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Optimal solutions for old and new lifts Per Holmberg's father, Nils Ingvar started Hisstema’s operations in 1979 in a small basement room. However, the company was formed in 1986 under the name Hisstema AB. Since then the company has developed strongly and we now have a turnover in excess of SEK 70 million and employ some 30 employees. Hisstema offers its customers the best solutions when old lifts need to

be modernised, as well as different types of new lifts. We manufacture and develop control systems for all types of lifts and supply approx. 700 control systems per year to properties throughout Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Our aim is to provide the market with reliable, energy efficient, open and user-friendly control systems and that Hisstema’s control systems are the most

modern and cost effective available on the market. We also work with technical support and have an extensive range of spare parts. We can supply parts and systems with backward compatibility to 1988. In addition, Hisstema works as an agent for a number of companies offering different lift products and is the leading control system supplier in the Nordic Countries.

Our strong arguments n Freedom

and independent of supplier and service company

n Dependable n Low

energy consumption

n Internet n Quick

Aditech AB. Fjärås Industriväg 15, SE-439 74 FJÄRÅS Tel. +46 (0)300 54 10 50. Fax +46 (0)300 54 06 94 www.aditech.se info@aditech.se

and reliable systems

connection and monitoring

installation and easy troubleshooting



POD concept The new type of lift that on account of the newly developed hybrid technology is particularly apt for the replacement of old existing lifts and for installation in properties without a lift. The lift is extremely efficient due to the reduction of losses, and with the help of battery operations, lift functionality up to 300 rides is guaranteed even in the event of a power failure. Hybrid operation involves feeding the braking

energy back to the batteries instead of it being reflected as heat as in traditional systems. Connection is made with 10 A, 1-phase 220 V AC, which facilitates installation in properties that have not previously been equipped with a lift. The lift design uses standard components that are available on the open market.



control system

Control system NP-1 Hisstema works with the control system NP-1, which features all of the functions required in today’s and tomorrow’s lifts. The system is based on the latest technology and can be used in new installations and is suitable in the modernisation of all kinds of lifts irrespective of make. The flexibility of NP-1 makes it easy to adapt to the prevailing conditions.

The system is a good investment as it reduces operating costs and promotes low power consumption. NP-1 provides lifts with modern management and significantly more monitoring and control functions than most other systems. Preventing unwanted operating disturbances, which gives lower maintenance costs. NP-1 is designed to be easy to install and the control cabinet is smaller

and lighter. The system is housed in a single cabinet with the dimensions width, height and depth 600, 900 and 300 mm respectively and weighs with 4 kW frequency 47 kg. The clear menu structure and simply navigated menus mean NP-1 is easy to adjust. For training purposes, Hisstema offers a number of NP-1 system simulator systems.

Vad Vill du hissa? GMV har bred och lång erfarenhet av hissar och komponenter för hydraulhissar. Oavsett om din fastighet behöver en personhiss, lasthiss, bilhiss eller plattformshiss, har vi en säker, pålitlig lösning. Läs mer på www.gmv.se GMV Sweden ingår i en global koncern som sedan 1958 levererat mer än 750 000 hissar runt om i världen.

GMV SWEDEN AB Forsdalavägen 1, Box 19, 342 32 Alvesta T. 0472-456 00 • Mail: info@gmv.se

control system

Technical Data n

2–64 floors, as standard up to 5


m/s, (special up to 10 m/s). n

1–16 lifts in a group.


Double returns, one time-controlled

the function.


Exact floor settings by means of a


for brake lift. n

The lift can receive calls for monitor-

control. n

RS 422, GSM/ GPRS, PSTN, etc. • The control system can be connected via Ethernet/Internet for control,

The lift can send e-mails in the event

supervision and troubleshooting.


Monitoring of the emergency bat-

of faults, when the lift is operational

tery’s capacity with some discharge

again, etc. n

Ethernet, CAN, RS 485, RS 232,

ing and programming.

Real time clock with battery backup.


Integrated voltmeter, calculator, full communication with frequency

self-teaching positioning system.

Monitoring of external battery, e.g.




Test of motion monitoring, next inspection.

Fire control 4 different floors, Priority operation ELAMA 7LEABC/5.


means the PC software must support

limits, test of running times, test of electronic hours. n

or via inputs. n

Inspection menu with test of proximity

PLC function which allows you to

The warranty period starts from com-

add special functions that are not in-

missioning and is tracked by the

cluded. You have access to inputs,


outputs, times and counters, etc. This


Ethernet, CAN, RS 485, RS 232, RS 422, GSM/ GPRS, PSTN etc.


The control system can be connected via Ethernet/Internet for control, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Från prototyp till SEriE

Stansning • Vattenskärning Bockning • Svetsning Tel: 08-550 164 60 • Fax: 08-554 434 60 • komfortventilation@telia.com




Sematic 2000 B Sematic has designed and manufactured automatic lift doors since 1959. Today the company is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of lift materials and lift doors. Most multinational lift companies use their products. Manufacturing takes place in Europe, Asia and North America.

The product range comprises of lift doors for all types of installations and conforms to the highest demands on the market, for example, different types of materials, all fire resistance rating requirements, special solutions and EX classifications.


Sematic 2000 B is a flexible and safe door designed and manufactured to meet the highest technical specifications. In instances where aesthetics are central, Sematic is the perfect partner with many options.

KVALITET IN I MINSTA DETALJ! Västkustföretaget som hjälper sina kunder med anpassade hissprodukter. Vi graverar och tillverkar paneler, hisstablåer, ramar, pulpeter och plåtdetaljer efter kundens behov.

HISSPANELER UTAN GRÄNSER... Varmt välkommen att kontakta oss! Varbergs skyltgraVyr ab stålgatan 10 432 32 Varberg

tel: 0340-848 40 Fax: 0340-174 38 info@varbergsskyltgravyr.se www.varbergsskyltgravyr.se




Sematic C-MOD is a compact and flexible solution when you intend to modernise your lift without sacrificing performance, quality, cost and safety.

MultiMedia Broschyren är skapad och levererad av JS Sverige


För mer info: phoenixcontact.se www.jssverige.se



Sematic 2000 C-MOD Sematic's doors are characterised by a sound, modular design. This guarantees that there is always a suitable Sematic door for each standard installation, from residential properties to heavy industry. With flexibility in material qualities, we can combine all types available on the market.

When it is a question of modernisation, we always start by identifying which parts are suitable to keep. In most cases, C-MOD can be used on the car to minimise the installation dimensions depth-wise. C-MOD is the clear choice when only car doors are required.

Kontorsmaterial – Skyltar – Kopiering

Wedavägen 1, Södertälje | www.elpa.nu | 08-550 374 00


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Sassi Sassi is a global leader when it comes to the manufacture of lift machines and was started as early as 1946. They design and manufacture both gear and gearless lift machines that are used across the world. By focusing on safety, technology and design, Sassi has established itself as a leading force on the market.

The company offers lift machines for all types of installations and which conform to the highest demands on the market. In an attempt to improve performance, Sassi works continuously to develop new techniques in terms of manufacturing processes and design. Hisstema can supply machines with axle loads up to 15,000 kg.

HIGHER LIFT TECHNOLOGY : ALBERTO SASSI GEARLESS Gearless G-500 for installations up to 5000 kg duty load and speed up to 3.5 m/s. Complete range of gearless by Alberto Sassi available from 190 to 2200 Nm COMPLYING WITH EN 81-A3- Updated news: www.sassi.it

other products

Dinacell Dinacell overload sensors support flexible installation and can be used on all wire rope lifts.

Metron Metron’s folding doors type M2, with straight panels, feature silent movement thanks to cardan shaft operation. Available for door openings up to 900 mm in width.

Cedes Cedes offers versatile and stable solutions, both on lifts equipped with automatic doors and on lifts without car doors.



reference objects

Scandic Hotel at Infra Business Park in Upplands V채sby Hisstema has supplied 6 control cabinets for the properties.

reference objects

Post terminal in Tomteboda Hisstema has supplied 12 control cabinets to the Post terminal in Tomteboda in Solna.

Kista Galleria Hisstema has supplied 17 control cabinets to the Kista Galleria.

SBCT the network company Vi på SBCT har en mångårig kompetens inom elektronikbyggsätt, från konstruktion till färdigt bestyckat kretskort. Vi besitter en gedigen erfarenhet gällande CAD-layout, mönster- och flexkortstillverkning, komponentmontering samt apparatbygge och mekanik.

SBCT AB Petuniavägen 44 136 73 Vendelsö

Tfn: +46 (0)8 740 02 40 Fax: +46 (0)8 740 64 40 www.sbct.se lasse.b@sbct.se



reference objects

The Royal Palace As always when it comes to work in a listed building, the lift installation must be performed with the greatest possible care.

The Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital Hisstema has supplied 13 control cabinets to the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Solna.

contact details

Hisstema AB Hantverksvägen 13 SE-151 65 Södertälje, Sweden Telephone: +46 (0)8-554 230 80 Fax: +46 (0)8-554 230 99 info@hisstema.se www.hisstema.se



DISCOVER COMPLETE DRIVE SOLUTIONS FOR LIFTS AND ESCALATORS Why not take advantage of our long-standing expertise in providing drive solutions for lifts, escalators and moving walkways? YASKAWA offers the whole package: from inverters with accessories to lift motors. Our solutions support lifts with or without gearbox, cable hoists and hydraulic drives. Find out how highest quality and longevity will provide ride comfort at its very best. Poetry in motion – for the traveler and the operator.

YASKAWA. Masters of Robotics & Motion Control.


2000 B-G

Door for modernization and new installations

Door for freights

Sematic Lift DoorS: quaLity & performance (StyLe incLuDeD). Today vertical transportation systems require up-to-date technology with advanced components. Sematic Lift Doors address this requirement with innovatively designed products and state of the art manufacturing processes. Sematic Lift Doors are successfully used in every field of application, from passenger to goods movement in various types of residential, industrial, commercial and office buildings. Performance and safety standards are always guaranteed by the Sematic brand and our wide range of customization options satisfies even the most demanding requests. Sematic Lift Doors, where technology meets style.

www.sematic.com sales@sematic.com

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2000 C-MOD

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Hisstema company presentation 2013  

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