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Honam Leading Industry Office will establish a firm foundation for Green Industries.

The office will foster leading technologies to develop products in the world’s top four most promising industries. Honam Leading industry office is an organization that has been newly established to plan, assess and manage the leading industrial projects of Honam Economic Region, and is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to pursue the regional development policies of the government for the 5+2 Economic regions program. In this era, regional competitiveness equals national competitiveness and the leading industries of Honam Region, which are photovoltaic, wind power, photonic technology based convergence and Hybrid vehicle parts and material are particularly important, as they can be linked to the national movement for green energy innovation. In line with the national vision of low-carbon green growth, Honam Economic Region will lead the country in the green technologies sector to deal with the critical global issues in this 21st century of climate change and the greenhouse effect. On the ground, the office of leading industry supports in Honam Economic Region is working with a strong sense of responsibility to globalize local corporations by supporting the R&D of leading industries, developing human resources, supporting companies and creative networks. In doing so, it will play a central role in the industrial development of Honam Region. The city of Gwangju and the provinces of Jeonnam and Jeonbuk must collaborate and cooperate with each other to achieve the goal of developing local industries. Harmony between the governments of each region and municipality is essential for win-win development. If the office establishes partnerships with relevant organizations within the Honam Economic Region, and then identifies the supporting tasks required to foster leading industries, exchanges informations, sets up supporting systems and shares human resources and materials synergies will be maximized and it will be a stepping-stone for local economic development. The office will strive to support success for Honam Economic Region, by fostering the leading industries of Honam and developing the local economy. Head of the Honam Leading Industry Office, Mr. Nahm, Keesuk humbly requests the support of the Industries and organizations to achieve exemplary development through this project to foster leading industries of the honam economic region.

Nahm, Keesuk Head of the Honam Leading Industry Office

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Honam Leading Industry Office is an organization that has been newly established to plan, assess and manage the leading industrial projects...

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