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4 Real Acts to Keep Your Man In Love Love is a verb, so you have to make real acts to keep the feeling burning long and lasting. Being in long term relationship is not an easy thing. The spark will die after some years and you may start doubting if your man still love you the same. Do not just dwell in negative thought and start doing these 4 real acts to make your man in love with you everyday. Also read Truth About Men When They Fall In Love

Respect Each Other Respect is a thing that needs to be earned and not given. As much as you are in love with his personality and his way of thinking, you have to learn to respect his way of life, and earn his as well. It should not be a great matter if you two have different opinion or preference in decorating your home, you just have to share and appreciate each other taste. If both of you trying to please each other 24/7, you will burn out in the end of the day. This will extinguish the passion in your relationship. By respecting each other, you will not feel burdened in living with him and he will see your quality and love you even more. Confident is the Key A confident woman has her own charm and attractive side. This could be shown in daily activities; such as know what to cook today, know which plumber to call when the bathroom tap broken, etc. Remember your man is not made from wire and steel. There is a time he also feel insecure, lost, discourage and need to lean on someone. Showing him that you are confident with your self and can stand on your own, will make him realize that you are his partner in live not just a companion. Be Present to Support Him Stay with him in every phase in his life. Support him when he wants to try to open a new business, make time to search about converted by

his interest and understand what he wants to do. Be present and listen to his ideas, even the craziest one. Some man is not really conversational, but still shows him that you care and always there to support him. Appreciate what he has done and give encouraging words. Your sincerity will make him realize that you are irreplaceable in his life. Your sincerity will make him realize that you are irreplaceable in his life. Everyday is a Date When you live together, after sometimes your relationship will lost its spice and become mundane. Do not let this happen and treat everyday as a date for both of you. Flirt with him and do say that you love him. Praise his appearance before he leave for working and plant a sudden noisy kiss in his cheek while he watch TV. Treat him the way you do on your first dates, and he will fall in love with you every day. If you want to know more about how to keep your man in love with you, His Secret Obsession will give you all the answer. Written by James Bauer, a dating and relationship expert, this e-book will help women understand men better. Buy and read this book to ensure your relationship is long lasting and burning strong with passion everyday. 0  Share

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4 Real Acts to Keep Your Man In Love