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son, you should be strong and never cry!

Yes, Daddy!

The store began in 16th century. His name was Johnny and he was a son of an English knight, who served King Andrian. There were 12 children in Johnny’s family, and he was the youngest of them

His house was burnt. His parents and all his brothers were killed by nomadic warriors. Their leader’s name was Zick.

He was very kind child who loved to help people, but once when he was returning home after his usual swimming in the lake, he noticed some smoke which was coming from his house.

When little Johnny calmed down, he found his father’s in burnt house, which was made of magic steel and spread fire when cut anything. Now his only goal was to find Zick and revenge him for killing his family.

He spent a lot of years looking for Zick and once walking through the forest, little Johnny found the warriors started to fight against them and when he was in a predicament...

The monk started to help Johnny in his searches for Zick and together they found Zick and in a bloody battle the Killed him.

an old brightening monk appeared from forest and helped Johnny to kill them.

When Johnny understood that he had done what he wanted he left the monk, built a palace on the place of the burnt house of his parents, and the only word he said was:�Farewell to arms�.

In the end of my story, Johnny started to help people of his country and became an English king, but is completely another story...

Little Hero  

This graphic story was composed by Denys Bizyayev.