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Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Central California Making a difference in our community one child at a time.


Nick & Gianna’s trip to the Super Bowl A first hand account of Super Bowl XLV.








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In My Opinion Exploring the differences between Downtown Fresno and North Fresno.


(Putting Up With Men’s Sh*t) Dating 101: Lessons in life from The Neurotic Female.



TARKANIAN: A Legacy We examine the glory days of CSU Fresno Basketball and turn an eye on the current program.

Sweet Revenge

HiS girl Emily Jameson makes being bad simply irresistible.

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Legacy [leg-uh-see] anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. According to this definition some may say that I have been given many legacies: a legacy by birth, by education and finally by business.This year marks a turning point in my life. I have been given the opportunity to improve upon myself, and I have chosen to do so. With this decision comes many obstacles. Nothing encourages me more than a challenge, and here recently one seems to continuously arise.There are the personal challenges which mold us, the ones we cannot dictate.These pertain to health, to birth and to death. I feel that these serve as character building exercises and will eventually dictate the outcome of every man and woman.Then there are the challenges we accept, the ones which we control. I have a tendency to act impulsively when it comes to these decisions, but fortunately I very rarely regret them. Not that long ago I was offered the position as Editor-in-Chief of HIS Magazine, a legacy within the community. I’m not sure what possessed me to accept such a daunting task. I have never held this position at any of my previous jobs, but something told me, from my inner most core, to take it. Perhaps it was for ego, or maybe because I enjoy beating the odds. Whatever the motivation was, I am certainly glad I did it.

In this coming year I intend to re-landscape this publication to reflect the current demographic of society, while still maintaining our mission as a publication. We have an obligation to serve you the reader, to serve our advertisers and to serve the community. We will be relevant, evolving and strong. As editor I promise to uphold these values, which we adhere to. In this issue we have started making some changes. The most noticeable one can be found on page 53. I am proud to introduce the first HERS on HIS section. In this portion of the magazine we will allow the woman’s voice to be heard, and I expect all of our male readers to pay close attention, for these tips and columns will serve as a much needed guide when it comes to facilitating the female sex. Another change to our editorial is a new column entitled “In my opinion…” which can be found on page 28. Finally in this issue we pay tribute to another legacy, Jerry Tarkanian, which starts on page 31. I hope you enjoy reading this most recent issue of HIS and take as much pleasure in it as I did creating it for you. David J. Manning


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HIS music By Hammer at New Rock 104

More sunshine, spring training for baseball, and filling out your basketball bracket; it’s what this time of year means.This all occurs as we officially launch into spring, though it’s still debatable if the valley has a spring season or whether we just go straight into summertime. Another great thing about this time of year is the music that gets released. Already 2011 has been pretty solid for new music, with new albums from artists like Social Distortion, Cage the Elephant, and others. As we move forward into springtime, more artists are gearing up their new albums for public consumption, here’s a listing of just a few to look forward to that are upcoming or already out.

Rise Against | Endgame

Travis Barker | Give the Drummer Some

Foo Fighters | Wasting Light

Personal favorite of mine, and in my eyes, can do no wrong. This band always has something to say, and the few tracks I’ve heard so far are some of the best of their career, I’m sure some will scream ‘sellout’ at the band, but better production and songwriting doesn’t mean you ‘sell out’, it means that you’ve just become better.

Travis Barker, drummer of Blink 182, owner of Famous Stars & Straps clothing line, and now proud owner of his very own solo album. Not sure if I’m into taking the drums out Trav’s hands, as he doesn’t do a lot of that on here, but he has some big time friends on this, like Lil’ Wayne, Game,Tech 9 and more.The moral is; if you get this expecting some ‘rock’, you’ll be angry with yourself and your purchase. I put this in the ‘go illegally download’ category.

When a band starts bragging about how there’s no ballads on an album, I’ve been known to roll my eyes, when Dave Grohl says this, I get excited, though I do enjoy the mellower side of the Foos as well. From the opening track ‘Bridge Burning’ through the final song ‘Walk’, this could be the definitive Foo album.The band was already out playing this album live all the way through before we were even able to buy, download, or steal one note of it, so you know they believe in it as well. continues >> MARCH / APRIL 2011


HIS music continued from page 13 >>

With this time of year, comes that one album, or song, or artist, which prepares you for springtime. It’s almost like Groundhogs Day, though instead of seeing our shadow and proclaiming more winter or less winter, we hear a certain song that reminds us you can start putting some of the winter jackets away. For me, it’s whenever I hear Bad Religion’s ‘Recipe for Hate’. I know it sounds weird, maybe it’s when I heard the album, or being in high school at the time or whatever else was going on. I listened to it again the other day, and noticed as I was doing that, it was the first sunny day we had had in the valley in a long time. It’s amazing how music can remind you or prepare you for certain experiences, from road trips, first loves, or just a great time out with your friends. I think that’s why I enjoy music so much, much more then movies or TV. It can take you somewhere unexpected and bring a wave of emotion in you. I’ve always said if I could take three things with me on a deserted island they would be my wife, my stepson, and a radio… though an iPod may be better, especially if I’m on a deserted island where the reception may be bad.


Being in a music based industry, maybe I’m bias. Most friends of mine usually won’t talk music with me just because I can’t say if that song or artist is ‘just OK’. I usually will give several reasons why I do or do not like said artist or song. Music to me is not just background noise, it’s something to take in, experience, share with other people and so much more. I’ve always felt this way and will continue to do so. So break out that song, or album that reminds you of this time of year and jump into springtime, because before you know it, it will be summertime and we will all be looking to avoid the heat.



Team Avenue provides Baseball Instruction with Former Head Coach of Fresno State, NCAA Hall of Famer Bob Bennett

The Academy Skills Development Weekly Baseball Clinics Daily Baseball Skills Training Players aged 8 - 18 yrs welcome Hitting Pitching Catching Infield Defense Outfield Defense Base Running Mental Conditioning Player Communicati Communication, Confidence, Professionalism Strength, Speed and Agilit Agility Diet and Nutrition College Tours College Recruiting The Team Avenue Aces Baseball Club Clubs

Instruction with Thomari StoryHarden

Elite Aces Traveling Team Local Aces Traveling Tea Team Domestic Aces Traveling Team International Traveling Team

Through the game of baseball our staff encourages the development of life skills, teaches tolerance by exposing young people to other cultures, while educating and preparing them for an ever growing global world. We bridge the gap between student-athlete and institutions, creating endless possibilities of advancement. Please contact Team Avenue Baseball ttoday for your Spring and Summer Player Development Program. Program Ph (559) 761 - 9421 or visit

BIG BIG b rot h e rs & s i ste rs of Central California

Making a Difference By: David J. Manning

When you think about your childhood, what comes to mind? I remember my first bike, my favorite stuffed animal and the jersey of my father’s I used to run around in, but most importantly I remember feeling I had everything I needed to achieve success in life. Some children are not so fortunate.There are a variety of stories which we hear on a regular basis, the girl growing up in a low-income single-parent home who doesn’t feel beautiful, the boy who struggles in school and hasn’t seen his father since the day he was arrested in their home for drug abuse. Each has their own identity which cannot be summed up in simple phrase or paragraph. For these youth there can be no substitute for the attention and guidance they long for.

When I first met Rudy I was struck by his compassion for humanity. He has perhaps the hardest job, one which I could never do. After serving two tours as a Captain in the Army, one tour in Iraq and one in Kuwait, he now serves his country in the Army Reserves; a noble profession, which in itself is a major accomplishment. He is married to Tara a truly inspiring woman who has the uncanny ability to be the perpetual optimist. These two make for a dynamic partnership and epitomize the modern American couple. When Rudy returned state side, he was still taking courses at California State University Fresno. During one of his classes a bright eyed girl gave a rather inspiring speech about the necessity for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Central California. Big Brothers Big Sisters has been serving the Central Valley for 42 years. The programs main vision is to help all children achieve success in life. She spoke of the need for Big Brothers. For every one male volunteer there are seven boys waiting to be matched with a Big. The need within the community is staggering. The Save Mart Event Center can be filled ten times with the number of children who could benefit from a mentor. Rudy told me that he went away from that class wondering if he could possibly commit to something like this.

<< Rudy, Tara & Israel



About a week later he approached his classmate and asked her about the program. She explained the process and that if he was concerned with time that they were offering a Big Couples program. Essentially he and his wife Tara could be matched with a child to ensure that their Little Brother or Sister would receive the adequate amount of time. Rudy and Tara came to the conclusion that they wanted to be part of the organization and wanted to help shape the community in a positive way and help a child achieve success in their own life. So they began the process. Rudy admitted that on paper the match process sounded easy but it proved to be rather intensive. All Bigs must be 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license, and undergo a full background check. As part of the background check each Big must provide three references which are asked a laundry list of questions about them and how they are perceived by the reference. After the background check is completed and all the paper work is in order, then the Bigs are formally interviewed and trained. Upon completing this they are asked what they look for in a child. Rudy said he wanted a Hispanic child, he figured it would be easier for him to relate with him being Hispanic himself, and that he wanted a child who didn’t complain. From there the staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters went to work finding every potentially suitable child to match with the couple. The day finally approached and Rudy and Tara went down to the local Central Valley office and reviewed their options. It was overwhelming seeing all the different profiles. During this

meeting they ran across the profile of an eight year old boy Israel. Israel is obsessed with soldiers. He wants to grow up and be in the military, a natural fit for the couple. However it was not this which won Rudy over it was the answer to one simple question,“What do you want most?”, and he responded simply “I want more time with my mom.”There was something in the simplicity of the answer that hit the Army Captain and it was then that Rudy knew they had found their match. The couple was officially matched in August of last year. Israel is now nine and loves hanging out with the twosome.Tara takes him shopping, one of her personal favorite past times. Rudy takes him out for food, a lot of food. Apparently he has a rather big appetite.They spent this past Christmas together.“It was great to see Israel light up over all his gifts”, Rudy says. One of the fondest memories he has with Israel occurred just the other day. He went with Tara and Rudy to the local Army headquarters.The excitement he had for riding in an Army truck and seeing all the soldiers really put things into perspective for Rudy. I asked the Captain what he has learned from his Little, he simply put that “He has reconnected me with a part of myself that went missing after my tours overseas.” Infer from that what you will, but maybe this program is not just about helping the children but also about helping society.

“For every one male volunteer there are seven boys waiting to be matched with a Big. The need within the community is staggering.”

For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California please contact the office at 559.268.2447 or visit their website at Let s work together and start something, something positive, something inspiring, something essential to the community in which we live.

“He couldn’t even set up the game and he never made it past level three. When we got matched, I knew I could teach him a thing or two. That’s what little brothers like me are for.”

It’s not too late to help you, too.

Call 1.888.412.BIGS or visit to get your own Little Brother.



ATHLETES central valley s finest ’

What does it take to be a student athlete in 2011? That is the million dollar question. By: Nick Papagni

I love to see athletes who are driven for success. Jenna Prandini, Kendall Brock, and Garrett Steele, do it better than anyone else. All three are 1430 ESPN Student Athletes. Jenna Prandini from Clovis is a track star, perhaps the best we have ever seen. Kendall Brock is the greatest running back in the history of Clovis West. Garrett Steele is one of the best athletes to ever play for Kingsburg.

Jenna Prandini has taken track to a new level for the Clovis Cougars. She plans to continue her athletic career next year for the Oregon Ducks. She knew at a very young age that she was fast and had a gift. She has won four Gold Medals in the Central Section Grand Masters Track and Field Championships for the second year in a row. In addition she has also received two Golds and a Silver Medal at the CIF State Championships, the best performance by a section representative in the 37-year history. In national rankings, she finished the season No. 2 in the long jump, No. 3 in the 100 and triple jump, and No. 15 in the 200.

“You have to be focused on what you’re doing.”

Jenna says,“You just have to be focused on what you are doing. When I am in class I try and finish as much work as I can so I’m not loaded down with homework after practice. Some nights I get home pretty late from meets or just a long practice, so I just have to stay up late and do my homework. It’s not fun, but you just have to do it. On meet days I always have to eat the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m pretty superstitious, so I like to stick to my routine.” continues >>



RISING ATHLETES central valley’s finest continued from page 19 >> Kendall Brock, at a very young age, wanted to be the best. Not the tallest running back, but he is one of the strongest and most explosive backs we have seen in 25 years. Kendall will be playing for the Wolf Pack of Nevada next season. He rushed for a Clovis West school record of 4,816 yards and also has two Valley Championship rings. Kendall finished with a career 63 TD’s. In 2010, he rushed for 2,329 yards with 40 TDs. Kendall says,“Being a football player for the Golden Eagles, I wake up each and every morning at 6 a.m. knowing it’s going to be a long day. I get my morning lift in, go to school, go to practice and I don’t get home until 7 p.m. every night, having little time to do my homework.Then the cycle repeats- but game days are awesome! You got the whole school coming out and supporting you. A lot of us have rituals that can’t be broken: Ian Hall and I would go to his house for 30 minutes after school to talk about what we have to do for the game and then we have a team meal provided by the parents.Then each position does a skit to kind of release some pressure, then we get on that bus and it is go time.”

Garrett Steele had one of the most remarkable senior seasons ever for Head Coach David Steele and the Kingsburg Vikings. Garrett will be one of the Cal Poly Mustangs next season. When the first game came around at San Luis Obispo; Garrett was forced to play QB due to an injury to Austin Bray. He threw an 80 yard last minute TD pass to Taylor Abernathy and Kingsburg won it. Garrett did it again against Porterville in the Valley Championship game when he hit Taylor Abernathy on an 81 yard TD pass in the last minute allowing the Vikings to take home back to back championship wins. He threw for 2,177 yards and 26 TDs passing; 2,008 yards and 23 TDs rushing; 54 tackles at Safety; and an average of 37 yards per punt. He accounted for 69.1% of the team’s offense (4,185 of 6,060 yards) and 72.1% of its TDs (49 of 68). Garrett was the first player in state history to exceed 2,000 yards both passing and rushing in the same season. For Garrett Steele, he says,“On a normal day I get to school at 8 a.m. After school I go to our high school weight room and workout.Then I go out to the track and run stairs or run with the track team.Then I go home, relax for a bit then do any homework that is due the next day. On game days I try to keep everything normal and try not to get too hyped up during school. I have a hard time paying attention to the teachers on these days because I’m already thinking about the game.”



“I wake up each and every morning at 6 a.m. knowing it’s going to be a long day.”

“On game days I try to keep everything normal and try not to get too hyped up during school.” These three super star student athletes make it look easy. For those of you that were a student athlete or are a student athlete, you know it’s a tough road. It takes heart, determination and commitment but with the right combination success will surely follow.



12pm-2pm THURSDAY

My childhood dream came true

when my daughter Gianna and I went to Super Bowl XLV. Our flight stopped in Albuquerque on the way to Dallas, and did it become fun from there. We had Packer and Steeler fans on the flight with us, who spent the entire trip trying to out chant each other. Despite the rivalry, the Packer and Steeler fans were surprisingly nice.They were respectful of each other with minimal trash talking, and there was no throwing of any screwdrivers; just good old fashion sportsmanship.

nick & giannaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s trip to

By: Nick Papagni





We took our seats on exactly the 50 yard line. Yes, that’s right,

the 50 Yard line. Dallas was covered in snow and ice. It made driving to the hotel on Friday almost impossible. Gianna’s GPS system on her phone seemed to get us lost at every turn. I don’t know how, but Gianna pulled off getting tickets on the 50 yard line which made me determined to fight through any weather condition just so I could fulfill my fantasy of watching the Super Bowl. On Saturday night, after getting lost again, we made it to the giant NFL show called the NFL Experience. Picture the exhibit hall at the Fresno Convention Center and multiply it by eight. We got tickets to the show from our Valley legend, Lorenzo Neal, and watched Lorenzo play flag football with some of the greatest retired NFL stars. There was so much to do at the show, we never wanted to leave. In an attempt to capture every moment, Gianna took what seemed to be a thousand pictures. On Super Bowl Sunday we arrived five hours before the game, just so we could soak it all in. We parked free, but had to park over a mile away because parking close to the stadium was around $1,000, which I refused to pay.The sun was out for the first time in two weeks, painting the perfect picture for this once in a lifetime experiences. The tailgating was wild! The area was probably the size of the entire Fresno state campus, including farm land. Bands like Maroon 5 and Keith Urban were playing. Imagine 103,000 fans wearing everything you could think of and celebrities everywhere. This was all happening before we even got inside the stadium.



There were more Steeler fans, and everyone of them seemed to have their own “terrible towel”. We heard stories from some of them about how long their “terrible towels” had been in their family. A lot of Green Bay fans got in their cars on the Thursday before the game and drove to Dallas. Some didn’t have tickets, but just wanted to be there to hang out and experience the moment when two of the greatest franchises in sports history would meet on the field. The stadium is across the street from where the Giants beat the Rangers in the World Series.You can see the Building 15 miles away. It is huge! They don’t miss a beat when it comes to the fans. The new billion dollar stadium in Arlington was unbelievable. A giant TV screen stretches across the field from 20 yard line to 20 yard line and was 72 feet tall.The giant monstrosity cost more than most stadiums. In addition there were 42” HD TV’s everywhere, even in the restrooms! Gianna and I finally got inside and walked around. We couldn’t believe how nice everything and everyone was. Simply astonishing, there are no words to describe this sight. We took our seats on exactly the 50 yard line. Yes, that’s right, the 50 yard line. And if things couldn’t get better we were in the seats with our feet hanging over the rail with nobody in front of us. The festivities started with the National Anthem. We both can’t figure out why people were raging on Christina Aguilera’s version. Over 75,000 fans were in tears after she finished, including me. It was amazing.That place went nuts after she finished. It was so loud that I couldn’t hear Gianna next to me talking.

Watching how they put together a stage during commercial breaks is

simplY amazing.

The Halftime show was absolutely out of this world. Watching how they put together a stage during commercial breaks is simply amazing.The Black Eyed Peas performed and were out of this world. Everybody loved them.To watch it on TV canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t compare to seeing it live. We witnessed, first hand, one the greatest and most watched Super Bowls in 45 years. Final score: Green Bay 31, Pittsburg 25. We stayed four hours after the game and again soaked it all in, even all the players stayed.

this was the


father-daughter experience that i could have

ever imagined.

Upon leaving the giant building, we encountered a cold wind and rain in which we had to walk back to our car in. Believe it or not, cabs were $300 to go 1 mile, not like we could track down a cab even if we wanted to. Watching Gianna try to get a cab in the cold rain was simply priceless. The Dallas Mavericks were in town playing the CAVS. We could care less about who they were playing and where the seats were. We really just went to see the arena.The place was almost sold out. We spent $20 dollars for our seats, which were in the nose bleed section.Thank goodness for Gianna. She saw some seats down close to the floor that nobody was sitting in which just happened to be close to Jessica Simpson and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban; so we took them. This was the greatest father-daughter experience that I could have ever imagined. Gianna is now 18 and we have always been very close. Wow, how 18 years just seem to fly by. We both promised each other that we will have to go to another Super Bowl, but I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t imagine it being any nicer than this Dallas trip.






in my The Downtown View By: Anthony Taylor

In a Fresno deathmatch, Downtown would destroy North Fresno. It wouldn’t even be close. Across the board, Downtown Fresno is the superior part of the city. The history. Now, I’m not old enough to have been around during the golden era of the Crest, Wilson and Warnors Theater bringing acts like Sinatra and the Grateful Dead to Fresno, but when I ride my bike through Downtown you can’t help but feel you’re riding back through a time warp. From the courthouse to the Fulton Mall and from the great City Hall spaceship to the new Broadway Lofts; Downtown Fresno oozes stories, tall tales and the sorts of thick historical significance that makes a city great. The youthful exuberance. Walk amongst the Iron Bird Lofts, Broadway Studios, Broadway Lofts or any of the new developments sprouting like weeds of job and housing creation in the Downtown area and you’ll feel a certain energy from the people living and working down there. It comes from doing something; from seeing the potential in a place and wanting to get in on the ground floor. It’s a group of early adopters and people who know that creating a community is sometimes just about hanging with the people who live in your part of town. From within the long gestating chrysalis that is the history of Downtown Fresno, something new and exciting is forming. It’s a force that says,“We want to live Downtown, because we don’t just want to have cool things. We want to make cool things and make them happen.”

The potential. An open lot here. Construction starting there. An old music venue getting a few more gigs this month. A brand new music venue with great reviews and calendar chock full of shows. A new set of lofts opening here and some renovated housing breaking ground over there. Downtown is potential heavy. Who doesn’t like a place with potential? And we’re not talking about the sort of potential you tell your kid they have even though it’s obvious they aren’t going be the next great rockstar/rapper/actor/ astronaut/peanut farmer. It’s the sort of potential that is already being realized. Ride through Downtown and it seems like something new is being built everyday and that can only lead to more greatness. The culture. In many cities, the Downtown area houses the heart of its cultural and arts identity. Fresno is no different. No place nurtures the arts and provides a place to appreciate them the way Downtown does. With the Tower District just a few blocks away, the cultural center of Fresno resides in the South. ArtHop, every major theater company in Fresno (Good Company Players, Children’s Musical Theatreworks, The New Ensemble, Stageworks Fresno) , Broadway Studios, Grizzlies Stadium... these are all testaments to the ability and willingness of Downtown to foster great cultural landmarks. So when I hear North Fresno advocates (or maybe more accurately Downtown detractors) speak to the problems of Downtown as pointless, not worth solving or too hard; I get mad. Real mad. What is the history worth protecting of North Fresno? Where there was once a field now lies strip malls. Where once there was another field lies another strip mall.The history of North Fresno is steeped in sprawl and scattered political power. No one remembers the last great concert that happened in North Fresno. They may remember the last great movie they saw or the time they went to both River Park Starbucks on the same day.They may even speak of their grand adventure to Best Buy and the tough decision to park half a mile away, rather than continue the quest for closer parking.



Where does the exuberance of North Fresno settle? On the young? The old? The politically relevant? The suburban power center that is Fresno? Maybe. Here’s what I do know: the exuberance I feel from most people in the Northern Fresno corridor is that of convenience, cleanliness and safety. They feel safer there, they feel the malls are cleaner and it’s convenient having all their chain stores right up against each other. For some, the perception of those things is incredibly valuable. There is no denying that we all want to feel safe. I can say, anecdotally, that in the time I’ve lived near Downtown I’ve had no issues with safety. During my time living North of Herndon I had my car broken into 4 separate times. I’ve been verbally accosted at River Park by wannabe thugs and at most I get asked for spare change when I’m Downtown.That’s my experience with safety in Fresno. With the virtual explosion of property all over North Fresno, what possible potential could it have to fulfill? North Fresno has already over expanded and is having a hard time justifying the continued expansion of infrastructure. What with all this land already on the grid further South. I’d argue the potential of North Fresno is in its ability to see value in the rest of the city that sits to her South. Like say....Downtown. To say that North Fresno is devoid of culture is unfair.There is a thriving culture that exists on the north side. Our most popular movie theater is in the North, most of our favorite clothing stores and a few of our favorite dance spots. And that is all valid. Is it my culture? No. But it’s a part of Fresno’s cultural identity and it’s the lone aspect of North Fresno I can really understand defending. Just because there is not artsy fartsy stuff or musicals being performed North of Herndon doesn’t mean there is no culture there. Simply put, Downtown rocks.That’s right. I capitalize the “D” in Downtown because it deserves that honor. If you haven’t been Downtown in awhile, you’ve gotta get down here and see what’s going down. What used to be a barren wasteland of government buildings, a baseball stadium and a sparsely populated walking mall has now become...all that and more.

opinion... The North Fresno State of Mind By: David J. Manning

What makes north Fresno? I know the common argument. Trust me I’ve heard it all… the endless strip mall, the cultural void and the safe haven for the rich. I’ll give that observation to somebody who doesn’t live on this side of town. It’s an honest interpretation of the architecture which makes up the city just north of Shaw.The bottomline is that inside each of these strip malls are little gems just like the ones found on the south side of town.You see what the critics don’t realize is that north Fresno is growing the same way downtown Fresno did.The development which seemed to never halt, the business buildings which grew from two stories to twelve; all these changes that occur when the business industry resides in a centrally located area. Some also say that north Fresno lacks culture. That is simply ludicrous. There is an endless supply of fine dining to be had. There is Max’s, a Fresno classic which displays a wide array of paintings acting as a gallery for their in house artist.The Palms, where you can sit casually and enjoy a cocktail as you listen to the pianist as he plays on the baby grand. Finally the restaurant Five, my personal favorite hangout where the cuisine is simply top notch.To those who say the theatre community and entertainment is lacking up north, then clearly they have never attended one of the university’s performances or participated in the summer arts program. CSU Fresno plays host to this gathering of creative minds every year and offers a wide array of nationally recognized performances. Then there is the Save Mart Center… I believe that speaks for itself. The musical guests who perform there range from Andrea Bocelli, to Keith Urban and even Madonna. Finally north Fresno is the home of the newest state of the art black box theatre, the Dan Pessano Theater, where several of the downtown companies prefer to play due to its location and equipment.

Sports also play a huge part on the north end and most sport themed bars are located here as well. Clovis Unified, which educates the majority of north Fresno children, encourages a healthy regime of sports training and fitness. Not to mention CSU Fresno football games are the largest form of entertainment in the entire city. When it’s game day the majority of businesses experience a lull which can best be described as red wave fever. Education is a leading factor in development on this side of our fair city. Nationally recognized schooling, a university which is constantly expanding and a myriad of secondary educational facilities make this a hot bed for thinkers. Granted this might not make for the whole artistic movement but it certainly does make for an increase in locally owned businesses and companies, which brings me to my next point agriculture. I myself have never been in FFA or have I ever worked on a farm, but I do realize the necessity for this form of consumer goods. Most crops and fields still reside up here and that explains why the biggest farmers markets in town occur once again north of Shaw. And at these markets you can find not only fresh foods, but jewelry, paintings and handmade goods which are all home grown, right here in Fresno.

Now with all this said I don’t want you to think that I turn a blind eye towards my southern counter-part. Rather I have the opposite approach. I look at downtown as a guide map of what we need to improve upon before repeating the offense on the north side of town. For instance, the poverty which seems to be contained in a specific section of the city. Why does it exist? What was it caused by? How can we fix it? What can we learn from it? These are all questions I ask myself when I examine the landscape of south Fresno.You see, I see south Fresno and realize that one day north Fresno will look and feel the same way. Woodward Park will one day have the same reputation as Roding Park. One day the homes along Audubon Drive and Van Ness Extension will have the same identity as the mansions found in downtown and the homes along Huntington Boulevard. Fulton Mall was replaced by Manchester which was replaced by Fashion Fair and one day Fashion Fair will be replaced by River Park. It is a constant cycle, an architectural and business evolution. So I agree with the people who say building should stop. Let us contain the sprawl and improve on greatness. With this said, it still does not change my opinion that north Fresno is the place where I prefer to live, work and play. I have had people call me an elitist member of a Fresno bourgeoisie uprising. I have been ridiculed by my cultural counterparts who don’t understand why me a single white male would chose to live in suburbia verses the lofts of downtown. I have no explanation for this other than I feel most at home when I have a backyard, a house and a car in a garage. If this makes me an elitist then I suppose I am. At the end of the day it comes down to preference and the people you surround yourself with. Like minded individuals always tend to sleep in the same neighborhood. So when drawing the comparison I say let us not argue and wallow over who is superior, rather let us acknowledge our similarities and celebrate our differences.




tarkanian A Legacy By: W.S. Whitehurst

On a Friday night Fresno was abuzz with anticipation. Local restaurants near downtown were filled with citizens from the north end of the city on dates or dining with family and friends. As the time grew near for the game to start the masses would drive to the many parking lots around Selland Arena and tune into the radio to hear more about the night’s match up. As the onslaught of mass parking occurred, cars were slowed by the multitude of people in red. It was spectacle to see. Hundreds of citizens waited anxiously outside the arena doors with anticipation. Grown men were in line with their son’s, who all longed for a scholarship for their boy to play ball at the university with the shark himself. Inside the crowd became more diverse. The seats were filled by grandparents, business people, and students of various ages. Then “Welcome to the Twilight Zone” would blare over the speakers and the fans would go wild. The roar would be deafening as the vibrations echoed against the concrete walls, so loud in fact, it was as though you crossed that line where sound lost its tone and the whole world was shut off for a series of seconds waiting for the thunderous screams to cease. The year was 1995 and this was once what was the red wave going to watch Jerry Tarkanian and the Fresno State Bulldogs.

From 1995 through 2002 the men’s division one basketball team was the most successful it has ever been. During that time Tarkanian led the Bulldogs in six consecutive twenty win seasons. Chris Herren, Dominic Young and Kendric Brooks received national attention for leading the nation in highest 3pt. field goal percentages. This was a time when kids in elementary school through high school mimicked the Chris Herren haircut by gelling their hair down and flipping the front up. Players had such personality and quirks. Terrence Roberson always had the biggest beaming smile on his face, and always seemed to be able to laugh at his errors and have the attitude of trying harder next time. James ‘Gumby’ Grey was known for his wild ‘Sideshow-Bob’ hair from the Simpsons which inspired many of his fans to copy him. And then of course there was Jerry Tarkanian with his infamous towel which symbolized a trademark look for the coach. But where in the world did this man pick up such an unusual habit? It was a hot summer day decades ago while Tarkanian was coaching a high school team in a gym, and he felt incredibly dehydrated. All the doors were kept open to try to dissipate the heat. Every time a time-out was called he would go to the water fountain to get some water because he was so hot and thirsty. After a while he decided to take a white towel with him and wet it because no cups were available. The game came down to the wire and after going into overtime his team won. He has been chewing on moist towels ever since. Many athletes and coaches follow superstitions that they believe brings them good luck during a season. Tarkanian is no different. As a matter of fact he had several superstitions which changed over time- well, some of them did. ‘The Ghost Chair’ was a chair to be respected by all his players and coaching staff. This was a chair that he kept empty right next to his seat. Nobody knows who it is supposed to be for, if for anybody. However, during his time coaching it was very well known that if you didn’t want to be yelled at, you had better not sit in that chair. Another quirk was absolute silence before every game in the locker room, on the bus, and at any team dinner. A more fleeting superstition was the toothpaste incident. Tark’s wife Lois once bought new toothpaste and was in the process of replacing the older tube with a diminishing amount left inside. Tark insisted that the toothpaste be kept until it was thoroughly used because he had been using it during a winning season. These traits may seem peculiar to some but to Tarkanian they were necessary for victory, and clearly he was onto something because the victories kept piling up.



Nine years have passed since Tarkanian retired and things are different. “They’ve lost it.” said Tarkanian at an interview in early March. “They need to get their following back. They got to get the community involved. The Red Wave was very important for our success. People used to be proud to be a part of it. Now, nobody seems to care. Save Mart Center is a nice facility; people just don’t go.” The question many people are left wondering is what went wrong? Let’s go back to 1995 when Tark started. Being Fresno State Alumni, having played for their basketball team in 1954 and 1955 and having coached for CSU Long Beach, UNLV and in the NBA briefly for the San Antonio Spurs, Tarkanian was greeted with open arms by a proud community and boosters eager to be part of something great. Tarkanian knew how to turn on the charm. He often made appearances at dinners along with his players and was seen in the media through commercials and radio spots. He would also get a kick out of drinking a beer and rubbing elbows with local basketball fans. A painting of him can still be seen amidst the Fresno well known regulars on the wall at The Elbow Room. Success had not changed him for the worse. He had learned to walk with kings without losing the common touch. Tark believed that if he allowed success to change his attitude to that of a celebrity he might lose his friends and his following which was one thing Tarkanian knew he had to keep too maintain the support of the boosters and the city. He did this by first and foremost staying true to himself. Tarkanian believes that each coach must be true to their own coaching style and the first job of every coach is to be able to connect and motivate his/her players. Bobby Knight, who was head coach for the Indiana Hoosiers, was known for his anger and the fear that he would produce in his players. Many would argue that this led to Knight’s success because it demanded his players to become perfectionists and strive never to let their coach or team down. Tark was known for his style of motivation. He believed that by getting his team to feel part of the community and getting their families involved, then the support for the program would grow.

“People used to be proud to be a part of it. Now, nobody seems to care.”

According to Tark the key to success is motivation. “You have a good chance of getting your goal if you give it everything you’ve got. Basketball is the best test of work ethic and desire. Every day is a test.” Along with developing an attachment and commitment with his players to the community he also demanded much of them on the court. This requires not only physical conditioning, but mental and emotional as well. When playing an away game and 20,000 people are booing you and calling you names and possibly throwing things at you, you must be able to count on your teammates and look for guidance with the coach in order to perform under pressure. This trust tightens team bonds. “To be successful, you must play through the comfort zone. Your desire must take over in order to take your game to the next level”. Every player hits that comfort zone. It happens when you’re sore, out of breath and thoroughly exhausted. At this point it comes down to the individual to stay motivated and the coach to hit their ‘hot button’. Every player has one and it’s the coach’s job to be able to find it. When the team was suffering and tired and losing motivation, Tark would use everything in his arsenal to hit the hot buttons of every player on the court. Tark was innovative and a visionary. While coaching at CSU Long Beach Tark challenged the NCAA several times by having more than three players to start the game who were African American. Over the years Tark has also recruited players throughout his career from junior colleges for players with less than favorable academic and criminal histories. The response that followed these players at Fresno State was astounding. Although Fresno was and still is a more conservative city, these players were respected and honored for their talents. Tarkanian also recruited players of greater talent than Fresno State had ever seen including Courtney Alexander, Melvin Ely, Chris Jeffries, Chris Herren and Rafer Alston, all of whom eventually joined the NBA. Throughout his coaching career at Fresno State, there were only a handful of incidents which drew police attention. Many fans admired Tark for taking on the challenge of training somewhat troubled young men. It was amazing how he could find talent and pull that special drive out of these individuals. However, due to many rule violations and allegations investigated by the NCAA forty nine wins were removed from Tark’s record. Allegations on point shaving performed by several players drew the attention of Fresno State fans and much loyalty was lost. As Tark stepped down, Fresno State was still dealing with many investigations.

Ray Lopes entered the Fresno State scene as head coach in 2003 and lasted through 2004. During his time he led the Bulldogs through two winning seasons in their brand new arena. However, Lopes also contributed to the list of allegations imposed by the NCAA for recruiting violations. Fresno State received four years of probation. In 2004, 21 year old guard for the Bulldogs, Terry Pettis, was charged with murder and armed robbery. He was tried and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2006. Since 2005 former BYU coach Steve Cleveland has been the head coach for the Bulldogs. Cleveland has had a daunting task set before him. With scholarships and funding lost to the program, Cleveland has been struggling to rebuild what once was at Fresno State institution. With a total record of 78-81 Fresno State is performing at a less than favorable level. Something that Fresno State should be thankful for is that he has not contributed to any more allegations and in 2006 Cleveland took the Bulldogs to third place in the WAC with a 22-10 record for that season. We are a society of believers. As Fresnans we believe in the underdog and that with hard work much can be accomplished. It is what sets us apart from our competition. Fresno has had a taste for what it is to be a contender but something has happened to society. The support in the community that used to be so strong and thriving is now dormant but not dead. The red wave has been dealt some hard blows over the years to say the least. The sense of pride that was its backbone has been stripped away leaving a shell of its former self. My advice is for Cleveland to reconnect with the community and give them something they can believe in again. We have a sports program here in this community which represents this changing of the guard. With the penalties and restrictions imposed we are left crippled. Even with a potentially great leader for the Bulldogs like Cleveland the budget has decreased so greatly that pulling together an effective team that can compete with other schools in the WAC is an imposing challenge. After all, what is the return on investment for a great ball player to join Fresno State?

“The support in the community that used to be so strong and thriving is now dormant but not dead.”

Photo Credit: (top & left) Sports Illustrated (right) ESPN/AP Photo (bottom) ESPN



jerry tarkanian Cover Story Continued from page 33 >>

I believe that with the state of things the university has nowhere to go but up. Cleveland’s record speaks for itself. When he was at BYU he consistently led his team to the NIT and NCAA finals. What is it that Cleveland lacks that Tark succeeded in? Tark created a buzz and acted as a lightning rod for talent. Cleveland has been given less funding and more restrictions. Many Fresnans who used to watch Fresno State basketball don’t know who Steve Cleveland is or any of the names of any of the players.

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller

I wonder if we will ever rebuild to the days when the red wave reigned supreme. I remember how excited I was as a teenager, when I would go to Selland Arena to watch the magic of the team, the magic of the sport, the legacy of a man and all he had accomplished. It made me proud to be there, proud of Fresno and the university. Then all the scandal came and something changed. The community, including myself turned a blind eye to the sport. The supporters became less visible, the players became less dynamic and the coach changed from a personality to someone who is too preoccupied with not repeating errors of the past. I’m not saying Cleveland isn’t a good coach. He’s working with very strict guidelines with a sports program that has suffered tremendously over the years. Up until this point there has been little effort put forward by the basketball team to try and gain public attention and to connect with new supporters. Fresno State is still fighting an uphill battle and paying for mistakes of the past. *Since this article was written Coach Cleveland has resigned as head coach of the Bulldogs. The program continues to wait in limbo while officials hunt for his replacement.




HIS eats The Lime Lite 1054 W Shaw Fresno, CA 93711 559.224.1054

A Fresno institution, The Lime Lite has been serving guests since 1964. This award winning restaurant offers a wide array of selections to choose from. They are known for their lobster, steak and premium cocktails.

When you step into the building you are greeted by a dimly lit dining room which is accented by overstuffed hunter green leather booths and crisp white linens.The ambiance is chic and sophisticated but not overly so. It is an establishment you would feel comfortable having a business lunch or a quiet dinner for two. You may opt to dine on the covered patio.This section of the facility is like a hidden oasis that regular guests enjoy on a weekly basis.There are more booths and tables to be found in this retreat which would be the ideal setting for a private party or an enjoyable afternoon of champagne and fine cuisine. The menu is quite extensive covering every possible combination of entrĂŠe. Many guests prefer their New York steak or one of their specialty salads like the Seafood Louie. Whatever your whim, the helpful wait staff is there to serve your every need. When you dine at the Lime Lite you not only support a locally owned business but also a Fresno historical tradition. So take some time, stop by and enjoy a nice leisurely fine dining experience.





QN4U BBQ House

559-221-9700 1440 E Shaw Ave. Fresno, CA

559-765-4078 1414 Clovis Ave. Clovis, CA

Ever find yourself searching for a place to eat late night? Well we say screw the chains, and the fast food, it’s time to experience what dining should be, fun! Swiggs is a combination of fresh homemade food, quick service, and an atmosphere that combines one part city, one part coast, one part sports bar, and a little bit of DIVE. We are a bar-themed fast casual restaurant specializing in JUMBO sized wings spun in one of our nine home-made Swiggnature sauces, and slow-braised pulled meat sandwiches. Enjoy a cold beer from one of our 22 taps pouring the best in California craft beers and all your usual favorites in addition to our full bar. At Swiggs you can shoot a game of pool, throw some darts, challenge friends to a game of shuffleboard on the only twenty-two footer (22’) in Fresno, play some foosball, toss some bags in corn-hole alley. You can also come chill and play Buzztime (Free on-screen trivia and cards). Dice can always be found behind the bar, and our conversation tables are made to bounce quarters off of. We show all major sports events on our 14 flat screens and the marquee game on the 120” projection viewable from the balcony to make the experience feel like you’re really there. It’s time for a Swiggin’ Good Time!



“Everyone loves barbeque” and QN4U BBQ HOUSE delivers the real thing with no false icons in a unique and comfortable setting. California’s #1 BBQ’ers, Brent and Kim Walton are 22 time BBQ circuit champions and BBQ Hall of Famers who have been featured on the Food Network. Also recently named the “Best of the Best” BBQ Restaurants in America! They have brought their championship BBQ home to Clovis. Come try our brisket, pulled pork and of course the ribs. QN4U BBQ HOUSE is home to the ‘Texas Tommie’ the world’s most outrageous hot dog. Open Everyday from 11am-9pm. Dine in or take out. We are the best at BBQ catering as well. Call for a quote. Visit us online: www.

Mateo’s Restaurante & Cantina 559-322-1680 1540 E Nees Ave. Fresno, CA Here at Mateo’s Restaurante and Cantina, our purpose is to bring to your table some of the most palatable examples of great Mexican cuisine. For your dining pleasure we have selected some of the most popular Mexican dishes.The ingredients used in the preparations of these dishes are of the highest quality to ensure that you will receive the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine. Whether this is your first experience with Mexican cuisine or an ongoing adventure, we are sure that you will find our food and service surpassed by none. Every dish on our menu is available for take out orders. Hours of Business: Sunday - Wednesday: 10:00am-9:00pm Thursday: 10:00am-10:00pm Friday and Saturday: 10:00am-12:00am Happy Hour: Monday - Thursday: 3pm - close Friday - Saturday: 3pm - 6pm & 10pm - close Sunday : ALL DAY! Weekend countdown: Monday- $5 martinis Tuesday- $4 specialty cocktails Wednesday-$3 Glass of house Wine Thursday- $2 well drinks Friday-$1 Coors Light Drafts


HIS eats



Noah’s Bar & Grill

559-222-5823 639 E Shaw Ave. Fresno, CA

559-266-4077 1609 E Belmont Ave Fresno, CA

559-299-9999 6658 N Cedar Ave. Fresno, CA

Richard Stockle opened Richard’s Prime Rib & Seafood on Belmont Ave. in downtown Fresno in the summer of 1969, and original plans called for a beer bar, a couple of pool tables and offered some gaming on the side. When expenses came to be too much during preparations, the entrepreneur decided to scratch the original plans and turn the establishment into a restaurant. Richard’s became a Fresno hotspot for its juicy steaks and fresh seafood.

Noah’s Bar and Grill: Indulge yourself with the finest authentic Mediterranean cuisine by recreating the unmistakable experience of true Mediterranean dining at its best. A charming and warm atmosphere in a restaurant that is family owned and operated serving delicious food, homemade with love. Everything served is what we would serve our family in our home. Come in and enjoy the mouth-watering, quick lunch meals or authentic dinners. A most comfortable and truly family friendly restaurant. Order in and enjoy the atmosphere or order for takeout or delivery.

Indulge yourself with the finest USDA Prime steak — aged to perfection, hand-cut daily by our Chef Partners and cooked to your specifications — as well as fresh seafood, innovative side dishes and decadent desserts. Fleming’s also offers 100 wines by the glass, a unique Wine Flight tasting program and a world-class list of reserve wines to complement your dining experience. Visit us online:

On July 1, 2005, 36 years to the day after he opened Richard’s, Richard decided to sell the restaurant, only to regain it a few years later after it closed due to the owner defaulting on payments. The place was in a shambles. There were holes in the walls, the bar was on the ground, and an air conditioning unit was taken off the roof. Richard’s required a full remodeling, and the bar moved from the west side to the east side. The Stockle family restored the restaurant to a condition better than when Richard bought it in 1969. Soft lighting and tasteful nude artwork decorated the place, and the quality of food also returned. A popular menu item is “The Something Good,” a New York steak wrapped in a flour tortilla with melted cheese. Another favorite is “The Something Special,” an open-faced New York steak sandwich. Also popular is “The Beef Eater,” which is delithin, sliced prime rib served as a French dip.

Hours of operation: Monday - Thursday: 10am-2pm (lunch) … 5pm – 9pm (dinner) Friday - Saturday: 10a-2pm (lunch) 5pm – 10pm (dinner) Sunday: 10a-5pm

Even though Richard’s has undergone numerous changes over the years some things remain constant: great food, a wonderful atmosphere and a staff that welcomes its guests as if they were family.



HIS bbq Barbeque Sauce: Now that is BBQ! By: Brent Walton

Let’s talk about the origins of barbeque sauce, then maybe we will be able to answer the age old question; does the sauce really make the barbeque? Barbeque by definition can be described as a way to cook meat at a low and slow temperature over an open fire. Some say real barbeque can only be pork, or rather a whole hog to be specific.Texans think only beef can be considered barbeque.The truth is barbeque is different for everyone; to me it is more of a state of mind than a method. 40


Folklore says the first barbeque sauces were probably the fish sauces which were used on cured meats and fish. They probably were a salty and savory kind of sauce something similar to Worcestershire or soy sauce which we use today. The exact origin is as clear as most barbeque sauces are; thick and dense. References to barbeque sauce date back to the 17th century. We can trace a mustard style barbeque sauce to the German settlers in America in the 18th century. The first commercially advertised barbeque sauce in America was made by the Georgia Barbecue Sauce Co. in Atlanta, Georgia in 1909. Heinz had a barbeque sauce in 1940, and Kraft Foods sold cooking oil with bags of spices attached until they developed their own special brand of sauce.Today there is every conceivable flavored barbeque sauce. In the barbeque world one sauce is considered the granddaddy of all barbeque sauces, Arthur Bryant’s from Kansas City. If you have a bucket list of things to do, visiting the original Arthur Bryant’s restaurant should be on that list. It was proclaimed the best restaurant in the world by famed New York columnist Calvin Trillin.The restaurant was originally owned by Henry Perry and is said to be one of the first barbeque restaurants in the country. When Henry died, his employee Charlie Bryant (Arthur’s brother) took over and kept things going.Then one day Arthur came to visit his brother in Kansas City and never left. When his brother died, Arthur took over and really made a name for himself with his barbeque sauce. Every president since Harry Truman has eaten at this restaurant.The restaurant is still open and operating today, and rest assured the new owners have not changed a thing. The other most notable barbeque sauce came from Kansas City as well. KC Masterpiece was the brain child of Dr. Rich Davis, an avid barbequer of his day. In 1978 Dr. Davis first started selling his now famous KC Masterpiece barbeque sauce.This sauce is perhaps the most commercial of all other barbeque sauces, and is sold around the world. Barbeque sauces tend to be regional in their flavor. The Carolina’s are the home of the original vinegar based sauces. Kansas is famous for its sweet tomato and molasses sauces. California likes sweet heat and fruit sauces.The Texans tend to use a lot of meat drippings and Mexican chili pepper spices. In Alabama they have a white sauce that is only found in the area around Decatur. Now that you know a little about the history of barbeque sauce, what is your thought? Does it make the food? I’m not sure myself. I think barbeque sauce should be like the life you live, pour it on and use it up to the last drop.

HIS drink The Daily Grill Side Car Martini By: David J. Manning

No Sunday afternoon is complete without a cocktail or two. My friends and I gather every Sunday at the Daily Grill to partake in some much need libations before starting the busy work week. We always mix things up from time to time with our drink selections. My buddy Erich prefers a vodka press, Frank likes a mimosa, Katie insists on a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry and I’m always the daring one who orders some specialty drink from the menu which as we all know can be a hit or a miss depending on the establishment. This past Sunday I decided to order a simply inspiring cocktail named the Side Car Martini. It sounded refreshing and sweet.A sinful combination of Courvoisier VS, Cointreau and freshly squeezed lime juice makes for a perfect springtime elixir. It is served in a chilled martini glass and garnished with a sugar rim and slice of lime. It made my tongue tingle as it gently glided down the back of my throat as it warmed my stomach in the aftermath of consumption. I only had one but I can tell you, two would have been my limit for this drink carries a guaranteed punch which you feel the moment you get up to leave the bar. So if you find yourself in need of a good Sunday hangout, or if you’re just looking for a place to dine, I encourage you to try the Daily Grill.They have amazing weekly specials and their wait staff is always there for any of your needs. While you are there why not order up one of these martinis, you won’t be disappointed.

Photo By: Eddie Melikian




Fort Washington Fort Washington

Fort Washington

Clean, State-of-the-Art Facility • Personal Training, Nutrition & Massage Men’s/Women’s Lockers with Steam Rooms, Saunas & Private Showers Fitness Over 70 Group Exercise Classes a Week • Indoor Cycling, RIPPED, Pole Fitness! PILATES REFORMER CLASSES Fitness Fitness Junior Fitness Program (8yrs-12yrs) Kids’ Club (6mos-12yrs) Fort Washington Fort Washington

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With this coupon only. Must be 18 years old with valid local ID. Not redeemable for cash. One coupon per customer or family. Some restrictions may apply. See front desk for details.

Some restrictions may apply. See front desk for details.

559.434.0700 • Fort Washington & Friant •

HIS fitness So what is TRX you ask? The TRX is made up of two black and yellow straps with handles that can be anchored to squat racks, pull up bars, tree branches, beams, poles or doorways. When you see a TRX for the first time you think to yourself, what can that really do for me? What you won’t realize at first is that this small piece of equipment will deliver a kick ass workout. Randy Hetrick, founder of Fitness Anywhere, created the TRX workout system because he and his fellow Navy SEALs needed a way to stay in top shape on missions where traditional fitness equipment and space were unavailable.The TRX Suspension Training uses your body weight loaded onto the target body area to deliver a tough workout. TRX Suspension Training is said to provide the ideal mix of support and mobility to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability all at once and across a wide range of resistance.

I dare you take these pretty little straps by the handles and give it a try. I will warn you though; I’ve seen musclemen shake like little girls while attempting TRX exercises. If you are easily embarrassed, you may want to try TRX for the first time in the privacy of your own home. Don’t be surprised if your heart rate goes through the roof. The awesome thing about the TRX is it can go anywhere. You’ll have no excuse not to workout. No gym membership? No problem.Traveling? Pack them in your carry-on.The total TRX weight is only 1.79 pounds and will support up to 350 pounds. I always suggest finding a qualified trainer to teach you how to properly use any new training tool. Make sure your TRX is set up properly to avoid injury. Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you really want to see how tough you are do the exercises below. You will quickly get addicted to trying to control your body and conquer the TRX exercises!

TRX Suspension Training By: Dina Juve

“You’ll have no excuse not to workout.”

TRX Atomic Push-up Place your feet securely into the foot cradles positioned directly under the anchor point. Slowly press yourself upward until your elbows are fully extended, aligning your head and spine.


Pull your legs towards your chest. During the movement, your hips will rise upwards and continue the movement until your hips are directly over your shoulders in an inverted shoulder press position.


Lower your body towards the push-up, aligning your head and spine. Continue to slowly lower your body, touching your chin or upper chest to the floor. Repeat.



his fitness

TRX Pike

continued from page 43 >>

TRX Single-arm Row

TRX Lunge


A Holding the TRX handles or foot cradles in your right hand, turn yourself to face the anchor point.

Place your feet securely into the foot cradles positioned directly under the anchor point. Lie flat on your stomach with your hands placed shoulder-width apart, under your shoulders and facing forward. Slowly press yourself upward until your elbows are fully extended, aligning your head and spine.

Stand in front of the anchor point and interlock the two TRX handles together (refer to TRX user instructions). Loop the foot cradle around the ball of your right foot while supporting yourself. Slowly turn to face away from the anchor point, standing on your stance leg, aligned in front, but directly in line with the anchor point.


B Slowly flex (bend) your right elbow by pulling your entire body away from your arm.Your right elbow should move towards the right side of your body, your body should not rotate and your wrist should remain in the neutral position. Lower your body back towards your starting position, extending (straightening) your elbow without your shoulder rolling forward. Repeat.



Slowly lower your body towards the floor, shifting the hips backwards simultaneously and maintaining your body weight over the heel of your left foot. As your body lowers, the suspended leg will drive backwards, maintaining the 90 degree bend at the knee. Slowly press your body upwards by pushing down against the floor through your left heel.The muscle action at the knee and hips extend the body back to your starting position. Repeat.

Contract your abdominal muscles and slowly pull your legs towards your chest. Slowly lower your body towards the starting push-up position. Repeat.

Dina Juve is an RKC Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor, Assisted at RKC Certification, Battling Ropes Certified Coach & TRX Suspension Training Trainer with 10 years experience in Nutrition and Fitness. Check out her web site at Information in this article is referenced from Ace (American Council on Exercise) and TRX Suspension Training Course.


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GUY haberman Interviews Ben Ross In early December some members of the Hoover High Boys Basketball Team were involved in a car accident on Highway 152 on the way to a tournament.Thankfully, everyone survived but Davante McPeters missed the season with a leg injury and Senior Ben Ross was also seriously injured…only to return to the floor six weeks later. Guy Haberman: Okay four cracked ribs, a collapsed lung, shattered lower jaw and a broken clavicle.Your coach, Nick French, said your first words to him were “I’ll be back for the Clovis West game.” Is that really what you were thinking about? Ben Ross: Yea, I don’t know, I don’t even remember the accident so it’s hard for me to recall what actually happened. I just woke up in a hospital and I had a chest tube in and wire all over so I didn’t really know what was going on until my family told me. So it was pretty tough for me to know what went on.

GH: How long into that process did you start thinking about getting back on the court? BR: I was thinking about it the whole time. I was just thinking about getting out of the hospital and getting on the court.That was my main goal.

GH: What was the hardest part? BR: Probably knowing that I’m not in any shape to do anything... that I’m dependent on my family to help me and it was definitely tough. GH: You had your jaw wired shut, lost 20 pounds, what were you eating? BR: A lot of Jamba Juice, blended up some fries and pasta. GH: How are blended fries? BR: They’re alright, a little salty. (It had) some ketchup, oil, and salt. GH: That must have been disgusting to look at… BR: Yea I just didn’t look at it. GH: I guess when you want fries you want fries. BR: Yep (laughs) Continues on page 50 >> MARCH / APRIL 20111


GUY haberman Interview

GH: You broke the clavicle on your shooting side, has it affected your shot? BR: You know, its actually gotten a little better…it was weird, before I was a pretty good shooter, but now it feels a lot better. It gave me time to work on my left hand, so for a little while I was shooting with my left hand.

Continued from page 49 >> GH: Is the accident something you get tired of talking about or did the team rally around it? BR: It’s definitely helped us, just as a team and team chemistry we’re really close and that’s the reason why we (won a lot). GH: While you were in the hospital the Fresno State Basketball team happened to be visiting on one of the days and you got to spend some time with Garrett Johnson. What was that experience like? BR: It was really cool just to hear from him and it was encouraging to see another basketball player and talk about basketball and he gave me some good advice. I asked him about walking on to Fresno state. He said they get a couple walk-ons each year so that right there encouraged me a little bit and then he said “all you have to do is find one guy and beat him and then you’ll be good.”


GH: If you go to Fresno State you have to tell him: “you’re that guy”… He’s a pretty good player though. BR: (laughs) Yea it would be tough to beat him.

GH: When you said you wanted to be back for the Clovis West game did you believe you would be back? BR: Yea, because I knew I had it in me. If I have a goal in my mind, I’m going to achieve it. I didn’t know this, but my mom told me afterwards that the doctors said I wouldn’t be playing basketball again and I was like “that’s funny because I just played against Clovis West Friday night.” GH: So she waited until after you played the game to tell you? BR: Yea she didn’t want me to get hurt by that. But I wouldn’t let anything that the doctors told me (get in my way)… if they said I’m not going to play, it wasn’t a possibility I wasn’t going to play.

MARK CUBAN where s the sanity? ’

By: Paul Swearengin

Sometimes it takes someone insane to bring sanity to an insane world. Could Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban be the man just crazy enough to bring sanity to the insane BCS world?

It took nutty José Canseco to blow the lid off of the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. Ousted rider and known cuckoo Floyd Landis might just be the man to bring down Lance Armstrong. Heck, even G. Gordon Liddy was instrumental in bringing down Richard Nixon. Quite often it takes someone a little crazy, or marginalized, or simply with nowhere else to turn to be the first to say ‘the emperor has no clothes.’ Cuban is pointing his massive resources at the bowl championship series and is saying to the ones with no clothes,‘if you’ll admit you’re not wearing any clothes, I’ll finance the buying of new pants’. The fairytale of the emperor with no clothes was a story where everyone knew the truth but were afraid to admit it because the one with power kept telling them they were wrong. Just the same, the BCS leadership continues to tell us no one really wants a college football playoff and their lackeys in the national media continue to agree and voice their inane arguments to defend their massively flawed system. But there may be a chink in the BCS armor -- a crazy Mark Cuban and the perfect storm of a massive recession and Title IX requirements which might render all arguments moot.

Photo By: Mike Fuentes / Associated Press

“The BCS leadership continues to tell us no one really wants a college football playoff...” MARCH / APRIL 2011


Continued from page 51 >> Let’s review. The BCS was created in 1998, the stated purpose was to try to get the two best teams in college to play for a national championship. Real purpose was to preserve and grow a system that ensured the big, traditional conferences of NCAA football would take the lion’s share of all postseason college football revenues and would leave the crumbs for the other teams. BCS is a cartel, no less an unholy alliance then mob bosses in old time Chicago or drug lords in South America. It is a cartel formed to protect the ability of a small group of people to continue immoral or, perhaps even illegal activity through agreements formed solely for mutual preservation. The Presidents, Athletic Directors and leadership knows if the cartel ever falls to a wave of desire for a football playoff, then conferences like the Pac Ten and SEC will no longer be able to keep schools like Boise State away from an honest, market-place driven battle for revenue with the big boys. This eventuality would dent schools like Texas and Ohio State, it would crush BCS leaches like Iowa State and Washington State.

Photo By: Danny Bollinger /

“... Insanity that might only be able to be fixed by a crazy person like Mark Cuban.”



For more than a decade, the system has worked perfectly for the big schools. The money gap has widened and even ensured the BCS conference now dominate sports formerly the playground for the smaller schools – such as women’s basketball and softball. But the recession may change all that. The financial well is running dry in college athletics. Our Cuban believes a college football playoff will fix the problem and he’s willing to put up $500 million of his own money to prove it. “I’ll put $500 million in the bank and go to all the schools and pay them money as an option,” Cuban told back in December.“Say,‘Look, I’m going to give you ‘X’ amount every five years. In exchange, you say if you’re picked for the playoff system, you’ll go.’” Even staunch BCS supporters admit the BCS may leave as much as $1.5 billion in new revenue on the table. That’s all fine and dandy when college athletics is flush but now a new problem has been created – the idealism of college athletics is about to run head first into the realism. Title IX requirements compel each college institution to improve its support of women’s college athletics each year. Meeting those requirements is getting more and more difficult even for some of the bigger, longtime powers of college athletics. Cal, a member of the BCS and the Pac Ten, recently cut five sports to deal with revenue losses in these hard times. The university cut three men’s sports, including baseball and one of its traditional powers rugby. Rugby was later reinstated along with the two women’s sports dropped, but baseball is among the sports that stayed on the chopping block despite pledges to raise $12 million to save the sport.The unstated reasons behind the cuts? The difficulty in funding the ideology of title IX athletics.The stated reason -- the school’s athletic department can’t meet the bottom line of its budget. Now I ask you are we comfortable with schools dropping long time favorite sports, like baseball when $1.5 billion is being left on the table each year?

That would be insanity! An insanity that might only be able to be fixed by a crazy person like Mark Cuban. “(The BCS is) an inefficient business where there’s obviously a better way of doing it,” Cuban said. “The only thing that’s kept them from doing it is a lack of capital, which I can deal with.” Cuban lost out on bids last year to buy the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers. Like some of the other people mentioned in this article, he has nowhere else to go. And thus he has created a company called Radical Football to start development of his idea and even has hired the groups first employee. And it might be time for Cuban’s idea to take flight. And it might be that Cuban is the only man alive who can voice his displeasure of the current system and voice his opinion with capitol to fund the change. Universities are heavily subsidized institutions. In California, even college athletics receive funding from the school’s general fund which is, in part, funded by state taxpayer money. Find one school that can’t afford to fund women’s athletics anymore or a mid major school that declares bankruptcy then the fun will really ensue! I’ve often wondered how someone like Mark G. Yudof, the president of UC Berkeley, can sleep at night knowing he is part of such a cartel. I’d be even more interested to know how he sleeps knowing Cal’s great baseball program is going away simply because a purely greed-based cartel allows his program to keep money away from other California state-funded institutions of learning. I often wondered how state legislators can allow it to happen? The system is crazy. That’s why it’s going to take someone crazy to bring sanity to this insane situation. Crazy Mark Cuban – COME ON, we need you to break this thing open. It’s time for the next phase in college athletics. And you might be just crazy enough to make it happen.


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putting up with men’s sh*t

Dating the Male Sex By:The Neurotic Female

My obsession with the male sex started when I was five years old. I was on the playground at my private Catholic school, minding my own business playing peacefully in the sand.Then out of the corner of my eye I saw him. Brad Schaffer (BS), he was five and a half, an older man… the scandal. He came up and sat next to me in the sand. I remember being rather shy and coy, as I waited for his initial contact. He tapped me on my shoulder and launched a handful of sand in my face and then ran off. One week, one eye-patch and a lifetime supply of teasing, I finally asked the question why. Why would BS do this to me? What prompted this attack? It was then that my mother told me the reason behind his actions… he liked me.

Since that day I have been tormented, humiliated, neglected and punished by the male population. I’m not trying to bash this group… I adore them. For instance the boy I dated in High School, Josh Oliver (JO), he played baseball, loved to party and would fall all over himself to please me. I felt loved, special and idolized. Finally I was getting the attention I had been longing for. It was a breath of fresh air, light and easy. Why hadn’t any other guy acted this way? It was then my older sister came home from college for winter break. When I told her how amazing he was she laughed to herself, and muttered;“How many of your friends is he sleeping with?”You see JO was so attentive due to guilt. When I confronted him, he initially denied it. Shortly after Cindy, the cheer captain, went on sick leave for what seemed to be nine months… then JO had a junior. I asked why he lied, he said he loved me too much and didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Didn’t want to hurt my feelings? Really? Well that is a noble cause, but the action was unforgivable to me, so I cut my losses and wished him well. College came and went and so did a series of potential mates. I refer to these years as the “drunken days”.There was the English professor who insisted he was going to leave his wife, Randy (aka Ronald), the artist who ended up gay, and Max the playboy who was to busy having a love affair with his parents money to even give me a second thought.Then there was Blake. He had that magic… the electricity you feel when someone important walks into a room. He was about 6’4”, tan and terribly handsome.The stuff romance novels are made of. He and I had biology lab together. His demeanor was dominating,his smile was more a half cocked smirk and his eyes blue. I instantly changed everything about myself. My hair became blonder, I gave up all and any type of food, and suddenly I found it necessary to wear my heels everywhere.



Then the day finally happened…he asked me to go to lunch at the campus pub. I was so sure this would be the beginning of the rest of my life. As we discussed our course study I found myself becoming hypnotized by the subtle vibrations which echoed from his mouth like poetry. It was then when I glanced around the room that I realized I was not the only one watching Blake. There were at least six others watching him as well. I knew I had to seal the deal as quickly as possible. So I invited him to a movie that night and I was determined to mark my territory. It was then he informed me that he would have to check with his girlfriend first, but he thought she wouldn’t mind since they had an open relationship. An open relationship? What does that mean? The word relationship is still in the main description… so what is that? Is he devoted to her and plays with others? Does he want multiple girlfriends? Am I first in line or are there nine others in front of me? All these things ran through my mind and he said,“Is that cool?” I responded,“Of course.” What does that mean? Of course… what did I just do? What happened to my standards? I’ll tell you what happened… I had spent the last 22 years of my life letting men dictate my relationships, calling the shots and I was ready to settle. What a travesty. He called me later that day… I never called him back, and I never returned to Biology lab. I would have rather taken an ‘F’ then have faced him again.

This leads us to today. I woke up in my room to the snore of my half passed out boyfriend who stumbled home around 1 a.m. He was out with his buddies doing bonding… which I assume means several hours of gaming, at least a handle of Jack and several Taco Bell runs.That’s when I realized I had had enough. I was over the toilet seat being up. I was done with the toothpaste cap being off, my razor being used, and my clothes being shrunk. If I had to hear one more snore, one more drunk dial and one more throat clear I was going to scream. My life had boiled down to this.This turning point, where I was taking back my apartment, my identity and my life. So I hit him, not hard but just enough to rouse him from his slumber, at which point I proceeded to let him have it. I rambled in every direction known to man. I covered it all… and you know what he said, “Are you on your period?” At which point I hit the roof. The pure rage which went through my body frightened even me. I grabbed my coat and went for a walk.

I walked for about an hour trying to calm down. When I returned home I found the bed made, the toothpaste cap screwed on and a brand new razor. That was all I needed, and at that very moment I realized I had the winner. You see the male sex tends to be selfish for the most part.They aren’t good communicators, or very good listeners so if there is something you need you must be very direct. Perhaps all my dating misfortunes were not because of the man but rather myself, and my inability to respond in the most direct fashion.


HIS g i rl Sweet Revenge Stylist, Wardrobe Selection & Art Director: David J. Manning Photographer: Eddie Melikian Hair Stylist: Edward Madrigal Makeup Artist: Frank Pasillas PREEN a boutique salon 711 W Alluvial Fresno, Ca 559.431.8810 Clothing Provided By: CoCo 1713 W Bullard Ave Fresno, Ca 559.435.2626 Jewelry on loan from a private collection. Model: Emily Jameson





HIS g i rl

“i make

being bad look easy.



... “revenge never looked

HIS girl

so good.”



HIS g i rl

heaven hath â&#x20AC;&#x153;no rage like love



HIS girl to hatred turned,

nor hell a fury,

like a

woman scorned.â&#x20AC;?

-william congreve




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