing 737 #706929 C: McDonnell Douglas DC-10/MD-11 #706928


C: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner AeroMexico – 6" wingspan. #706979 $47.95

1/400 SCALE


MQ-1 Predator Model

The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator is an American remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) used primarily by the USAF and CIA. This 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates an MQ-1 Predator with the USAF 432nd WG out of Creech AFB, NV, where 1/72 SCALE it is used for recon, surveillance, and precision attacks. This replica features authentic markings, two AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, extended landing gear with rolling wheels, and includes a display stand. 8¼" wingspan. #705593 $44.95

P-51 Mustang Model and Air Support Set

Fighting in the Sky – The Story In Art

Fairley. Barely a decade passed from the Wright Brothers’ first powered flight to aircraft becoming OVER lethal instruments of war. The Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service took off in the very early days of the Great War and captured the public’s imagination and admiration. Feeding on the demand for works depicting this new dimension of warfighting, a new genre of art was born which has remained popular ever since. This title brings together a dazzling collection of art works covering over 100 years of air warfare, enhanced by lively and informative text. 160 pages, 60 color illustrations, 11"x 8½", hardcover. #707120 Reg: $42.95 $




Along with a die cast P-51 Mustang model, this set includes a detailed poly-resin WWII-era hangar diorama and a clear acrylic display stand. P-51 Mustang: 3" wingspan. Hangar: 3½"x 4". #108048 $19.95

Limited Quantity!

Signed by Three P-51 Mustang Aces!

Modeling Aircraft

Skinner, ed. In this title, you’ll learn more about finishing, masking, using cast resin parts, working with photoetched metal parts, and more, on everything from World War I biplanes to World War II aircraft and modern jets. These 15 modeling projects are for everyone, from beginner to expert modelers. 144 pages, photos throughout, 8¼"x 10¾", softcover.


F-86E Sabre Kit



Featuring decals for four aircraft, this 1/48 scale plastic kit of an F-86E Sabre features authentic graphics, realistic wheels, detailed cockpit interior, and underwing armament. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 9½" long. #706268 $39.95 39.95


Winter’s Wings

Richard Taylor. This beautiful print depicts a still morning on a frozen English countryside in the winter of 1944-45, the quiet interrupted by the roar of P-51 Mustangs as Robin Olds and pilots from the 434th FS, 479th FG fly over to check out their warplanes after a lengthy layoff from the cold and conditions. In addition to being signed by the artist, this limited edition print is signed by three top P-51 Mustang fighter pilots: Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, Brig. Gen. Frank L. Gailer, and Lt. Col. Clyde B. East. 17½"x 15¾". #707121 $134.95

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Historic Sales Gift Certificates


Available in $25, $50, $75 or $100 Amounts!

75 Years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Goodall. This pictorial journey will take you from the very beginning of Skunk Works’ first project (XP-80 Shooting Star) and follow the program through prototype build-up, first flight, and, if they reached the frontline, operational service for each of the 30 unclassified programs designed and built by Skunk Works. 384 pages, photos throughout, 11¾"x 9½", hardcover. #707123 $64.95

Bristol F2B Fighter Model

This 1/48 scale, die cast model replicates the Bristol F2B Fighter D-8063, flown by RAF No. 139 Sqn. Major William Barker with Prince Edward as a passenger in September 1918 over Italy. It features authentic markings and paint scheme, detailed 1/48 SCALE wing bracing, a rotating wood-grain propeller, accurate armament, 2 crew figures, and a display stand. 9¾" long. #705981

B737-700 Model




This 1/200 scale, die cast model replicates a Southwest B737-700, N945WN “Florida One.” This replica features authentic livery and paint scheme with the Florida State Seal adorning the fuselage and engine nacelles, realistic panel lines and surface details, extended landing gear with rolling rubber tires, and a display stand. 7" wingspan. #706995 $79.95

F-35B Lightning II Model


Replicating an F-35B 1/72 SCALE Lightning II flying st with the 461 Flight Test Squadron out of Edwards AFB, CA, this 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model features optional-position landing gear and thrust nozzle, opening engine intake doors, a glazed canopy revealing a detailed cockpit with pilot figure, and a display stand. 7¼" wingspan.



B-17 Flying Fortress Cutout Metal Made in Sign the USA.

Show off your love of military aviation with this cutout sign featuring the World War II heavy bomber, the B-17 Flying Fortress! Handmade in the USA from high-gauge steel, it includes mounting holes for easy hanging. 18"x 6". #707124 $29.95

Pan Am Board Game

Compete with Pan Am and other players as the head of your own fledgling airline. Play through decades of air travel history alongside an ever-growing Pan Am: make a fortune when they buy your routes, invest in Pan Am stock when it’s cheap, and don’t get pushed out of the skies by your competition! 2-4 players, and includes 52 airplanes.


Order Today


AH-56A Cheyenne Helicopter Kit

This 1/72 scale plastic kit replicates the AH-56A Cheyenne, a Vietnam War-era prototype attack helicopter. The kit features authentic decals, rotating propellers, movable main gun and belly turret, optional-position landing gear, and a detailed cockpit with 2 figures. Assembly required, 36 pieces, skill level 3, 9½" long. #706206 $24.95

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Limited Quantities!

ROC Army, Taiwan, Late 1940s. 2¾" long.


1/72 SCALE






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“Arrogant,” British Army, Queen’s Own Hussars, Berlin, West Germany, 1960. 3½" long.

A34 Comet


ROC Army, Taiwan. 4½" long. #981171

M41A3 Walker Bulldog

SAVE 50%

Reg: $34.95 $

17.45 each

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate a trio of armored vehicles. They feature detailed tracks and surface details, rotating turrets with elevating cannon and accurate hull, authentic markings, and include clear acrylic display case.




F-5E Tiger II

39.95 #980950 Reg: $79.95 $

Swiss Air Force Patrouille Suisse, Switzerland, Team 55th Anniversary, 2019. 4½" wingspan.

Includes Decal Sheet of Numbers!





#981156 Reg: $97.95 $

F-14A Tomcat









Pakistani AF No. 5 Sqn. “Falcons,” 2017. $ 5¼" wingspan. #981135 Reg: $93.95

F-16D Fighting Falcon


#981019 Reg: $105.95 $

Soviet Air Force, 2nd Sqn. “Aggressor,” Turkmenia AB, USSR, 1990. 7¾" wingspan.





89.95 #981153 Reg: 132.95 $



All Models Include a Display Base!

VF-111 “Sundowners,” USS Carl Vinson, 1986. 11" wingspan.

Limited Quantities!


#981166 Reg: $112.95 $

Syria, 1985. 7¾" wingspan.

Spanish Air Force, Zaragoza AB, Spain, NATO Tiger Meet, 2016. 6¼" wingspan.

EF-18A Hornet




#981174 Reg: $92.95 $


389 BS, 312 BG, 5 AF, early 1945. 10¼" wingspan. th

A-20G Havoc



1/72 SCALE

These 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast models replicate military aircraft with various nations. They feature realistic panel lines, opening canopies revealing a detailed cockpit, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. LIMITED EDITION With limited quantities and savings up to 70%, act fast while MiG-25PD Foxbat-E supplies last! Syrian AAF 5th Aerial Sqn, Tiyaz AB,


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