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FOUNDATION NEWSLETTER Imagine… tomorrow’s lifestyles in yesterday’s grandeur.

Winter 2009

Volume VI

Issue 5

1525 Coleman Avenue & The Craftsman Style in Macon By Nathan A. Bevil The Craftsman Bungalow is one of the most popular and universal building types in the United States. Characterized by a low-pitched roof, a porch, and an open floor plan, the bungalow was one of the first national building types, where elements like overhanging eaves and large front porches were used across the country. The bungalow developed out of the Arts & Crafts Movement and the adoption of the bangalo building type from the British Raj.

~Also In This Issue~ 1525 Coleman Avenue. Donated to Historic Macon by Mercer University.

The bungalow began to appear in the United States as early as 1860, but the small house with overhanging eaves and built-in furniture did not become popular in mainstream American neighborhoods until the late 1900s and early 1910s. The growth of bungalow neighborhoods was spurred by the development of streetcars and paved roads, as well as the growing desire to live outside of the gritty, industrial city. The arrival of the bungalow in Macon came as the city began to grow by leaps and bounds, extending out into suburban Bibb County with new roads and the Macon Railway & Light Company’s streetcars. The railroads, which served to make Macon one of the hubs for national transport, also blackened the city skies and created a desire for many residents to escape from downtown. The bungalow served as the perfect middle class housing type, and its Indian roots made it well suited to the Southern climate. The Coleman Avenue home is a great example of an early middle class bungalow. The wide front porch welcomes people in, and provides a place for the owner to blur the line between inside and outside. (Continued on page 4)

L. P. James House National Register Nomination….....…….4 Preservation Advocacy Updates……………..……..………..………….5 Sidney Returns to Campus………….6 A Birthday Concert for Sidney Lanier………………………...….7 Historic Macon Awarded Major Grants………………..…………….9 Rehabilitation to Begin on Maple Street Houses…………..10


Historic Macon Foundation BOARD OF TRUSTEES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Jeff Logan, President Sally Heard, Secretary Tom Wight, Treasurer Kay Gerhardt, Counsel Evelyn Adams Lars Anderson Katey Brown Jim Coleman Phyllis Farmer Vickie Hertwig George McCommon BOARD OF TRUSTEES Joe Adams Terry Ambrose Tommy Barnes Richard Bates Don Bivings O. Winchester Blanks Charles Brittain Cynthia Busbee Dorothy Cook Walter Elliott Larry Fennelly Patricia Hammond Margaret Harrington Burt Lee Diane Lewis Susan Long Pino Mauro Vern McCarty Aubrey Newby Tom Owens Dwan Packnett Felicia Parker H. Lee Perdue Jennifer Simmons Dick Thomasson Pam Thomasson Melanie Vaughn Diana Jones Williams Michael Wright

From the Executive Director Josh Rogers

We are very lucky to live in a community that takes its heritage so very seriously. Macon is a beautiful place with over 5,500 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the greatest honor for a building in the United States. Caring for an architectural heritage so large and diverse takes energy, hard work and determination. Most of all, it takes a commitment from the entire community. I am proud to live in a city that has made that commitment. Thanks in large part to your advocacy, the State of Georgia is very interested in the Atlantic Cotton Mills project. We expect a decision very soon on that grant. Chairman Sam Hart’s leadership and his fellow commissioners and encouragement from our members helped keep the Courthouse annex downtown. We still have hard work to help pass the SPLOST to create this annex, but I believe its location will have the best possible economic impact. Finally, we have an opportunity to enhance tax credits for historic preservation to encourage green building. A bill is before Congress right now that will accomplish that task. Please visit our website to learn how you can encourage our leaders in Washington to support preservation by passing this bill. Historic Macon Foundation is here to enable you to advocate for the places that matter to you. We are lucky to have so many places worth caring about. Thank you for your help with our recent advocacy issues and look out for more information about how you can work in our community to support historic preservation, environmental conservation, smart growth and economic development.

Our vision is to lead Middle Georgia as the premier preservation organization. Our Mission is to advocate for Macon’s historic and architectural heritage, to facilitate preservation efforts in our community, and to educate and inspire appreciation for our unique city.

Historic Macon Foundation PO Box 13358 935 High Street Monday-Friday, 9 00-500 Josh Rogers, Executive Director Cantey Ayres, Business Manager Billing, Office Administration Nathan Bevil, Preservation & Fundraising Coordinator Tax Credits, Research, Events Janis Haley, Director of Development Cottage, Giving, Membership, Education


A Message From the President Jeff Logan Well what can I say about the last 3 months? Since I took over as President on September 1^st , we have pulled off a hugely successful flea market, with a clearance sale a month later. A great evening event at Charlene Plantation with Chuck and Rose Lane Leavell followed. Kathryn Stockett’s reading at the Douglas Theater was a big success, as our Sidney Salon’s series continues to grow in popularity. The staff has settled into their new offices upstairs of the Sidney Lanier Cottage. We even renovated and sold a historic house within 45 days! None of this could have been accomplished without our fabulous and dedicated volunteers and generous donors; they are truly the heart of the organization. Not to say the staff has not been working hard also. Josh has now had 9 months on the job and is showing no signs of fatigue, yet. He has done a great job of managing our construction projects. He has redesigned and launched the new and improved web site, if you have not checked it out yet I encourage you to do so soon. Janis has been working diligently to get all our membership records up-to-date and increase our ranks, while keeping the cottage running smoothly. We welcomed Nathan Bevil to our staff as events and preservation coordinator, and we broke him in during the flea market. Cantey continues to keep our finances in line and flowing smoothly. They are one of the most dedicated and hard working staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As we enter this holiday season I hope everyone will take a moment and reflect on what you have accomplished during the past year, and what you hope to accomplish in the coming one. As you look forward I hope you will keep Historic Macon toward the front of your thoughts. We cannot continue growing, and do the great work we have started without your continuing support. Whether it is volunteering for one of our many opportunities, or your monetary donations, keep in mind it is to fulfill our purpose and mission. I look forward to a great 2010 and wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

Come Find a Few Sweet Southern Treasures for Your Holiday GiftGift-Giving

The Side Porch Gift Shop Located in the

Sidney Lanier Cottage Delight in all The Side Porch Gift Shop has to offer: Hostess Gifts, “Cat’s Meow” Sidney Lanier Cottage Wood Cuts, Birthday Gifts, Winnie McQueen Hand-dyed Silk Scarves, Fragrant Hand-crafted Soaps in scents like Marshes of Glynn, Cherry Blossom, and Kudzu, Historic Macon Koozies, Tea Service Sets, Books Featuring Local Authors and Local Subjects, and all things Sidney!

Open MM-Sat from 10am10am-4pm 478478-743743-3851 935 High Street, Macon


L.P. James House National Register Nomination By Nathan A. Bevil One of Historic Macon’s latest projects is the National Register Nomination and state tax credit application for the L.P. James House in James, Georgia. This intact Victorian mansion is a great example of the type of home built by the wealthy in the post-Civil War South. The house, just outside of Gray, was the home of L.P. James, for whom the community was named. The building is an 11 room Victorian home with a wrap-around porch. Several original outbuildings still surround the structure, providing a sense of the postwar cultural landscape of large homes. The homestead also features some distinct architectural features, such as detailed wainscoting and very elaborate moldings. The L.P. James House was built by one of Jones County’s most prominent families. A Confederate soldier, L.P. James returned to Jones County and worked for the Georgia Railroad. The fortune he accumulated allowed him to buy thousands of acres of land and start a number of businesses, including lumber milling, peach growing, and a general store. The community that grew up around the home, the James Community, still exists, though it has since lost its official town status when the post office left. Despite the good times and the bad times over its 120 year history, the L.P. James house has lost little of its original fabric or charm. Historic Macon looks forward to making sure that the house receives recognition on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the best examples of post-war vernacular Victorian architecture in Georgia.

The Craftsman Style Continued from page 1 The overhanging dovetailed eaves are an element retained from the building’s Indian roots, and the natural shingle siding ties the building to nature and natural building materials. The interior features a number of Craftsman elements, most notably the built-in furniture in the living room and kitchen. Also, the sun room in the rear of the house serves to bring more of the natural outdoors in, tying the house to its environment.


Preservation Advocacy Updates By Nathan A. Bevil The Bibb County Commission has voted to keep the County Courthouse in downtown Macon on Mulberry Street. The plan now proposed by the County is to build a new annex on Mulberry Street. This decision comes after a long study over building a new central government center on Oglethorpe Street, led by local firm Brittain Thomson Bray Brown. Although the current plan is the least-expensive option studied, construction of the annex will still require a SPLOST and the Commission will need our support to secure that funding. This decision is success for our city and downtown Macon.



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From the National Trust for Historic Preservation: The United States Congress is set to act on the Community Restoration & Revitalization Act, a bipartisan bill designed to amend and expand the benefits of historic preservation on the federal level. This bill will not only expand the historic rehabilitation tax credits, but will also allow for smaller businesses to receive more funding, will allow for more sustainable practices to be accepted, and will allow non-profits and other previously exempt organizations to utilize federal funds for rehabilitation.


The grant application for the Atlantic Cotton Mills Rehab is still pending, with the state requesting more information before moving ahead the with project funding. You will remember that the Atlantic Mills redevelopment will create new housing options near downtown, will generate over $200,000 a year in tax revenues, and save one of Macon’s old cotton mills.


SIDNEY RETURNS TO CAMPUS By Marty Willet The recent Telegraph Perspective’s “Move over Little Richard, make way for Macon’s original multitalented superstar” explained how our Sidney Lanier is a real national figure in American Music & Letters and our region’s first successful Fine Artist. It also explains why our Fine Arts Magnet School, Central High School, honored him at the Dedication Ceremony of their splendid new campus on November 1, 2009. While dedicating parts of this amazing new facility to past administrators and schools, his triumphant return to the Central campus goes beyond a simple nod to the old Lanier High School, or else we would find simply a new Lanier Auditorium. Instead, school officials recognized his accomplished role as a Fine Artist, performing musician, and potential motivating influence on today’s students and named the area “The Sidney Lanier Performing Arts Center.” The first public high school in Macon in 1871 was, ironically, named Central High School. Historic Macon is particularly proud of the preservation project by the Medical Center of Central Georgia of the 1913 Sidney Lanier High School. Their “Lanier Building” still features the original school plaque stating “Named in honor of Sidney Lanier – Poet – Musician Scholar – Soldier – Gentleman.” Further testimony to Sidney’s power to motivate is now found towering at the very front door of the 2009 Central High School building at the new “wall” and amongst ROTC plaques, the 1927 plaque from the 1920’s Lanier High proclaiming: “Sidney Lanier, a Musician, whose genius matched his superb soul – a Poet, whose diamond tipped pen raced with death and won for all time – a Christian in word and deed – a Soldier without fear and without reproach.” Welcome home Sidney to the CHS campus and may you continue to inspire!



Peter H. Bloom, a Boston-based concert flutist known for his expertise with historical flutes and the music of 19th century America, will give a recital on February 7, 2010 at 2:00 pm, celebrating the music of Sidney Lanier and illustrating Lanier’s relationship with famed American flute maker Alfred G. Badger. The Sidney Lanier Cottage is home to a rare alto flute by Badger, which was played at one time by Lanier and is probably the only surviving example of an alto flute made in 19th century America. Mr. Bloom will perform on an extraordinary Badger concert flute from his own collection, featuring several pieces by Lanier (including Wind Song, Les Moucherons, and Lanier’s variations on Verdi’s aria “Il Balen” from La Traviata). In between the musical selections, he will provide entertaining commentary on the work of Alfred Badger, including illustrations with his own flute and the alto flute in the Lanier Cottage collection (which is not playable for concert purposes but can be demonstrated briefly). Mr. Bloom will also discuss the intriguing relationship between Lanier and Badger, including quotes from their letters and journal entries. The program will offer new and fascinating insights about the flute in the Lanier Cottage collection and Lanier’s close collaboration with the greatest American flute maker of the 19th century. Peter H. Bloom is a distinguished soloist and ensemble flutist whose career encompasses a wide range of chamber music from period-instrument performances to premieres of new music. He is also a noted jazz artist. Mr. Bloom was a winner of the Noah Greenberg Award of the American Musicological Society for his work in 19th century American music. He has given solo recitals from Boston to Bangkok; tours widely with leading classical and jazz ensembles; and appears on 30 CDs, including recordings for Dorian, SONY Classical, Newport Classic, North Star, Leo Records and others. Mr. Bloom serves as historical performance consultant for The American Museum in Britain, The New-York Historical Society, The American Antiquarian Society, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, where he has given numerous lecture-demonstrations and has recorded for the Museum’s audio guide to historical woodwinds. Mr. Bloom has particular expertise in historical flutes by American makers and music heard in 19th century America. He has written scholarly articles and has lectured and performed extensively on flutes by 19th century American makers, with a specialty in the instruments of the illustrious New York maker Alfred G. Badger. Mr. Bloom’s work in this field includes a lecture-recital for The New York Flute Club (The Flute in 19th Century America), featuring the music of Sidney Lanier performed on flutes by Badger; a lecturedemonstration for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts showcasing two Badger flutes newly acquired by the museum; and a recording for the Dorian label of concert music heard in 19th century America performed on a Badger flute. Mr. Bloom is author of the A.G. Badger entry in Lexikon der Flöte. Mr. Bloom holds a Master of Music with distinction in flute performance from the New England Conservatory of Music and a BA in philosophy from Boston University. He is a board member of The James Pappoutsakis Flute Competition and served previously on the board of the Society for Historically Informed Performance.


Calendar of Events Friday, 4 December, Cottage Christmas at Sidney Lanier Cottage: Come and see the Sidney Lanier Cottage decked out for the holidays. Authors Ed Grisamore and William Rawlings, Jr., will be on hand to sign their newest books—great gift ideas! Enjoy some holiday cheer and buy some baked goods to help support Historic Macon. Donations of baked goods will be accepted December 3, from 10-4.

Thursday 21 January, Patron’s Party: Enjoy a special evening at the Simmons’ Home, a benefit for Patron Level Members and above. Not a patron? Go online or visit us at the Sidney Lanier Cottage and up your membership level.

Sunday 7 February, Sidney Lanier Birthday Concert: Peter Bloom, a distinguished soloist and ensemble flutist, will be performing works by Sidney Lanier and other composers in a special concert dedicated to Lanier’s 168th Birthday. See the article on page 7 for an article about the performance. Concert will be held at 2 p.m., place to be determined. Check the Historic Macon website,, for updates.

SAVE THE DATE April 17, 2010: Historic Macon Presents the PIC* Green Field Day *Preservation IS Conservation Celebrate the connections between green living and historic preservation. Contact Janis Haley or Nathan Bevil at 742-5084 for more information on vendors, special opportunities, and general information.

Cottage Christmas Bake Sale & Open House Sidney Lanier Cottage 935 High Street Friday, December 4, 2009 10-4 PM Don’t miss our annual open-house, bake sale, and special Christmas Gift Shop Sale! Authors Ed Grisamore and William Rawlings, Jr. will be on hand to autograph their latest books.



Historic Macon Awarded Major Grants By Jeff Logan

Historic Macon Foundation was awarded $136,250 in grants from the Knight Neighborhood Challenge on November 23, 2009 at a press conference in Mercer Village. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Trustee and long-time Historic Macon supporter Beverly Olson was on-hand for the presentation. These grants provide new and innovative ways to encourage historic preservation, recognize and experience our heritage and beautify the College Hill District. Here are the new programs: 1) Green Field Day, $5,000– This sponsorship will enable our PIC Green Field Day in Tattnall Square Park on April 17, 2009 . We will recruit vendors and presenters from across the region to demonstrate how we can lessen our environmental impact and make our lives more energy efficient. There will be a special focus on making historic buildings more efficient.

(l-r) Historic Macon Foundation President Jeff Logan, Knight Foundation Trustee Beverly Olson, HMF Executive Director Josh Rogers

2) Living History Map, $30,000– Historic Macon Foundation will create an online living history map with researched histories and historic photographs of 30 venues within the College Hill Corridor. Users will be able to upload their own photos, videos and sound bites about how they use these historic places. The map will continue to grow and change with new stories. 3) Neighborhood Tree Nurseries, $31,250- In the style of community gardens, we will work with volunteer David Thompson to create a shade-tree nursery in a vacant lot in College Hill. The nursery will temporarily fill in a vacant lot, providing visual interest. The nursery will also supply trees to the district to increase our shade tree coverage from its current level at 6% to at least 25%, which is required for pleasant walking areas. 4) Facade Loan Program, $70,000– Our new facade loan program will enable building owners to improve the appearance of their facades and landscaping. Owners can apply for loans of $5,000 or $10,000 with 10 year terms and 2% interest rates. This fund will be available in perpetuity to beautify buildings in College Hill and maintain our architectural heritage. While all of these programs are very exciting, it means a tremendous amount of new work. We will be counting on our volunteers to help implement these programs. Please check our website for updates and details about these programs.

Volunteer Opportunities Historic Macon Foundation Needs Volunteers • Contact 478-742-5084 for Details Sidney Lanier Cottage Docents (Tuesdays) Substitute Docents Events Throughout the Year Committee Work: Education, Membership, Cottage


SPECIAL THANKS Discovery Days Ron Hardy, Hardy & Halpern Appraisers, LLC Susan Coburn for assisting Mr. Hardy Neil Cowan for his sharpening service Lori Williams of “The Golden Girls” for setting up her gold buying table Hank Vegas Concert Michael & Bridget Wright for Hank Vegas Concert Al & Kay Gerhart for use of Telephone Exchange Building for Hank Vegas Jeff Bean, owner of Five Guys Burgers & Fried, for food donation Flea Market All Volunteers Jeff Logan for chairing event Mercer University School of Engineering for donation of pontoon boat Jim Bodell for rescuing pontoon boat Scott & Maura Pipkins for the donation of the Mercedes Benz automobile Marc & Wimberly Treadwell for donation of oriental rug Chuck Leavell Event Chuck and Rose Lane Leavell for the use of their beautiful home and the entertainment Vickie Hertwig & Jim Haskins for preparing all the food Joe & Evelyn Adams for the flower arrangements The Events Committee, co-chaired by Phyllis Farmer & Evelyn Adams Kathryn Stockett Event Kathryn Stockett for her wonderful program and sizeable reduction in speaker’s fees Lois McLain for arraigning the refreshments All the helpers who pitched in to handle sales and admissions

Rehabilitation to Begin on Maple Street Houses Historic Macon has purchased two buildings on Maple Street for our latest home rehabilitations. The two antebellum cottages feature decorative trim, wide front porches, and ample natural light. Work is expected to begin in late January or early February and conclude 90 days thereafter.

980 Maple Street 1,500 square feet. $129,000

We are excited to continue our work in the Beall’s Hill neighborhood thanks to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, serving to both rehabilitated the area’s historic buildings, and using that work to revitalize the community.

972 Maple Street 1,444 square feet. $125,000


Many Thanks Historic Macon Club Col. & Mrs. Donald Bivings Mrs. Harriett Murphey Durkee Ms. Jo Fabian Ms. Sally Murphey Heard Ms. Victoria Hertwig Ms. Sara Beth Hertwig Col. & Mrs. Arthur Howard Mr. Kendall D. Ward Mr. Tom B. Wight Supporting Mr. & Mrs. Joe Adams Mr. Richard Bates Mr. & Mrs. Luke Harringon Hon. Jim Marshall & Ms. Camille Hope Mr. & Mrs. Bertram Maxwell, III Mr. & Mrs Edmund Olson Mr. Carey O. Pickard, III Mr. Stephen A. Reichert Benefactor Mr. & Mrs. Walter Austin Mr. & Mrs. Kent Baldschun Dr. & Mrs. Ben Banshinski Dr. & Mrs. Peter Brown Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm S. Burgess, Jr. Mr. James Caldwell Dr. & Mrs. Michael M. Cass Dr. & Mrs. James Chapman


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cook Mr. & Mrs. Don Cornett Mr. Derek Culp & Dr. Elizabeth Culp Mr. & Mrs. Robert Danner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Adam Delong Mr. Spyros Dermatas Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Cox Dunwody Mr. & Mrs. John Fox Mr. Paul Griffin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Guerreiro Dr. & Mrs. Ken Harper Dr. & Mrs. A. Kenneth Harper Ms. Judy Hodgens Ms. Frozine B. Huff Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Jones Mrs. Eleanor Lane Dr. & Mrs. Michael Leonard Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. James R. Macklin Mr. Patrick Madison Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. McSwain, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Newby Mr. & Mrs. Tom Olmer Mr. & Mrs. James Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rader Dr. & Mrs. Joe Sam Robinson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sandefur Mr. & Mrs. Harold Seguin

Mr. Chris R. Sheridan Dr. & Mrs. O. Suthern Sims, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Cubbedge Snow, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Strouss Mr. & Mrs. Zan Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Marc Treadwell Mr. & Mrs. Virgil P. Warren, III Mr. & Mrs. John Willingham Drs. Michael & Bridget Wright Level IV Business Sponsor The Eye Center of Central Georgia Level III Business Sponsor Broadway Lofts & Katherine Court, Vern McCarty Law Offices of Holly DeRosa Hogue, LLC Level II Business Sponsor Open MRI of Macon, Dr. Peter Holliday Conditioned Air, Inc., Albert McKay The Medical Center of Central Georgia Level I Business Sponsor Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Lee Perkins Clifton, Lipford, Hardison & Parker Macon Mall



William G. Adams, Sr.

Sidney’s Salons Jim & Sally Macklin

Joe & Evelyn Adams Gloria McAfee Wynn Sid Raley Sally Murphey Heard

Hank Vegas Event Drs. Michael & Bridget Wright The Sidney Lanier Cottage Thad E. Murphey Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia Sally Murphey Heard & Harriet Murphey Durkee

Stanley Peskoe Joe & Evelyn Adams

1525 Coleman Avenue Mercer University

Historic Macon Foundation The Sidney Lanier Cottage 935 High Street Post Office Box 13358 Macon, Georgia 31208 (478) 742 742--5084


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Our Winter 2009 newsletter features an article describing the Craftsman style of architecture and updates on our current advocacy issues.

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