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Fall Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

A family participating on mission with God! CLIC Staff Luke and Dianne Telford

CLIC is alive and well!

Lead Pastors

Things are moving and groovin’ with Center for Living In Christ Foursquare Church, that is for sure. Dianne and I moved into The Mustard Seed, our main ministry home, in June and we are happy to say that we have two tenants that are living there with the family.

Andrew Josephs Assisting Minister

Nicole Jospehs

The Tree House is the other ministry home in Oshkosh and it currently has three residents with room for one more. The Tree House is led by Amanda Hochstein who serves as our “House Mom” for the ladies over there. For more on the Treehouse look inside.


Church Council Dianne Telford Nicole Josephs Andrew Josephs Amanda Hochstein


We continue to meet on Sunday mornings at 8AM. As of this letter we are meeting at the Court Tower in Oshkosh. This has been such an extreme blessing to us to be able to be there. We also continue our Sunday evening gathering at 6PM at the Seed. We are happy to say that God has shown His favor on the people of CLIC as well as our extended family. We have many people come through the doors of The Mustard Seed and God will do a work here that is unprecedented in our city. We believe that the men and women of God have a charge in their life to impact the world for Christ, but they must first realize who they are IN Christ and then feel the activation of the Holy Spirit to carry out the call. We have recently helped to set up a Grace Life Conference with our friends from Grace Life International and Itworks. The conference was great fun and a awesome time to connect with new friends. Look inside for more on the grace life message.

What’s Inside?: Ministry Homes 2 Men’s Ministry

The Seed, as it is becoming known has also had several guests in its nests since that time as well. We had a gentleman who was from India, stay with us for about 6 weeks and left saying, “God dwells here”. We had a missionary spend a couple of weeks, as well as some ministry folks that were in town and needed a place to crash. We are utilizing the space that we have to serve everyone in our community.


The Treehouse 3 Grace Life


CLIC at Conference


We would like to thank everyone who has been in prayer for the ministry and all of those who have given generously to the mission of God. If there is a need that can be filled by God’s people please contact us and let us know. Please continue to pray for God’s provision in all of our endeavors. We would love to partner with you financially if you feel that God is leading you that direction. Please drop us a line and let us know, where you want to get connected to His CLIC! “The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. 32 It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” Matthew 13:31b-32


Page 2 of 6 Andrew on CLIC men’s ministry

Men's group is going strong these days at CLIC. We have been meeting on Thursday mornings at 8 for some coffee and discussions. Usually between 2 and 4 guys show up and just discuss what is on our minds. Starting in December we are going to have an evening men's meeting as well. We will be meeting the 1st Thursday of every month at 730 p.m. to allow for a few more folks to show up. Still working on a location for the meeting but keep your eyes and ears peeled

The men of CLIC at the annual Grace Foursquare Men’s Retreat at Fort Wilderness in Rhinelander

The Ministry Home Model ..if I surround myself with men and women that share the same viewpoint as I do I can grow in my relationship with Christ even quicker.

At the recent Heartland District Pastors Conference we had the opportunity to share with everyone what was going on with CLIC. Invariably someone asks, “Where are you meeting?” I proceed to tell them that we do a Ministry Home model. Then I go into what exactly that is. I thought I would expand that a little in this newsletter to let even more people know where God has led us and how He is directing the ministry. Dianne and I had the opportunity years ago to start participating in ministry through sports. We gathered around people and got to know their stories and listened to their struggles and victories, both on and off the field. That led us to talk more with these folks about their life with Christ or in most cases without Christ. We would often come to the place where we would say, why don’t you try a life with Christ and see where it gets you? A lot of the times the answer would be, “I have tried and it is very hard in this world we are living in.”. To which we would always reply, “it sure is”. God gave us a picture of the Acts 2 church where people were not only living together and hearing the good news of Jesus Christ but they were active in the Holy Spirit and there was manifestation of that Spirit in the lives of the people. They listened to one another and valued each other like no other. The last verse of Acts 2 says praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved. We truly are men and women who are filled with the Holy Spirit to train one another and to grow one another so that we may have favor with all people and therefore adding to the numbers the people that come to know Christ. Ministry homes allow Christian men and women to act according to the Holy Spirit indwelling and not surrender to the world that wants to destroy us all. Ministry homes rally everyone together to take on all comers and we go arm and arm to storm the gates of hell. We build a community with solid foundations on the rock, which is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Men and women and even families have the opportunity to live a life that honors God in all things. The people who live in the ministry homes are teaching one another and growing the people around them as well. One of our newest tenants put on his application when asked why do you want to live in a CLIC ministry home, “ I believe that if I surround myself with men and women that share the same viewpoint as I do I can grow in my relationship with Christ even quicker. We are praying often that God would expand His ministry, but people need to hear what we are doing first. So, now you know.

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CLIC at a glance CLIC is always busy on missions in the community! Weekly meetings that CLIC offers are Tuesday night dinners at the Seed and Thursday morning men's coffee hour. Our monthly endeavors include Feed Oshkosh, Dogs on the Lawn, and sponsoring a night at Converge - which is the UW-Oshkosh student ministry.

“Hear to Serve” and CLIC feed Oshkosh once a month.

Special upcoming missions are Thanksgiving at Court Tower and Christmas at a yet to be determined location! We're always ready to jump at the chance to provide for our community so if you have any ideas of a way for us to serve please let us know! The best way to follow our missions is to check our calendar at

Stories from the Treehouse Hello there my name is Amanda and I have been blessed with the privilege to be house mom at the "Tree house". I am so excited to share my life with two wonderful girls. Over the course of the last few months we have grown together, cried together, and shared many laughs. I can honestly say that I am brought to tears when I see what God is doing in and through the lives of the ladies I live with. The ladies in my house are growing and changing everyday to look more like our father and I am humbled that He chose me to be a part of the process as a friend, confidant, cheerleader, and sometimes a mom. Please keep us in your prayers that our home is a place of God's love for us and all who enter. That we will be able to continue reaching out to those God has called us to and that we would grow closer together and closer to the Father as we walk together through this life. "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." John 15:12

“…I am brought to tears when I see what God is doing in and through the lives of these ladies.”


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The Exchanged Life – Oshkosh Style!

“the key to gaining any Spiritual understanding…is not our effort, but rather our submission to God’s effort.”

In October CLIC along with Itworks and Grace Life international brought what we consider to the be most important message you will ever hear about a life IN Christ. Bill Layle, with Grace Life International came to Oshkosh to open our eyes even more to what it means to truly trade your life for a life in Christ.

So, then, how does one live the exchanged life?

submission to God's effort.

The first step is to realize that you absolutely cannot do it. That is, you cannot do it, but Christ who is in you can. John 3:30 gives us this injunction, "He must increase, but I must decrease." The key to gaining any Spiritual understanding, as Hudson Taylor discovered, is not our effort, but rather our

CLIC continues to strive to live this life so that people may see the gospel of Jesus Christ lived out in the people of God.We share that message in a world that needs a savior. Stay in touch with CLIC for more information on other Grace Life discipleship coming up in the future.

Community Corner God has called all of His people to be the called and sent people. To that end CLIC is dedicated to bringing a message or hope, friendship, and love to our city. We are active in our community and we are always looking for places to jump in and lend a hand. Recently some folks have jumped in to help the Oshkosh Housing Authority in moving some of the residents, due to renovations going on at Court Tower. We currently hold our morning gathering and the Court and we have made some great relationships there, so it was natural for us to want to help them in their need. Some folks helped residents pack up and get ready for the move, some moved boxes and furniture and others took residents out for lunch to ease some of the stress of moving. In any capacity we love to see the smiling faces of those that we are touching. We have made connections with building managers and social workers at several Oshkosh Housing Authority locations and we are currently in the works to provide, what rd would be our 3 worship service on Sunday at Marion Manor in Oshkosh. Please be in prayer for us as God is equipping His people in those places to share the message.

“God is raising people up in the most unlikely of locations.”

Pastor Luke has shared with the people in and around CLIC that God is raising people up in the most unlikely of locations and once those people come to know the Lord they will impact that community like no one else could. “God has placed people in these locations already; we are just giving them a chance for the Holy Spirit activation to cause them to realize the calling that God has for all of His people. (Ephesians 4)”, pastor Luke would go on to say. Our call remains to seek out the lost and share the love of Christ with them. Wherever God call us we will go. While we are actively praying and searching for a permanent home we believe that because we are mobile we stay freed to come to the aid of our city whenever possible. Jesus came for the lost and He went where they were.

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Heartland District Conference – Kalamazoo, MI We had the extreme pleasure in October to take a road trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the Heartland District of the Foursquare Church’s annual conference. The conference is meant for a renewal time for the men and women who are serving in the Foursquare churches around the 6 state district. There are breakout sessions and keynote speakers and plenty of opportunity to hear from God through the stories of other Foursquare ministers. For Pastor Luke and Dianne it was their fourth conference and with CLIC being a new church plant they decided to open the conference trip up to all of the church. They were joined on the adventure by Andrew and Nicole Jospehs, and their two children Madeline and Nathan, Amanda Hochstein, Roger Hill and Dave Akin. This was certainly a crew for a long road trip. We discovered a lot about each other and how God

is leading us all into uncharted waters. It was good to spend time around the men, women and children of God. We even got to do Tuesday night dinner at our hotel and got to bless some random people as Dave took to the grill for burgers that night. The conference was affirmation for us on what God had been sharing since the beginning of CLIC. We are to care for the lost and we are not to get tied down into church being a four walled building. The keynote speaker was Tammy Dunahoo, the general supervisor for the National Foursquare Church Office. She was amazing! Tammy would share how Foursquare is dedicated to nurturing its leaders and helping all of them to finish well in their mission and help to spur on the next generation of leaders. She called to action for the men and women of the Foursquare church to “set the culture not to try

to catch up to it, to be counter cultural, not relevant, and to be in community not alone.” Our merry band of folks was truly in awe for Tammy to speak right into their lives and affirm who we are in Christ and the mission we are called into. One of the many highlights of the conference was when they asked for anyone under 35 currently working in ministry in a Foursquare church to come forward. That was three of the folks in our group. Then they asked for them to extend their hands and pray for the rest of the church. It was a tremendously moving experience to see not only the future of CLIC but moreover the future of the body of Christ rising up to answer the call of God. I got the Godbumps just thinking about it. We headed back to Oshkosh with a renewed sense of ambition and drive to serve our God to the best of our abilities and in any way possible.

The crew at conference!

Our young leaders

“Set the culture, do not try to catch up to it, to be counter cultural, not relevant, and to be in community not alone” -Tammy Dunahoo

Jingle Rock in Oshkosh There is a very special event this year in Oshkosh. We are calling it “Jingle Rock”. Children 18:3 and D’AYCHE will be in town for one night only to rock out the Christmas season.

Main Ministry Home 639 Wisconsin St. Oshkosh, WI 54901

Admission is free and there will be concessions available. We are holding the event at St. John Lutheran Church in Oshkosh. Scan below for your invite!

PHONE: 920.389.1GOD (1463) This line is also our prayer text line. Text prayers and know that we are praying for you right away.


Mission of CLIC We’re on the Web! See us at:

To live our lives as “called and sent ones”, who express (through actions and words) the good news of God among the people and city of Oshkosh To care of the people Oshkosh, by providing Christ centered infusion into the community To form groups of communities, “CLICS”, throughout Oshkosh that are outpourings of God’s love in the world.

CLIC 639 Wisconsin St. Oshkosh, WI 54901


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