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Architecture Portfolio B.ARCH Hiral Betai MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, School of Architecture, Bangalore

Hiral Betai



 Pracheen Tatva 2012 (National Conference on Architectural Heritage Conservation)  AARCV 2013 (International ConferenceArchitecture and Civil Engineering Conference)  Seminar by Ar. Gerald da Cunha in Goa, 2013  Seminar by Ar. Sharukh Mistry  Seminar by Ar. Dean D’Cruz  Seminar by Ar. Hafeez Contractor  Four days workshop at the Laurie Baker Center for Habitat Studies in Kerala, 2014.  Seminar by Ar. Brinda Somaya, Ar.Advitha Suwarna and Ar. Neelam Manjunath, 2015

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: 10TH STANDARD (ICSE), SISHU GRIHA SCHOOL, BANGALORE, BATCH OF 2009 Passed with 88% 12TH STANDARD (CBSE), NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL (HSR), BANGALORE, BATCH OF 2011 Passed with 84% (PCMC) Completing B.Arch 4rd year in 2015 from MSRIT, School of Architecture, Bangalore

WORK EXPERIENCE: One month internship at ‘Ineidos Architecture and Interior Design’ in 2014. Designed interiors for a drum studio, Bangalore. Working on the architecture and the interiors for a villa project in Whitefield, Bangalore.

AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for spreading awareness about cancer from the Global Cancer Concern, India, and for fundraising activities for The National Association for the Blind, India. Advanced till Brown belt, and awarded for Best Technique 3 times, in Tae-Kwon-Do (USA).

SKILLS: Proficiency in AutoCAD and Google SketchUp Expertise in drafting Creativity and articulacy in architectural designing Good knowledge on Lumion

Passed with Merit and Distinction in Grade 1 Piano Practical and Theory respectively, from the Royal School of Music, London (ABRSM). Qualified for National Level Artistic Roller Skating competition. Won 1st place in Singing Competition in Intra-College Fest, MSRIT. Participation in All India Landscape Design Competition.

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Sketching and painting, and making new architectural designs Sports, especially basketball and roller skating Singing Trying new songs on the piano

Studio Design

PAGE 1 Sports Shop (interior design project):

It is a live project. A balcony in an apartment was converted into a drum studio.

IT Park

This project deals with designing of maximum three office towers, along with the public areas, service areas and parking requirements. The challenge is to design structurally stable, well functioning and aesthetically appealing towers.

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This project deals with designing of maximum three office towers, along with the public areas, service areas and parking requirements. The challenge is to design structurally stable, well functioning and aesthetically appealing towers.

Transit Hub

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This project deals with the movement of BMTC buses, KSRTC buses, private vehicles and other public transport vehicles. Organizing them around a built platform ensuring smooth functioning and flow of traffic throughout the site was the challenge in the design.

College Campus:

PAGE 13-18

Challenge in this project was to build a college campus on a given actual contoured site in Coorg. The site consists of coffee plantation which had to be retained as much as possible. Couple of site visits were done, which included Myra Business School, Mysore. The forms of the buildings were derived from circle to create interactive spaces at the same time exposed to nature. Each unit was placed factoring local climate, site contours, existing site features and sun direction.

Hotel Design

Housing Colony

Project involved designing of layouts where LIG, MIG and HIG can co-exist yet live their life style independently. Case studies were done to understand the life styles of each of these categories. The public place included shops, school, gallery and administrative building.

Junior School


Shape of the buildings were designed to depict the life of a flower from a bud to fully blossomed stage symbolizing growth of a child from Montessori to Std V.

Bachelor’s House:


Project designed with a theme representing “flight” first step towards stepping into career ladder by choosing abstract form of bird.

PAGE 19-20

An actual heritage site was given for this project. Site visit was done to capture the minute details of ruins and structures. Hotel design was created based on heritage theme and was carefully done to include the ruins of an old temple and other structures.




Project concept was a “boat” that blends well with the given site surrounded by water body. Paintings and sketches

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DRUM STUDIO (live project)


This project was done in one of the flats of Rohan Vasantha Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore.

Color Theme- White, Black, Red Flooring- Tiles with a wooden look.

One of the balconies was converted into a drum studio. Size of the balcony- 10’10”x 5’5”

The open side of the balcony is covered with sliding window and a fixed glass below it. Black and white curtains are alternately used to cover the full length window. The drum set rests on a red and black carpet.

View of the false ceiling and the spot lights.

Brick Cladding on the wall becomes a back drop for the drum set. At the opposite end there are wooden cubicle seatings with storage below. Abstract painting on the wall facing the drum set. Black false ceiling with sharp angles and red rope lights create a studio like effect and provides uniform, subtle lighting. Two spot lights, one focusing on the drum set and the other on the painting.

View of the cubicle seating and the painting.

Black and white curtains, Brick cladding on the wall, Tiled Flooring, Carpet

Views of the Drum Studio


The site proposed for IT Park is along Racecourse Road, Bangalore. 26.9acres of area on racecourse land is marked out for the IT Park. The site is situated along 2 major roads, Racecourse Road and Sheshadri Road.

Project Requirements:          

 The project was to design an IT Park of maximum 3 towers with 30 floors each. There are 3 types of offices:  Small Office (300-500sqm)  Medium Office (800-1000sqm)  Large Office (1000-1200sqm)

3 Towers- 30 floors each (max) Helipad on atleast one tower 3 Basements Podium MLCP (Multilevel Car Park) Clubhouse Sports Area Research and Development Area Training Area Conference Halls and Exhibition Halls Food Courts and Restaurants

CONCEPT: Keeping in mind the location of the site, its shape and the surrounding major roads on all sides, a radial type of organization is best suitable for the design.

The 3 towers are hoisted radially onto an organic shaped podium. Byelaws: Total Site Area: 106000sqm FAR: 3 Ground Coverage: 45% Total Floor Area: 9937.5sqm Setbacks: 16m

Many open spaces are left to greenery. The buildings use green technologies to maintain sustainability.

       

Site Plan: Entrance from the racecourse Road. Minimum vehicular roads. Lots of open spaces with neat landscaping. Helipad connects the 3 towers. MLCP of 10 floors, mostly used by visitors. Sports area is at a lower level. Provision for rainwater harvesting. Service Entry from Sheshadri Road. Service road runs all along the boundaries.

Concept:  The secondary wall is made of aluminum panel and 2 glass panels. It is connected to the concrete slabs with the help of a metal mesh.  Warm air rises through the mesh leaving cool air circulating in the rooms.  This way, there is optimum usage of air conditioners leading to energy conservation.

The main entrance of the podium opens into a triple height reception and lobby area with courtyards beyond it. There is another entrance from the bus bay for those travelling via company buses. A lift core in the center of the podium runs through the 3 floors of the podium. Courtyards radially spread out from the lift core, creating pathways leading to the entrance lobbies of the 3 towers. One path leads to the auditorium.

The tower lobby opens into 1, 2 or 4 offices depending on whether the floor consists of large, medium or small office respectively.

Area of each floor: 2500sqm

Every office consists of 4x4m workstations, 3x2m cabins, conference rooms of minimum 6x4m, pantry, service areas, toilets, rest areas and fire exits.

After every 10 floors, a bridge connects all the 3 towers.

The bridge is not only a medium of connectivity but also helps bind the towers, increasing its stability and strength against the forces of nature.

TRANSIT HUB DESIGN, BANGALORE Site Area: 20000sqm Location: Devanahalli Highway

Project Requirements: Space for buses:10 BMTC, 20 KSRTC GF- Lobby, Offices, Canteen, Waiting Lounge, Bus Depot, Toilets, Kiosks, Shops First Floor- Guest Rooms, Driver’s Room, Shopping Area, Toilets

    

SITE PLAN: U-Shape entrance driveway guided by palm trees and fountains along it; with landscaping in the center. Pedestrian platforms on either side of the driveway with auto stand on one side and taxi stand on the other. Curved platform for the BMTC buses. The building form is an interesting organic shape with courtyards in the center for lighting and ventilation. Large tree columns with glass cutouts support the translucent roofs and is aesthetically appealing.

The flow of spaces from one department to the other is very simple, following the curve of the buildings, facing the main courtyard in the center.

Cantilevered blocks, Stepped arrangements and the shapes of the blocks creating courtyard within them make way for light and ventilation.

A 24 acres contoured site in Coorg was selected for designing a college campus. The site consisted of cliffs, valley with a river flowing through it terminating in a water catchment, gentle slopes and coffee plantation. Keeping the site features and climate of Coorg in mind a college campus was designed. The Buildings were curved in shape so that one side gets a large viewing range and the other side becomes the interactive junction.

Varying levels in the design create melody and rhythm, making the spaces interesting to go through. Each space has its own unique identity giving the user an experience of its own.

The flow of spaces from one department to the other is very simple, following the curve of the buildings, facing the main courtyard in the center. Cantilevered blocks,Stepped arrangements and the shpaes of the blocks creating courtyard within them make way for light and ventilation.

The UG block is the largest block. Water body flows around a circular room in the center of the block. This can be viewed from all the floors from the corridors. The corridors are suspended in all floors creating small light wells which help in ventilation in the interiors of the building.

Recreational Block  One side faces the forest and the other side faces the central courtyard.  First 2 floors are divided into 2 blocks with a courtyard in the center.  Bridges connect  The library does not sit on the blocks. The only means of support is by large long columns rising from the courtyard.  Clear storey windows provide light to the interiors.

 

 

Curved Stepped Structure having green roof. Opens out into the main courtyard on one side and outdoor recreational activities on the other side. The restaurant is along the man made lake. The lake can be viewed from all the terrace gardens.


Proposed Hotel and Cottage Design, Bangalore

Site Location: Chikkajala, North Bangalore, Karnataka

Site Area: 7acres

 

Purpose: Chikkajala is a heritage site. Hence a Hotel and Cottages are to be designed which would restore and conserve the Indian Heritage from getting destroyed.

 

The hotel and the cottages are designed taking inspiration from “caves”. Caves are the origin of heritage. Forms, Materials and elements of a cave are used in the design of the structure. The hotel receives the view of the heritage site. The existing fort wall is retained and becomes a guide for the public at the entrance.

Main Entrance

Parking Fountain Entry

Heritage Site

Open Space Hotel


Banquet Hall Semi enclosed corridor Service Area Bedroom

Fitness Center


Private Swimming pool



Living and dinning room

Toilet Bedroom

Powder Room Entrance


Pond with water screen

Entrance Lobby Reception Left Luggage

Cantilever Deck

Toilets Corridor



Service Area


Service Area Toilets

Kitchen Stage

Preparation Area

Service Area


Banquet Hall

Manager’s Office



Lounge Bar

Ground Floor:  Large double height lobby with reception at the entrance.  Seating- Cave-Like  Lobby extends to a deck which overhangs above the courtyard.  Lounge bar opens onto a deck with a swimming pool.


Service Area

Service Entry

Typical Floor Plan



Store Room

Swimming Pool

Changing Room

Infinity Pool

Service Entry

Entry to fitness center Reception


Ground Floor Plan

Changing room

GM Room Bridge

Executive Rooms

Conference Room (for 20)

First Floor:  General Managers Room with waiting area looking over the lobby.  Specialty Restaurantcustom made furniture. Furniture with inscriptions giving the restaurant a heritage theme.  The Lawn looks out to the lake and fitness center.

Fountain Delux Rooms

Changing rooms

Overhanging lawn Fountain Open Deck


Salad Bar Service Area

Service Area Overhanging, Landscaped Gallery

Spa Toilets


Specialty Restaurant

Interior Gallery Service Area

Green Terrace

Board Room (for 10)


Double Height ceiling of Banquet Hall

Gents Changing room


Reception Below

Floor Plan with Deck Typical Floor Plan:  10 Executive rooms in each floor. Floor Plan With Deck:  Deluxe Rooms- 5  Flight of steps lead to an open deck.  Deck consists of Fountain, Infinity Pool, Salad Bar and Cantilever Lawn.  Large radial pergolas run over the deck.  The Heritage site can be viewed from the deck.

Boiler room

Car Parking Sump Tank CCVT DG Room STP Room Electrical Engineers Furniture Room Store Repair Room Laundry Service Dock Area Ramp Offices

Two Wheeler Parking Staff Canteen

First Floor Plan Salon and beauty parlor

Ladies Changing Room

Staff Toilet


Locker Rooms

Weavers Colony (Housing Project): Location: Kanakpura Road, Bangalore

Project Requirements:          

Housing for LIG(Low Income Group), MIG(Middle Income Group), HIG(High Income Group. Trainees Block With Hostel Community Center Active and Passive Recreation Shops School Multipurpose Hall Health Care Center Gallery

Site Plan

Primary and Preprimary School Design, Bangalore Requirements:  Primary Blocks  Admin Club  Activity  Theatre  Play Areas  Pre primary Blocks

Concept: The design of the school shows the growth of a bud to a flower, just like how a child grows through his school years


Bachelor’s Bangalore:


Requirements:  Living room  Kitchen  Dining  Toilet  Bedroom  Car Park

A bachelor’s life is full of anxiety, hope, freedom and struggle. It is the first step he takes towards independence. “it is the run up he takes before the flight”. This concept can be well made out in the form of the house. The house takes up an abstract shape of a bird symbolizing flight.

Restaurant Design: The restaurant is designed in such that it responds well to the site features. The site has water body surrounding it on all four sides. There are bamboo groves beyond the water body. Concept: The form of the restaurant is like an inverted boat having a bamboo roof. The interiors of the restaurant are also done using bamboo and glass. Large Glass windows are provided to achieve maximum view. The dining experience is meant to give the feeling of a boat sailing on the waters.

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Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)  

Hiral Betai's Architecture Portfolio (B.Arch)