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Once upon a time

there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella.

She met a handsome prince and they both fell in love. Soon they were married.

Although it seemed to be a happy marriage, privately it was not. Queen Cinderella could not concieve a child.

Time passed and the King grew cold towards his wife. He quickly lusted after a young dairy maid.

The maid became pregnant in no time at all and had a baby girl.

The girl was brought up lavishly within the castle as a princess.

While Cinderella aged, the princess became

even more beautiful.

The King had

Cinderella locked away inside a room

at the top of the castle.

She was all alone.

The king loved the princess so much and spent all his time in her company. Cinderella noticed the King’s love to the princess through the window.

Cinderella grew to hate the princess.

Oneday Cinderella asked a magic mirror.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

who does the king love most of all?”

The mirror answered.

“It is the beautiful princess the King loves most of all”

Suddenly the princess appeared in the mirror

and then it turned back to the reflection of the old lady, Cindelella.

Cinderella became mad and ended her torment by hanging herself in a deep dark forest.

The end

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q Hiroko Matsushita

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