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CHAPTER 9 – Alfred Butts What was Alfred Butts cause and motivation to create Lexiko and eventually Scrabble? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ From what you have already learned, is it hard for someone to sell the rights of their game right away or does their game have to go through many changes to be published? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ What do you think kept him developing and not giving up? Do you think you have the same drive or will you need to find something else to keep you going? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Would you have the energy to work a full-time job and try to sell your game on the side? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ How would you feel if you weren’t able to sell your game until you sold it for pennies and another person or company made millions off the game? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Do you know anyone who has an educational game that would like to get it off the ground and needs help publishing it? We give royalties and credit to game designers that provide us with a great game and allow us to publish and market for them. Please contact them first and then email us their information: ______________________________________________________________________

How Your Board Should Look… Now that you know your end goal, your path, and the starting point scenario and you have put it all together. How should your Game Board look? 1. What should your game’s theme be? (Zombies, Letters, Money, Time Travel) ______________________________________________________________________ 2. Do you want the board to be simple (like Scrabble) with squares and little design or detailed images like Gloomhaven or Zombicide? ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Thinking of your theme, what represents that theme in your mind? (Zombies = End of Days = Wasteland, Money = Cities = Big Buildings) ______________________________________________________________________ 4. What colors would attract your Customer Avatar’s attention and their interest in this game? (Zombies = darker but vibrant colors, Money = more greens) ______________________________________________________________________ 5. How are the images distributed around the board? Are they equally spread out, themes for certain areas of the game (like Candy Land) or do they gradually change as you make your way through the game? (Money theme game = rags to riches where the scene changes from poverty towards images of wealth near the end of the game) ______________________________________________________________________ 6. Who will be playing this game? You probably want the images to be age appropriate depending on the age of your Customer Avatar. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

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Cont i nui ngf r om t heact i vi t yl astweek,t odaywewi l lbedesi gni ngt hebackgr oundoft he boar d,behi ndt hepat h.Wewantt hi st o1)ashandbeat t r act i vet ot heeyeoft heCust omerAvat arand2)r epr esentt het hemeofourgame.Dur i ngt hei ncl assassi gnmentwe madeofl i stofi deasf ort hebackgr oundandnowwewi l li mpl ementi ti nourdr awi ngs. Takeal lweekt o ni sht hi sassi gnmentandber eadyf ort he r stst epst opr ot ot ypi ng.

Thes ear et heques t i onsweas kedandnowwewi l lus et hei nf or mat i on t odes i gnt hebackgr oundf ort hi sboar dgame: 1Doyouwantt heboar d’ sbackgr oundt obes i mpl eorc ompl ex? 2. Thi nki ngofyourt heme, whatr epr es ent st hatt hemei nyourmi nd? 3. Whatc ol or swoul dat t r actyourCus t omerAvat arandt hei ri nt er es t ? 4. Howar et hei magesdi s t r i but edar oundt heboar d? 5. Howdoyouwantt os howt hebegi nni ngandt heendoft hegame? 6. I ft her ewi l lbechanc ecar ds , wher es houl dyoupl ac et hem? Nowt aket hi si nf or mat i onanddr awyouri deaofhowi ts houl dl ook:

Putting It All Together – Part 2 Continuing from the activity last week – Today we will be designing the background of the board, behind the path. We want this to 1) flash and be attractive to the eye of the Customer Avatar and 2) represent the theme of our game. During the in-class assignment we made of list of ideas for the background and now we will implement it in our drawings. Take all week to finish this assignment and be ready for the first steps to prototyping.

These are the questions we asked and now we will use the information to design the background for this board game: 1 Do you want the board’s background to be simple or complex? 2. Thinking of your theme, what represents that theme in your mind? 3. What colors would attract your Customer Avatar and their interest? 4. How are the images distributed around the board? 5. How do you want to show the beginning and the end of the game? 6. If there will be chance cards, where should you place them? Remember all these parts as you draw your last design.

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Week #8 - Alfred Butts, Putting it Together - Part 2  

​This week we will start with talking about Alfred Butts, the designer of Scrabble. Do you know that most of the early great game designers...

Week #8 - Alfred Butts, Putting it Together - Part 2  

​This week we will start with talking about Alfred Butts, the designer of Scrabble. Do you know that most of the early great game designers...