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Spring 2012


elcome to our first issue of “Family News Among Friends”, an ebooklet brochure by Hirsch Studio, featuring local businesses and professionals who care about children and families. For 30 years, Hirsch Studio has been in the business of creating family memories through beautiful and timeless portraits. Through the years, we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with these area professionals who care about families and children like we do. We are confident you will enjoy our first issue with articles and ideas from these local businesses. In the fresh start for Spring, the feature articles will also introduce some helpful advice and tips that will work for you. Check them out!! Happy Reading! Linda Hirsch Editor-in-Chief


spring 2012

Contents Features Mom’s Day


Camera Tips


Family Exercise


Suzanne Barr-Allamong talks about ways to give back to your mother

Bruce Hirsch helps you with tips to make your family images better.

Nicole Caylor shows us how to exercise as a family

Child Internet Safety


Family Meal Time


Spring Lawn Tips


Chuck Lane helps us understand what to watch for in child internet safety

Michele Lane discuss the importance of the whole family eating together

Tom Teets teaches how to take care of our lawn throughout the entire year

ďťżspring 2012


Happy Mother’s Day By Suzanne Barr-Allamong


other’s Day is nationally celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. This special day is dedicated to honor mothers and show appreciation for all the love, patience and endurance it requires fulfilling this never ending role. Now it the time to thank her for the clean laundry, cooking, cleaning and being your favorite sports fan that is appreciated but not really said. We depend upon our mothers for so many things that sometimes go unnoticed and do not realize the dedication it takes to raise a family. Give back to your mother with a way to relax and soothe her soul with a Swedish massage. With quiet musical sounds of nature, the calming scent of lavender candles and pampered from head to toes, she will emerge with a new sense of well-being.

Revitalize her skin with a customized facial treatment. Each treatment is designed to address her skin condition needs and will brighten, tighten and tone her skin


ďťżspring 2012

back to a youthful appearance. Restore the twinkle in her eyes, the sweet smile on her face and her glowing self confidence.

Gift Certificates are available on-line at You can chose a specific service or dollar amount and easily print the certificate for convenience or call 219-229 -0822 for additional information. Make it a mother and daughter day by suggesting your family purchase the same gift for you!

Velvet Skin Spa

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Velvet Skin Spa is a calm and cozy clinical aesthetics facility that uses science and technology to provide skin rejuvenating treatments for acne and anti-aging. We provide customized services to meet your skin care needs with the use of our comprehensive, individual, preventative and maintenance systems. Our systematic approach targets all skin types and conditions to restore the health of your skin.

spring 2012

Michigan City, IN




Camera tips....

By Bruce Hirsch


Making the background go slightly out-of-focus

hat fun it is to photograph our family and tell life stories through images. This summer season try out some of our tips to photograph your family in a more interesting way. 1. Move away from the background...

I see many parents photographing their children after they have received an award and they have them standing against a wall. Pull your subject away from the wall and you will eliminate some of those harsh shadows from the flash. It will also give your images some depth and it will make the background go slightly out of focus. That way all the attention is focused on the subject ! 2. Don’t over extend your flash... Have you ever been to a sporting event and you see the flashes firing as the athlete shoots a free throw. Those flashes have no effect on that image because the flash isn’t powerful enough to reach their subject. Instead of using your flash turn your camera setting to “sports or action” and it will help expose the image correctly for that situation. Your flash on camera has about an 8’ to 10’ of range.  spring 2012


Different Angle from up high

3. Don’t photograph in direct sun..

If we use the sun as our main light, the best time to photograph is an hour after sunrise and a hour before sunset. Too harsh lighting makes your subjects squint and gives you unpleasing expressions. Try instead to move your subjects in the shade or put the sun behind them and use your flash to brighten up their faces. While in the shade your subjects will be able to open their eyes and the expressions on their faces will be much more relaxed.

4. Use different and unique angles...

If you just photograph your subjects from the normal angle all the time, your images will look kind of blah. But if you start to find different perspectives, such as shooting up high, shooting down or on your stomach, your images will take on a totally different look. Don’t be afraid to try different angles because we are used to viewing things from our normal perspective.

5. Bring your subject in close..

Don’t be afraid to fill up the whole frame in your camera with your subject. Many times you will have wasted space in your images. Try using your zoom to get in a little closer to your subject and fill up the frame. Try making the entire image just the face. Also when your zoom on your camera be sure to stay very steady. Any little bit of movement will make your images go out of focus. Try leaning up against a wall or tree to give yourself a little extra stability.

spring 2012


did you know... Excess body fat increases risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and even certain types of cancer...


he percentage of children aged 6–11 in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 20% in 2008. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 who were obese increased from 5% to 18% over the same period. The Northwest Athletic Club has multiple activites available for children to keep them active and moving. We offer NACtivites Monday – Friday, Zumbatomic every Tuesday, Karate for Kids on Fridays, the Start Smart Program every Saturday, as well as youth Tennis daily. Keep your children up and active in one of many organized programs that they are sure to enjoy ! 8

spring 2012

By Nicole Caylor

Also did you know... Excess body fat increases risk of heart disease, type II diabetes and even certain types of cancer. A body mass index of 30 or higher indicates obesity. The formula of healthy eating and a consistent exercise program will help to jump start your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Devise a plan and stick to it. Find the best support system that compliments you at the Northwest Athletic Club and begin today. Stay active and be healthy with one of our many fitness classes or Certified Personal Trainers who can make a customized plan for you today!

Class Schedule Time 8:00A






BB Court

9:00A 9:30A

Studio 301

TBC Step - Nan 60min

Afterburn Affect 50min - Nick

TBC Step - Nan ..60min

Afterburn Affect 50min - Nick

Studio 5 Studio 301


Studio 301


Studio 301


Studio 301


Studio 301 Studio 5

5:00P Studio 301

RED Strength

TBC Step - Nan Step 60 min ..60min Amber Easy Yoga 60 Min Susan Yen Yoga - Aaron

ZUMBA 60minCailtlin


BLUE Combo ZUMBA 60min Cailtlin

ZUMBA 60minZumba Gold - Cathy Tom ZUMBA 60minCailtlin

10:30A Studio 301

Dance Fitness

Purple Mind/Body ZUMBA Toning 60min - Caitlin

Zumbatomic - Nicki (45min)

ZUMBA 60min Caitlin

Kids Karate - John (60 min)

Green Beginner

ZUMBA 60min- Caitlin

Kids Spin - Jerry Body Detail 30 min - Cathy

Spin - Nan ZUMBA 60 min Cailtlin

Body Detail 30 min - Tara Step / Kick 60 min Tara

Studio 301 Studio5


Studio 301

TBC Step - Nan 60min


Studio 5

Yoga 60 min Susan


Studio 301


Schedule Key

Studio 301

10:15A Studio 301 Zumba Gold - Cathy



Spin - Jerry

10:00A Studio 301


Saturday Boot Camp - Jeff

Studio 5 8:30A


(219) 879-4401

Kickboxing 60 min Tara Yoga 60 min - Marsha

Yoga 60 min Susan

Boot Camp -45min Jeff Yoga 60 min - Marsha Zumba - Cathy (60min)

Studio 5 Studio 301

ZUMBA 60minCaitlin

ZUMBA 60min Elizabeth

Zumba Toning Caitlin (60min)

Studio 301

Karate 60 MinJohn

NEW!! Cardio Crunch - Zumba - Christy (60 Molly Min)


BB Court = Basketball Court

Studio 5 = across from 301 at the end of the hall

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Child Internet Safety... How much do you know about “their world”?


our child’s online social footprint… how much do you know about “their world”? Ever wonder what your children spend time reading and looking at on the web? There are several triggers that will educate you on their usage and intent. Understandably so, many parents have an elevated concern for their child’s online footprint, and rightfully so. There are many dangers in the cloud, especially for a child. They are more willing to disclose personal information – real name, address, cell phone, school etc.. Many parents are also concerned about the content of the sites visited by their children. With Social Media taking over and the ease of content sharing, be it video or pictures, children today have a vehicle that can take them down the wrong path quickly. One click can introduce them to things they have never thought of or could even imagine at a younger age. The reality is this, seeing the inappropriate content is not the greatest danger to kids online. The true threat comes from those who take advantage of kids online who do not understand the severity of handing out or display12

spring 2012

By Chuck Lane

Social Media Sites out there are loaded with information on each member… even adults make the mistake so talking to kids is crucial. They should never have their cell phone, home phone or address in their profile and viewable by the public. Most kids involved in Facebook play some sort of game… lets use Mafia Wars for an example…. In Mafia Wars, you need friends and a lot of them. The more you have, the stronger your crew. The stronger your crew is, the “better” you are in the game and the more you will “win”. Players in this game will have thousands of friends – most of which they ing personal information about have not met, nor will ever meet. They are simply there to play. themselves or their family. The Predators play these games greatest risk? Rebellious, pretoo… let’s not be foolish. It is a teens – they tend to brush off breeding ground for them. They parental warnings and advice. present themselves as a good Compared to the dangers invited by a child online who gives team player etc… before long, private messages and online out personal information, such as a cell phone number, address chat begin and a trust or friendship is established. All the while, or school attended, viewing the predator has the upper hand those inappropriate pictures / videos becomes more of a minor – they can look at family photos, access the private informaconcern. tion – in far too many cases, this The first concern should be to educate the child on how impor- info is shared publicly. Make sure any private info is hidden tant it is to keep their personal or removed. Be sure to check info just that – personal! Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the the settings in the accounts.

“Friends of Friends” is NOT a good setting for your profile nor your pictures, and this example of Mafia Wars is exactly why. “Friends of a Friend”, as I said above, can be someone that you have never met, and possibly someone you never want to meet, but by having this setting enabled, they have access to the info they would need at any time just by being a friend of a friend. Answer the following questions and see how you feel? If you’re not friends with your child in “their” world, you need to be. How else can you see what they’re doing? Do you have their password? How many friends do they have? Do you know them, or at least the majority? You should, in all reality, have at least heard the names before, or know the majority. What are the settings? Try this, have a friend of yours that is not friends with your child “search” the child. Look at the child’s profile and look at what is public information within the “friendly”

walls of Facebook and other social media sites. This will give you a better understanding of your child’s “social footprint”. Having a ton of friends does not give cause to delete or disable a social account. It simply calls for checks and balances to ensure that your child is not “out there” for a potential predator. Help them to better understand why it is so important in today’s world to keep private info private. Younger girls should not have a high number of older male friends and the same goes the opposite way for younger boys and older females.

1. Are you friends with your kids on Facebook? 2. How Many Friends do your children have on Facebook? 3. Who can view their profile, pictures and videos? 4. Of the personal info’s in this article, how many are available publicly by searching through your child’s profile? spring 2012


Family, meal time! Spending time together over meals lets us keep in touch with each other on a regular basis.

By Michele Lane


household. It goes without

amily mealtime is an

important, but often over-


ďťżspring 2012

saying that communication is the key to understand-

looked concept.

ing. Although we live as a

Eating together

family, each member is on

offers parents and

a different track through

children alike the

life. Spending time together

opportunity to

over meals lets us keep in

get some valu-

touch with each other on

able communica-

a regular basis. It is one of

tion time. Sitting down

the most effective ways for

for a family meal provides

parents to be involved in

more than just good nutri-

their child’s lives is by hav-

tion. It can provide real

ing family meals. When

quality time for the entire

you eat together you enjoy

the family and find out what

The speed at which we

you the chance to get out

everyone’s done that day

live today no longer allows

together, as a family and not

and children also learn table

for this to be an easy task

have to worry about cooking

manners and pick up your

but that’s why Holly’s Res-

and cleaning up. It is very

values. It’s where families

taurant is here. We can help

important that these family

can enjoy time together.

you make meal time fun and meal times are used to build

Eating together encourages

easy. Most people are work-

family unity. Eating together

communication. It’s a time

ing long hours now-a-days

with family members may

to unwind, relax and it can

and do not have the time to

seem like a small thing but it

even relieve stress.

cook and clean so we give

can change the whole life of the individuals. Meal time is about sharing life together and making magical memories!!!

spring 2012


Rental Station reduces the time and effort for these tasks and helps keep your property looking great in all seasons.



fter a long winter and wet spring, water-logged yards begin to dry out and that’s a great time to prepare your lawn for summer. Following is some basic advice and equipment (available at Grand Rental Station) you can use to rejuvenate your lawn. Luckily, simple problems such as thatch, bare spots, and soil compaction are easily solved with a power-rake (de-thatcher), overseeder, and aerator, while proper fertilization, mowing, watering, and drainage control typically resolve the other issues. Professional equipment from Grand

Early in the month begin spring cleanup of winter leaves and branches as yard debris. Blowers, lawn vacuums, and chippers are ideal for speeding through these chores. Later in the month before grass starts to grow, use a power-rake to remove accumulated thatch. Excess thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the soil and may contribute to turf disease. Overseed thin spots by hand or with a power seeder. For shady areas, overseed with shade tolerant St. Augustine seed. For mid-western climates, mixes of bluegrass, fescue, and rye are most common.

Tip: Test your soil acidity. Generally, a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 is

Spring Lawn renovation tips by Tom Teets Aeration promotes deeper root growth by improving air, water, fertilizer, and nutrient flow. 16

spring 2012

desired for a healthy lawn. If the pH is less than 5.0, apply lime at a rate of 50lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. You may also want to rent a trencher to improve areas where drainage is poor. If moles are a problem, March is a good time to set traps.

April: Apply crab grass pre-

venter by mid-April and start your mowing regimen. Between 2 and 3 inch mowing height is recommended to hold water, prevent weeds, and promote deeper roots.

May: Fertilize your yard as the rapid spring growth begins to slow. Most lawns won’t need more than 1 lb per 1,000 sq. ft. As the season begins to dry out, typically in June, begin regular morning watering. Do not overwater as it can promote fungal growth. Water just enough to reduce drought stress. Depending on climate, no more ¾” to 1 ½” total per week is needed.

June-August: Pesti-

cide applications for grubs can start if needed. August is the time for high brush mowing. A brush cutter will gobble up anything up to 6’ high and 2” diameter.

September: After tak-

ing a beating from summer heat and recreation, this is the best time to aerate, over-seed, and fertilize. Now is the time to rejuvenate cool-season grasses such as rye, fescue, and blue grasses. Conditions are ideal with cooler temperatures, minimal weed pressure, and increased moisture.

before aerating to soften the soil and allow core depths to 3”.

Tip: Later in the month,

over-seed with a power overseeder which slits the soil and drops seed in one pass for greater seed germination. Before overseeding, cut the lawn as low as possible to reduce thatch. Set the cutting depth low and use a 45 degree crisscross diagonal pattern. Use half the recommended drop rate since this pattern covers the area twice. Follow with fertilizer, but most lawns won’t need more than 1lb per


Aeration promotes deeper root growth by improving air, water, fertilizer, and nutrient flow. Leave the plugs on the lawn, as they will be mulched back after a few rains and cuttings. However, if you want them picked up – wait a day or two for them to dry for raking and vacuuming. Water the lawn the night

spring 2012


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