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SECOND STREET TRANSFORMATION PLAN Learn about the plans for revitalizing the Second Street Corridor. CHRISTMAS WISHES Find out what Board members and staff want most for Historic Macon. 373 ORANGE STREET Gordon & Josephine Bennett honor others with a generous property donation.

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Members, Each year, as we begin to anticipate the approaching holidays and end of the year, I think it is our natural inclination to look around us and take inventory of all the many blessings that we have in our lives. It is also a time to consider all the possibilities that the future might hold. In this issue you find will some reflection on the wonderful events we have had this fall as well as a feature outlining Historic Macon’s wishes for the future (page 8). Some of these ideas are simple and others quiet grand, but I have all the confidence in the world that some of these wishes will come true thanks to the generosity of our members. Historic Macon has so much to be thankful for this year. We have seen staggering growth in our Young Patron membership level, which even in its infancy has already produced an incredible Idea House that was an excellent addition to our fall lineup. The crowds and the numbers at this year’s 35th Annual Flea Market were unbelievable. This fall’s Salon Series was a wonderful success with excellent turnouts for Gena Knox, Carol Porter and Nathalie Dupree. We have recently seen the sale of two of our properties, and we have already lined up a location and are currently securing designers for our 2013 Showhouse. All of these success stories would not have happened had it not been for the kindness and generosity of our members. I find myself constantly amazed at all the various ways that our members give. Within the past few years, historic homes at 1227 Calhoun St., 1035 Elm St., 923 Washington Ave., 1105 Adams St., 1564 Oglethorpe St. and 373 Orange St. were donated or partially donated to Historic Macon by private individuals. Every one of these donors wanted to save and restore a home that they loved and knew that Historic Macon could help. With nearly a half-century of experience, we were also able to help each donor benefit as much as possible through tax deductions. In some cases, donors benefitted more financially through donation than they would have through fair market sale! AND they got to see the house they loved restored and protected forever by historic preservation covenants and easements. I am thankful for each donor of these houses and thankful when I drive past and see them fully restored or under construction! I am also extremely thankful for our members who give their time even when they do not have a whole house to donate. Did you know that members volunteered about 3,000 hours to the flea market alone? That’s like adding a person and a half to fulltime staff for a year! In a few weeks, many of you will be in your kitchens preparing items for our Cottage Christmas. So even if you can’t give a house, lend a hand. I think you’ll find that Historic Macon is not only good at building old houses, but also great at building new friendships. Those friendships that I have built over the last few years are a few of the things I am most thankful for as this year comes to a close. Wishing you all a happy holiday season,

– Aubrey Newby, Historic Macon Board President

Board of Trustees Executive Committee President Aubrey Newby President Elect Joy Dyer Secretary Vickie Hertwig Treasurer Max Crook Counsel Blake Lisenby Events Committee Chair Priscilla Esser Education/PR Committee Chair Alice Bailey Cottage Committee Chair Lois McLain Preservation Committee Chair Arthur Howard Membership Committee Chair Joy Dyer Young Patrons Chair Heather Moore Rose Hill Committee Chair Chris Howard Strategic Plan Chair Nancy Brown Cornett Past President Pam Thomasson

Trustees Amy Abel-Kiker Joe Adams Barbara Boyer Jim Burt Monique Davis-Smith Jeane Easom Alexis Fox Ryan Griffin Betsy Schnell Griffith Kristi Harpst Sally Heard Muriel Jackson Betty Sweet Ladson Amber Lawson Ron Lemon Jennifer Taylor Long Sally McKay Willie May Alex Morrison Carole Seegert Lenore Sell

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Historic Macon Foundation at the Sidney Lanier Cottage 935 High St. Macon, GA 31201 Mailing Address P.O. Box 13358 Macon, GA 31208

Our Mission is to advocate for Macon’s historic and architectural heritage, to facilitate preservation efforts in our community, and to educate and inspire appreciation for our unique city.

WEB • Phone • (478) 742-5084 | Fax • (478) 742-2008 Staff Josh Rogers, Executive Director

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373 Orange St.


Second Street Plan


Saving History


Christmas Wishes


Photo Reel


Generous Members


Cover Photo: A rendering of the Midcity area from the Second Street “work-in-progress” charrette held in September 2012. Image courtesy of CHA Consulting, Inc. Read more on page 4.

Janis Haley, Director of Development Jennifer Mayer, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator Carrie Cameron Robinson, Preservation Designer Cantey Ayres, Bookkeeper and Administration


EVENTS CALENDAR Through April 2013 Georgia Gives Day Thursday, December 6, 2012 (and ongoing afterwards) Historic Macon is participating in Georgia Gives Day, an initiative co-created by the nonprofit sector itself. The Georgia Center for Nonprofits is asking Georgians on Dec. 6 to give a little so we can do a lot for the causes we care about. To donate to Historic Macon via Georgia Gives, visit Cottage Christmas & Bake Sale Friday, December 14, 2012, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sidney Lanier Cottage, 935 High St. Don’t miss the sweetest holiday tradition in Macon! This complimentary open house showcases the Cottage beautifully decorated for the holidays. Baked goods will be for sale while free admission is offered for tours. Refreshments will be served; the Side Porch Gift Shop will have a sale. Call 743-3851 or visit for more details. Patron’s Party Thursday, January 10, 2013 Telephone Exchange Building, 505 Second St. Join us as we thank our most generous members! Those at the Young Patron level and higher are invited to the Patron’s Party, which will be held in two lofts in the Telephone Exchange Building downtown. More information coming soon. Sidney Lanier’s 171st Birthday Celebration Sunday, February 3, 2013, 2:00 p.m. Sidney Lanier Cottage, 935 High St. Sidney’s birthday celebration will feature L. Ward Abel, poet, composer and performer of music, teacher and retired lawyer. He lives in rural Georgia and has been published hundreds of times in print and online. He is a Mercer Law School graduate and devoted Sidney lover. 2013 Decorators’ Showhouse April 18–28, 2013, 1120 Georgia Ave. Historic Macon presents the 2013 Decorators’ Showhouse at 1120 Georgia Ave., which will be open for tours April 18–28. More dates and details on page 3. Visit or call 742-5084 for updates.


DONATED BY GORDON & JOSEPHINE BENNETT Historic Macon Foundation thanks Gordon & Josephine Bennett for their property donation of 373 Orange St. (pictured left), built ca. 1870. The Bennetts would like to recognize and honor Kitty Oliver and Al & Kay Gerhardt for their many years of service, dedication and contributions to preserving our historical and architectural heritage in Macon. Historic Macon will put its covenants/easements on the house before selling it. This house is a great opportunity for a beautiful rehabilitation! Benefits of donating real estate: • Income tax deduction equal to the appraised fair market value of the property with no capital gains tax due • Removal of a large taxable asset from your estate • Variety of gift formats available for a donation of real estate



The 2013 Decorators’ Showhouse will feature decorators from around the Southeast at the beautiful 1120 Georgia Ave. (pictured right) in the heart of InTown. The pre-construction Hard Hat Party will be held on February 7, the Top Hat Gala is scheduled for April 17 and tours will take place April 18–28, 2013. Additional details TBA. Check our website at or call 742-5084 for updates!


second street BY JENNIFER MAYER



he transformation of the Second Street Corridor is underway. This main thoroughfare extends through Macon’s important landmarks through downtown, over the Ocmulgee River and into East Macon. The City of Macon is working with CHA Consulting, Inc. and its team members on a plan to make the Second Street connection even stronger and more usable. This plan will create an opportunity to develop Second Street into the “gateway” for the City of Macon and the “spine that connects all of Macon’s assets,” according to Second Street Transformation: Pathway to Macon’s Future, a presentation given by CHA in September. The City of Macon hired CHA and its team to develop a transformation plan for Second Street. The plan will have three phases: a Second Street Master Plan, which includes connecting Second Street to Little Richard Penniman Boulevard, developing a transit plan, and developing an implementation plan that includes tax allocation funds and other funds to put the plan into action. A rendering of a potential connector between Second Street and Little Richard Penniman Boulevard is pictured above right. The Master Plan seeks to transform Second Street into a “complete street” where all people feel comfortable traveling by all means, whether by driving, public transit, walking or biking. Similar planning efforts have been very


successful in other cities, with Greenville, S.C., being the inspiration for Macon’s plan. Part of downtown Greenville, S.C., is pictured below.


Mayor Robert Reichert believes that Macon has the potential to be the true “hub city” of the Middle Georgia region. A hub city is characterized by a “vibrant urban core that provides opportunities that aren’t found elsewhere in the region to the same extent.” According to the Mayor, Macon has the “bones for a vibrant urban core,” but what we need to become a hub city is the “connectivity to access them.” Mayor Reichert names various “centers of economic activity,” including the Centreplex Conference Center, government center (Bibb County and Federal Courthouses), business center (downtown businesses, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.), the Medical Center, the law enforcement center and the student center at Mercer. Not only will Second Street connect all of these centers, but it will also connect these centers to surrounding residential neighborhoods. The missing piece that will create this connectivity is between Second Street and the end of Little Richard Penniman Boulevard. The work from the plan would make this connection so that Second Street will extend from I-75 through town to I-16 with a complete street that is “green, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly, multi-modal and retailfriendly,” the Mayor said.

transformation plan Both CHA and Mayor Reichert are confident that the Second Street plan will accentuate historic preservation efforts in Macon. The community was very clear during the recent design charrette that connecting the Transformation Plan to Macon’s history was key to its success. The Master Plan seeks to encourage private development investment along the Second Street Corridor. While some new developments are being proposed, the plan will also encourage the use, rehabilitation and preservation of existing buildings. In the renderings, red signifies existing buildings, and yellow illustrates proposed developments. “We are looking at how to develop this effort while still respecting history and heritage of the area… The Second Street Master Plan will further that history and heritage,” said Daniel Foth of CHA. “Macon was founded as ‘A City in a Park.’ We are working to get that green space back.” A Midcity Square at Second and Pine Streets will be part of the plan as well as the addition of green space throughout the Second Street Corridor.

beginnings of Macon as Middle Georgia’s regional hub city. Years from now, the Second Street plan, which encompasses a mere two-and-a-half mile radius, can take transportation to and from Macon even further—maybe to Forsyth or perhaps even onto Atlanta and beyond! To learn more, visit to find links to resources from presentations and meetings. To comment on the plans, please write to Daniel Foth at

5 4

Another significant part of CHA’s work is an extensive transit analysis to create transit options that will complement the transformation of Second Street. Possibilities include the expansion of current bus routes and the possible addition of streetcars and/or a light rail system. Transit proposals in the plan will be expandable. According to the Mayor, decades from now, the transit system that could stem from the Second Street plan may begin the “genesis” of a regional transportation system. If we have a light rail system from Second Street, it could go from behind Mercer to the Macon Mall and Macon State College. A north-south system could travel to the Shoppes at River Crossing. Perhaps even a line will run from behind Terminal Station down to Warner Robins—this is where we see the

PHOTO GUIDE All images courtesy of CHA Consulting, Inc. (1) Rendering of the Second Street plan. (2) Potential connector between Second Street and Little Richard Penniman Boulevard. (3) Greenville, S.C., is an inspiration for Macon’s plan. (4) A current photo of Second Street. (5) A rendering of what this same area could look like after the plan. (6 & 7) Midcity Square renderings. (8) Map of a potential transit system.





saving history ADVOCACY UPDATES BY JOSH ROGERS DOWNTOWN LOFT PROJECT Thanks to the generous support of The 1772 Foundation, The E.J. Grassmann Trust and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia, Historic Macon Foundation has completed fundraising to meet the challenge from the Peyton Anderson Foundation to establish a $500,000 revolving fund for downtown Macon. The Preservation Committee has identified an empty and derelict building at 551 Cherry St. (pictured right) as the inaugural property for this fund. The building is expected to be purchased and placed under construction in January of 2013 to be converted into four residential lofts and one commercial storefront, all to be sold to owner-occupants. Our hope is to establish a core of homeowners in downtown Macon and to entice private developers to produce owner-occupied housing for the long-term stability of downtown revitalization. BEALL’S HILL PROJECT After a very successful Idea House introduced literally hundreds of new people to revitalizing Beall’s Hill, Historic Macon Foundation was pleased to welcome two new permanent residents to rehabilitated historic houses at 1116 Ash St. and 1276 Calhoun St. (pictured left). Another rehabilitated house at 1078 Ash St. is expected to close before the end of 2012. The biggest shift in revitalization in the neighborhood has been the entry of private developers for the first time since 2008. Private developers are on track to construct $800,000 worth of new housing this year, doubling the pace of revitalization. Historic Macon plans to pivot to driving and managing private developers to achieve the vision for Beall’s Hill revitalization. PORTER HOUSE The James Hyde Porter house (right) unfortunately remains endangered at its Allen Road location. Historic Macon Foundation continues to work closely with the James Hyde Porter Testamentary and Wesleyan College to have the house moved safely to Wesleyan’s campus, restored as campus offices, and interpreted to educate the public about Mr. Porter and his great generosity to Macon and Wesleyan. Initially, utility impact fees were quoted at over $300,000 for the house move, forcing the team to consider other alternatives. The current plan is to lower the roof low enough to ride below the power lines and reconstruct the roof at Wesleyan, thus reducing costs by 80 percent. TAX CREDITS For over twenty years, one of Historic Macon’s largest fundraisers is offering consulting services to help private owners receive tax incentives for improving historic buildings in Macon’s historic districts. Historic Macon can help you plan a tax credit project that will meet the restrictions of state and federal programs. In some areas, the minimum project size is $5,000 over two years, and you can save over half the cost of rehabilitation depending on your project. The typical fee for tax credit consulting is $1,200, and you get at least 25 percent of that cost back in tax credits!

TAX CREDIT Quick Facts • Currently underway: 27 projects in five of Macon’s 12 historic districts • Total rehabilitation investments: $5.2 million • Applicants will save: $1.6 million total through tax incentives • Smallest project: $10,000 • Largest project: $2,000,000 • Median project size: $100,000 • Jobs created: 93



Christmas Wish List

All we want for Christmas is... “For someone to donate three pieces of 1840-1860s ‘dressing room’ furniture so we can set up a vignette in the wedding dress display case in time for Sidney’s Birthday on February 3, 2013. A dresser, dressing table or armoire, small chair and dressing mirror.” - Janis Haley “A newer, more reliable mode of transportation for flea market donation pickups. A/C would also be a nice extra! ” - Jennifer Mayer “A parking area in which you don’t have to wear waterproof boots or plastic bagswhen it rains.” - Cantey Ayres “An increase in financial support & operating income to a level that would support additional staff.” - Heather Moore “A couple of big, burly men for flea market donation pickups!” - Barbara Boyer “For HMF to be able to successfully rehabilitate and/or build 10 homes in Bealls Hill in 2013.” - Ryan Griffin “For HMF’s entry into the downtown residential market be successful and have a positive impact on building values and bringing more people to live downtown.” - Jennifer Taylor Long “For the Young Patrons group to continue to grow and attract new members – here’s to 200 households by the end of 2013!” - Kristi Harpst “For our great historic downtown buildings to be returned to their former glory. I wish for beautiful, tree lined streets with safe, complete sidewalks for all to enjoy. I wish for more Maconites to take part in this budding revitalization of our historic neighborhoods with time, money, and care.” - Alex Morrison “Restoration of the office floor and seasonal flower beds and/or flowering shrubs on the front lawn.” - Alice Bailey “For the 2013 Decorators’ Showhouse to be the best Showhouse ever and for everybody working on it will have a great time working on the event. May it also be a TERRIFIC fundraiser for Historic Macon!” - Sally McKay

These wishes can come true! To help us fulfill our wishes, there is a year-end donation form provided on the back cover of the newsletter. Happy Holidays!

Historic Macon’s new Young Patron membership level opened in May 2012. A committee was formed for YPs to execute events, fundraising efforts and other mission-related activities. The YPs recently hosted their first Idea House, which was a big success. The starting goal was to obtain 50 YP households by May 2013. This has been surpassed, as there are now more than 60 with five months left to go before May. Read on to see what some YPs have to say about their experience! “Young Patrons has provided an opportunity to engage in community revitalization and work with like-minded young professionals— people who love their city, appreciate its stories and architecture and recognize the far-reaching impact of historic preservation. In addition, the social benefits are great. YP events may be educational, but they’re also a lot of fun!” - Heather Moore “YP is a great way to meet a diverse group of people who, like me,  are also interested in preserving the wonderful historic buildings we have in Macon. It is important that we come together as the next generation of caretakers for so many interesting and beautiful buildings and homes.” - Leigh Glenn “My membership and involvement with YP has given me a greater, more fulfilling, inspired sense of place in my community, further making me feel right at home in Macon.” - Susannah Maddux “The Young Patrons group is a great avenue for Macon’s young professionals to learn, socialize, network and be involved in the community. Engaging the young leaders of Macon is essential to the future of HMF, and I am excited to be part of this group as it continues to develop!” - Kristi Harpst

historic macon photo reel

biscuits & bouquets salon series Thank you to Capital City Bank for sponsoring this Sidney’s Salon Series!

Above: Derrick Catlett discusses Macon State College’s gardens at his Salon on Oct. 9.

Above: Carol Porter talks about her favorite recipes at her Salon on Sept. 11. Left: Helen Meadors mixes her biscuit dough at Nathalie Dupree’s Biscuit Bash Nov. 13. Right: Nathalie Dupree and her class participants enjoy biscuit-making! Below Right: Martha McKay Maxwell & Sally McKay put Nathalie’s helpful tips to work.


idea house preview party | 10/4/12

Above left: Molly McWilliams Wilkins, Betsy Fitzgerald, and Ricky Hale. Above right: Aubrey Newby and Heather Moore speak at the Idea House ribbon-cutting. Right: Mollie McNeel and Leigh Glenn. Far Right: Sterling Waite & the Cotton Avenue Hustlers entertain the crowd at the W.G. Lee Alumni House.


flea market | 10/19–10/20/12 Photo 1: Terry Holland, Jeff Logan, and Lois McLain. Photo 2: The flea market brought in a record crowd this year; the line began to form at 6:45 a.m.! Photo 3: Max & Susan Crook. Photo 4: Felicia & Terry Parker on the job as cashiers. Photo 5: Evelyn Adams & Barbara Boyer pause for a photo-op in the furniture showroom.






Special Thanks to our Most Generous Members! Individual members at the Benefactor level and above and business members receive a newsletter listing as part of their membership benefits to thank them for their generosity. All memberships and donations are as of November 1, 2012. Historic Macon Club Mr. & Mrs. Joe Adams Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm S. Burgess, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steve Durkee Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dyer Ms. Phyllis Farmer Ms. Sally Murphey Heard Ms. Sara Beth Hertwig Ms. Victoria Hertwig Col. & Mrs. Arthur Howard Mr. Blake Lisenby & Mr. Shane Rogers Mr. Edmund Olson & Councilwoman Beverly Olson Mr. Carey O. Pickard, III & Mr. Chris Howard Mr. Tom B. Wight Drs. Michael & Bridget Wright Supporting Ms. Cantey Ayres Mr. & Mrs. Mark Ballard Ms. Beverly Blake Mr. & Mrs. Don Cornett Ms. Jeane Easom Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael Ford The Hon. Jim Marshall & Mrs. Camille Hope Mrs. Muriel & Mr. Samuel Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Tim Regan-Porter Ms. Carole Seegert Mr. & Mrs. Ed S. Sell, III Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Sumner Mr. & Mrs. John Willingham Benefactor Mrs. Stella Auchmutey Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Beeland Dr. & Mrs. Ron Bloodworth Mr. Jim Bodell & Mrs. Susan Long Mr. & Mrs. Wes Boyer Dr. & Mrs. Peter Brown Mr. Craig Burkhalter & Ms. Helen Meadors Mr. & Mrs. Jim Burt Ms. Tricia B. Burttram Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Buttermark Mr. James Caldwell Ms. Carley M. Carden Dr. & Mrs. James Chapman Mr. Ken Gozur & Ms. Ginger Collins Mr. & Mrs. John D. Comer Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cook Mr. & Mrs. Max Crook Mr. and Mrs. David Davis Mr. & Mrs. Robert Deason Ms. Shannon Fickling Mr. & Mrs. John Fox Mr. & Mrs. Wes Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Richard Guerreiro Ms. Lucy Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hatcher

Ms. Dana Heard Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hearn, Jr. Ms. Judy Hodgens Bryant Mr. C. Terry Holland & Mr. Jeff Logan Dr. & Mrs. Lindsay Holliday Ms. Frozine B. Huff Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jones Mrs. William F. Ladson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Hubert C. Lovein, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bertram Maxwell, III Mr. and Mrs. William R. McDuffie Mr. & Mrs. Albert W. McKay, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Andy Moore Dr. & Mrs. B.D. Morton Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Newby Mr. Bryan Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Terry Parker Mr. & Mrs. Thom Phillips Mr. Stephen A. Reichert Dr. & Mrs. Joe Sam Robinson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chris R. Sheridan Mr. & Mrs. Bill Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. “Bo” Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Gene B. Strouss Ms. Katherine Walden Ms. Jean E. Weaver Mr. & Mrs. Rick Whitten Dr. Howard J. Williams, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams Mr. & Mrs. Joe W. Yearty Mr. & Mrs. George Youmans Business Members Medical Center of Central Georgia The Telegraph Eye Center of Central Georgia Capital City Bank College Hill Alliance Georgia Power, A Southern Company Marshall Lumber Open MRI of Macon Pi-Tech Conditioned Air, Inc. Lowe Electric Co. Macon Magazine Tony Butler Home Design and Construction Warner Robins Supply Co., Inc. Graphic Resource J. Cameron Garvin, DMD Morris Appliance ProBuild Saturna and Company, PC

Honorariums In honor of Janis Haley by The Simmons Charitable Trust Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia Memorials In memory of Fern Allrich by Sylvia Shellenberger Faye Popper In memory of Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Burnette by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Deep In memory of Bill Coggins by Sally Murphey Heard In memory of John MacIntosh by Helen Anderson Janis Haley Sally Murphey Heard In memory of Thomas Mann by Barbara Boyer In memory of Tinsley Matthews by Kate Matthews

Corporate & Foundation Gifts Charles E. Roberts, Jr. Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia Knight Neighborhood Challenge, a project of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Community Foundation of Central Georgia The McClure Family Foundation Thad E. Murphey Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia Simmons Charitable Trust Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Georgia Gifts & In-Kind Donations Evelyn Adams Roger Belcher Larry Brumley Becky Bowdre Barbara Boyer Max Crook John & Margie Freeman Kristina Harpst Marjorie Harrison C. Terry Holland Betty Sweet Ladson Anita Sandefur Lamar & Sandy Sizemore Hannah Napier Warren


NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 428 Macon, Georgia

P.O. Box 13358 Macon, GA 31208

Year-End Donation Form: Please help us fulfill our Christmas wishes! INFORMATION Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________ DONATION Amount: _____ $25

_____ $50

_____ $75

_____ $100

Other Amount (write in here): _______________

You may direct your donation to a specific purpose below. If no fund is selected, donations will be used for preservation operations. _____ Where the need is greatest

_____ Cottage Guild Endowment

_____ Preservation Revolving Fund

A gift may be made in honor or memory of a relative or friend. Please indicate any details below. In honor of: __________________________________________________________________________________________ In memory of: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Please send notification of this honorarium/memorial to: Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ METHOD OF PAYMENT

___ Check/cash enclosed

Credit card: ___ Visa ___ Mastercard

Credit card # ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Expiration ____ / ____

Donate online at or send this form with payment to: Historic Macon Foundation | P.O. Box 13358 | Macon, GA 31208

December 2012 Member Magazine  

Historic Macon member magazine (newsletter) from December 2012.

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