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In This Issue: New Models from Hobby Master & Air Force 1 – Pages 2, 4, 63 & Throughout New Star Trek Models – Pages 3 & 46 Great Gifts to Have for the “Big Game” – Pages 32, 33 & Throughout Warm, Cozy Apparel for Cold, Winter Nights – Pages 4, 64 & Throughout Fantastic, New Collectible Currency – Pages 10, 27, 56, 57 & Throughout

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Table of Contents

New & Noteworthy........................................2-4

WWI World War I Overview.........................................5 WWI Aces.................................................................6 Wings of the Great War......................................7

WWII Between the Wars.................................................8 U.S. Home Front....................................................9 WWII Overview...................................................10 WWII Warbirds....................................................11 P-38 Lightning / P-39 Airacobra P-40 Warhawk / Flying Tigers.........................12 P-47 Thunderbolt / P-51 Mustang...............13 P-51 Mustang / Tuskegee Airmen / P-61 Black Widow...............................................14 B-17 Flying Fortress / Memphis Belle / B-18 Bolo...............................................................15 B-24 Liberator / PB4Y-1....................................16 B-29 Superfortress / B-25 Mitchell / B-26 Marauder....................................................17 AFVs & Warships.................................................18 D-Day / Paratroopers.........................................19 WWII Allies............................................................20 Luftwaffe......................................................21-22 Pearl Harbor........................................................23 War in the Pacific.........................................24-26 End of the War.....................................................27

Dear Fellow Aviation Lover,

Paying tribute to one of the most adaptable fighter-bombers, we salute the legendary F-4 Phantom II and its vital role during the Vietnam War. Commemorate the famed aircraft with our featured cover print – depicting two F-4s and the celebrated USS Constellation on a MiGCAP mission in 1967 – along with many other noteworthy aviation-inspired keepsakes found in this late-winter catalog. Discover a variety of showcase centerpieces such as the newest releases from Hobby Master and Air Force 1 (pages 2, 4, 39, 64 & throughout), as well as historic, collectible currency on

pages 4, 56, 57 & throughout, comfy and warm apparel for those chilly winter months (pages 19, 28, 33, 64 & throughout), along with great gifts to enjoy during the “Big Game” on pages 32, 52, 54, 55 & throughout. Shop our pages and call us toll-free at 800-225-5575, mail in the order form provided, or place your order online at Thanks for ordering with us!

– Greg Herrick

On the cover:

Signed by up to 19 POWs!

Into the Storm

John D. Shaw. Armed with Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles, a pair of F-4 Phantom IIs – from the VF-142 “Ghostriders” and VF-143 “Pukin’ Dogs” – race past the USS Constellation on a MiGCAP mission over Vietnam in 1967. Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by the artist. 37"x 26¼".

NEW! Display Edition



Korean War.....................................................28-29 Cold War................................................................30 Strategic Air Command...................................31 Big Game / Man Cave....................................32 Apparel & Accessories...................................33 Vietnam..........................................................34-35 Vietnam Veterans...............................................36 Modern Fighters..........................................37-38 Modern Foreign Fighters................................39 Stealth & Recon............................................40-41 Patrol.....................................................................42 Transports.............................................................43

Final Frontier Space............................................................44-45 Star Trek.................................................................46 Sci-Fi................................................................47


Signed by the artist! #704312 $99.95 Main Edition – Signed by the artist and up to 19 POWs! #64178 $234.95

F-4 Phantom II Models

1/72 SCALE

Each of these 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replicas of LIMITED EDITION the supersonic fighterbomber feature an opening A canopy with a well-appointed cockpit and crew figures, B optional-position landing gear, authentic LIMITED EDITION $ markings, and a display stand. 9½" long. 89.95 each A: F-4J – VF-84, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1972. #980888 B: F-110A – USAF TAC, Langley AFB, 1962. #980873

Naval Aviator Mini-Helmet

Trainers.................................................................48 Propliners / Manufacturers.............................49 Jets & Commercial......................................50-51

Just 4 Fun Branches of Service...........................................52 Patriotic..................................................................53 Pin-Ups............................................................54-55 Collectible Currency...................................56-57 Nostalgia...............................................................58 Hollywood Movies............................................59

Aircraft A-Z Campbell Films...................................................60 Arcadia Books......................................................61 Cleveland Die-Cast............................................62 New & Noteworthy...................................63-64

This half-size helmet is an officially licensed replica of one worn by the U.S. Navy’s VF-84 “Jolly Rogers”! It features a rugged plastic shell, a padded interior, bayonet fittings, a chin strap, and a retractable visor. 5½" wide. #700587 $39.95


McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Air Superiority Legend

Chambers. Since its first flight in May 1958, the F-4 Phantom II continues to be a tough, rugged and successful all-weather, air-superiority fighterbomber. From the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War to its “Wild Weasel” role during Operation Desert Storm, this fascinating history covers the design and development, along with records in various conflicts. 144 pages, 9¾"x 9", softcover. #704313 $39.95

M, L, XL: $21.95

2XL, 3XL: $23.95

F-4 Phantom T-Shirt

Showcasing a large, bold screen-print on the back and smaller logo on left chest, this 100% cotton t-shirt pays tribute to the unstoppable F-4 MiG Killer! #704314 Like us on Facebook

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A note about our products... Historic Aviation is proud to bring you the finest quality products documenting aviation history. To provide a comprehensive context, we carry products that represent enemy combatants such as Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It is not our intent to glorify those entities but to offer you the most complete selection of historically accurate products available, lest we forget. A final reminder: the models, figures and other collectibles in this catalog are not toys but rather are intended for collectors ages 14 and above.

New & Noteworthy B-17G Flying Fortress Kit

An incredible centerpiece collectible, this 1/32 scale plastic kit – a Over 3-Feet replica of a in Wingspan! B-17G Flying Fortress featuring a wingspan over three-feet! – includes positionable control surfaces, a well-appointed cockpit and gunner station, a fully-equipped bomb bay (with ordnance load), authentic 1945 markings (including those for the 447th and 490th Bomb Group), and a wall-mount display hanger. Assembly required. Skill level 5. 39" wingspan. #704168 $399.95

This is just a sampling of the new items in this edit ion of Historic Aviation. Find more throughout the catalog!

U-2C “Dragon Lady” Kit

With tensions mounting, President Eisenhower's request for more accurate intelligence on the Soviets was the spark that ignited the U-2 project, approved in 1954. This 1/48 scale plastic kit, a must-have tribute to the Cold War legend, features an opening canopy, a well-appointed cockpit (with a removable exterior canopy), a ground handling cart, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 25¾" wingspan.

Over 2-Feet in Wingspan!

B-17 Flying Fortress in Action


Doyle. Filled with rare archival photos, color profiles, and detailed line drawings, this volume (a long-awaited re-released edition) examines the development and service of the legendRe-released Edition! ary B-17 Flying Fortress in WWII, including the exploits of individual aircraft – such as the “Memphis Belle,” “Stage Door Canteen,” “All American,” and “5 Grand.” 80 pages, 20+ photos and drawings, 11"x 8¼", softcover. #704323 $19.95 First flown in 2009, the P-8 Poseidon is a versatile military aircraft operated by LIMITED EDITION the U.S. Navy in the anti1/200 SCALE submarine and shipping interdiction roles, among others. Replicating one of the first P-8As delivered to the USN in 2012, this 1/200 scale, die cast model features authentic Navy markings, realistic engine nacelles, and a display stand. 7¾" long. #703948 $79.95

P-8 Poseidon Model

MH-60L “Black Hawk” Kit

A newly tooled collectible replicating a 2-Feet Long! night-visioncapable MH-60L Black Hawk as it appeared with the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, this 1/35 scale plastic kit with an eye-catching length of two feet features see-through cockpit and cabin windows, a well-appointed interior, optional-position side doors, a free-spinning top and rear rotor, and numerous photo-etched parts. Assembly required. Skill level 4. #704319 $169.95



Strategic Air Command Metal Sign

The recognizable shield of the Strategic Air Command, which first received the U-2 spy plane in June 1957, is reproduced with this large-scale steel sign. Includes mounting holes. 24"x 24". #704321 $59.95

Made in the USA.


Set up an entire fleet of USS Enterprises with this quartet of die cast models – each one featuring a realistically colorful design and handsome display packaging – replicating the vessel in its numerous variants.




A: NCC-1701-A

A Virtually externally identical to the refit Enterprise, the Constitution-class starship was destroyed months prior to the launch. #704207

B: NCC-1701-B B Launched under the command of Captain John Harriman, the Enterprise-B – a 23rd century Excelsior-class vessel – was seen in Star Trek Generations.

All Models Include a Display Stand!


C The Enterprise-C operated with Captain Rachel Garrett in 2344, before it was destroyed and she was killed by Klingon forces. #704205

C: NCC-1701-C

D: NCC-1701

The most celebrated Starfleet ship of its time, NCC-1701 went through numerous upgrades D and at least two refits during its 4-year service. #704206

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See Page 46 for More Star Trek Models!


New & Noteworthy F-22 Raptor Model

Part of the 325th Fighter Wing, the 95th Fighter Squadron “Boneheads” in April 2016 helped train pilots at RAF Lakenheath in the versatility and deployment 1/72 SCALE LIMITED EDITION speed of the F-22 Raptor. Made by Hobby Master, this 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates an F-22A flown by the 95th FS featuring realistic weaponry, an opening canopy, optionalposition landing gear, and a display stand. 10¼" long. #980898 $105.95

A-25A-5-CS Shrike Kit

A dive bomber variant of the SB2C Helldiver, the A-25 Shrike took its first flight in September 1942 with production lasting only one year. This 1/72 scale plastic kit of the USAAF warplane features newly tooled parts (including propeller, pitot tube, tailwheel, and weapons ports), stowed or mounted machine guns, two 5,000-pound bombs, moveable flaps, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8¼" long. #704329 $24.95

WWII – The War That Shook The World U.S. Weapons Arsenal Aircraft JFK Half Dollar 7-Coin Set

Presenting colorized images of the most effective U.S. Weapons Arsenal Aircraft – such as the B-2 Spirit and F-22 Raptor – this 7-coin set features genuine JFK half dollars as unique, commemorative collectibles for displaying in your showcase! Complete with a certificate of authenticity, each one also includes an acrylic coin capsule. #704305 $49.95

B-24J Liberator Kit Over 3-Foot Wingspan!

Experience nearly 24 hours of powerful WWII events, from the frontlines of the European Theater to the British naval blockade of Palestine, in this moving 6-DVD set! An intense comprehensive collection, The War That Shook The World encompasses actual footage, never-before-seen historic moments, firsthand accounts from a variety of military perspectives, and so much more. 23 hrs. 29 min. #106859 $19.95

Su-34 Fullback & Su-35 Flanker E Models



1/72 SCALE Clear some shelf space for your brand new aviation centerpiece – a replica of a B-24J Liberator measuring nearly three-and-a-half feet in wingspan! This 1/32 scale plastic kit comes with an incredible attention to detail including a well-equipped cockpit and gear cabin, realistic gunner stations (with rotating weaponry), 22 sprues, a detailed undercarriage, photo-etched parts, and authentic markings. Assembly required. 540 pieces. Skill level 5. 41¼" wingspan. #704145 $249.95

Victory MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Adopted by the U.S. Air Force in the early 1950s, the Victory MA-1 Bomber jacket has also been referred to as the “Nylon Pilot’s Jacket.” Wear this classic military-style jacket featuring a nylon satintwill construction, a reversible WWII newspaper article lining, snapclose side, sleeve pen/pencil and two interior pockets, as well as knit cuffs, collar and waistband. #704167 M, L, XL: $249.95


2XL: $259.95



Exclusively from Hobby Master, these 1/72 scale, die cast replicas – including a Su-35 Flanker E, as it appeared at Akhtubinsk in 2012, and a Su-34 Fullback from 2015 – are both modern-day fighters of the Russian armed forces. Each one features authentic markings, an opening canopy, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 12" long. A: Su-35 Flanker E B: Su-34 Fullback – Russian Akhtubinsk, 2012. Air Force, Syria, Jan. 2015.




RF-84F Thunderflash Kit





This 1/72 scale plastic kit of the RF-84F Thunderflash – a photo reconnaissance variant of the Thunderstreak, an American-built swept-wing turbojet fighter-bomber – includes a well-equipped cockpit (with a detailed instrument panel and ejection seats), an opening canopy, optional-position landing gear, and markings for four aircraft. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 7¼" long. #704330 $44.95

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World War I Overview The Illustrated History of World War One

Resembling World War I-era U.S. military recruiting posters, these heavy-gauge steel signs include mounting holes.


24.95 each


A: “Wake Up America Day” 12"x 16". #105509 B: “I Want You”

WWI: The Complete Story

12"x 18".

Made in the USA.

World War I began as a small-scale regional conflict – expected to come to a quick conclusion – and escalated into the fiercest and most brutal global affair the world had ever seen. Released by CBS in the 1960s as a 50th anniversary commemoration of the Great War, this 4-DVD documentary examines the entire war, as told through 26 captivating chapters featuring rare photography and historical narrative. hours. B&W and color. 15 hours #V9357 $29.95

These quality replicas of WWI-era U.S. M1918 trench knives have a triangular blade and a metal handle with a knuckle guard. Includes $ a sheath. 12" long. 29.95 each

Fires Caps!

Wings of the Great War

Brass-Finish Handle #M650669

Colt M1873 Quick Draw Revolver

Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed, the first series of banknotes were issued. Using an innovative process, these $2 bills were enhanced with historical images from 1914 to create collectible U.S. legal tender. This set includes five genuine $2 bills with a two-sided folio and a certificate of authenticity for each one. #105508 $79.95


U.S. M1918 Trench Knives

Black-Finish Handle #M650670

Modern Reproduction –

1914 Genuine Tender! Modern $ 2 Bills 5-Note Set

Armor Collection

U.S. Military Recruiting Metal Signs


Westwell. This concise, authoritative account of the Great War presents thorough analyses of decisive encounters and landmark battles – such as Ypres, Tannenburg, Gallipoli, Somme, Verdun, Passchendaele, Beersheba and many others. 150 pages; 350+ B&W photographs, maps and battle plans; 9"x 11½", softcover. #M102711 $19.95


Draw! This highly detailed cap gun is one of the most popular pistols we offer and commemorates the exciting Wild West. Travel back in time with this Colt M1873, featuring realistic working action, hammer, trigger, revolving cylinder, nickel-finish, and ivory finger-grooved grips. 4¾" barrel, 10½" length. #M651811 $79.95

NEW! 192 Caps

A: Mk. A “Whippet”

British Army, 1918. 3½" long. #701692




1/72 SCALE


Take home any of our World War I-era tanks – among the first armored vehicles to ever traverse the battlefields. These 1/72 scale resin models – all from our popular Wings of the Great War: Armor Collection – feature accurate weaponry, realistic tracks, authentic markings, and a removable display base. $ 34.95 each



All Models Include a Terrain Display Base!


B: FT-17 Tank

"Five of Hearts," U.S. Army's 344th Tank Battalion. 1918. 2¾" long. #700656

C: Saint-Chamond


“Chantecoq,” French Army, 1917. 4¼" long. #701688

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Aces Military Aviation of the First World War

Wood. Though 57 nations took part in The Great War, only eight had a major air arm within their national military. Explore the fascinating infancy of aviation technology – including details on all participating country’s aircraft designs, manufacturing, and combat duty – with this comprehensive guide, bursting with nearly 500 rare, century-old photos. 356 pages, 478 B&W photographs, 6"x 9", softcover. #100014 $34.95

SE5a Model

Two days after taking command of the No. 84 Squadron and one day prior to the armistice, Major C. E. M. Pickthorn downed a Fokker D.VII with his SE5a in November 1918 – celebrated as one of the last aerial victories of World War I. Commemorating 100 years of the RAF, this 1/48 scale, die cast replica features rotating propellers, fine rigging detail, a pilot figure, and a fixed undercarriage. 6½" wingspan.



Albatros D.Va

Luftstreitkrafte, Lother Weiland, Jasta 5. 5" wingspan.

1/48 SCALE






Fokker Dr. I

Flown by German pilot Friedrich Kempf. Jasta 2. 6" wingspan.




Eddie Rickenbacker

1/72 SCALE

Part of the Wings of the Great War series, this limited edition, 1/72 scale resin display model of the famous Fokker Dr.I flown by the "Red Baron," of JG 1, "The Flying Circus," features finely textured surfaces that simulate fabric-on-frame construction to the wing struts and supports, fuselage-mounted Spandau lMG 08 machine guns, authentic markings, and an information disc. Includes a display stand with an articulating mount that presents your aircraft at any angle! 4" wingspan.

1/72 SCALE






Iron Cross Metal Sign

Featuring an image of Germany's Pour le Mérite – the Blue Max – and the Red Baron’s triplane, this 24-gauge steel sign, die cut in the shape of an Iron Cross, measures 14½"x 18½" and includes mounting holes.





Manfred von Richthofen – more commonly known as the “Red Baron” – was the top-scoring ace of World War I, achieving an incredible 80 aerial victories. Respected by German and Allied soldiers alike, he was shot down and killed on April 21, 1918, the source of which remains controversial to this day.


Representing a trio of colorful fighters flown during World War I, these 1/48 scale, die cast models – replicas of warbirds operated by a number of combatant nations, including many prolific aces – feature accurate struts and cross supports, a pilot figure, Spad XIII LIMITED EDITION realistic weaponry, Italian Air Force, Major historic markings, and Francesco Baracca, 91st a display stand. Squadriglia. 6¾" wingspan.


The Red Baron Perhaps the most famous fighter pilot in history,

Fokker Dr.I Display Model

1/48 SCALE




Spad XIII Model

This 1/72 scale resin display model of a SPAD XIII flown by 26-victory ace Captain E.V. Rickenbacker of the 94th Aero Squadron – the first American squadron to see aerial combat during WWI in 1918 – has the attention to detail that collectors love, from the simulated fabric-covered wings with visible ribs to the 7.7mm Vickers machine guns mounted in front of the cockpit; intricate Hispano- Suiza V8 engine; wing and landing gear bracing; authentic markings, including the 94th’s “Hat in the Ring” insignia. Includes a display stand with an articulating mount that presents your aircraft at any angle you choose! 4½" wingspan.




“Hat in the Ring” Metal Sign

Salute Great War hero Eddie Rickenbacker with a colorful steel sign featuring his signature "Hat in the Ring" squadron logo. Made in the USA. Includes mounting holes. 12"x 16". #701077 $34.95

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Made in the USA.

WWI Our notable Wings of the Great War collection showcases the brilliant aviation craftsmanship and technology from the First World War. Each limited edition, 1/72 scale resin model features accurate markings and paint schemes, an open-style cockpit, a simulated fabric 1/72 SCALE covering, and a display base with an articulating mount.


Salmson 2-A2


1/700 SCALE

All Models Include an Articulating Display Stand!

Coyle, Corley, and Easterbrook, 1st Aero Squadron, 1918. 6¾" wingspan.

LZ41 Zeppelin


Imperial German Navy, Germany, 1915. 8¾" wingspan.







Hannover CI. II

Luftstreitkräfte, 1918. 6½"wingspan.


Airco D.H.4


USMC Squadron D, France, 1918. 7¼" wingspan.






Breguet 14 A.2

U.S. Army, Capt. James A. Summersett, 96th Aero Squadron, 1918. 7¾" wingspan.


Nieuport 28C.1

2nd Lt. Ralph A. O’Neil, 147th Aero Squadron. 4½" wingspan.








Halberstadt Cl.II

Fokker D. VII


Schlasta 26b, early 1918. 6" wingspan.

Luftstreitkrafte, Ernst Udet, Jasta 4, 1918. 4¾" wingspan.









Luftstreitkrafte Jasta 10, 1917. 4" wingspan.




Great War Aviation Art Books

Magnificently capturing dramatic scenes of aerial combat, these art books are fine tributes to the aviation exploits of World War I. In addition to the striking artwork from some of the industry’s leading names, each title also includes detailed captions and riveting historical information! 176 pages, 11"x 8½", hardcover. Limited Quantities!

Knights in Canvas

The Aviation Art of James Dietz Wilberg, ed. 196 images.




Dogfight Riser Stand Set – This riser set includes three presentation risers of varying heights (4", 5½", and 7") to display dynamic air battles! Each riser features a pivoting mount and one circular base. #70523 $9.95

Tumult in the Clouds

The Aviation Art of Russell Smith Wilberg, ed. 290+ images.




Aviators of the Great War

The Aviation Art of Steve Anderson Herris, ed. 200+ images.

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Between the Wars

Stearman PT-17 & N2S-3 Kaydet Models

1/48 SCALE

Stearman Kaydets – noted for their bright yellow scheme and commonly called “Yellow Peril” – were used for recreation or agricultural purposes, after World War II. Made by Hobby Master, each 1/48 scale, die cast replica features authentic markings and hand-painted detail, a rotating propeller, a pilot figure, and a display stand. 8" wingspan.

F2A Buffalo Model



In 1939, the Brewster F2A Buffalo became the U.S. Navy's first monoplane fighter aircraft and saw limited service 1/72 SCALE during the early years of World War II. This 1/72 scale, die cast model of a Buffalo flown by VF-3, U.S. Navy, from the USS Saratoga (CV-3) in 1939, features textured surfaces, a glazed canopy, an intricate engine front, optionalposition landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. 5¾" wingspan. #970025 $24.95

Brewster F2A Buffalo and Export Variants (Naval Fighters)



82.95 each


A: PT-17 – 4BFTS (British Flight Training School) Mesa, Arizona, June 1941. #980845

B: N2S-3

U.S. Navy, 1944.


Dann. A comprehensive history on the Brewster F2A Buffalo, this title covers the aircraft’s background beginning with its role as the Navy’s first monoplane fighter. In addition, a detailed description on every variant is covered, along with versions purchased by Belgium, Finland, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Get up close and personal with pilots, and much more. 176 pages, 300+ color photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. #704166 $39.95

Campbell Films: U.S. Military Aircraft

Take a look back at first generation aircraft used by U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine pilots. Each film contains several programs with historic footage and real-life experience from inside the cockpit of the foremost groundbreaking American fighters and more. $ B&W. 19.95 each

Grumman F3F and Other Early Naval Aircraft – Explore the fascinating world of

first generation naval aircraft, along with insight on the incredible Grumman F3F! 1 hr. 35 min. #703952

Military Aircraft Trainers: USN, USAF and USMC Training Films Over the Years – A comprehensive assortment of military-produced films,

this seven-chapter collection includes training programs that helped Navy, Air Force, and Marine aviators learn to fly a variety of recognizable aircraft. 1 hr. 32 min.


U.S. Army Air Corps Insignia Shirt

Show off your love of historic military aviation with this 100% cotton t-shirt featuring the classic U.S. Army Air Corps insignia. #701214 M, L, XL: $21.95


2XL, 3XL: $23.95

USS Lexington & Saratoga Kits


B Historically accurate replicas of legendary U.S. Navy aircraft carriers – including the USS Lexington, as she appeared before being sunk on May 8, 1942, and one of the few WWII survivors, the USS Saratoga – each 1/350 scale plastic kit offers the choice of either a waterline or full-hull configuration for the ultimate showcase presentation. They also include a precise island and stern, realistic guns and lifeboats, a detailed flight deck (with a variety of aircraft), and a display stand. $ Assembly required. 550+ pieces. 30½" long. 139.95 each

A: USS Lexington #92207

B: USS Saratoga #92201

SAVE $15

Quite a Pair

Stan Stokes. In 1928, this Boeing F4B has a bird’s LIMITED EDITION eye view of the U.S. Navy’s new, big carriers: the USS Saratoga (CV-3) and the USS Lexington (CV-2). 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist! $ $

#7285 Reg: 39.95

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U.S. Homefront Curtiss Sparrowhawk Kit

The U.S. Navy's tiny Sparrowhawks, which operated from dirigibles during the 1930s, were among the most colorful fighters of the era. Utilized primarily in conjunction with the USS Akron and USS Macon airships, the Sparrowhawks also operated briefly from the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. This 1/32 scale, plastic kit includes two types of wheels, a detailed interior, and decals for six different Sparrowhawks. 9½" wingspan; assembly required. #9223 $29.95

1941-45 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar

Own a genuine piece of currency issued in America during WWII. This authentic Walking Liberty 90% silver half dollar features a stunning image of Lady Liberty on the obverse and, on the reverse, an eagle perched on a mountain pine sapling. Circulated condition. #93915 $34.95

U.S. 50-Piece Pennies Roll Sets

Sparrowhawks of the Macon

Stan Stokes. Here we see the USS Macon that, along with its sister-ship the USS Akron, was the $ pinnacle of rigid airship development in America. Flying alongside the Macon over New York is a Curtis F9C-2 LIMITED EDITION Sparrowhawk fighter that was launched from, and recovered by, the Macon. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist! #7879 Reg: $39.95 $




Rosie the Riveter Bobblehead



Resembling "Rosie the Riveter," one of the most enduring images to come out of the American home front during World War II, this limited edition, hand painted bobblehead is crafted of high quality resin, measures 8½" tall, and arrives in a colorful collector's box. #M601942 $26.95

Rosie the Riveter Metal Sign

Decorate your wall with an iconic WWII wartime poster reproduction of Rosie the Riveter – created by J. Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric – for inspiration every day! Made of heavy-gauge steel, this sign includes mounting holes. 12"x 18". #106658 $19.95

“Boop Oop a Doop” T-Shirt

Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this quality, navy blue t-shirt features Betty Boop in a pose reminiscent of the “Rosie the Riveter” artwork of WWII, and the famous Betty quote, “Boop M, L, XL: $24.95 Oop a Doop.” 2XL: $26.95 #64984

With WWII in full swing, most resources, including copper, were reserved for the war effort and production of wartime supplies ranging from shell casings to radio wire. These 50-piece sets arrive in coin tubes; lightly circulated condition.

1943-P Lincoln “Steel Cent” – In 1943,


the U.S. Mint halted production of copper pennies and issued special steel Lincoln cents that were produced for one year only. Now you can have your own 50-coin roll of those “Steelies”. #M651581 $29.95


1944-1946 “Shell Case” Pennies

To account for the sudden loss in material, the U.S. Mint resorted to using spent copper shell cases for Lincoln pennies struck in 1944, ’45, and ’46, with shells collected from WWII battleships and battlefields! #M652197 $19.95


#87866 Reg: $49.90 $

Buy Both – Save $5!

World War II Silver Nickel Sets

With WWII in full swing, most natural resources were reserved for the war effort and, included on that list, was nickel – a key ingredient in the five-cent piece. To account for the sudden loss in material, the U.S. Mint resorted to striking the nickel in a new alloy that included 35% silver for coins struck from 1942 to 1945. Each of these collections, arriving in a handsome presentation slip, represent silver nickels from the era. Four-Piece Set – One coin from each year: 1942-1945. #81229 $29.95 Three-Piece Set – One coin from three mints: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco. #81234 $24.95

The Best of the Andrews Sisters Golden Memories

Patty, LaVerne, and Maxine were the most popular singing trio of the 1930s and ’40s, noted for their devotion to entertaining the troops. Featuring 20 of their greatest songs, this CD includes hits such as Rum and Coca Cola; Beer Barrel Polka; Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy; Tico, Tico; Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar; and more! 56 minutes. #10133 $14.95

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Overview The Second World War Explained

O’Kelly. Encompassing the most significant events and profiles of the Second World War, the author takes a unique approach on a subject that’s still widely prevalent today. After nearly 70 years, the tragic outcomes are told through a number of various perspectives; however, this book presents a concise, informative summary of one of the most dramatic times in history. 224 pages, 6"x 9¼", hardcover.


WWII Diaries

The Complete War Report



Featuring color profiles of 37 Allied and Axis aircraft of WWII, all drawn to scale, this 1,000-piece puzzle measures 26½"x 19¼" when assembled.

Over 88 Hours on 19 DVDs!

An incredible value, this 19-DVD set is a monthby-month chronicle of World War II milestones from September of 1939 through September of 1945. Perhaps the most comprehensively in-depth analysis of the war ever collected, these programs examine everything from the battlefields to the home front with hours of combat footage and newsreels, rare vintage photographs, and fascinating historical insight. 88 hrs. 3 min. #103099 $39.95

WWII Aircraft Jigsaw Puzzle




Rare Birds

Forgotten Aircraft of the Second World War

Bain. World War II aviation is synonymous with names like Mustang, Spitfire, and Zero; however, there were also dozens of lesser-known planes whose stories have never before been told. This examination analyzes these often forgotten warbirds including the obsolescent models flown by the Poles, the graceful aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica, and those serving with the French Armée De l’Air. 240 pages, 112 B&W and color photos, 6¼"x 9¼", hardcover. #701737 $39.95

1/100 SCALE

XF5U-1 “Flying Flapjack” Kit

1/64 SCALE

The Siege of Bastogne Diorama 2-Piece Set

In December 1944, American and German forces engaged one another in the Belgian town of Bastogne – a siege that lasted seven days, until Patton’s Third Army came to the rescue. Our 2-piece set features a resin diorama with one U.S. Army ground unit model each, including a 1/64 scale Willy’s Jeep and a 1/100 scale M4 Sherman tank. Dioramas: 4" wide. #105713 $49.95

Willys Jeep $ 2 Bill

Designed during WWII, the XF5U – which never saw combat and whose program was scrapped in 1947 – was a disc-shaped fighter that earned the nickname the “Flying Flapjack.” A replica of the unique warbird, this 1/48 scale plastic kit features a glazed nose, an optional-position canopy, separate propeller blades, two bombs, and authentic U.S. Navy markings. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 8¼" wingspan. #700756 $69.95

WWII Warplanes Hawaiian Shirt

This genuine Hawaiian shirt, with a comfortably light fabric and button-up front, features a selection of World War II-era planes against a classic black M, L, XL: $39.95 background. 55% cotton/ 2XL, 3XL: $44.95 45% rayon blend. #702535

A One of the country’s most “vital machines” in America’s war effort according to General Eisenhower, the Willy’s Jeep is celebrated on this colorized bill featuring numerous combat photos of the rugged vehicle. Includes a certificate of authenticity and a blue display folio. #106481 $16.95


Shipping restrictions apply. Call for details.

M1 Garand Rifle and M3 Grease Gun

Issued during World War II, these handsome firearms are reproductions of the original guns carried by the U.S. military. Each one features a functioning trigger, and have an authentic look and feel. Made of quality materials, both the M1 Garand rifle and M3 Grease Gun will make fine centerpieces to your memorabilia display! A: M1 Garand Rifle – Made of hardwood and metal. 43" long. #M600216 $299 B: M3 Grease Gun – This all-metal gun features a removable magazine, and a retractable stock. 29" long. #105888 $199.95

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World War II Warbirds Affordable Aviation Collectibles

Expand your historic aircraft showcase with one of our magnificent WWII-era models! Presenting a number of popular American as well as foreign fighters and bombers – including the beloved P-51D Mustang “Miss Helen” (flown by 10½-victory ace Capt. Raymond Littge!). Each 1/72 scale, die cast replica offers authentic markings and paint scheme, along with a detailed interior, and a display stand.

1/72 SCALE P-51D Mustang

“Miss Helen,” 10½-Victory Ace Capt. Raymond Littge. 6" wingspan.




P-47D Thunderbolt

“Sweetie,” Lt. Col. Luther Richmond, 486th FS, 352nd FG, USAAF. 6¾" wingspan.


All Models Include a Display Stand!



Corsair III

No. 718 NAS, RNAS Ballyhalbert, Northern Ireland, 1945. 6¾" wingspan.


Hs 123A-1

Luftwaffe 3./SFGr 50 Condor Legion, Kurt Hamann, Spain, 1938. 5¾" wingspan.






Spitfire Mk. I

RAF, No. 57 Operational Training Unit, Hawarden, March, 1942. 6¼" wingspan.

Ar 196 V2 Prototype Luftwaffe, Condor Legion, Kurt Hamann, 1938. 5¾" wingspan.







I-16 Type 10

5-Victory Ace Luo Ying Te, Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force. 4¾" wingspan.

Me 163B Komet JG 400, Freeman Field, 1946. 5" wingspan.





Ki-61 Hien “Tony”

Me 163 Komet

244th Fighter Squadron, Japanese Army Air Force, Chofu Airfield, 1945. 6½" wingspan.






Limited Quantity!

Royal Navy, VF-241, 1945. Signed by Captain Eric Brown!




Eric Brown: A Pilot’s Story

Ju 87R Trop Stuka

6./St.G 2 “Immelmann,” Libya, 1941. 7½" wingspan.




This documentary-style program examines the influential aviator by talking to the man himself and getting intimate details on not only his revolutionary career as a pilot but also his presence at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, interrogations of Hermann Göring, and help liberating the Belsen concentration camp at the end of the war. B&W and color. 1 hr. 19 min. #701033 $19.95

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P-38 Lightning / P-39 Airacobra / P-40 Warhawk

P-38J Lightning Model


Made by Air Force 1, this 1/48 scale, die cast model of “Pudgy IV” – a P-38J Lightning piloted by Major Thomas McGuire, the second highest-scoring U.S. ace of the war – features signature nose art, drop tanks, optional-position landing gear, authentic 475th FG markings, and a metal display stand. 13" wingspan.


P-40N Warhawk Model




1/48 SCALE

Visibly different from P-38J Lightning earlier versions, the “J” variant had deep “chin” Kit radiators, which changed the profile of the engine nacelles. This 1/48 scale plastic kit features optional parts to build any of three P-38 variants (a standard P-38J, a P-38J “Droop Snoot” pathfinder, or a P-38M two-seat nightfighter); an opening canopy; nose gun bays to build fighter or night-fighter variants; a choice of markings, including those of “Marge,” the P-38J flown by 40-victory ace Maj. Richard Bong, who shot down at least 40 Japanese aircraft during WWII; and more. 12¾" wingspan; assembly required. 118 parts, skill level 2. #9121 $24.95

Aces High

The Heroic Saga of the Two TopScoring American Aces of World War II

Yenne. Fighter pilots of WWII engaged in a kind of battle that became the stuff of legend. This book examines the heroic service of two aerial icons – 40-victory ace Richard “Dick” Bong and 38-victory ace Thomas “Tommy” McGuire – and their closely watched rivalry to become the top American ace. 368 pages, 15 B&W photos, 6¼"x 9¼", softcover. #10915 $14.95

Vee's for Victory

The Story of the Allison V-1710 Aircraft Engine

Whitney. Over 60% of U.S. Army fighters during WWII were powered by the Allison V-1710 engine. It was a strong and reliable power plant that powered the prewar generation of 400 mph Army pursuits and the majority of Army combat fighters of World War II. Even so, the V-1710 was controversial and often maligned, considered by some to have been a “second-rate” engine. 352 pages, 400 B&W and color photographs, line drawings, charts, appendices, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #1852 $59.95

P-39D Airacobra Display Model

Made by Hobby Master, this 1/72 scale, die cast 1/72 SCALE model replicates “Rita,” a P-40N piloted by 14-victory ace Robert DeHaven in August of 1943. It features the warbird’s signature nose art, a rotating propeller, a glazed opening canopy, a wellequipped cockpit (with a removable pilot figure), full weapons complement, optional-position landing gear, authentic 49th FG markings, and a display stand. 6¼" wingspan. #702719 $67.95

Sayonara Sally

Flying Tigers

Stan Stokes. On December 23, 1941, OVER sixty Japanese Ki-21 “Sally” bombers set out on a sortie over Rangoon, Burma. The AVG LIMITED EDITION “Flying Signed by 5 Flying Tigers,” Tigers Pilots! charged with protecting this area against raids, took flight in defense of the city in their signature P-40 Warhawks. This print features Lt. Col. Chuck Older’s shark-mouthed warbird taking down a Sally, and comes signed by five Flying Tigers pilots including Older himself! 21"x 14".



#700170 Reg: $149

P-40 Warhawk Model

1/48 SCALE This 1/48 scale, die cast model of a P-40 Warhawk flown by 18¼-victory ace David Lee “Tex” Hill of the 2nd Squadron “Panda Bears,” American Volunteer Group, “Flying Tigers,” features a glazed canopy, a rotating propeller, authentic markings, and a collector’s card. Includes a display stand. 9¼" wingspan.

P-40 Warhawk “Flying Tigers” T-Shirt

Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this red t-shirt features the Flying Tigers’ logo on the front chest pocket and, on the back, a design with two Curtiss P-40 Warhawks. #65661 M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95 Back

One of the foremost American fighter aircraft of WWII, the P-39D Airacobra had been the first type fitted with a tricycle undercarriage. Along with the P-63 Kingcobra, it was the most successful mass-produced fixed-wing aircraft manufactured by Bell. Handcrafted from Philippine mahogany, this 1/32 scale replica offers a professionally painted scheme and a wooden display stand. 12¾" wingspan. #704176 $139.95




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P-47 Thunderbolt / P-51 Mustang P-47D Thunderbolt Models

Flying Jug T-Shirt

Designed to meet a USAAC need for a heavy fighter, the P-47D Thunderbolt had a “bubble-top” canopy rather than the “razorback” fuselage for better visibility. Nicknamed “Jug” or “Juggernaut,” it was the heaviest single-engine fighter of WWII. Each 1/48 scale plastic model features realistic panel lines and surface details, authentic markings, a spinning propeller, and fixed landing gear. 10¼" wingspan. $

A: “Wee Speck”


34.95 each

1/48 SCALE

P-51B Mustang Model


Initially assigned 1/48 SCALE to Lt. George George of the 363rd Fighter Squadron, this P-51B Mustang was nicknamed “Blackpool Bat” after the town his wife lived in. Best known for his ground support, George was the 357th Fighter Group’s top train buster. On September 15, 1944, 2nd Lt. Graeff was flying Blackpool Bat when a mid-air collision destroyed the aircraft. This Hobby Master 1/48 scale, die cast model features the markings and scheme of 363rd FS/357th FG during WWII, as well as an opening canopy, a pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 9¼" wingspan. #980812 $84.95


Replicating the effective WWII fighter, these 1/48 scale plastic kits of P-47 Thunderbolts come with a host of realistic armament, including rocket launcher tubes, bombs and drop tanks. Each one includes a glazed canopy with pilot figure, and optional-position flaps, and landing gear. Assembly required. 10¼" wingspan. B

North American P-51 Mustang Owners’ Workshop Manual

54.95 each


A: NEW! P-47M – Includes

3 types of dorsal fin, a fuselage without dorsal fin, options for initial or late-production cockpit, 4 types of propellers, and markings for three aircraft. #704182 B: P-47D – Features removable cowl panels and a four-blade propeller, as well as markings for: “Little Chief,” 1st Lt. Frank Klibbe, 56th FG, March 1944. #83859

P-47 Thunderbolt “Little Chief” Clock

Must Be 18+ to Order!

Displaying 7-victory ace 1st Lt. Frank Klibbe’s P-47, “Little Chief,” accompanied by a nude pin-up girl, this high-quality clock is framed in a distinctive aluminum case and includes a quartz movement for superior accuracy. 14" diameter; requires one AA battery (not included). included)


Complete with a colorful, artistic screen-print of the “Mighty Jug” on front, this classic-fit 100% cotton t-shirt has a cool, retro washed-out appearance! It also features a taped neck and shoulders and M, L, XL: $24.95 double-needle $ stitching. #704179 2XL, 3XL: 26.95


354th FG, 355th FS, France, December 1944. #704177 B: “Rat Hunter” – 332nd FG, 100th FS “Tuskegee Airmen”. #704178

P-47 Thunderbolt Kits




Made in the USA.

Cotter. Perhaps the finest fighter ever constructed, the P-51 Mustang is a legend of aviation. This workshop manual offers a plethora of unique details on the North American plane – which was the only fighter that could fly from England to Berlin and back without refueling – including a close-up look at its construction, its second-to-none combat history, and how engineers kept it airworthy. 160 pages, illustrated, 8½"x 10½", softcover. #701497 $19.95

A-36A Apache Balsa Kit

2½-Foot Wingspan!

Ideal for both beginners and experienced modelers, this laser-cut, balsa wood kit of the A36A Apache – introduced in 1942 as a groundattack/dive bomber variant of the P-51 Mustang – offers colorful decals, a 9" plastic propeller, step-by-step instructions, injectionmolded parts, and lightweight tissue. Assembly required. 140+ pieces. 30" wingspan. #704181 $64.95

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P-51 Mustang / Tuskegee Airmen / P-61 Black Widow

P-51D Mustang Model

Pay tribute to “the most aerodynamically perfect pursuit plane in existence” – 1/44 SCALE according to a rating done LIMITED EDITION by the Truman Senate War Investigating Committee – with this premium 1/44 scale, die cast replica of a P-51D Mustang! Showcasing a limited edition “D-Day Invasion” scheme, it also features an opening canopy, a rotating propeller, rolling wheels, and a detailed interior. 10" wingspan. #703936 $69.95 This 1/32 scale P-51D Mustang Kit plastic kit of the “D” variant – the most popular P-51 Mustang, introduced late in the war – features a well-equipped cockpit, optional-position radiator flaps, detailed landing gear, full weapons complement, and three colorful decals. Assembly required. 89 pieces. Skill level 2. 13½" wingspan. #90669 $59.95

Mustang Oil Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

This vintage-style sign will look right at home in your hangar or house. Featuring a “Checkertail Clan” P-51, it is made of 24-gauge steel that resembles the look and feel of aged metal and paint. Includes mounting holes. 18"x 12". #66134 $19.95


Top Cover


Stan Stokes. This limited edition print shows a P-51D Mustang flown by LIMITED EDITION Col. William Bailey of the 353rd Fighter Group escorting B-17 Flying Fortresses over the French countryside in late 1944. 16"x 11½".

Signed by the artist and Col. Bailey!

69.95 24.95

#73089 Reg: $150 $ Standard Edition – Save $15! $ Signed by the artist! #7245 Reg: $39.95

P-51D Mustang Model

A replica of the “Lollipoop 2,” a P-51D flown by Lt. Spurgeon Ellington of the 100th Fighter Squadron, 332nd Fighter Group “Tuskegee Airmen,” out of Italy in 1944, this 1/100 scale, die cast model features a glazed canopy, 1/100 SCALE wing-mounted fuel tanks, and authentic markings. Includes a display stand. 4½" wingspan. #94845 $19.95

Black Wings

A historic and educational program, Black Wings depicts the male and female pilots of the 20th century that helped prove skin color doesn’t matter when it comes to true skill in the sky! Meet the ground-breaking pilots that paved the way for everyone and contributed to growing the aviation field from flying biplanes to commercial jets. 58 minutes. #703051 $19.95

The Long Range Fighter That Saved the Airway in Europe

The iconic P-51 Mustang, particularly the A-36 Invader variant used in dive bombing missions during World War II, is the star of this 8-film series, featuring vintage newsreels, stock footage, old photographs, and insider details and specifications. 1 hr. 29 min. #V5185 $19.95

Bite of the Black Widow

1/72 SCALE

A replica of “Cooper’s Snooper”– a P-61B flown out of Iwo Jima by Lt. George C. Cooper of the 548th Night Fighter Squadron in 1945 – this 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model features that aircraft's signature nose art, a glazed canopy, detailed radial engines, wing-mounted drop tanks, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 11" wingspan. #900058 $89.95


NEW! Signature Edition – Save Over 50%!


North American P-51 Mustang

P-61B Black Widow Model

Signed by Col. William Bailey!


Signed by Col. Leonard Hall!



Stan Stokes. This print depicts a P-61 Black Widow piloted by Maj. Carroll Smith of the 418th Squadron, 5th Air Force – one of only two pilots to attain ace status in the night fighter – against a Pacific backdrop in late 1944. 16"x 11½".


Signature Edition – Save $30! Signed by the artist and Col. Leonard Hall, the officer responsible for training Maj. Smith! #700699 Reg: $79.95 $ Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist! #7765 Reg: $39.95 $

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49.95 24.95

B-17 Flying Fortress / Memphis Belle / B-18 Bolo Named after a Milt B-17G Flying Fortress Caniff comic strip Model character, “Bit O’Lace” LIMITED EDITION was a B-17G Flying Fortress that completed 83 missions during her illustrious career, and 1/72 SCALE retired without having aborted a single mission. Impressively sized at nearly a foot and a half in wingspan, this 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast replica of the recognizable bomber as it appeared in 1945 features that aircraft's signature nose art and yellow accents, a glazed nose and canopy, rotating propellers, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. 17¼" wingspan. #900048 $99.95

Great World War II Weapons

B-17 Flying Fortress

Jackson. This title offers a complete account of the aircraft starting from its initial response to the Army Air Corps need for a bomber to retirement. In addition, learn more on the B-17’s development and design, as well as important missions of its wartime career. 96 pages, color photos, 8¼"x 11¼", softcover. #703980 $24.95

Warbird Checkout #10

See the B-17 Flying Fortress through historic film! How to Fly the B-17 is a pilot training film made by the USAAF and Boeing: You’ll walk with the cadet as he does his pre-flight, sit in the cockpit as he checks all the systems, and take off to perform flight operations. Finish your examination with Fortress in the Sky. You’ll follow the B-17 from design and engineering through production, witness early test flights, and even fly off to combat in “Glamour Girl.” Color and B&W. 1 hr. 51 min. #V8076 $14.95

B-17 Heritage T-Shirt

Celebrating a legendary bomber, this 100% ringspun cotton t-shirt displays original screen-printed artwork on the front! Complete with double-needle stitching, it features a rib-knit collar, twill-taped neck and shoulder M, L, XL: seams, and short set-in sleeves. $

24.95 2XL:



B-17 Flying Fortress Clock

Larry Grossman. The dramatic artwork found on this steel clock, featuring a quality acrylic casing, pays tribute to the B-17 Flying Fortress. Batteries not included. 14" diameter. #702739 $39.95

Made in the USA.

Featuring an image of the “Memphis B-17 Flying Fortress Belle” Metal Sign “Memphis Belle” – the first USAAF heavy bomber to complete 25 missions in WWII – along with its famous Petty girl nose art, mission markings, and insignia, this 24-gauge steel sign, die cut in the shape of a pilot wing, has a distressed look. Includes mounting holes. 34¾"x 10¼". #66079 $34.95

B-17F “Memphis Belle” Kit

Replicating “Memphis Belle”, this 1/48 scale plastic kit – with a wingspan measuring more than 2-feet wide! – a well-equipped cockpit, a glazed nose with a realistic bombsight, two bombs on external pylons, rotating machine gun turrets and propellers, detailed landing gear, a choice of two USAAF markings, and more. 107 pieces. Skill level 5. 25¾" wingspan. Assembly required. #83653 $54.95

Signed Crew Photo

How to Fly the B-17 & Fortress in the Sky

#704209 Made in the USA.



Featuring the authentic signature of deceased “Memphis Belle” pilot Col. Robert Morgan, this photo of the famous B-17 Flying Fortress and her 10-man crew includes a certificate of authenticity, and arrives ready to frame. 10"x 8". #72041 $34.95

B-18 Bolo “War Service” Kit

The B-18 Bolo was a medium bomber developed during the early ’30s that saw duty with the USAAC and the RCAF during World War II – it was the first American aircraft to destroy a German U-Boat. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features realistic radial engines, rotating propellers, glazed nosegunner and bombardier’s stations, and authentic weaponry. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 15" wingspan. #700347 $89.95

The Douglas B-18 and B-23 America’s Forsaken Warriors

Hagedorn Sr. and Hagedorn Jr. For the first time, two of the era’s most under-appreciated bombers – the B-18 and B-23, each introduced in the 1930s – are examined in full detail, including an incredible selection of vintage photography. This historical guide also explores the forgotten aircraft’s wartime service, manufacturing design, series color, and more! 288 pages, 350 images, 8¾"x 11½", hardcover. #11617 $39.95

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B-24 Liberator / PB4Y-1 Liberator

Liberators Stan Stokes. B-24D Liberators return from convoy escort duties during the early part of WWII. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!

B-24D Liberator Model



#7873 $ Reg: $39.95




“Come Home Soon!” Metal Sign

Featuring “Delectable Doris” (a B-24J flown by the 566th Bomb Squadron, 389th Bomb Group) along with an equally delectable nose-art-style pin-up, this 24-gauge steel sign has a 14" diameter and includes a mounting hole. #66394 $19.95



Finally! The True Story

Made in the USA.

Historically accurate replicas of the prolific WWII warplane, these 1/163 scale, die cast models of B-24J Liberators feature engraved panel lines, authentic markings and paint scheme, a glazed canopy, nose, and gunner station, realistic Browning machine guns, and a nameplate display stand. $ 8" wingspan. 34.95 each

A: NEW! “Million Dollar Baby” 410th BS, 94th BG. #704208 B: “Witchcraft” 8th Air Force, 790th BS, 467th BG. #701990

U.S. Navy PB4Y-1 (B-24) Liberator Squadrons In Great Britain during World War II

Carey. This heavily illustrated book examines the vital operations of U.S. Navy Fleet Air Wing Seven (FAW-7) – which flew the Navy version of the B-24 Liberator out of Dunkeswell and Upottery, England – during WWII, including unrelenting search-and-destroy missions to keep German U-boats from operating in the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel, convoy escort duties, and conventional bombing strikes against Axis shipping. 160 pages, 300+ B&W photos, 8 pages of color photographs and 12 pages of color profiles, 8½"x 11", softcover. #6279 $29.95


The Ploesti Mission

B-24J Liberator Models

1/163 SCALE

1/72 SCALE

On August #703750 1, 1943, a $ 115.95 strategic bombing campaign against Nazi oil refineries in Romania was attempted by 176 B-24 Liberators. Known as Operation Tidal Wave, it was a disaster for the USAAF with the loss of more than 650 crewmen. An Air Force 1 replica of “Wongo Wongo” – a B-24D lost during the mission, along with her crew of ten – this 1/72 scale, die cast model features open or closed bomb bays, optional-position landing gear, authentic 512th BS markings, and a metal display stand. 18¼" wingspan.

Why did nearly 100% of participating field commanders object to the Ploesti mission plan? This gripping documentary reveals the secrets behind one of the most daring and controversial bombing missions of WWII during which the U.S. 8th and 9th Air Forces suffered heavy losses. Color and B&W. 1 hour.




B-24D Liberator Balsa Wood Kit

“Jerk’s Natural,” a 48 ½" Wingspan! Ploesti survivor, is the subject of this incredible balsa wood display kit. The 1/28 scale construction results in a wingspan that’s over four feet! It includes tissue, plastic detail parts, and an optional B-24J nose gun turret. Assembly required. #8916 $159.95

Above an Angry Sea, 2nd Edition

Men and Missions of the U.S. Navy’s PK4Y-1 Liberator and PB4Y-2 Privateer Squadrons Pacific Theatre: Oct. 1944 – Sept. 1945

Carey. This edition looks at the B-24 and PB4Y-2 in depth, including the last eleven months of the war against Japan. It contains a collection of personal stories, over 300 impressive images, all aerial kills credited to PB4Y commanders, and also a list of known B-24 and PB4Y-2 that were assigned to the Pacific. 176 pages, 300+ color and B&W photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. #703061 $29.95

PB4Y-1 Liberator Kit

A replica of a PB4Y-1 – the U.S. Navy's designation for the Consolidated B-24 Liberator – used as a maritime patrol aircraft after the war, this 1/144 scale plastic kit features a clear plastic canopy, a U.S. Navyspecified ERCO nose turret, a waist gunner's station, optional-position landing gear, and authentic markings for "Calvert & Coke" of U.S. Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 103 (VB-103). Assembly required. Skill level 2. 9¼" wingspan. #90923 $19.95

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B-29 Superfortress / B-25 Mitchell / B-26 Marauder B-29 Superfortress Kit


B-25J Mitchell Model

This intricately detailed, 1/144 scale plastic kit of the B-29 Superfortress known as “Dauntless Dotty” – the first aircraft to lead the bombing attack over Tokyo on November 24, 1944 – comes with engraved panel lines, authentic markings (869th BS, 497th BG), spinning propellers, and more. Assembly required. 11¾" wingspan. #704210 $49.95

A B-25J Mitchell named after a character in an animated musical of the era, “Panchito” was assigned to the 396th Bomb Squadron where it flew 19 missions during the closing days of the Pacific 1/100 SCALE War. This 1/100 scale, die cast model of the warplane – which the Delaware Aviation Museum replicates with its own B-25, painted just like the original – features striking artwork, rotating propellers, and a display stand. 8¼" wingspan.


Made in the USA.

The B-29 Superfortress

Filled with rare wartime footage, this 2-DVD collection includes ten films that feature the Boeing B-29 Superfortress in action during WWII. You’ll get an upclose look at the B-29’s design, watch archival newsreels of its exploits over the Pacific, learn why radar is so important on bombing raids, and more. B&W and color, 2 hrs. 49 min. #V5095 $21.95

M, L, XL: $19.95

B-25 Mitchell 3D Metal Sign

With an eye-catching 3D design, this heavy-gauge steel sign features the iconic B-25 Mitchell as a Japanese warbird plummets in the background. Includes mounting holes. 20"x 12". #700746 $64.95

B-25G Mitchell Kit

“The Big Stick” Shirt

Made of 100% cotton, this screen-printed, prairie dust-colored t-shirt features nose art from the B-29 Superfortress “The Big Stick” on the front and, on the back, an eye-catching design that includes two of the famous bombers and the names of the B-29s that participated in the atomic attacks on Japan. #68777



Outfitted with two 12.7mm machine guns, a 75mm M4 cannon, increased armor, and greater fuel capacity, the B-25G Mitchell gunship boasted more firepower and endurance than previous variants of the B-25. This 1/72 scale, plastic kit of the fierce strafer includes a well-equipped cockpit with crew figures, nose-mounted machine guns, a dorsal gun turret, detailed radial engines, intricate landing gear, and a choice of four authentic 38th Bomb Group markings. Assembly required. 90+ pieces. Skill level 2. 11¼" wingspan. #90882 $34.95


2XL, 3XL: $21.95

B-26B Marauder Kit

Regarded as one of the finest medium bombers of WWII, the B-26 Marauder overcame its challenging service entrance – due to a high landing speed – by boasting incredibly low combat loss rates, while in the U.S. Air Force. Complete with two aircraft markings, this 1/72 scale plastic kit features a detailed cockpit, rotating propellers, and more! Assembly required. Skill level 1. 11¾" wingspan. #703739 $29.95

Martin B-26 Marauder

The Ultimate Look From the Drawing Board to Widow Maker Vindicated

Wolf. Examine the Martin B-26, one of the most misunderstood and underrated medium bombers of World War II. You’ll learn about the Marauder’s development, testing, and manufacture; discover why it had a reputation as the “Widow Maker” after debuting on the front lines; and more. 512 pages, 900 photos and 20 color profiles, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21232 $79.95

Mauled by a Marauder

Signed by "Sexation"

Stan Gunner Bill Norris! Stokes. On November $ 29, 1943, the crew of the “Sexation” B-26 Marauder came under attack by LIMITED EDITION several Fw 190 and Bf 109 fighters. Thanks to the cool command of Pete LaFramboise and the hot shooting of tail gunner Bill Norris – who took down three enemy fighters – the aircraft flew back to England where it safely belly-landed, a mission earning both LaFramboise and Norris the Silver Star. 16"x 11½". Signature Edition – Save $30! Signed by the artist and gunner Bill Norris! #700710 Reg: $99.95 $ Standard Edition – Save 50%! Signed by the artist!



69.95 #7757 Reg: 39.95 $24.95

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wwii afvs

Quantities Limited!

Take home some of the heaviest-hitting tanks, half-tracks, and tank destroyers from the World War II era! Each 1/72 scale, die cast model features realistic weaponry and accessories, quality tracks or tires, historic markings, and a removable display base.

ISU-152 Tank Destroyer

1/72 SCALE




ISU-152 Tank Destroyer


88th Independent Guards Heavy Tank Brigade. 5¼" long

1/72 SCALE



Sd.Kfz.2 Kleines Kettenkraftrad

sch.Pz.Abt.502, Soviet Union, 1943. 4½" long.

1/48 SCALE


#95872 Reg: $17.95 $




1/72 SCALE

Sd. Kfz.7 8-Ton Half-Track

1/72 SCALE



1/72 SCALE

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär

WL-42172, Luftgaukommando IV (Drezden), Luftwaffe, WWII winter. 3¾" long.




Pz.Stu.Mr.Btr.1002, Minden (Germany), 1945. 3½" long.

WL-605030, Luftgaukommando VI (Munster), Luftwaffe, LIMITED EDITION WWII. 3¾" long.



#95917 $ Reg: $17.95

Sturmmörserwagen "Sturmtiger"

Sd. Kfz.7 8-Ton Half-Track


1/72 SCALE

Sd.Kfz. 9/1 Half-Track with Crane




1/72 SCALE





1/72 SCALE


JS-2 Heavy Tank

Polish People’s Army, 13th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment, Warsaw, 1945. 5" long.



JS-2 Heavy Tank

1/72 SCALE

ISU-152 Tank Destroyer










Gebirgs Division, Soviet Union, 1942. 2½" long.

PLA Artillery Regiment. 4" long.

Germany, 1945. 5¼" long.


Soviet Assault Gun Brigade, near Berlin, 1945. 5" long.


ISU-152 Tank Destroyer #103641

Soviet Assault Gun Brigade, Berlin, 1945. 5" long.


1/72 SCALE

Stu.PzAbt.216, Rome (Italy), 1944. 3¼" long.

1/72 SCALE


#95899 $ Reg: $17.95


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D-Day & Paratroopers Normandy 1944

Campbell Films

Bernage. Combining over 40 years of research and photography, this detailed title breaks down the day by day conflict from June 6 to August 30. Develop a better understanding of the complex battle with armor and aircraft profiles, as well as informative maps. 224 pages, 470 B&W photos, 8¼"x 11¾", softcover. #106713 $24.95

Landing Craft of WWII

Among the most fascinating vehicles of WWII, landing craft were versatile weapons used to secure Allied victories. Observe rare footage and vintage newsreels in each DVD, in addition to thrilling programs on amphibious $ operations. B&W. 19.95 each USN Landing Craft – Explore unique landing craft vehicles including the LCVP Higgins Boat, LCI, LCM, LVT, and DUKW. 1 hr. 36 min. #100722 Beachhead Amphibious Landings – Includes rare USMC, Navy, and Army-issued films, as well as significant campaigns during WWII from Italy to the Pacific. 1 hr. 43 min. #100723 U.S. Navy LSTs – Developed by the British first, learn more on the unique craft and its indispensable contribution to Allied victory. 1 hr. 35 min. #100721

LCM3 & 4x4 Kit

Largely used in the D-Day landings, the LCM3 and 4x4 Jeep were both produced in massive quantities by the Allies during WWII. This 1/35 scale plastic kit includes a landing craft and Jeep with trailer, as well as decals for the U.S. and British Navies. Assembly required. LCM3: 17" long. 4 x 4: 6½" long.






Signed by Maj. Gen. Matheson!

D-Day Invaders


Stan Stokes. A C-47 Skytrain, the militarized version of the DC-3, passes over the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944. Hand-numbered, this print measures 16"x 11½".

Signature Edition Save $30! Signed by the

artist and now-deceased Major General S.H. Matt Matheson of the 101st Airborne Division.




49.95 24.95

#73049 Reg: $79.95 $ Standard Edition – Save 15! Signed by the artist. #7790 Reg: $39.95 $ $

C-47 Skytrain Model

This 1/144 scale, die cast model replicates “Stoy Hora” – a C-47 Skytrain as it appeared during the D-Day Invasion at Normandy in 1944. It fea- 1/144 SCALE tures signature nose art, see-through cockpit windows, rotating propellers, detailed radial engines, and a nameplate display stand. 8" wingspan.




U.S. Navy 371-J1 Aviator Jacket Look cool in this 371-J1 aviator jacket – designed for U.S. Navy pilots of the 1920s – constructed of 100% cotton twill fabric. This classic re-creation features breathable meshlining, and two front flap and side pockets! #701713 M, L, XL: $289.95

Made in the USA.

2XL, 3XL: $299.95


Airborne Division Caps


Parking Signs

These colorful steel signs, made of heavy-gauge American $ steel, include mounting holes. 12"x 18". 19.95 each

A: 82nd


B: 101st


These 100% cotton caps have shoulder sleeve insignias of noted Airborne Divisions that jumped on D-Day embroidered on the front and the A unit name on the pre-curved visor. Includes B an adjustable strap. One size nd st A: 82 Airborne #M650213 B: 101 Airborne #M650212 fits most. $

14.95 each

This museum quality, non-firing replica of the legendary and dependShipping restrictions able M1 Garand rifle – which made a name for apply. Call for details. itself in the hands of U.S. soldiers and Marines across the globe during World War II – has an authentic look and hefty feel, just like the original! Made with a hardwood stock and functioning metal parts such as a working slide and trigger, this incredible collectible will be a wonderful centerpiece in your WWII memorabilia display. 43" long. #87685 $299.95

M1 Garand Rifle

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or



Allies CAC Boomerang Kit

Bristol Beaufighter Mk. VI Model

This high-quality, 1/72 scale, die cast replica of a 1/72 SCALE Beaufighter Mk.VI – as it appeared with the USAAF in Corsica, France, during 1944 – features accurate markings and paint scheme, a spinning propeller, optional-position landing gear, detachable weapons (four nose-mounted 20mm cannons and six 7.7mm machine guns, as well as a lethal torpedo launcher!), and a display stand. 9½" wingspan. #703527 $36.95

The CAC Boomerang – a fighter aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia – began production shortly after Japan’s entry into WWII. With an urgent need to equip the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) with a fighter, it became the nation’s first combat aircraft. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features engraved panel lines, cover panel fasteners, see-through canopy, and markings for 4 aircraft. Assembly required. 6" wingspan. #703746 $39.95

Australia National Flag

100 Years of the Royal Air Force

This 2-DVD set celebrates the Royal Air Force’s impressive 100-year history through a collection of short films, compiled footage, and newsreels. You’ll get a glimpse into the Battle of Britain, films on the development of the Gloster Meteor and SB.6 Seamew, footage of the Lancaster bomber “Sky Giant” from the British government, along with scenes of the RAF taking the war to Germany. 2 hrs. 50 min.


This quality reproduction flag is made of polyester and includes reinforced edging with brass grommets. 5'x 3'.






Hawker Hurricane Mk. I Model

Nomad Mk.I Kit

A stunning reproduction of pilot Officer William Vale's Hurricane as it appeared in 1/72 SCALE Crete in 1941, this limited LIMITED EDITION edition, 1/72 scale, die cast model features the aircraft's signature camouflage paint scheme, engraved panel lines, a rotating propeller, a glazed canopy, a pilot figure, a well-equipped cockpit, full weapons complement, optionalposition landing gear, authentic markings, and a mid-flight presentation stand. 6¾" wingspan. #99856 $74.95

A two-seat, single-engine monoplane/attack bomber, the Nomad Mk.I – built in 1935 for the U.S. Army Air Corps – was a derivative of the Gamma transport aircraft with perforated flaps and fixed landing gear. Complete with decals for two RCAF aircraft, this 1/72 scale plastic kit includes a see-through canopy, propellers, a detailed fuselage, and more. Assembly required. 8" wingspan. #703745 $39.95

Hawker Hurricane

Canadian Flag

The RAFs Battle of Britain Stalwart

Mackay. Though its prototype came off the assembly line just months before the Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane was far more widely available during the Battle of Britain. Part of the acclaimed Legends of Warfare series, this edition celebrates the Hurricane and its significant roles in various campaigns as the first modern RAF fighter design. 112 pages, 205 color and B&W photos, 9"x 9", hardcover. #703743 $19.95

The "Maple Leaf" flag wasn't adopted until after World War II (April 15, 1965), but it shares elements with the standard flown by Canada during the war – notably the symbolic maple leaf. This quality reproduction of that flag is made of polyester and includes reinforced edging with brass grommets. 5'x 3'. #65374 $18.95

N-3PB Kit

Developed in the 1940s and based on the earlier A-17, the N-3PB was a single-engine American floatplane used mainly by exiled Norwegian forces for convoy escorts, anti-sub patrols, and training purposes. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features a detailed cockpit with gunner station, an accurate radial engine, twin pontoons, machine guns, and markings for 4 aircraft. Assembly required. 8" wingspan. #703744 $44.95


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Norwegian Flag This Norwegian flag comes ready to hang with reinforced edging and brass grommets. 5'x 3'.




Luftwaffe The German Aces Speak

The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe

Hermann. Originally published in 1943, this scathing book examines why the Luftwaffe – due to inefficiency, incompetence, and corruption – would fail to achieve dominance of the skies during World War II. Written by a German Great War veteran, this incredible volume tracks the progression of the Nazi air force through the first years of combat and correctly predicts how their arrogance – and Göring’s greedy opulence – would ultimately lead to its downfall. 224 pages, 6½"x 9½", softcover.

Bf 109E-3 Model




Heaton and Lewis. In this book series, prominent Luftwaffe fighter pilots – including Walter Krupinski, Johannes Steinhoff, and Wolfgang Falck – reminisce candidly about their service in WWII: their battles, their lives, and how they felt about serving under the Nazi leadership of Hermann Göring and Adolf Hitler. The aces’ memories disclose a side of WWII that has gone largely unseen by the American public: the experience of $ the German pilot. 5½"x 8½", softcover. 19.95 each

The German Aces Speak – 376 pages, 20 B&W photos. #703353 The German Aces Speak II – 312 pages, 30 B&W photos. #703354

1/48 SCALE

Flown by Ob. Lt. Otto Bertram, the Bf 109E-3 “White 1” assisted with his first victory on April 20, 1940. By October 1940, he had a total of 22 victories and was appointed Hauptmann. This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica, as it appeared with 1./JG 2 in May 1940, features authentic markings, an opening canopy, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 8" wingspan.





This 1/48 scale, Fw 190A-4 Hobby Master, die Model cast model replicates the Fw 190A-4 that German fighter ace Oblt. Hannes Trautloft used to score his 50th victory. It features a rotating propeller, an opening canopy, LIMITED EDITION a removable pilot figure, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. 8½" wingspan. #980774 $79.95

One of the top aces in the history of war, Adolf Galland flew more than 700 combat sorties and tallied an incomprehensible 104 kills. This 1/87 scale, die cast model replicating the pilot’s Bf 109E-4 as it appeared in 1940 features a rotating propeller, a well-equipped cockpit, authentic JG 62 markings, and a display stand. 4½" wingspan.

Defiant But Doomed



Signed by Adolf Galland!

Signature Edition – Signed by the artist


#73048 Reg: $199 $

Featuring an exclusive creation by famed aviation artist Mark Karvon, this premium metal sign shows a German Fw 190 above a number of fighter aircraft. Includes mounting holes. 15"x 12". #704212 $34.95

1/87 SCALE



Stan Stokes. Flying his Bf 109 out of Abbeville, France, on August 28, 1940, LIMITED EDITION 104-victory ace Adolf Galland of JG 26 chases down an RAF Bolton Defiant piloted by No. 264 Squadron Commander G.D. Garvin. Despite taking some hits, Galland won the fight that day. 16"x 11½". and Adolf Galland!

1/48 SCALE

Fw 190 Metal Sign

Bf 109E-4 Model



Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist!


#7272 Reg: $39.95 $

Junkers Ju 87G-2 Stuka Kit

A streamlined version of the Stuka with underwing cannons, the G-2 variant was highly effective against Soviet armor. This 1/48 scale plastic kit features finely recessed panel lines; a fully outfitted cockpit with an optional position, four-piece canopy; wing mounted cannons and radiators; the markings of HansMade in Ulrich Rudel, and more. Assembly required. the USA. 113 pieces. 12¼" wingspan.




Ju 87B-2 Clock

This collector's clock features a profile view of the famed Stuka dive-bomber framed in a distinctive riveted aluminum case. Quartz movement; battery not included. 15" diameter. #6692 $34.95

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German WWII Prototype Aircraft Kits

Recreate historic Luftwaffe prototype aircraft with one of our detailed, 1/72 scale plastic kits – featuring the world’s first practical turbojet, the He 178! Each kit includes engraved surface detail and recessed panel lines, a wellequipped cockpit, photo-etched parts, and high-quality decals for authentic markings. Assembly required. $ Skill level 2. 39.95 each


A: BV 155V-1 – AFB Finkenwalde, December, 1944. 11¼" wingspan.

#704213 B: He 178 V-1 – Heinkel Factory

Airfield, August-September, 1939. 4" long. #701396

Nazi Mega Weapons German Engineering in WWII

A captivating three-part series on Adolf Hitler’s quest for the world’s most advanced weaponry, each of these two-DVD sets explore the modern equipment or reinforced structures conceived by the Nazis. B&W and color, $ 6 hours. 34.95 each

Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet Kit

This 1/32 scale plastic kit of a Me 163B Komet – the only one of its type to have been operational, as well as the first manned aircraft to exceed 621 mph in level flight! – features injection-molded parts, a detailed skid and dolly, premium decals for three Komets, and illustrated instructions. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 11½" wingspan. #704214 $39.95


Herman’s Comet

Stan Stokes. Rudolf Opitz – test pilot for the Me 163 – shows off the rocketpowered bird to Luftwaffe Field Marshal Herman Göring. 16"x 11½". Numbered print is signed by the artist and Rudolf Opitz!

Signed by Rudolf Opitz!




#73066 Reg: $119 $

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist!

The Illustrated Handbook of Flak

Lepage. With a lineage dating back to the anti-balloon artillery of 1870, German Flak guns evolved rapidly to the deadly weapons used during World War II. With a focus on the decade from 1935-45, this guidebook features original illustrations depicting not only the guns themselves but also their searchlights, rangefinders, and radar, in addition to images of uniforms, badges, and medals worn by Wehrmacht artillerymen. 288 pages, 300+ illustrations, 7"x 10", hardcover. #29943 $34.95

Series 1 – Tanks as large as battleships, super guns that

could fire SUV-sized shells, and rocket domes capable of flattening cities. #MV53021

Series 2 – The V-1, Hitler’s mega-ships, and the deadly Siegfried Line. #MV53028 Series 3 – The Führer’s megasub, his mountain

powerhouse, and fortifications at the Channel Islands. #101661

Luftwaffe Ground Power

Heavily used and produced during the Second World War, half-tracks were Nazi Germany’s primary transport for artillery and troops. In addition, A these combat vehicles served as anti-tank platforms for the FlaK 37 gun. Each 1/72 scale, die cast replica features realistic surface detail, authentic weaponry, and historic markings. 3½"- 4" long. Reg: $49.95 $


1/72 SCALE


A: Schwerer Zugkraftwagen


B: DB10 Gepanzerte


C: Half-Track (Gray)


D: Half-Track (Desert Camo)


E: FlaK 37 8.8mm






#7237 Reg: $39.95 $




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Pearl Harbor Attack on Pearl Harbor A Day of Infamy

Through rare archival film footage and eyewitness accounts from U.S. sailors and Japanese pilots, this 2-DVD collection examines the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You’ll learn why Japan attacked the naval base, analyze the fateful American mistakes that were made at every command level, enjoy the propaganda film December 7th, view recent salvage efforts, and more. Arrives in a collectible embossed tin. B&W and color, 3 hrs. 54 min. #V9274 $14.95

Remember Pearl Harbor

American and Japanese Survivors Tell Their Stories

Allen. Compelling firsthand accounts from both American and Japanese survivors are featured in this National Geographic volume that retells the captivating story of the attack at Pearl Harbor. Dramatic action photos help paint a complete portrait of the destructive carnage and loss of life that prompted the U.S. to enter World War II. 64 pages, B&W photos, 9¼"x 10¼", softcover.

Stan Stokes. On December 6, 1941, Pilot Earl Cooper, navigator John “Davy” Crockett, and their crewmates LIMITED EDITION flew their B-17C Flying Fortress to the Philippines by way of Oahu, Hawaii. But arriving in Hawaii on the morning of December 7, the unarmed B-17 met Japanese Zeros. After evasive maneuvers and the loss of one engine, they flew over the destroyed Hickham Field then finally belly-landed at Wheeler Field, flying on fumes. This print measures 16"x 11½."

Signature Edition – Save $30! Signed by the artist and John "Davy" Crockett!




SAVE $30

Signed by Navigator John “Davy” Crockett!

Flying Into a War



#73071 Reg: 99.95 $ $

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist!


#73003 Reg: $39.95 $

USS Arizona (BB-39) Model

P-40C Warhawk Kit

An all-metal and ground-attack fighter, the P-40 Warhawk remained in front-line service with nearly every Allied military during World War II. The P-40C variant included machine guns in the wings, as well as self-sealing fuel tanks. This 1/48 scale plastic kit of a P-40C, as it appeared in WWII with the USAAF in Pearl Harbor, features a rotating propeller, realistic weaponry, and authentic markings. Assembly required. 9¼" wingspan. #703561 $74.95

Built in the 1910s in honor of the 48th state's recent admission into the union, the USS Arizona battleship was the last of the Pennsylvania-class of "Super Dreadnoughts". This 1/700 scale replica includes a revised color scheme, realistic deck and superstructure Model includes details, a new wooden-look presentation two display bases! stand, and a sea-wave blister for unique waterline display. 10¼" wingspan.


P-36A Hawk Kit

Introduced in 1938, the P-36 Hawk is best known for its role during the attack at Pearl Harbor – the aircraft’s only U.S. wartime service – where it shot down two enemy warbirds. This 1/32 scale plastic kit features photo-etched parts, a twin-row radial engine, a multi-piece glazed canopy, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 14" wingspan. #700558 $99.95

“Remember Pearl Harbor” Metal Sign

Based on a poster created to motivate Americans through the hardships of World War II, this weathered steel sign includes mounting holes. 8"x 14". $





“Schofield Barracks” T-Shirt

Greetings from Schofield Barracks! This eye-catching blue t-shirt, made of 100% cotton, is a tribute to those stationed at the famous facility during the Japanese attack. #101643 Back

M, L, XL: $19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95

December 8, 1941 Newspaper

This reproduction of The Baltimore News-Post takes you back to the day after the attack – the day when the war that Adolf Hitler started by invading Poland became a worldwide conflict. And, as if the fascinating contemporaneous accounts were not enough, this newspaper is also filled with other stories of the day as well as original advertisements and cartoons. 16 pages, 17"x 22½". #68152 $9.95

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War in the Pacific


America vs. Japan

The Bloody War in the Pacific

The Japanese had hoped that the preemptive attack at Pearl Harbor would cripple the U.S. naval fleet and render their ability to wage war all but non-existent. They were wrong. This 6-DVD documentary – including rare war footage and interviews with combat veterans of every major military branch – examines how America rose up, despite a devastating early setback, to Over 17 Hours push combat back to the Pacific and ultimately achieve of Footage! victory. B&W and color. 17 hrs. 44 min. #V9359 $29.95 1/32 SCALE


Part of Hobby Master’s elite 1/32 scale collection, this centerpiece model replicates an SBD-1 Dauntless dive-bomber flying with VMSB-241 off the USS Lexington on Midway Atoll. 15¾" wingspan. #980781 $188.95


#98202 Reg: $17.95 $

Adjustable Metal Stand


SBD Dauntless


Scout Bomber Douglas AKA “Slow But Deadly”

A versatile aircraft of World War II, the SBD Dauntless could operate either as a naval scout or dive-bomber, in addition to being the U.S. Marine Corps’ primary carrier-borne scout plane. Remembered for the sinking of four Japanese carriers during the Battle of Midway, the iconic SBD is showcased in this incredible collection of six vintage films! 1 hr. 21 min. #703955 $19.95

SB2C-3 Helldiver Kit

Nicknamed “Big-Tailed Beast,” the SB2C Helldiver was initially unappealing to pilots and crew; however, over time the added speed, range and bomb load made it one of the more successful aircraft of WWII. Featuring a well-appointed cockpit, this 1/72 scale plastic kit includes optional-position flaps, bay doors and wings, and decals for three U.S. Navy aircraft. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 8¼" wingspan. #704216 $54.95

Signed by

Big Tailed Beast

Lt. Paul Brehm! Stan Stokes. On July 24, 1945, a crew of SB2C Helldivers took off from the USS Ticonderoga on a mission to attack the Hyuga battleship. This dramatic print shows Lt. Paul Brehm on that fateful day, dive- $ bombing the Japanese LIMITED EDITION vessel without flaps, making himself a faster target for the ship's gunners. He dropped a 1,000-pound bomb and pulled up just in time to see its direct hit! 16"x 11½".



Signature Edition – Save $40!

Signed by the artist and Lt. Brehm!


#73075 Reg: $89.95 $

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist!


#7860 Reg: $39.95 $

1/200 SCALE

Legendary aviator Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle led one of the most important missions of WWII – the Doolittle Raid of April 18, 1942, when he and 15 other B-25 Mitchells attacked a series of Japanese targets. Part of the exciting Smithsonian Series from Air Force 1, this 1/200 scale, die cast model is a replica of the Doolittle's legendary warbird as it appeared on that fateful day, featuring engraved panel lines, rotating propellers, and authentic markings. 4" wingspan. #701174 $17.95

Into the Teeth of the Wind

SBD-1 Dauntless Model


B-25 Mitchell Model

Signed by five Doolittle Raiders!

Robert Taylor. You can almost see the patriotic determination on the faces of these brave crewmen as they get their Mitchell airLIMITED EDITION borne off the Limited Quantities! heaving aircraft carrier. A terrific tribute to the historic mission, this limited edition print comes signed by the artist and five Doolittle Raiders: Staff Sgt. David Thatcher, Maj. Gen. David Jones, Lt. Col. Richard Cole, Staff Sgt. Edwin Horton, and Maj. Thomas Griffin. 31"x 21½". #702236 $329.95

Doolittle Raiders Autographed Photo & Artifact

Signed by Lt. Dick Cole!

Own an authentic piece of WWII aviation history! This 9½"x 6½" photograph of a Doolittle Raid B-25 Mitchell taking off on its historic mission is signed by Lt. Dick Cole – the man who co-piloted Doolittle’s B-25 – and is accompanied by a piece of metal from an actual B-25 bomber. This incredible set is encased in a handsome 16"x 13" wood frame and includes a certificate of authenticity. #71479 $149.95

Tokyo Raiders T-Shirt

Commemorate the brave men of the USAAF who fearlessly took part in the bombing mission on April 18, 1942 by sporting this 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirt. Complete with a classic crewneck design, it features a regularfit style in olive drab. #702581

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL, 3XL: $41.95

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War in the Pacific TBF-1 Avenger Kit

PBY-5 Catalina Models

This 1/72 scale plastic kit, a replica of a TBF-1 Avenger, features a glazed segmented canopy, a well-appointed cockpit, a glazed gunner station, a rotating turret with an elevating gun, optional-position landing gear, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 9" wingspan.



Produced for a decade beginning in the mid-30s, the PBY Catalina was one of the most widely used seaplanes of World War II, performing numerous roles for various Allied nations. These B 1/150 scale, die cast models feature a clear cockpit and waist blister glazing, underwing weaponry, rotating propellers, authentic U.S. Navy markings, and a display stand. $ 8¼" wingspan. 29.95 each



WWII Fighters Hawaiian Shirt

Generously cut and wildly colorful, this genuine Hawaiian shirt features a diverse selection of World War II fighters. Made of a comfortable cotton and rayon blend.


M, L, XL: 39.95 2XL, 3XL: $44.95 $

PV-2 Harpoon Kit

Replicating a Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon, a twin-engine maritime patrol bomber used by the U.S. Navy for armed reconnaissance missions as well as rocket and bomb attacks, this 1/72 scale plastic kit features a detailed cockpit and aft fuselage interior, resin parts (including two engines, two carburetor intake grills and two oil-cooler intake splitters), realistic ordnance and drop tanks, and a choice of four WWII and post-war markings. 11" wingspan; 129 parts, assembly required. #83576 $59.95

Naval Fighters Vol. 86:

Lockheed-Vega PV-1 Ventura and PV-2 Harpoon

Ginter. This lavishly illustrated book presents the complete design, development and operational history of the U.S. Navy’s Lockheed-Vega PV-1 Ventura (a versatile aircraft that performed, among other duties, as a subhunter in the Atlantic and as an attack aircraft in the Pacific during World War II) and its larger-wing cousin, the PV-2 Harpoon. Includes mechanical diagrams, production statistics, and more. 192 pages, 460 B&W photographs and illustrations, 8½"x 11", softcover. #20133 $44.95


1/150 SCALE

1/150 SCALE

A: U.S. Navy #703363 B: Rescue Plane – Pre-World War II. #91179

Flying Catalinas

The Consolidated PBY Catalinas in World War Two

Hendrie. With more than 4,000 units produced, the Consolidated PBY Catalina served in every branch of the U.S. military and in the air forces of Britain, Canada, Norway, Australia, and other Allies during WWII. This volume examines the design, development, and service history of those versatile “Flying Cats” and tells of the exploits and achievements of the crews that flew them. 256 pages, 100 B&W photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #36321 $49.95

PBM-5 Mariner Kit

First delivered to the U.S. Navy in September of 1940, the PBM Mariner was responsible for sinking ten German U-Boats during the war. A newly tooled replica of the PBM-5A, this 1/72 scale plastic kit – which measures more than a foot and a half in wingspan! – features realistic breaching gear, detailed bombs bays (with depth bombs), positionable cowl flaps and control surfaces, and authentic decals. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 19½" wingspan. #701698 $69.95

Antarctic Mayday

Stan Stokes. On December 30, 1946 – during “Operation High Jump,” a mapping expedition in Antarctica – a PBM Mariner LIMITED EDITION named George-1 Signed by members of slammed into a Operation High Jump! snowdrift amidst terrible weather, killing three of its nine crew members. This wintery print depicts the rescue mission 13 days later, after all six remaining crewmen somehow managed to stay alive in the brutally cold conditions. 16"x 11½".

Signature Edition – Signed by the artist and three members of "Operation High Jump" – William Kearns, James Ball and James Robbins. #700697 $79.95

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist! #7858 Reg: $39.95 $

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or

24.95 25


War in the Pacific

Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat Kit

This impressively sized, 1/32 scale plastic kit of the “4” variant Wildcat – sporting the recognizable foldable wing design which allowed more units to fit on an aircraft carrier – features a detailed engine with an optional clear cover, a glazed canopy, six realistic Browning machine guns, photo-etched flap/aileron hinges, fixed-position landing gear, and a decal for the 1942 Wildcat flown by USMC Ace Joe Foss of VMF-121. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 14¼" wingspan. #90792 $54.95

F4F Wildcat

This remarkable, 2-disc DVD set contains an original 43 minute documentary detailing the history of the Wildcat, a slideshow of more than 180 photo-graphs of the Wildcat and its pilots, and archival footage of F4F and FM-2 Wildcats in action. You’ll also see the OVER prototype, carrier trials, color footage from support flights of the Doolittle Raid, action at Midway and Guadalcanal, crashes, a video walk-around of a beautifully restored F4F-3, and more. B&W and color, approximately 3 hours total. #V8860 Reg: $29.95 $




This 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates an F4F Wildcat – known as the Martlet in the British Royal Navy – as it appeared in North Africa in November of 1942. It features a glazed canopy, a rotating propeller, authentic markings, optionalposition landing gear, and a display 1/72 SCALE stand. 6¼" wingspan. #104259 $29.95

F4U-1A Corsair Kit

Metal Stand – Made specifically for the Hobby Master, 1/32 scale F6F Hellcat, this metal stand can be tilted forward or backward to create the ultimate presentation! #980339 $19.95 Naval Fighters Vol. 92

Grumman F6F Hellcat




Baa Baa Black Sheep – Season 1

A replica of the “1A” variant of the Vought F4U Corsair (which had a taller tail wheel and a taller and wider canopy for improved visibility), this 1/48 scale plastic kit features a fully-outfitted cockpit with a pilot figure; an intricate “DoubleWasp” radial engine with optional-position cowl flaps; a choice of extended or folded wing construction and a bomb or a fuel tank for the fuselage; intricate landing gear with a tail hook; and a choice of authentic U.S. Navy VF-17 or USMC VMF-111 markings. Assembly required. 9¼" wingspan. #83225 $39.95

An action-packed WWII series, Baa Baa Black Sheep is based on the famous Black Sheep Squadron – a group of wily Marine fighter pilots. Robert Conrad stars as squadron leader, Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, along with his misfit crew known as the “Terrors of the South Pacific.” Also included on this 5-disc DVD set are exclusive interviews with Boyington from the NBC News Archives. 19 hrs. 31 min. #703669 $29.95 LIMITED EDITION

F4U-1 Corsair Model

F4U Corsair T-Shirt

Featuring “White 29” – the F4U Corsair flown by 16victory ace Lt(jg). Ira Kepford of the VF-17 “Jolly Rogers” – readying for action, this navy blue, 100% cotton t-shirt is screen-printed and has durable, double-needle hems.



Belonging to VF-83 1/32 SCALE onboard the USS Essex, the F6F-5 Hellcat “Death & LIMITED EDITION Destruction” was flown by Donald McPherson, Bill Kingston, and Littleton Ward who downed three Japanese E7Ks and a Ki-43 on May 4, 1945. This 1/32 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica, as it appeared with VF-83, features authentic markings and professional hand-painted details, an opening canopy, a well-appointed cockpit and optional-position landing gear. 16¼" wingspan. #980866 $199.95

Meyer & Ginter. Cowritten by F6F test pilot Corky Meyer, this heavily illustrated volume presents the full developmental and operational history of the Grumman F6F Hellcat, which achieved a remarkable kill-to-loss ratio of 19-to-1 in the skies over the Pacific in WWII. You’ll learn about the XF6F prototype; the first production Hellcat, the F6F-3; photo-recon variants; night fighters; the improved F6F-5; and more, with technical details and combat histories for each. 224 pages, B&W photos throughout, 8½"x 11", softcover.

F4F Wildcat Model

M, L, XL:

F6F Hellcat Model






Among the most accomplished pilots in USMC history, Lt. John Bolt Jr. – part of Pappy Boyington’s iconic Black Sheep squadron – was an ace in both WWII and Korea. This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model of Bolt’s F4U-1 from September 1943 features an opening canopy, a detailed radial engine, authentic VMF-214 markings, and a display stand. 10" wingspan.




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1/48 SCALE

Folding Wings!

End of the War USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Heavy Cruiser Kit


From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day

The American Armed Forces in World War II

Replicating the USS Indianapolis heavy cruiser as she appeared when carrying components of the Hiroshima atomic bomb from San Francisco to the airbase on Tinian in July, 1945, this 1/700 scale plastic kit features a detailed hull and deck, realistic guns, optional-position hangar doors, a metal piece for floatation assistance, lifeboats and planes, authentic markings, and more. Assembly required. 10" long. #83204 $39.95

B-29A Superfortress Kit

One of the largest aircraft to see service during WWII, the B-29A Superfortress was the first to deliver an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. This 1/144 scale plastic kit features options to build “in-flight” or on ground, authentic decals with markings for 3 aircraft, including Enola Gay rotating propellers, and more. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8¼" long.

James. Gain a better understanding of the American armed forces during WWII in this fascinating comprehensive history. Covering the most significant events from Pearl Harbor through V-J Day, it’s a compact yet informative summary for all ages to enjoy. In addition to strategy and logistics, this title also touches on home-front aspects of the military campaign. 240 pages, 5½"x 8½", softcover. #106723 $19.95

Iowa Class Battleships and VJ Day

An updated multi-film DVD on the Iowaclass Battleships, this exciting program includes new footage of the USS Missouri cruising into New York Harbor after the war – along with a speech from President Truman! Viewers will also be treated to a historical look at the iconic battleships, testimony from crewmen who served at Okinawa and in Korea, and classic vintage newsreels. 1 hr. 40 min. #106158 $19.95




USS Missouri (BB-63) Model 1/700 SCALE

Hiroshima & Nagasaki $2 Bill

Enhanced with breathtaking color images of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings, this genuine U.S. $ 2 bill remembers the only time nuclear weapons were used in the history of global warfare. Highly collectible and in uncirculated condition, it includes a certificate of authenticity and blue display folio. #106548 $16.95

White Light, Black Rain

The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

A critically acclaimed HBO documentary directed and produced by Steven Okazaki, this captivating program interviews 14 survivors and four Americans who were involved in the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Complete with intense accounts, dramatic reenactments and never-before-seen footage, experience the aftermath left behind when nuclear weapons hit Japanese soil. 1 hr. 26 min. #106818 $24.95




The Kissing Sailor Sculpture

“Danger Radiation” Metal Sign

A replica of a hazard sign with international radiation symbols – or trefoils – from the late 1940s, this 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look of aged metal and paint. Includes mounting holes. 18"x 12".


The USS Missouri was one of the most celebrated ships in U.S. history, perhaps best remembered as the official site of Japanese surrender at the end of WWII. A stunning replica of the American ship, this 1/700 scale, die cast model features an amazing attention to historical authenticity including a revised color scheme (based on thorough visual research), realistic deck and superstructure details, a new wooden-look presentation stand, and a sea-wave blister for unique waterline display. 15¼" long.



Molded after the two iconic embracing individuals from the famous V-J Day in Times Square photograph (taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt) shot at the end of World War II, when people celebrated in the streets, this sculpture is made of cold cast bronze/resin with finely carved details tall. from head to toe. 12" tall




WWII Veteran Cap

Made of 100% cotton, this high quality, embroidered, black hat features "WWII Veteran" on the front and on the edge of the precurved visor and "WWII" on the adjustable rear strap. One size fits most. #61671 $14.95

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The Forgotten War

USAF Full-Zip Sweatshirt

Korea, 1950-1953

A bold addition to any patriot’s wardrobe, this full-zip sweatshirt – made of a durable cotton blend – features the letters “USAF” embroidered on the front, an American flag on the left arm, and one front pocket. #702879

This 2-DVD collection of newsreels and U.S. military footage lets you relive America's experiences in Korea from the earliest days of intervention in 1950 through the horrific fighting on the Pusan Perimeter, the attack on Communist supply and communication networks north of the 38th Parallel, the death of Joseph Stalin, and the signing of the armistice in 1953. B&W; arrives in a collectible, embossed tin box. 4 hrs. 31 min.


M, L, XL: $79.95



Korean War $2 Colorized Bill

2XL: $84.95

USAF Roundel Caps

Made of 100% brushed cotton twill, these stylish caps feature a 3D embroidered image of the classic $ USAF insignia. 26.95 each

Yellow #700619 Navy #700620 The Korean War – the conflict between the Soviet backed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North) and the pro-western Republic of Korea (South) – resulted in the loss of nearly 2.5 million lives. Commemorate the historic 1950-1953 campaign with this genuine U.S. $2 bill, featuring unique colorized images. It includes a blue, two-sided display folio and certificate of authenticity. #106701 $16.95 LIMITED EDITION

B-29 Superfortress

Stationed in Model Japan with the 1/144 SCALE USAAF 19th BG during the Korean War, the B-29 Superfortress “Raz’n Hell” – reproduced here with realistic nose art – flew more than 50 combat missions. Take home your own legendary bomber with this 1/144 scale, Air Force 1, die cast replica featuring a simulated cockpit, rotating propellers, authentic markings, and a display stand. 11¾" wingspan. #900045 $62.95

1/300 Scale – Smithsonian Series from Air Force 1. 5½" wingspan. #701172

M151A2 MUTT Model

LIMITED EDITION This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica of the "A2" MUTT features a realistic camouflage design, a side-mounted shovel and axe, realistically treaded tires 1/48 SCALE including a rearmounted spare, authentic markings from the 3rd Armored Division "Convoy Follows," and a removable display base. 2¾" long.


#980479 Reg: $37.95





F-51D Mustang Model



1/48 SCALE

Among the many celebrated pilots to fly the P-51 Mustang – re-designated F-51 in 1948 – was Capt. J.W. Rogers, who completed nearly 200 missions in Korea (one of which resulted in a rare MiG-15 kill). This 1/48 scale, die cast model is a Hobby Master replica of his “Buckeye Blitz VI” featuring signature nose art, an opening canopy, optionalposition landing gear, authentic 36th FBS markings, and a display stand. 9¼" wingspan. #900174 $82.95

F-80C & F-94C Kits

This twin-pack 1/48 scale plastic kit includes the F-80 Shooting Star and F-94 Starfire, two Korean War-era first-generation jet aircraft operated by the USAF. Displayed wonderfully together, these replicas feature highly detailed white and clear parts, crew members, and colorful decals. Assembly required. Skill level 2. F-80C: 8½ long. F-94C: 9½" long. #96120 $24.95

38th Parallel Metal Sign

A replica of a 728th Military Police Battalion sign posted on the 38th Parallel border between North and South Korea during the Korean War, this 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look of aged metal and paint. Includes mounting holes. 14"x 8". #66351 $19.95

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Korea F-86F Sabre Kit

Campbell Films

A replica of "The Huff," an F-86F Sabre flown by Lt. Jim Thompson, as it appeared in 1953, this 1/72 scale plastic kit features engraved panel lines and rivets, a glazed canopy, a well-equipped cockpit, intricate landing gear, wing-mounted tanks, and three sets of authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 6¾" long.




Sabre Metal Cutout Sign

Die-cut in the shape of “Beauteous Butch II,” an F-86 Sabre piloted by 16-victory ace Capt. Joseph C. McConnell (the top-scoring American jet ace) with the 39th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 51st FighterInterceptor Wing, during the Korean War, this 24-gauge steel sign resembles the look of aged metal and paint and includes mounting holes. 24"x 8". #64418 $24.95

F4U-4 Corsair Model


1/72 SCALE

U.S. Navy and Air Force Fighters

Look back at the Korean War and the early days of the Cold War in these thrilling films that showcase U.S. involvement – featuring the Navy’s first generation jets and the most capable USAF fighters of the 1950s! Complete with easy-tofollow chapters, each DVD includes classic newsreels, training videos, and rare military footage. $ B&W and color. 19.95 each

1st Generation of USN Jets: Douglas/Grumman/ McDonnell/North American/Vought – Insight on some

of the most recognizable warplanes from the era including the F2H Banshee, F3D Skynight, and F9F Panther! 1 hr. 32 min. #703263

This 1/72 scale model – a replica of an F4U-4 Corsair flown during the Korean War with the VMF-323 “Death Rattlers” stationed on the USS Badoeng Strait – features that aircraft’s snake nose art, a free-spinning propeller, the signature gullwing design, eight high-velocity wing-mounted rockets, two fuselage-mounted tanks, authentic markings, and a display stand. 6¼" wingspan. #701145 $19.95

U.S. Air Force Over Korea: USAF Fighters, Bombers and Cargo Aircraft – Examine aircraft flown during

the Korean War including the F-84 Thunderchief, P-80 Shooting Star, B-29 Superfortress, and of course, the F-86 Sabre. 1 hr. 34 min. #700740

F4D-1 Skyray Kit F9F-5 Panther Model


1/48 SCALE

Able to carry a wide assortment of lethal munitions, the F9F Panther was Folding developed in the late 1940s and used extensively Wings! by both the U.S. Navy and Marines – as well as future astronaut Neil Armstrong – during the Korean War. This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model features an opening canopy, wing-tip fuel tanks, authentic VF-153 markings, optionalposition landing gear, and a mid-flight display stand. 9½" wingspan. #980761 $99.95

Signed by Lt. Royce Williams!

Good Hunting

Stan Stokes. Lt. Royce Williams – in the U.S. Navy’s first jet fighter to see combat, the F9F Panther – finds himself entangled with a swarm of MiG-15s in Korea on November 18, 1952. Credited with downing one MiG that day, many believe that Lt. Williams actually had a hand in downing three. 16"x 11½".




A replica of an F4D-1 Skyray, the U.S. Navy’s first aircraft to exceed Mach 1 and only operational delta wing interceptor to date, this 1/48 scale plastic kit features a realistic cockpit with scribed instruments, a multi-part ejection seat, and a pilot figure; a full load of bombs, missiles, and fuel tanks; intricate landing gear with enclosed wheel wells; and a choice of VF(AW)-3, VMF(AW)-114, or VMF(AW)-115 markings. Assembly required. 115 pieces. 11¼" long. #9146 $49.95

FJ-4B Fury Kit


Signature Edition – Save 20! $

Signed by the artist and Lt. Royce Williams!


#73067 Reg: $99.95 $

Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed by the artist!


#7821 Reg: $39.95 $

Replicating the final, 4B fighterbomber variant of the Fury family, this 1/48 scale plastic kit features engraved panel lines; a detailed cockpit with a two-piece canopy; optional position speed brakes; realistic wing-mounted armament, including six AGM-12 Bullpup and two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles; two drop tanks; intricate landing gear; a choice of two markings (VA-241 and VMF-323) from 1958; and more. Assembly required. 9¾" wingspan. #83570 $34.95

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Cold War

Cold War: The Complete Series

Filled with rare archival film, this Peabody Award-winning, 24-episode series is perhaps the most sweeping review of the Cold War ever created. You’ll see historically important – and emotionally stunning – images of Stalin and the Soviet gulags, the Hungarian uprising, events in South America and Africa, the Vietnam War, and more, including the ultimate collapse of the USSR and Communism – much Nearly of it accompanied by fascinating interviews with participants 19 Hours! such as the last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. Color and B&W, 18 hrs. 42 min. on 6 DVDs. #MV51639 $89.95

F-86D Sabre Dog Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit of an F-86D Sabre Dog – the all-weather, radarequipped variant of the USAF’s early Cold War front line jet fighter – features a detailed cockpit with a clear canopy and a pilot figure, separate forward wing slats and speed brakes, an optional-position rocket tray, fuel tanks, and authentic markings. Assembly required. 104 pieces. Skill level 3. 9½" wingspan. #84095 $29.95

Spyflights and Overflights

US Strategic Aerial Reconnaissance: 1945 - 1960

F-100D Super Sabre Kit

Hopkins. Former reconnaissance pilot and author Robert S. Hopkins, III, gives us insight into the strategic intelligence flights from the early Cold War years in this heavily detailed publication. He provides a personal point-of-view, along with research that suggests the flights served to prevent war. We also learn from never-before-seen, newlydeclassified materials, including interviews with crews and policymakers. 240 pages, 8"x 11½", hardcover. #703128 $44.95

P6M-2 SeaMaster Kit

Tu-95 MS Bear Model

Replicating a jet-powered P6M-2 strategic bomber flying boat, which was developed and put into limited production during the 1950s but cancelled prior to entering U.S. Navy service, this 1/72 scale, plastic kit features textured surfaces, a detailed cockpit, a choice of early or late intakes, wingtip floats, authentic U.S. Navy markings, a beaching trolley, and more. Assembly required. 22" long. #83571 $159.95

Cars of the Cold War

Celebrate the vintage era of automotive history with these 1/18 scale, die cast models of classic American cars featuring an opening hood revealing a detailed engine, opening doors, plenty of simulated chrome, a well-equipped interior, a removable spare tire in the trunk, and working steering 1/18 SCALE with real rubber tires.

1955 Chrysler Imperial

Introduced in 1926, the Chrysler Imperial was the company’s top-of-the-line offering through the mid-1950s when it spun off as a separate division to better compete with its growing luxury brand competition. 10½" long. #400696 $69.95


The first in the Century Series of USAF jets, the F-100 was an upgraded version of the F-86 Sabre. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features a twopiece canopy, a boarding ladder, extended or stowed pitot tubes, full weapons complement (including missiles, drop tanks, an ALQ-31 pod, and a practice bomb), and two sets of authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 7¾" long. #702802 $34.95

The Tu-95 MS Bear is a strategic bomber and missile platform that first entered service with 1/200 SCALE the Soviet Union in 1956, and are currently active with the Russian Air Force and scheduled to serve until 2040. This 1/200 scale, die cast model is a replica of a Tu-95 MS Bear – nicknamed “Bear H” – used by the 184th regiment of the Russian Air Force and features authentic markings, realistic details, rolling wheels, and more. 10" wingspan. #703372 $134.95

Soviet Strategic Bombers

The Hammer in the Hammer and the Sickle

Moore. From the first strategic bomber, the Tu-4, to massive turboprop and jet-powered aircraft, explore the fascinating evolution of Russian bombers after WWII. A comprehensive history on Soviet military aircraft, this title encompasses the roles as well as the development of both active and retired models. Examine the first strategic bombers ever built, including the Tu-95 Bear! 272 pages, 7"x 9¾", hardcover. #704219 $44.95 A

1958 Edsel Citation Convertible – Produced in

1958, the Edsel Citation represented the brand’s most luxurious model available with its stainless steel accents, a gold-anodized cove panel and independent ball-joint front suspension. 11½" long. $


49.95 each

A: Gold #405969 B: Black #405968

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SAC SAC Flight Jacket

Based on the B-15A flight jacket, which replaced the A-2 as the standard issue, non-winter flight jacket after 1943, this high-quality jacket features a 100% cotton shell; a quilted lining with a printed Strategic Air Command design; a zipper front with leather oxygen mask tabs; two front slash pockets with snap M, L, XL: $69.95 closures, a zippered sleeve pocket, 2XL: $74.95 and an inside zippered pocket; elastic bands at the waist and cuffs; a bi-swing back; and a removable faux fur collar. #40042

Strategic Air Command Cap

This navy blue, 100% cotton cap features “Strategic Air Command” and the SAC shield embroidered on the front, a pre-curved visor, and an adjustable strap. One size fits most. #61532 $18.95

B-52H Stratofortress Kit

A replica of a B-52H Stratofortress from the early 1960s, this 1/144 scale plastic kit features a detailed cockpit, realistic ordnance (including GAM-87 Skybolt, SRAM AGM-69, ADM-20 Quail and AGM-28 Hound Dog missiles), optional-position flaps and landing gear, a choice of two USAF markings (19th Bomber Wing, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and 449th Bomber Wing, early 1960s), and display stands for individual missiles. Skill level 2. 15¼" wingspan. #90939 $39.95

B-52s: They Keep on Ticking

Signed by Gen. John T. Chain!

Stan Stokes. As a testimony to the B-52’s more than 40 years of service, this colorful artwork depicts an early big-tailed B-52B along LIMITED EDITION with the more contemporary shorter tailed B-52H – the first B-52 with cruise missile capability – that saw service during Operation Desert Storm. 16"x 11½".

Signature Edition – Signed by the artist and U.S.

Air Force General John T. Chain!


#73057 Reg: $79.95 $ Standard Edition – Save $15! Signed $ by the artist! #7785 Reg: $39.95


“Vegas Baby!” Metal Sign

Made in the USA.

Show off your love for Vegas with this metal sign, featuring a nearly nude lady luck with an enticing pose! This heavy-gauge steel sign includes mounting holes. 12"x 15". #703586 $24.95


B-47 Stratojet Kit

Though it was developed as a bomber, the B-47 Stratojet instead proved valuable as an aerial recon aircraft, capturing strategic Cold War photos from behind the Iron Curtain. Featuring authentic 306th Bombardment Wing markings, this 1/144 scale plastic kit also comes with detailed turbo-jet engines, a well-appointed cockpit, and realistic landing gear. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 9½" wingspan. #702876 $24.95

Boeing B-47 Stratojet

Strategic Air Command's Transitional Bomber

Hopkins & Habermehl. Known as the first swept-wing, medium-range jet bomber and Strategic Air Command’s (SAC) most operational aircraft, the B-47 Stratojet was initially proposed during WWII as a high-speed pistonpowered reconnaissance platform. Combining years of research and experience, this book offers the ultimate background on the B-47 and its various uses. 240 pages, 200+ photos and illustrations, 8½"x 11½", hardcover. #704220 $39.95

Convair B-58 Hustler Clock This quality clock featuring the recordsetting B-58 Hustler in low level, radarevading flight includes a quartz movement for superior accuracy. Riveted aluminum frame; battery not included. 14" diameter.




B-58 Hustler Kit

A replica of a delta-wing Convair B-58 Hustler, which was developed for the USAF Strategic Air Command in the late 1950s as the first operational jet bomber capable of Mach 2 supersonic flight, this 1/128 scale plastic kit features removable jet engines and after-burners, movable flight controls, retractable landing gear, authentic USAF markings, a pilot figure, and a display stand. Assembly required. 112 pieces. Skill level 2. 9" long. #96105 $29.95

U.S. Air Force Bombers

Display the history of U.S. Air Force bombers from the immediate post-WWII era to the present day on your wall! Featuring everything from the B-29 Superfortress to the B-2 Spirit, this poster measures 23½"x 17½".

Limited Quantities!

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or





1977 Retro Mattel Electronic Football Game

Bring back a classic 1977 handheld game with this quality replica, featuring retro Mattel electronic football! Ensure the running back scores a touchdown as you maneuver around LED defenders to avoid tackles. Comes with sound effects, two play speeds, and easy-to-use control keys. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Requires two AA batteries (not included). 3½"x 5"x 1".








Beer-Lover Metal Signs

Constructed C from durable tin, each one features a purposely distressed look and includes mounting holes. 12½"x 16".



Each Ideal blockbusters for sports lovers, our roster of popular big-screen films – including classics The Longest Yard and Heaven Can Wait – bring passion, drama and front-row action for a fun-filled movie night at home with the family!

Brian’s Song – Based off the autobiography entitled “I Am Third,” Wake Forest University football player Brian Piccolo (James Caan) struggles with terminal cancer soon after becoming a pro-athlete. 1 hr. 14 min. #703738

Heaven Can Wait – Taken from his earthly body too early, Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty) is a pro quarterback who dies in a car accident, and then returns to life for a second chance at football and love. 1 hr. 41 min. #703926 NEW! The Longest Yard – Released in 1974, Burt Reynolds stars as Paul Crewe – a former NFL player – who spends his sentence in jail organizing an inmate-versus-guard football game. 2 hrs. 1 min. #704296 NEW! North Dallas Forty – Set during the early 1970s, this semi-fictional

satire account – based on the novel by former NFL player Peter Gent – is loosely based on the Dallas Cowboys. 1 hr. 59 min. #704297

Paper Lion

Confessions of a Last-String Quarterback

Plimpton. An autobiography told by the former quarterback for the Detroit Lions, George Plimpton, this hilarious and insightful account sets the bar for participatory sports journalism. Plimpton tells the story of how he talked his way into training camp, practicing with the team, and eventually taking snaps from behind the centerline. 384 pages, 5¾"x 8½", hardcover. #704257 $24.95



U.S. Military Footballs Comes with a football pump and a metal needle.

USMC #M602525 Army #M602526


Air Force #M602527 Navy #M602528



A: “No Working...” #403557 B: "Beer. The Reason..” #404562 C: “Something to Believe In” #R66680 D: “Hold My Beer...” #403558 E: NEW! “Bucket List” #404905


Soda Guzzler Helmet

Enjoy your favorite refreshing canned beverage without hands by sporting this soda guzzler helmet – perfect for tailgating before the big game! Designed to hold two 12-oz. cans, it features easy-to-adjust straps and a drinking tube with on/off valve control. One size fits most. #704258 $29.95 Enjoy your favorite cold beverage at the next poker night out with our high-quality bar glassware! Featuring exotic bikini babes and casino themes, each 16-oz. pint is made from heavyweight glass and includes a handapplied ceramic decal. $ Dishwasher safe. 9.95 each

A: “Liquor Up Front” #703802 B: “Know When to Hold ‘Em” #703804

Pint Glasses


Beer Commercials of the ’50s and ’60s


Though initially reluctant to advertise on TV, fearing that it might be in poor taste, beer companies were eventually scrambling over one another to sign-up the most recognizable celebrities to peddle their brews including Jackie Gleason, Ed McMahon, Buster Keaton, Ray Milland, Mel Allen, in addition to a host of sultry voice actors! This unique program takes viewers back in time a half century to the infancy of television and examines the very first beer commercials ever broadcasted. 1 hr. 5 min. #RV9731 $9.95

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Apparel & Accessories Fur Flyer’s Hats

Available Sizes: 7¼, 7½, 7¾

Buffalo Plaid LongSleeve Flannel

Guaranteed to keep you warm this winter, these stylish and comfortable flyer’s hats – reminiscent of those worn by World War II aircrew – feature a cotton-canvas outer shell with a synthetic fur lining, fold-down earflaps that attach to the upper part of the hat with buttons, and a chinstrap. $21.95 each

NEW! Olive Drab #704262

Black #40053

Classic A-2 Leather Flight Jacket

Constructed of soft genuine Nappa leather, this classic A-2 flight jacket reflects vintage military fighter pilot style! Complete with a removable polyester liner, it features two front patch and slash pockets, a fold-down collar with snaps, and ribbed cuffs M, L, XL: $249.95 and waistband. 2XL: $279.95 #704261

M, L, XL: $44.95 2XL, 3XL: $49.95

Quarter Zip Commando Sweater

MA-1 Flight Jacket

M, L, XL: $79.95 2XL, 3XL: $89.95

Designed to keep pilots warm in temperatures down to 14 degrees, the MA-1 flight jacket – first seen in the mid-1950s – became a popular civilian item in the 1970s. Featuring a coyote-colored outer shell (made of 100% nylon), this quality reproduction also comes with a prototypical orange liner, four front slash pockets, and a zippered utility pocket. #702866

This soft and warm black sweater features a 3" collar and an 11" brass neck zipper, brown elbow and shoulder patches made of comfort-boosting suede-like cloth, and a stylish triangular leather accent patch on the front. 100% acrylic. #M404264

Designed for long-lasting wear and comfort, these military-inspired BDU tactical pants offer a durable poly/cotton-twill construction, along with a reinforced seat and knees. Each pair features adjustable waist tabs, two button back, two front slash and two cargo pockets, as well as adjustable drawstring bottoms and a button-fly closure. M, L, XL: $39.95 Black #704267 2XL, 3XL: $41.95

Olive Drab #704030

Military Web Belts with Buckles

Khaki #63474

Black #63473

Olive Drab #63472

M, L, XL: $39.95 2XL, 3XL: $44.95

Genuine Leather Gloves

Constructed of soft, genuine cowhide leather, these breathable yet warm leather M, L, XL, 2XL: gloves features a Thermo-block $ 34.95 layer for extra protection during those chilly winter days. #704263

Tactical BDU Pants

Made of heavy-duty cotton webbing, these premium-quality, military web belts have a black open-face buckle with a matching tip. 54" long; to shorten the belt, simply remove the buckle, cut down to desired size, and replace buckle. $7.95 each

Offering incredible warmth and comfort, this Buffalo plaid flannel is made of 100% heavyweight, 8-oz. cotton! Complete with a button-front closure, it features two breast pockets and buttoned wrist cuffs. #106479

Satchel Briefcase



A fashionable and functional “graduatestyle” satchel, this briefcase is made of colorwashed canvas with genuine leather trim and features a large main compartment, a front flap with easily accessible buckle closures, an electronic tablet sleeve compartment, a zippered outer pocket, an adjustable shoulder strap with a leather-trimmed grip, and a carrying handle. 17"x 13". #700817 Reg: $39.95 $

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or

24.95 33



The Vietnam War: A Decade of Dog Tags

Over 8 Hours of Content!

Twenty-one films are featured on this acclaimed 2-DVD set, a celebration of soldiers and their service during the Vietnam War. See every element of the conflict – including footage of land, sea, and air combat – and enjoy documentaries narrated by Hollywood icons including Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, and John Wayne. 8 hrs. 34 min. #701924 $9.95

Vietnam War Battle Set Kit

Starting in 1965, the decade-long Vietnam War was characterized by its tough rural environment that offered ideal conditions for guerilla warfare. This 1/72 scale kit features U.S. Special Forces, Vietnamese Army and Vietcong figures, an M48 Patton and M113 tank, a UH-1C helicopter, as well as battlefield structures and accessories (including an observation tower, first aid post, sandbags, and 2 laser-cut huts). Assembly required. #106754 $99.95

UH-1 Huey Model

During a June 2, 1969, mission near Hamburger Hill, medic Joseph LaPointe risked his own life crawling to two wounded brothers, attempting to perform medical assistance before all three men were killed by a grenade. This 1/48 scale, die cast model – an Air Force 1 replica of the UH-1H used to transport the posthumously-awarded Medal of Honor winner – features a well-appointed interior, authentic 101st Airborne markings, and a metal display stand. 14¼" long. #900128 $87.95

1/48 SCALE

Front Crest

Huey Gunship "Protect the Slicks" T-Shirt

Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this classic fit t-shirt has a colorful screen-print of a famous Huey gunship and reads “Protect the Slicks.”


M, L, XL: $21.95

The Century Series

2XL, 3XL: $23.95

The USAF Quest for Air Supremacy, 1950-1960

Spitzmiller. Filled with firsthand accounts and archival images, this volume examines Century Series jets from 1950 through the Vietnam War. You'll learn what it was like to fly Wild Weasel F-100 sorties, reconnaissance in the F-101, intercept missions in the F-102 and F-106, and bombing runs in the F-105; feel the tension of night refueling; strap on an F-104 for a flight over 1,522 miles per hour (Mach 2+); and more! 240 pages, 200+ B&W photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21173 $59.95

F-104C Starfighter Model

1/72 SCALE

Named after the Broadway musical “Hellooo Dolly,” this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model is a replica of an F-104C, as it appeared at Udorn Air Base in 1966, featuring wing-tip LIMITED EDITION AIM-9 missiles, an opening canopy (revealing a detailed cockpit), a handpainted scheme, and a display stand. 9¼" long. #980778 $65.95

F-105D Thunderchief Model

This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica of the F-105D “Triple MiG Killer," as it appeared with 465th TFS in 1967, features removable realistic weaponry, LIMITED EDITION 1/72 SCALE optionalposition landing gear, an opening canopy with a crew figure, and a display stand. 10¾" long. #980777 $93.95


F-111 Aardvark Model

1/144 SCALE

The F-111 Aardvark was designed to meet requirements from the U.S. Air Force and Navy as a multi-role fighter, however it was better as a long-range attack aircraft. Our 1/144 scale, die cast replica of the F-111 features realistic panel lines and surface details as well as rotating wheels and a display stand. 6¼" long. #702971 $36.95


F-111 Aardvark T-Shirt

Sport this 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt, showcasing the iconic F-111 in full action! Complete with double-needle stitching throughout, it features a taped neck and shoulders, as well as a seamless collar. #704232

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M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

Vietnam F-4C Phantom II Model

Vietnam War Veteran

Part of Air Force 1's Smithsonian Series, this 1/144 scale, die cast model is a reproduction of an F-4C Phantom II flown by prolific ace Robin Olds during Operation Bolo in Vietnam. It features a glazed canopy, authentic 8th TFW markings, and an all-metal display stand. 5¼" long. #900183 $26.95

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II

1/144 SCALE

One of the primary fighters during the Cold War, the F-4 Phantom II saw extensive service in Vietnam. Featuring a thrilling assortment of training films and newsreels, this program offers viewers a thorough historical examination of the legendary aircraft. 1 hr. 36 min. #V5198 $19.95

Military SAVE



Stan Stokes. A USAF F-4 comes across a MiG-19 in a close encounter of the wrong kind in this highly detailed depiction. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!

#7422 Reg: $39.95




F-4B Phantom II Model Back

Limited Quantities! 1/72 SCALE

An incredible centerpiece collectible, this premium 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates an F-4B stationed on the USS Independence in Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin in 1965. It features an opening canopy, two crew figures, a wellequipped cockpit (with ejector seat handles and instrument panel dials), wing-mounted weaponry, optional-position landing gear, authentic VF-84 “Jolly Rogers” markings, and a display stand. 9¾" long. #703338 $164.95

F-4 Spooky T-Shirt

A-1J (AD7) Skyraider Kit

A-37 A/B Dragonfly Kit

An American single-seat attack aircraft, the A-1 Skyraider saw service from the late 1940s through the early 1980s. Nicknamed “Spad,” the AD-7 was the final production version. Complete with a detailed engine, this 1/32 scale plastic kit features an accurate fuselage, a well-appointed cockpit with gear cabin, photo-etched parts, and foldable wings. Assembly required. 600+ pieces. Skill level 4. 18¾" wingspan. #704228 $129.95

The A-1 Skyraider in Vietnam The Spad’s Last War

Mutza. Serving with distinction for both U.S. and South Vietnamese forces, the Skyraider took the war in Southeast Asia to the enemy, often at low altitude and in the face of devastating losses from anti-aircraft fire. Here, you'll take a detailed look at the "Spad," at the mettle of its unmatched pilots, and at the wide range of combat operations that the versatile plane flew. 208 pages, 300+ B&W and color photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #6883 $49.95

Featuring a spooky version of the stealthy F-4 Phantom, this 100% cotton t-shirt offers both a stylish look and comfy, classic fit!


M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

Nicknamed “Super Tweet,” the A-37 Dragonfly – an American light-attack aircraft developed in the 1960s and ‘70s – was introduced during the Vietnam War and remained in peacetime service afterward. Featuring a well-equipped cockpit with photo-etched parts, this 1/72 scale plastic kit includes authentic decals, an opening canopy, recessed panel lines, and more. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 6" wingspan. #704227 $19.95

OV-10A Bronco Kit

Developed in the 1960s as a special aircraft for counterinsurgency combat, the OV-10 Bronco could carry up to three tons of external munitions, internal loads (paratroopers or stretchers), and was able to loiter for three or more hours. This 1/72 scale plastic kit includes high-quality decals, a see-through canopy, realistic surface details, and illustrated instructions. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 7" long. #704222 $19.95

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Vietnam Veterans

“Those Who Have Seen War…” T-Shirt

Vietnam Veteran Flag

The words “Those Who Have Seen War Never Stop Seeing It” are screen-printed on this olive drab t-shirt, as a silhouetted soldier hides in the jungle behind a map of Vietnam. 100% cotton. #104640

With the years 1961-1975, this colorful polyester flag pays homage to veterans of the Vietnam War with the service ribbon and three soldiers silhouette. Includes brass grommets for easy hanging. 5'x 3'. #103038 $18.95

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

Varsity Jacket Jersey Pants

These jersey-style pants, made of a cotton and polyester blend, feature the words “Vietnam Vet” printed down the leg, a drawstring waist, two slash pockets, and one rear pocket. #104605 M, L, XL:

Knit Watch Cap with Pom Pom



2XL, 3XL:



Stay warm this season with a watch cap featuring “Vietnam Veteran” embroidery and the service ribbon! #104054 $16.95

1/18 SCALE

Be the big man on campus with this two-tone varsity jacket featuring front, back, and sleeve imagery paying tribute to veterans of the Vietnam War! It also comes with two slash pockets, a snap-front closure, and an inside breast pocket. Made of a leather/polyester blend. M, L, XL: $149 2XL, 3XL: $165



Homefront During the Vietnam War

POW-MIA Hoodie

Showcasing a large screen-print commemorating POW/ MIA veterans on the back, this 100% cotton, cozy hooded sweatshirt features a front pouch pocket, a drawstring hood, and a ribbed waist and cuffs. M, L, XL: #106740

Muscle Car Models Travel back to the golden era of fast muscle cars A with this sleek pair from the 1960s, featuring a '64 Mercury Marauder and '68 Ford Mustang Cobra Fastback! Each 1/18 scale, die cast replica reflects stunningly accurate detail, a well-appointed interior, an opening hood (revealing a souped-up engine!), trunk and doors, plenty of shiny chrome-plated parts, and a removable display base.




A: 1968 Ford Mustang GT Cobra Jet Fastback

2XL, 3XL:



10" long.




B: 1964 Mercury Marauder –


POW-MIA Watch Cap B

10½" long. #404932 $64.95

Made of 100% wool, this watchman’s cap features the POW-MIA emblem.




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Modern Fighters F-4B Phantom II Model

1/155 SCALE

This 1/155 scale, die cast model is a reproduction of an F-4B as it appeared with the VF-111 “Sundowners” stationed on the USS Coral Sea. It features a glazed canopy, authentic markings, and a display stand. 5" wingspan. #702126 $24.95

Naval Aviatior Mini-Helmet

Add a unique collectible to your aviation display with this half-size flight helmet – an officially licensed replica – of one worn by the U.S. Navy's VF-111 "Sundowners"! It features a rugged plastic shell, a a padded interior, bayonet fittings, a chin strap, and a retractable visor. 5½" wide. #700588 $39.95


Cats First Cruise

Stan Stokes. An F-14 of the Navy’s VF-1 “ Wolfpack” squadron lines up LIMITED EDITION on final approach to the USS Enterprise. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist! artist #73009 Reg: $39.95 $






F-5E Tiger II Model


This 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model – a replica of an F-5E serving with Vietnam's 935th Fighter Regiment in the late 1970s, captured from South Vietnam after 1/72 SCALE the war – features a well-equipped cockpit with an optional-position $ canopy, a removable crew figure, full weapons complement, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. 7¾" long. #980730 Reg: $84.95 $


1/72 SCALE


25 59.95

F-14 Tomcat Models


F-5E Tiger II T-Shirt

A full-color profile image of an F-5E Tiger II is featured on the front of this 100% cotton t-shirt which also includes a selection of the warbird’s specifications.


M, L, XL: 19.95 2XL, 3XL: $21.95 $


Pay tribute to an unmatched American variable-sweep wing fighter – the F-14 Tomcat – and the VF-31 “Tomcatters” with these Hobby Master, 1/72 scale, die cast replicas! Each one features authentic markings and hand-painted detail, an opening canopy, optional-position landing gear, a removable pilot figure, and a display stand. 10½" long.

A: F-14A Tomcat – VF-31, “Santa Tomcatters,” 2002. #980850

Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

1/144 SCALE

A-10 Thunderbolt II Model

This 1/144 scale, die cast model is a reproduction of a Warthog as it appeared with the 23rd Fighter Wing stationed in England in 1989. It features a glazed canopy, a well-equipped cockpit, signature twin turbofan engines and offset landing gear, and an all-metal display stand. 4¾" wingspan. #900181 $26.95

During the Cold War, the Russians assembled an imposing fleet of modern and powerful tanks. As a response, the USAF needed a close air-support aircraft that was powerful enough to destroy these menacing tanks and tough enough to remain airborne itself. Thus, the A-10 Thunderbolt was born. This exciting program tracks the history of the recognizable “Warthog,” and features combat footage and a rare assortment of governmentissued informational films. 1 hr. 18 min.




135.95 each


B: F-14D Super Tomcat – VF-31 CAG, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” #980822

Made in the USA.

A-10 Warthog Metal Sign

Larry Grossman. The carnage inflicted by the A-10 is featured in the background of this metal sign, a reminder of the warplane’s “death on demand” capabilities. Includes mounting holes. 15"x 12". #702262 $34.95

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F-15C Eagle Model

F/A-18C Hornet Model


1/72 SCALE

Made by Hobby Master, this 1/72 scale, die cast model replicates an F-15C as it appeared with the 65th Aggressor Squadron (who were reactivated in 2005, then assigned two dozen F-15 Eagles). It features a realistic air intake, an opening glazed canopy, a well-equipped cockpit (with a removable pilot figure), full weapons complement, optionalposition landing gear, authentic 2012 markings, and a display stand. 10½" long. #980767 $97.95

F-15 Eagle Morph T-Shirt

M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

Bearing a striking resemblance to a fearless eagle, the F-15 displayed on this 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt shows the undeniable characteristics of the modern fighter. It features Back doubleneedle stitching, a taped neck and shoulders, and a satin label. #704251

F-16 Fighting Falcon Model

On February 28, 1994, Captain Robert Wright – flying an F-16C Fighting Falcon with the 526th TFS “Black Knights” – entered Bosnian airspace during Operation Deny Flight. Spotting a trio of Serbian J-21 Jastrebs, he took out all three with AIM missiles. Nicknamed the “Triple-Jastreb-Killer,” this 1/100 scale, Air Force 1 die cast replica features wing-mounted weaponry, a detailed exhaust nozzle, and an all-metal display stand. 6" long. #900132 $26.95


Green. A comprehensive guide tracking the entire century-long timeline of U.S. Naval aviation, this volume examines everything from float planes to Super Hornets. Readers will be treated to an in-depth analysis of these warbirds, in addition to hundreds of exciting photos from WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, and today’s advanced modern fighters. 184 pages, 250 color and B&W photos, 7"x 10", softcover. #700505 $24.95

F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet With Carrier Deck Operations

Explore this captivating film with seven exciting shorts on the F/A-18 Hornet! From the YF-17 prototype – developed by the U.S. Navy to replace F-14s – to training exercises with Red Flag and demonstrations by the noted Blue Angels, aviation and history enthusiasts will enjoy a remarkable selection of raw footage covering the Hornet’s progress into becoming a successful multirole, carrier-capable fighter. 1 hr. 31 min. #703945 $19.95

1/100 SCALE

During Christmas 1/72 SCALE 2008, the VFA-31 LIMITED EDITION “Tomcatters” were sent to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. In recognition of the holiday season and to commemorate the campaign, this Hobby Master, 1/72 scale, die cast replica reflects the unit’s “Santa CAG” signature artwork of a festive, hand-painted Felix the Cat, along with an opening canopy, optional-position landing gear, HA Exclusive! and a display stand. 10" long. #980860 $112.95

VFA-31 “Tomcatters” Metal Sign



#7491 Reg: $39.95 $


United States Naval Aviation

F/A-18E Super Hornet Model

Thirsty Falcons

Stan Stokes. High above the desert, USAF F-16s are being refueled by a KC-135 tanker. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!

Featuring colorful tail artwork of the VFA-113 “Stingers” stationed on the USS John C. Stennis, LIMITED EDITION this 1/72 scale, die cast model is 1/72 SCALE a Hobby Master replica of an F/A-18C Hornet – a warbird flown by the Navy squadron since 1992. It comes with an opening canopy, a well-appointed cockpit, wing-mounted weaponry, authentic 2005 markings, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 9¼" long. #980855 $89.95




Displaying the U.S. Navy’s VFA-31 “Tomcatters” famous “Felix the Cat” unit insignia, this steel sign is hand distressed to create the look of aged metal and steel. Includes mounting holes. 15"x 17". $



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1/72 SCALE

Add a new showcase centerpiece to your collection with these 1/72 scale, die cast models from industry leaders Air Force 1 and Hobby Master! Representing a stunning cross-section of foreign aircraft, each collectible features a well-equipped cockpit, authentic markings, as well as realistic weaponry (where applicable), optional-position landing gear, and a mid-flight presentation stand.

Su-27SK Flanker-B



Russian Air Force. 12¼" long.

11th Squadron, Indonesian Air Force, 2003. 12" long.




All Models Include a Display Stand!






F-35A Lightning 32 Stormo, 13 Gruppo, 2015. 8½" long.

F-111C Aardvark


6 Squadron, RAAF. 12¼" long.







3 Squadron, “60th Anniversary,” Misawa AB, 2016. 8¼" long.

F-16A Fighting Falcon





ROCAF “Solo Demo,” 2017. 8¼" long.






F-15DJ Eagle

MiG-21 BIS “Fishbed”

JASDF. 10½" long.

1st Fighter Squadron, Croatian Air Force, 1993. 8" long.








MiG-23MF Flogger Czech Republic Air Force, 1994. 9" long.

RF-15E Tiger II


Royal Saudi Air Force. 8" long.








F-5E Tiger II

RF-4E Phantom II 50 Jahre WTD 61, September 2007. 10½" long.



J-3033, Staffel 6, 2017. 7¾" long.






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Stealth & Recon F-117 Nighthawk Model

Shrouded in mystery, the F-117 Nighthawk became operational several years before it was made public in 1988. It was the first aircraft designed around stealth technology and was noted 1/144 SCALE for its service during the Gulf War. This 1/144 scale, die cast, Air Force 1 Smithsonian Series model is as it appeared in the USAF, 8th FS “Black Sheep”, 1997-98. It features a simulated canopy, and a display stand. 5½" long. #701739 $19.95

F-22 Raptor Metal Sign

This aluminum sign features a mid-flight F-22 Raptor next to a list of its many impressive attributes. Includes mounting Made in holes. 12"x 18". #700755 $24.95 the USA.

The Projects of Skunk Works

Pace. The U.S. government, in the face of growing Nazi threats in the summer of 1943, requested the development of a research team capable of designing a jet-powered fighter – and Skunk Works was born. Pull back the curtain of the secretive Lockheed program with this guide filled with images of everything from the drawing board to the sky in addition to insight on the F-80, F-94, F-104, U-2, SR-71, F-117, and F-35. 256 pages, 379 color photos, 9½"x 11", hardcover. #701841 $39.95

F-22A Raptor Kit

The most advance fighter plane ever developed, the F-22 was planned to be the USAF's principal fighter early into the 21st Century. Supersonic cruise without afterburners, thrust vectoring and a stealthy radar profile make this 1/48 scale aircraft a “must” for your collection. Assembly required. 378 pieces. Skill level 3. 16" long. #9164 $54.95

1/72 SCALE


EA-18G Growler Kit

An impressively sized 1/48 scale reproduction of the EA-18G Growler – derived from the tandem-seat F/A-18F Super Hornet – this plastic kit features a well-appointed cockpit, realistic air intakes, wing-mounted weaponry (including jamming pods, fuel tanks, and AIM-120 missiles), and authentic markings for four different aircraft (VAQ-138, VAQ-129, VAQ-135, and VAQ-129). Assembly required. Skill level 4. 15" long. #701832 $54.95

F-35B Lightning II Model

Based in Iwakuni, Japan, the VMFA-121 “Green Knights” have been active since 1941. Their first F-35B Lightning II aircraft arrived on November 20, 2012, making them the first squadron to operate this modern stealth fighter in any service. This 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast model features authentic markings, an opening canopy, recessed panels lines, realistic details, and a display stand. 8½" long. #703482 $79.95 Front Crest

1/200 SCALE

Lockheed Martin U-2R Model

With its signature feline painted on the tail, this 1/200 scale, die cast model is a unique replica of a U-2R – an elongated, modernized version of the legendary recon plane – flying with China’s “Black Cat Squadron.” It features the aircraft’s recognizable “super pods” under each wing, a see-through canopy, and historic markings. 6¼" wingspan. #703675 $84.95

Show off your passion for the all-weather stealth fighter with this 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt! Displaying a colorful screen-print of the F-35 Lightning II, and its World War II P-38 predecessor, a taped neck and shoulders as well as a seamless collar.

Brotherhood of Spies

The U-2 and the CIA's Secret War

Reel. On May 1, 1960, an American U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union a few weeks prior to a peace summit. In response, President Eisenhower delivered a speech created by the CIA to cover up the crash. This book reveals how the top-secret U-2 spy program upended the Cold War, and completely changed the CIA. 352 pages, 6½"x 9½", hardcover. #703615 $29.95


"Lightning Strikes Twice" T-Shirt


M, L, XL: $22.95 2XL, 3XL: $24.95

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Stealth & Recon


Designed by the secretive Skunk Works division at Lockheed, the SR-71 Blackbird – based on its A-12 predecessor – was a recon plane that took its first flight in December 1964. Though only 32 were built, it served with the U.S. Air Force for more than three decades and remains the world recordholder for fastest air-breathing manned aircraft.

SR-71A Blackbird Model

1/72 SCALE

Activated by the U.S. Air Force in 1964, the SR-71 Blackbird still holds the records for the fastest air-breathing, manned aircraft and the highest altitude in horizontal flight. On January 21, 1990, this SR-71A, which carried the symbol, “R.I.P. Detachment 1” out of Kadena AB, Okinawa, flew its last mission. She is currently at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, England and is the only Blackbird on display outside of the continental U.S. This 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast replica features the markings and paint scheme from that last mission, and comes with a metal display stand. 17¾" long. #703662 $104.95


Lockheed Apparel

Pay tribute to one of the most innovative aviation brands in history with this black t-shirt and cap, each one made of 100% cotton and sporting the colorful Lockheed star on the front and Skunk Works logo on the shoulder/side. 100% cotton.

T-Shirt #701860 Cap #701881 $26.95


SR-71 Blackbird Model

The SR-71A flown by Lt. Col. Raymond 1/200 SCALE E. "Ed" Yeilding and Lt. Col. Joseph T. "JT" Vida on March 6, 1990 – the aircraft's final U.S. military flight – traveled from L.A. to Washington D.C. in just 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 20 seconds. Part of the Smithsonian Series from Air Force 1, this 1/200 scale, die cast model is a replica of Yielding and Vida's Blackbird as it appeared on that fateful day and features a realistic sleek design, finely reproduced conical spikes, authentic markings, and a metal display base. 6½" long. #701170 $20.95

Signed by SR-71 Test Pilot Robert Gilliland!

First Flight of the Blackbird

Stan Stokes. Introduced in 1966, the legendary SR-71 Blackbird would go on to become the fastest air-breathing, manned LIMITED EDITION aircraft in history. Before it $ could achieve its thunderous success, however, it needed to be flight-tested. This print pays tribute to that fateful day – December 22, 1964 – when pilot Robert Gilliland took the aircraft on its maiden flight, escorted by an F-104 Starfighter. 16"x 11½".



M, L, XL: $32.95 2XL: $34.95

Signature Edition – Save $20!

Standard Edition – Save $15!

Signed by the artist and SR-71 Test Pilot Robert Gilliland!

Signed by the artist!


#700564 Reg: $89.95 $

B-1B Lancer Model

#7182 Reg: $39.95 $


B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber Kit

Commonly called the “Bone” because of its designation (B-One), the Lancer is a 1/221 SCALE strategic bomber that was conceived during the 1960s with multiple delays until its ultimate introduction in 1986. This 1/221 scale, die cast model − replicating a “Bone” serving with the 9th Bomb Squadron − features a seethrough canopy, sweepable wings, realistic air intakes and exhaust nozzles, fixed landing gear, and a nameplate display stand. 8" long. #702034 $29.95

Fully capable of all-altitude combat missions up to 50,000 feet, the magnificent B-2A Spirit bomber was the second aircraft with advanced stealth technology after the F-117 Nighthawk. This impressively large, 1/72 scale plastic kit includes a deOver 2-Foot Wingspan! tailed cockpit and bomb bays, an accurate engine, photo-etched parts, and authentic decals for the U.S. Air Force. Assembly required. Skill level 4. 28½" wingspan. #704247 $189.95

B-1 Lancer

A Pictorial History of the B-2A Spirit Stealth Bomber

An exciting collection of rare vintage footage, this six-film set examines the swept-wing bombers of the USAF: the B-1 Lancer and F-111 Aardvark. In addition to featuring classic newsreels, viewers will be treated to an exploration of the development and re-fueling capability of the B-1, with a special look at the retirement of the F-111 after its distinguished service during Operation Desert Storm. 1 hr. 26 min. #V5177 $19.95

Goodall. This illustrated profile is a comprehensive examination of the B-2A Spirit: a design that serves as the culmination of Jack Northrop’s vision half a century ago. See the versatility of the bomber including its long-range capability and precision weaponry – it is amazingly able to do the job of more than 35 conventional aircraft. 160 pages, 525 color photos, 12"x 9", hardcover. #701663 $34.95

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or



Patrol Aircraft

P2V-5 Neptune Display Model

Developed for the U.S. Navy to replace the PV-1 Ventura and PV-2 Harpoon, the P2V-5 Neptune – a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft – had been successful in export and saw service with several armed forces. Made of premium mahogany, this 1/72 scale model features a hand-painted scheme and a wooden display stand. 17¼" wingspan. #704248 $219.95

Hook Up! In the Groove



James Dietz. Under the watchful eyes of Landing Signal Officers, a U.S. Navy S-3 Viking – about to hit the ramp – is “in the groove.” 20"x 16". #74816

Reg: $24.95 $

HU-16E Albatross Display Model

Deployed by the U.S. Coast Guard, the HU-16E Albatross variant had the original amphibious flying boat design with a deep-V hull and longer airframe. Its main purpose was to search and rescue downed pilots. This version was modified by lengthening the wingspan and changing its computer systems. This 1/72 scale replica is handcrafted of mahogany wood, and includes a wooden display stand. 16¼" wingspan. #703620 $219.95

P-3C Orion Display Model

Introduced in the 1960s as a turboprop anti-sub and maritime surveillance aircraft, the P-3C Orion could be easily recognized by its distinctive tail stinger or “MAD Boom” used for magnetically detecting submarines. Professionally handpainted to reflect an authentic scheme, this 1/85 scale model is crafted of fine mahogany and includes a wooden display stand. 19½" long. #704249 $219.95

U.S. Navy ASW Anti-Submarine Underwater Warfare

Filled with fascinating underwater footage, this program includes 4 programs that examine U.S. Navy anti-submarine warfare operations. You'll watch P-3 Orions, S2 Trackers, Sea Kings, and P2 Neptunes hunt down enemy subs; ride in the USS Yorktown (CV-10) as it and a fleet of destroyers patrol the seas in the search for Russian subs; view archival newsreels about the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Sea Sprite high speed helicopter, and the Sky Jinks helicopter drone; and more. B&W, 1 hr. 29 min. #V5114 $19.95


S-3B Viking Model

1/72 SCALE




E-2C Hawkeye Model

1/72 SCALE





Introduced in 1964, the E-2 Hawkeye – also known as the "Super Fudd" – is a uniquely shaped airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft. The "C" is the most modern variant, equipped with upgraded electronics and surveillance/ search radars. A reproduction of an E-2C Hawkeye flying with the VAW-126 “Seahawks,” this 1/72 scale, Air Force 1, die cast replica features that aircraft's signature colorful artwork, engraved panel lines, a glazed canopy, a realistic top dish, rotating propellers, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a presentation stand. 13½" wingspan.


#701951 Reg: $109 $

Grumman S2F/S-2 Tracker

Developed by Grumman to meet a specific military need for a carrier-based anti-submarine platform, the S2F/S-2 Tracker has had a prolific career which began with the U.S. Navy in 1952. This illustrated two-book series covers the entire timeline of the famous aircraft and features amusing anecdotes from pilots and crewmen alike. Color photos, 8½"x 11", softcover. Volume 1 – Thomason and Kowalski. Development, testing, evolution, variants, unsuccessful advancements, and foreign usage. 200 pages. #701927 $44.95 Volume 2 – Ginter and Siegfried. Domestic operational service, including the reserves and training squadrons, and a look at the WF-2 and E-1B. 248 pages. #701928 $49.95



Replicating an S-3B Viking stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast model is a recreation of “Navy $ One” – the only aircraft ever to be designated as such when it transported President Bush in May of 2003. It features the unit’s Blue Wolf logo on the tail, a removable canopy, handpainted crew figures, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. $ 11½" wingspan. #980659 Reg: $119

S-2A Tracker Kit

Featuring a wingspan that measures a foot-and-ahalf wide, this 1/48 scale plastic kit replicates an S-2A Tracker and comes with a glazed canopy, rotating propellers, signature tricycle landing gear, authentic weaponry (including depth charges, ASW torpedoes, and Bullpup missiles, all with underwing hardpoints), and three sets of historic markings (U.S., Japanese, and Canadian). Assembly required. Skill level 3. 18" wingspan. #701926 $89.95

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C-130 Hercules Model

C-45F/UC45 Kit

One of the most successful and famous aircraft in aviation history, the C-35 “Twin Beech” served the U.S. Air Force during WWII as a transport. This 1/48 scale plastic kit includes a highly detailed cockpit and engine, as well as authentic decals for 4 versions. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 12" wingspan. #704260 $54.95 Developed for the U.S. Air Force, the Boeing C-17 is mostly used as a military transport LIMITED EDITION aircraft. Other common duties of the C-17 involve tactical and 1/200 SCALE strategic airlift missions, transporting troops and cargo, medical evacuation, and airdrops. This 1/200 scale, die cast replica features authentic markings and livery, recessed panel lines, and accurate surface details. 10½" long. #703201 $94.95

Boeing C-17 Model

C-124C Globemaster II Kit

Nicknamed "Old Shaky", the C-124 Globemaster II was a heavy-lift cargo aircraft primarily used as transport for the U.S. Air Force during the 1950s and 1960s. It was the only aircraft that could move large tanks or engineering equipment, along with a double-deck fuselage that could hold over 200 fully-equipped soldiers. This 1/144 scale plastic kit features engraved panel lines, a flight deck with bulkhead, raisedrelief radial engine faces, a nose radar radome, wingtip combustion heaters, filigree antennae and fairings, single-piece 3-blade propellers, decals, and a color painting reference guide. Assembly required. 14½" wingspan. #703159 $44.95

C-54D Skymaster

After Kit the war, members of the Flying Tigers developed the “Flying Tiger Line,” a cargo airline service operating the C-54 Skymaster. This impressively sized, 1/72 scale plastic kit features a well-equipped cockpit (with seats and a radio room), an opening cargo door, interior seating, a rest cabin with bunks, and two late 1940s authentic decals. Assembly required. 352 pieces. Skill level 4. 19½" wingspan. #84138 $59.95

1/200 SCALE

This 1/200 scale model replicating the versatile C-130 Hercules, which has served more than 60 countries for over half a century, arrives fully painted with authentic 317th Airlift Group, U.S. Air Force, Dyess AFB, markings and includes a display stand. 7½" wingspan. #91222 $34.95

KC-135R Kit

Among the longest serving frontline aircraft in U.S. history, the KC-135R was a solution to the Air Force’s need for a high-speed jet transport capable of mid-air refueling the newest bombers during the 1950s. Complete with accurate CFM-56 engines, this 1/144 scale plastic kit features a clear canopy, instructions, and decals for two USAF aircraft. Assembly required. 84 pieces. Skill level 2. 11½" long. #704250 $44.95

The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker More Than a Tanker

Hopkins. The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker is considered one of the most significant military aircraft of the Cold War-era and beyond. Completely revised and expanded, the new edition features the operational histories of over 80 versions of these world-famous Boeing aircraft. This book also provides details on all 820 specialized KC-135 aircraft including first flight, delivery, configuration, attrition, and retirement. 384 pages, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #703463 $44.95

Cargo/ Transports

A diverse assortment of military cargo and transport planes are examined in these unique programs.




U.S. Army Air Forces Transport Command

This collection includes 6 films about the USAAF’s transport command! You’ll see footage of USAAF C-46s, C-47s, DC-4s, DC-6s, and others in action during and immediately after WWII, learn about the importance and benefits of having USAAF air bases strategically placed around the world, and even watch newsreels about “The Hump,” the dangerous pass over the eastern end of the Himalayan mountains. B&W, 1 hr. 45 min. #V5096

C-130 Hercules – Learn about the development of the C-130 Hercules, from the factory floor to its prolific service history! See its role in military airlift transportation and how it supports the American research base in the Antarctic. 1 hr. 48 min. #V5124

The Douglas Globemaster Series – Used to

transport heavy equipment and tanks to various battlefields around the world, the Douglas Globemaster – as detailed here, in captivating detail – saw a number of iterations, including the C-78, C-124, and C-17. 1 hr. 30 min. #703162

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Final Frontier

Spacecraft / NASA NASA Research Aircraft Display Models

Mercury Spacecraft Kits

Designed for conducting NASA research missions, both the D-558-2 Skyrocket – the first time an aircraft exceeded twice the speed of sound – and WB-57f – capable of long-range missions up to an altitude of 60,000 feet – have paved the road for innovative American aircraft technologies still prevalent today. Handcrafted of fine mahogany, each display model features an authentic hand-painted scheme and a wooden presentation stand. A

A Re-create the most legendary events in American spaceflight history with these epic, 1/72 scale plastic kits of the famous Mercury spacecraft! Complete B with historic decals for various missions, each one features finely detailed shingles, bolts and windows, as well as options to build boilerplate or porthole versions, and more. Assembly required. 48 pieces. A: First Manned Spacecraft (2 Kits) – Includes three flight mode options: launch, orbit or re-entry, and two display stands for each build. Each spacecraft measures 4¼" long. #704360 $49.95 B: Spacecraft with Redstone Rocket – Comes with a detailed Redstone rocket and capsule builds. 14" long. #704361 $59.95

America in Space Series

Project Mercury

Reichl. The very beginning of America’s entry into the realm of manned space exploration, Project Mercury was the first NASA program, created in 1958. This exciting volume – an illustrated guide featuring nearly a hundred rare photographs – examines the infancy of NASA which saw John Glenn become the first person to orbit the earth and Alan Shepard achieve the first suborbital “jump.” 144 pages, 89 color photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #700665 $19.95

Mercury Seven Astronauts Colorized $2 Bill

Displaying the seven original American astronauts – Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, and John Glenn to name a few – this genuine U.S. $2 bill has colorized images to pay tribute to the Mercury spaceflight program. It comes with a blue twosided display folio and certificate of authenticity. #704358 $16.95

In Search of Stardust

Amazing Micrometeorites and Their Terrestrial Imposters

Larsen. Approximately 100 metric tons of cosmic dust collides with Earth every day; however, most mineral particles are smaller than a grain of sand. A comprehensive guide with in-depth research, this edition – the first published title on micrometeorites – offers chapters on the formation, classification, analysis and history. Also, learn how to find these terrestrial imposters using your own equipment! 152 pages, 9½"x 9½", hardcover. #704357 $24.95



A: D-558-2 Skyrocket – 1/32 scale, 18½" long. #704365 B: WB-57f – 1/72 scale, 20¼" wingspan. #703658






A Journey Through Space

President Kennedy’s 1961 pledge to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade was fulfilled on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 landed on the earth’s satellite. This two-DVD documentary series explores not only this historic event but also the complete fascinating history of NASA including its Cold War past, exciting present, and hopeful future. 5 hrs. 18 min. #701693 $14.95

NASA Operations Manual 1958 Onwards

Baker, Ph.D. Comprised of detailed line drawings, charts and striking photographs, this in-depth edition from NASA describes the facilities where rockets are tested, satellites are built, and humans are prepared for space travel. Additionally, review separate chapters on laboratories, engineering departments, and the complete history of NASA. 208 pages, 300+ color photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #704362 $36.95

NASA Rocket Scientist Fleece Jacket

Embroidered with the NASA emblem on the front and the words “Rocket Scientist” on the back, this 100% polyester fleece jacket features a full-zip design and zippered pocket.

#700645 Back

M, L, XL: $79.95 2XL: $84.95

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Rockets / Space Shuttle

Final Frontier

Titan IV with SMRU Display Model

Delta Rocket Display Models

Handcrafted of fine mahogany, each 1/100 scale display model of a Delta rocket – featuring the presently active IV Heavy and the II variant, which was retired on November 1, 2011 – represents an American expendable launch system used by the U.S. Air Force. They include professionally hand-painted schemes and a A wooden presentation stand.

Used by the U.S. Air Force, the Titan IV was introduced as the “largest unmanned space booster” in the mid-1980s. A fullscale steel tower and deflector facility, the Solid Rocket Motor Upgrade, or SRMU, evaluated the rocket’s magnitude of thrust force. Hand-painted with accurate detail, this 1/200 scale display model features a fine mahogany construction and includes a wooden presentation stand. 10¾" tall.


A: Delta IV 28¼" tall. #704301 $289.95 B: Delta II – 15¼" tall. #704342 $229.95




Space Shuttle Collection Display Models

Featuring three active space shuttles: Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, these 1/200 scale display models are handsomely showcased together as a commemorative tribute to 30 years of successful operational missions by NASA. Handcrafted of fine mahogany, each one reflects hand-painted detail and includes a wooden presentation stand. 15" long.




1/144 SCALE Space Shuttle “Discovery” with Solid Rocket Boosters Cutaway Model

A replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery (OV-103), this 1/144 scale model has clear plastic parts to reveal the inner workings of the shuttle! You also get finely textured surfaces, realistic engine exhaust nozzles, two prototypical Solid Rocket Boosters (resembling the type that launched the Space Shuttles into orbit from 1981 to 2011), and authentic NASA markings. 18" tall; includes a display stand. #97928 $189.95

Space Shuttle & Booster Rockets Kit

In 1972, NASA began creating the space shuttle as a reusable vessel for space exploration. With rocket boosters, it could carry seven crew members and a heavy payload. Complete with decals for five versions, this 1/288 scale plastic kit features finely detailed seams, bolts and hatches, a launch pad, an external tank and fuel boosters, and more. Assembly required. Shuttle: 4½" long. Booster: 6¼" long. #704363 $14.95

The Space Book (Revised & Updated) From the Beginning to the End of Time, 250 Milestones in the History of Space & Astronomy

Bell, Ph.D. Since its first publication in 2013, space exploration has seen many advancements and changes over the years. This revised and updated version encompasses the most recent discoveries, technologies and images through today’s exciting breakthroughs – from the discovery of the Trappist-1 system to future innovations. 528 pages, color photos, 7¾"x 8½", hardcover. #704364 $29.95

Orbit Achieved

Mark Karvon. Orbiting above the majestic Earth atmosphere, this highquality print captures the legendary Space Shuttle Atlantis. Having spent the last of its fuel propelling into outer space, the jettisoned main fuel tank hurls towards its fiery destination below.

14"x 11" #703187 24"x 18" #703188

44.95 79.95

$ $

Challenger Missions Colorized Florida Quarters Set

Take advantage of a thrilling opportunity to own this unique 10-coin set featuring the Challenger – the second orbiter of NASA’s space shuttle program – on genuine, U.S. Florida quarters! Complete with full-color images of epic achievements, each coin includes an acrylic capsule and the set comes with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a handsome display box. #704071 $54.95

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Celebrate your inner Trekkie with our galactic selection of Star Trek collectibles, ranging from the latest USS Enterprise re-fit to a Romulan Warbird! Each die cast model reflects a finely textured surface and recessed panels lines, and a clear-armed presentation stand to display your starship mid-flight. 4"-5½" long.



USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

Operating as the Federation flagship during her career, the Enterprise-D had been destroyed in the "Battle of Veridian III." #704196

Enterprise (NX-01) – One of the most significant starships, the NX-01 was the first NX-class to be launched by United Earth Starfleet in 2151. #704198

95 Each

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)

All Models Include a Display Stand!

Regarded as the pinnacle of Starfleet ship design, the Sovereign-class NCC-1701-E had been the sixth to bear the name Enterprise. #704203

Klingon Bird-of-Prey – A warship used by the Klingons, the bird-like vessel could perform multiple mission roles as a raider, scout, patrol and cruiser. #704197

USS Voyageur (NCC-74656)

A Federation Intrepid-class starship operated by Starfleet, the vessel completed the first successful exploration of the Delta Quadrant.

Romulan Warbird – The largest and most powerful mainstays of the Romulan Star Empire during the late 24th century.

USS Defiant (NX-74205) – The Defiant – a prototype in its class and second Federation ship with the same name – was a response to a hostile Borg threat. #704202

K’tinga-Class Battlecruiser – Once considered one



of the most powerful Klingon warships, the cruiser appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Undiscovered Country. #704201

U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-E Kit

Debuting for the first time in the film Star Trek: Trek First Contact,, the Enterprise 1701-E shared many similarities of previous Federation ships, however this version boasts a sleeker appearance, along with advanced warp technology. This 1/1400 scale plastic kit features highly detailed, molded-in parts, clear red and blue sections, illustrated instructions, and a display stand. Assembly required. 35 pieces. Skill level 2. 19" long. #704245 $39.95

Star Trek Enterprise: The Complete Series


Over 70 hours on 27 DVDs!

Own the entire collection of an epic sci-fi phenomenon that swept the nation with Star Trek Enterprise: The Complete Series! Based in the 22nd century, each episode stars Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer and his noble crew aboard the Enterprise NX-01. Ideal for true final frontier fans, this DVD set includes all four seasons – plus never-before-seen bonus materials. 70 hrs. 23 min. on 27 discs. #704229 $109.95

Spock Fleece Blanket

Equipped with his shoulder-strapped tricorder and giving his signature salute, Mr. Spock is featured in full, crisp color on this fleece blanket. 36"x 58".




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Final Frontier

Sci-Fi A

Luna Rocketship Kit

Cosmostrator Kit

Based off of a classic, 1950s retro science-fiction design, the Luna Rocketship encompasses an ideal aesthetic look used to inspire outer space-themed movies. Each 1/144 scale plastic kit includes incredibly detailed, molded-in parts with a chrome or silver metal plating, B and a display base. Assembly required. $ Skill level 2. 12" long. 39.95 each

An accurate reproduction of the Venus exploration rocket, as it appeared in the movie First Spaceship on Venus, the Cosmostrator 1/350 scale kit features molded-in plastic parts with chrome or silver metal plating, a detailed fuselage and engine nacelle, and a display base. Assembly required. 23 pieces. Skill $ level 2. 12" long. 39.95 each

A: Chrome Plated #704091 B: Silver Plated #704231


A: Chrome Plated #704093 B: Silver Plated #704094


Area 51

Essential Guide to UFO Sightings Since 1945

Metal Signs

Schwede. Examine more than 10 significant UFO sightings discovered since 1945 in this comprehensive title, featuring technical data, facts and images to back-up these mysterious findings. Complete with a historic background and possible explanations, it offers the reader firsthand accounts to speculate. 112 pages, 94 color photographs, 6"x 9", softcover. #704341 $9.95

A Silent Invasion

The Truth About Aliens, Alien Abductions, and UFOs



Marshall.. More than a hundred eerie images are examined in this pictorial guide, an in-depth profile of the paranormal and their interaction with mankind. And, while some difficult-to-answer questions are submitted – such as whether or not the Nazca Lines can be attributed to alien activity – the author definitively states that these invaders do not, in fact, come in peace. 136 pages, 110 color photos, 6"x 9", softcover. #701230 $19.95

UFOs Over America: Scariest Cases

C Show off your fascination of mysterious UFO sightings and other great mysteries with these premium metal signs displaying topsecret Area 51 designs! Handmade of heavy-gauge steel, each one includes mounting holes.

Flammer. From Greys and Nordics to reptilians and insectoids, this otherworldly examination covers everything relating to America’s involvement with alien lifeforms. Broken into three sections, readers will explore the scariest encounters, UFO crashes, and alien abductions while also getting expert advice on how to protect yourself in the event of a confrontation. 176 pages, 17 B&W photos, 6"x 9", hardcover. #701891 $19.95

A: NEW! Area 51 – 16"x 24". B: Restricted Area – 18"x 12". C: NEW! Area 51 Arrow – 26"x 14".

#704104 #701840 #704331

34.95 24.95 $ 39.95 $ $

Movie Poster

Ideal for otherworldly film enthusiasts, this iconic poster depicts the unforgettable screenplay that set precedence for future space travel movies. 24"x 36".





Made of high-quality 100% cotton, this premium t-shirt celebrates the epic sci-fi blockbuster – 2001: A Space M, L, XL: $24.95 Odyssey – with a detailed 2XL, 3XL: $26.95 screen-print!


2001: A Space Odyssey

One of the greatest science-fiction epics ever made, this Stanley Kubrick film is perhaps best known for the fabulous sequence inside the Pan Am Orion III “Space Clipper” carrying Dr. Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester) to a space station orbiting earth. 2 hrs. 28 min. #V7394 $9.95

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T R A IN E R S Primary Flight Training Stearman N2S

You’re a naval flight cadet learning to fly the Stearman N2S – the Navy’s basic trainer version of the Stearman Model 75 biplane – in these collections of U.S. Navy training films produced in 1944 and ’45. You’ll learn the correct way to perform basic maneuvers, view remarkable air-to-air photography, and experience in-cockpit instruction just like the thousands of naval cadets who went on to fly in World War II. You’ll even watch incorrect methods as Cadet MacDribble performs a comedy of errors! B&W. $

Program 1: Flying Sense • Before You Fly • First Flights (1 hr. 25 min.) #V8056 Program 2: Attitudes of Flight • Takeoffs, Patterns and Landings. (1 hr. 32 min.) #V8072

A wonderful PT-19 Balsa Wood Kit rendition of the famous WWII primary trainer, this kit features over 60 handselected lasercut balsa parts, light weight colored tissue, color peel-and-stick decals, contest-quality rubber, a 5" plastic prop, full-size plans, step-by-step instructions and more. For display or free flight. Assembly required. 17½" wingspan. #83005 $24.95

Pilot Training Manual


This is a reprint of the official 1943 government handbook designed to show the new cadet how to fly the aircraft. Includes aircraft description, flight operating instructions, and flight operating data. All the controls, flight characteristics, diagrams and photos are here. 38 pages, 8½"x 11", spiral-bound.

14.95 each

Buy Both – Save 15%! Separately: $29.90 $ #V8068



Stearman PT-17 Kit

This 1/48 scale plastic kit of a WWII-era, PT-17 trainer features open tandem cockpits with clear windscreens; wings with simulated fabric covering, visible ribs, and real wire rigging; a detailed R-670-4 radial engine; prototypically canted landing gear; and two sets of authentic markings. Assembly required. 60 pieces. Skill level 3. 8" wingspan. #84061 $24.95




T-34A Mentor Kit

Two Ways to Fly

Stan Stokes. This print depicts a PT-17 Stearman and a vintage HarleyDavidson softail motorLIMITED EDITION cycle at a dirt field typical of those where countless pilots and aviation enthusiasts have been introduced to the joys of flight. 16"x 11½". Signed and numbered by the artist!


#73007 Reg: $39.95 $

This 1/16 scale, balsa wood kit features exceptional details such as movable ailerons and tail Stearman " 28 Wingspan! surfaces, a simulated PT-17 Balsa Kit engine, fairings and wheel covers, and a pilot figure. Makes a gorgeous non-flying display model or can be flown with a rubber- or gas-powered engine. Includes tissue. Assembly required. 28" wingspan. #8910 $64.95




Following WWII, the U.S. military fulfilled their requirement for a costeffective “higher performance” aircraft with the T-34 Mentor. Capable of speed and maneuverability, it became a highly successful design used by the Air Force and Navy. Featuring authentic decals for two versions, this 1/48 scale plastic kit includes a detailed cockpit with sliding canopy, and optional-position landing gear. Assembly required. 8¼" wingspan. #704376 $39.95

T-38 Talon Models

1/72 SCALE

Entering service at Randolph AFB on March 17, 1961, the T-38 Talon assisted the U.S. Air Force and NASA with improving their pilots’ proficiency. A LIMITED EDITION The aircraft was often chosen for its lowcost operation and maintenance. Made by Hobby Master, each 1/72 scale, die cast replica, as they appeared with B Display Stand the 49th Fighter Included! Wing at Holloman A: 2011 #980853 AFB, features a professional hand-painted scheme, B: 2005 #980854 optional-position landing gear, a removable figure, $ and a display stand. 7¾" long. 61.95 each

USAF T-38 Talon Trainer

Still in service more than five decades after its introduction, the T-38 Talon was the world's first supersonic jet trainer. Featuring newsreels and training films, this multi-chapter program explores the enduring plane including a look inside its cockpit, history with the Thunderbirds (beginning in 1973), experience assisting F-4, A-10, and F-16 pilots, and a bonus look at the T-37 Tweet and T-46 Eaglet. 1 hr. 41 min. #702680 $19.95

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Propliners Pratt & Whitney Wasp Engine Kit

Molded in two colors to better simulate the look of the original, this revised and re-issued, 1/8 scale plastic kit of the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp engine – a 9-cylinder radial that powered legendary Golden Age aircraft such as the Ford Tri-Motor, Gee Bee racers, and T-6 Texan – features realistic components such as magnetos and a starter, a detailed propeller hub, a display stand, and more. 7¼" long with a 6¼" diameter; Assembly required. 280+ pieces. #9220 $59.95


Pratt & Whitney’s Major Miracle

White. Pratt & Whitney’s R-4360, or “Wasp Major,” was a very large engine that, in the late 1940s, represented the most sophisticated of its breed. In this definitive work, you not only get a detailed account of the engine’s inner workings, but also a full review of its development history; variations; and military, commercial, and racing applications. 608 pages, 600+ B&W photos, 7½"x 10½", hardcover.


Manning. Heavily illustrated, this pictorial essay presents many of the world’s most recognizable prop and turboprop aircraft from the 20th century. A nostalgic look at some of the great classic propeller-driven aircraft from around the world, this new volume examines everything from the water-bombing Convair CV-580 and the Lockheed P-2 Neptune to the cargo-hauling Curtiss C-46, Douglas DC-4, and Russian Antonov An-12; DC-3s and An-32s; and more. 112 pages, B&W and color photographs, 7¾"x 10½", softcover. #11618 $19.95 Part 1 – Douglas DC-3s, Float Planes, and Pleasure Flights. #11602 $19.95

Bellanca CH/J-300 Record Flight Kit

Renowned for its long-distance endurance, the CH/J-300 Pacemaker set a record in 1931 for staying aloft without being refueled for a total of 84 hours and 33 minutes. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features a well-equipped cockpit, authentic decals, a spinning propeller, and illustrated instructions. Assembly required. 92 pieces. Skill level 3. 6½" long. #704264 $39.95


DC-7C Kit


Part 2

This set of 9 note cards includes 3 of each design: the Douglas DC-3, the Martin M-130 China Clipper and the Ford Tri-Motor. Includes 9 envelopes. #9200 Reg: $9.95 $

With less DC-4 Kit than 100 built, the DC-4 was far rarer than the C-54 military version. After it served throughout World War II, the aircraft was converted into a commercial airliner. Complete with two sets of decals, this 1/72 scale plastic kit features a radio compartment with consoles, a cargo or passenger door, interior seats, rotating propellers, and detailed engines. Assembly required. 356 pieces. Skill level 5. 19½" wingspan. #704265 $79.95


Propliners of the World

Vintage Airliners Note Cards


An extendedrange variant of the transport aircraft, the DC-7C “Seven Seas” had increased fuel capacity, reduced interference drag, and a quieter cabin since the engines were moved farther outboard. This 1/144 scale plastic kit includes engraved panel lines, a detailed fuselage and landing gear, as well as illustrated instructions, and decals for Pan American Airlines. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 9½" long. #704266 $39.95

Includes a Display Stand!

Lockheed L-1649A Model

The last plane in Lockheed’s Constellation line, the L-1649 entered service with TWA Limited Quantity! in 1957, flying 30 weekly flights from New York to Europe. This 1/200 scale, 1/200 SCALE die cast model of the “Jetstream” – as it was known to TWA employees of the era – features a nostalgic Trans World Airlines livery, free-spinning propellers, and simulated cabin windows. 9" wingspan. #702667 $139.95

L-188 Electra Kit

Though only 170 were produced, the L-188 Electra remains in limited usage today, more than half a century after its introduction. This 1/144 scale kit – a replica of the prototype used to demonstrate the new L-188 design in the late 1950s – features realistic engine details with rotating propellers, simulated canopy and OVER cabin windows, and authentic markings. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8¾" long. #701582 $29.95



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Manufacturers Working Jet Engine Kit

Trans World Airlines

Add an utterly unique aviation collectible to your showcase with this real-working kit, featuring a clear plastic design – offering an educational peek inside the engine – spinning turbo fans, variable speed control, and realistic lighting, movement, and sound. Assembly required. Batteries not included. 50 pieces. Skill level 2. 10¾"x 6" footprint. #83177 $59.95

Jet Engines

Fundamentals of Theory, Design and Operation

Hunecke. This comprehensive technical study of the components that constitute a gas turbine aero-engine examines each part’s design and function. You’ll read about turbojet, turboprop and turbofan designs and their application in both civilian and military aircraft; air intakes, compressors, turbines and exhaust systems; and much more. 224 pages, B&W illustrations, 6"x 9", hardcover. #19232 $34.95

PAN AMERICAN An intercontinental version of Boeing’s first jetliner, the 1/200 707-320 first SCALE flew on January 11, 1959. Later that year in August, the jetliner known as “Jet Clipper Liberty Bell” commenced scheduled service from Los Angeles to London. Featuring vintage Pan American Airways livery, this 1/200 scale, die cast model includes recessed panel lines, realistic detail, and rolling wheels. 9¼" long. #704275 $149.95

Boeing 707-320 Model

Pan American World Airways

Los Angeles TWA Metal Sign

Formed in the 1930s as one of the “Big Four” domestic airlines, Trans World Airlines (TWA) frequently serviced flights to and from sunny Los Angeles. Handmade of steel, this metal sign includes mounting holes for hanging. 12"x 18". #704278 $19.95

Douglas DC-3 Kit

Revolutionizing air transport in the 1930s and ‘40s, the DC-3 – a fixed-wing propeller-driven airliner – had a lasting effect on the industry making it one of the most significant transport aircraft. Complete with finely engraved panel lines, this 1/144 scale plastic kit features a separately molded hatch, detailed landing gear, 3-blade propellers, and 1930’s TWA livery decals. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 8" long. #704277 $29.95


Airbus A321S Model

The Airbus A321 is a member of the Airbus A320 family of shortLIMITED EDITION to medium-range, narrow-body commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners. Designed as a lengthened fuselage version of the highly successful A320 version, the A321 was first flown in 1993. This 1/200 scale, die cast model features all-around seamless construction, “sharklet” wingtips, Frontier Airlines markings, and a display stand. 8¾" long. #703009 $69.95

Hoffman and Hoffman. From their inaugural 1927 airmail flight between Key West and Havana, Pan American was a pioneer in the field of civil aviation. Track the incredible history of the company from its founding by entrepreneur Juan T. Trippe, mid-century golden years, and ultimate demise in 1991 with this illustrated volume which features more than a hundred photos of the people and planes that made Pan Am legendary. 96 pages, 163 color photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. #701210 $24.95

Frontier Airlines

A History of the Former Frontier Airlines 1950-1986

Stearns. This is the story of the former Frontier Airlines, from its founding just after WWII through its gradual demise and bankruptcy in the 1980s. You'll tour Frontier's fleet and meet employees, learn about the airline's pioneering activities (it was the first to hire a female pilot), and more. 240 pages, 280+ B&W and color photos, 8½"x 11", hardcover. #21174 $49.95

Flying with Arthur Godfrey

An American cargo aircraft and commercial jetliner, the B747-100 – often referred to by its nickname, “Jumbo Jet” – can be easily recognized with its distinct hump upper deck. It was also the first wide1/200 SCALE body airplane ever made. This 1/200 scale, die cast replica features rolling rubber tires, authentic Eastern Air Lines livery, pad-printed windows and doors, fixed landing gear, and a display stand. 14" long. #704276 $139.95

B747-100 Model



From the archives of Eastern Air Lines comes this behind-the-scenes, 1953 tour of the company and its operations. You’ll meet legendary World War I ace Eddie Rickenbacker, who ran the airline at that time, and then ride along in the cockpit of a Lockheed Constellation as Arthur Godfrey shows you what it’s like to fly it. Finally, see the latest military innovation – the jet engine – in action and learn how these new propulsion systems will actually be available for commercial aircraft! 48 minutes. #V8018 $14.95

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Manufacturers 1/200 SCALE

B737-800(W) Model

Developed for the 100-seat market, the Boeing 717-200 – a twin-engine, singleaisle jet airliner – was 1/200 SCALE originally designed and marketed as the MD-95, LIMITED EDITION a derivative of the DC-9. Displaying Hawaiian Airlines livery, this 1/200 scale, die cast replica features integrated flap track fairings, rearmounted engine nacelles with detailed turbo fans, and recessed panel lines. 7½" long. #704146 $69.95

Boeing 717-200 Model

Introduced in the 1990s as one of the Boeing Next Generation aircraft, the B737-800 LIMITED EDITION narrow-body airliner offered an increased wingspan, upgraded “glass” cockpit, and a spacious remodeled interior. Showcasing vintage American Airlines livery, this 1/200 scale, die cast model features pad-printed cabin windows and doors, recessed panel lines, and more. 7¾" long. #704282 $64.95

Surfboard Metal Signs

United Air Lines 1/200 SCALE

B787-8 Dreamliner Model

One of the most modern and fuelefficient commercial airliners in the world, LIMITED EDITION the Boeing 787 Dreamliner – introduced in 2011 – can accommodate up to 335 passengers. A replica of a 787-8 in United Airline’s fleet, this 1/200 scale, die cast model features the company’s signature globe logo on the tail, simulated cockpit and cabin windows, fine engine details, and a display stand. 11¾" wingspan. #96451 $109.95

United Air Lines 787 Dreamliner T-Shirt

Made of 100% cotton, this premium quality, screen-printed, yellow t-shirt features a 787 Dreamliner wearing a United livery with the Continental “globe” logo (found on aircraft after the UnitedContinental merger of 2010).


M, L, XL: $22.95

2XL: $24.95


Concorde Model

First flown on March 2, 1969, the Concorde was a result of a collaborative effort by Britain and France to make a supersonic airliner. In 1988, it flew around the world in 41 hours and 21 minutes – a new record-breaking time! This 1/350 scale, die cast model features Air France livery, pad-printed 1/350 SCALE doors and windows, extended landing gear, and a display stand. 7" long. #704279 $24.95

Building Concorde

Buttler. This title offers fresh perspectives on the Concorde program by exploring how the magnificent aircraft came into existence, as well as the political background between the French and British collaboration. In addition to chapters based on supersonic flight, examine the flight test program leading up to its service entry in 1976. 240 pages, B&W and color photos, 8½"x 11½", hardcover. #704280 $39.95

Boeing 777-200LR Model



Surfs up! These metal signs will make you want to catch some waves with their A: Nude Beach #64325 super-cool surfboard cutout B: Hawaiian Girl #64344 design. They can be hung anywhere for a fun, beachy addition to your wall décor! Includes mounting holes. 6"x 22". $29.95 each

Known as the world’s largest twinjet with a capacity of nearly 400 passengers, the 777-200 long-range airliner was Boeing’s first fly-by-wire aircraft. Complete with authentic Delta livery, LIMITED EDITION this 1/200 scale, die cast replica features padprinted windows and doors, photoetched antennae, jewel-cut lenses on top and bottom, fixed landing gear with steerable nose wheel, and free-spinning fan blades. 12¾" wingspan. $ 1/200 SCALE



Delta Air Lines Images of America

Delta Air Lines

75 Years of Airline Excellence

Jones. This book chronicles the history of one of the world’s largest airlines, which started as a crop dusting company in Monroe, Louisiana and today has over 50,000 employees serving 46 states and 32 countries. Loaded with images from the author’s collection and from the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum, this photoessay captures the growth and glamour of Delta. 128 pages, 200 B&W photos, 6½"x 9¼", softcover. #18101 $21.95

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Just 4 Fun

Branch-of-Service Front Crest

Double Flag Long-Sleeve Shirt

Support the U.S. military branch of your choice with our premium, 100% preshrunk cotton long-sleeve shirt! Showcasing a detailed doubleflag screen-print on the back and left chest, each one boasts a relaxed, classic fit. Back

M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL, 3XL: $29.95

Army Air Force Marines Navy

#704223 #704224 #704225 #704226

These comfortable gray sweatpants – featuring your choice of military branch names running down the leg – are made of a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend.

Air Force – Navy Blue Army – Black

Army Marines Navy Air Force

#60918 #60919

Coast Guard – Navy Blue #60920 Navy – Navy Blue #60922

#105650 #105651 #105652 #105653

Enjoy your favorite brew from a 23-oz. pilsner glass, while paying tribute to a branch-of-service! Made of durable, heavyweight glass, each one features a hand-applied, low $ fired ceramic decal. 14.95 each

Fighting Eagle Woven Blankets

M, L, XL: $24.95 2XL, 3XL: $26.95

Stay warm and cozy in our colorful U.S. branch-ofservice throw blankets! Jacquard-woven, each one boasts hand-finished construction and extra-soft fringe edges. 100% cotton. 53"x 70". $59.95 each

#M405004 #M405005 #M405006 #M405007

Army #106474 Marines #106477

Show your support and grant special parking to our heroic U.S. servicemen with these highquality, slatted wood signs! Proudly made in the USA, each one features an original, vintage-style design and an integrated hanger. $ 12¼"x 15¾". 39.95 each

Navy Air Force

#106475 #106476

Auto Window Sunshades

Wood Parking Signs


These 100% cotton, embroidered caps feature an official U.S. military emblem on the front, the branch’s year of establishment on the side, a pre-curved visor, and an adjustable brass buckle closure. One size fits most. $18.95 each

Double Flag Pilsner Glass

Military Sweatpants

Army Marines Navy Air Force

“The Lieutenant” Military Caps

Army Air Force Navy Marines

#105576 #105577 #105578 #105579

Constructed with tapered edges and a double layer of material for added heat protection, these auto shades will keep your car cool while also displaying your pride $ in the U.S. military! 58"x 27". 19.95 each

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Navy Army Marines Air Force

#101758 #101756 #101757 #101759

Just 4 Fun

Patriotic A-7E Corsair II Kit

The A-7E Corsair II – a naval carriercapable equivalent of the A-7D – was manufactured to replace the A-4 Skyhawk. Initially entering service during the Vietnam War, the A-7E started with the U.S. Navy. This 1/72 scale plastic kit features a detailed cockpit, wheel wells and avionics bays, external stores, as well as decals for two USN aircraft. Assembly required. Skill level 2. 7¾" long. #702463 $39.95

“Home Of The Free” LongSleeve Shirt

Stating “Home of the Free Because of the Brave,” this quality 100% cotton shirt pays tribute to our valiant troops.


13-Star Flag

This premium-quality, screenprinted reproduction of the official U.S. flag flown from June 14, 1777, to May 1, 1795, features one star for every U.S. colony. Made of polyester with reinforced edging and brass lugs. 5'x 3'.


Folding Knives

A Adorned with a patriotic American flag design, each tactical folding knife offers a razor-sharp stainless steel blade, a safety switch, an easy-grip handle and a clip to conveniently attach to $ most belts. 9.95 each

M, L, XL: 27.95 2XL: $29.95

“These Colors Don’t Run” LongSleeve Shirt

Featuring a bold screenprint design of a fearless bald eagle perched above the U.S. flag, this 100% pre-shrunk cotton long-sleeve shirt screams true patriotism.



M, L, XL: $27.95 2XL: $29.95

“These Colors Don’t Take a Knee” Metal Sign

Take a stand with this metal sign, which features a patriotic eagle and American flag imagery and measures 14"x 18"; includes mounting holes. #703438 $24.95

USA Watch Cap

Made in

the USA. An image of Old Glory is embroidered on this knit watch cap – made of 100% acrylic – which also salutes America with the letters “USA” and its red, white, and blue design. #701751 $19.95


A: "Land of the Free" – 8" open, 4" closed length. B: U.S. Flag Rounded Handle – 6½" open, 4" closed length.





#105710 #105847

Yellow Ribbon JFK Half Dollar

Using a unique painstaking multicolor process, this genuine JFK half dollar coin makes a one-of-a-kind collectible that shows your support for U.S. troops. Complete with a full-color American flag and yellow ribbon design on one side, it includes an acrylic coin capsule and certificate of authenticity. authenticity #704046 $9.95

Flags of the Fifty States

Their Colorful Histories and Significance

Howe. Featuring striking, full-color reproductions of each flag, this book offers a well-researched and enjoyable account of how and why each flag was designed, the definitions of various symbols and colors, along with changes that have been made over time. It also includes interesting facts and what impact the Civil War had on flags in the South. 208 pages, color illustrations, 7¼"x 7¼", hardcover. #703724 $14.95

“Honoring Our Heroes” Fleece Blanket

“Remember Their Sacrifice” with this cozy, polyester fleece blanket, displaying incredible artwork of a brave soldier honoring his fallen comrade. 50"x 60".




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Just 4 Fun

Pin-Ups Fill ‘Er Up Pin-Up Clock

The Little Book of Pin-Up

She’s keeping the gas station “Open all Night” with this colorfully illustrated clock, ideal for decorating your garage! Handmade using heavy-gauge steel, it features a long-lasting finish and mounting holes for hanging. Batteries not included. 14" diameter.


Hanson. Must-owns for fans of nostalgic pin-up art, these exciting volumes examine the work of the genre’s most prominent figures including Driben #700910 Peter Driben, Gil Elvgren, and Elvgren #700911 Alberto Vargas. Enjoy iconic images from the 1930s through Vargas #700912 the 1970s with particular attention paid to the memorable artwork synonymous with American courage and ingenuity displayed during WWII. 192 pages, 100+ images, $ 5"x 6½", softcover. 14.95 each




Pinups: Past & Present


Silke. A comprehensive guide to over 100 artists worldwide, from China to the U.S., this collection offers various directions pin-up artwork has gone since the heady days of Bettie Page emerged onto the scene. Taking exclusive images from the biggest names and influences, you’ll witness new trends as well as accompanied narrative detailing each artist. 176 pages, 200+ color illustrations, 8¾"x 11¼", hardcover. #106599 $19.95


Nose Art Metal Signs

Hang one of our premium metal signs in your man cave, featuring the hottest babes and bold tasteful designs! Printed with sublimation for a long-lasting finish, each one is handmade using 24-gauge steel. Includes mounting holes. $ 16"x 12". 19.95 each

Bettie Page Canvas Print

Wearing sexy knee-high black boots, Bettie Page strikes an enticing pose on this canvas print. 16"x 20".

A: Funny Valentine #704308 B: Aces High #704310 C: Sunset Sweetheart #704311




Nose Art

An Illustrated History from World War I to the Present

Holmes. First appearing on an Italian flying boat in 1913, nose art has been an institution on military planes for over a century. Bursting with more than 300 archival and modern photos, this visual profile tracks the evolution of these mini-murals – including shark mouths, cartoon characters, and pin-ups – during both World Wars, Vietnam, and today. 224 pages, 11¾"x 8¼", hardcover. #702870 $24.95

Pin-Up Girl Thermometers



Made in the USA.

Woven Throw

Ahoy! Page beckons sailors with a sultry look on this quality throw blanket, made of polyester and measuring 36"x 58".



Printed in the USA.

“Bettie’s Da’ Bomb” T-Shirt

With sturdy metal construction that’s perfect for either indoor or outdoor use, these temperature-raising Made in thermometers offer both the USA. Fahrenheit and Celsius $ display. 5"x 17". 24.95 each

A: “Beach Girl” B: "Rising Star" C: "Muscle Cars & Girls"


#66942 #66933 #66934



Printed in the USA.

She’ll drop da’ bomb on you! Featuring a screen-printed design of everyone’s favorite pin-up, Bettie Page, straddling a falling bomb, this olive drab t-shirt M, L, XL: $21.95 is made of 100% 2XL, 3XL: $23.95 cotton. #103950

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Made in the USA



Adorn any space with our hypnotic collection of classic, vintage-style metal signs, featuring voluptuous women from the memorable era of pin-up models and warbirds. Handmade in the USA, each one is purposely aged to create a nostalgic look! Includes mounting holes.

Just 4 Fun










A: NEW! “Keep Them Flying” W.A.S.P. – 12"x 12". B: NEW! Delinquent Debutante – 12"x 15". C: “Bustin’ Loose” – (Censored) 12"x 18". D: “Bustin’ Loose” – (Uncensored) 12"x 18". E: Las Vegas “Let the Good Times Roll” – 12"x 18". F: NEW! American Beauty – 8"x 22". G: NEW! Candy and Cream Girl – 11"x 22".


24.95 34.95 $ #703250 34.95 #703251 $34.95 #700541 $34.95 #704332 $34.95 #704333 $34.95 #704304




H: NEW! Saturday Night Special – 10"x 22". I: NEW! Smokin’ Hot Girl – 12"x 22". J: Grease Monkey Garage – 12"x 18". K: “Diner” – 12"x 18". L: Sudden Danger – 12"x 18". M: NEW! Science Gone Wild – 12"x 18".

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34.95 #704335 34.95 #66424 $34.95 #66350 $34.95 #703246 $34.95 #703247 $34.95 #704334

$ $


Just 4 Fun


CLASSIC U.S. BANKNOTE REPLICAS Featuring beautiful imagery paying tribute to everything from the Founding

Fathers to the American bison, U.S. banknotes of the 1800s and early 1900s can sell at auction for thousands of dollars. But now you can own Modern Reproductions these striking designs for a fraction of the cost with our modern – Genuine Tender! reproductions! Each one is genuine legal tender and includes a certificate of authenticity and a display folio.

1899 Native American $5 Bill

Inspired by a silver certificate issued in 1899, this $5 banknote features an image of Chief Running Antelope – the only Native American ever found on U.S. paper money! #104257 $24.95

1899 “Black Eagle” $ 1 Bill – The 1899

“Black Eagle” was among the last series to be printed as a large format note, as opposed to the smaller size we see today. #104254 $14.95

1923 Lincoln Porthole $5 Bill

1886 Martha Washington $ 1 Bill

The 1923 $5 silver certificate was the first of its kind to feature an image of Abraham Lincoln!




America’s only First Lady featured on U.S. currency, Martha Washington’s profile adorned the 1886 $1 silver certificate. #105914 $14.95

1886 Ulysses S. Grant $5 Bill

1869 Rainbow Notes

The 1886 $5 Silver Certificate is commonly called a “Morgan Back,” a nickname coming from the five Morgan Silver Dollars pictured on the reserve side of the bill. #404689 $29.95

Immediately following the Civil War, a new series of dramatically redesigned U.S. banknotes were authorized – known for their colorful imagery, they were nicknamed “Rainbow Notes,” as seen on these $1 and $2 denomination replicas.


A: Washington $1 Bill #104252 $14.95 B: Jefferson $2 Bill #105772 $16.95

1896 “Electricity” $5 Bill

In 1896, the U.S. Mint issued a trio of “Educational Series” currency notes, including the $5 bill celebrating “Electricity as the dominant force in the world.” #103630 $29.95


1899 George Washington $ 2 Bill

The 1899 2 silver certificate featured a small-size image of George Washington, known affectionately as the “mini porthole.” $


1775-1787 Dated 8 Reales “Silver Dollar”

Take advantage of the rare opportunity to own a genuine collectible from the Revolutionary War period! Still exhibiting the fine detailing after more than two centuries, this 1775-1787 8 Reale silver dollar arrives in lightly-circulated condition and displays the classic banner-draped pillar design, a precursor to the U.S. dollar symbol. 1½" diameter.




Genuine Artifact!




1901 Bison $10 Bill – Released in 1901, the Lewis and Clark $10 bank

note featured a large-scale image of bison on the obverse alongside the two famous explorers. #104256 $34.95

1918 Illinois Centennial Half Dollar

An extremely scarce coin, the 1918 Illinois Centennial Half Dollar – of which only 100,000 were ever made available – pays homage to the 21st state’s admission to the union in 1818. Struck in the final year of World War I, it is also unique in its beardless depiction of President Lincoln. 90% silver. Circulated. 30.6mm diameter. #102455 $249

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Genuine Artifact!


Just 4 Fun

1930s-Era Buffalo Nickels

Colorized $2 Bills

One of the most popular U.S. coins ever minted, the Buffalo Nickel – struck from 1913 to 1938 – is a celebration of the Old West with its stoic image of a Native American and burly Bison. Arriving in lightly circulated condition, these unique versions of 1930s-era nickels are plated in black ruthenium or 24-karat gold! Arrives with a story card and $ certificate of authenticity. 14.95 each


Gold with Black Ruthenium Highlights #104233 Black Ruthenium with Gold Highlights #104231 Black Ruthenium with Silver Highlights #104232


Buy All Three and Save $5!




1991 Soviet 5-Banknote Set


Representing the very last currency issued by the Soviet Union before its 1991 collapse, these banknotes include 1, 3, 5, 10, and 25 ruble denominations – the last of which was issued Authentic Artifact! at the height of the Cold War in 1961, as no 25 ruble notes were printed after that series. Each one comes lightly circulated with striking Communist imagery!





Made in the USA.

E Featuring a diverse selection of unique, colorized $2 bills, each one paying tribute to a significant part of U.S. history – such as the 240th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and the Iwo Jima flag-raising ceremony. In addition to full-color imagery, they come with a blue two-sided display folio and certificate of $ authenticity. 14.95 each

A: Famous Native Americans B: Iwo Jima Flag-Raising C: Declaration of Independence 240th Anniversary D: M4 Sherman Tank E: Trump First Couple

#105521 #105702 #102640 #106424 #104688

2-Piece Trump/Pence JFK Half Dollars

With one side featuring a striking color image of either the new president or VP, these JFK half dollars – genuine legal tender – celebrate the electoral victory of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Each one arrives in a premium coin capsule with a display stand and certificate of authenticity. 1¼" diameter. #102316 $14.95

Apollo Astronaut Crews Colorized JFK Half Dollar 12-Coin Set

In pursuit of President John F. Kennedy’s “landing a man on the Moon and returning safely to the Earth,” this impressive 12-coin collection depicts the 12 Apollo astronaut crews on colorized JFK half dollars. Premium, genuine legal tender, each coin includes an acrylic coin capsule and the set comes with a certificate of authenticity. $


1942 German War Bonds


Distributed by Nazi Germany in 1942, these bonds were drawn at random each year for repayment with a nominal interest rate of 3.5%. Featuring an embossed Nazi eagle and swastika emblem, this issued year comes from the state of Thuringia. They were originally stored at Reichsbank in Berlin, where they survived World War II and, in 2015, were sold at auction by the German Ministry of Finance.

A: 500 Mark B: 1,000 Mark

#105659 #105660

69.95 B

12.95 14.95

$ $

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Buy Both – Save Over 25%! #105667 $19.95


Just 4 Fun


Marilyn Monroe Figures

Take home America’s sweetheart with these highly realistic, 1/6 scale figures of Marilyn Monroe in either her iconic role as Lorelei Lee from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or in the blue B-15C pilot jacket worn while performing for mesmerized troops during her USO tour! Each one features interchangeable hands and a figure stand. 11½" tall.

NEW! Military Outfit – Comes


with a lipstick, a gold compact with mirror, 3 customizable patch graphic, and 3 full-size patch reproductions.




Gold Dress – Includes high heels, underwear, earrings, lipstick, a gold compact (with mirror), and an eyebrow pencil. #104029 $199

Marilyn Monroe

Ideal for true fans, these premium models celebrate the most iconic albums ever produced by The Beatles! Complete with colorful graphics, each die cast version – including a Yellow Submarine and the memorable Magical Mystery Tour Bus – features movable parts and unique detail. $44.95 each

NEW! Yellow Submarine – Features movable hatches revealing the four original Beatles figures, as well as a periscope which rotates when the wheels are rolling. 5¼" long. #704288 NEW! Magical Mystery Tour Bus Comes with chromeplated parts, freerolling wheels, a well-equipped interior with red seats, and more! 5¾" long.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

Leaming. Presenting an original portrait of the most enduring icon of American sexuality, this complex yet intriguing biography takes a different approach to Marilyn Monroe’s life. Using research from new interviews and thousands of vital documents, the author reveals never-before-seen material. Gain a better understanding in this title that unveils a fascinating story for the first time ever. 480 pages, 6"x 9¼", softcover. #704300 $19.95

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Model – Marking the 50th anniversary

1/45 SCALE

of the musical adventure known as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, this 1/45 scale, die cast replica of the fictional vehicle features movable wings, all four original characters from the 1968 release, free-rolling wheels, gold-plated accents, and more! 4¾" long.



The Touring Years

A 2016 documentary film, Eight Days A Week follows The Beatles’ career from 1962 to 1966 – starting with shows at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to their final concert in San Francisco. Produced in cooperation with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and widows Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, it offers footage from live concerts and behind stage. 1 hr. 37 min. #704298 $19.95

JAMES DEAN Porsche 550A Spyder Model

Infamous for his 1955 death, James Dean’s Porsche 550A Spyder “Little Bastard” 1/18 SCALE had a reputation of being cursed, causing death or destruction wherever it went. Finished in shiny silver paint, this 1/18 scale, die cast model features opening doors, trunk, and hood (revealing a detailed engine), a well-appointed interior, realistic rubber tires, and a plastic display base. 9" long. #405650 $49.95


DVD – Join the fun and adventure of the 1968

British musical film, starring notable actors Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes, Adrian Hall, and many more! Directed by Ken Hughes, the on-screen production is loosely based on the 1964 novel by Ian Fleming. 2 hrs. 25 min. #704299 $9.95


1/76 SCALE


James Dean 3-Film Collection

Own this triple threat of unforgettable Hollywood big-screen hits with heartthrob James Dean, in his only leading roles. Having all been named as one of the best 400 American films of all time, the 3-DVD collection includes: East of Eden – the only film released during his lifetime – Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant. 7 hrs. 9 min. #105051 $14.95

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Hollywood DVDs Shock and Awe

Starring big-name actors Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones and Milla Jovovich, Shock and Awe is a 2017 American drama film directed by Rob Reiner. Following a group of journalists from Knight Ridder’s Washington Bureau, they investigate the reasons behind the Bush Administration’s 2003 invasion of Iraq. 1 hr. 30 min. #704286 $24.95


Haunted by a childhood UFO sighting, Derek (Alex Sharp) races to figure out the cause of recent mysterious events with the help of his girlfriend, Natalie (Ella Purnell), and an advanced mathematics professor named Dr. Hendricks (Gillian Anderson). FBI agent Franklin Ahls (David Strathairn) follows close behind to ensure nothing is revealed. 1 hr. 28 min. #704284 $19.95

The Black Hole

A 1979 American space opera film, The Black Hole is set in the future when the spaceship USS Palomino discovers a missing ship. After learning her father had been a crew member aboard the spacecraft, Kate McCrae (Yvette Mimieux) runs into a faceless army and Dr. Reindhardt on her way to search a black hole. 1 hr. 38 min. #704283

Zero Dark Thirty

War Heroes Collection


An exciting triple feature, this World War II-themed DVD includes MacArthur – a 1977 classic starring Gregory Peck as the titular hero, who recounts his life from the early stages of the war through his dismissal in Korea. Also included are Midway and To Hell and Back. 6 hrs. 9 min. #104736 $16.95

Journey back to the historic Battle of France in this on-screen war drama film starring Fionn Whitehead and Barry Keoghan. Based on the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the British Empire and France, this storyline follows the troops who were cutoff and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk. 1 hr. 46 min. #704287 $29.95

Fail Safe

Hell’s Angels

A gripping 1964 Cold War thriller, Fail Safe centers on a bomber group following orders to drop a nuclear bomb on Moscow after detecting an unidentified aircraft over the U.S. When it turns out to be a civilian plane posing no threat, however, the bomber crew does not receive the orders to abort the mission, and panic ensues as the president (Henry Fonda) attempts to reach the determined aviators. B&W, 1 hr. 52 min. #100392 $19.95

Flight of the Intruder

Starring Danny Glover and Willem Dafoe, this film follows a U.S. Navy pilot – who, after his bombardier is killed, questions the purpose of Navy bombing missions – and his cynical, new bombardier as they conduct an unauthorized flight deep behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War, causing conflict with their commander. 1 hr. 55 min.



#V6166 Reg: $14.95


In this epic film, CIA operative Maya (Jessica Chastain) interrogates prisoners following the Al Qaeda attacks against the U.S. on September 11, 2001. After several years, she continues to pursue leads on the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden. Finally, her hard work pays off when she locates the Al Qaeda leader. 2 hrs. 37 min. #704281

Just 4 Fun

In this film directed by Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss stars as a daredevil pilot who specializes in putting out forest fires. After promising his girlfriend (Holly Hunter) that he will stop flying, he flies one last mission to save his best friend (John Goodman), dies in a crash, then re-awakens as an angel to guide his girlfriend to a new life. Great aerial firefighting sequences. 2 hours. #V9334

Directed by Howard Hughes, this WWI drama recreates air battles with extraordinary realism – including a Zeppelin raid over London that is... "one of the most hauntingly effective sequences ever put on film.” Starring James Hall, Ben Lyon, and Jean Harlow (whose performance, including the line about slipping into “something more comfortable,” made her a star), this B&W film includes two color Technicolor sequences. 2 hrs. 15 min. #V9340 $19.95

Value-Priced DVDs Around the World in 80 Days


$ 95 Each

A 21st century remake of the Jules Verne classic, this film stars Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan with a host of exciting guest stars from Arnold Schwarzenegger to John Cleese. Follow inventor Phileas Fogg’s adventures around the world alongside his clever Chinese valet, Lau Xing, as they navigate the early years of aviation and encounter a thrilling roster of historic figures. 2 hours. #V6145


With an all-star cast that includes Alan Arkin, Martin Balsam, Orson Welles, Anthony Perkins, Bob Newhart and countless others, this comedy classic follows the travails of a World War II bomber pilot who seeks to be classified as "crazy" so he doesn't have to fly any more missions, but – Catch-22 – his very desire to be grounded #V9754 defines him as sane! 2 hours.

Order Today at 800-225-5575 or


Aircraft A-Z Campbell Films Through rare footage, actual events and vintage newsreels, each documentary-style program invites viewers to follow several chapters on a variety of historic wartime topics such as epic American campaigns, WWII aircraft, German U-boats, and more.

U.S. Army and Marines in Korea

82nd Airborne Division

Covers the 82nd Airborne Division from their Great War roots through service in Vietnam – with particular attention paid to their valiant combat record in World War II. 1 hr. 31 min. #106769 $19.95

The Battle of Guadalcanal

The First Prolonged Campaign in the Pacific Against the Japanese 2-DVD Set

Offers unique insight on the bloody fighting at Guadalcanal in which the Japanese lost 23,000 men – leading them to dub it the “Island of Death.” B&W and color, 3 hrs. 29 min. #102825 $21.95

The Battle for Guam

The Infantry and Armored Fight in the Korean War

This film is a comprehensive examination of missions carried out by U.S. soldiers during the Korean War, including a monthby-month breakdown until 1953's ceasefire. B&W, 1 hr. 42 min. #100766 $19.95

Brown Water Riverboats Swift Boats & Riverboat Patrols in Vietnam

Starting with how the U.S. Navy adapted to river warfare in Vietnam, this 5-film collection follows troops as they navigate the waters during the war. B&W and color, 2 hrs. 2 min. #106800 $19.95

The Fight to Return Guam to an American Territory

German U-Boats Westward

Examines the island's strategic importance during the war, captures the Seabees' building B-29 runways, and offers personal perspective. B&W, 1 hr. 45 min. #100727 $19.95

This rarely seen, captured Nazi propaganda film is about a German crew fighting the British enemy to secure victory in the Atlantic. B&W, 1 hr. 50 min. #MV52902 $19.95

The Battle For Corregidor

German U-Boats

Follows an American couple in the Philippines and their narrow escape from the bombs dropping during the Japanese attack on Manila. Plus, other historic film stories. B&W, 1 hr. 31 min. #100980 $19.95

WWII Flight Fundamentals

Examines German submarine operations in WWII, along with details on the destruction caused by their subs, and the Allied response to Nazi U-boat threats. B&W, 1 hr. 48 min. #MV52615 $19.95

USN Construction Battalion

PT-17 Stearman & BT-13 Vultee Training Films

The Seabees

Watch a documentary-style film on two epic U.S. Navy aircraft, the PT-17 and BT-13, featuring a collection of six programs packed full of actual footage and training videos! 1 hr. 15 min. #704147 $19.95

Consisting of four films, this fascinating documentary-style production tells the tale of the hard-working Seabees and their vital contributions during WWII. 1 hr. 34 min. #106799 $19.95

American WWII Factories

The SSBN Submarines – 2-DVD Set

Examines the factories at home producing much-needed supplies for Allies abroad including tanks, trucks, ships, aircraft, naval guns, and so much more! B&W, 1 hr. 46 min. #101102 $19.95

Kitty Hawk-Class Aircraft Carriers USN CV-63, CV-64 and CV-66 Stories

Watch these five short films on Kitty Hawkclass carriers, daily crew life and flight action, their involvements in the war, and neverbefore-seen newsreels. 1 hr. 42 min.




Army-Navy Women of WWII

Waves and WACS

Gain insight on roles of WACS in the U.S. Army and Navy, along with never-before-seen newsreels and their contributions which inevitably led to the war's successful outcome. 1 hr. 38 min. #102748 $19.95


Features two DVDs loaded with rare footage of the U.S. Navy’s ballistic missile submarines, the “Boomers!” Learn about the design of boomers and their incorporation of the Polaris missile system, and more. B&W and color, 2 hrs. 35 min. #MV52918 $21.95

USS Triton SSN-586

Beyond Magellan & Other Nuclear Submarine Stories

Commissioned in 1959, the USS Triton was America's first and only submarine to be driven by two nuclear power plants. Also, includes other early sub technology. 1 hr. 29 min. #102243 $19.95

Submarine Raider

Originally released in 1942, follow a fictionalized story of an American yacht sunk by the Japanese aircraft carrier, “Hiranamu,” on its way to the attack on Pearl Harbor. B&W, 1 hr. 20 min. #100996 $19.95

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Drawing from a number of reliable sources – including firsthand accounts and archived documents – this diverse selection of titles follows significant untold stories with historic images and a captivating narrative, from infamous POW camps found throughout America to memorable aviation events. 6½"x 9¼", softcover.

Images of America

Images of Aviation

Sumner. During WWII, 6,000 German and Italian POWs had made Michigan their temporary home. Telling the story of detainees and ordinary Americans, this title follows the enduring friendships that coexisted between them. 160 pages, 63 B&W photos. #106793 $21.95

Manto. Arising from a dissolution of nearby towns and communities after the fall of the local lumber industry, Stennis Space Center in Mississippi featured the state’s two tallest structures in 1965. 128 pages, 208 B&W photos. #106585 $21.95

From Stapleton to DIA

National Training Center and Fort Irwin

Images of America

Drylie. Designated as the Mojave Anti-Aircraft Range in 1941, it was later renamed Camp Irwin in honor of Major General George LeRoy Irwin. Since then, it has been the go-to training center for every conflict following WWII. 96 pages, 146 B&W photos. #106794 $21.95

Torney. A shipyard built by the W.A. Bechtel Company to produce cargo ships needed for U.S. military support in WWII, Marinship was located in Sausalito since the area had unused railroad capacity. 128 pages, 185 B&W photos. #106837 $21.95

Images of America

World War II POW Camps in Ohio

Michigan POW Camps in World War II

Chevrolet 1911-1960

Davis. Featuring rare archival images, this photo-history examines the first half of Chevrolet's 100 year history, from its creation and through its rapid development and extraordinary successes in the post-WWII recovery. 128 pages, 200 B&W photos. #R37143 $21.95

Images of America

Naval Station Norfolk

Opened in 1917, the naval station served the fleet in aviation, recruit training, as a submarine base and supply base. Today, it’s a hub for Navy logistics supporting nearly the entirety of the Atlantic region. 128 pages, 188 B&W photos. #18248 $21.95

Images of America

Wings Over Florida

Homan & Reilly. Follows Florida’s contribution to aviation history and chronicles the story of flying the U.S. state from the early pioneer era during the mid-1800s to the most recent space program innovations. 128 pages, 200 B&W photos. #704293 $21.95

Denver Airports

Stennis Space Center

Price, Forrest & Sederberg. Explore the development of the first city-operated airport in Denver, Colorado to Stapleton in the mid-1980s, along with the opening of the Denver International Airport in 1995. 128 pages, 219 B&W photos. #704292 $24.95

Cold-War Wisconsin


Sturdevant. When the Cold War brought fear of espionage and nuclear winter, Wisconsin was entangled in the struggle as well. Explore decades after 1941, including the nuclear missiles aimed at potential Soviet bombers. 144 pages, 60 B&W photos. #106791 $24.95

Keuren. Using first-person account from soldiers, former POWs and residents, along with research, this title examines the often overlooked history of Ohio’s POW camps. 192 pages, 68 B&W photos. #106908 $21.95

Image of America

New Mexico Space Trail

Page II. Located in the southwestern U.S. the Space Trail has inspired humankind for years to reach for the stars. Encounter numerous historic moments and ongoing astronomy efforts. 128 pages, 206 B&W photos. #704100 $21.95

Images of Aviation

Southern California’s World War II Aircraft

Graff & Devine. Southern California was among America's most indispensable regions during WWII, designing and producing an astonishing number of aircraft – the state manufactured 41% of all American planes used during the war! 128 pages, 205 B&W photos.




American Prisoner of War Camps in Southern California

Kirkpatrick. Describes the impact of the huge number of POWs on the population in Southern California, as well as the firsthand accounts and vintage images of the actual prisoners who lived there. 96 pages 76 B&W photos. #106792 $24.95

Yankee Air Museum

Levine. In 2004, a fire destroyed most of the museum, yet it remained open in a temporary space. After purchasing an old bomber plant nearby, it’s now housed in the renovated 144,000-square-foot factory. 96 pages 160 color photos. #704291 $24.95

Naval Air Station Oceana

Yarsinske. One of the largest and most advanced air stations in the world, Naval Air Station Oceana has evolved from a remote location to the Navy’s East Coast master jet base. 128 pages, 284 color photos. #106176 $24.95

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Aircraft A-Z

Set up an entire aerial showcase with these affordable collectibles – 1/200 scale, die cast models replicating some of the world’s bestknown aircraft, with particular attention paid to postwar airliners! In addition to their shimmering silver finish, each one also features simulated canopy windows and an informational wooden display base. While supplies last!

1/200 SCALE



Reg: $14.95


$ 95

Heinkel He 70 Blitz

1932. 3" wingspan. #702340

Antonov An-2

1947. 3½" wingspan. #702341


Bristol Type 170 Superfreighter Mk. 32

Fokker F. III

1920. 3¼" wingspan. #702348

1953. 6½" wingspan.


Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor

Douglas DC-6B

1937. 6½" wingspan. #702338

1951. 7" wingspan. #702355

While Supplies Last!

Fokker F-27 Friendship 1955. 5¾" wingspan.

Focke-Wulf A16


1924. 2¾" wingspan. #702354


Boeing B-307 Stratoliner

1938. 6½" wingspan.

Junkers F13

1919. 3" wingspan. #702356


L-9 Orion

Avro RJ100 Jumbolino 1992. 5¼" wingspan.

1931. 2½" wingspan. #702350


Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two 2010. 3½" long.

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New & Noteworthy Camouflage at War

An Illustrated Guide from 1914 to the Present Day


F/A-18E Super Hornet Model

1/72 SCALE

Assigned to VX-9 “Vampires,” the F/A-18E Super Hornet was used by the USN Aviation Fleet to test and evaluate weapons at China Lake, California – located in the upper Mojave Desert. Displaying vampire bats on its tails and white stars on the spine, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica features optional-position landing gear, an opening canopy with pilot figure, and a display stand. 10" long. #980906 $117.95

Eagle Flys T-Shirt

Paying homage to valiant fighter pilots, this premium 100% cotton t-shirt depicts a metal bird of prey with four F/A-18 Hornets. It features a taped neck and shoulders, doubleM, L, XL: $24.95 needle stitching, and 2XL, 3XL: $26.95 a classic fit.


Dougherty. Explore a pictorial timeline of military uniforms, vehicles and buildings from WWI through present day in this title on how camouflage has evolved. Starting with a dummy tank during WWII to the Waffen-SS and more, take an in-depth look at various countries and their elusive tactics. 224 pages, 200 B&W and color photos, 8½"x 10¾", hardcover. #704318 $19.95

Spitfire Vb Model

Wearing victory markings (white for confirmed and red for probable), this 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica of a Spitfire Vb – as it was flown by RAF No. 303 (Polish) Squadron Leader Jan Zumbach during the summer of 1942 – features a sliding canopy with a removable pilot figure, optionalposition landing gear, a metal propeller, and a display stand. 9" wingspan. #980892 $84.95

Luftwaffe Fighter Models

B-25G Mitchell Kit

One of the best medium bombers of WWII, the B-25 Mitchell was characterized by an extraordinary operational flexibility. The “G” variant filled the USAF’s specific need for a ground-attack and close-support aircraft. This 1/48 scale plastic kit includes a closed nose, two .50 machine guns, a 75mm cannon, and decals for 4 aircraft. Assembly required. Skill level 3. 16¾" wingspan. #704324 $64.95

B-25 Mitchell In Action

Doyle. The famous B-25 Mitchell gained initial notoriety early in WWII when Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle and a group of B-25s executed a surprise attack on the Japanese island of Honshu. Eventually, the Mitchell would serve in every theater of WWII with various roles such as a tactical bomber and photo-mapping among others. 80 pages, 225 color photos, 11"x 8½", softcover. #704325 $19.95

1/48 SCALE


1/48 SCALE

Replicas of World War II Luftwaffe fighters, these Hobby Master, A die cast models – including a Bf 109 piloted by the notoriously reckless, LIMITED EDITION 158-victory ace 1/72 SCALE Hans-Joachim Marseille as well as a desert-painted Bf 110 – each feature rotating propellers, a glazed B segmented canopy, a well-appointed cockpit (with pilot figure), optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, $ LIMITED EDITION and a display stand. 82.95 each A: Bf 109E-3 – 1/48 scale. Hans-Joachim Marseille, 1.(J)/LG 2, France, Sept. 1940. 8" wingspan. #980896 B: Bf 110E-7 – 1/72 scale. 7./ZG 26, Libya, 1942. 8¾" wingspan. #980879

Fl 282 Kolibri Helicopter Kits

Re-create the Fl 282 Kolibri “Hummingbird” – the world’s first series production helicopter (according to Yves Le Bec) – with one of these highquality, 1/35 scale plastic kits! This single-seat intermeshing rotor aircraft, or synchropter, was produced in Germany and primarily operated by the A Luftwaffe during WWII. Complete with authentic markings, each one includes clear parts and photo-etched detail. Assembly $ required. Skill level 3. 13½" rotor-span. 64.95 each A: V-23 – Includes decals for five versions. 162 pieces. #704326 B: V-21 – Includes Luftwaffe decals. 178 pieces. #704327


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Complete Illustrated History of The First & Second World Wars

Sommerville & Westwell. An authoritative account of the two deadliest conflicts in world history, this illustrated guide details decisive encounters and landmark engagements. Featuring expert military analysis of the weapons of war, it covers everything from dreadnoughts and tanks to jet fighters. In addition to rare images, readers can also examine maps and battle plans. 512 pages, 1,000+ B&W photos, 7"x 9", hardcover. #703905 $29.95

F4F-4 Wildcat Model

1/48 SCALE

This 1/48 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica of the F4F-4 Wildcat “White 23,” as it was flown by Lt. Cdr. John Thach of VF-3 aboard the USS Yorktown in LIMITED EDITION June of 1942, features authentic markings and professional handpainted details, a pilot figure, an opening canopy, a rotating metal propeller, optional-position landing gear, and a display stand. 9½" wingspan. #980891 $86.95

F-4G Phantom II “Wild Weasel” Kit

F-117A Nighthawk Model LIMITED EDITION

1/72 SCALE

Also called “Gray Dragon” for its overall gray paint scheme used to test the color’s effectiveness compared to black, this 1/72 scale, Hobby Master, die cast replica of the F-117 Nighthawk – as it appeared with the 53rd TEG Detachment 1 at Holloman AFB in 2004 – features a detailed cockpit with a pilot figure, optional armament, optional-position landing gear, authentic markings, and a display stand. 10¾" long. #980897 $107.95

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

The Illustrated History of America’s Legendary Mach 3 Spy Plane

Playing a key role in conflicts from the Vietnam War to Operation Desert Storm, the F-4G Phantom II “Wild Weasel” Over 1½-Feet Long! suppressed enemy air defenses during the most crucial and dangerous missions. Complete with two windscreen options, this 1/32 scale plastic kit features missiles, a well-appointed cockpit, an optional-position canopy, and decals for two U.S. aircraft. Assembly required. 328 pieces. Skill level 3. 21¼" long. #704316 $84.95

The Revell Story A Model of Success

M, L, XL: $67.95 2XL, 3XL: $69.95

Berse. Presenting many previously unseen images and documents, this comprehensive history of Revell has never been told until now. Nowadays, Revell is Europe’s top manufacturer of plastic model kits; however, their story began in Germany during the 1950s. Journey through six decades of product development and view exclusive behind-the-scenes moments. 176 pages, 467 color photos, 8½"x 9¾", hardcover. #704317 $39.95

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Goodall, USAF (Ret.) (Ret.). Known as the world’s only operational Mach 3 aircraft, the iconic SR-71 Blackbird spy plane was designed by Lockheed’s notable “Skunk Works.” Covering all fifty Blackbirds built, this illustrated history begins with the first flight in 1962 to its last in 1999. Includes the author’s personal images, along with other sources’. 224 pages, color photos, 12"x 9", hardcover. #704315 $44.95

Branch-of-Service Fleece Jacket

Made of soft-spun polyester, our cozy fleece jacket is designed with a colorful official U.S. military branch embroidered logo on the left chest. Each one features a heavy-duty zipper with pull, frontzip pockets, a bottom hem with drawcord and toggles, and elastic cuffs.

Army #106741 Navy #106743 USMC #106742 USAF #106744 Fax 612-877-3160

12"x 9". #105429 Reg: $19.95

Liberty Belles

12"x 9". #703524 Reg: $19.95

Warbirds Pin-Up

#703508 Reg: $22.95

12"x 12".

Warbird Pinup Girls



$ 95

Now Only

Hurry – Quantities Limited!


#105450 Reg: $19.95

13¾"x 12".

The Battle for Normandy

#703504 Reg: $14.95

12"x 9".

B-17 Flying Fortress


13¾"x 12". #703509 Reg: $19.95

Wings of Glory

#703526 Reg: $16.95



#703493 Reg:

17"x 12".

Flying Legends


$ 95

Ghosts of the Great War 20"x 14".

Hurry – Quantities Limited!



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Historic Aviation - Winter 2019 Catalog  

Historic Aviation Winter 2019 Catalog

Historic Aviation - Winter 2019 Catalog  

Historic Aviation Winter 2019 Catalog