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Musan Cho Oh-hyun translations by Heinz Insu Fenkl

Scarecrow He waves at the passing age, At the man walking by— This scarecrow, laboring with a smile A year of bounty, or a famine year, Take a walk along the paddy dikes— Mine, yours— See the field, the autumn wind? Not a sole possession, yet I, too, a smiling scarecrow

New Shoots The sky, the eye’s light, open once more at the point of breath, An ember born again where a star’s light glanced— Today, at last, the green waves of May come surging again

Is what they say I am, But clear my mind, spread my two arms wide, and Everything, even the sky—all just a single step away

Photo © Genevieve Leet


Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics Vol. 3 Issue 2  

Featuring an inter­view with artist Miya Ando. Poetry by Old Mountain, Musan Cho Oh-​​hyun, Scott T. Starbuck, Martin Willits Jr., Jesse LoV...

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