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collaborate with another artist? And do you make a conscious effort to murder the other artists on the track? Lol. My decision on who to feature with is pretty simple. If I like the track, and I know by the spirit that you are using it to represent Jesus, that's it! Believe me, it has been plenty of features that I had to decline. God will tug my heart to let me know if its okay or not. I'm thankful for that. And as far as "murdering" the other artists, lol, I don't even think about them when I'm writing. I choose not to because I know what I am capable of doing, and I don't want to write with the spirit of competition. I understand that we challenge each other to do our best, but challenging me and trying to compete against me are two different things. Earlier this year you started the inDEPENDECY tour with Yaves and K-Drama. How has that entire experience been? What has been the best city so far? This tour has been very encouraging! I still can't believe that we pulled off a successful, 8 city tour, with no help from anyone but God! I mean, we have never done a tour before. And then to plan it, get people to book it...whew, that was a whole different game. But it encouraged me to know that when we trust God, He will make a way. The best city so far was Tuscun, Arizona. Oh my! People went IN at that concert. People were getting delivered from habits such as cigarettes, dope, and even gang banging! When I was rapping, I stopped to talk in between songs, and before I knew it, four people threw their cigarettes on stage and shouted that they were done with smoking! The concert stopped for about 20 minutes as leaders began to pray for the individuals who were submitting to God. K-Drama and Street Pastor ALWAYS does an outstanding job! We all worked together to be a blessing to God's people. How has it been working closely with Yaves and KDrama? What different experience does each of you guys bring to the table each performance? I love working with them because for one, they are like family, two, there is NO PRIDE whatsoever!! They don't mind when they go, how long they have, or anything! When those things are out of the way, you can really have fun and enjoy what you are doing. It allows us to focus on ministry. I learned a lot from each of them. k-Drama understands the crowd. He knows which songs to do and how to respond to the audience very well. He keeps them engaged. Street Pastor is flat out a creature! He also knows how to keep the attention of those young and old. He is also an awesome teacher.

By: L. Thompson

CHH industry do to your animation and the power of your delivery and lyrics. There is no one else in this industry that sounds like you or has the ability to do must say that you are one of my personal favorite the acrobats that you do with words. Have you always had that ability or is this something that you’ve CHH artists, so I am very pleased to interview you as worked to perfection over time? a spotlight artist. You are no stranger to the spotlight, I believe I have always had the ability to do it, but so tell me how you got your start in the music busiwas afraid to do it when it came to HHH. In the ness? beginning, didn't know what was appropriate. But Thanks! I have been into music since 2 years old as I listened to artists like L.G. Wise, Gospel Gang(says my dad), so I have always loved music. I staz & Canton Jones, I seen that I could be creative started to take it serious when I was 10 years old. I in my art. got my start by rapping in open mics and at church functions in my city. I rapped on some local radio I would have to say that I’ve heard you on more commercials also and back in 2003 and 2004 I had features than any other rap artist. I’m pretty sure you a song on some Playstation2 games. get a lot of request, since you’ve been featured on so many records. How do you decide if you want to I’ve always considered you to be the Ludacris of the


That’s awesome! How do you feel about the current state of CHH music? Do you think it is progressing or do you think it is becoming over-saturated with artists that are not genuine CHH artists? I think its getting better and better. Artists are stepping up their game and putting in the extra work to produce a quality project. In any genre you will have people who need a bit more practice. But I just continue to encourage those who believe that they have a message from God to deliver to the people.

I absolutely love when I hear artists make personal music. The “Dad” song you made is my favorite song from you. You are a husband and father. How has the situation with your father impacted you? What can you say to the youth struggling with closure in that same situation?

2 It allowed me to have thick skin! Lol! But at the same time it has showed me how important a father is inside the household. It has made me respect and love my role as a father and husband, and to take it serious. I would tell the youth that in order to have true peace in your life, you must learn to forgive. We have to realize that we fall short of God's glory everyday, and He forgives us. So in order to be like Him, then we must also do our best to forgive other imperfect people. Some artist feel as if they have unsatisfactory reputations. Are there any misconceptions about DMAUB that you want to clear up? I think that the consistency in my character has shown people who I really am. So, at the time, there isn't anything in my knowledge that needs to be addressed. Glory to God! I have love for everyone. Let’s talk about the new album, “Death Before Dishonor”. It comes out on September 13th. What is the meaning behind that title and what can we expect from it? It means that I would rather die before I dishonor God. Its something that I think about all of the time. That way of thinking keeps me focused on His righteousness. The supporters can expect to hear songs that are focused on God's love for us, and how He will always be there in our time of need. There are still songs that I have fun with as well, like "Y'all Funny" and "Go All Out". What is your favorite track on this project? Is there one that you know is going to have everyone going bananas over it? I think my favorite song, for right now, is "I Believe God". That song is very powerful and encouraging. When I hear it, I am reminded of God's grace and love. I think the song that has people buggin' out the most is "Y'all Funny" featuring my homie Mal-Ski. I felt like some of the production on “Inside Out” was not the best fit for you. Are you sticking with similar production as before or will “Death Before Dishonor” be variant sonically? I am working with a few different producers on this album. One producer whom I have never worked with until this project is Tee Wyla. He brings more of an east coast, dirty sound. Epik produced "I Believe God". In my opinion no one makes a track like that dude! Lol! But the album is sonically well rounded. No two songs sound the same, but they all fit. On a different note, what keeps you motivated as a Christian? We all experience tough times in our lives and I’ve seen many Christians fold when placed in compromising situations. What allows you to press forward? The things that keep me motivated is knowing my purpose, knowing who God is to me and who I am to Him, and my family. I understand that what I do is bigger than me. I have wanted to give up on a few occasions, but then I remember its not about me and how I feel. I have to remember to consider others before myself. You’ve been pretty successful in this industry. What advice do you have for inspiring artists trying to make it in this business? Study two things: The Word of God, and the business of this industry. What else can we expect from you in the future? Any major ventures we should be on the lookout for? New Crazy Tones album? Haha lol! I have a lot coming up in the near future. I am working on some new "Crazy Tones" as we speak. I look to do more speaking engagements and outreach as well. I ask every artist this question to make sure their message is delivered. What would you like for the readers to get out of this interview? I would like for them to know that D-Maub is a down-to-earth guy. I love to fellowship and connect with people. I love my family and I take them and my music ministry serious. God is the head of my life and I am thankful for every opportunity I get to represent Him. Thanks you for the interview DMAUB. I can’t wait to review the new album and I wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors. Thanks for the love and support.

His Image Magazine: D-MAUB (September Artist Spotlight)  

September 2011 Artist Spotlight