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Concept:  The secondary wall is made of aluminum panel and 2 glass panels. It is connected to the concrete slabs with the help of a metal mesh.  Warm air rises through the mesh leaving cool air circulating in the rooms.  This way, there is optimum usage of air conditioners leading to energy conservation.

The main entrance of the podium opens into a triple height reception and lobby area with courtyards beyond it. There is another entrance from the bus bay for those travelling via company buses. A lift core in the center of the podium runs through the 3 floors of the podium. Courtyards radially spread out from the lift core, creating pathways leading to the entrance lobbies of the 3 towers. One path leads to the auditorium.

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Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)  

Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)