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TRANSIT HUB DESIGN, BANGALORE Site Area: 20000sqm Location: Devanahalli Highway

Project Requirements: Space for buses:10 BMTC, 20 KSRTC GF- Lobby, Offices, Canteen, Waiting Lounge, Bus Depot, Toilets, Kiosks, Shops First Floor- Guest Rooms, Driver’s Room, Shopping Area, Toilets

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SITE PLAN: U-Shape entrance driveway guided by palm trees and fountains along it; with landscaping in the center. Pedestrian platforms on either side of the driveway with auto stand on one side and taxi stand on the other. Curved platform for the BMTC buses. The building form is an interesting organic shape with courtyards in the center for lighting and ventilation. Large tree columns with glass cutouts support the translucent roofs and is aesthetically appealing.

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Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)  

Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)