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The camp’s vision The camp’s vision is to work with young, promising basketball players individually, in a way adapted to each player. We really want to focus on each participant and help them achieve expected results. Our goal is to develop not only physical readiness but also mental maturity of young sportsmen. The key of developing one’s personality lies in good knowledge of oneself and positive channeling of their energy towards the set goals. These are the reasons why we decided to invite a wide range of experts in various areas: nutrition, mental readiness, physical therapy and physical readiness. A team of basketball trainers will also be joining us. Due to a wholesome approach, we believe that players will achieve top results and will develop into prominent basketball players. Professional sport is characterized by fierce competition. Therefore, sport is becoming more and more complex, and it is our goal to help everyone achieve top results with dedication and professional work. In the following 5 years we wish to achieve reputation as the carriers of success and above average results.

Our way to success Our vision is to work with young, promising players and lead them to their set goals. In order to achieve our mission, we need a good program, experts, proper infrastructure and, last but not least, the sponsors who would believe in our vision. We have obtained all of the criteria mentioned above: we believe in our program, we are collaborating with a group of experts and the proper infrastructure will help us realize our camp’s vision and goals to the fullest. The New Era Basketball Camp will be carried out in Kranj, the town of France Prešeren. Kranj is also known for its excellent basketball players and other top athletes, such as Marko Milič, Jaka Blažič, Sašo Ožbolt, Emir Preldžič, Gregor Fučka, Sara Isakovič, etc. Therefore, we are immensely pleased to have chosen Kranj, where the whole infrastructure is at our disposal: a multi-purpose hall for basketball practice (courts, changing rooms, showers), gym, massage rooms, conference and practice analysis rooms. A student dormitory is nearby, where players will be accommodated and will be offered 5 to 7 meals a day. In addition, players will have various animation programs at their disposal. The complex is located in Zlato polje, isolated from the town’s centre but also a great starting point, since there is a merely 10 minute walk from the athletics stadium, indoor pool, tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts on the one side, to Šmarjetna gora on the other side. This enables us to have a lot of basketball practices outdoors, and the nature itself helps to relax and develop intuitive abilities of young basketball players. Our goals are clearly set. In the following 5 years, we would be very pleased if at least 30 basketball players participated in the camp and we also plan to expand our professional team to 10 people. We want to achieve our goals step by step, on good and firm grounds, and we are convinced our players will step out with their top results.


WHY CHOOSE THE NEW ERA BASKETBALL CAMP »» New Era team worked with more than 100 athlets »» In 2012 basketball camp had 40 players and more than 100 practises in one month »» We enable a wholesome professional approach to sport and individually help young sportsmen to achieve more than they expect »» The program will be carried out by a group of fromer top athletes who achieved excellent personal and sport results and are now willing to share their experience and knowledge with young and promising sportsmen. »» Even though basketball is a team sport, we are aware that each player is an individual and their needs vary in order to achieve their dreams. »» We are proud of our excellent results with young players!


References and the results of work with players We have achieved amazing longterm results and feel proud with our work with young players. »» working with players that play in Euroleauge, Adriatic league and 1.A Slovenian league »» players’ progress into Slovenian 1st division »» high motivation and goal orientation »» optimistic outlook on life »» improvement in self-image »» improvement in school results (some of the players had to repeat their classes due to insufficient grades, now the average grade is B) »» improvement of physical readiness and health due to proper nutrition Grum Luka (1992) »» has achieved a high level of motivation which helped him transfer from thinking of quitting basketball to signing with Geoplin Slovan, a club which plays in Slovenian 1st divison league. »» Luka has also been invited to the final selection of players for the Slovenian national U-20 team »» was part of U-20 All Star game, where he was one of the best players Filipović Marko (1993) »» plays in Slovenian 1st divison league as a member of Parklji Bežigrad basketball team »» this year he reached his season high, by scoring 20 points in Slovenian division 1 »» has also been invited to the final selection of players for the Slovenian national U-20 team »» he will finish his 3rd year of high school with a B average As part of our work with promising basketball players, we have been also working with a young and ambitious basketball team Kranj Orli, with which individual trainings are carried out. We want to present a more fresh, positive approach to practice and competitions. This is our strong belief and that is why we decided for this collaboration without hesitating.


Professional team Currently, there are five people in the professional team. We are a young and ambitious team, each of us having more than 10 years of experience in our own field. We are proud to have achieved amazing personal and sport results. PROJECT MANAGER Uroš Ninić (1986) became involved in basketball at the early age of 8 at Geoplin Slovan basketball team. However, the love for the game was triggered by watching brother Dejan. His playing and elegance on the court have completely amazed him and consequently he developed an endless and honest love for this sport. He never took anything for granted with basketball and became aware already as a teenager that he would have to work extremely hard for success. He had spent multiple hours in the gym but never looked at it as a hardship. On the contrary, he enjoyed working hard, because everything connected to basketball was fun for him. He have been upgrading his knowledge through many trainings, but most of all, through work with young and promising basketball players. My references national champion U-20 (younger members) champion of 2nd Slovenian league and selection in 1. A league 5 years of playing in 1. A Slovenian league 42 points, highest scoring within one game, 2nd Slovenian league 3. placement in national championship in 1-on-1 game worked in European clubs i.e. Union Olimpija in Partizan, and best Slovenian clubs (Zlatorog in Geoplin Slovan ) played with and against currently best Slovenian basketball players: Goran Dragič, Marko Milič, Jaka Blažič, Mirza Begič, Boris Gorenc… worked with renowned Slovenian coaches: Sašo Sekulič, Jure Zdovc, Dalibor Damjanović, Gašper Potočnik



12 years of experience in athletics a member of the Slovenian national team in combined events, also appeared in European team championships 1st place in a national championship, 4x100m relay race 2009 and 2010: national champion 60m hurdles national champion in the heptathlon he has been envolved with massaging for the past 10 years, and has also worked with prominent athletes such as Marija Šestak, Matic Osovnikar, etc. in the last few years, he has focused on kinesiotherapy graduate at the Faculty of Sportsports training Žiga Zois scholarship recipient recipient of the National scholarship for gifted children



graduate at the Faculty of Sportsports training 13 years of experience as a player at Geoplin Slovan basketball team children basketball national champion junior basketball national champion 3rd place at the national basketball cadet championship; sport division in Bežigrad High School; ŠKL national champion a member of weight-lifting club Olimpija has collaborated with prominent basketball trainers: Sašo Sekulič, Miro Alilovič, Ivan Sunara, Nejc Višnikar


12 years of professional badminton playing national champion in all younger categories 3rd in Europe, u-19 men individual amongst top hundred players in doubles amongst 150 players individuals on a world scale, 3 years of professional playing in 1st Austrian Bundes League Žiga Zois scholarship recipient for 9 years graduated with honours at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, study program of History and Sociology, with the title Food lobbies and food industries nominated for the France Prešeren Award a successful businessman, independent consultant for health and vitality


a basketball player for 17 years played for the Slovenian national cadet team national champion u-20 (younger seniors) since the age of 14 he has played for the seniors of Parklji Ljubljana basketball team, who are now playing in the Slovenian 1st division league played in tournaments in France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia and also the USA. With his senior team, they played against top university teams of NCAA went through training school in Cremona, Italy, where Genon Baker has taught, a trainer who worked individually with Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and many other NBA stars


The camp’s program We are aware of the fact that even though basketball is a team sport, each player is an individual and therefore it is our mission to focus on a player in such manner and to adapt the program to their needs. Each player have the opportunity to work with not only a basketball trainer but also with an athletics trainer as well. In addition, players can also collaborate with a trainer to improve their shooting abilities, physical readiness and nutrition. Each of the trainers in this amazing team will perform pre-testing with the players so as to give further instructions for achieving the results wanted . At the Pro workout, the players are involved in a wholesome image of professional basketball: »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»


2 practices a day (morning and afternoon/evening) one-on-one matches, three-point-throw competitions electro-muscular stimulation before and after practise video analysis of the matches and practises sport massage physical therapy nutrition program fitness program swimming animations




UROŠ NINIĆ Project manager +386 40 50 96 26 JAN MESIČ Professional team +386 40 51 78 42

More information for Belgium residents: Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés Oud Korenhuis, 13 Bruxelles 1000 Brussels Tel. 02/414.20.40

New Era Basketball Camp, 2012  

Presentation of New Era Basketball Camp for summer 2012

New Era Basketball Camp, 2012  

Presentation of New Era Basketball Camp for summer 2012