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The Panda Man was born in the Taiwan, China. He was not a real panda, he was a person who acted the panda. When he became a hero, he wear the clothes of a Panda.

He was born in a very rich family, but his father was died when he was a child because his father help someone who was offended the villains. So he inherited the money from his father.It was a lot of inheritance.

The Panda Man always beat the villains in night, he changed his clothes and wore the panda mask at night when he left his home.

There was an other person who was very poor, but he like to help people. He also wear the clothes like panda, but his clothes were made by himself.He is called The Panda Hero.He helped The Panda Man to beat the villains.

The Panda Man always beat the villains by his hands, but sometimes he used a bulletproof vest and gloves to protect himself.

The Panda Man has done many things to help people in society. Sometimes he helped the police to beat the robbers and criminals. And he founded a black organization which wants to control humans.

He destroyed the system of organization and beat the villains in the organization.He made the world peace. The Panda Man became very famous.Many TV news reported stories about him, but no one knew who was him in the real life.

No one knows who The Panda Man is! It was a secret.

The Panda Man by Lydia Zhao  

This graphic story was created by Lydia Zhao using the application Comic Life.