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The site proposed for IT Park is along Racecourse Road, Bangalore. 26.9acres of area on racecourse land is marked out for the IT Park. The site is situated along 2 major roads, Racecourse Road and Sheshadri Road.

Project Requirements:          

 The project was to design an IT Park of maximum 3 towers with 30 floors each. There are 3 types of offices:  Small Office (300-500sqm)  Medium Office (800-1000sqm)  Large Office (1000-1200sqm)

3 Towers- 30 floors each (max) Helipad on atleast one tower 3 Basements Podium MLCP (Multilevel Car Park) Clubhouse Sports Area Research and Development Area Training Area Conference Halls and Exhibition Halls Food Courts and Restaurants

CONCEPT: Keeping in mind the location of the site, its shape and the surrounding major roads on all sides, a radial type of organization is best suitable for the design.

The 3 towers are hoisted radially onto an organic shaped podium. Byelaws: Total Site Area: 106000sqm FAR: 3 Ground Coverage: 45% Total Floor Area: 9937.5sqm Setbacks: 16m

Many open spaces are left to greenery. The buildings use green technologies to maintain sustainability.

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Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)