Historic Augusta News 50th Anniversary Edition

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Historic Augusta News Volume 41, No. 3

Special Edition

celebrating 50 years of

historic preservation 1965-2015

The mission of Historic Augusta, Inc., is to preserve historically or architecturally significant structures & sites in Augusta & Richmond County, Georgia.

A Message from our President I have had the pleasure of being on the Historic Augusta Board of Trustees for a number of years. This year our organization is celebrating its 50th

anniversary. Prior to 1965 in the name of progress, many historically significant buildings were being demolished to make room for new construction. Many will remember City Hall being replaced by the library and the Marble Palace replaced several structures on Greene Street. Also, in the 1970’s Union Station was replaced by the Post Office. Several visionary citizens sought to protect and preserve remaining threatened historical structures. Bill Bush, our first president and his wife, Frenchie, led this group. We are so thankful for their desire and passion to preserve our city. Also, we are grateful to the Junior League who adopted Historic Augusta in its early days and provided many volunteer hours to aid in its development. Preserving historical and architecturally significant structures is vital to our city’s history and future. Historic Augusta continues to work towards preserving Augusta’s history through advocacy, education, and community involvement. The efforts and contributions of the staff and members have been outstanding, and as a result, we have continued to save some significant structures. I am honored to have worked with such a talented and preservation minded group. With the continued support from the community we hope to recognize, preserve and protect our city’s heritage for future generations.

Becky H. Smith President Historic Augusta, Inc. 2014-2015

Historic Augusta News | 3

A Message from our Executive Director When we formed a 50th Anniversary committee made up of Honorary Members of the Board of Trustees and current Executive Committee members, many

excellent ideas emerged. All agreed that we have wonderful programs already. Why not just present them in 2015 as 50th Anniversary events? Our graphic design partner, Kruhu, came up with an enhanced logo for the 50th, and our annual Heritage Party, Loft Tour, Cotton Ball, Benefit Auction and Walk With the Spirits all became 50th Anniversary Events. Special ideas that were adopted were three: • Develop a new, high quality book on the history and architecture of Augusta. Jackie Blanchard graciously agreed to spearhead this effort, and with Al Cheatham has begun the three-year project. With able assistance from Dr. Lee Ann Caldwell (Historian), Dr. Jim Garvey (author), Van Jones Martin (producer), and Jim Lockhart (photographer), the project is off to a great start. Generous donors have underwritten the costs, and we plan to offer it for sale in the fall of 2017. • Host a 50th Anniversary Celebration. Co-chaired by Ann Claiborne Christian and Marian Clark with an able committee, by the time you read this, it will have taken place at the Old Medical College building on Telfair Street, having marked Historic Augusta's Golden Anniversary in simple but elegant style. • To coincide with the 50th Anniversary Celebration, a special edition of Historic Augusta News would be produced as a general overview of the efforts, accomplishments and memorable events that have been undertaken by the organization over its first half-century. You are holding that goal in your hands. This 50-year review turned out not to be as simple as we thought it might be. We consulted scrapbooks, photos, old invitations, minutes, the Augusta Chronicle and any number of records packed away in files and boxes. Frankly we were overwhelmed. Looking back over old photos and reading 4 | 50th Anniversary Edition

stories, I realized just how many of our founders are no longer with us. But what a privilege it was to have known many of them! Space and budget dictated that we had to choose only one main accomplishment to mention for each year in our timeline, with only a few exceptions. But that does not mean that other important accomplishments were not worthy of mention – there just was limited space. Perhaps one day a full volume will be written, but in the mean time, we hope you will enjoy this reminder of Historic Augusta's endeavors, and remember the role that you played.

If so inclined, we would welcome additional memoirs to keep in our files for future Historic Augusta members to find in the years to come. If we don't write these things down now, they may be lost. Thank you for your generous and steadfast support of our worthy cause over the past half-century. We hope that in the year 2065 our descendants can look back at our accomplishments and appreciate the foresight and efforts of this generation of preservationists. Erick D. Montgomery Executive Director Historic Augusta, Inc. 1989-present


Kuleigh Baker | Stephanie Herzberg | Robyn Anderson | Melissa Torres Programs and Head Tour Preservation Administrative Marketing Guide Services Assistant Director Director Not pictured: Keith Watson, Wilson House Tour Guide | Paul Lockhart, Facilities Maintenance

Historic Augusta News | 5

Founding Members

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold B. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. William H. Barrett Mrs. Thomas Barrett Miss Flora Barringer Dr. & Mrs. Louis L. Battey Miss Terrence Battey Dr. & Mrs. Alfred L. Battey, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James W. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Boardman, Jr. Mrs. James Bothwell Mr. & Mrs. William G. Bush Dr. & Mrs. A. Bleakley Chandler Mrs. Rodney S. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Cranston Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Cumming Mr. & Mrs. Clemens DeBaillou Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Drawdy Mr. & Mrs. J. Lee Etheredge, Jr. Mrs. Henry B. Garrett Mr. & Mrs. Albert Von Kemp Gary Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Hagler Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hagler, III Mr. & Mrs. Louis Harris Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Helm Dr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Humphries, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James B. Kay, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayland W. Lamar Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Long Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Wilson P. Mason Mr. & Mrs. G. C. Maxwell, Jr.

Mrs. Ernest B. Merry Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Morris, III Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Murray, Jr. Miss Mary Lou Phinizy Mrs. Barney Rickenbacher Mr. & Mrs. Heard Robertson Mr. & Mrs. George A. Sancken, Jr. Gov. & Mrs. Carl E. Sanders Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Seibert Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy H. Simkins Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy H. Simkins, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W. Ross Snellings Miss Eleanor W. Teague Mr. & Mrs. Landon Thomas Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. William A. Trotter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stewart P. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Waller Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Weeks

1965 October 7, Historic Augusta is incorporated. 1966 Historic Augusta holds its first formal meeting at the Old Government House in February and Mr. Bill Bush is elected as its president. 6 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Tony Thompson, Reid Williamson, and William Bush, first President of Historic Augusta, Inc.

Charter Members

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Adams Dr. & Mrs. Paul B. Bailey Mrs. W. Cyrus Bailey Mrs. George C. Baird Mr. & Mrs. D. Douglas Barnard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Travis Barnes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barr Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Barrett Mrs. George Barnes Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Hale Barrett Mrs. Julian Barrett Mr. & Mrs. William White Barrett Mr. & Mrs. H. Gould Barrett, Jr. Mrs. Julian Barrett, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. R. O. Barton Dr. W. W. Battey Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Battey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. A. Jackson Beall Mr. & Mrs. Willard A. Beckum Mr. & Mrs. James T. Beeson Mr. & Mrs. Guy F. Benjamin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John R. Bennett Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bible Mrs. George Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Russell A. Blanchard Dr. & Mrs. Pierce Blitch, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Pierce Blitch, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo P. Boardman Mr. & Mrs. John D. Boardman Mr. & Mrs. Alonzo P. Boardman, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Clayton P. Boardman, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Grey Boatwright Mr. & Mrs. Norman Boatwright Rt. Reverend Daniel J. Bourke Mrs. William F. Bowe Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bowles Mrs. Hudson Boyd Miss Ann Braddy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Brittingham Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Brown Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Brown Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Bryans, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Burdell Mr. & Mrs. William Calhoun Mr. & Mrs. Ray Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Rutledge Carpenter Mr. & Mrs. Clement Castleberry Mr. & Mrs. James Chafee Dr. & Mrs. John L. Chandler Mr. Gerard Chapin Mr. & Mrs. Owen R. Cheatham Mr. C. C. Chesser Mrs. John M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Henry Claussen Mr. & Mrs. Ward S. Claussen Mrs. Emily T. Clay Mr. & Mrs. Harris Clay Mr. Lawrence D. Conner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. D. Hugh Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cordle Mrs. Henry C. Cullum




Members of Historic Augusta purchase the Gould House at the corner of Walton Way and Milledge Road, saving it from further deterioration and probable demolition.

Norman Larson, the first executive director of Historic Augusta, Inc. presents the board of trustees with “A Master Plan for Historic Augusta”, outlining a preservation plan for the entire city.

448 Telfair Street is purchased as the first Historic Augusta Revolving Fund project. Subsequently it was sold to Sam Maguire for rehabilitation as offices. The Harris-Pearson-Walker House (Ezekiel Harris House) at 1822 Broad Street is the first building in Richmond County listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Historic Augusta News | 7

Mrs. Inman Curry Mr. & Mrs. T. R. Daniel Miss Mary Frances Davis Mrs. Robert Allen Davis Mrs. Sara Lancken Davis Mr. & Mrs. George Day Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. De Beaugrine Mr. Frank Dennis, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Doar, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Doris Mr. & Mrs. William H. Dumont Mr. & Mrs. Felton Dunaway Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Dunbar, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Edwards Mrs. Lester Elliott Miss Grace B. Etheredge Miss Flora Eve Mr. & Mrs. William D. Eve Mr. & Mrs. George Ewing Mr. Robert H. Fellers Mr. & Mrs. Berry Fleming Mr. & Mrs. Abe J. Fogel Mr. & Mrs. William Force, Jr. Mr. Samuel A. Fortson, III Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Friedman Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Fuqua Mr. & Mrs. Edwin D. Fulcher Mrs. Barrett Garrett Mr. & Mrs. W. V. Garris Mr. & Mrs. William Gary Dr. & Mrs. Ira Goldberg Mrs. W. H. Goodrich

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Greenblatt Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Gulley Miss Evelyn J. Hagler Mr. & Mrs. Gould B. Hagler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Hagler Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hagler, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Quimby Hair Dr. & Mrs. Walton W. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Phil S. Harison Mr. & Mrs. Landrum Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Alex C. Haskell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. G. B. Hestor Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hill Miss Susan Rembert Hill Mr. & Mrs. Levi W. Hill, III Mr. & Mrs. R. Eugene Holley Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Hollingsworth Mr. & Mrs. Murphy Holloway Brig. Gen. & Mrs. Francis Howard Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Hull Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Jernigan, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Julius Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Jones Dr. & Mrs. G. Frank Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. C. D. Joyner Judge & Mrs. F. F. Kennedy Dr. & Mrs. Charles Kilpatrick Mr. G. Pierce King Mr. Ahava H. Koontz Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Kress Mr. & Mrs. J. Benjamin Kyser Mrs. George B. Lamar



“Azalea Cottage” which dates from 1812 is saved by Finley Merry and moved to Rockbrook.

City Council passes an ordinance establishing a historic zone in the area bounded by the river on the North, East Boundary on the East, Gwinnett on the South, and 15th Street on the West.

1972 Old Government House to Historic Augusta. The Junior League of Augusta donates the

8 | 50th Anniversary Edition


A Sand Hills cottage on Tenth Street is donated to Historic Augusta by First Federal Savings & Loan Association and moved to Courthouse Lane in the “Pilot Project.”

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lamar Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lamb Mr. Billie LaMotte Mr. Joseph Lee Mrs. Owen Clinton Lee Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lehmann Mr. William M. Lester Miss Elaine S. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. William S. Maner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Boyce Mangum Mr. & Mrs. Hampton Manning Mr. & Mrs. Richard I. Manning Mrs. Harold C. Marbut Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Marks Mr. & Mrs. Pierce E. Marks Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Markwalter Miss Clair Marriott Mr. & Mrs. Edison Marshall, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Tim F. Maund Mr. & Mrs. Grover C. Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Maxwell Dr. & Mrs. Regnold Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. de Chastaignier Mazyck Mr. Robert McCrary Mr. & Mrs. James D. McCullough Mr. & Mrs. George McInnes Mr. Walker McKinney Mr. & Mrs. Finley Merry Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Merry Mrs. Charles G. Mettler Dr. & Mrs. James W. Mitchner

1974 Historic Augusta adopts its master plan for the Old Government House block known as the “Pilot Project” with funding from the Augusta Junior Woman’s Club.

Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Mobley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Mulherin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Murray Dr. & Mrs. Pomeroy Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Gwinn H. Nixon Mr. & Mrs. Scott Nixon Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Norman Miss Wallace W. North

“We have fought the good fight to preserve the precious heritage that has been handed down to us. Even when funds were non-existent, somehow we have managed to save many meaningful buildings with much history.” — Ann Boardman Mr. Gilbert J. O'Brien, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles O'Conner, Jr. Mrs. Forest Oakley Mr. & Mrs. Millwee Owens, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Pamplin Mr. & Mrs. Dort Payne Mr. & Mrs. John W. Peabody

1975 “Friends of Sacred Heart Church” is formed to try to save the deconsecrated church from demolition.

1976 The Summerville Neighborhood

Association holds its first meeting. Gene Gibson and Mary Lou Garren created the association to protect & enhance the beauty and charm of Old Summerville.

Save Old Summerville Flyer encouraging membership in the Summerville Neighborhood Association.

Historic Augusta News | 9

Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Perry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Herman Pfadenhauer Mrs. Ferndinand Phinizy Dr. & Mrs. Irvine Phinizy Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pierce Mr. & Mrs. Charles Presley Mrs. Theodore Price Mr. & Mrs. Rex Pruitt Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Pund Mr. & Mrs. John A. Radeck Mrs. S. M. Ramsey Mr. & Mrs. Warren Raymond Mrs. J. T. Reese Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Richards Mrs. John R. Richards Mrs. Boswell Rigsby Mr. & Mrs. Julian H. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. J. Haley Roberts, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. P. Frank Robinson Dr. & Mrs. William P. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Royal, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George B. Rushing Dr. & Mrs. Conrad W. Sanders, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Schnorbach Mrs. W. E. Seiffert Miss Emily Baynard Sheftall Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Sherman Mrs. John H. Sherman Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Sibley Mr. & Mrs. George R. Sibley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Sillimon Mr. & Mrs. David Silver

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Silverstein Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Silverstein Mr. & Mrs. G. Bryan Simkins Mr. & Mrs. Edgar B. Slaton Mr. & Mrs. E. Louis Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Speer Mr. & Mrs. Harry Steine Mr. & Mrs. H. Lowry Stulb Mrs. Samuel H. Swint Mr. & Mrs. Warner Tabb Mr. & Mrs. Michael Justice Taylor Rev. Dawson Teague Mr. & Mrs. N. N. Teague Mr. & Mrs. Allen L. Teston Miss Ellen P. Thomas Mrs. David R. Thomas, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland Thompson Mr. & Mrs. J. Newton Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Thurmond Mr. & Mrs. John Bell Towill Mr. & Mrs. Frank Troutman Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Turley Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Wade Mrs. Quitman Wakeley Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Ware Dr. & Mrs. M. C. Welchel Dr. & Mrs. W. A. Wilkes Mr. & Mrs. F. B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Williams Mr. & Mrs. Charles Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Julian B. Willingham Dr. & Mrs. Calhoun Witham




The Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home is purchased last by Thomas Rosier and Bill Moore with plans to turn the Wilson Home into a tourist attraction, open to the public and nationally advertised.

Sponsored by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, a tour of Augusta for about 600 Ramblers is hosted by Historic Augusta, Inc.

Augusta Canal Day is held on October 13 to mark the Augusta Canal and its related industries being named a National Historic Landmark District.

10 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Mrs. Elizabeth Boardman Witham Mr. & Mrs. Carl Wood Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Woodhurst, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Wright Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Wright Dr. & Mrs. George W. Wright

“My association with Historic Augusta, Inc. apparently was sufficiently known to Bill Weltch, President of First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Augusta, to cause him to phone me one morning to advise that as he drove to town, the tile roof on the Guard House Structure (at the Southwest Corner of Katherine Street and Walton Way) was being removed and the tiles dropped to the ground only to shatter. I then phoned the President’s Office and the tile removal was stopped. The Guard House has since been restored, preserved.” —Hugh Connolly

Original Board of Trustees

Miss Flora Barringer Miss Terrance Battey Mr. William G. Bush Mr. Samuel C. Waller Dr. Bleakley Chandler Mr. T. Craig Cranston Mr. Joseph B. Cumming Mr. Clemens De Baillou Mr. Sherman Drawdy

1980 The City Council of Augusta adopts a Façade Rehabilitation Grant Program by which property owners in the Broad Street area can receive grants-in-aid to restore the facades of their buildings. Four historic districts in Augusta are listed in the National Register of Historic Places: Pinched Gut, Broad Street, Greene Street, and Summerville.

Mr. John C. Hagler, III Mr. Louis Harris Mr. Wayland W. Lamar Mr. Wilson P. Mason Mrs. Ernest B. Merry Mrs. L. D. Murray, Jr. Miss Mary L. Phinizy Mr. Heard Robertson Mr. Anthony H. Thompson


An adaptive use study for Sacred Heart Church is conducted.

Augusta assumes 1982 Historic management of the Ezekiel Harris House, and a plan is developed to reinterpret the site as the home of a late 18th Century tobacco merchant. Historic Augusta News | 11

Annual Meeting Memories

Erick Montgomery and Natalie Lee, 1996 Annual Meeting

Betty Powell, 1997 Annual Meeting

Natalie Lee, Susan Chandler, Janelle Walker, and Marian Clark, 1999 Annual Meeting

Fran & Herb Upton, 1996 Annual Meeting

Ed Cashin, 1997 Annual Meeting

Ann Mitchell, Susan Wilson, Marian Clark, and Kay Hogg, 1996 Annual Meeting

Shara & Kim Overstreet, 1999 Annual Meeting

Mr. & Mrs. Pierce Merry, 1997 Annual Meeting

12 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Historic Augusta's Presidents William G. Bush


Bryan M. Haltermann


Wilson P. Mason


Carolyn A. Simon


John C. Hagler III


Patrick G. Blanchard


William A. Trotter, Jr.


Julian W. Osbon


D. Hugh Connolly


Dr. Edward J. Cashin, Jr.


Thomas H. Robertson


Charles A. DeVaney


H. M. (Monty) Osteen, Jr.


Clayton P. Boardman III


Howard C. Gaines


W. Tennent Houston


George S. Harrison


Robert C. Osborne


W. Penland Mayson, Jr.


Paul G. King


Nancy H. Bowers


Becky H. Smith


George S. Harrison


Historic Augusta's Executive Directors Norman Larson


Col. Raymond D. Hill


William R. Mitchell


Laurie Bailie Hite, assumes administrative duties


Carolyn A. Humphries, Executive Secretary


Carolyn A. Humphries Barbara Johnson, Interim Executive Director

1979-1983 1983

Pixie Baxter


Terri Quarles Blair


Susan deCamp Conger


Erick D. Montgomery


Historic Augusta News | 13

HISTORIC AUGUSTA Ware's Folly (Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art) 506 Telfair Street 1968-1972

Old Government House 432 Telfair Street 1972-1979

Parsonage of First Christian Church 629 Greene Street 1979-1982

14 | 50th Anniversary Edition

PAST HEADQUARTERS Cottage at the Ezekiel Harris House 1840 Broad Street 1982-1990

Sand Hills Cottage 111 Tenth Street 1990-2004

Joseph R. Lamar Boyhood Home 415 Seventh Street 2004-present

Historic Augusta News | 15

Heritage Party Historic Augusta’s annual Heritage Party honors the principal supporters of Historic Augusta, Inc. It is held each

spring at of one of the city’s most beautiful historic settings and is hosted by a generous member of the organization. The Heritage Party began in 1997 and has continued to be a way to express Historic Augusta’s deepest gratitude to our members at the donor level and above.

Erick Montgomery, Betty & Nick Powell, Gwen & Pat Blanchard

Lee Ann Caldwell, Marliss Roessler, Linn Eidman, and Richard Swann, 2001 Heritage Party

Historic Augusta's Annual Heritage Party Locations 1997 March 12 | Dr. & Mrs. Francis J. Tedesco, 920 Milledge Road 1998 March 11 | Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Simon, 14 Highgate West 1999 | none held 2000 August 26 | Dr. & Mrs. J. Nicholas Powell, 2 Retreat Road 2001 May 3 | Judge & Mrs. J. Carlisle Overstreet, 2237 Cumming Road 2002 | none held




Latco of Savannah purchases the remaining 31,000 square feet of Historic Augusta's Courthouse Square and moves four houses to this site. Additionally, Latco purchases the Partridge Inn on Walton Way and plans a major restoration.

Mrs. Beth L Reiter, a Savannah based preservation planner, demonstrates how planning can be used as a tool for promoting historic neighborhoods.

Mayor Charles DeVaney declares September as Preservation Celebration Month in honor of Historic Augusta’s 20th Anniversary.

16 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Margaret Tyson, Adelle Dennis, Paul King and Karen Bruker at the 2007 Heritage Party

Bryan Haltermann and Judge David Watkins at the 2008 Heritage Party

Beth and Barry Storey at the 2008 Heritage Party

2003 January 16 | Mr. & Mrs. David Burton, 2229 Walton Way 2004 April 29 | Dr. & Mrs. Greg Gay, 1316 Comfort Road 2005 March 15 | Dr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Bowers, 2609 Walton Way 2006 March 21 | Raymond & Pamela Doumar, 2644 Henry Street 2007 March 20 | Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hopkins, 2710 Walton Way 2008 March 18 | Judge Patricia & Dr. David Booker, 2321 Kings Way 2009 March 10 | Mr. Levi W. Hill III, 1006 Johns Road 2010 March 23 | Glen & Carla Owen, 1314 Comfort Road 2011 March 22 | Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lynell Allgood, 819 Milledge Road 2012 March 22 | Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson Knox, 807 Milledge Road 2013 March 14 | Mr. Albert F. Cheatham, 808 Milledge Road 2014 March 25 | Dr. & Mrs. Randy Smith, 814 Milledge Road 2015 March 12 | Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Blanchard, Jr., 2926 Lake Forest Drive


The Lafayette Center on the 900 block of Broad Street is completed by Bankers First as the state's largest rehabilitation project to date.



Historic Augusta, Inc. Endowment Trust is established with initial funding from Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Pamplin and the family of William G. Bush.

The grand opening of the Sacred Heart Cultural Center is held February 8th through the 13th after a thorough rehabilitation by the Knox Foundation. Historic Augusta News | 17

Preservation Month May is Preservation Month, which gives Historic Augusta an opportunity to showcase ways we celebrate and save historic places throughout the year. One of the ways we do this is by reminding our current supporters to renew their membership and by introducing new audiences to the ways we work to preserve historically and architecturally significant sites and structures in Augusta and Richmond County, Georgia.

“In my years of involvement, I remain impressed and inspired by the dedication of the numerous volunteers and of the Historic Augusta staff members doing the work of historic preservation. I have enjoyed being part of the organization taking public positions and properly educating the public as to the characteristics of the historic districts. It is an impressive body of work particularly given the limited resources and the on-going and simultaneous efforts to secure additional resources through fund raising and other solicitations. The Historic Augusta budget is not a bottomless pit and the public does not always know the amount of work undertaken by the organization but without the work, the City of Augusta would be worse off.� — Cameron Nixon



Historic Augusta holds its first Cotton Ball to celebrate the redevelopment of the Riverwalk.

The Main Street program begins in Augusta in April with with Samm Fusselle as the first project manager. Samm Fusselle Historic Augusta moves to the Sand Hills Cottage at 111 Tenth Street, provided by Bankers First.

1989 The Old Government House re-opens to the public for social, cultural and civic events after a complete rehabilitation by the City of Augusta. Erick D. Montgomery is named the new director of Historic Augusta beginning October 16. 18 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Downtown Loft Tour Celebrated the first weekend in May, Historic Augusta’s Downtown Loft Tour kicks off Preservation Month. The loft tour features private loft residences and

businesses in the Augusta Downtown Historic District. This event gives the public a chance to see beyond the façade of a building, to get a glimpse of what it is like to live, work, and play downtown. Many of the lofts featured on this annual tour are current or previous rehabilitation projects that Historic Augusta is involved with.

Dee Brucker, Margaret Woodard, and Karen Bruker at the 2007 Loft Tour

Whitney O'Keefe and Gould Hagler at the 2006 Downtown Loft Tour

Margaret, Tennent, and Mary Houston enjoying the 2008 Loft Tour




The Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson at 419 Seventh Street is purchased at public auction by Historic Augusta in March to save it from an uncertain fate.

The first annual Woodrow Wilson symposium is sponsored by Historic Augusta in cooperation with Augusta College under the direction of Dr. Edward J. Cashin.

The first Augusta Antiques Show and Sale is held September 9 at the Bell Auditorium with Mrs. Paul S. Simon as chair.

The Lucy Laney House at 1116 Phillips Street opens as a Black History Museum and Conference Center after a complete rehabilitation.

Bethlehem Neighborhood becomes the first locally designated historic district under the new Augusta Historic Preservation Ordinance. Historic Augusta News | 19

Cotton Ball The Cotton Ball began in 1988 as a way to bring together dedicated preservation-minded individuals in the City of Augusta. It has evolved over the years but remains a fun opportunity to mingle in a historic setting while enjoying a delicious meal, drinks, mint juleps, and great music. Admission to the Cotton Ball is by current, new or renewing membership in Historic Augusta, Inc., and anyone who is interested in preserving our city’s historic places is invited to join.

Cissy Boyd, Karon & Don Williamson, Catherine & Billy Stuckey at the 2005 Cotton Ball

Cameron and Tricia Nixon with Julie and Brad Means at the 2001 Cotton Ball

Original 1988 Cotton Ball Committee

2008 Cotton Ball with Nancy Sutherland, Freddie Flynt, Bettis Rainsford, Jr. and Sr.


The City Council of Augusta adopts Downtown and the Summerville neighborhoods as locally designated historic districts.

Artists Row on Broad Street in Downtown Augusta

Artists Row is initiated by the Main Street Program, focusing on neglected downtown buildings.


1995 Historic Augusta acquires the Joseph R. Lamar Boyhood Home, next door to the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson, to be used as an interpretive center.

The Old Medical College Building receives National Historic Landmark status.

20 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Historic Augusta's Cotton Ball Locations 1988 May 14 | Riverwalk, 8th Street Plaza

Chairs: Martha Banick and Martha Long 1989 April 29 | Riverwalk, 8th Street Plaza

Chair: Etta Connolly 1990 May 12 | Riverwalk, 8th Street Plaza

Chair: Connie Hurden 1991 May 11 | Dr. & Mrs. Francis Tedesco, 920 Milledge Road

Chair: Anne Heath Moss 1992 May 9 | Mr. & Mrs. Travers Paine III, 820 Milledge Road

Chair: Bruce Freshley 1993 | Not held in this year. Board decision to skip it. 1994 | Green Court, 2248 Cumming Road (owned by Georgia Bank & Trust)

Chair: Nancy Margeson 1995 May 13 | Dr. Glen Owen, 1314 Comfort Road

Chairs: Joyce and George Sancken 1996 May 11 | Ann & Dick Manning, Park Avenue

Chair: Janelle Walker 1997 May 10 | Karen & Jim Hull, 709 Milledge Road

Chairs: Ann Meghan and Edwin Douglass From top to bottom: The original Cotton Ball design on the 1992 invitation; Currie Kilpatrick, Dr. Glen Owen and Ann Mitchell at the 1995 Cotton Ball; Gwen & Pat Blanchard at the 1995 Cotton Ball; Shannon, Whatley and Frenchie Bush with Doug and Gigi Taylor.



The first Historic Augusta Heritage Party is held for its principal supporters on March 12 at Twin Gables, home of Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. Tedesco. The Ezekiel Harris House celebrates its 200th year on July 6 and 7 with a lecture series and Living History Day featuring craftsmen and re-enactors portraying potters, blacksmiths, candle makers, and more. Clay Boardman purchases Enterprise Mill for conversion into loft apartments, office space, and retail space with public exhibits and courtyards.

A capital campaign begins to raise the total funds needed to restore the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson as a museum.

Historic Augusta News | 21

From left to right: 2002 Cotton Ball Committee; Not every Cotton Ball was held at a historic home—the 2002 Cotton Ball was held at Daniel Field; Ann Claiborne Christian, Margaret & Bill Chew at the 2002 Cotton Ball.

1998 May 9 | Mr. & Mrs. Jack Long

Chairs: Fred and Carol Palmer 1999 April 24 | Enterprise Mill, 1450 Greene Street

Chair: Julian Roberts III 2000 May 13 | Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson, 419 Seventh Street Holly Welsh, Claiborne Christian Porubsky, Dr Joe Christian and Margaret Lamar at the 2001 Cotton Ball

Chairs: Kathy and Larry Burgamy 2001 June 2 | Greg Wilson, Salubrity Hall, 2259 Cumming Road

Chair: Ross Snellings 2002 May 18 | Daniel Field, Highland Avenue

Chairs: Jane Moore and Kitty Beveridge 2003 May 1 | Robert & Cam Osborne, 1215 Johns Road

Chair: Dusty Avery Co-chair: Julie Badger 2004 May 20 | Mr. & Mrs. Boone Knox, 912 Milledge Road

Co-chairs: Stephanie Woodward and Ginger Chew Dan & Andrea O'Shea with Randall & Anne Floyd at the 2001 Cotton Ball at Salubrity Hall

2005 June 2 | Sacred Heart Cultural Center (rain location) (Governor Sonny Perdue attended)

Chair: Stephanie Woodward

1999 Restoration of the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson begins in earnest. 2001 2000 Upscale Loft Apartments are being planned for the JB White Building downtown. 22 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Harriet Sayre McCord (President Wilson's greatgrandaughter) and Congressman Charlie Norwood cut the ribbon at the Wilson House

The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson opens to the public on September 29 after being restored to its 1860s appearance.

2006 May 18 | Dr. & Mrs. Dan Rahn, 920 Milledge Road

Chair: Ginger Chew 2007 May 8 | Charlie & Kimberly Knox, 2248 Cumming Road

Chair: Mary Davis 2008 May 13 | Charles & Nola Falcone, 3106 Walton Way

Chairs: Rebecca Rice and Elizabeth Donsbach

The 2004 Cotton Ball Committee at the Knox Home

2009 April 21 | Dr. & Mrs. Logan Nalley, Jr., 2229 Pickens Road

Chairs: Rebecca Rice and Bennett Bowers 2010 May 20 | Dr. & Mrs. Randolph R. Smith, 814 Milledge Road

Chairs: Bennett Bowers and Ashley Hock Smith 2011 May 26 | Dr. & Mrs. Greg Gay, 1316 Comfort Road

Chairs: Ashley Hock Smith and Marc Wilson 2012 May 17 | Kate & Trav Paine, 820 Milledge Road

Chairs: Ashley Hock Smith and Bennett Bowers 2013 May 16 | Mr. & Mrs. Raymond John Doumar, 2644 Henry Street

Amanda & Matt Martin with Drew & Carey Daniel at the 2007 Cotton Ball

Chairs: Ashley Hock Smith and Bennett Bowers 2014 May 22 | Dr. & Mrs. Don Williamson, Salubrity Hall, 2259 Cumming Road

Chairs: Ashley Hock Smith and Bennett Bowers 2015 May 14 | Mr. & Mrs. George DeVallon Bush, 1300 Buena Vista Road

Chairs: Ashley Hock Smith and Max Vallotton, Jr.

2002 The DeLaigle House at 551 Greene Street is saved from demolition for a parking lot. Frazier Associates completes the Downtown Design Guidelines for the Augusta-Richmond County Historic Preservation Commission.

The 2008 Invitation, showcasing a house portrait by Donna Whaley

2003 1104 Greene Street as a major restoration project. 2004 Historic Augusta adopts Union Baptist Church at

Historic Augusta moves its headquarters to the Joseph R. Lamar Boyhood Home at 415 Seventh Street following a three-year renovation.

The Augusta Downtown Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places on June 11 by the keeper of the National Register. Historic Augusta News | 23

Historic Augusta's Antiques Show & Sale and Perfectly Aged Benefit Auction 1





8 Current Page 1 An antiques dealer with Tom Robertson, 1999 Antiques Show & Sale 2 Betty Powell, Debbie Woods, Rex Pruitt, Carolyn Simon, and Sylvia Mayson, 1996 Antiques Show & Sale 3 Minta Nixon, Harriet Reynolds, Brigid Pursley, Anne Manning, and Toni Peacock 4 Ann Claiborne Christian, Marian Clark, Ann Mitchell, and Charlotte Merry 5 Ann Boardman, Joe McDonough, and Sissie Morris, 1996 Antiques Show & Sale 6 Paul & Carolyn Simon with Buck Pennington, 2001 Antiques Show & Sale 7 Mary & Felton Norwood with Frenchie Bush, 2002 Antiques Show & Sale 8 2007 Perfectly Aged Invitation



24 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Opposite page 1 Kitty Beveridge and Jane Moore, Co-chairs of the 1999 Antiques Show & Sale 2 Nancy Carr, Barbara Johnson, Carlyn Magruder, Mickey Goodwin, and Charlotte Merry 3 2002 Antiques Show & Sale at the Old Medical College 4 Whitney O'Keefe and Bob Kirby, 2002 Antiques Show & Sale 5 Victor & Jane Moore at the Antiques Show & Sale 6 Julie Harison, Charlotte Merry, Anne Manning, Marian Clark, Sheila Revell, Susan Wilson, and Barbara Cox 7 Jane Moore, Bill Thompson, and Ann Claiborne Christian at the 1999 Antiques Show & Sale 8 2001 Antiques Show & Sale invitation 9 Lynn Meybohm, Robert Osborne, and Beth Evans at the 2007 Antiques Auction 10 Dudley & Madeline Bowen at the 2003 Antiques Show & Sale











Historic Augusta News | 25

Walk with the Spirits Historic Augusta’s Walk With the Spirits is a tour of one of Augusta’s historic cemeteries. During the 45-minute tours, costumed guides lead the way while discussing the history of the cemetery and interesting facts about the “spirit” that they are portraying. Along the route additional notable citizens from Augusta’s past share their stories. Walk with the Spirits began in 1997 and has continued to grow in popularity, alternating between Summerville, Magnolia and Saint Paul's cemeteries.

Cast of Walk with the Spirits at Saint Paul's Cemetery in 2014

2008 Cast of Walk with the Spirits

2005 Historic Augusta hosts its first annual Downtown Loft Tour featuring the Brislan Building, Claussen Building, Marbury Center, Goldberg Building, Lamar Building, Sylvester Building, Castle Hall, Enterprise Mill, and Levy House.

26 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Russell Foster, Whatley Bush, Ann Beth Strelec, and Shannon Bush at the 2015 Sip with the Spirits


Historic Augusta announces it's first Endangered Properties List.

2007 Walk with the Spirits makes its debut at Summerville Cemetery October 13-14 in partnership with the Watson-Brown Foundation.

“The dreams of what could be for historic preservation in Augusta were exciting and challenging when Historic Augusta was chartered in 1965. Many of the early dreams that have become a reality, contribute to the city's uniqueness and beauty. Chairing the Ezekiel Harris House Committee for over 10 years is the highlight of my 50 years of volunteering. I use to sit on the front steps of the Harris House looking at the Whataburger, and dream of what could be in the field stretching to the canal. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the magnificent Kroc Center. We must never stop dreaming!� —Jackie Blanchard



An opening reception for Wilson 150: The Exhibition was held on December 6. The exhibit originated at the Woodrow Wilson House in Washington, D.C.

The National Park Service announces the Augusta National Register Itinerary, an online source of information for historic sites developed by Historic Augusta.

Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson was voted Best Historic Landmark by readers of Augusta Magazine in Best of Augusta.

Robyn (Mainor) Anderson begins as the full-time Preservation Services Director as part of the Partners in the Field Grant from the National Trust to provide on-site community outreach and awareness of historic preservation during planning and development. Historic Augusta News | 27

The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson Historic Augusta’s largest ongoing preservation projects are the operation of the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson as a historic house museum and the Joseph R. Lamar Boyhood Home as the organization’s headquarters. Each year, the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson hosts over 3,000 local and out-of-town visitors who are interested in learning more about the 28th President of the United States and how, as a young boy, he was influenced by the Civil War and Reconstruction periods.

Nancy Bowers and a speaker with Gloria Norwood

Mickey Goodwin, Brenda Mason, Ann Mitchell, Susan Wilson

Vicki Dixon, Al Cheatham, Jackie Blanchard at the Wilson 150 Celebration

Wilson House Tour Guides Joe Vignatti, Stephanie Herzberg, Keith Watson, and Ed Holmes



On October 7, the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Plaque commemorating the National Historic Landmark designation. Wilson is named a National Historic Landmark by Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior of the United States.

After design modifications approved by the Augusta Historic Preservation Commission, construction begins on the new Augusta Library which will fill the entire east side of the 400 block of Ninth Street between Greene and Telfair Streets. The Augusta Canal Authority’s restoration of the Confederate Powder Works Chimney begins. Historic Augusta, Inc. joins Facebook and Twitter.

28 | 50th Anniversary Edition

1996 Wilson House Fundraiserat Springfield Baptist Church

Lee Ann Caldwell, Shara Overstreet, Erick Monthgomery,Ann Mitchell at the 1997 Christmas Party

Alice, Beth, & John Caldwell with Stephanie Herzberg at the 2005 Candlelight Tour of the Wilson House

Students at Haines Elementary visit the Wilson House in February 2006 for the Georgia Heritage Celebration

1991 Wilson Gingerbread House

Crowd at the 1980 First Christian Manse Christmas


Historic mill houses are moved to create the First Stop Village as part of the new Salvation Army Kroc Center.

Historic Augusta and the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History host This Place Matters: Preserving Augusta’s African American Communities on October 22 and 23. Walking tours of downtown Augusta are developed to include must-see buildings in downtown Augusta for Greene, Telfair, and Broad Streets.

2011 After working with Historic Augusta and the Augusta Canal Authority to plan the site to be sensitive to its historic surroundings, The Kroc Center opens in Harrisburg near the banks of the Augusta Canal. Historic Augusta News | 29

The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson has been meticulously restored to the way the home would have looked during the Wilson’s time in

Augusta from 1860-1870. It was acquired at public auction in 1991, and after restoration opened as a house museum in 2001. The Joseph R. Lamar Boyhood Home, next door, was acquired in 1995, and after rehab became Historic Augusta's offices in 2004.

Julia Jackson, Frank Aucella, Lee Ann Caldwell, Mary Ann Cashin, and speaker Bruce Clayton at 2007 Wilson 150 Exhibit Opening

Girl Scouts visit the Wilson House

Julia Jackson at the 2007 Taste of Augusta

Students form the Good Hope Day Camp visit the Wilson House during summer 2003


2012 The first Old House Fair is held on March 3 at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. This event features workshops, lectures, and vendors celebrating preservation of historic homes. 30 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Mark Albertin of Scrapbook Productions completes the Wilson House Introductory video for the visitor’s center. Dr. Lee Ann Caldwell wrote the script for the 12-minute video.

Wilson House Memories

Actors & Actresses at the 2006 Candlelight Tour

Actress at the 1980 Christmas at the First Christian Manse

Julie Ann & Dickey Boardman, John Patrick, Lisa Bryant, at the Wilson at 150 Reception

Boy Scouts visit the Wilson House

My memories of service on the Board, Executive Committee and as President included the acquisition of the Woodrow Wilson and Lamar properties and the thoughtful restoration of both properties. These accomplishments are visual examples of the success of the volunteers and staff. —Pat Blanchard


Historic Augusta Director Erick Montgomery helps install interior storm windows at the Lamar House in November.

Historic Augusta is awarded the Richard & Julia Moe Fund Grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to install interior storm windows as a weatherization demonstration project.


A compromise is reached with the City of Augusta that will preserve the historic Children of Israel Synagogue and Court of Ordinary buildings for use as a future Jewish Museum of History. Historic Augusta celebrates 50 Years as a preservation organization. Augusta is featured on C-SPAN’s Cities Tour. Historic Augusta News | 31

Endangered Properties List Following an example set by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, several properties threatened by demolition, neglect, and insensitive alteration in Augusta-Richmond County are indentified on Historic Augusta’s Endangered Properties list each year. These buildings are typically 50 years or older and fall within a historic district, therefore making them eligible for programs of the National Register of Historic Places. Others are isolated or in rural areas of Richmond County. Once a property is named to the Endangered Properties List, it remains on the list until it has been saved. Sites are often saved thanks to the work of Historic Augusta, its partners, and the support of local preservationminded individuals. Occasionally properties are lost despite our best efforts. The organization works diligently with private individuals and investors to find favorable solutions to save Augusta’s historic resources. Key: S - Saved | P - Progress | N - No Change | D - Deteriorating | L - Lost

2007 Sibley Mill, 1717 Goodrich Street P Crescent Mill, 1015 Twiggs Street L 811 D’Antignac Street L Denning House, 905 Seventh Street D Reynolds Street Depot, P 511 Reynolds Street St. Benedict’s Boarding School, N 1220 Twelfth Street

Old VA Hospital, N 2400 block of Wrightsboro Road Historic Waterworks Buildings: N Raw Water Pumping Station on the Augusta Canal and the Cushman Building on Highland Avenue Trinity CME Church, 731 Taylor Street D Stovall-Barnes House, S 1211 Greene Street

Old Davidson School, N

1223–1225 Greene Street S

1114 Telfair Street

Greene Street Presbyterian Church, N

YMCA Gymnasium and Natatorium, L 924 Greene Street

32 | 50th Anniversary Edition

1235 Greene Street


Jessamine Hill, 3101 Richmond Hill Road N

Harrisburg-West End Historic District P

C. T. Walker Home, D

Lam’s Store, L 1024-1026 D’Antignac Street W. S. Hornsby House, D 1518 Twiggs Street 500 Block of Ninth Street, N

1011 Laney Walker Boulevard 916 Greene Street L 920 Greene Street S Fifth Street Bridge, N crossing Savannah River

Westside addresses 501-533


Lowrey’s Wagon Works and the

Jacob Phinizy House, S

Confederate Shoe Factory, S

529 Greene Street

301-303 Ninth Street

Immaculate Conception Academy L Complex, 1016 Laney Walker Boulevard

2009 Martha Lester School, N 1688 Broad Street

Private Family Cemeteries: Cottage Cemetery S Coleman-Leigh-Warren Cemetery N Pontiac Master Auto Service Building, D 1027 Telfair Street

901 Reynolds Street S A. C. Griggs School, L 1924 Grand Boulevard Old Sue Reynolds School, S 3717 Wrightsboro Road

Hallock Cottage, 1303 Hickman Road S Lyons-Callaghan House, D 808-804 James Brown Boulevard

Historic Augusta News | 33

2011 J. B. White Houses, L 1425, 1427, and 1229 Broad Street Appleby Library Accessory Building, N 2260 Walton Way Former Augusta-Richmond County Library, 902 Greene Street S Weed School (former Sand Hills Psycho-Educational Program), S 2403 Mount Auburn Street Kahrs Grocery, 401 Greene Street N

2012 The Goodale House, D 745 Sand Bar Ferry Coleridge House, S 3596 Windsor Spring Road Dr. Scipio S. Johnson House, D 1420 Twiggs Street Pearson House, S 1247 Laney Walker Boulevard Reid Range Building, 586 Broad Street P

2013 Erbelding Building, N 601-603 Broad Street Bon Air Hotel, 2101 Walton Way N Bohler House, 1102 Phillips Street P Cauley-Wheeler Building, L 1339 Laney Walker Boulevard Lamar Elementary School, N 970 Baker Street 34 | 50th Anniversary Edition

2014 Old First Baptist Church, 802 Greene Street D Congregation Children of Israel Synagogue, 525 Telfair Street S J.C. Penney’s Department Store, 732-738 Broad Street D Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Exchange Building, 937 Ellis Street N 472 Broad Street S

2015 Daniel House, 448 Greene Street N Mary Warren Home, 2109 Central Avenue S Kress Building, 832-838 Broad Street D Bayou Building, 904 Broad Street D Woolworth Department Store, 802 Broad Street N Perkins-Cullum House, 510 Greene Street N

Historic Augusta News | 35

Some of Historic Augusta's Easements

Levy House, 1107 Greene Street

DeLaigle House, 551 Greene Street

437 Walker Street

Widows Home, 127 Telfair Street

Anthony House, 429 Walker Street

Houghton School, 333 Greene Street

Maxwell Garden, 512 Fifth Street

Cantelou House, 346 Telfair Street

Bailie House, 445 Walker Street

36 | 50th Anniversary Edition

Complete List of Historic Augusta Easements Amanda America Dickson House, 448-450 Telfair Street, January 29, 1971, expires in 75 years McCracken Law Office, 505 Courthouse Lane, May 9, 1974, expires in 75 years 425 Walker Street, parking lot, March 21, 1977, 419 Walker Street, parking lot, March 21, 1977 458-462 Telfair Street, December 27, 1977, expires in 75 years Trowbridge House, 512 Telfair Street, August 9, 1978, expires in 75 years Old Government House, 432 Telfair Street, February 13, 1978, expires in 75 years Bailie House, 445 Walker Street, February 10, 1979,expires in 75 years Anthony House, 429 Walker Street, December 12, 1982, expires in 75 years 431 Walker Street, December 12, 1982, expires in 75 years Courthouse Lane, Parking lot entrance, December 12, 1982 437 Walker Street, December 12, 1982, expires in 75 years John Fox Town House, 608 Broad Street, September 29, 1980, expires in 75 years 507 Courthouse Lane, December 12, 1982, expires in 75 years Cantelou House, 346-350 Telfair Street, September 24, 1982, expires in 75 years 412-414 Telfair Street, vacant lot, March 25, 1983, expires in 75 years Maxwell Garden, 512 Fifth Street, July 11, 1988, in perpetuity Hagler Garden, 444 Telfair Street, July 11, 1988, in perpetuity Mary Pauline Gallery, 982 Broad Street, December 12, 1997, expires in 75 years 984 Broad Street, September 18, 1997, expires in 75 years Widows Home, 127 Telfair Street, December 23, 2003, in perpetuity Houghton School, 333 Greene Street, December 23, 2003, in perpetuity DeLaigle House, 551 Greene Street, December 23, 2003, in perpetuity Union Baptist Church, 1104 Greene Street, May 7, 2003, in perpetuity 307 James Brown Boulevard, December 19, 2003, in perpetuity Levy House, 1107 Greene Street, December 19, 2005, in perpetuity Hallock Cottage, 1303 Hickman Road, June 17, 2010, in perpetuity 409 Watkins Street, August 23, 2012, in perpetuity Reid Range Building, 586 Broad Street, August 30, 2012, in perpetuity The Henry-Cohen House, 920 Greene Street, January 9, 2012, in perpetuity Castle Hall, 309-311 Eighth Street, July 16, 2014, in perpetuity 411 Watkins Street, December 30th, 2014, in perpetuity

Historic Augusta News | 37

23 March 2006 Dear Frenchie, The other evening you asked me about the “history of Historic Augusta” and I was surprised that it had not been recorded through the years, so perhaps we can get it together because no one would know more about it than you and dear Bill Bush... our pioneers. My grandparents (Bailie’s) lived at 444 Telfair Street, next door to Dr. Murphey (the Old Government House). I can remember that better than yesterday and going over there and who lived where on that block up through the First Presbyterian Church and the dear (I miss so) Court House. Anyway, in the 1960s, the Junior League began doing surveys of the downtown area and I guess that was because we “woke up” after the Gordon Highway claimed so many beautiful homes in that residential area... The Junior League had the Government House to save it...My grandparents died. The property was for sale (Dad was with Sherman and Hemstreet then) and the city purchased it (444 Telfair) for the Family and Children’s Services which the League was very upset about, and that’s what set off making the property around the Old Government House more appropriate...Thus, the Junior League began to help survey and you and Bill had always been interested and you came into the picture and the rest of the story you know. Bill Trotter, Ray Hill, Bill Mitchell and Erick Montgomery...and finally, the younger generations have become interested. Also, Charles DeVaney...was sympathetic toward preservation...There were meetings, minutes (I typed many of them when Ray Hill was Executive Director, I believe) all should be recorded...somewhere. A newsletter was printed and there were some newspaper articles. You may add to this and give to Erick because you and Bill Bush were the push and you are to be credited. You both were the rocks we kept standing on and calling on. You were there giving time, money and moral support. Laure Bailie Whitney

38 | 50th Anniversary Edition

50th Anniversary Committee: Ann Claiborne Christian, Co-Chair Marian Clark, Co-Chair Becky Smith, President Robyn Anderson Kuleigh Baker Paula Knox Lynn Mays Erick Montgomery Robert Osborne Patricia Shelton Melissa Stevens

Sponsors (as of October 28, 2015) Jackie Blanchard Carol C. Boardman in Memory of Harold M. Boardman, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Joe D. Christian Dr. & Mrs. William L. Clark Georgia Bank & Trust Mr. & Mrs. Larry Knox, Jr. Kruhu MerryLand Properties Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Osteen, Jr. Rex Property & Land Becky and Randy Smith State Bank & Trust Company Beth & Barry Storey SunTrust Bank This 50th Anniversary commemorative edition of Historic Augusta News is made possible thanks to special funding by The National Society, Colonial Dames of America in the State of Georgia, Augusta Town Committee.

P.O. Box 37 Augusta, GA 30903-0037

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