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Characters Ares Demeter Grandmother

Main Character

Ares was a brave and mean young man.

Give me all your money!

Ares got kicked out of college for bullying. Ares was a really angry man.

When Ares got kicked out of college, he also got sent to his grandmother's house for a month.

During his journey, Ares started wondering what he did worng.

I'm the goddess of wisdom, art and industry .

Demeter, ares' Grandmother, was a goddess.

Wat did i do wrong?

Then he arrived to Demeter's house. It was the first time he met his grandmother.

Please call me grandma.

Hello Demeter!

After two weeks in Demter's house, Ares and Demeter became really close. I feel really bad. I don't know why i did it.

Ares, how do you feel about what you did?

Demeter and ares talked every day. one day Demeter asked ares....

After all this time spent with Demeter, he realized hwat he had done wrong

But Demeter knew why: Ares brother died the day Ares was born and he never got to meet him. Ares was really sad about that and took it out on other unoffensive children.

Demeter also knew the kid he use to bully and she told him... Yes...

you know Star, right? the kid you use to bully?

he lost his dad in a cloud accident when he was 2.

Ares couldn't believe what he was hearing.

The next day he decided to go back home with his family...

When he saw his parents he was really happy!

It's okay.

I'm sorry for everything i've put you through!

Yes, :( BUt do you realize what you have done?

Later that day, Ares went to apologize to the little star who was sad.

When Ares got there the star was a little bit scares until Ares said...

IT's Okay!!

i'm sorry for treating you badly...

Ares ended with a great heart and he will always remember Demeter. His grandmother who made him realize a lot of things about himself in this past month.

Life in the Sky by Tuit Portuondo  
Life in the Sky by Tuit Portuondo  

This graphic story was created by Tuti Portuondo using the application Comic Life.