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CALL FOR ARTISTS – “Spring Blast / Soplo de Primavera” CHA, Inc. Post Office Box 152324,Tampa, FL 33684-2324

PROSPECTUS Deadline date of Entry Application: February 28, 2011

January 30, 2011


(Members AND FRIENDS of the Coalition of

Artists, Inc.)

Please read the following rules of entry. Carefully complete the application for your entry. Thank you for your submission. / Favor de leer las reglas y complete la aplicación cuidosamente. Gracias por su participación.

Paintings, Photography , Sculpture and Literary

Call for Type(s) of ART

Entry Application & ,jpeg Deadline Saturday, February 28, 2011 (postmarked) Event theme ―A Spring Blast‖/‖ Un Soplo de Primavera‖ Art Show/exhibition period Friday, March 18 – Friday, March31, 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

EVENT HOST /FACILITY The Towers at Westshore, Atrium, Reception Delivery & Installation of artwork Breakdown / pick-up dates SIZE OF ART

1408 N. Westshore Blvd., Tampa, Florida, 33607 Tuesday, March 24, 2011 (5:30 -8:00 p.m.) Friday, March 18, 2011 (Artist to drop off art to The Towers at the main entrance only) between 5:00-6:00 p.m. Friday, April 1, 2011, between 5:00- 6:00 p.m. Minimum — 24 x18 inches Maximum— 40 x 30 inches

rules of entry A non-refundable application fee Members $10 . 00, Non-members $25.00 unless otherwise specified, is required. The Indemnity Agreement between the Artist and the Coalition of Hispanic Artists must be submitted with the Entry Application. Every member should ensure that one has been completed per calendar year. See Appendix A , ―Indemnity Agreement between the Artist and CHA,‖ and Appendix B, ―Hold-Harmless Agreement‖ between the Artist, CHA and the Towers at Westshore, Tampa, Florida. Limit THREE works of art per Artist, Artist must provide easel or pedestal per artwork. 1)

All works must be for sale. All submissions of artwork must be of completed works of art and originals. They must meet the framing requirement as indicated in Appendix C and as required by the Towers at Westshore.


Entry Application must be postmarked by the deadline date specified above.


Titles to works of art will not be subject to change after the entry application deadline. If the title is left blank on the entry application, CHA will assign it ―Untitled‖ on the art card and inventory.


As required by The Towers at Westshore and CHA, complete, sign, and submit any document deemed necessary by these entities.


Only one entry application per Artist. Fill out entry application below carefully unreadable applications will NOT be accepted. Mail hardcopy to--


Submit .jpeg images (300 dpi) of art to be exhibited via e-mail to copy to Diana Posada " no later than the specified deadline mentioned above. The Subject line is to read the ―Name of the EVENT HOST‖ followed by ‖Entry Application‖ (e.g., Towers Entry Application). E-mail submissions are to be used to prepare promotional material, press kit and to serve as advance notice to CHA that the Artist intents to exhibit. Artist grants permission to use .jpeg images for promotional materials only.


When submitting .jpeg images, Artist is to provide the following information by e-Mail: a) Name of Artist as it is to appear in print; b) title of the work of art on the Photography ; c) medium; d) size (height x width in inches); e) country of origin; how many pieces, and f) sale price.


All original artwork must be created by 2009 or not previously shown at The Towers at Westshore.

and legibly. Incomplete and/or

The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324

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No substitution of a work of art will be accepted (i.e., not to be replaced by different work of art after deadline date of Entry Application). On the other hand, if the work of art is sold during the exhibit, a replacement will be considered upon notifying the Committee Chair (Manuel Portales) or designee of the Exhibition & Installation Committee at (813) 770-0057 or Magdalena Matias Negron (813)(813)300-1635, respectively, for further instructions.

10) Works of art received after the entry application deadline WILL NOT be accepted. 11) All works of art will be examined, curated, and/or juried after the entry application deadline. 12) Any submission of works of art by the artist is subject to full consideration to accept or to deny such by the Exhibition & Installation Committee, curator(s), or jury. No entry application is binding by CHA. Decisions by the curating/juring body for event are final. 13) As applicable, Artists will be notified by an e-Mail message of acceptance or non-acceptance no less than one week after the document examination process is completed. Moreover, an e-Mail message will indicate when and where to bring accepted artwork when not noted below. Deliver work(s) of art PROMPTLY as follows: Designated Date(s)/Time: Friday, March 18, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. Place: Exterior to main entrance of The Towers at Westshore, 1408 N. Westshore Blvd., Tampa, FL. 33607 14) Artist is responsible for providing their own insurance. 15) Artist is to designate, in writing, an agent authorized to deliver or to pick up the work(s) of art. Agent is to present such document to the CHA official at the designated site for pick up. 16) Officials of CHA or of The Towers at Westshore will not be responsible during, before, and after the EVENT for any loss or damage to any forms of art submission for the event. While EVENT HOST/CHA take precautions against theft and damage, EVENT HOST/CHA bear no responsibility for loss or damage to works before, during or after the event. 17) Accepted works of art will be in the possession of The Towers at Westshore and CHA and will remain at The Towers at Westshore Office Building for the duration of the event unless otherwise allowed by the event director at The Towers at Westshore. This is for both sold and unsold works during the event. 18) All reasonable communication about the art show/exhibit are herein incorporated by reference. 19) All spaces required on the form(s) are to be completed. If information is not applicable, write ―N/A.‖ 20) Within 30 days from the sale of any work of art, the Artist agrees to pay the following entity a percentage of the gross income received by the Artist. ten percent (10%) to—The Coalition of Hispanic Artists (CHA), PO Box 12324, Tampa, Florida 33684-2324. 21) Attach on the back of each work of art the ―Art Inventory Form‖ provided in Appendix D. 22) Make a copy of the Entry Application for your records, and only mail the Entry Application consisting of two pages . 23) Other rules and requirements (in particular, those specific to the EVENT HOST): See attachment, entitled ―The Towers at Westshore Requirements.‖ Appendices A, B, C, D Attachment – The Towers at Westshore Requirements

The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324

(CHA )application FOR ENTRY PLEASE WRITE CLEARLY Applicant’s Name/Title Card Name (if different)

Home Street Address (include apartment no. if applicable), City, State, ZIP CODE Day Phone

Evening Phone

 I have no e-Mail address & no access to the Internet e-Mail Address (legible and working) If no e-mail, state in line provided

Country of Origin:____________________________________________________________ Enclose with Application Entry the NON-REFUNDABLE ENTRY FEE of $10.00 $25.00 payable to the Coalition of Hispanic Artists (CHA)—  check (No.__________)

 Cash

 Money Order

Submission one

Submission two



Size Select one  includes frame  gallery wrap

Size Select one  includes frame  gallery wrap

Height _____” x Width ____” Medium

Height _____” x Width ____” Medium

Selling Price

Selling Price US $__________________

US $__________________

Submission THREE

Submission NoNE



Size Select one  includes frame  gallery wrap

Size Select one  includes frame  gallery wrap Height _____” x Width ____”

Height _____” x Width ____” Medium Selling Price US$__________________

Medium Selling Price


The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324

Mark YOUR Initials Here__________








I understand and agree to all the Rules of Entry for the event, SPRING BLAST, of the above pages of this application. The Rules of Entry are herein incorporated by reference. I understand and grant CHA/The Towers at Westshore permission to display my work(s) described above in the subject facility from March 18, 2011, to April 1, 2011. I understand that all sales of my art work described above during the event will be conducted by me. I understand that all transactions (including collection of cash, checks, sales for my work(s) of art described above) will be conducted by me only. I understand that upon the sale of my work(s) of art, 10% of that sale, as a commission, will be granted to CHA, upon which I will be given the remainder of that sale(s) by CHA. I grant non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free rights to The Towers/ CHA to present the above material and associated visuals, including slide, video and film. With respect to all materials, whether in tangible form or otherwise, I grant the HOST a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use, modify, and make derivative works (including video, film and prints)from the materials in connection with the promotion of this event and future related events. I understand that any art that is not picked up 14 days after the designated time and place will become the property of CHA for disposition as is deemed appropriate.

I understand that The Towers is not to be contacted directly unless authorized by the presiding CHA official(s).

Signature of Artist


Signature of Agent


Name of Agent (legibly printed, including contact number) MAIL APPLICATION FOR ENTRY & PAYMENT no later than 2/28/11— Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., c/o L. Manuel Portales 7107 Hazelwood Court, Tampa, FL 33615 e-Mail .JPEGS(300 PIXELS) three Images no later than 2/28/11— Subject line to read “The Towers Application Entry” copy to Diana Posada "

The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324

Appendices B.


Art Exhibit A DREAM OF SPRING Tuesday, from 18 March – April 1, 2011 Reception Thursday, March 24, 2011

HOLD-HARMLESS AGREEMENT This Hold-Harmless Agreement must be signed, agreed upon and furnished to Edgewood General Partnership, the ownership of The Towers at Westshore office building (“Permittor), by the below signed artist (“Permittee”), as follows: Hold Harmless. It is the express condition of this Agreement that, except where caused by its or their own negligence, Edgewood General Partnership, the ownership of The Towers At Westshore office building, and members of its Board, its officers, agents, and employees shall be free from any and all claims, debts, demands, liabilities, causes of action of every kind or character, whether or not it be the person or property of The Permittee, its agents or employees, or to any third persons, from any cause or causes whatsoever while in or upon or with respect to the use of The Towers At Westshore office building and facilities as stated herein; and The Permittee hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify and save harmless Edgewood General Partnership, the ownership of The Towers At Westshore office building, the members of its Board, its officers, agents, and employees, of and from any and all such claims, demands, deaths, and liabilities and causes of action, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and other costs with respect thereto. ACCEPTED BY

ON THIS DAY OF _______

ARTIST NAME:_____________________________ Signature of Artist (“Permittee”) Title COALITION OF HISPANIC ARTISTS (CHA) Firm Spring Blast/ Un Soplo de Primavera Art exhibit Purpose of Activity ____________________________ The Westshore Tower Representative.

The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324


WHEREAS, the undersigned (Independent Artist) desires to place on display his/her works of art as a member of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists with the assistance of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., (CHA) of Hillsborough County, Florida; and WHEREAS, by and through the Board of Directors of CHA, and/or a designee, and by and through the CHA representative(s) of any of its Committees, the Independent Artist has been advised that CHA will handle, transport, ship, and/or arrange artwork, as applicable, to be placed on display at various sites throughout the calendar year, provided the undersigned indemnifies and holds harmless all CHA members from and against any and all liability for damages occasioned by or to the said works of art submitted in the calendar year of 2009-2010.

The Independent Artist appoints CHA as agent for the works of art for the purposes of this agreement, for the purposes of exhibition and sale. Moreover, the Independent Artist hereby warrants that he/she created and possesses unencumbered title to the works of art, and that their descriptions are true and accurate. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises and the permission by CHA or any agency thereof, including any handling by any CHA members, the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the said CHA, against any and all liability, loss, damages, costs or expense occasioned by or to the said artwork which the undersigned may hereinafter incur, suffer, or required to pay, said artwork to be displayed. By signing this Agreement, I agree I have read and fully understood the terms of this agreement, and I agree to the above terms this the ______day of_____________________, 20_______. _____________________________________ (clearly printed name of Exhibiting, Independent Artist) X____________________________________-(signature of Exhibiting, Independent Artist) Address_____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________Telephone ___________________________ _______________________________________(clearly printed name of assigned representative of Independent Artist) X____________________________________-(signature of representative) Address_____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________ Telephone _____________________________ Date____________________

The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324

The Coalition of Hispanic Artists, Inc., PO Box 152324, Tampa, FL 33684-2324

Prospectus "Sring Blast / Soplo de Primavera"  
Prospectus "Sring Blast / Soplo de Primavera"  

Call to all artists