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Vintage Bibles for Sale Welcome! Rare Bibles, Premium Leaves, and Illuminated Manuscripts dated from about 1200 to 1700. Only the best! Manuscripts and Leaves vary in size, and are set in museum-quality Portfolios or Booklets for archival preservation. This eliminates the high cost of framing. Rare Bible Leaves and Manuscripts are carefully handled and archivally preserved in the finest museum-quality materials, thus eliminating the high cost of framing (saving $150-$350). RARE Bible leaves and illuminated (hand painted) MANUSCRIPTS, artfully preserved in our own archival, museum-quality Portfolios & Booklets, made with SUPERIOR QUALITY that befits world-class heirlooms! ALL ORIGINAL Bible leaves and illuminated manuscripts from historic antique Bibles and rare Bibles! Lovingly cradled in handmade archival Portfolios of fine cambric linen or linen fiber, silk moire, and clear archival sleeves as recommended by the Library of Congress. Our Portfolios & Booklets are unique in the world of antique manuscript preservation! Your rare historic Bible leaf or illuminated manuscript will be a precious antique Bible heirloom for generations! Signed, gold-seal Certificates of Authenticity on gold-leaf or other premium papers.

About Historic Bibles About 3,000 years ago, the Creator of the universe spoke to us through words written "by the finger of God" (Deut. 9:10). Prior to printing, the Bible was written by hand, on papyrus or parchment, often taking years to produce a single copy. Despite the cost, Bibles were as artistic as they were exacting, and many stunning illuminated texts survive. With the advent of printing

in 1454, the Bible became available to the laity and hastened the Reformation and the Renaissance. To preserve for posterity a leaf from an historic Bible is thus to be connected to the ongoing creativity of God's word. From early on, Christians held on to fragments of old copies or old versions of the Bible. Jews, on the other hand, meticulously copied from worn-out copies and then respectfully disposed of the older copies. Either way, the "preservation and presentation of rare historic Bible leaves" is one link in that great chain of witnesses to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

History of English Bibles The History of English Bibles from 1380-1885

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Vintage bibles for sale