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Departure from Avery Point L.M. Browning Written In Route to Flat Hammock Island

I. Setting out across the deep landscape— afloat atop the fathomless. The bow presses forward into the misted Long Island Sound. The Herring Gulls scavenging the dock followed the sluggish boat around the jetty. Barn Swallows curled through the air— plummeting for the surface to dive, Only to pull up at the last moment— skimming the surface of a world into which they may not cross. A flock of inky Cormorants planted on the stubby rocks are drying their wings in the morning breeze. Arms open they face East reciting their morning prayers unto the listening wind. II. The shadow of the strand fades in our wake, as we proceed deeper into the embankment of mist. Engulfed in the fog it seems as though our boat makes no progress— same black waters, same opaque surround.

In a limbo of thought and motion I stare transfixed at the curling crests. A foghorn moans across the gulf. Hardly reaching my ears— my mind enveloped by the depressing curtain of seemingly unchanging scene. Until, jilted from the shapeless in-between we beach our boat upon the sands of the other shore. III. Leaping from the bow there was a crack underfoot upon landing. The shore composed of shells— hollowed out remnants of feasts past. Befuddled Oyster Catchers hurried along peeping back and forth— discussing we un-feathered foreigners. Black Backs unwilling to budge, sat atop their kelp nests warming their clutch of three speckled olive and brown eggs. Their smooth white breast puffed indignantly. The drip of blood smudged on the lower beak, red eye rims glaring, the fearless mother sits, harking and barking in guard of the forthcoming generation. The day wanes too fast. The fog burns off in the mid-day sun. The captain motions calls. The Isle I was on merges with the Isle on the chart. The duties on the mainland call. And I, unable to go deaf.

Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics Vol. 2 Issue. 1  

Written River is a literary journal published bi-annually by Hiraeth Press which focuses on poetry and non-fiction prose exploring nature an...

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