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Sydney MacMartin was a sophomore living in Colorado. She was walking home from school in the snow. She lived with her father, who always said that the reason she was stubborn was that she was born during a snowstorm.

But her dad said she couldn't keep him, because they didn't have time to take care of a dog.

She heard a sniffing noise behind her and turned to see a little black puppy.

Aw! He's so cute!

No Dogs!

So she took him to the local shelter. 'Weston Animal Rescue Center and Shelter'

Her name was Mrs. Bailey and she showed Sydney around the shelter. Does anyone help you take care of the animals?

I found a stray puppy and can't keep him. Can he stay here?

Of course! This is an animal shelter

That night Sydney asked her dad about who Mrs. Bailey was. No. It's just me.

She's from Alaska, part Inuit i think, and she moved here a while ago. She has a daughter whose in college.

But nobody has been to the shelter in a while. It's sort of run-down.

Sydney dreamed about the black puppy that night and decided to go back to the shelter.....

Winter break started. Sydney went back to the shelter and helped Mrs. Bailey take care of the animals. she fed them and she got to play with the black puppy......

...who she named Boston because his favorite toy was a red sock.


Besides taking care of animals, Sydney also collected donations for the shelter. She went door to door....

Hi, i work at the local animal shelter. Would you be interested in making a donation or adopting a pet? Or maybe Becoming volunteer..?

The answer was usually no. But after a few weeks, Sydney earned a fair amount, despite school starting again.

Do you want to work here until break is over? I could use the help.

Mrs. Bailey watched her take care of the animals every day and then one day asked her if she wanted to work at the shelter.

would i ever!!!

Mrs. Bailey started cleaning up the shelter. They bought new toys and treats for all the animals. Now all i need is homes for all of these animals!

She was very grateful for all of Sydney's help.

The next day at the shelter, while Sydney hung up her backpack, Mrs. Bailey ran back to the office to grab something.

I'll be right back!

I want you to have it. For all help with the shelter. I made it years ago, and my duaghter doesn't want it.

Okay, I'm just hanging up my bag.

She walked back out with an Inuit necklace. It was beautiful, with beads and wooden carvings hanging from it. Mrs. Bailey placed it on top of the white cloth bag she got it from and set it on the counter.

Wow! It's beautiful... I don't know if i should keep, it if it was for your daughter.

I Insist. Okay. Thank you so much, Mrs. Bailey!

Near the end of the adoption drive, Sydney's dad walked in. Sydney was suprised to see him, he never came into the shelter before.

There was an adoption drive that weekend, lots of people showed up to adopt. Some people even wanted to work at the shelter!

Hey, kiddo! I see that dog is still here, what do you say to us

I want a puppy!

taking him home?

I want to adopt a cat.

I can keep him?!?! I'm gonna adopt a dalmation!

Sydney couldn't believe it! It was the best thing that could have happened.

YES YES YES!!! Thanks, dad!!!

So, Sydney MacMartin got to walk home with her dad and new dog. Leaving the shelter with new workers and enough money for some serious renovations.

A Shelter Tail by Margaret Cameron  

This graphic story was created by Margaret Cameron using the application Comic Life.

A Shelter Tail by Margaret Cameron  

This graphic story was created by Margaret Cameron using the application Comic Life.