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there was a human formed bear his name was lautner

He is strong

and old

he is born of bear dad and

hi , dad

when he was born

human mom

hi , mom

his mom and dad got kiilled

i'm a human formed bear

He doesn't remember his parents

many years later... what is mom?

he fell in love with human girl who is called swift

go away

but she doesn't like him because she knew he is a bear

i want to b e a human!!

so he wants to be a human

i'm turtle

the one old guy ( actually he is a human formed turtle) knows how to be a human

do that..

so the old guy tells how to be a human

the way is lautner has special marble, and when he gives his special marble to one human for 1 month without give damage to that marble, he can be a human

i need lautner's marble

at that time swift got hurt really bad. she knew if she had bear's marble, she can be alive

so she makes a trade for marble. lautner loved her and he need human to keep the marble for 1 month and swift needs the marble because the marble can cure her injurries

i need my marble

few days later, taylor and her town fall in to danger by other monsters

lautner tries to help them but he couldn't use his power fully because he gave the marble to taylor, and it was too far away. if the marble is near, he can use his strong power

run!! taylor knew lautner needs his marble to get power, so she tries to get out of this place and go to lautner taylor!!

no!! monsters saw me when she almost got out of the castle, monsters realize she was getting out

so they try to kill her

when they almost killed her, lautner comes to her

that was easy

and killed the moster

the town became peaceful

i became real human !!

yay let's get married

that day was important for lautner because it's been one month since lautner gave his marble to taylor

so they got married in the town amid people's cheers

and lived forever at that castle

The Human Bear by Ji Gu Lee  

This graphic story was created by Ji Gu Lee using the application Comic Life.