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rld, his o w e h t r e u arf conq w d a is e r e th m hui a n . r D is e nam

If you call me Dwarf I'll kill you!!

the dwarf and his military destroy everything.There is no hope for people. dr.nam hui like to do something bad to people.

He paint on the wall.

you don't mind. Right? Bla bla bla

He is a troublemaker.

It's the time to find a hero.

What? I'm the hero?

Prodigy is a dog from Davidson, bethel, maine. he is 16 years old.

Prodigy. you are the only one could save the world, please, help us.

prodigy go to Dr.Nam's home to challenge him. huhuhu.

what do you want?

he is too strong!

Sadly, prodigy loses...

He sucks.

I can't do this.

Poor prodigy lose in the battle. He is so sad.

Hi, I'm Mary.

Leave me alone. I can't do this.

Prodigy's friends come to help him, but prodigy is afriad Dr.Nam hui...... we are coming to help you.

You are the hero.bod y.

Do we have any hopes?Brother

If prodigy could get the weapon, maybe he could win!

Maybe not, wait! there is a weapon could destroy dr,nam hui....

his friend heard the legend in the bar, then he going to prodigy's home and encourage him to get the weapon.

Prodigy going to the miracles place trying to get the weapon...because he don't want to disappoint his friends.

Eventually Prodigy get the weapon --the Dragon sword!

Dr.Nam hui heard that. but he doesn't worry at all, he is waiting for prodigy and he want kill him this time.

I'm powerful!

Hahaha, prodigy this time I will judge you death.

Dr.Nam hui died

Prodigy save the world!

I love yo proudg y!

Me too!

Hero With Villian by Mike Zhang  
Hero With Villian by Mike Zhang  

This graphic story was created by Mike Zhang using the application Comic Life.