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October 6, 2013 _________________________________________________________

So what is your excuse? When Jesus started to assemble His “dream team” He started by telling those that were following Him that they were given all power and authority over demons and that they were able to cure disease and that they must not take anything with them for the journey. The 12 apostles accepted and started to move throughout the country preaching and healing in the name of Jesus. Jesus and the apostle continued to cover the countryside and share the gospel message and there were even those who felt led to join their mission. However, when Jesus proposed the mission to them and said “Follow Me”, they seemed to have better things to do FIRST. They said “Let me first go and…”. They had excuses as to why they could not drop everything and follow the Lord. Today Pastor Luke asks “So what is your excuse?” What is your reason for not dropping everything and following the Lord? We all need to examine where we are and where God wants us to be. This is a call to all of those that claim the name of Jesus. Enjoy with us today!


WE NEED SERVANTS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD CLIC is a family participating on mission with God. While it is easy to say those words and it is easy to believe that they are true, we do need people to act on the promptings of God. You can see from our schedule that CLIC is also an active group in our city. We are asking you all to jump right in and become active in the mission. We need help with audio visual, or worship, or set up or tear down, or dogs on the lawn. Many hands make light work, so jump in and get active. .

Prayers for new people coming to CLIC and joining our family. For work and to have it abundantly for those that are seeking employment. For the Lord to bring the worshippers into our midst and to bless the worshippers already joining in with us.

Pub Crawl Outreach October 12th starting at 10AM – ending around 3AM Twice a year Oshkosh becomes the scene of binge drinking and reckless destruction of property due to the Pub Crawl. This has been weighing heavy on our hearts for years and this year we have been approached to help with an outreach for our city during the crawl. If you are interested in becoming a part of this outreach please let us know.

NEXTGEN STUDENT MINISTRY Wednesdays, 5:45 to 8:00 at church All teens are welcome! Food is served from 5:45-6:15.

FATHER/SON Hangout Continues Wednesday Nights from 6;30 – 9:00 Father and sons are welcome to hang out together and get to know each other a little bit better.

GRACE LIFE CONFERENCE November 8th and 9th – Oshkosh Foursquare Church The GraceLife Conference is designed to help all Christians, including those with marital and family relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and problems related to dysfunctional living. It offers a different perspective on living the Christian life.

Sunday Gathering Times 9:30 AM in the world (check Facebook for location) 6PM @ the Mustard Seed Center for Living In Christ or CLIC is a family participating on mission with God. Our mission includes:  To live our lives as "called" and "sent" ones who express (through actions and words) the good news of God among the people and city of Oshkosh.  To care for the people of Oshkosh by providing Christ centered infusion into the culture.  To gather weekly to share the victories and struggles of the week with each other and to praise the Lord through worship and word for those. oihfpoidu[fgo k

Ongoing CLIC activity Women’s Group – 2nd and 4th Thursday at Marion Manor Men’s Coffee – Every Thursday 8AM – Check with Andrew or Luke for location this week. Men’s Group – First Thursday of the month 7:30 @ Andrew’s NextGen Ministries – Wednesday Nights, (starting back up July 24th) dinner at 5:45 @ Oshkosh Foursquare Church

CLIC Contact Information PHONE 920-389-1GOD (1463)

October 6, 2013  
October 6, 2013  

What is your excuse? Check out what's CLIC'n today!