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The insider guide to spa

Spa Care for Him Men’s Facial 60 minutes

Our tips to you on how to have better experience

Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali

Arrive Early

IDR 600.000

Enjoy the benefits of thoroughly cleansed, toned and re-hydrated skin. Selection of ‘Pevonia’ products have been specially chosen to ensure your skin is left in the peak of perfection.

Men’s Recharge 90 minutes

IDR 750.000

A top toe body therapy not only to relieve built up tension and stress, but also deliver deep skin mineralizing. Selection of ‘Pevonia’ products have been designed to awaken and rejuvenate the skin while recharging and energizing the body

Get the most out of your experience and arrive at least 10 mins before your appointment time so that you will not feel rushed. Please don’t be late, as we may not be able to extend your time.

Our Professionalism You will be asked to fill out a consultation card so that any health or medical concerns can be taken care of prior to the treatment. We provide disposable underwear and all of our therapist are trained in drapery to ensure your privacy is respected.

Our Environment Tea Tree Spa provides a healthy, relaxing environment – so please, no phones, no smoking, no alcohol.

Personalizing Your Experience

Spa Care for Kid Tea Tree Kid’s Massage 30 minutes Rp. 200.000 Using the best ‘Pevonia’ massage oils rich in shea butter, pure safflower, geranium and orange oil. Rich in vitamins for the skin. A perfect spa fun treatment to enjoy! A perfect way to introduce your child to massage.

Let us know if you would like to change massage pressure, music volume, lighting levels or room temperature at any time during your treatment.

Valuables Treatments are conducted free of jewelry, so please leave these behind in your room or at home, because after a relaxing session, you may forget them.


Tea Tree Kid’s Facial 30 minutes Rp. 222.000

The Spa is a busy, professional environment so please let us know of any changes to your schedule at least 4 hours before your treatment, otherwise a 50% cancellation charge will be applied.

This mini facial is designed to introduce the basics of good skincare. It is a fun and educational primer of a lifetime of healthy skin.

Opening Hours 08.00 am - 09.00 pm everyday

Mani For Me ! 30 minutes - IDR 150.000

Pedi For Me ! 30 minutes - IDR 150.000

This mini nail care is designed to introduce the basics of good nail care. It is a fun and educational primer of a lifetime of healthy nail.

Body Care Soft and Glow 45 minutes

IDR 300.000

First your skin will be exfoliated using one of our body scrubs and then your skin will be buffed and polished using our softening and balancing body polishes. At the end your skin will be left fresh and glowing. Body Scrub : Javanese Lulur Seaweed Scrub Rose Milk Scrub Avocado Scrub Lavender Scrub

Body Polish : Coconut masque Milk & Honey Fresh Youghurt Papaya or Cucumber

Tea Tree Spa our spa experiences

Nail Care Manicure


60 minutes - IDR 250.000

60 minutes - IDR 250.000

Manicure & Pedicure

120 minutes - IDR 480.000

Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali Jalan Wana Segara 33, Tuban, Bali 80361, Indonesia T : +62 361 755 577, F : +62 361 754 549 E :

All prices are nett (no surprise service charge & taxes)

Tea Tree Spa Luxury Indulgence

Massage Therapy

Spa Collections

Tea Tree Spa Luxury Indulgence 4 hours IDR 1.400.000

Because You Deserve it 150 minutes IDR 985.000

Enjoy the ultimate experience-a luxurious 4 hours of pampering and

Traditional Balinese Massage 60 minutes IDR 375.000 90 minutes IDR 500.000

relaxation and you don’t even need to leave for lunch we’ll bring a

This firm massage will work the knots out and release energy leaving you

followed by a stress-releasing 60 minute traditional Javanese massage and

healthy lunch to you at your bale overlooking the Indian Ocean.

in awe as you understand why this treatment has been practiced for

an hour long ‘Pevonia’ facial.

You’ll begin with a cleansing mineral peppermint bath salt foot wash,

hundreds of years.

Your skin will be made silky smooth with this lemongrass dry body scrub,

Detoxifier 90 minutes 120 minutes

IDR 550.000 IDR 650.000

knots out and ensure you are completely relaxed before you have a

Javanese Massage 60 minutes IDR 375.000 90 minutes IDR 500.000

chance to lay back and relax in an essential oil bath.

This is THE classic massage, a medium pressure massage harnessing the

mineral mud and lemongrass body wrap, once your skin is cleansed and

therapeutic effects of your choice of essential oil, to bring the body into

refreshed you’ll receive a Javanese massage.

followed by a lemongrass dry body scrub, once your skin is silky smooth you ‘ll enjoy a 60 minute traditional Balinese massage which will walk the

After lunch, you’ ll be treated to refreshing ‘Pevonia’ facial. To ensure you look completely polished you will finish your time of luxury with an OPI

Batur Stone Massage 60 minutes IDR 460.000 90 minutes IDR 580.000

manicure or pedicure.

Tea Tree Signature Treatments Tea Tree Signature 120 minutes IDR 1.060.000 Feel light and refreshed after we pamper and relax you. Start with a peppermint bath salt foot wash and then your skin will be revitalized with our recommended body scrub based on your skin type. After your skin has been left silky smooth you will experience the incredible sensation of a 90 minutes Batur stone massage with aromatherapy massage oils. Once your body is completely relaxed you will then have a refreshing ‘Pevonia’ facial.

Bali Relaxation 120 minutes

balance and harmony.

IDR 840.000

To release your stress and cleanse your skin we’ll wrap you in purifying

Body Shape Refining 90 minutes IDR 720.000 120 minutes IDR 820.000 This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down

Experience the incredible sensation of this unique massage using heated

fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. Pure 100%

basalt stones with therapeutic essential oil to give you a deeper relaxation.

micronized green coffee, naturally rich in chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides,

Foot Massage 30 minutes 60 minutes

proteins, and essential oils, smoothes and enhances your skin overall

IDR 180.000 IDR 275.000

texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply, cellulites areas. Dramatically improve your skin’s overall texture. All using ‘Pevonia’ products.

Take the weight off your feet and feel the benefits of some ‘sole pampering’. The various points in your feet correspond with parts of your body and not only will you get more spring in your step, but your whole body will feel revitalized.

Facial Treatments Express Facial 30 minutes

IDR 300.000

Youthful Anti-aging Massage 60 minutes IDR 550.000 90 minutes IDR 650.000

Feel fresh, cleansed and fast.

This exquisite nourishing and repairing body massage counteracts

30 minutes using all ‘Pevonia’ products to leave you ready to face the day.

An unforgettable Balinese experience. Our therapists will wash your feet

premature aging by delivering wrinkle-smoothing and rejuvenating

with a peppermint bath salt foot wash then your skin will be buffed and

benefits. Enriched with a high content of ‘Pevonia’ shea butter, vitamin A,

cleansed with a traditional Balinese coffee scrub, following this you will

vitamin E. It renders the skin firm and youthful supple.

enjoy a 90 minute classical Balinese massage.

Sometimes we just don’t have time, but need to look our best. This mini facial incorporates a cleanse, tone, exfoliation and moisturize in

Hydrating Facial 60 minutes IDR 600.000 The Classic facial.

Spa Collections

Rediscover the softness of a baby’s skin as we combat the dehydrating

Let There Be Love 120 minutes IDR 1.400.000 / couple

aromatherapy ‘Pevonia’ preparations to individual skin types.

We are ensuring you are refreshed from top to toe. Replenishes and hydrates your face with a refreshing ‘Pevonia’ facial continue with relaxing

A luxuriant escape for you both. Relax and indulge your selves whilst

your hands and your feet with revitalizing reflexology.

Anti -Oxidant Facial 90 minutes IDR 700.000

allowing the world outside to carry on without you. This relaxing

Give your skin a present to combat your hectic travel, work & social life. This

experience includes your skin being revitalized and smoothed with your

intensive facial is rich in natural antioxidants to help calm, soothe and

choice of body scrub based on your skin type, a romantic bath with

nourish the skin, restoring vitality and leaving your skin radiant. All using

essential oils and a 60 minute traditional Javanese massage.

‘Pevonia’ products.

Balinese Touch 90 minutes

IDR 820.000

effects of air conditioning and modern lifestyles. We will personalize

All prices are nett (no surprise service charge & taxes)

Tea Tree Spa Menu - 2014  
Tea Tree Spa Menu - 2014  

Feeling good, made simple